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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
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Friday, March 11, 1966
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FRIDAY, MARCH II, 1966 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE)) TUCSON ECONOMIC MOEX ·i »o 1961 I fFWWjjWoWo ] 4f*AWW^ 196Z 1963 1964 1969 196* Increased Retail Sales Bolster Economic Index hen the Mobil Economy lun comes Into Tucson on Monay, it will give a sizable eco- Kimic boost to the Old Pueblo. Between $15,000 and $20,000- onservatively -- should come nto the hands of Tucson busS- lessmen simply from that one Booming retail sales for January pushed the first month of ?h year above a year ago on the Tucson Economic Index. Three' subindexes declined from December, but none fell below the. January, 1965, mark. And the other three subindexes index for January (compiled by totaling and ad- Justing the six subindexes) was £3 4 points, down slightly from December's 114.2 -but strongly above the year earner's 106.1 Ttefftrafle of $43.1 million was highest ever recorded in January, said Andre M. Faure, citv planning director, and well above the $40.6 million of a year Contract construction workers' earnings rose to $3.7 million, after falling to $3.2 million in December. And the figure was up from $3.5 million a year flCO Manufacturing workers' earnings were $3.7 million, beginning to level off after nearly reaching their 1961 average. In January 1965 they reached only $3.2 million. .,, ,, ., Rental receipts were $2.2 million, the same as a year ago and down from December's $2.4 _ an unusual occurrence. Faure said the drop was "probably due to the unseasonally poor weather in January which would affect the winter visitor trade." Restaurant sales, at $2.7 million were similarly affected, but COMPONENTS AND THCIK OWN IMI MONTHLY AVERAGES. be staying here after leaving Los Angeles Monday morning. They include 156 drivers and observers in the 52 com- eting cars, about 75 newsmen rom v arious publications, more han a dozen Mobil public re- ations men, and numerous ser- r ice mechanics, engineers, auto company observers, guest ve- licle drivers and pilots. That's right -- pilots. Four separate airplanes, ranging from a Mobil Co. JetStar to a chartered DC6 will be bringing ersonnel over from LA, start- ng tomorrow. And they will all stay at least through Mon- rose slightly from $2.6 million in December. A year ago they were also 2.7 million, as winter visitors fattened the take. Earnings of Pima County mining workers continued their but fell slightly .from the December level of $2.58. For January the figure was $2.5 million, compared with $2.2 million a year earlier. BY MAJOR PRODUCER Copper Tubing Prices Increased NEW YORK - IB ,- Read- Ing Tube Co., a major industry producer, says it will r a i s e prices on a broad range of copper tubing effective Monday. ·Products affected by the increase include water, drainage, waste, vent, air conditioning and refrigeration tubing and r e d brass pipe. ' Immediately following tne Readinj bricate announcement, the Fa- Metals Division of H.K. Porter Co. also said it raised prices on many of the same tubular products. This marks the second price boost for the copper tube fabricating industry this year. In J a n u a r y , most fabricators raised prices by 4 cents a pound on similar products. An official of Fabricated Metals said that .".'.