The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 27, 1978 · Page 3
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 3

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1978
Page 3
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Cotton- Grain Statement TMi Trus This Last ^ 3> >>««k Season Wednesday Morning, September 27, 1978 fcijc £al(u-sti>n !:eltlt i -W -•t:6 378.539 S3,251 To ' al _300 _ :,6:8 278.539 83,251 EXPORTS i ToreignI Grsat Britain Trance Continent Africa S. Anc ric a Middle £ai t Orient Total foreier 7,963 5.551 349 202,450 59,355 215i984 59,804 i Dome s tlc J B» Container 139,449 36,319 Sy Truck B* Fi r« TOTAL EXPORTS TOTAL BALES 33.936 30.369 8,535 4.410 150 397,904 131,052 Galveston Stock Statement is Day 375.753 Last Vear 136, 25B This report provided through the courtesy of the Galveston Cotton Exchange and Board of Trade. Bridge A hasty double is costly NORTH 9-27-A * A K J 10 5 V K64 * A 10 8 3 * J WEST + 8742 V 7 » 652 + 98732 EAST + 963 » Q 1098 + Q J94 + 54 SOUTH *Q V AJ53 2 * K7 + A K Q 10 6 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: South West North East South Pass 1* Pass 3» Pass 3* Pass 44 Pass 4 NT Pass Pass 7v 5V Dbl. Pass Pass 7 NT Dbl. Redbl Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: * 5 By Oswald Jacoby and Alan Sontag Good players know when to double. Great players know when not to double. The diagrammed hand, played during a money rubber bridge game, turned into a nightmare for East-West. The nightmare was caused by East's greed and it cost him dearly. East can defeat seven hearts. He has no chance whatever against seven notrump. The first double, disastrous but understandable, catapulted North- South into an unbeatable seven notrump. North had bid seven hearts without scientifically exploring for the best contract. He checked for aces with Blackwood and that was all. East's double brought him to his senses. Why would East double? It could only mean he had at least one trump trick. North bid seven notrump, the contract he should have been in all along. East's second double stemmed from frustration and immaturity. Common sense is very important in bridge, as it is with everything else. Doubling seven hearts could, at most, gain 100 points. Instead it drove North to seven notrump and cost East-West the 2,930 points North-South won on the redoubled grand slam plus the 100 points they surely would have scored for defeating seven hearts undoubted. When opponents wind up in an inferior contract, it is silly to chase them out of it with a double. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) (For a copy of JACOBY MODERN, send $1 to: "Win at Bridge," care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, New York, N. Y. 10019.) Horoscope Bernice Bede Osol September 27, 1978 LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Again today you must take care how you spend your money, especially on untested projects. Reserve ihe day for listening, studying and observing. Find out to whom you're romantically suited by sending for your copy of Astro-Graph Letter. Mail 50 cents for each and a long, seif-addressed, stamped envelope to Astro-Graph, P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, N.Y. 10019. Be sure to specify birth sign. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) An unexpected roadblock could halt a personally important goal today. However, that inner resolve of yours quietly finds an alternate route. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21( Friends will come to your aid and buoy your spirits when you momentarily find yourself down in the dumps. It'll be impossible to remain blue. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Continue to keep friends and business dealings separated today. Although you may be tempted to do otherwise, the two won't mix well. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Impulsive, erratic agreements must not be made today. Your success depends upon knowledge gained through research or experience. