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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Wednesday, April 7, 1920
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,-. *; i T BWVEAHTI'OF I'LUWJ • APH; 91920' Carbondale-r-"Atheris of VOLUME 17 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 1920 NUMBER 141 GOV, LOWDEN IS ENDORSED FOR PRESIDENT ,000 SILK RAID AT M'BORO ON MONDAY NIGHT MISS JULIA LATHROP Enter Three Stores in The Capital City and Make Es'cape With Expensive Silk Goods. Carbondale Has Experienced Same Loss. . Burglars r.a,ide,d JVluuphysboro Monday night and made a haul 'of more I than- $4,000 worth of .silks.. They) •robbed the Herrir,::Supply Co. and the ' Foss Martdl store and a Email amount from the Levy -Mercantile- store. This is said to of the'.richest hauls in Mur.phyabcxro Lr., a num- [ ber. of years. ... f The bast silks were .taken and the resf~cult-ed over and left. Expensive traveling- bags and suit cases were in «ach store . presumably to United States Senators, All Republican Congressmen, Elective State Officers And Living Ex-Governors Say He Is The Best Fitted Citizen^-They Advise All To Join In Support On April 13 At The Preferential Primary. SPRINGFIELD, ILL., : April 7.— Republican voters of Illinois arc urged, today, -in a statement .signed by the two 'United -States -Senators. and the Republican . members of Congress from'Illinois, the Stale officers and the three living Republican ex-Governors, to go to the polls on __April 13 . and vote ior Governor Prank O. Lowden for President at the preferential pri-j mary. The administration of Governor j take , n , jn ^ stor . a . prasuma . bl . y Lowden ,s an evmenc.e, .the statp-!' tne sto , en .^^ . in . ment declares, that he can achieve. , TMs fe protjably ithe Bame ' system for the Nation-what is. only pro-1 of ^^ ^ operated in Carb<m . mised in behalf of other candidates, ^jg sf)me ^^9 affo He has the qualifications aiid the; suk wdists rangKi ; n value from experience which fit. him for. the ?8:50 to ^ Ths Besses, n^y of presidency at this time. | them 1 the very finest weavs and, Ilk* The . statement, is as follows: | tne wa^ts, the litest 'paitteras, sold "The People of Illinois, at the f or $ 2 5 to $ 65 j^ even $g 5 _ presidential primaries, Aprtf 13, will, The rich loot was packed in four have an opportunity to express ' Case3 , two .suit cases and two hand their judgment upon the : extraordi- gl .ip s , worth $50, taken from the sec- narily economical and -efficient ad- on d floor. ministration of Governor Lowden. -Later today 12 plaid skirts were Thei primaries afford every loyal missed from one rack, some of them, Illinoisan a welcome opportunity to 'worth |24.00. The valuable stock of voice a demand for reform and re- silken g-oods was not touched. One trenchment in the Nation, to de- saleslady reports §7 missing from her mand for the . country .efficiency purse, left in a- locker over night. The and, economy in lieu of the waste management fears other losses in the and _ extravagance now . manifest. ln^.big-..stocks t .jvjll-vbe 'discovered- later.- the administration of the national 5300 Haul at Levy Merc Co business. | At the Levy Me-reiintile Co., ioth "Goveror Lowden has done in the ' a-rd Chestnut streets, burg-Jars last state and has proven that he can - njgJit stole g-oods valued at $300, cost do for the Nation that .which can piiice, Adrian Levy, store manager be promised and only promised for said. . other candidates. -__ / '. Like at Kartell's, they entered "Governor" Lowden's administrii- through an upper rear winddw the tion has been one of pledges fui- northernmost in the buildimg, by way filled. He has ser.ved and has of a ladder, lifting the locked win- sought to serve the wage earners, ^ ow DV use of a crowbar. The bar the farmers, and the~ business in- :Was } eft in the store and turned over . terests of the state. Under his to * he sheriff. Mr. Levy : has the lad- leadership, the legislature has- der i n the basement, adopted in Illinois a sys- '^ lwo m «-n's suits, men's shoes, silk tern which has become a model' for s "' rts > silk, shirt waists, a half dozen government has . been reorganized, Stetson hats, collars amd neckties are the'Other states and for the N'a- missil ig. T.he hats and .'shoes carry tion. The executive branch of the e tirm "anie. 