·· -' ' ....... ·- Anaconda Will Furnish Uranium Concentrates NEW YORK - Iff) - Anaconda Sales Company will supply for an atomic power plant to be since Feb. 23 it has added a 10 per cent surcharge on all orders for copper, water, drainage, waste, vent and air conditioning tubing. Reading Tube blamed the scarcity of scrap copper anc higher scrap prices for its lates move. The company said it was unable to estimate the percen tage of its price increases. EARNINGS uranium concentrates for an e a contract had been signed to sup- Dlv me%oncen1rates for fuel to be installed in the Nordost- scLwfzerSe Sftwerke Ag Baden (NOK) plant at Beznau sche wS^ P · wm ^PtVfS^- water reactor for the plant, which will be the first industrial atomic power plant in Switzerland NOK provides about 25 per cent of the Swiss electric energy demand r^ TviUTUAL FUNDS NEW YORK (AP)-The following quotations, supplied by the NationaI Association of Security Dealers Inc., are he prices at 'which the securities could have been sold (bid) or hougM (asked)- Aberdeen Fd J.92 Advisers Fd »·" Affiliated Fd TM° Am Bus Shrs · · · ·" Am Investors M 3129 Am Mutual Fd l»-38 Asso Fd Trust '·" Axe-Houahton: . Fund A 7.17 Fund B 10 ,- 7 } Stock ··· '·" Boston Fund J-'f Broad St Inv «' Bullock Fund ".55 Can Gen Fd '·?! Canadian Fund ·. 18 - 7 0 Capit Income »·« cap Life Ins Sh 7.87 Century Shrs Tr I 2 - 2 * Channlns Funds: Balance 13.79 Com Stk HI Growth !«·»« Income "i" Intl Grth 8.13 Special 2-« Chase Fd Bos N.38 Chemical Fd «.« Colonial Fund i3-33 Colonial Grth En 14.06 Com St Bd Mtge 8.77 Commonwealth Funds: Income · 10 -ff Investmt 10.58 Stock 10-M Consolidat Inv 10.00 Convert Grth 13-10 Corp Leaders : '8.35 de Vegh Mut Fd (v) 75.41 Decatur Income «.» Delaware Fd 16-18 Divers Gth Stk 13-21 Divers Invstmt 10.08 Dividend Shrs 3.74 Dow .Th Inv Fd 7.42 Dreyfus Fund 26.00 Eaton H Bal 12.34 Eaton H Stk 16.29 Energy Fd (V) 28.70 Fidelity Cap 15.03 Fidelity Fund 18.76 Fid Trend Fd 29.61 Fid Mut Inv Co 9.51 F.I.F "7 Founders Mut 8.52 Franklin Custodian: Utilities 7.55 Fundamtl Inv 12.47 Croup Securities: Aerospaee-Scl 10.94 Common Stk is-" Fully Admin 10-44 Growth indust ;·;:;·,, Guard Mut (v) 26.00 Ham Fd HDA 5-72 imperial Cap Fd ».|l Imperial Fd "4 Incom* Found «-« Income f=d Boi J-3» Incorp Income »·» Incr^ Invest 7.49 Ind Trend 1J.88 Ins t, Bank Stk Fd ^ Intl Resources No Asked 3.19 9.63 9.80 4.44 31.29 11.34 2.00 7.79 11.64 6.63 10.62 16.83 17.64 10.72 20.23 9.78 8.63 13.43 15.07 2.38 18.54 9.76 No 3.21 11.34 18.15 14.57 17.55 9.53 11.42 11.56 11.52 10.37 14.32 20.06 75.41 14.05 17.68 14.48 11.05 4.10 8.02 28.38 13.41 17.70 23.70 16.34 20.23 32.08 10.39 6.21 9.31 8.30 13.67 11.98 16.58 11.44 22.21 24.00 4.25 10.66 6.02 2.93 9.17 10.80 8.19 14.03 6.57 NO Invest Co Am 13 -34 Invest Tr Bos 13.50 Investors Group Funds: Mutual Inc '1].» Stock 21.20 Selective lOSjr Variable Pay 8.4B Intercontl ,,*·« Invest Research 18.64 Istel Fund Inc 39.03 (vest Fund Inc 14.68 Johnstn'Mut Fd xd(v) 18.00 Keystone Custodian Funds: Inco Fd.K-1 '-88 Grth Fd K-2 *-« Hi-Gr Cm S-l 23.60 Inco Stk S-2 13.66 Growth S- 3 21.87 LoPr Cm S-4 6.96 Intl Fund '*·*« Knickrbck Fd 7.68 Knickrbck Gr F 9.J2 Lazard Fund 17.12 Life Ins Inv 7.86 Life Ins Stk 5-« Loom Say Can 30-79 Loom Say Mut (v) 16.14 Mass Inv Grth 10.76 Mass Inv Trust 16.77 Mass Life 12-59 14.60 14.75 12.88 23.05 10.82 9.21 No 20.37 40.24 16.04 18.00 10.78 7.47 25.75 14.91 23.86 7.60 18.33 8.42 10.76 17.37 8.59 6.48 30.79 16.14 11.76 18.33 13.76 16.92 Mutual Shrs".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'(v)i«:»2 Mutual Trust ............ Unavailable Nation-Wide Sec ........... "-53 Nail Investors ............ 20.02 National Securities Series: Balanced ................ 12.69 Bond ..................... «·» Dividend ................. 5.46 Preferred ................ 7.47 Income .................. °'55 Stock .................... ^ Growth .................. 10.34 New England .............. "M New Horii RP ............ 13-58 Noreast Inv ............... 18.36 One William St ........... . 15.04 penn,Sq ................ (v) 21.14 Phila Fd .................. U-60 Pine Street ................ 12.74 Pioneer Fund .............. n." Price, TR Grth ............ 21.14 Puritan Fund .............. H-32 Putnam Geo ............... 