Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1969 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1969
Page 10
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10 · Northwest Arfccmtai TIMES, Sat., April 26, lt*» *«**···»« ___ Captain Kn(r«* .... ...... I. ·. " * 8:J« - KVOO, Tulso, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulso, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburq, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulso, Channel 8 (Channel « «n c«nlt in FwHIevillr) KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 '* (Channel 11 on c«bl» ill Fayettivillc) KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 I-"- * Channel » an cablt in Fayettevilte) ,!';, '«'· .KGTO, Fayetteville, Channel 36 " '-hniisc (Channel 3 on cable in Fayelttvillt) 5. 6. 16 7; I 1'aul Hnrvey rru:helur Father This is the Life SUNDAY AFTERNOON* 12:» - SATURDAY EVEN1NG- *I:M- Nrwi Sn;'» Friend * 1:31 - r.iii rii.-a .K.L'kie tilrnson .... Sims WiLson i^M -'° Death Valley Days . \rvvlv-\ved Game B, 12 Hfiseball *7:3I- * 12:31- Cil-f! and Mrs. M u i r .... 2. 3, 7. :ir. Baseball M\ *1 Irvr Sons C, U'''Face The N a t i o n . . . . i ..,,,·. ['cc \velk 5, 8, 12i(jurst For A d v e n t u r e T; .'u I R e v i v a l Fires _ ...I r.ible Story '· ·* Trnveloc 6 - 1G |OraI Itohcrls , 5 ' M w t The Press :. r, 12 Hi-port U n d e r w a v For Peace * 12:15 - 'ay * U Takl'« Two Iirtty Bu.vcl Mike Douglas Ludllc Ball Romper nooin Police Can't Find Elderlv Man's Home MEMPHIS. Tcim. (AP) Cily police have a man in j;iil lici'c, and thty'd like to release Movie * Concentration 2. ,t, 7 Beverly Hillbillies 5. 0, 10 Jack LaLanne 12 * III:**-- Personalily -', :!, 7, 30 Hoii 5 TMd~scnmrcs .... 2, 3, 7, an thought he was in Carbimdalc him. The problem is, (hi. 1 man is !·!! and police ean'l find his liuine or his relatives. And he has $2.5UU in cash. Papers on the man when he was found three n i g h t s ago idrn t-.fy him as Joseph Hudson. He Diek Van Dyke ir 11:09 - .Tcopardy Love of Life Hcwitehcd * 11:30 Fanner's Daughter Eye Ciucss dy iiFU-r he told ori'iccrs ho ' s! e 16 111., which he said was his I m i i i c t i m n . 2. :i. 7. :w Ciirbundiili- authorities have ·· ·"·· 6| J S i t i i l d local police they can't find " i anyone who knows a Josepl an Hudson. Seiirch for Tomorrow K u n n v You Should Ask . ... MONDAY AFTERNOON* 12:»fr- Hish Noon Dream House News Noon on Five , 3, 5, 7 , C. Iti "\Ve hope someone comes am identifies him soon," Homicide Capt. Robert Cochran saic Thursday. "Jiiil is mi place f«i him. but he's enjoying it" by it-halting with guards and olhei Melody Matinee .... 12:30 - 1H Gillian's Island Hidden Faces Man With A Mike . 1- As the world Turn C, 12, 1C 5 7 ol liters who come A; ins III S:'3I - ,-r*v.v.o,1 I' . c-v.-c.-it Junction 9:00 - . ' Frontiers ol Failh Train To Ilr Announced Bihlr Stnry s. 6, 1C Cciu-t-rt ^ 2-M Bowline Hfiwllide * 10:15 - ·11..V 0 ·* 10:3« - li-ill-. wood* ' : l.t.ivc . It To Beaver c -Scries .. 1C . . 36 .1. 7 Stn'Tman Faintly . O p t i o n ", To Be AnnouniTd ·'' B \ i u n Nelson Tournament B V :J:30 s' Frc-cl Harris i B!mc n i W i l d Kingdom ' M o v i e McIIak'V Navy S ' " \ o u i i R People's Concert ... See 1969 Model Zg/M Color TVs E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 ;«,KU2arvdl 2333 N. coii. g . Service on all Makes Weather Let's Make A Deal ... *1:00- Days of Our Lives .. Love Is A Many Srilendnrcri Thins ·· Nevvlywcd Cjame * 1:30 - IJoclors Dating Game *2:«- General Hnspital Another World Secret Storm * 2:30 G u i d i n g Light You Don't Say GdKc of Night One Life to Live ... * 3:K Tombstone Territory Dark Shadows Match tianir Linklctter Show * 3:30 - Flintstones Hidden Faces Lucille Ball Mike Douglas Munsters Dark Shadows Bewitched * t:CK!- RanRer Dnil Flintstones Mr. Zinc and Turfy Children's Huur Movie .. 5, 0, 16 G. 16 b.v DENNIS THE MENACE vy Fun Club t llntmnn Bewitched * 4:30 - Klin Us tones ....... . Three Stooges ... Perry Mason ..... Mike Dmiclai ..... Bullwinkle ....... Perry Mason ..... * .r.$3- T,npt In Spnre ---- , . 6. 