'Eight'silk shirts, not and the increased business efficien- 8 ' ocxl _ enou IT-h for the thieves, were cy has made -' possible a reduction ' &ft P' led '" the rear of the (store. of the state tax rate. Provision has been made for a hard roads sys- 9th District. tern touching every county -in the Carl 'R.' Chindblom, Congressman state, and without cost to the gen- 10th District. eral taxpayer At last the water- Ira C. Copley, Congressman llth way problem has been solved and District. .the state has adopted a satisfactory Charles E. Euller, Cong-n-ssnia plan approved by the national gov- 12th District. ' •-^>-nian ernment. A^ constitutional conven- John ~C. McKeiiEie, Congressman tion is in session revising the con- 13th District. " stitution to meet the -conditions of William J.' Graham, Congressman an expanding population and mod- 14th District. ern business. • Edward J. Kin e , "Governor Lowden's record is one l.?th District, of constructive accomplishments. Clifford Ireland, His time has been devoted .to tTic 16th District, public service. He lias' been a great Frank L Smith Governor. , 1 71th District. "His are the qualities'- which Joseph G. Cannon, Congressman joined to-• his- experience fit- -him-ISth-District. . for the presidency at this hour William B. McKinley, Congress. when the Nation calls for frugality ma n 19th District in national finance, steady judge- Loren E. Wheeler, Congressman ment and high administrative ca- 21st District. pacity. As taxpayers, as citizens of" William. A. 'Rodenherg, Congress- Illinois, and as Americans, the Re- man 22nd District, publicans of the state should rally E . B . Brooks, Congressman 23rd to the support of Governor Low-. District. den on April 13." ' -^ Thomas. S. Williams, C 3 n a -.««m a n (Signed) V; , - 24th District. Lawrence Y. Sherman, United Edward E. Deuison, Congressman States-Senator. -25th District. Mtdill McCormick, United States John G. Oglesby, Lieutenant Gov- Senator. ' Richard Yates, Congressman Large. • State. William E. Mason, Congressman Andrew Russcl, State Auditor.. at Large. Martin B. Madden, Congressman 1st District." , ' Jaines R. Mann, Congressman 2nd District. . William Wl Wilson, Congressman [Chicago Strike N<?ar : End; Witrt | : Brotherhood's Aid, Is eiairri;' .','. ' h Members of congress who tire worrying about the children of the United States, wblle Miss Julia Lathrop . is touring Czecho-SIovnklsi, prob:|lfly have never 1 seen Miss Caroline Fleming. . Miss Fleming is in charge of the Coiigrcssraan Congressman Congressman ernor. at ' Louis L. Emmerson, Secretary of Fred E. Sterling, State Treasurer. Francis G. Blair, Superintendent <if Public Instruction. Edward J. Brundage, Attorney- General. Charles -W. Vail, Clerk Supreme 3rd District.- ' '.; Court., - : Niels Juul, Congressman 7tth Dis-: Joseh W.'Fifer, Ex-Governor. t« ct -' • ^1 Richard' Yates, Ex-Governor. F!red A. Britten,: Congressicaii! Charles S. Deneed, Ex-Gov«ii»r. UNTO m pi REBELS •Men Must Return to Work by Thursday or Their Cards' Will Be Forfeited^—Increase in Pay Is . Impossible. Chicago, April 7.—The strike situation i& clearing, according to ''word from the ii4 : milrouds affected'-by the walkout of tiie "insurgent" switchmen. This message was received from the General Ma Miners'" association, representing- nil the ..railroads. ;T.-JV.'Hlff- gins, chairman oil the:fjssqciotion, said that the. railroads-, were- a'iile to'bring their business buck'.to normal since the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen hah sanctioned tlie importation -of switchmen from otiier ,pol»its,oii the lines. Simultaneously, wltto the order of Willlmii G. Lee, presicli-nt of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, to smash tlie outlaw strike o£ switi.