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Safety precautions should not be ignored for the sake of expediency today. Carefully follow all such procedures to guarantee success. ARIES (March 21-April 19) In attempting to gratify a whim today, you could impulsively indulge in foolish, costly behavior. Avoid trouble. Consciously strive to maintain high standards. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You may have a tough time getting going today because of several false starts. Through persever- ence and second tries success does come. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You're uninterested in doing things for yourself today and are careless with personal chores. Doing something for or with someone else is quite another story. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Because you feel you've worked hard and deserve to treat yourself, you may impulsively buy the first things you see. Your purchases could be senseless. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Much to your embarrassment you could display a temper today if things don't quickly go your way. Otherwise, you're a pretty charming person. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) This is not one of those days to follow your hunches. Ignore that inner voice. Rely solely upon your logical evaluations. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Stock Market Rises In Moderate Trading «3-A NEW YORK (UPD-An easing in inflationary pressures and bargain hunting drove stocks higher Tuesday in moderate trading. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 5.81 to 868.16. The New York Stock Exchange index rose 0.43 to 57.81 and the average price of a share climbed 25 cents. Advances outdistanced declines by a 2-to-l margin, among the 1,868 issues traded at 4 p.m. EOT. NYSE volume totaled 26,330,000 shares. Before the market opened, the Labor Department reported consumer prices rose by a moderate 0.6 percent in August on the heels of a 0.5 percent increase in July. Wall Street also drew encouragment from Treasury Secretary Michael Blumenthal's forecast that a recession is Markets (Tbe following quotations are supplied through tbe courtesy of Rotan Mosle, Inc.,Galveston.) Allied Chem 36 KMart 27V» Alum Co Am 45',4 Kroger 33 AmerAir 17 LigMyrs 34 "A Am Can 38V Liltonlnd 24% Am Cyan 29fe Lockheed 29% Am Motors 6 Lykes 9"» AmT&T 61", Mara Oil 52'i, ArmcoSU 20% McDermott 27 W BendixCorp 39% MinnMng 5914 Beth Steel 23',';. Monsanto 57% BoeingAir 64'/4 Motorola 45V» Borden 29 1 ,* Mobil Oil 70 BorgWarner 32 NatlCyp 18% CampblSoup 36 NorWstRR 28% Celanese 45'. 4 Pac Gas El 23% 12 PnhdlEsl 43'/4 Penney 20 Chrysler Cities Serv Coca Cola 43% pepsico ColgPalm 20-% philPet ColBrdest 57'/ 4 Polaroid ContrlData 38V4 RCA Contl Can 31 1 // Raytheon ConllOil 29li RepubSU 50'/i RnldsMU 27i8 RrJdsRJ 128% RylDPet 13% Santa Fe Safeway Sears 51% SrvClntl 1314 ShrvmWms 25'/i 36V4 Shell Un m 45% SigOil 27te So Pac 31'/ii 14',v SoUnGas '23 53 1 A SperryRnd 44% Gen Foods 3314 StdOilCa) • 46^ Gen Motors 62% StdOilfnd Wk GenT&T 30"ii Tennecolnc 31% 40 Texaco 31=Ki TxETrns 20% Txlnsl 17'/4 TxGlflnc 20 Textron 131-i TexUtil 25 r '» ToddShpyd 27Vi 69% Transco 22'/4 65% Un Carbide 39 32Vi UnOilCal HoOil-Min 24'A Uniroyal Hughes Tool 40% US Steel IBM 281 WestrnCo 40'A WestrnUn Ifiiii Wstnghse 44% Woolworth 31% Xerox 31% Zales Kaiser Aim 35% Zenith R Kennecott 26% LOCAL INTEREST (Tbe following quotations, supplied by Rotan Mosle, IDC., are on stocks of particular local area interest because of the nature of tbe organization or tbe fact it is locally connected through holdings or operations in this area.) Bid Asked AmlndFncl AmNUFncI Anheusr Busch Anico Growth Anico Income Contl Tel Ut) Conn Gen Ins Falstaff GrtSthrn Mitch Energy Delta Air Dow Chem DuPont Eastrn Air ElPasoNGs Ensearch Exxon Firestone IstlnlBcsh Ford FrprtSul GAF QenElec Getty Oil Gillette BFGdrch Goodyear Gordon Jl Greyhound Gulf Oil Halliburton Honeywell Hous Ind IntHarv Int Nickel Int Paper IntT&T JohnManv NatlWLife