Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 32
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A.32-1NDEPENDENT B. C. By JOHNNY HART THVS THAT UTTtE RDONO 1HivJ vfiu THROW TftE STRIKES WITH. · RVSE BALL. STRIKE *l6CR EMfeBALLS AKD \tXRTtEMAJLStSA. WlWWtf I KM JOE PALOOKA HSS PEACH IRA JUST SMASHED All. THE TOTTER/ SQUASHS7 All. CUR RANTS. THREW JMK OH ALL CUR DRWWNiSS, AND THREW EVEWBOOyS 6ALO5HE5 CUT TH£ WINDOW.- . . REAL anT_AYWi5E\s By BOB 3IONTANA By NEAL ADAMS BEN CASEY es.' POPS A ww COB £T1L STICKING TOKSCWSH DIET OF COTTAGE O*£SE AM3 WATS?- / AFTEK VORKING AT */ IATHE. By DICK BROOKS JACKSOX TWINS ·res OF Aa HUAAANS I TD BE HER OWN SISTER rt THNg. JIAWY. POSE WOU-CIVT 1 VtfVS VEKV.VEEy -BETCHPi THE* txNT EVEN TO FIND f\ REAt. BUTHAT Btl J BU, PKTORApHtD B1 AS A HOUSE- YEAWI By FACAIA* and SHORTEN DENNIS THE MENACE THE BERRYS By CARL CRUBERT By HANK KETCHAM THERE OUGHT TO HP4 PAT--IS JACKIE \ STX1.CNTHEFHDNE»J trCS PLACS IS UKff AMOfUJt. HOT A MMUTT5 K*CX; X3T A SiXAW EV OK KCHTI IT S CSSffV N TWS HCUSff I IF VCU POI*T 6£T THW.NTS CCANS1AZS ITi LOSS MX UJIA5Y fWUSTOTT ADWW5HO TKS BVWNTS QUAaZfL Al KKT; AN7 TXS PO wets TH5N01SY TEMJSIT5 13 Lion! 19 UK* titan. 21 M«n"t ACROSS 1 Ten vim D«=t« »»« 33: Rom. S Prt 19 Onrslal It Homotwu S2 Eoi icorr ifm, Si TutHiouIy. 59 Bed Kr IT 2 word*. Cl Hipbcmn. * J DID WPS AVy FEET! TrtATfe FAU-W Of? -£R£$Tft 23 Noted Americu £6 Fli ·ocliise 27 Sit StrrrasoB. 29 Frenci t«t2e dff. 30 riori!i emu city. 31 KmJ c! pomt. 32 Famine's BUGS BUNNY BUT I WWT TO MAKE A PHCNE CALL.', 17 ii|oiuat rcpos ci Earopc. KiY, SYLVESTER, I? \A /435T SflW.ETHiN' JtL VBJf hw. t Buz. 66 TtietKOte 20 Aa cctu. 22 dm* to u 2 23 Stmlir, UZoce. 2S Vrent. 33 Vlodmtci: S 3t Book brri ·! 39 Cloomy. loir txnr inxnT wcrds cut yoa fora TtrUdHy aodlioriionUl- tyt V»« assu word eoJy «BC« and so proptr BOOB* orpinnlst p!e«ae. VThia vcrd* tea thmaS letters and ax* bt I ·_-TOICET acor- 2 Ssx »«·! wii iota, draa^ etc. 4 Ana ·{ the F- cl£e. E. ·{ AutrtTU: S words. 5 Ciiia port punoc (1S33-9S). ( S^Ject is 42 Deotc. 4t Fait el ArtKa, 46 A lit cool 47 Here SI FiasU: £2 Atomic auser: AbW. tea- MstestJr. 54 Fenuue: CoBoo. S3 Toc'i »oci 56 -Dis trie, £e» 33 T» Ve tore. EUrn «f Ciitcr. xs 77 33 Lazr eae. .43 RodcEt el Soctk Americt, 41 Vtrre Paajxa fa. 42 Ecrtilaa bcrdcr fct Is 1 pt. for worf "TO" and » pit for won! ICE.* ICUO* 1CDX KUICBZR OF POINTS PER IZSnB IS FIVE. T» awit 700, v* hart hurrUd a few lettcra. I THINK VO/D MWCE BETTER Tt\«FVpU VWOTEA LETTE!?/ 7 the etr. S Acquire. item. U Crrum lo»irr»« BfB. u 12 Etstera ume. 41 Ctr a Tnu. CiK Brju t cr» 49 Cetci fer lire. F. «. r. 5IORT\* 3IEEKIX ucra T» rinsocs

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