-hmen in Clil- c.'igo, conies Hie ann'riunccmenl.. from A. P. wiiitney, president <if tlie or- gnntaition, Hint nil striking meiubei-s of the brotherhood on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul -railroad, will be expelled from the union unless they return to tlieir jobs by Thursday niglit. Increase Impossible.' Striking switchmen were told nt the same time by J. .E. Gorman, president -of the Rock Island, that (Hey could not possibly force the owners of the roads Includes 1,800 Steamers Valued • at to increase tlieir wages because these More Than $3,000,000,000—Second • owners will receive full, wartime corn- Only to Great Britain's. Washington, April 7.—The entire American merchant marine, valued nt ; BENISON 1 LOWBEN Ej NEXT PRE New Officers Take Posts- Attorney C. S, Feirieh Installed As Exalted Rulr er.^ Pledges Efforts To ' Serious' Of OfS'ce. . ' bureau of the ilpnurtnient. of labor while Miss Liilhrop is n\v:iy. Like M^lss Lathrop slin lins no children of her own, but she Impresses the average bystander as being 1 capable of doing whatever u children's bureau may be required to accomplish. U, S, TO SELL FLEET Entire American Merchant Marine to Be Disposed Of. A recent photo oil the Hon. E. N. Rhodes, speaker of the house of commons, Ottawa, Canada. 300 GERMAN REDS DIE Government-Troops Slay Many Rebels in Big Battle. ; pensation from tlm government for their property until Sopreml*r 1 1020. "The men think tlie^ wilt compel the rnnds to give .them infi'rp pay by tying more tUan $3.000,000,000, is to be sold. I "I 5 the traffic," lie sakl, "hut they ought "Seventeen . of America's most distinguished business men, according to the shipping bo'ard's minoimcement, are to be called to 'Wusliingtorrfoi'-a two-day conference to give tlieir aid and advice as to the best way .to handle and sell all shipping board property, including the 1,800 steamers comprising thke American merchant fleets. to know Hint the owners receive just us much compensation' during a strike as if there was- not a;strlke. ':"The^ohes> tlie men tliemselves.'mid the ftxpnyers who must pay the deficit 'Of Hie roads If there is one until next September. There isn't anyone who t-an raise the wages of the strikers. 1 Tlie only ngency they can hope to set ilia-cased wages If goes through, the govern- fmm is the.lnhor hoaj-d oi-enteil by "the ment will cease to operate its mer- Esch-.Cuinmins bill and tlio members chant marine and tlie entire flet.-t^ sec- nt thnt hotu '(l have nnt yet been ,np- oud only to tlm of Great Britain pointed by President \Yilson." size, will pass periimnently into tlie A - F - Whitney rloclaml Hint ' a gen-. ' band's of private corpornti.«is. . el ' al action would lie taken to discipline . . Of tlie 17 business men who will be outlaw switchmen- by cxprll asked to come to .Washington to SUB- from the 1lnin "- them Best tlie terms of sale, all are or have been intimately identified with the largest private interests in tlie" country. St. Paul Leaders Act. "Action lias -alvetuly lieen taken by officiais of the brnthet-lioud on the Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Puui," lie. said, Admiral William S. Benson, chair- » mlt [ Thursday' -is the deadline for get- man of the shipping board, is under stood to be responsible for sending out the call for the conference, which will begin liere on April 15. ting back to work. If the men are not on tlieir jobs by Thursday night, they will forfeit tlieir membership in the union, and will lose ail tlieir seniority standing on tlie road.' ( "A similar action will be taken, very likely, after a meeting-of all-union officials of the roa'cls- 1 concerned in .the strike whioli takes place late today." ' Characterizing the Chicago insurgents as' "renegades", and denying tlislt Charleston, W. Va.. 'April T.