Independent from Long Beach, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Friday, April 6, 1962
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I FEATURES INDEX ' 1 .'Amutemtnts .C-H Mirketi D-7 , Classified E-l Radlo-TV D-« I Comics C-10 Shipping B-2 J Death NetJcss C-l Sports D-l, 6 Editorial A-18 Stepping Out t.C-8 A ·i The Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper Ph'on« HE 5-1161 -,Clauifi«d No. HE 2-5959 64 PAGES LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. APRIL 6. 1962 VOL 24 -- NO. 190 WEATHER - · . Low clouds or fog early this morning, ·] but sunny this afternoon. Continued warm * · with high of 78. Complete weather, Page A-l I. HOME EDITION-- 10s Trustees Name Dumke to Head State Colleges JFK Raises L.B. Hope for Rapid Transit By SIIERM WILLIAMS Just what President Kennedy's proposed $500 million "shot in the arm" for the nation's mass rapid transit systems would mean to the Long Beach area was left in doubt Thursday night by statements of * * * Huge Fund Sought for U.S. Traffic WASHINGTON WV-Presi dent Kennedy asked Congress Thursday for $500 million over the next three years as a first step toward helping cities unsnarl traffic facilities outmoded by mushrooming suburbs and growing use ol autos. And Kennedy held out hope that air, rail and bus travelers can enjoy bargain rales by recommending that Congress remove federal control over minimum Intercity fares. This was the highlight o his call for a drastic ovcrhau of what tho President de scribed as "a chaotic patch work of Inconsistent and often obsolete" laws and rule go\crning transportation. KENNEDY SAID he is con vinccd "that less federal rcgu lation and subsidization is in the long run a prime prcreq uisite of a healthy intcrcit) transportation network." The chief executive's 10. 000-word message spelled ou (Continued Page A-9. Col 2 Southland leaders. The program calls for fed :ral grants to allow development of such rapid transi' incs as one between Long Beach and Los Angeles. Mayor Edwin Wade was .autiously optimistic. "Fron ur sketchy understanding o he Import of the bill," he said, "it is what we had hopo or and it could be -- if i should become a bill and be passed as such--very helpfu o Long Beach and our rea anxiety for a line between .ong Beach and Lc 1 ? An gclcs." MAYOR WADE and Lo Angeles Mayor Samuel Yorty von a Metropolitan Transi Authority promise some tim ago to ask for a federal gran 'or the Long Beach line on he basis of existing funds. So far the application ha not been filed. "It is my real regret tha the MTA did not make its ap Mlcatlon early," Mayor Wad said. "We are going after I with hammer and tongs no\ and we are not going to IF up until they give us a de cision," he said. Rep. Craig Hosmer thre- doubt on Ihe worth of th President's proposal insofara Long Beach hopes nre con ccrned. For Long Beach to bencf under any legislation whic might follow the President' (Continued Page A-9, Col. 1 History Scholar Selected NORTHRIDGE, Calif.--Dr. Glenn S. Dumke. former prcs- dcnt of San Francisco State College, Thursday was chosen o succeed Dr. Buell Gallagher s chancellor of the state col- cges. Dr. Dumke was chosen unanimously for the post by he convening Board of Trus- ccs of the California State Colleges in a meeting at San : crnando Valley State Col- cgc. The,trustees were to meet again today, probably to ap- oint a new president of San 'rancisco State College. They also were to consider author- ration for payment of addi ional overtime, recommend site development at Los An gelcs State College and dis :uss sites for South Bay and San Bernardino - Riverside State colleges. DR. GALLAGHER resigned and Republicans. as chancellor Feb. 13 to re College of New York. Dr. Dumke, born May 5, degrees from Occidental Col Icge and UCLA, both in Los Angeles. He taught at both Francisco State post in 1057. DR. GLENN DUMKE "No Lengthy Statement" Assembly OKs June Bond Vote SACRAMENTO I/Pi -- Gov. Brown's $880 - million bond program, no longer the nb- icct of partisan dcbale, quickly passed the A s s e m b l y Thursday with almost unanimous backing of Democrats The four m e a s u r e s now sume the presidency of City head for the Senate for certain p a s s a g e . When Gov. Brown signs them, they will lB17atGrcenBay,Wis..holdsbe placed before the voters at tho June G primary. Included in the program are proposals