The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 10, 1952 · Page 2
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 2

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1952
Page 2
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Two THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Wednesday Evening, September 10, 1952. Mrs. Garnett Dies Tuesday After Illness Mrs. Margaret Ann Bonaly Garnett, 76, died late Tuesday afternoon at Cushing Memorial Hospital. She lived at 702 North Broadway with her husband, H. C. Garnett. Mrs. Garnett had been in failing health the past year and confined to the hospital 1he past three weeks. Mrs. Garnett was bom in Middlesex, Pa., Aug. 13, 1876, the daughter of the late James and Margaret Gray, early pioneers of Leavenworth County. She was married to Joseph A. Bonaly on Oct. 18, 1899 and the couple lived on a farm in the Lowemont community until they retired in 1919 and moved to the family home on North Broadway. Mr. Bonaly died Feb. 25, 1947. She was married to H. C. Garnett on Sept 6, 1350. Mrs. Garnett was an active church worker and was a member of the First Presbyterian Church. She was a member of the Garden Club for many years. Surviving are her husband, H. C. Garnett of. the home; two daughters, Mrs. Margaret Russell, 111-Maple Avenue, 'and Mrs. Marie Jewett, St. Joseph, Mo.; one son, Verne J. Bonaly, Gashland, Mo.; tw<* step-daughters, Mrs. Jewell Sh^whan, Kansas City, Mo., and Mrs. Karleen Bonaly, Gashland, Mo._; one grandson, Jack T. Jewett,, St Joseph, Mo.; two sisters, Mrs. Mayme Tice, Topeka, and Mr*. Isabella Schafle, Clear Lake, CalSf.; and three brothers, Henry Gry, John Gray, and Joseph GH/'. fill of Easton. Funeral service will be at 3 p.m. Friday at the Sexton Funeral Chapel. The Rev. Dirk Middents .of the First Presbyterian Church will conduct the service. The Rev. Max Deweese, pastor of the First Christian Church, will assist him. Burial will be in Mount Muncie Cemetery. Young Republican Revolts At Support of McCarthy SALEM, Ore. on — Steve Anderson, one of the vice chairmen of the National Young Republican Clubs, resigned Wednesday in protest against Dwight D. Eisenhower's support of Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin and William Jenner of Indiana. "It is too much for an honest man to swallow," said Anderson who was chairman of the Oregon Young Republicans four years ago. Anderson, an attorney here, said he would switch to the Democratic candidate, Gov. Adlai Stevenson "There are many of us who have been seeking to break away from the old guard and the things tha McCarthyism stands for. If Eisenhower does not have enough horse sense to break away from this sor of thing, I do not believe he is the man for president," Anderson said Jury Continued from Page One. In his opening statement, Sny der said the state will prove th crimes occurred in Leavenworth County during the early morning hours last Christmas. Mrs. Holmes was on her way to work from hei home at Kansas City, Kas. He: car stalled Christmas eve and shi accepted a ride from a Kansas City, Kas., service station with thi defendant and his brother, Charlei Bradford, 23. The-younger brother is sched uled to stand trial later this montl on a rape charge involving the same woman. The court excused all persons on the jury panel not hearing thi case. They were instructed to return next Tuesday morning f o trial of Curtis Williams of Tong anoxie on a. charge of first degree murder. Acliesoii Continued from Page One. in Korea—a recently renewed sub ject of news reports from Formosa—has not been officially raised 4. Declined to say whether th U. S. and Britain would change their