16.06 Putnam Grth .............. 12.15 Rep Tech .................. 5.21 Scudder Funds: Com Stk ............. (v) 12.65 Selected Am*r ............ 12.18 Sharehl Tr Bos ............ 12.04 Shares Am Ind ............ 20.86 State St Inv ............... 46.55 Stdrnn Sci ................. 6.5« Televlsn Elect .... ......... 10.11 Texas Fund ............... 13.53 United Funds: Accumulative ........... 17.W Income .................. 14.22 Science .................. 9.88 Unit Fd Can ............... 5.73 Value Line Funds: Value Line .............. 7.58 Income .................. 6.40 Sped Sit ................. 5.15 Wall St Invest ............. 11.15 Wash Mut Inv ............. 12.96 Wellinston Fd ............. 14.12 Whitehall Fd ..... , ........ 13.76 Windsor Fd ................ 18.79 Wisconsin Fd .............. 7.59 (v)Net asset value. 21.70 13.87 7.19 5.97 8.16 7.16 10.36 11.30 12.35 13.72 18.36 15.04 21.14 16.00 12.74 12.73 21.14 12.2 17.55 13.28 5.69 12.65 13.18 13.16 22.80 No 7.17 11.02 14.79 19.66 15.5 10.80 6.26 8.3 7.0 5.64 12.1 14.16 15.3 14.8t 20.4 8.3C NEW YORK (API--International Tele phone Telegraph Corp. reported record earnings and sales for 1965. It was the company's sixth consecu Ive record year. ITT earned J76.ll million, or $3.58 i ihare, compared with $66431,000, or $3.1 a share In 1964. Sales rose to $1,712,939,000 from $1,601, 543,000. Other earnings reports ; Rheem Manufacturing Co. (industrta equipment): 1965 1964 Net income ... 6,905,287 5,749,461 v share 3.34 2,79 laies 135,964,222 125,614,03 Teleautograph Corp. (transmission equipment): Income ... 252,754 share 29 cents Sales 5,473,150 28,591 3 cents 5,712,413 Lons's Drus Stores Inc. for year ended Jan. 31: Net income ... 2,197,900 1,502,440 A share 1.75 1,20 Sales 62,234,000 50,053,000 Union Stock Yards Co. of Omahi Ltd. for year ended Dec. 31: Net income ... 663,869 891,065 A share 1.36 1.77 United Pacific Corp. for year ended Dec. 31: Net income ... 816,383 share 1.07 Sales ......... 25,568,061 (flour milling 506,379 66 cents 23,287,600 National Work-Clothes Rental Corp.: Net income ... $1,922,507 Sl,548,713 A share 96 cents 78 cents Sales 25,955,696 22,762,048 GOVT. BONDS NEW YORK (AP) -- Closing over ttv counter U.S. government treasury bond: bid, asked, net change and yield: ·Turpin On Business* Thar's Gold In That Mobil Economy Run By Ted Turpin, Business and Financial Writer ivernight stop. Approximately 425 persons day.) With a few assists from Irv Rosenberg at the HiwayHouse --one of several places the Mobil entourage will be staying -- and from John Parkinson and Ray Burton with Mobil. I figured that Monday night odging alone will bring about J5.000 to Tucson. (The innkeepers' coffers are helped out by the various pressrooms, hospitality rooms, drivers' suites and special rooms for mileage-gasoline calculations which the Economy Run sponsors are renting.) Then there's food. All of the 425 will buy at least two meals here, Monday night and Tuesday morning, and many of them will eat three or more in Tucson. Say another $3,000. How about entertainment? The drivers may insist on their sleep, but you can bet there will be a hundred or more "Economy Runners" who will take in at least a few Tucson night spots. What's that worth? $1,000? So much for the bare bones? But don't forget the gasoline. After all, that's what this thing is all about. There are 52 competing cars, plus about a hundred more carrying various reporters, officials, etc. They all have to be gassed up (at Mobil stations, of course) in Tucson. And how about gasoline for the planes? Those planes gulp it like water. More sales. Then there are the incidentals --the souvenirs, for example, that many of the visitors will buy. WORTHEVGTON CLAIMS: Steel Imports Cost 130,000 TLS. Jobs CHICAGO -tiB-- The President of U. S. Steel Corp. says there