—A po- I" 1 "' question of wages had anything to do with the .tleup of all freight-movement in the district's 30 miles of yards, Mr. Lee save an .absolute sanction to any measures found nec-essnry by the union regulars to restore-normal conditions. , NEW W. VIRGINIA LABOR PARTY "A Model for Thoroughness and Effectiveness," Is Campaign Slogan —Women to Aid. LOOKS FOR END OF STRIKE Lewis Declares Troubles Over .Mine ,.'.' Wage Contract Will Be • Ac-justed Soon. litical organization that will be "a model of thoroughness' and effectiveness" ia being perfected fnr the coming election by Hie West Virginia Federation of Labor,£ accoi'ilitis to Hie campaign plans, made public here by C. F. Kueiiey, district president nf tlio United Mine Workers. . Tlie .organization will function in every political subdivision oC tlie st«tn from tlie congressional district to Hie precluct, lie said. In the precinct 11. committee of five Cor gen(f.-al work and for special duty at the polls on lir'i- v -.-,', -i ~ n,, mary days' will be -.mined, lie'-ndasr.^;.'.^ * pl * 11 APC ' 1 '•'T?^ 8 ?"?° n and there will be "a woman for eveW '"' ^ 1 ™ 1 ™ us ^ f e lls f Ka "' , , sas.-Illinols and other states, brought .about by the dissatisfaction of th« miners with the 'new wage contract, "will be satisfactorily adjusted withii; a few.' days," John I>. Lewis, international president 'of the United Mint Workers, declared liere. .. Until lie has received reports from the various districts, Mr. Lewis dc : clined to. make further comment, ex- precinct, armed with a camera, to tain pictorial proof of any questionable perfonnnnce about Hie polls." MUELLER CABINET WEAR END German Ministry, Scarcely a Week Old, Approaches Collapse ~ as French Army Approaches. ' • • ' cept to state that lie did not- believe Berlin. April 7.—The Mueller-gov- Jbe situation serious, eminent, scarcely a week okl. is. up-' Other union officials, however, (Je- proachliiR collapse as. a result of'tin; - dared the trouble" wa^f due to. an in- French occupation of Frankfort,'' adequate wage award made 'by Presi: Darmstadt, Hanaii and intermedia.!^ dent Wilson's bituminous coal corn- towns. Some of the cabinet members mission to-the'flny men employed 1 in franklj- admitted Unit only a miracle tlle S 9 ft c0 ! 1 ' fields. The day men, It can save the ministry. In the eyes of was pointed,out, .ware, given only a $1- rbe radicnls it/lms lust the last shreds a-day Increase, .fii- .-35; cents Jess--U of prestige, wbile tlie militarists mid consei-vatives are' adding to nationwide, agitation ^tbe battle cry: "The fatherland is , invaded; we have our weak'jrovernuient to .tliaiik foi: thi.s I" If the present ministry, fails, only ooe of. the two extremes—militarists or radicals^—seems capable of sncceed- Inu >t. (he 27 per cent ndvaries awarded other workers. Grain-Elevator Bui'ns. . Superior, Wis., April .7.—Fire of unknown - origin destroyed the Secular & Bishop grain elevator here. The elevator was "filled with grain. Regulars Lace 200 of Their Men in Fierce Clash in ths Dais- burg Section. Berlin. April 7.—The .reds-lost 300 killed In fighting' with "government troops 'near Pelkum','- .southwest of Hamm, Westphalia, according • to a dispatch from Hamm to tlie TjOkn'l An- seiger. - • • ., v • :Two armored cars »and .one ::fl.ving squadron purtlcipnteH. in. the action, tlie dispatch "says: - - Tlie government forces have lost 200 men"killed in fresh-fighting In'the tri- nngle formed b'y Duisbnrg. Dortmund and Essen, : according- to official 'infor- niatioii. Bxcept in this triangle quiet "!ff!nliially':i8"ljeing'Teslored In.tlie Ruhr ili'strict. Eeicliswebr forces entered Essen from two sides of the town. : Tbe pi.-ogress of the German troops into the Ilnlir reKion.was chronicled in tile following official stntenient: "Tlie action of tlie police forces in tlie Industrial region la proceeding according to plan.' • Regular troops are present-no'rth of'Bottropp, Westphalia, which lins not yet been occupied. The clearing action is also progressing e»st of portmund.