Independent from Long Beach, California on January 24, 1975 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1975
Page 6
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^-INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TEJ.EGRAM JPM) i»m »»KH, cam., fn.. Jan.». mt fSchlesinger confident U.S. could sustain Israel in war By DREW MIDDLETON New York Times Service N E W YOKK-Defense S e c r e t a r y J a m e s R . Schlcsinger s a y s he is confident t h a t the United States can provide the resources to sustain Israeli fighting forces should a f i f t h M i d d l e E a s t w a r begin. A m e r i c a n arms production is up, the secretary said, p a r t l y because of the weaknesses displayed in defense industry when the administration sought to resupply Israel with tanks and other major weapons a f t e r the war in October 1973. Responding to questions after a speech to the Economic Club of New York Wednesday night. Schlesinger. while conceding the ;high attrition rate of modern war. said he did not - t h i n k a new conflict would . ' l a s t m o r e t h a n t h r e e weeks. ; He also reaffirmed the m i l i t a r y feasibility of intervention i n M i d d l e Eastern oil areas to pre- v e n t national economic s t r a n g u l a t i o n -- a n idea advanced by Secretary of S l a t e Henry Kissinger, and he said that such act i o n w a s " w i t h i n t h e power" of the U.S., de- scribing his comment as "a statement of f a c t . " His words, he caution cd, must not be taken as reflecting current American policy, for m i l i t a r y actions would be considered only in the gravest circumstances. The defense secretary, in his remarks, was pessi- m i s t i c about the balance of power between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in the Middle Eastern theater from Syria southeast to the Gulfs of O m a n and A d e n a n d t h e I n d i a n Ocean. At present, he said, the U . S . e n j o y s a relative a d v a n t a g e over the Soviet Union because of the sup e r i o r m o b i l i t y of its n a v a l and air forces. However, he went on, t h e continued expansion of Soviet airborne forces, long-range aircraft a n d submarienes and surface vessels, could bring about a loss of the American advantage by the end of the decade. . I n c r e a s e d a i r b o r n e s t r e n g t h in Soviet Central Asia, within range of the M i d d l e East, h a s b e e n stressed recently by well- informed b u t unofficial sources. Some estimates are t h a t there are four or five airborne divisions-- 2S.OOO to 30,000 men- in the area. There is one air- b o r n e division, 13,000 men, in the U.S. Schlesinger stressed the danger of the Atlantic alliance's defensive position in Europe, arising from "the broadening of Soviet power in the geographical sense" w i t h the expansion of the Soviet Navy. A c r e d i b l e d e f e n s e against aggression in Cent r a l Europe depends on seaborne s u p p l i e s a n d reinforcements, which are vulenrable to surface and undersea a t t a c k , he pointed out. The Soviet Union does not have that problem. W i t h t h e n a v y ' s strength due to dip below 500 ships in the active forces, a level lower than at any time since Pearl Harbor, the secretary did not f i n d a ship-to-ship comparison with the Russians "comfortable." As for Central Europe, where the Soviet threat inspired the creation of the North A t l a n t i c Treaty Organization 26 y e a r s ago, Schlesinger said the m i l i t a r y balance could be retained unless the West was prepared to improve equipment and raise force levels. w m KNIT YOUR OWN AND SAVE! IHV' ' 4 Ox.' , Skein Orion *" Oz. 4 Ply Skein WASH W WEAR Quali 4 OZ. 4 Ply S kein 'MAGIC MATCH' ACRYLIC YARN ' English Jmoort . needs no Easy-Care Mothproof Our Res. Price SI.27 77 YD. POLYESTER DOUBLE KNITS · Jacquards' Fancies · 58 60 ' W; lull boils. Ourrtg. Mtj 2.39 YD. POLYESTER, POLYESTER/COTTON SINGLE KNITS « Pnnls! Novelly-looks! , » 5 4 ' 6 0 ' W ; 2 - 1 0 y d . L. · Ourrtj. · « JI.47 YD. 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The Soviet Union in the last year has provided Syria, and presumably Egypt, with short-range ballistic missiles--a development that led to intensified pressure from Israeli to obtain the Lance missiles. The Lance, which is just being introduced in the U. S. Army, is a highly mobile missile with about a 70-mile range. It is known' as a "dual-capable" missile, meaning it can carry either a conventional or nuclear warhead. Thus far, the missile has been regarded by the Army as primarily a nuclear weapon, largely because of congressional doubts that the weapon would be effective, in terms of its cost, with a conventional warhead. V.S. reported ready to include Russia in Mideast negotiation* BERNARD GWERTZMAN New York Time* Service W A S H I N G T O N Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was reported Thursday to have told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that once the latest r o u n d of Israeli- Egyptian negotiations was concluded, the S o v i e t U n i o n w o u l d probably have to be includecTin the next phase of Middle East peace efforts. According to s e v e r a l participants at the closed- door committee hearing Tuesday, Kissinger seemed to be saying that his p e r s o n a l m e d i a t i o n b e - t w e e n I s r a e l a n d t h e Arabs that has dominated Middle E a s t diplomacy for the past year would have to be supplemented in the subsequent stages c o u l d no l o n g e r be excluded. Kissinger also was reported to have said he thought,the chances were better than even that he would succeed in bringing a b o u t a s e c o n d - s t a g e Israeli-Egyptian accord in the Sinai. As the result of talks in Washington l a s t w e e k w i t h I s r a e l i . F o r e i g n Minister Y i g a l A l l o n , Kissinger a g r e e d to return to the Middle East in a few weeks to try and spur progress in the next stage of negotiations with Egypt. He is expected'to spend about a week in the area starting Feb. 7. ; ^ Thursday, in a speech in San Diego, Underscore^ lary of State for Politicaj Affairs Joseph Sisco, who is Kissinger's top deputy on Middle East affairs, said the talks with Allon were "useful" and added that "while a number;of key problems remain ·, to be solved, some progress was made in defining; a conceptual framework for the next stage of the negotiating process." ; a wider involvement, w h i c h t h e Russians ^--LOOMS FOR OFFICE SPACE?Prim Location in Bixby Knoflt »rta Aporl Irom the tongeition and parking problem! of down{own it Cerrilos Square. Offering Hie ultimate in custom office suites. Features incl. 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