Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 2, 1963 · Page 40
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 40

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 40
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PAGE 42 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY EVENING. MAY 2. 1963 THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 2, F9* T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 43 People Have Paid Taxes 4,000 Years BITSBURG, Germany--UPI --If it's any consolation to anybody, people have had to pay taxes for at least 4,000 years, according to Dr. Alfons Pausch. Pausch ought to know. The Bitburg tax official is director of Germany's only tax museum. The museum started as a private collection of the average taxpayer's constant cause of grumbles. Last fall when Pausch was transferred to Bitburg, his private museum moved with him to find a new home in the former Benedictine Abbey of this town near Bonn. It now is appropriately lodged in the former tax barn of the Abbey. PAUSCH PROUDLY shows his collection. The oldest documentation of taxpaying is a replica of a bas relief dating back to 2300 B.C. It shows the tomb of ancient Egyptian Vizier Mereruka in Sakkura near Memnhis, with two men kneeling before the tax col- letcor, while a third man, who refused to pay, is being clob bered by the tax collector'? aides. "You must agree that our methods have become more civil with the years of experience," said tax collector Pausch. Among other documents, Pausch also displays a tax list of the medieval city of Trier, listing the habitants of En- gelsgasse (Angels Street) in 1363 A.D. Another document proves tax exemption also was known for ages, although it was harder to get. The document states that fathers of 12 legitimate children were granted an exemption in 1628 A.D. ; A tax declaration form o f j 1764 undoubtedly would de-: light today's taxpayer. The ; form listed only four ques-' tions. THE MUSEUM also shows a picture of the last tax soldier of the Black Forest city of Freudenstadt. The grim- faced, mustached warrior used to pause at inns while making the rounds of the city's tardy taxpayers, thundering at them: "Do not booze. Go pay your taxes!" Pausch's collection, now kept up by the government at a cost of $25,000 a year to taxpayers, has items which do not please curator Pausch. "This is the black sheep in my collection," Pausch said, pointing at the photograph of a Roman sculpture, showing Emperor Trajan announcing that the people of ancient Rome are tax-free. "What would have happened to my museum if Trajan's example in 100 A.D. would have found more followers?" he asked. Newspaper Ignored Paul Revere BOSTON -- UPI -- Years later, Longfellow immortalized Paul Revere with his poem about the midnight ride. But in the story published in the Massachusetts Gazette on April 20, 1775 -- t h e day after the ride ended--there is no mention of Revere. Referring to the Battle of Concord Bridge, the newspa per said: "Last Tuesday night, the (British) Grenadier and Lighl Companies . . . were ferried in long boats from the bottom of the Common over to Phil's farm in Cambridge from whence they proceedec on their way to Concord where they arrived early yesterday. "Upon the people's having notice of this movement on Tuesday night, alarm gun were fired through the country and expresses sent to the different towns, so that very early yesterday m o r n i n g largo numbers were assembled from all parts of the country. "A general battle ensued which, from what we can learn, was supported with great spirit on both sides and continued until the King's troops retreated to Charles town." The "expresses sent" were of course, the alarm spread by Revere and his companion William Dawes. A.J. BAYLE A. J. BAYLE Maricopa Okays Road Jobs Of $2.5 Million PHOENIX -- W)-- A .$2. million secondary road con struction program has bee approved by the Maricop County Board of Supervisor; It will include constructioi of 46.5 miles of roads, fiv b r i d g e s and one railroai crossing. Federal funds wii cover 72 per cent of the cos for the year-long program be Binning May 1. T H O U S A N D S of D O L L A R S to be GIVEN A W A Y ! ·**^***~+*****~**^+*i~»**ti ROUND STEAK COMPARE PRICE QUALITY THEN SAVE AT BAYLESS! B8S TENDER-AGED BEEF STEAK YOU GET FULL MEAT VALUE Yes, you get full value for every penny spent on our fine me^ts. We trim and trim again. Cut away all excess bone and fat--leave just enough for good nutrition, delicious flavor. There's no waste. Every pound Is real MEAT VALUE -- to the last juicy, tender forkful. 