-'whicb the first detachment 1ms just'entered and where it advanced 'against considerably 'stronger detnchmerits of ml guards ou'the Le- uhen-Kamen''itilne.' In tlie'IIoerde district the' Wickede fall way station has been stormed; by red guards, as were also th'e-Admlral and Gleueknuf mines. "Considerable plundering occurred In Dortmund.. At Essen the Krupp provision department was robbed.". The: 'exploits- of - the • communist brigand, Mnx^Hoelz; \vho.has recently been holding, nn towns with the aid of nn armed gang.In five'automobiles, have become so audacious that the Saxon government has. decided Hoel?. must be'crushed by nillitnry measures. Troops have been sent to capture him. JOHNSON PILES.UP BIG LEAD Latest Returni .Show, Californian 1 Nearly 50,000 Vtrtes Ahead of General Wood in Michigan. Detroit, M-icli., -Apuit.. T.- — Serintor Hirnm W. .Toliusoa .is .piling, up a hlg- fter and more decisive victory over Ma j. Gen. Leonard Wood, in the ' Republican presklentinl ^primaries n's returns from !c6iii)tics_in .-which, he cam- paignefl arid , figures from . ihdustrinl centers outside Detroit come in. '. With 1,'42S precincts . out of..' the stnle's total . of 2,421 accounted for, tlie. candrdatesi stood 'as .follows :.j • Republ Icnn .". — . . Johnson; ' . 117,456 ; Wood. 73.222;' tpw'den, : 38,208 and Hoover, 37,529. ; ". ... With 1,250- state. Rrecincts^lnclufllug roost 'of Wayne . reported;, the vote for Democratic -candidates " stood ss follows: . ' . . . ' • Edwards, "64,4T2 • ' •" Hobfer'. 81,555; •MeAdoo. 54,767 ;;Bcynn,:".28,627. '.' ' ' ' TOLED0 TOVHAVE CARS A6A)N : Company and Men' Agree Just as .the United: States Court -Is , v About -to Act. ; . Toled«;,p.,' April 7.--l<'euei-al,audge.- KlllitS wdered the Toledo Railways and Light eempnny to , restore street car service tomorrow: morning,- threatening to name! a -receiver if tlie com : pany ^refused.'"' Wills the judge was preparing th«. order, the company signed the new , wage scale. .and - tfie. union accepted, . thug ending: the <ilf8- which >la«»- last week hue de- ''''' Officers for the Elks' lodge for the ensuif.r.ig •• year ' WCM instilled, last night. A lairge attenchn.ce witnessed the installation and toolc part, ip the .formalities which 3c:ompany the ce,r- ^ It was one of the big'nights Df .*he yii-ar for the Elks lodge. • W,il- ham'H-ays was ir;still-injt officer and PaiTTer ynsnd esquire •!\he following offtsers were in'stalled: Jisaltad rulev, C. E. Fe.iv.ic-h; es- teemeid loyal knig>ht, G. N. Albon; sateemetl leaturing knight, -Johr- Wr-ight; esteemed leading knight, T., -.Bi.:l'.-'Smifcli; tiler, B. L. Wilson;" ssc- •etary; Milo Eaton; trustee, W. E., Weilea'; representative to the Grand Lodge. . . Following -the insthlarbion the- newly installed exalted ruler, C. E.: Feir- ieh, made an excellent talk for the benefit of the lo.dge. He sp.oke of the solemn post to .which he had been elected and pledged his wond he would perform the duties of the office .with the best of -hi«f ability, keeping, in mind, the importance anil res-pon- sibfilty of the office. Everything poJnts to a record for Elte lodg.e -here. '-A luncheon and smoker followed the installation. Will Take Stump for RH- nois Governor The Firs . Of Next Weekday Pulse; At /Vyashfngton I Getting . Stronger " Foi ' Him.—Urges A Strong Illinois Endorsement REPUBLICANS WIN IJWfc Democrats Fail To Appear With Ticket—Few Votes .Cast For Independants— Vote Light In Yesterday'^ Election. (The enitire -Republican township .ticket won- in the township election .Tuesday. The Democrats did not p-u.t out a. ticket, although a few votes were cast for independents. In the ,Fpur*h ward the laraest nu-mber of .independent. votes were cast. T-he ticket electee 1 was: Wiilliam ,H. Kalladay, ,3ssiata-nt .supervisor; Gwsge J-'ore, highway commtestorer; .assessor, Sam Anderson; town .clerk, W. J.. Urwvn; school trustee, T. L. Gharry; poundmaster, Herman . Bbev- ha-rt. NEGRO JAILED FOR PUTTING CROSS TIE ON I. C; TRACK Wm. Moore a. negro of Memphis, Tenn., or so he gives his home,.' is in the county jail following what appeared 'an attempt at 4:30' Suii- rlay morning to send some "cannon ball" train, of the l.i. .C, arid its crew / to grief 'near Bosli-eydell,: south of. Carbondale. The j negro was caught by the crew .of an;' I. C. pusher engine, after -tiije 'engine had struck a tic on'the track. "Moore was seen to run from ithe' track as the engine approached. Later lie returned and- was. tal;en. in charge. The- negro '.denies putting 1 the tie on the-track. The crew turneff the man over' to * the road's special agent at Carbondale, who delivered him. to the Sheriff's hotel.