16 Ril'ieinan (Jpnoration Gap News * 5:39- I Love Lucy ... MONDAY EVENING* n-00- HilNcws 2, 3, 5, C. ^, 12 HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us ' S'AUTTER jMCM? OlDN'T Wl EVER HAVE A 3«$ FK3HTWKN W WAS UTTie?' . 2. :;. 7 5, 0. 16 nr, ir, .... 3. 7 R 31! ''.'.'..'.. ft S SUNDAY MORNING* 7:H- Report .............. The Story ................ * ;:!., - r!-.nM"phcr Vroprnm ..... I'.islor's S t u d y ........... ·* 7:30- I Arkxiiuu. Wildlife » l * 4:M *! Congressional Rcporl . . .. Byron Nelson Tournament University Panel 4:30 - Tnrl?. . Tim Answer Thy Kingdom Come * 7:45-- C M , p e l F . I V f i - l I l ' S " . JH'inns ol inspiration .. * 8:M- TVv:v;il T.rrs Sni'i.,1 Si't-urily Torn Jerry Slrvlite Cavalcade F.dines of Calvary I r v i n e Word (jo«prl Jubilee ' ·*· S : I 5 -("l:i ,sl is Hie Answer A K . w Capitol Hill * S:3»- · Hrrnltl of Truth ' Si F r a n k MeGce .. 1 A m n t c u r Hour . Movie I-, Tnke a Trip · 8 University Panel I* 5:00 - · ·': .%iOVic . ^''.'Ist C e n t u r y ... , "'I'M All Star Theater 12 j F i l m . · ,. 8'CollcRc Bowl ... '· Sportsman St. Uaphcls MEN'S CLUB DANCE riiurch Hall April 26 9-12 P.M. Live Music by the Nits, Grits and Souls Open 6:30 Starts Dusk TONITE: News. Weather 2, 3. 5. 6. 7. 8. * 8:38 I Dream ol Jciiiinie 2. 3. Avengers Gimsiiiokc *7:00- Sprinfi Thing -· ·' * 7:30 Peyton Place Here's Lucy if 8:00 - OuirJisls Movie if X:30 -V . u n i l v A f f » i r * 9:(H1 - Cnrol B u r n e t t liie Valley lfi:00 - cws, \Vcathcr, Spnrf.s . . 2. JJ. 5. fi. 10:30 Movie : Mi-Krnzie'.s nnicicr.s ' J o h n n y Carson Paul Hnrvey Joey B isliop * 10:35 Movie ir 12:00 - Dino Martin's Change Is Talk Of The Film Colony YOUTH ASKED FOR IT! This column is for young people, their problems and plca- iurcs. their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help Js!. it welcomes laughs hut von't dodge a serious question vith a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to Y O U T H ASKED FOB IT, care of Helen Help US! t h i s newspaper. WHATEVER TURNS YOU ON dear Helen: Get this! A bunch of parents Rot up tight about their kids smoking ;rass, so they called a meeting. That's the "adult" solution to any problem--call a meeting! So they served drinks while they hashed it over. . . . And they discussed pot so long, they all got potted. Some solution! Oh well, whatever turns you on. ... --Steve Dear Steve: Correction: Whatever turns ME off! -- Like stupid parents! -H. Dear FPALI: . . ,, ,, , , mort Thanks for giving me mort redit than I deserve. Those OS buttons helped, b u t ( . y o u ids hadn't been ready to dun g would 8. 12 r,. ir, *. j- ». o. ib · ' '· ·"· By BOR THOMAS Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- "That Dino Martin." said Lucille Ball recently, speaking like a Beverly Hills" housewife. "He has really straightened out. His biff ambition now is to go to UCLA and play on the tennis team, r,. in what's more, he's got and the I grades For it. I'm hoping that 7, S, 12, 1C, 3C c I, 12 2. 3. 7! 5\ . ; . Doris Day . t Wild KinRdom College Talent .. ri " ,' I Branded 'i« SUNDAY EVENING- · ' * « : « ' j Adventure..-, ol Hurk Finn '2 I 1 Uissic . Land ot the Giants 3, 7. 3r, .T, ti, Ifi . . a. 12 WINNER OF 5 ACADEMY AWARDS INTVEKATOFTKNIGHT A BEST ACTOR. Rod Steiger \Hl Vf.\ ·".'·'·fii'jKMW'^" SIDNEY POITIEIj'RODSTEIEER ivill rub off on young Desi." The transformation in (he Iccn-iiRo son of the Dean Martins is indeed the talk of film colony parents. Once Dino was considered the playboy of the western slope, a go-go, kid who owned a fabulous sports car before he could legally drive it. who haunted the discotheques until early hours. CONCERNED Once Miss Ball was concerned nbuul, Dino's influence nn her son. since the boys constitute two-thirds of the successful roek group. Dino. Desi and Billy (Ilinsche). Now she is his strongest supporter. "Gee. did Dcsi's mother say that?" young Martin asked. "I can't believe I always thought she considered rm bad influence on Desi." Dean Martin Jr.