would have been more than 130,000 additional jobs in the United States last year if the 10.7 million tons of .steel imported from 'abroad had been produced in this country. President Leslie B. Worthington said the 1965 steel imports represented about one-ninth of the total domestic market, and that much of it was sold at prices well below those of domestically produced steel products. He said the steel imports represented "over 70,000 additional high paying steel jobs" and some 60,000 additional jobs in allied industries. He said, "A foreign steel producer under normal circumstances functions under an economic system in which he is virtually compelled to maintain the highest practical operating level, regardless of the conditions in his home market. If this means producing more than he can sell at home, as if often does, then he must dispose of his excess in the export market, at whatever price he can obtain. "It is also possible that pressures from his government for dollar exchange, or other reasons, may influence his entry Carborundum Buys Felt Producer NEW YORK -ffl-7 Carbor- undum co., an abrasives manufacturer, announced today it had agreed to acquire the assets of Lockport Felt Co., Newfane, N. Y., for an undisclosed sum. Lockport produces paper machine felts for the paper industry. It will be operated as a separate division of Carborun- dum. -DIVIDENDS NEW YORK (API-Dividends declared: Rate-period-stock of record-payable. INCREASED South New BM US For .24 3-1B 4-15 3-21 3-31 Ptrsn Hwll «. Hthr A . x .. 3-11 RR 66 99.26 99.28 No 3s 66 99.6 99.8 No 66 99.1 99.3 No 2V4s 67-62 97.16 97.20 No 3%s 67 97.30 98.2 -.2 3'/«s 68 97.24 97.28 --.2 68 96.30 9.72 --.4 3 ; /«s 68 Nov .... 97.4 97.8 No 2V»s 68-63 94.4 94.8 -.4 4s 69 Feb 97.14 97.18 --.2 2Vjs 69-64 Jun 93.6 93.10 -.6 4s 69 Oct 96.22 96.26 No 2'/2S 69-64 Dec .. 92.12 92.16 No 4s 70 Feb 96.12 96.16 --.4 2Vis 70-65 91.28 92 --.4 4s 70 AUB 95.28 96 --.6 2Vis 71-66 90.24 90.26 --.4 --.6 4.43 4.79 4.76 4.47 4.84 4.92 5.03 4.93 4.75 4.90 4.74 4.99 4.76 4.99 4.72 5.02 4.58 4.98 TIME Frt Country Set NY Central Wlckes Corp Boston Insurance Colgate Palmollve Knott Hotels Wayne Knit Mills . --.6 5.04 --.4 --.2 --.6 --.4 --.4 --.6 --.6 --.4 --.4 5.01 4.7 5.06 4.73 4.70 5.09 5.10 4s 71 95.8 95.12 3%$ 71 94.6 94.10 4s 72 Feb 94.24 94.28 2Vis 72-67 Jun ... 87.26 87.30 4s 72 Aug 94.4 94.8 2'As 72-67 Sep .. 87.16 87.20 2Vjs 72-67 Dec .. 87.8 87.12 4s 73 93.8 93.12 4'As 73 93.24 93.28 4V»s 74 93.22 93.26 4Vis 74 94.14 94.18 3'/.s 74 92 92.8 4s 80 92 92.8 3'/:s 80 87 98.8 3Vi$ 83-78 82.12 82.20 3AS 85 82.6 82.14 4'/is 85-7J 92.24 91 3Vis 90 4'AS 92-97 92.10 92.18 -.8 4s 93-68 89.12 89.20 No 4.69 4V.S 9449 90.12 90.18 -.6 4.74 3s 95 79.4 79.12 No 4.24 3Vas 98 80.24 81 -.2 4.64 Prices quoted In dollars and thirty- seconds. 5.08 5.07 --.2 4.99 No 4.77 No 4.71 4.73 4.65 4.81 No --.2 --.4 82.10 82.18 --.6 4,72 4,75 HAY, FEED LOS ANGELES (FSMN) - Alfalfa and grain hay prices unchanged. Carlo! arrivals: wheat 7, barley 1, corn 1, sorghum 12, flour 6, hay 23. .16 Q . .13 Q . .52 Q .. .225 Q .45 Q . .225 Q 25 Q .. X Q 4-15 4-29 3-18 3-31 3-17 4-14 5-13 6-10 3-18 4-1 4-20 5-14 3-21 3-31 3.21 4-1 into markets here in America . .This foreign competitor of ours is often assisted in these disruptive practices by the availability of tax rebates from his government and other forms of incentives." Worthington' said higher steel tariffs abroad and "highly imaginative and highly effective non-tariff barriers" are hampering U.S. steel export efforts Worthington said, however that the American steel indus try has become extremely re search minded and its future "has never been brighter." FLOWERS by Hal Burns For OVER 40 YEARS And on top of all this, as John Parkinson says, is the money that's already been spent --and is being spent--by the advance men, the people who lave flown and driven here and jack to make the arrangements. ''We've been infiltrating your city for weeks," says Parkinson. Good. Come back next year, Mobil. 