Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1972 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1972
Page 11
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Stock Market Bulls Said Charging Into Value Gap g In short, he finds Ihul many I woll known growth stocks arc Incredibly 'overpriced when matcliotl agnlnst theirpi'Icon of other yearn, lind that rniiny of for dlmofcl.ull the rise in the Standard. Poor's Industrial Average of 425 elockB, from Jan. 1. 1071 lo Juno 3D; 1072, lhal average advanced Hy JOHN CUNNIFK (lunluMi Anilyst NEW YOHK (AP) - Are the market bulln beginning to Judging ' by · ac'tlvily lh|s Week, It WOUld aCOm 80. And · .LIT:,,- v.,^.^V| n ,. -J« u...iT..V.a I"" ··-/.»·"""' oiuvmi miu me based on '«·· marts- of- tlala, ; fl's; n , oml(! , ^panslon ore bndly tin- remnlnlng 395 show a gnln of · ' ' " "derprlced, . , only 1,5 per cent. Much the ! hl, whose specialty Is flame can also be shown for the and whose oullook IsjDow Jones Industrial Average. only natural thatlhey should be ' attracted there, because tliat's · where the good grazing Is. Value Gap is the-extraordinary chasm thai exists toddy between "the market's excessive price'of major growth slocks'and lts:parslmoriloU8 ; tin- dervaiualion of niosl eslab- llshed blue-chip investment valued..." : ' · · . ; · · · . - ··The description comes.from John ; Wright of ; Bridgeport,! Conn., whose research, analysis the cctabllshcd compiinlos who 19,8 per cent, nut lake out the ·^^^{"^f.fe.^:!??^.^"^.* stocks and the rent and future earnings than they were willing to pay for Iho punl 10 yciirs? UKE EI-EVATOlt "When they try lo gel out it's going to be like an elevator with a broken cable, They cnn'l possibly all gel off ai thexc prices, witling to buy? Where will the money come in the bank trust departments many brokerage firms. slocks. M ,,, Q . . There seems lo be some cvi- '·:« - j i i A.! £ K . jtlenco In wcelil days thai wise · He predicts that by January Investors ai-c aware of the un- there.Will be a major market !dcrpriclng,-:iMany of the old- quake that: will change Its to- time favorlles seem to be draw- pography and even close;Ihe ing a following once again. Bap. . : ; ": ' ··'·' Bui what abiut those 30 well- WORKING TOGETHER . . . Tom and fjatrlcla, iiied .two weeJcsvago, work ort;o garbage truck. ·_, These Two Newlywfeds Don't Argue About The Garbage CHATHAM TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) -- Newlyweds Patricia and Tom Crawford don'J, have time lo argue about who takes out the garbage. They're too Busy hauling it around in a truck. Patricia, IB, has been driving Crawford's big 10-s'peed garbage truck and/helping him load refuse each morning since they were married Aug. 2, ! Crawford is an?employe ot the Model Disposal Co. in this well-to-do suburb df iNew York City. Patricia doesn't get.paid but with her help Tom is able to finish his',work two hours earlier. ,' ·' The brlde)'£ Juns graduate of a local hlgh, school, said she and Tom don't care for fancy occupational . titles: "Some people call themselves sanitary engineers, but w.s just call curs e l v e s ' the garbagemen." Tom and Patricia wear cutoff blue jeans and old phirt« to work, and both have shoulder- length dark hair. Tom is the garbageman with the beard. His wife occasionally wears a straw hat to help balance'the drums she sometimes carries on her head. They leave their aparttnenl in nearby Madison at:5aLm..slx days a week to pick up the garbage of several, hundred customers. They share the work, each making curbside : or:backyard pickups and .drivipg. the huge truck. Together, they carry and drag the 60-gallon'plastic container they fill with trash at each stop. .''It's good exercise and I enjoy It. ,1'd definitely rather work outdoors. This Way you keep moving and see different people. It's great," Patricia said. "And I'm with my husband all day. How many other people can say that?" Almost Anything May End Up As titter On This Freeway - -·.;. .\.'"