Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 9
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/ IJumphrey Tells Aerospace Industry ^ of Duty to Work on Earthly Problems 9f BAXTER OMOHUNDRO I. r-T NIIUMI Imw WASHINGTON--Vice Pres- ld«nt Humphrey Wednesday ni£it told the aerospace in- 'Fed'CMef \ Wants More \ Bank Control WASHINGTON (,PI -- Wil- these other reasons for this!son its Goddard Trophy for,tions, manned and suppliediliam McChesnc-y Martin urged nhliparinn- ihis leadershio in the nationality regular ferry services. senators Wednesday to close nw... «ur. IT. m, INDEPENDENT-- Pup A-l» obligation: and your workers are citizens chief executive pledge a of many of the communities duttry it has an obligation to which will directly benefit help solve earth-bound prob lems. His enunciation of the ob- in which he echoed President Because your managementjspac* effort and heard the: 3. Building of spaceports 'leg"' loopholes which exempt from such efforts. "Because it will be a prac- ligation came during _a speech world how democracy and free enterprise function effec- tained U.S. program. "We intend to land the first a number of places in this for the departure and country f( ! arrival of spacecraft. some banks and bank holding companies from controls by' the Federal Reserve Board he man on the surface of the! 4 _ Development of recov-j . . . moon and we intend to do it| era ye and reusable launching tical demonstration to the in the decade of the sixties, | ve hj c i es- an( | manueverable the President vowed. e President vowea. space ve hi c i es , with a conse- This was reiterated in thel m l _ n , rirastir redu ction in the |quent drastic reduction in the common good."]speech by Humphrey, who is' Qst of space travel would be ap raised the work chairman of the National Aer- 5 Improvement of propul- ful stud y- onautics and Space Council. i ,,. Improvement of propul sion 'methods, with the use of i Johnson's pledge that the lively for the United States would be the] Humphrey praised first nation to land a i.ian o:i|done by California Gov. Edthe moon and would do so mund G. Brown and the during this decade. istate's aerospace industry in Humphrey told a d i n n e r i a n p l y i n g space-industry tech-jthe aerospace inuusiry ieaa- more po' sponsored by the American niques to study of air pollu-jers at the conclusion of a two-! ma i{e planetary trips in Sen. A. Willis Robertson,; D-Va., chairman of the Sen-; ate Banking Committee, in-' dicated some bill to do this, iproved after care- "Now pour the perfect Margarita from Heublein -mostpeople can't make one asgood-F,rn*»d, u,**, Martin and other witnesses jnuciear'~as~veiras"chem"icaijtestified that the proposed Astronautical Society that the aerospace industry has an obligation to help state and local officials because "the technical and intellectual ca- tion, traffic and planning problems HUMPHREY spoke at a society dinner honoring the 40th Nam war expenditures. pabilities y o u possess in anniversary of the first rocket abundance were made possible by the tax dollars which have supported the space program." * » * * THE vice president gave * * * H U M P H R E Y , addressing en ergy, S() that faster and : legislation would apply main- he aerospace industry lead- more powerful rockets canl'y to: 0) the multimilhon-dol- , _ r s a t the conclusion of a two-! ma ke planetary trips in a j ^ r Alfred I. DuPont estate other urban day symposium here, urged: we ek or less which today! with its vast holdings in Flor-: s. Continued cost consciousness 'would require many months, 'da and elsewhere, (2) t h e j in the space program, partic- ; 6. Launching of unmanned powerful Financial General ularly in view of rising Viet| pro bes to every part of the'Corp. of Washington and Del- fired by Dr. Robert Goddard, the American rocketry pio- eer. Earlier Wednesday, a society affiliate, the National ! Space Club, presented John- * * * He urged the industry seekj mann ed planetary expeditions additional ways of "getting, as W ell. the most space for the tax|- ! solar system -- and perhaps aware, which controls a network of banks, insurance! i firms and other '. .terests. · Thriving Commerce in Space Predicted dollar." Although he fixed no timu- table for them, Humphrey said he sees these six "space achievements: I. Exploration of the lunar surface, and possibly the ! establishment of one or more ·permanent bases there. i 2. Development of a whole : family of earth-orbiting sta- PRIME RIB CAPITOL Yes, it's hard to believe . . . included in this delicious Prime Rib Dinner at $1.95 is your choice of soup or salad . . . balied potato wth either sour cream, cheese sauce or whipped butter with chives, hot garlic and cheese toast and our famous string beans . . . a vegetable creation that is unforgettable. In all honesty, we feel THE TENDERLOIN, 4343 Atlantic, has earned the title . . . "Prime Rib Capitol!" GA 6-5533 Heubleirf Cocktails 14 Kinds--Better than most people make »»ot.»i!i !».»