Independent from Long Beach, California on January 24, 1975 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1975
Page 5
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to sell took assassination t ;,, /-,;·· *·:· '" · · · · . : : t0[-lJ.S.. bared : WASHINGTON (AP) - A Virginia electronics firm attempted to sell the U.S. government a variety of assassination devices for use in covert operations overseas, according to documents obtained by Sen Lowell P. Weicker, R-Conn. ; The devices, designed to carry explosives in such unlikely places as cigarette packs, flashlights and cameras, were displayed on at least one occasion to Lucien Conein, a former CIA official now with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DBA), Weicker said Thursday. Weicker did not claim that any of the devices ever were purchased by the DEA or any other government agency, but lie said: "I think it an amazing commentary on these times that equipment which can have no legal purpose can be displayed before federal law enforcement officers." A CATALOGUE of the devices offered by the self- described "electronics specialties" firm of B. R. Fox states that its "Astro" line of "explosive devices" has been "designed and manufactured for sale to authorized agencies of the United States government, specifically intended for application outside of this country." Officials of the firm, located in Alexandria, Va., could not be reached for comment and it was not immediately clear what government agencies, if any, are authorized to purchase assassination weapons. Robert Feldkamp, spokesman for the drug enforcement agency, said two DEA men went to the firm last spring to inspect surveillance devices. ', "AFTER THEY were shown the electronic gear, they were given, without asking for it, a demonstra- . tion of these explosive devices," Feldkamp said."They looked at it, expressed no interest in it outside of curiosity and told the salesman they weren't interested." A spokesman for the Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire- aj-ms Division of the Treasury Department said the matter was under investigation. - All devices are "manufactured to the highest standards," and the equipment "can be delivered in a 'sterile' condition for foreign use," the typewritten brochure promises. " "The information contained herein is classified by the manufacturer for U.S. government use only. The handling and storage of this material should be done so mindful of its sensitive nature." '. WEICKER released copies of the catalogue in connection with his renewed call for legislation to create a joint committee to oversee the operations of all U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies" "-The legislation, sponsored by Weicker and Sen. Howard Baker, R-Tenn., both former members of the Senate Watergate committee, would set up a panel separate from the select unit expected to be created Monday to probe alleged wrongdoing by the CIA, FBI "and other intelligence agencies. ·. "I'm through with select committees and investigations," Weicker said in a Senate floor speech. "The time has come in addition to fact finding. to act upon the facts we already have." Closed testimony urged in CIA probe /WASHINGTON (AP) -Sen. John Tower, R-Tex., sjiid Thursday the special Senate committee probing th'e CIA should conduct most of its sessions in pri- v;ate to avoid security leaks. 