0 0 0 BUSINESS BRIEFS: Radio Station KCUB has named Robert T. Knbista a sales representative for the Tucson area . .Mrs. Marion Hanesworth, secretary-treasurer of Arizona Moving and Storage Co., is at- iending the National Van Lines, [nc. regional convention in San Francisco.... . . . .With all the impressive copper displays downtown, don't overlook the Kennecott exhibition model at Ronstadt's hardware store. It's a dandy. Death Takes Head Bailiff Thomas Robert Burke, head bailiff and jury commissioner at the Pima County Courthouse since 1957, died last night of an apparent heart attack at his home at 115 N. Melwood Ave. He was 67. Rail Future Said To Hang On Mergers PITTSBURGH- tfl -A railroad executive said today mergers are the key to strong railroads, and predicted mergers will reduce significantly the number of major rail systems. ''Eventually we will have less than a dozen major railroad systems," said John P. Fishwick, senior vice president of the Norfolk Western Railway. "Only : if this comes about can the railroads continue to participate in the nation's growth," he said. "The nation cannot afford to have an inadequate or financially weak railroad industry as a drag on the economy." He predicted the eventual merger of the Norfolk Western-Chesapeake Ohio, and the Pennsylvania-New York Central, both already proposed. The rail executive said the railroads will be facing increasingly stronger competition from the trucking and jet freight industries. Mr. Burke appeared in put in his usual day's work as bailiff to Superior Court Judge Robert 0. Roylston. A native of Kansas City, Mo., Mr. Burke was a ruddy-faced Irishman whose knowledge of the happenings at the courthouse was such that it earned him the title of "Mn Information" from newsmen. Mr. Burke joined the Navy in 1915, served in the Atlantic during World War I, and was a member of the first crew to sail on the newly commissioned USS Arizona on Oct 17, 1916 --25 years before the battleship was sunk at Pearl Harbor. Following his stint in the Navy, Mr. Burke went into pro- fesional baseball, but a dislocated shoulder interrupted this career. He headed for Arizona, he once explained, "to bake it out" The treatment was successful, and the ex-sailor went on to play with most of the teams in the" old Arizona State League, including P h o e n i x which he managed in 1927. Mr. Burke then began a new career--as a lawman--and this field he followed for the next 38 years, until his death. He spent 21 years as a Tucson patrolman, and then went to work as a sheriff's deputy. He took the bailiff's post, he once explained, because he was "tired of traveling." Mr. Burke was a life member of the Fraternal Order of Police, a member of Morgan good health yesterday and LANGERS' /or oH your floral need* N E. Pennington MA. 2MM8 Tom Inglis Flowers 2362 E. BROADWAY 622-4643. SUGAR NEW YORK (AP) - Domestic sugar futures No. 7 closed one lower to one higher. Sales 53 contracts. Close: May, 6.83; Jul. 6.85; Sep., 6.86, Nov.', 6.84-86. Raw sugar spot 6.87. . , , » ,, » World sugar No. » closed 6 to 9 lower. Sales 1,594 contracts. Close: May, 2.23-24; July, 2.33; Sep., 244; Oct, 2.50; Nov., 2.55; March 2.71, May, 2.77; July, 2.8!. COFFEE NEW YORK (AP) - Coffee futures were slightly higher Thursday. Roaster demand for green coffee was slow. New York dealers marked down prices for spot Colombian type coffees In an effort to stimulate business. Coffee spot Santos No. 4 ex-dock closed at 41.50N. Cost and freight offerings Included Santos Bourbons 3s at 41.75N '""B" futures closed 1 to 2 higher. Sales 9 contracts. Close: Dec 38.06N, Mar 37.5 N--Nominal. COTTONSEED OIL NEW YORK (AP) -- Bleachable cottonseed oil futures closed 5 to 25 higher. Salei 87 contracts. Close: Mar 15.M, May 14.