for $200 million for schools before taking the San local school - construction loans; $270 million for state The new chancellor, long construction, most of it for ' h e University of California ind stale colleges; S250 mil- active in civic and fraternal affairs, was an alternate dele- 1 gate to the 1918 and 1952 Republican national conventions. * * · · GOV. EDMUND G. Brown said of the selection of Dum kc: "Great things will be de mandcd of the chancellor o f I M C million. ion for veterans farm and tome loans and $150 million or parks and recreation. * « « * THEY WILL BE joined on he ballol by a $IOO-million ssue for low-interest home oans for tho elderly, bringing to $970 (Continued Page A-t. Col. 3) Across the Nation JUSTICE FRANKFURTER Justice Frankfurter Stricken WASHINGTON (UP!)--Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter was stricken ill in his office Thursday and taken to a hospital by ambulance. The hospital reported him "quite chipper" and not in critical condition. There was no immediate indication of what was wrong with Frankfurter, at 79 the oldest justice on the high court. Raymond Whitehair, administrator of George Washington University Hospital, said the Vienna-born jurist was admitted for "rest and observation." The administrator said Frankfurter's doctor. George A. Kelser, began a scries of medical tests to determine the nature of the justice's ailment. The hospital said no further statement would be made on his condition until the tests are completed today. Tested WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANCH, N. 11. OT--The Army's Nike-'/cus antimissile missile successfully intercepted an electronically simulated intercontinental ballistic missile over this desert test center Thursday. The test was among several leading to the firing in the Pacific, probably this spring, of a Zeus against an actual ICBM. The Zeus launched Thursday fired a photofl.ish hurst at the moment of intercept. The Army announcement said the intercept was well within the lethal radius of warheads planned for operational use in the Zeus. notion Gels Chief BOSTON (UPI)--Edmund L. McNamara. an FBI agent who helped solve Boston's most famous crime, the $1.218.211 R/ink's robbery, was named Thursday to head the city'* spattered police department. County Poker Ban Bill Lags SACRAMENTO WV-A bil p e r m i t t i n g Los Angeles County to outlaw draw poke bogged down in the Scnat Governmental E f f i c i e n c y Committee Thursday under series of proposed amend merits. Assemblyman George A Willson, D-Huntington Park said the delay may prove fata to his bill because the Icgisla lure is so near adjournmcn The next hearing on themcas ure was set for Wcdncsda; * » * · WILLSON'S bill would per mit Los Angeles County vo tcrs to ban poker playing Backed by the county super visors, the bill is aimed pr marily at Ganlena's six larg poker parlors and proposal for similar casinos in othc small cities. Sen. Lee M. Backstrand, R Riverside, proposed changin Ihe bill to permit all counties to ban poker, a pla considered unacceptable t the Senate. Backstrand and Sen. Robert J. Lagomarsino, R-Ventura, said they feared banning poker in Los Angeles County would result In gamblers moving their operations to neighboring counties. * · · » DRAW POKER is the only widely popular form of gam filing with cards permitted in the state, although cities can prohibit it. Ally. Gen. Stanley Mosk #£«V5in^Wv;^^^ W*rv/j.^.'.-- : .^--^r^iF^^'v*M : '-.'-·? I .·X//?;j.-.V ; t-.;*s»v · "- -rA'i--' : ' -.'· S - V 4' ·'.';-··:.-' - ' liV-aSB - ···' ^··ivTS^ ' " J */·;*·£» J :'*-*"?·«. .»A*t v «-?Wj^. t^f ; · · : · " · ' · ^^-"- r * ·" '·' i^r.'. ' S* --Anod«taJ Prm WIrrofxtfl ROBERT L. JOHNSON, vice president in charge of Douglas missile and space division, appears Thursday before Senate prohcrs in Washington. Douglas Offers Proof of Low Nike Profits By BILL BROOM ·I Tit* l The hitler two-party debate over w h e t h e r the bonds would he. on the June or the November ballot finally was settled afternoon when Brown signed a compromise bill providing for a June vote. Brown had wanted them split between June and November. Asscm- ily Republicans had fought 'or N o v e m b e r , when the governor is up for re-election. Republicans refused to vote on any of the bonds until Brown had signed the compromise bill by Assemblyman Carl Britschgi, R - Redwood City. Brown broke away early (Continued Page A-3, Col. 4) Jlundils Shonl Clt'.rk LOS ANGELES (CNS)--An elderly clerk in a Los Angeles paint store was shot down by bandits Thursday night when he hesitated about surrendering his wallet. Sheriff's deputies said!d M.idison Cilvin Evans was shot in ihc stomach by one of the two young men who held up Ibclle's P.jint and Wallpaper Store. 