--that's his real name--failed to live up to his wild reputation in an inter- view. The slender six-footer sprawled on a couch at the family manse and discussed with ut- te'r seriousness his future career in acting, music and education. His acting is exposed for the first time in a new film. "A Boy ...A Girl" directed by John Derek and produced by Jack Hanson, owner of the Daisy and the Jax sportswear stores. "I hardly remember the pic ture," said Dino. "I made it more than two years ago. when I was 15. It was fun to do. We shot it all over California, and I got a chance to ride my motorbike a great deal. I was riding it before I could drive a car. Steve McQueen taught me." YOUNG LOVE The film is one of those poetic portrayals of young love, bul Dino assured that he performed no sex scenes with his costar. Arion Fromer. . "We couldn't." he explained "A welfare worker was on the set at all times, and nothing like that was allowed. There is a nude scene in the desert that takes place behind a white screen. But it isn't me. They had to get another actor to do v That was silly because you don 1 really see anything: I could have done the scene with tight trunks." Dear Helen: You sure called it when you said Going Steady would be ou of style in five years or less That was about two years ago when you started the SOS cam paign ("S t a m p out Steady ng'). At our school, the phrase i: onked out. You go around with crowd and maybe you hav pecial friends bul you don' make a big thing of it, a n hen you start liking some ody else, that's no big thin ither. I have a bunch of boy friends nd they have a bunch of gir riends and we like it that wa\ read a newspaper survey re ently that said this was catch ng on almost all over the coun ry now. Thanks for helping to give t ion-steady people a voice. Vi lever had it so good! - Fiel 'layer and Likes It Ben ... 2 ;enii I Disney's World 2, 3. j * 7:00 - .'."l6JF.[l Sullivan 5. 6. IS Fares ot People 2 FBI «. 12 © BASEBALL ON THE CABLE 8 Channels TV--6 FM Radio See the Top Games of the Week 442-7111 TRANJ-VIDEO 442-7355 NIGHT CDLMbiDiuni *.«... U»mn .PAKULA- MULLIGAN. Warren Beatty Leslie Caron sraiRcasoi Promise SUrrinf AtiriWim TOMOStt STARTS SUNDAY! At 71 Drive-ln Man... hunted. to male by civilized apes! TV REPAIRS ( · ' u i v i r.sallon . .. MONDAY MOUNING- * 6:25 - Tml;iv'x Alninimo ir _ m p^ Br Mr.TulMl Hawaii · 1«^» t 1 ^1 [Jfl V S»""'' K · l: "TM tp ' 1 Sl« hl «" lni: , HAWAII From Tulsa or Group Departs June 7th Call or writ* fw MUtr OAHU MAUI, KAUAI, HAWAII For information, C.ll Ff»d Starr, Tour CK.rt, 441-«M B .... A rf/M I D C 2715 So. Memorial Drive J KRAFTOUR5 Tu lsa,Okla.74129,918NA 7-9797 · .·:·'· BEST COMPANY A SHAKE EVER HAD BUY ONE SHAKE- GET ONE FREE Fri. April 25 Sat. April 26 f l n i r c h SclVUT * 11:M F;!, r i'i','Tw Tr,,i., v Church Hrrvlrt- !,(ivo Thr.l Moll . ................. Jlrvivnl Firm .................. in r.irly I.lne it 11:.1( -- \: "tnriu ol Mc1ll»llon almost Should anybody want one as a ouvenir of a dying era. send 0 cents and a stamped, «K- ddressed envelope to H e l e n Bottcl, care of this newspaper. out that when Vm 8 1 can leave home, hut my parents STILL have to sign for mv drivers' license, at least in ny state (California) I can t get married without their sig- lalure either. .,.. Doesn't this seem silly? I " · on my own, earning my own lv av. yet until I'm 21. I'm not egallv out from under t h i e r wing ' But at the same time, if I'm drafted. I h a v e to go. whether my parents sign for me or not. . , . What if they would say. H e J underage according to the LH- vision of Marriage and Mo to Vehicles. So his parents can still dictate, and they say. Son you aren't going to war' ' ? - Kevin Dear Kevin: . , , - , . The old saw "You can t fight city hall" goes double for tne U S. Defense Department. Test cases on this subject have been tried, but Uncle always wins. Seems parents can keep an undor-21-year-old boy out of the drivers' seat or the marriage bed. but not out of » fox hole! -- H. This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're haying kid trouble or j u s t plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of tha