«B, Jul 14.75, Sep 14.55. Closing bids: Oct. 14.22, Dec. 14.M B-Bid Like to save $ 100$ 150 financing your next car? Good drivers may save money seven ways at Allstate. One way is by having your Allstate Agent arrange low financing rates through a cooperating lending institution along with Allstate's low insurance rates. If you qualify (and eight out of 10 drivers do), you may be able to save $100-150 when you buy a new or used car. Phone or stop in and let us give you the specifics. Or if you like, we'll come to you. One call does it. Call or visit your convenient Allstate insurance Center: Tucson Sears, 296-7167 Tucson Insurance Center, 795-1450 Casa Grande Sears, 836-8113 Douglas Sears, 364-2457 Safford Sears, 428-1143 Sierra Vista Sears, GL W665 YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE' Allstate Insurance Companies · Skokie, Illinois Funcrot Director* When Service Counts Most Refy on SWAN FUNERAL HOME --Citizen Photo Thomas R. Burke McDermott Post of the American Legion and a member of El Rio Golf and Country Club. In addition to the widow Lulu, and his daughter Mrs. Betty Brunner, and granddaughter, Gail Ann Brunner, all of Tucson, his survivors include a brother, Joseph of Kansas City; two sisters, Mrs. Katie Murry of Kansas City, and Mrs. Mamie McCoy of Corpus Christi, Tex., two nieces", and a nephew. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Bring's Funeral Home. Copper Range Co. Plans New Plant NEW YORK -W-- C o p p e r Range Co. will build an electrical products plant at Eminence, Ky., 35 miles east of Louisville, the company announced. It is to be in opera- tion by September. The" plant will produce bar and other copper products for switch gears, transformers, generators and other electrica" equipment FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT BAABA, John M., 47, 4932 N. Sullinger, died March 9th. Survived by mother, Mrs. Anna Baaba, of Tucson; brothers, Norman, Abraham, and Edward; sisters, Mrs. Julia Peters and Mrs. John Geier. Friends may call 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, at Palms Mortuary Chapel. Services will be Saturday 10 a.m. in Palms Chapel. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery. DOUGAN, Jeanne 0., of 202 Sherwood Village Drive, entered into rest March 9th. Wife of Samuel Dougan; mother of William Shedler Jr., of Stevens Point, Wis. Mrs. Dougan's first husband, William Shedler Sr., preceded her in death. Funeral 2 p.m., March 13th, firing's Memorial Chapel, with Rev. James L. Smith officiating. Burial in Grant wood M e m o r i a l Park. Friends may call at Bring's, from 7 to 9 p.m. March llth; 2 to 9 p.m. March 12th. GLOVER, William, 79, of 1021 N. llth St., passed away March llth. Survived by brother, Drew Glover, of Forest City, Ark. Services pending, Swan Fune^ al Home. " q HEYDE, Helen Spielman, W, 6820 Coronado Way, Riverside, California, passed away March 9th. A former resident of Tucson. Survived by husbana, Albert F.; sons, Richard R-, and John A.; sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn, Mrs. Mary Morava and Mrs. Josephine Webster; five grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted Friday, 11 a.m., at Acheson and Graham Mortuary Chapel, 3391 Main St., Riverside, Calif. Interment in Qlivewood Cemetery. BIGGINS, William E., 68, of 3343 E. Valencia Ave., passed away March 8th. Survived by his wife, Margaret; son, Harold, of England; daughter, Mrs. Marilyn Pelton, of Iowa; sister, Violet McNamara, of Iowa. Funeral services, 1 p.m., Friday, Swan Funeral Home. Interment hi Grantwood Cemetery. HRABAL, Joseph F., 70, of 1340 E. Water St., passed away March 10th. Survived by his wife, Jennie; sons, Ernest, of San Jose, Calif., Jerry, of Gladstone, Ore.; Step-son Joseph Novak, of Tulsa, Okla.; brother, Thomas; sister, Francis