1260 E. Florence Avc. Evans was taken to Maywood Hospital and then was transferred in critical condition to General Hospital. He was unconscious, ambulance attendants reported. Rolland Okcrman. 48, manager of the Firestone area store, said the two bnndits grabbed nine dollars from the cash register and fled. Signing Expcclcd PITTSBURGH (UPI) -- Representatives of the United Steclworkersand the nation's mijor steel producers were expected lo sign the new wage contract today for 430,000 h.nic stetlworkers. testified that large gambling operations drew racketeers and arc "cancers" to the com muniticx where they arc lo catcd and to the surrounding rcas. Tom Clark, representing several Gardcna poker par lors, Mid each community s h o u l d decide for itscl whether to permit poker. He said tight local laws am careful self policing by the casinos protected Ihe public * * · * ASSEMBLYMAN Lester A McMillan, D - Los Angeles asked that the bill be changci to . prevent-- existing--poke ;iarlors from being closed i Los Angeles County voted fo abolition. Sen. Richard J. Dolwig o Redwood City, a candidate Tor the Republican nomina lion for attorney general sought a state-wide ban tha would apply only to com mcrcial parlors, but pcrmi private games. WASHINGTON -- Douglas Aircraft Co. officials Thursday promised to produce cost figures which they said will substantially reduce the excessive profits Senate probcrs contend the company made n Nike misslc contracts. President Donald Douglas r. said the company can do his for the total profits on 888 million in contracts the irm received. But he con ended the company cannot irnvide the Senate.invcsliga ions subcommittee with prc isc figures allocating profits o each of 17 production con- racts that arc under scrutiny Douglas and other com any officials were q u e s ioncd about pyramiding prof ts. The c o m m i t t e e has challenged armed forces pro curcmcnt practices u n d o which one firm gets a majo c o n t r a c t and subcontract major work to other firms Tie committee contends that he prime rnntractnr is p.iid profit on profits already aid to subcontractors. * * * · SENATORS on the commit- re and D o u g l a s officials wrangled long Thursday on| "We don't know how to de- Icfinilions of profits, fees and l/.JV. Loan Approved by Senate WASHINGTON (ypi--The Senate overwhelmingly approved Thursday n i g h t a bipartisan bill giving President Kennedy flexible authority to advance $100 million For the financially h a r d pressed United Nations. The vote was 70 to 22 and came after a dram.itic assist by Republican Leader Evcrelt Chairman John McCIcllan, D-Ark., argued the $ million is a profit. · · * « "WHAT IS IT, if it isn't a profit?" asked McCIcllan. nsls. Committee invcstiga- nrs said that Douglas had ;uhcontractod out to Con- iolid.itrd Western Steel Co. 1190 million of $599 million n production c o n t r a c t s . Douglas itself was n subcon ractor for the $599 million to iVcstcrn F.lcctric Co., the rimc contractor. Staff counsel Jerome Adlcr man said that Douglas negotiated fees or profits ol million on the $599 mil lion, which amounts to a prof it of 44.3 per cent of the $103 million in components actually produced by Douglas Company officials challrngcc both the subcontracting nn profit figures compiled by th committee. rrmme it." answered Dougas. The company president In- istcd. however, other costs not allowed by the government in negotiating tho contract, cut the firm's prof- t to a substantially lower ignrc. The committee staff said Douglas made $G3.R million in profits on the total of $888 ·nilllon in contracts for Nike missile launcher production. Douglas assailed the committee's accounting method and said the company's true profit was only $29.8 million. The commillcc s.iid Ih-U on one portion nf Ihe work (Continued P.ige A-3. Col. fi) 12 Muslim Cultists Ejected From State College Campus Twelve Negroes who identified themselves as members of the Black Muslim anti- w h i t e organisation were ejected from