—Independent. \ -'. Ozburii-Davidsohi : (At the Methodist church - in -Du Quoin at 5 o'clock Tuesday .evening •occurred .the .marriage of -Miss .Buby. Davidson ,aivd A. B. Osbbnnie-.-both. of Du '^Quoin. ' - v ' ' - ,iMr.~ Osborne was formerly 1 , assist- D^.^s.uparintiend.ent-of the- AyflT :;: '& Lord, tie .-plairlit. here 'and. has many friends . an. this city.. Be left, .here about" four yars- 1 ago. .The bride is -also., known' ihere. ' '^jnorig- .those from tKis itity at;tending-, the wedding- were S. is. Kdm- jwel, Mr. amid-iMrs. iR r m.' Hays, Mr. • and 'Mrs. ? Ruffin,M-itc3ieli;' :Mr, s . Anna' """* ' : anid ~ " "Gcv. Frank O. Lowden lias splendid opportunity of being, ilv next President of the United States," declared Congressman ll It. Denison to a Free Press repre ?entative here yesteHaj- afternoon while passing through Carhondale "The pulse of thiiiR'S at \Vasning ton are looking good for Lowden." continued the Congressman.. He said he was going to stump for Lowden in this district be,, inning next wee!,-. Also that if llli nois gave the Governor a strong endorsement lie would most cer tainly be nominated, but the peo pie of Illinois must stand behinc if they want him elected." he said. Last week Congrpssman- Denison made a speech on the extravagance, war inefficiency and the responsibilities for the administra tion.' blunders, which has been 'giv en publicity all over the Unite. States. The speech was one oi the strongest along that line made in the house this year. Speaking of the soldiers' benefit financial . adjustment legislation known as the soldiers' bonus, h< said he %vas one of a number o congressmen to sign a round rob- ing- petition requesting action b< taken at this.term .of congress."Al so that now he feels sure, in fact knows the bill will pass the house It' is in the hands of : the .W and Means Committee 'and will b< put to a vote shortly, Mr. Deni son believed. GEN. ^OOD SAYS HARMONY KEYNOTE OF THE NATION'S GOOi Says Red Element In T Country- Amounts Tc Nothing—Asks Forsnei Service Men To Be Giver Equal ChanceL .Gen. .Leonard Wood, candidate foi the Republicam nomination for president" passe,d' through Carbondal* about- 7.o'clock last niiht.. He.spofo from the-reir platform .of Ms car-to .only a' lew miraites.' His train- WAS running tote and scheduled to hav( arrived here early in the eveniir.ig. ";rhe. Red element are not to fe fe^re,d in this country. .W.e ,do no warit to build a crust of wealth ove- a. dissatisfie-d mass," "declared -th< Genera.1. "Jjabor and capital are to getiher, -and there is no great .hang .ing danger over this conritry, v . r: hf con'tinmeid. "We m&at the propagand: with good Americanism. 'In regart to a largie army, some .people tliirJ because-i ajm an army ofS'cer, thait fevor a military government. Thu is not true, we.rieed an'army. larg< enough to .protect am American ii MexKo or Japan. An army of abou 200,OCD. .Millions for protectioni bu Dot a penny for ransom." •Speaking of the soldiers he ssaid "Don't abuse the .uniform, those wih< do ft ybu : never see wearing one.-Givi the"~soldders mora • thami an " equa chance, a.square deal, show them.yov appreciate .their servicfe for the coun fey and the sacnifioe they made," con cluded tksn.«ral.Wood...." PLANTS FOR SALE iKose bushes, geraniums, salvia »i all kinds.of fplante for porch box, for saW; at the flower bootJi ai th<] M. B. church, bwsaar April 16..Pii to 355E. adv a5-at r'V

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