Dvouleta, of Czechoslovakia; 5 grandchildren. Services Saturday, 2 p.m. Valley Funeral Home Chapel, 2545 N. Tucson Blvd. Burial, Evergreen Cemetery. JONES, George, 70, of 1020 E. 32nd St., died March 6th. Services Saturday, 3:30 S n., Arizona Mortuary apel, Stone and Third St. Interment, South Lawn Memorial Park, American Legion Morgan McDermott Post No. 7 officiating. MEEK, Robert D., 2'/ 2 of 301 Coronado Dr., died March 8th, in Casa Grande. Survived by his father, Jack W. Meek; mother, Mrs. Joyce Hampton; brother, Timothy W. Meek; paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Matthews; maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Lein. Services Saturday, 10:15 a.m., Arizona Mortuary Chapel, Stone and Third St., with Rev. William Dion, of Our Saviour Lutheran Church, officiating. Interment, Evergreen Cemetery. MUNDY, Carl L., 67, of 5512 S. Meadowlark Ave., died March 9th. A Veteran of World War I and a member of the American Legion and the "Last Mans Club." Survived by his wife Hazel; daughter, Mrs. Barbara A. Pearson; and granddaughters, Susan and Nancy Pearson. Services Saturday, 10 a.m., Arizona Mortuary East Chapel, 4601 E. First St. Interment, Evergreen Cemetery. American Legion Morgan McDermott Post No. 7 officiating. SANDERS, Doris C., 58, 6550 E. Fordham Drive, passed away March 10th. Arrangements pending at Adair Funeral Home, Dodge and Speedway. THORPE, Howard W., 43, of 5734 E. 36th St., passed away March 8th. Survived by his wife, Dorothy; sons, Howard L., of U.S. Navy, Patrick, William and Leonard of Tucson; sister, Mrs. Lillian Bonuchi, of Phoenix; father, William M., of Phoenix. Services pending at Swan Funeral Home. VAN DEN EINDE, Clarance, 46, of 5801 E. 34th St., died March 9th. Survived by wife, Muriel; son Gary; daughters, Mrs. Sharon Jameson. Miss Linda, and Miss Sandra; brothers, Lambert, Charles, Herman, and Drys; father, Louis; sisters, Mrs. Grace Nelson, and Mrs. Jennie Kiel. Funeral services, 1:30 p.m. Saturday. March 12th, in the Bethel Christian Reformed Church, 2550 N. Tucson Blvd., with the Rev. Haan, officiating. Burial in Grantwood Memorial Park. Friends may call at Palms Mortuary, after 2 p.m. Thursdav. ULLOM, Maj. Cathern, 64, 13 N. Longfellow, passed away March 10. Survived by brother, Ben, of Albuquerque, N.M.; sister, Madeline, of Tucson. Rosary will be recited Friday, 8:30 p.m. in Valley Funeral Home Chapel', 2545 N. Tucson Blvd. Further services and burial in O'Neil, Nebraska. CLASSIFIED Rot«» and Dtodlint* Minimum Cam Ad 10 words .ft Minimum charge 10 *ort» ttM Five Words to the Lin* »at*» Per Word Number ot Consecutive Oavs '. (Ss-ta fa Pif Wo Same Sam» Sam* Same Same fSame Coov . Pluj Cltv ana State Salei Tax Change of CODY - Charae SOc Box Number Service Cnarne 75c Additional . Tucsqr reserves V\,CMJII nvwsDdper* inc resfrvw rloht to edit, orooerlv classify or reiea anv coov «iibmi«»d for publication.' DEADLINES News Ads--Weekdays 5 P M. Change of copy, corrections and cancellations 4 P.M. New Ads-Saturday 4 P.M, Change of copy, corrections and cancellations- Saturday 8 A.M. to 2 PJW. Open Sundays It Holiday! 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. for Corrections Cancellations PHONE MA. 2-5855 IMPORTANT: Check yonr ad the first day it appears: in event of error please call immediately. NO CLAIMS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MORE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION. ANNOUNCEMENTS Announcements * Auto Transportation 10 Card of Thanks 2 Florists 5 Funeral Announcements 1 Funeral Directors * In Memorlam * 3 Lost Found { Memorials-Markers 6 Personals J Travel Opportunities 11 BUSINESS-SERVICE DIRECTORY Business-Services V 'SCHOOLING Business Tralnlns 13 Employment Prtn. w Schools-Instruction) 15 EMPLOYMENT Child Care » Domestic Help Wanted ft Employment Agencies If Helo wanted 1i Help Wanted. Female Help Wanted Male Sales Positions Services for Exchanot Situations Wanted Situations Wanted Male Situations wanted Female TRANSPORTATION Utility Trailers 44 Airplanes for Sale .,. 