the Long Bract State College campus for selling their organization's newspapers, college officials reported Thursday. Francis M. Day, administrative assistant to the dean of sludcnts, said that he told security guards to ask the group to leave when it was determined thai they were soliciting on the campus without permission. The guards reported that t h e well-dressed g r o u p showed belligerence hut left the campus peaceably. College officials said that none were l.BSC students. * * * * DAY SAID they conducted sales of the publication "'Mu h.imm.icl Speaks" for about 45 minutes in the bookstore The puhlication, he said, was priced at 15 cents. Day said it is against college regulations to solicit or sell on campus without approval. Most such requests arc turned down as routine, he staled. Guards said the group continued their sales on Seventh Street outside the campus area following the incident. The Muslim organization and parking lot arras bcfore! a( | v(Ka t PS "total segregation" they were asked In leave. n f lrlo races with a separate Walker Berates Rusk, CIA, Rostow; Punches Newsman ist.ite fnr Negroes. California's senators -Thomas Kuchcl, R, and Clalr Englc, D--both voted Thursday night for the U.N. financing hill. M. Dirkscn who warned his colleagues against doing anything that might cause the United Nations to founder. Approved was a proposal WASHINGTON (UPI)--For- mcr Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker wound up a hectic congressional appearance Thursday y bulling soft-on-communism charges ai Secretary of State Dean Rusk, criticizing the Central Intelligence Agency and taking a punch at a re porter. He said he questioned Rusk and Walt W. Rostow, head ol the State Department's policy planning staff, "with respect to our constitutional system our sovereignty, our security and our independence." He also said Rostow controlled Ihe "operating arm" of the Central Intelligence Agency. Rusk promptly dismissec that would allow the President to makn the U.N. loan for 2.1 years and at 2 per cent interest, if he wishes. · · · · AGAIN A N D A G A I N through a long legislative (Contimird Page A-5. Col. 2) the charges as "not worthy o comment." He made the state mem after a Senate commit tec appearance on foreign ai during which Sen. Stuart Sy mincton. D Mo, said Walkc mada the charges "withou any substantiation." At Ihr samr limr, Df cnse Secretary Robert S. Me- Samara -- himself a Walker argct -- issued a statement cfending the loyalty and com- ictcnce of Adam Yarmolinsky nd Arthur Sylvester -- two Fog Halls Port ~ Operation Hen: Fog closed the Long Bc.ich nd l.os Angeles harbors Thursday night, and opera- ions were intermittently sus cndcd at Los Angeles International- Airport. ' Long Beach Municipal Air xnt had been expected to shut down at 10 p.m., but wat still operating at I I p.m. « fog moved into the Southlam ·note slowly than had been forecast. . At least two freighters, ih SS California of Sweden am the SS Albur, a British vcssr from Canada, were forced t wait outside Los Angeles liar hor until morning. Cuba Arrcsls 4 7 Yankees' iefensn Department officials Hacked Wednesday by the x-gencral. Walker, who earlier prp- xred such officials as Prcsi cnt Kennedy and former 'resident Eisenhower, leveled fa new wide-ranging allcga ions in a second and final ap- ·vearancc before the Senate uhcommittce investigating al cgcd muz/ling of military of iciah. After leaving Ihe hearing oom, he read a statement for clcvision and ncwsrcel cam eras with a knot of reporters landing around. As Walkc Continued Page A-5, Col. 1 KEY WEST. Radio Havana Thursday mcrican NEW PURGE is hinted in Communist China. Page A- 12. C O R P S "drurru wit" lhie\inc Marine. Page A-fi. Fla. 1/H -said l a t e night that "seven citizens, looking kc frogmen, were arrested oday at a point on the coast f Oricnto Province." There was no elaboration of ho official newscast, moni- ored al Key West. No n.imcs .·ere given. Frnjmin is the term applied n an underwater operator, isually in a military sense. OP1M1XG DAY SICKNESS HITS SENATE SACRAMENTO (AP) -The Senate decided Thursday in take the day off April 10 for the opening of the baseball season. Only tho Senate Finance Committee will have to stay at the capital opening day. The Assembly hasn't announced »ny phni for a hatchill recess.

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