'The senator, expected t% be named vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Operations, also said information given to the committee in confidence must remain secret. .The CIA "obviously has to engage in some external clandestine activity to maintain our national se- cjirity," Tower said. He suggested that open testi- m o n y could endanger sijch activites. ·JEven if the sessions are closed, "the danger that would come is leaks and dissemination of information that is given to the committee in confidence," Tower said. "We must do all we can to prevent that." ' But Tower also said the investigation must be thorough enough to determine whether the intelligence agency has violated its charter by engaging in domestic espionage. ·A spokesman said tower was concerned that L»f Mtcli, .'lit.», \m INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-A-5 open hearings "will be a televised circus," and pointed to the Senate W a t e r g a t e committee hearings during the summer of 1973 as an example. "He fully defends the need to make sure the CIA is obeying its mandate," the spokesman said. "But the question is whether you're going to turn this into a forum of candidates." "I have no preconceived notions, and I will not d r a w any conclusions until all the appropriate facts are in," Tower said. "But I think it is essential that the legal restraints on our intelligence activities be strictly observed." Tower was one of five Republicans named to the special c o m m i t t e e Wednesday by Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania. The others are Sens. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, Charles McC. Mathias of M a r y l a n d , Howard Baker of Tennessee and R i c h a r d Schweiker of Pennsylvania. Senate Majority Leader M i k e Mansfield of Montana has yet to name the six Democrats who will serve on the panel. Clemency rules thought misunder§tood by many SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Charles E. Goodell, chairman of the Presidential Clemency Board, said Thursday he fears thousands of eligible young men may fail out of ignorance to apply for clemency before the J a n : 31 deadline. Goodell said he does not t..ii,... iu n fan! I h n l nnlv 2 per cent of the estimated 100,000 persons eligible h a v e a p p l i e d indicates widespread rejection of the clemency program. The board was set up to review cases of persons convicted of civilian or military offenses in con- nection with service during the Vietnam war. He said many of the ' e l i g i b l e persons who n e v e r left the United States wrongly believe the program is designed for draft evaders who fled the country. "THE BOARD in fact deals only with those individuals wlio stayed in this country and were punished - f o r AWOL or draft violation offenses committed between 1964 and 1973," Goodell said. "The 15,000 who went to Sweden or Canada d o n ' t come under our jurisdiction." TOMORROW IS mon en LA PASADA LEVEL PUR SALON Natural Azurcnc* niink stroller. Orig. $1995 · . . . SI790 Glacial mink paws /i coat. Originally $695 S595 Dyed black broadtail stroller wirh dyed black fox. Originally $695 : $595 M i n k sides shirt jacket. Originally S695 S595 Natural multi-color mink tails car coat with leather. · Originally S399 : . . , . . . . " S299 *TM Emba Mink Breeders Association. Fur products labeled to show- c o u n t r y of origin of imported furs. FASHION GALLERY COATS SUITS Travel coats Special 39.99 Fur trimmed suits, pant suits, costumes 149.99 Fur trimmed coats. Originally $220-5,385 . Reduced 1/2 Fake furs. Originally S145 r $265 .......... Reduced 1/2 Long velvet coats. Originally $125-$145 .. Reduced 1/2 ' Leather suede coats. Originally $ 140-5395 Reduced 1/2 Fur products hbtk-cl ro show country of origin of imported furs. FASHION GALLERY DRESSES Designer dresses. Originally S56-$125 . . . . 29.99-62.99 Designer gowns. Originally $100-5185 . . . 29.99-99.99 Casual, evening pant suits. Originally S100-S.I80 29.99-69.99 , MISS BULLOCK Designer dresses, pantsuits. . . ' ' S50-S125 . · . . . . ; . ' : . / . : . . ; Reduced 1/3 to 1/2 , INNOVATORS Assorted sportswear. Originally S38-S118 Reduced 1/3 to 1/2 SPORTSWEAR EMPHASIS · Bulky knit sweaters. Originally $38-548 .. 