46 Autos-lmports, Sports 30 Auto Parts, Accessories 34 Auto Rentals 32 Auto Repairs, Pilntlna 31 Autos tor Sale 29 Autos Wanted ZJ Boats for Safe 47 Campers ** Motorcycles, elites. Scooters .... M Sporting Goods . , 50 EQUIPMENT Hand Trucks . , 34 Heavy Eaubment far Sl« 51 Machl.nerv for Rent . 5} Heavy Eaulpmei.. ... Machinery for Rent Machinery for Sale MERCHANDISE- MISCELLANEOUS Air Conditioning ............. ADTtaues ................... K Baby Furniture .......... . ....... 85 Birds, Tropical FljJi, Etc Build /no Materials Yourself Dogs, Cats, Pets Farm. Ranch Equipment Foods. Meats. Fishes HIFI. Stereo, Recorders Household Good] Jewelry Let's Swap -Livestock Miscellaneous for Sal* Musical Instruments Music Service. Repairs ., Otflce, Business equipment Outdoor Furnishings Pawn Shops ... Photographic Eaulprnem Pianos, Organs ... Poultry. Eggs. Produce, etc Stamps Coins TVs, Radios, Phonos TV Service,. Repairs . if; Wanted to Buv RENTALS Apts. Unfurn.--Rent 122 Apartments for Sale 121 CO-OPS, Condominiums Apts. Furnished-Rent ITS Business Rentals ....144 Hotels, Guest Houses 109 Housekeeping Rooms 107 Houses. Furnished--Rent 12* Houses. Unfurnished--Rent 136 Industrial Rentals US Miscellaneous Rentals 144 Motels Out of Resorts ut of Town Rentals Rest Homes Room Board Room Without Board Trailer Courts . Trailers for Rent Wanted to Rent . BUSINESS-FINANCE Business Opportunities 150 Loans, Real Estate -.... 154 Money to Invest 153 Money Loans 152 Money Wanted 151 Mortgages Contracts 155. Property Management lie MOBILE LIVING Mobile Homes, Trailers 157 Trailer Hauling 169 Trailers Wanted Ui REAL ESTATE Acreage : 174 Appraisals 176 ' Business Frontage 175 Business Property 169 Farms 8. Ranches 173 Lots for Sale *.. 172 Open Houses for Sale 150 Out of Town Property 171 ' Houses for Sale 187 Houses for Sale, Furnished 194 Income Prcoerty 166 Industrial Property 170 Investment Property 167 Real Estate Exchange 164 Reai Estate Marketing 178 Real Estate Wanted 143 Suburban property 168 Lost Found MISSING 2 weeks -- male Bassett Hound, 6 years, mostly black -i brown, touches of white, deformed front left foot. Tao No. 1988 Reward. ,296-9138.... ' . . .._. _ . _ . LOST: 8 MONTH OLD dark brown female German Shepherd. Very friendly. 296 LOST: WIRSHAIRED mals, named "Tobv," black collar, RoJIer Coaster near Oracle. 297-3135. LOST: Very small male Chihuahua; Black with white neck. Vicinitv Grande Market on Grand Ave. Reward. ..M3r8934.or 612-7234. LOST: Radio ear hearing aid. Reward. AX. 8-2S38. · LOST: Male Beaole tri-color. scar behind left ear, name Skipper, Sfltall reward. 773-2031, 296-1397. LOST iN Lobby of or In front of Westerner Hotel, lady's wrlstwstch. Reward. 793-0085. . LOST. Black slant Schnauier. friendly, injured, name "Jett." Reward. Please confine and call 622-4881 or 793-7175. LOST: Small yellow gold Gruen watch, expansion bracelet, March 10th In or near Monrpomerv Wards store. 327- _3S07. ^ LOST. Greyhound, all black, tattoo's in ears. 294-4390. , LOST: Male Pomeranian, red with black tipping. Vicinitv Suffolk Hills. JWOOSS. Reward. · LOST~Rairfoad pass in the name of Mrs. Edward Mendivll. 740 W. Louisiana. Personals 8 RELAXING massage, sauna steam bath bv Lorraine Ortkiese, 622-2378. . _ . . . . . . . _ _ _ STEAM baths Swedish massaqe. 133 So. 5th. L. Taylor. Appt. only. 792-3114. _ - JUDO^KARATE - ' .. . . . _ . - _ SCIENTIFIC advice pertaining problems. 17 E . R o g t r 887-; WANT " A C t l O i r ^ r ^ f D o . . Helo?" Don't Speculate, retain th» "Place Detective Aaency." Legally licensed. By appointment, 124-579).

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