Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 9
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$'i$£Z · iml ·.cbt-vjji% ? -?. -. IF fM Tomorrow, Thursday, March 25 DRIVERS i$ i-'^.T»; LONG BEACH ; It* 1 1 1 1 » , ( i 1 " 1 i ^s* 1 t t 1 - t 1 1 · 1 ^iSHrS'A'-V' yMf'.n :K?\; i3fc «'fHW '"i -a'iK'sFKiriE/' ··$SiS$st .sayi^f "«^ri:-ir,, r ' ..V 'X- ^fe^t? ; SS%SW;' .*.'··=»· I »%W ffi : ^^ *· «J V ·· -**i)i'_?M *,*-^2\TM /! ^ HAftM ^»f: «W PS3'«K 'iS^i ^ "i'- " s f - 1 · · * " · sU ifeiiiiS® a*s **? KSJ IT'S ALL \\1 t'O ** li If f S UWiJ « *"·· ON PIHE AVE Between 1 st and 5th Streets the Grand Prix drivers and crew will be on hand wrth their cars. See them up close. A opportunity! Is a firanrf Prix crews will win?? m ,«}·'·' 4s. ; -y.;B?j lith«lr;\-6/ "· ZrjC:-.., rj ',» V-.ft^t .-v-'.-.f^ Pace 0/ln AWSEMEKTS QUEEN'S PARK. ?01 WMI P,V» AUTO DEALERS BEACH CHEVKXET, 3001 E. FW Coosl H«-/ BUKS BANK Of AMI OCA. ls» ood Pn%« Art CITY NATONAl BAN);. 2{ long Bxxh Blvrl .JNON BAMIC. ;???;i(xg e«xx:h B'.d BNKS t MAHZHKS OOK BARN. 740 P^« Av». CHCeCHOf ' n?51 lo .SONMY ?6 f-nf Avf BOOTS TMFVES MARKET 521 long Broth tiyd CLJEANEBSS LAUNDRY MR C'S 438 E lit OVER 2300 BUSINESSES TO SERVE YOU (A Partial List) 'COCKTAIL L01MGES PRESS CIUS. MS Pl»r Are COMMJMICATIM GENERAl FEIEPHONE Of CAIIT CAKUS t REPAfHS K S INSTRUMENTS. 405 Long B«xh ilvd COSMETICS MfRlE NOMAN COSMETICS. 130 E 3d St BUFFUMS'. STORES J C PENNErCO . 5th P^« A»« SEARS. XXBUCK 11 CO . 5* i long B-oh 9:/t! W A I K F S ' S . Xih 4 P^. A.r DROSS 1ONG 9EACH REXA11 D*UGS. Cor O»on Pm- FWI SKCIALTY SIFT STORES MCCOSf FARMS Of OHO, 1M wo-«, tj- FMEML DIRECTORS OHDAr f AWJIY. l?50f(X.I.: A-. S»(EELAR/STRiCKllN MOOTUARY. I9J5 long Bmck BJ.d FDRNnWE DEALERS IONO8EACH FURMITURE CO . 6th long eoh Bld ^MA HAN'S FUPNITLIRE CO 1600 long Bcoh Si,d PWESA SOf A BED CO.. 425 E Xrt Si. DPKOiSTfDr t SEAT COVERS SURE Fir Sf AIS SW tont) Booth B4 FURS IOCWOOO FURS 7] l ?,-*. A... Prtllp SURf AS 4 SO-rt I'D . U=»H»S 6IFT SHOPS AMrt SKAUAV. 172 Pr* T'OWAS CJT $ 7?7 p.-* Arr HAR8WAK-RETAIL WPES1AI HARDWARE. 437 long e*oti Bl-d HEALTH FOODS FERIi S Hl/T«1TrON citniK 638 E 4lf ,1 SCHUIMAM NUTRITOI CErJIERS. 