PenzOfshr Stewart Infor Stewrt&Stev USNaUBcsh Weingarten 17!'4 17% 14 14% 25% 25','s 3.88 4.24 13.66 14.93 24?' B 39-% 40',4 I 7 ', 21, 44'/i 45'A 22W 8'4 8'/» 13% 14 3fl : S' 4 3114 6M- not in the offing next year. He forecast slower growth in 1979 and said the United States is making progress toward cutting the trade deficit. First National Bank o( Chicago and First Pennsylvania Bank Monday boosted their prime lending rales one-quarter point to 9 :i /i percent, the highest level since Jan. 13, 1975. The banking industry was expected to follow suit. President Carter announced a program Tuesday to stimulate U.S. exports and said export growth is vital to the value of the dollar. The dollar hit another new low against the Swiss franc but turned in a mixed performance on most European exchanges. Composite volume of NYSE issues listed on all U.S. exchanges and over the counter at 4 p.m. amounted to 27,986,280 shares. The American Slock Exchange index added 1.46 to 168.25 and the price of a share gained 11 cents. The National Association of Securities Dealers' NASDAQ index of OTC stocks rose 0.81 to 132.92. On the Amex, advances topped declines by a 3-to-2 margin among the 882 issues traded at 4 p.m. ABE KELLNER The Agent to »ee for • AUTO INSURANCE • HOME OWNERS 3 YEAR POLICIES (Includes Storm) FLOOD INSURANCE 1424TWMONT /" 765-6646 v GALVESTON V GRAND OPENING SALE Plantowsky's new, expanded CARPET DEPARTMENT Over 10,000 sq. yds. stocked in our ware house . . . over 450 beautiful colors from which to choose ... all on sale \ All prices include expert installation over half inch foam pad! Now, a really beautifully selection of coiors and textures ... at low, low sale prices. We will take room measurements in your home and our carpet manager will quote installed price. No charge, no obligation, of course. 100% Nylon face "Saxony 51 shag carpet by Cabin Craft Reg. $11.45 sq. yd. S 7 sq.yd. INSTALLED OVER W FOAM PAD A casual style with quality and built in beauty. An outstanding value in your choice of 15 rich, multi tone colors. 100% Nylon face "Tracery" pattern cut and loop plush Reg. $16.45 sq.yd. £13 88 sq. yd. INSTALLED OVER Vz'' FOAM PAD The elegant shimmer of 22 radiant colors can form the basis for any decorating scheme. A cut and loop carpet of lasting beauty. WundaWeve100% Nylon face plushy shag Reg. $12.45 sq.yd. Long beauty life in this plush texture of heat set nylon fl? jifcorfc yarns. 7 Fresh, lovely col- 9 %£ 88 ors. Stains and spills are Q| sq yd easily cleaned. INSTALLED Cabin Craft Fortran 50 deep velvet plush Reg. $16.45 sq. yd. Luxury and sophistication combine with easy care and long wear to make this an exceptional carpet and value. 27 Magnificent colorations. 88 sq. yrj. INSTALLED Cabin Craft 100% Nylon face cut and loop texture Reg. $12.45sq.yd. Pleasing texture combining the rich areas of plush pile with just enough loops to form a random pattern. Hides siui! 13 Beautiful color's. $Q88 9 _ sq. yd INSTALLED Cabin Craft 100% Nylon face "Saxony" texture plush Reg. $13.45 sq: yd. A subtle tone on tone shading in 15 lustrous colors. Beautiful and practical for today's busy life-style. Very easy to care for. 88 _ _ sq.yd. INSTALLED Krestwood 100% Nylon face sculptured shag Reg. $17.45 sq.yd. Today's most popular look in a beautiful and practical t*^m *m carpeting. Each exciting S^B ff\ coloration is actually a med- | "T&n ley of hues. 10 Exotic colors INSTALLED yd Krestwood 100% Anso Nylon face "Saxony 1 'plush Reg. $15.45 sq.yd. The richness and warn it) i in both texture and color provide elegant quality in every ^ —• ^^ a -^ room setting. Soft, luxuri- SjH'B ^388 ous high luster yarn in 24 | Ci sq yd creamy colors. INSTALLED' CREDIT TERMS AVA.iLABLE, OR USE YOUR VISA. MASTERCHARGE OR DINER'S CLUB CARD . BOTH STORES OPEN 9 A.M. 'TIL 5:30 P.M. GALVESTON 2117 Church 763-4374 FREE PARKING 7UNTONSKYS EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME TEXAS CITY 832-5th Av*.N. 945-4486 FREE DELIVERY

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