Northwest Arkansas Times. Some Questions To Help One Find Out If He's All Right By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Does the vorld bug you? Are you so perplexed and upset by the chaos around you that you sometimes wonder whether fou're in your right mind? Well, why not find out for yourself whether it's the world .hat is balmy or you that is batty: It isn't difficult to do. To 'ind out how normal or abnor- nal you are, simply take a pen cil and piece of paper and answer the following questions: If you were at the track and found that a certain race was 'ixed, would you take advantage of the situation by betting on the horse that was bound to win? When attending a cocktail party at a neighbor's house, would you like to sneak a kiss from your host's wife if she only iiad less character and also was younger and prettier? IMPULSE Now and then when you wake up in the morning do you have an almost irrestible impuse to pull t h e sheet over your face and stay in bed all day? Are you convinced that bac luck dogs you and that if you bought 9.999 tickets out of a 10,000-ticket church raffle, the other fellow would take the prize? Did you Used to have the feel ing that somebody was follow ing you but now feel that il couldn't be just one person--it must he five or six? As the years roll on, do you find that your shoelaces are breaking more often when you're in a hurry and you're spilling more neckties? gravy on your NOW [Open 7 p.m, TTHEATRE W A S H . C T V . HOSPITAL N'OKTif S?, Does it annoy you to see two oung lovers smooching on a ark bench, although you know arned well it. is none of your usiness? When the boss says "hello" to ou as you come into the office, 0 you then sit at your desk un- 1 noon wondering morosely hat in the devil he's driving I? AND OTHER THINGS Does it seem to you that ev- rything you buy on time wears ut or breaks down just before ou pay the next to the last in- tallment? When you trundle your shop- ing cart through a Eupermar- et. do you have an uneasy feeing that half the women in tha lace are conspiring to beat you a place in the line at the heckout counter'; If someone tries to get you nto a conservation about I h e IS. foreign policy, does a gath- Ting numbness start in your lig toe and creep s.teadily lip pour body to your ears? Are you talking to yourself more nowadays--and enjoying t leas? Well, that's the lest. Now to he score. If you answered "no" o all these questions, you're in rouble. You probably are being ollowed b.v several people- men in white carrying a strait- aeket. But if you said "yes" to each question, you can relax. Your mind is as normal as life can oermit it to he. Your problem is that you are simply getting old and tired and -ranky and falling apart--just ike everybody else. Sun. thru Thurs. One Fct. 7:45 Fri.-Sat. Features 7:00 - 9:16 2nd Big Week Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI ROMEO NOW Open 2:00 VAPLK ® HAMBURGERS comeasyouare...hungry 1005 Mr. Comfort Road Smith 3:22, 6:24,9:26 Journey 2:00,5:02,8:04 AH ALL-DISN£Y CNTeifTAINMENT PROGRAM! rn' WALT DISNEY MWWtlW! GLENN FORO.S Public Hearing On Control Of Floods Planned LITTLE ROCK (AP) - An cifilit - member congressional subcommittee will conduct a public hearing on flow] control at Fort Smith Saturday and tour Hood prone ureas in Little Rock and North Little Rock later in the day. The congressmen are members of the Flood Control Subcommittee of the House Public Works Committee. T h e c o n g r e s s m e n wore scheduled to conduct public hearings in Tulsa and Muskogee. Okln., today. The committee members ex- peced to participate in (he tour of the Arl;an?;is IJiver Rasin are Reps. Robert K. Jones, n-Ala., c h a i r m a n : .Inhri Paul Uammcrschmidl, ]j ,\rk · .Jim Wright, D-Trx.: F.d Krt- mondson, D O k l a . ; Dm, |f_ Clausen, R C a l i f . : Hubert y' Denny, R-N'eb.: Robeit C M;-I Ewcn. R-N.Y. and John C Kluczynski. D 111. The public hoani.c nn flnrcl control in Fort Smiih is slaled for !UO a.m. Saturdav at th» Wnrd Hotel. Hiillinl li

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