11.99-23.99 TOWN TRAVEL COATS Pantcoats. Originally 39.99 19.99 TOWN TRAVEL SPORTSWEAR Polyester pants. Originally $23-529 -^14.99-15.99 Flannel pants. Originally $30 14.99 Voile blouses. Originally $19 : $21 8.99 Vinyl snap front jackets. Originally SAO, 27.99 TOWN TRAVEL KNITS Famous maker pant suits. Originally $86-$90 ' 49.99 TOWN TRAVEL SWEATERS Swearers, cardigans. Originally $32-538 . . 15.99-19.99 TOWN TRAVEL SEPARATES Famous maker sportswear, Orig. $38-574. 24.99-48.99 Wool, Dacron*, Polyester. Orig. 521446 12.99-32.99 SHERWYN COATS SUITS Wool pantcoats. Originally $54 39.99 · Wool dress coats. Originally $60 .. 49.99 Vinyl pantcoats. Originally $34 24.99 SHERWYN DRESSES Street length dresses Reduced 1/3 to 1/2 Asst. long dresses Reduced 1/2 CALIFORNIENNE DRESSES Pant suits Reduced 1/3 to 1/2 Assorted street dresses Reduced 1/3 to 1/2 SHERWYN CASUALS Mr. Paul "big top" dresses. Originally $54 19.99 Assorted street dresses. Originally S38-S46 14.99-18.99 Famous maker pant suits 29.99 Famous maker street dresses. Originally $26 7.99 Assorted long dresses. Originally S18-S26 7.99 SHERWYN SPORTSWEAR Famous maker separates. Orig. S13-S36 .. Reduced 1/2 Separates, pants Special 7.99-9.99 Sweaters. Originally $30 Reduced 1/2 LADY BULLOCK Asst. street dresses. Originally S34-S60.... 9.99-19.99 LADY BULLOCK SPORTSWEAR Assorted sweaters. Originally $ 17 5.99 Printed blouses. Originally $16-$ 19 9.99 Coordinates. Originally $12-S28 4.99-13.99 BLOUSES PLUS Asst. sheer print blouses. Originally $18 13.99 Group of pant tops. Originally $9-$ 14 4.99-7.99 Better blouses. Originally $12-$ 19 Reduced 1/3 to 1/2 FASHION ACCESSORIES Knit hats. Originally $4 1.99 Group of famous maker sweaters. $12-518 . 7.99-11.99 Belts, sunglasses, umbrellas. $4-$9 Reduced 1/3 to 1/2 FASHION JEWELRY Assorted fashion jewelry Reduced 1/2 more Fashion watches , 15.99 Gemstone necklaces Reduced 1/3 HOSIERY Casual slippets. Originally S7-S12 1.99 Bullock's own brief top, sandal foot pantyhose .. 3/4.59 HANDBAGS Group of vinyl handbags. Orig. S15-S18 .. 9.99-11.99 Browntone leather bags.' Originally $25 14.99 Canvas bags. Originally S I 5 - $ 18 9.99 SMALL LEATHER GOODS Small leather grpup, disc, patterns. Originally S5-$1S Reduced 1/2 M I L L I N E R Y WIGS Winter hats, final clearance. $13-530 4.99-16.99 K n i t and casual hats. Orig.' $4-510 1.99-3.99 Wigs, long short styles. Otig. S20-S35 . . . : . . . . 9.99 COSMETICS Tussy cologne. Originally $ 1 3 for $ 1 Max Factor powder. Originally $1 2 for SI · Tussy Midnight cologne. Originally 3.50 SI FASHION SHOES D'Antonio, Customcraft, Aulis dress shoes and sandals. Onginally $30-552 12.99-13.99 Jacques Cohen, leather espadrilles. Orig. $25 17.99 SHERWYN SHOES Sclby, Cobhic, Red Cross*, Socialite dress and sport shoes. Originally $20-$30 10.99-12.99 *No connection with AnuricJn NAtion-i! Rc-d CtMi . DAYTIME LINGERIE Camisoles. Originally $5-$6 : 1.99 Full slips,- limited quantity. Orig. $5 1.99 ', Bikinis Special 5/5.49 ' Pant liners. Originally $6- , 3.99 BRA BODY FASHIONS Bras, discontinued styles. Originally 5.50-56 2.99 SLEEPWEAR : Asst. cotton blend pajamas. Originally $8-59 3.99 Contemporary cotton gowns. Originally $18-530 ..6.99 Better sleepwear ; . . Reduced 1/2 ROBES LOUNGEWEAR Hostess loungeweat Reduced 1/2 LUGGAGE · y Famous maker luggage Reduced 20% to 25% Tweed fabric, tan Atlantic luggage Reduced 20% Olive Samsonite 3 suiter. Originally $78 54.99 21" companion'case. Originally $48 '. 29.99 MEN'S CLOTHING Suits, broken sizes. Originally 5100 S39 All weather coats. Originally $65-585 Reduced 1/2 Sport coats, broken sizes. Originally $85 S29 Slacks, broken sizes. Originally 27.50 9.99 MEN'S FURNISHINGS Famous maker cotton dress shirts 6.99 Famous maker dress shirts. S8-S25 2.99-6.99 Famous maker wallets. Otiginally $6-8.50 .'. 