·. rrnn. . 1.1 11x1.1 IN. 1-11 . "»' MM unnru.cnI WASHINGTON --Gold andjheded guest could stay In a uiicrr mow rociilt in rnm. ninnpprino mitpr-cnnrp inn fnr tourism may result in com mercially b a c k e d manned space ventures within the next few decades, an aerospace executive declared here Wednesday. Elmer P. Wheaton, vice . , president of the Lockheed Missiles £ S p a c e Co. at Sunnyvale, Calif., predicted a pioneering outer-space inn forj two nights with a tab of $1,110. "The most seasoned veteran of the jet set could never be | as 'in' as a member of the orbit-circuit," Wheaton said. He pointed to historical examples of how the profit motive has resulted in significant a n d coloniza- explorations tions. "This flavor is almost corn- thriving space commerce the year 2001. In a paper presented before a symposium of the American 'pletely absent today in space Astronautical Society, Whea-jactivity," Wheaton admitted, ton saw space entrepreneurs "If history is any example, financing mining expeditions 10 the moon and hotels in orbit around the earth. { Wheaton said his prediction tion -' is based on a belief that the now huge costs of space travel will be lowered by technological advances to the point where p r i v a t e l y financed pro»pecting of the moon and even the asteroids could be h o w e v e r , the entrepreneur] will eventually arise to enliven; the future of space explora-j feasible by bold businessmen "To the person who does not own the gold mines of Soviets Claim Big Boost in Consumer Goods MOSCOW (DPI) -- The Soviet Union Wednesday announced a huge production increase in meat, refrigerators the Earth, the transportationjand television sets in the first problems associated with ob-.two months of this year com j taining gold from the moon may appear less risky than the formulation of political upheavals or downright stealing necessary to obtain gold on Earth," Wheaton said. "It be- pared to the like period 1965. The official Tass news agency said meat output went up 55%. Refrigerators, gained 41%, TV sets 40%, washing comes a question of whether machines 18% and cars 10%. one prefers to combat natural The increase in consumer or human laws." Wheaton, head of his company's research and development, speculated thai a well- goods reflected Ihe n e w stress on sector of the economy in th enewly announced five-year plan. Today in L.B. .'. ON STAGE--"Holiday for Lovers," Community Playhouse. 5021 E. Anaheim St., 7:45 p.m. "Uncle Vanya." Off-Broadway Theater, 211 Lime Ave., 8:30 p m . "Love and Kisses," Magnolia Theater, 835 Locust Ave., 8 n.m. "The Seagull," Long Beach. State college Little Theater, 8:30 p.m. CLASS -- Opening session of beginners' bridge F course, sponsored by Long Beach Recreation Depart| ment, Wardlow Park Clubhouse, 10:30 a.m. LECTURES -- Long Beach City College forums series: "The Power of One Vote," Philip J. Schlessinger, B Ph.D., .lewish Community Center, 2601 Grand Ave., '"· 1-30 p.m.: "Money of the Ancient Romans, Greeks and the Bible" (illustrated), Joel L. Maker, Boyd High School auditorium, 7:30 p.m. CONCERT--Municipal Band, Municipal Auditorium, 2 p.m. Problem Windows? \ REPLACE YOUR OLD STICKY DOUBLE-HUNG OR CASEMENT WINDOWS with LOUVRE WINDOWS NO WINDOW ALTERATION NEEDED TAKES ONLY MINUTES TO INSTALL GIVE US WINDOW MEASUREMENTS ·OR EXACT COST CALL 437-7471 MARINE GLASS CO. 1335 MapiiHlin .M.. f-owff Kenrh. Calij. 90813 MtmMr oi i-oflt twO" BulMeri' Exchtiw «M i C « ITTSS A IM IXI I */M JF* S X X F C V CflflCff 1 ALL STORES OPEN EVERY NIGHT MONDAY THRU SATURDAY A/AVS FIRST QUALITY 9 ALWAYS RRST QUALITY , . THROUGH:!.S«MSiPAY ONLY never-iron PENN-PREST stretch togs... REDUCED! Reg. 2.98 big sister's slacks. Slim-jim styling girls really go forl Cotton-nylon stretch denim with set-on waistband, side zipper. 7 to i6 NOW 2 for $5 Reg. 2.79 mock-turtleneck shell. 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