proposals for an Anglo-Iran ian oil. settlement, by saying th proposal had been presented t Premier Mossadegh by President Truman and Prime Minister Churchill and that he could not speak for either the President or the prime minister. Market Report MARKETS AT A GLANCE NEW YOHK — STOCKS— Lower; rally signs fleck list. BONDS—Lower; rails in supply. COTTON — Lower; New Orleans selling. CHICAGO WHEAT—Easy; big crop carry over seen. COfiN—Easy; expect boost in corn production forecast. OATS—Easy with corn. HOGS—Steady to 25 cents higher; top f20.50. CATTLE—Unevenly 50 cents lower to 25 higher. KANSAS CITY (ffl — (HDA)— Hay Receipts: 2 cars of alfalfa and 4 cars of prairie, 3 cars a week ago and 5 a year ago. No sales. Best grades of alfalfa steady, medium grade quiet and lower grades slow and draggy. KANSAS CIT YUH — Wheat 59 cars; }4-% lower; No. 2 hard and dark hard 2.38^-2.42^; Nol 3 2J3?;-2.46>i; No. 2 red 2.36=i-2.39; No. 3 2.34-2.38. f Corn .31 cars; >i-l',z lower; fcfo. 2 white 2.62U-2.80; No. 3 2.0f',i- 2.70; No. 2 yellow ? mixed VS4«- 1.86y 2 ; No. 3 1.72V'4-l.B6Vi. t Oat» S cars: 3 ,i lower tc JI& higher; No. 2 white S4>i-1.01; Xo. 3 S2»,4-1.01. Milo Male 3.05-3.18. Kafir 3.07-3.17. Hye 1.90-1.97. Barley 1.5114 (No. 1). Soybeans 3.05-3.21. Bran 56.00-56.75. Shorts 61.75-62.50. FUTURES: Open High Low Close . WHEAT Sep 2.35Vi' 2.35% 2.35}i 2.35*4 Dec 2.39 2.39 2.38.. 2.381/. Mar 2.40>i 2,40'i 2.39% 2.39=i May 2.40 5 ,B 2.40% 2.39'j 2.39'i CORN Sep 1.79 Dec 1.69% 1.69% 1.68>i 1.68% May 1.75'i 1.75',i 1.74'i 1.74»i . GRAIN SORGHUM High Low Close Sep . 3.15 3.15 3.15 Dec 3.08 KANSAS CITY UR — (USDA)— Cattle 4,500; calves 900; slaughter steers and heifers slow, scattered sales steady to 25 lower; few grain feds bid 50 lower; moderate number utility and commercial grass steers finding very indifferent demand; cows steady to easier, spots fully 25 lower: bulls weak to 50 lower; vealers steady; killing calves slow, weak at week's earlier sharp decline; stockers and feeders slow, weak: stock calves hard to move; scattered sales fully 1.00 lower: load choice and prime 1304 Ib fed steers 34.00; good and choice steers largely 27.00-33*0; utility and low commercial grass steers 21.00-25: good and choice heifers and mixed yearlings 26.0032.50; utility and low commercial cows 15.00-17.50; most sales 17.00 down; canners and cutters 12.5014.50; few prime vealers 29.00: bulk good and choice vealers 24.0 28.00; good 754 Ib yearling stock steers 26.79. Hogs 2,500; uneven, opened fairly active, 15 to mostly 25 higher than Tuesday's average; closed slow, most of advance lost: choice No. 1, 2 and 3s scaling 180-250 Ibs 20.00-50: latter price on several lots 200-230 Ibs. unsorted for grade; choice 260-310 Ib butchers mostly No. 2 and 3s 19.00-20.00; sows mostly 15.00-18.00; few 18.25; stags 15.00 down. NEW YORK UR— A broad recovery drive Wednesday in the stock market modified a phase of acute weakness, but the list persisted in clinging to the downside. Losses extended to between 1 and 3 points at the outside with bulk of the slide confined to fractions. On the upside prices gained from fractions to around » point. The drop in prices uncovered considerable selling and volume built up quickly on the downtick. Business came to an estimated 1,70.000 shares, greatest since mid-April. The total Tuesday was 1,310,000 shares. Participating fully In the recovery phase of the market were rails, steels, coppers, utilities, golds, chemicals, and radio-television isssues. NEW YORK (JlClosing stocks: Close Net Cg. Admiral 28% U % Allied Chem 75%- D *i Allis Chal 51V« D »i Am Airlines 13',i Am Cyan 52 Am Stl Fd 32',i Am Tel ? Tel ...153V. Anacon Cop 42V» Armour 9li Atchison 90% Beech Airc ...... 