136 655 ?»e A.c IRSUHAJKi I E HArJSTEIN JEWELRY CAlIf CDEDIT £WElERS. 323 P^ A.« C C IEV/1S Jfv/ElfS 323 Po- ».- f S»M JEV/EIE»S 325 P^^ A -- lAV/SG^'S JEWtlt»S. 2SO P^vi A«- IE»OV'S It'ffHKXt 343 P^it Av» POrn3APT'S JEWEIEPS. 201 P« A.e. STA* JEWtlfRS. UO P" An /AlE'S JEV/ElERS 31? Pn» A.. JR. DEPARTMENT STORES F W WOCKWO«TH CO.. 345 Pi~r A.r PATlESS S£lF MRVKE StO«ES. 6t»i 4 f«« MCN'S SHOES FlC*S»tlM SHOES FOR MEM, Bfoar^ifoy ond r*«w NATURAUZEK SHOf S. 414 rw Ave. HEWS STAND MERCURr HEWS STANO. 4t» t. Pine (V/ool-OrA'l) OFFICE WCfMES t sumiES rfpfwtrTER CITY, 219 F !-i»J-CT^ ORTROPOIC APPLUNCES 84? Pm ( r.o . PAWN BROKERS Ufl RCAW JEWEIRY tf*C 3i PW* Ay. PfPE « TOIACCO SHOP BUUDOG PIPE SHOP. 248 E 1-dvAm/ PRINTER-INSTANT THE Ptvimir, MIII 213 E 4rh Si REALTORS t LEASE AGENTS REX t HO6Cfl CO 4M E in Si RESTABRANTS ANDrS KSTAURANT',. 201 V/. Aw'wim CHCKEN PIE SHOP, 737 P.n« A,o HUBERTS CAfEtEdAS. M3-Iff t~~-. 21] E e^xxJ« v SAVINGS A LOAN ASSOC. AiisiATE SAVINGS IOAN ASV( , 4 5 X I\xi4« A.« COAST ffDERAl SAV»(CS * IOAM ASSN . I 4 7 E 3f Si FOEirTY (COEPAl SAVINGS I IOAN 575 £ Oc»cm Bi.ii Fissr FEDEPAi SAVINGS A IOAN ASSU lv I. P-* ORE A T WE STERN SAVINGS 4 IOAM ASS'I . ^T^;f^^?^!.ii^^^*^,'-4v*..'.-.-i--I'^ ^*^^Yi ! ^b^i^P*^s^' s ^ ·: i ;- '·-/· : ;"*:··'..'V · ~r^;'/^l^j;t;V;i,i*i,i.«i«'swa*iiw-Jifc^ -.:;.".u. · · , · ; . . SCALP CLINICS »USH SCAtP CilflCS 122 W M Si SERVICE STATION £ REPAIRS B'H PAPf CHEVROrJ. 300V/. Oce-M Bl.d SEWING MACHINES lOfiG (EACH SEWING 207 Pin, A.*. SME REPAIR . NUWAY SHOE REPAi«lPJG 63'j, Fv- A x TALORING FUZZ HA»»IS 1 2 2 E Ttwd txOwfrjiC'S CUSTOM TAHOHrJO. '/03 E B'txxi*ay TATOOMG IFE sors lATTOO PARiO* l^Ro-/ Mxvugh '. O-en TELEVISION PEUAMF TV. 101 lon-j Bn,,l BIH USED KXRCKANDI3E UNiOUE 4OBSOlErE 131 [ 4th St WINDOW CLfANERS PACIFIC V/INDO'-'/ ClEAIlfP',. WOMEN'S SHOES If.t0 S SHOt STOPE. 'I'll P-V5 A/» NAIURAII/IR V t O f S WOMEN'S WEAR GENE'S .WA»r SFtOP. 4'/ Pm. A -I I F P X F R S SHOPS. '/Ol p.w A.« Hfj'.Aitn HfjVAIt 42'. P^ A.,- .334 P«v TAR* SHOP SUPER r*WI W 24/, I'-, »,. ::^H^'K;-;^'' : ^- x;';v-^^ ! ^v, · Xv^^^V'^/ -;'.;; : ,.·:.-:.··,

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