2.99-3.99 Cufflinks. Originally $7-510 2.99 Shoe shine kits. Originally 6.50 : 2.99 All weather v i n y l jackets 2.99 Sunglasses. Originally S5-S10 1.99 Famous maker ties. Originally S5-S15 1.99-4.99 MEN'S ACCESSORIES Pajamas. Originally 7.50-$ 12 3.99 Famous maker nylon briefs. Originally 2.50 ....-.. 99c Bullock's brand socks. Originally 2.50 6/S9 Bullock's brand socks.'Originally 1.50 6/57 Handkerchiefs. Originally 1.50-2.50 50c Bullock's brand briefs, T-shirts 3/4.19 MEN'S SPORTSWEAR Long sleeve sportshirts Special 8.99 Short sleeve sportshirts Special 8.99 Cashmere sweaters. Originally S40-S55 29.99 MEN'S SLACKS COORDINATES K n i t slacks, asst. styles. Orig. S14-S16 8.99 K n i t slacks, asst. styles. Originally 514 3.99 Coordinating tops. Originally $20 15.99 Coordinating pants. Originally $16 12.99 Coordinating tops. Originally $23 $17 Coordinating pants. Originally $19 12.99 MEN'S SHOES Suede casuals. Originally $28 19.99 Bally shoes. Originally $35 ; '. 16.99 Patent leather shoes. Originally $65 42.99 Patent leather shoes. Originally 537 24.99 WYNBRIERSHOP Sweaters Reduced 1/3 to 1 / 2 Solid fancy woven slacks Special 7.99 Famous maker dress shirts. Orig. S14-S16 6.99 Famous maker sport shirts. Orig. $12-$ 18 : 5.99 Famous maker neckwear. Originally S5-S10 . . . . . . 2.99 Famous maker cotton T-shirts Special 5.99 HOME STORE LEVEL HOUSEWARES Cooper tea kettle. Originally $20 $16 Disc, color Rubbermaid items Reduced 1/3 DINING ACCESSORIES Name btand chirta Reduced 509£ to 75% Glassware stems, punch sets, bowls Reduced 50% Asst. silverplatcd holloware . . . . Reduced 25% to 50% . Solid color ruffled cloths, 4 colors. 58-512 6.99 Mais, set of 4 3.49 BEDROOM ACCESSORIES Mix and match sheets Twins. 4.99-S8 2.99 Fulls. 5.99-S9.... Queens. 8.99-13.50 . 4.99 Kings. 9.99-16.50 Standard cases, pair. Originally 4.99-S6 King cases, pair. Originally 5.99-$7 Fieldcrcst king electric .blankets, 4 colors. $63 . . . Handwoven Indian bedspreads, heavy cotton, disc. Twins. Orig. $110 . 64.99 Fulls. Orig. $125 . Queens. Orig. $150 89.99 Kings. Orig. $175 ..3.99 ..6.99 .. 2.79 ..2.99 40.99 colors 74.99 .99.99 BATH SHOP Fieldcrest "Village Square" towels. Bath 4.50 .2.39 Hand. $ 3 . . 1.79 Wash. 1.30 79c Fieldcrest "Georgetown" irregular towels Bath towel. If perfect 7.50 3.79 Hand towels. If perfect 54 2.19 Wash cloths. If perfect 1.80 99c Bath window currains, shower curtains and miscellaneous barh accessories Reduced 1/3 to 1/2 CURTAINS DRAPERIES Made-to-measure draperies. $32-$224 . . . 15.99-111.99 Printed draperies, 48"x84" pair. 520-530 6.99 Oversized quilted bedspreads. Originally 550-5240 14.99-17.99 Polka dot tiers. Originally S10-S11 1.99 pr. 84" x 81" 95" sheer panels. Originally $4-56 . . 2.99 ea. Oversized quilted spreads. Orig. I65-J75 . 14.99-16.99 SUN SHOP Italian terra cotta statuary Reduced 1/3 White porcelain desserf set. Originally 54 1.99 Selected group of flower pots Reduced 1/3 Wrought iron w/glass tea cart. Orig. 5140 $99 Set of 4 TV (rays w/stand. Orig. $55 47.95 DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES Assorted decorative accessories .. Reduced 33C£ to 50% PICTURES MIRRORS Decorative white framed mirrors. $40-555 24.99-39.99 CARPETS 6'x9' wool red/white/blue accent rug. $243 S99 Disc. Palais bath rugs. 2 sizes. $50-$75 .. 24.99-37.99 Disc. Way-Around bath rugs, 2 sizes. Originally $50-$65 24.99-S38 AREA RUGS . Karastan gold shag remnant, 12'x6'l". $97 44.99 Remnants from our remnant board '. Reduced 25% to 75% TELEVISIONS k STEREOS Lloyd's console stereo 189.95 Sony 4-channel stereo. Originally 359.95 299.95 Sony stereo, Model 510. Originally 339.95 279.95 Famous brand name radios Reduced 1/3 Zenith console color TV with remote control. Originally 995.95 895.95 Panasonic 19" diag. b/w TV 125.95 FURNITURE Floor sample chairs sofas Reduced 1/2 Heritage Madrigal crendenza. Originally $569 . . . $299 Heritage lamp table. Originally $399 $199 Robert Thorpe tables. Originally $ 139 S29 Knob Creek end table/Originally $219 S99 .Drexel Velero hexagon table. Originally $199 $99 Lady's desk. Originally $429 , $209 Twin cocktail tables. Originally $ 169 ea S88 COLLEGIENNE LEVEL COLLEGIENNE COATS SUITS Fur trimmed coats. Originally S74-SS4 . . . 