15 Beth Stl 50 Boeing Airp .... 35 U Bran Wirw Case (JI) Celanese Chick Cot Chrysler Cities Svc Coca Cola Cont Can Cont Oil Deere Doug Airc Du Pont 87% . 10% . 24»i . 40% . 15U .. 79 . 99% .11014 . 42 '.'i . 60% . 32% 62 y, % Eagle Pich Eastm Kod Food Mach Gen Bak Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mot Goodyear Greyhound Gulf Oil .... Here Pdr ... Int Harv Int Paper Int Shoe Kan City Sou Kan Pw ? Lt Kennecott Kroger Co Lion Oil *.. Loew's 21% 63 . 48% .... 43',i .... 12% .... 50','. .... 67% .... 32 .... 50',i .... 39% ....76 ____ 19 ----- 74% ----- 36% , ..... 37% 13% Martin (GL) 11 McKess ? R 36H Mid Cont Pet 63% Minn M? M 40<i Mo Kan Tex 6" 2 Mont Ward 60'i Nat Dairy ....i 54 U Nat Gypsum ... 20% NY Central 18% No Am Avia 1614 Packard 4% Penney (JO 67% Phillips Pet 56% Plym Oil 30% Pure Oil 61% Radio Cp 26% Repub Stl 30 Reyn Met 53% Safeway 'St 30% St Jos Lead 43 Schenley Ind 26% Sears Roeb 57" s Sinclair Oil 42% Socony Vac ........36 Std Oil Cal 56% Std Oil Ind 79% Std Oil N J 77 Studebaker 36% Sunray Oil 1914 Swift ? Co 32 Texas Co 55 Tide Wat As 21 Un Pac MO',4 Unit Air Lin 26'i Unit Airc 34% U S Rubber 24% U S STeel 38% West Un Tel 41'» West Elec 40% Willys Over ....9% Woolworth 43 Youngst SH ? T 43 do the lines for non-strikers to enter on foot or in automobiles. The police department said Wednesday there has not been a single formal complaint, nor arrest. There have been some reports of minor violence. Windows in two automobiles of non-strikers were broken during ,*«».. the midnight shift change. | words , to that effect ; A company official said the com-j Sparkman s remarks were pany is gathering evidence of what a ment this week oE Bill Jenner year. Mr. and Mrs. Joe McCall, i than a half century. Not only is it| The Pott«r Chapter Order of the. Worthy Grand Matron on Thurs(GOP senator from Indiana) who'high school teachers, have rooms! evi( j ence o f f j ne t itizenship, but it! Eastern Star will meet for the; day Oct. 30. Mrs. Charlie Purdue, stood on the Senate floor and declared that Gen. Marshall, Ike's benefactor, was a living lie. at (he home of Mrs. Mary Elliott.i ; likewi wholesome example;first time after its summer vaca-jWorthy Matron of the Potter Mrs. B. T. Stewart, has re- | | turned from a short visit wi th to set before the Vising generation ;Un on Thursday night Sept. 11. j Chapter, requests that all member daughter and son-in-law. Mr.,in these unsettlefl times. Homes| The Potjer Chapter is being hon-; bers be present for this next meet"Now Gen. Eisenhower mustand Mrs! A. T. Bayse and family| such as yo urs foifm the very foun-j° I '' ;d thib year by a visit from the ' in g- come out with the same endorse- ;u i Indianapolis, Ind. ment for Son. McCarthy who also stood on the Senate floor to declare Gen. Marshall a traitor, or Mr. and Mrs. Henry ! elation of our civilization and are Wahaus, the bulwark of o'>r American life." celebrated their 55th wedding an-j The Potter friends of Mr. and Mrs. niversary on Sept. 1. They were j Wahaus extend them congratula- ; made very happy when they rations and best wishes for many mauc - -, i 0 Hoi« fi-nm r>ur "PYltt-nrri mnrp hannv anniversarips. it calls illegal picketing practices and probably will seek a court injunction against mass picketing. 