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Top Spread Olco 1 Lb IVlndglin I'ermn Press Sponge Mop COOKEES Quebec Is Poser For Pearson Discontented With Status OTTAWA--UP)--One of the pressing problems f a c i n g Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson on the home front is growing discontent of Quebec province with Us role in the century-old Canadian c o n federation. During this snring's election cnmnaipn Pearson, like other Liberal Darty leaders, acknowledged the need for urgent action t.n improve tho lot of the country's 5.5 million French-sneaking citizens. He indicated he would propose a commission to study the problem and make recommendations. Most French-speaking Canadians live in Quebec, which includes the city of Montreal and is (after Ontario) the second most populous province. A TERRORIST organization called the Quebec Liberation Front has pulled off several bombings in the past few months. It says its object is to separate Quebec from the rest of Canada. More peaceful French Canadians say thare is d i s crimination against them, especially in the choice of business executives and national officials. They demand t h a t this end. Many prominent leaders are pressing for o f f i - cial steps to insure a duel culture in Canada instead of efforts to assimilate French- speaking Canadians into an English - dominated culture. Both French and English are official languages. Quebec's Liberal premier, Jean Lesage has hit hard at the national government's attitude in the past. The fact that the Liberals are now in power in Ottawa is not expected to make him pull any punches on this issue. The Canadian Press asked a number of prominent Quebec residents to state their views on their province's role in confederation. Almost invariably they expressed a belief that Lesage is moving toward a stronger role for Quebec in the national picture. Novelist Hugh MacLennan said: F R E N C H - C A N A D I A N S have developed remarkably and, at present, they have superb leadership in this province. They are going to exist and they have never been in a stronger position than now to maintain their existence. The Lesage government is determined not to leave culture at the mercy of amass, continental market." MacLennan said French-Canadians are exasperated when Canadians of English background cling to the notion that Canada is bound to develop as a sort of British state. Historian Michel B r u n e t of the University of Montreal said Lesage's program is "nationalist enough" so that separatists -- those who would split Quebec off from Canada --cannot find any fundamental quarrel with it. He said the collective ambitions of Quebec's citizens for a sense of identity depend for fulfillment largely upon the power and competence of the Quebec government. A SEPARATIST spokesman, Andre d'Allemagne, described the Lesage program as "creative nationalism" buc he said the full goal can never be achieved until Quebec has a n a t i o n a l rather than a provincial government. Jean Marchand, president of the Confederation of National Trade Unions, said separatism "isn't strong at the moment." He held that an atmosphere m u s t be created in which C a n a d i a n s of either language can feel at home anywhere in the country. He expressed belief that. Quebec's f u t u r e will be better if it. is built in cooperation i w i t h the rest of Canada. Abbe Gerard Dion, a priest who teaches at Laval U n i v e r s i t y , said 90 per cent of Quebec's French-speaking people arc separatist in feelings, but that the general trend all over the world is toward cooperation. "I feel t h a i we should slay w i t h i n confederation, but wo are now strong enough to put thn o t h e r side on the spot," he added. Value Foods Waffles and Creams 24 oz. Pkg 1.00 1.00 BAYLESS DRUG CEKTER -- 1926 E. SPEEDWAY CAMPBELL SPEEDWAY CONTAO99 PURITY PAPER PLATES Picnics, or Back Yard Parties AREO FLOOR WAX All Purpose Floor Wax Quart Size CHIFFON LIQUID DETERGENT Gentle Suds 32-Oz. Size PARD DOG FOOD Pet Rations DR. ROSS CAT FOOD All Varieties 6'/ 2 -oz. ^ Cans ^ 4ui ' A.J. BAYLESS "YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER" A. J. BAYLESS "YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER' A.J. BAY LESS "YOUR HOMETOWN GROCER" A.J. BAY LESS "YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER" ft. J. BAYLESS "YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER" A. J. BAYLESS "YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER" Sonora Kac i s Bus Strike SANTA A N A , Son., Mcx.-- UP) -- Sonora faces a bus strike. Sonora Bvis L i n e s , which bas its m a i n offices here, said today ( h a t driver:; have demanded an immediitU! 25 per cent increase in wa^es. A company spokesman said thai t h e drivers have t h r e a t - ened to walk out unless it company reply Is received by tomorrow.

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