69.99-59.99 Fox trimmed pant suits. Originally $146 99.99 Asst. navy pantcoats Special 11.99-15.99 Fur products labeled to show country of origin of imported furs. ' COLLEGIENNE DRESSES Short dresses. Originally 519-550 Reduced 1/2 Long dresses, pajama sets. Orig. S24-S40 . Reduced 1/2 3-pc. knit sets, asst. colors, styles Special 25.99 COLLEGIENNE SPORTSWEAR Summer sportswear, swim suits 99c-5.99 Famous-maker cable cardigans. Originally $14 . . . . 9.99 Matching cable vests. Originally $ 10 6.99 Bullock's own zip cable cardigan. Orig. $ 18 9.99 Turtleneck sweaters. Originally $10 6.99 Famous maker hooded tops. Originally 519 11.99 Famous maker tops. Originally $ 17 10.99 ' Asst. skirts. Originally S24-S26 14.99-15.99 Wool blend pants Special 16.99 Cardigans Special 16.99 Matching vests Special 10.99 PRE TEENS Asst. print skirts. Originally $9 5.99 Asst. colot tuttlenecks. Originally $12 4.99 Asst. pants. Originally $7-$ 16 2.99-3.99 Dress selection. Originally S10-S26 4.99-9.99 Assorted tops. Originally $6-$12 2.99-5.99 YOUNG JUNIOR SEPARATES COORDINATES Asst. color T-shirt tops 3.99-4.99 Pants tops. Originally S 12-S20 4.99 Asst. blouses sweaters. Originally $9-518 4.99 Assorted skirts 7.99 Tops blouses. Originally $ 12-S18 4.99-6.99 COLLEGIENNE LINGERIE Robe selection. Originally 15.99-S35 Reduced 1/2 Cotton sleepwear group. Originally S8-S11 2.99 Assorted lounge-wear. Originally $13-515 . Reduced I/? Assorted cotton robes. Originally S18-S22 5.99 COLLEGIENNE SHOES Dress sport shoes. Orig. S20-S37 10.99-12.99 Classic wooden clog 14.99 BRIDAL SALON Wedding gowns. Originally S100-S180 84.99 Bridesmaids gowns. Originally $40-560 14.99 MATERNITY Maternity tops. Originally $ 10-S 18 . 4.99-8.99 CHILDREN'S LEVEL TODDLER GIRLS Toddler sportswear 5.99-6.99 Assorted dresses 5.99-7.99 GIRLS 3 TO 6X Sizzler sets 5.99 Asst. sportswear separates. Orig. $6-$ 13 . . . . 2.99-6.49 GIRLS 7 TO 14 Assorted dresses. Originally S8-S16 3.99-4.99 Assorted knir tops. Originally 4.50-S10 2.99 Knit pants, broken sizes. Originally $8-512 4.99 GIRLS ACCESSORIES Quilted robes. Originally $ 10-$23 7.99-9.99 Assorted sleepwear. Originally $6-514 Reduced 1/2 Belts, many styles. Originally $2-$4 99c TODDLER BOYS Assorted separates. Originally S2-55 99c-2.99 BOYS 4 TO 7 Assorted pants. Originally 55-57 2.99-3.99 K n i t shirrs. Originally 53-55 1.99-2.79 BOYS SHOP Cotton k n i t crewneck shirts 3.99 NFL patch corduroy pants. Originally 511 6.49 Tube socks. O r i g i n a l l y 1.50 S: 1.75 1.19 1.39 YOUNG SHOES Simplex, misses and teens. Originally 11.99 5.99 Town Jt Country, teens. Originally $ 18 11.99 BOOKS Gourmet guides to Italian, French, Chinese or Jewish cooking. Originally 7.95 3.98 House Plants Indoor Gardening 3.98 I.arousse Encyclopedia of Music 12.98 The B e a u t i f u l Book of Wine. Originally $50 . . . . 19.98 TOYS Bicentennial dolls. Originally 5.99 2.99 Merry thought imported animals. Ori^. 12.50-530 8.29-19.99 Ta-Pee. Originally $25 12.49 BULLOCK'S LAKEWOOD, Shop Monday ihrougli Fridjy, 10.00j.m. to 9:30 p.m.; S)tuid.iy,'10;00 J.m. 106:00 p.m.; 5005 Clitk Avnuc Ukewood, Tcliphont: Orijiiully means the firs: pticc at which JD iion »·«nutted in our stores. On rruny iitms-inwratdiati nuiWu»n liJu- lun ulai. Miny ilvmi in Month End guttered from oihct Bullock's stores. On ill items we must rosrtu the rich! to ttfust (Mil Jnd phone orders »herc quantities Jte limited. All items subjtci to ptio ulc.

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