3 Billion Bushel Corn Crop Seen WASHINGTON W—The Agriculture Department, in a report covering much of the growing season, Wednesday estimated this year's corn crop at 3,185,237,000 the Kansas Free Fair grounds. SIAMl EREGISTERS • ceived a letter from Gov. Edward in have just read in the Leavenworth Times that you recently observed more happy anniversaries. Mr. and Mrs. Junior Barnes have returned from a vacation trip in Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. John Schlichting, AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS Tonite Is Buck Nile! your 55th wedding anniversary. It _____ _____ NEW YORK Iff) — Mrs. Mamie lis tru]y j ns pj r j ng to read of coup- and son Stephen, who lived on the Eisenhower, wife of Dwight D.i] ea who nave been f a i tn ful to their JLooney place, have moved to Eisenhower, enrolled as a Repub- | sacre a marriage vows for morel Leavenworth. lican Wednesday and asked that an absentee ballot be sent to her at Denver. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS bushels and wheat at 1,298,295,000 bushels. The corn figure is 49,548,000 bushels more than the 3,135,689,000 bushels forecast a month ago. It compares also with last year's crop of 2,941,423,000 and the 194150 average of 3,011,652,000. The wheat estimate is 94,000 bushels less than the 1,298,389,000 predicted a month ago. It compares also with last year's harvest of 987,474,000 and the 10-year average of 1,084,664,000. 'No change was made in last month's estimate of 1,062,590,000 bushels for winter wheat. But spring wheat was put at 235,705,000 bushels' compared with 235,799,000 last month, 342,005,000 last year and 284,687,000 for the 10-year verage. The yield per acre and production, respectively, of important crops in Kansas: Corn—21 bushels per acre and production 57,960,000 bushele. Oats—22 and 19,646,000. Grain sorghum—12 and 15,624,000. Soybean! for beans—12 and 7,500,000. Potter Mrs. Tom Pennington John Greenlee, principal of Potter High School, has furnished a jroom in the school building and will live there during the school Sparkman Sees 3ark Day for Ike TOPEKA W>—Democratic Vice- Presidential Candidate John parkman said Wednesday that' le Republican renomination of] en. Joseph McCarthy in Wiscon-: in must make "this one of Gen. Eisenhower's darkest days." Sparkman described himself as very fond" of Eisenhower, Re- ublican nominee for President nd added: "But I wonder about his sad light in the wake of his endorse- •7*r BECHER Beverage Co. 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Mono FREEMAN -.K DON OcFORE Te Color by Technicolor CALIFORNIA MEMBERS V. F. W. Regular Meeting Tomorrow Hite Operation Good Will Ambassador to sneak. •8 O'CLOCK •REFRESHMENTS Leonard Lauer, Commander Welcome to The BELLES of ST, MARY'S Welcome Back, Girls . . . for another school term. We have missed many familiar faces and sincerely hope to meet and make friends with many new- ones. WOOD The CLEANER 710 South Fifth Phone 798 Daily Route Service to Xavier and Wadsvvorth. "We Business Girls Love It" A business girl appreciates good food and deft, clean service »nd moderate prices—and that's why the town's best business girls lunch here! Appetizing salads, luscious sandwiches, home-made soups, tantalizing desserts ... we have them all! The COFFEE SHOP In The Swan Hotel On The Fourth St. Side. A WHOLE BOARD.' HOW UNDISTINGUISHED CAN A suy ' WHICKLE BOARD ( PROVEN WHIOCLES) LARD SMITH FRECKLES MSSOOSEY SYLVESTER COOK MORBID MORTON £ ALEX ALEXANDER, f OUR MOTTO •• V/O DATSS WfTft PKOVetJ WHICKLBS!" SIGNED :AMT1-WHICKI.E 6IRIS •$£***-% -sl?7 j£c NEA_Strvtc». Me. T. M. R«g. U. S. fit. Off.'j V I CAN' SEE IT NOW:*C7£AK piAiry, IP ANVTH;N& HAPPENS I TO ME, LOOK COST /VMJ5HY...' XXI'KB KIOHT, tUCK. I CANT TAKE A CHANCe/ZVE 6CTTO eer THAT PIAKV KFORE THE --- - • , GROWL AMI? PUNT WAIT ANP 1 sorey agowijfr , WT SOU KJNT WANT _ THEPIACETD5-MELI. T LIK6 A (COL HALL. WS CANT AFPOTO TO L6T OC* MAN eer SUSPICIOUS-IP we SHO«S» u«

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