} f i * By FRANK JJOTCHKISS LOS ANGELES (AP)--Money, livestock, false teeth,-bathtubs, wigs and e y « » the kitchen sink -- you can find them all on the Lai Angeles freeways, , Take money. An' armored truck once dumped 8,000 nickels, dimes and quarter* on the Ventura Freeway. Or livestock. Practically every highway patrolman has ridden herd on stray cattle or horses In the freeway traffic. Wigs occasionally blow off motorists' heads onto the roads and clothing, piggy banks, furniture, boats, beer, sponges arid virtually everything else that's ever been carried in or on a vehicle has wound up amid the traffic. 1 · "· - · ; ' It took men from the California Highway Patrol and the state Division of Highways two hours to gather the money in the 1968 Ventura coin spill, dodging traffic with pockets bulging, picking up coins one by one. LONGER The recovery of $800 in checks and money orders on the San Diego Freeway this year took considerably longer. It wasn't really the money that mattered, but two sound tapes, without which a segment of the CBS TV series, "Gunsmoke," would have been lost. A 30-hour search ended when maintenance men found the tapes, worth $30,OOO.^Each of the finders got a $500'cheek. . Highway patrolmen have developed special techniques to handle obstructions on the free ways. They call for a "break in traffic" when fast- legs and- a quick hand will not suffice. A second unit upstream flashes its lights and begins weaving back and forth across the freeway lo slow motorists. The pickup man waits for the break, then darls out lo haul, push, shove, yank, or hoisl the offending item to the shoulder. From there it is up to the Division of Highways to clear. ...',' It costs the state about $15 million a year for the Division of Highways to keep ways c.lean. "That's a lot of money ' Just to pick up other people's junk," said a division official. NOT ALL JUNK ·Not'all''6f it is junk. Motorists have seen unscathed refrigerators, sofas and other valu able things in the lanes. Valuable .items usually are elaimed immediately, but those that are not are held by police pending a- claim: Ultimately they are auctioned off in Sacra mentp. · There are dangerous aspects to freeway litter beyond the traffic hazard element. Some Titter.-Is dropped intentionalls and maliciously; : . Once a policeman found a car stopped in the fast lane. Other autos roared by. A senior citizen was pacing back and forth on the center-divider. The officer asked what was wrong. The man said he had been driving along, sneezed, blew his false teeth out the window, and stopped to hunt for them. Some Remarks To Avoid In Keeping Foot From Mouth fly HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) -- Nothing could improve the human race more than to have every baby born with a button in its lower lip and a buttonhole in Us upper lip. As it is now, the average Infant is born not with a silver spoon In Its mouth ~ but one of Its own feet. -And throughout the rest ot Its lite it keeps pulling lhat fool hack In Us mouth. If you wahl to live peacefully, learn lo turn ,off the Up flow when you don'l know whal you're talking about. Silence Is more lhan golden; silence Is safely. / Here are a/ few remarks to avoid If you (lon't want to put your foot in your moi|lh, ohoe and all: "Wny did you wont lo gel a divorce from him, anyway? He always seemed like a prclty swell guy lo me," "What» a prclly girl like you doing In Iho women i liberation movement? You look In- icllfficril." "jlpfoip I loll you how I think It flu you, let me ask you one question, C*n you (till tnk* the suit back?" "You've got nobody to blame but yourself." ' "Did you ever slop to think that if you didn't live the way you do, you wouldn't .feel t h e way you do?" ."If I bail you oul of Ihis. il'l only Ret you Inlo the habit o! expecting someone else to solv your problems for you." "Of course) I don'l douhl your word, but if you've lost al thai much weighl, I don't un dersland why '!t : doesn't ·· shou more." · "Are you sure you aren't Jus feeling sorry for yourself?" 1 "I'm ' n o I ' cJtnclly : 'sdre should.loll an off-color Joke like llils lo my own mother-in-law but here goes--." "Do you wanl ma lo lell you whnl I. really Ihink Is wrong with you?" ; 'Toll me something, wll you? Why Is lUwhcn a guy Ilki me takes a girl like you out ti dinner, she always feels Ilki she has lo order the most ex pensive 1 -Bleak on ' I h e - m e n u ' Don I you girls ever get slcak al home?" ! past year and a Wright"" cafcufafes," "invesiors » f u u M , .,.« i/.i-j advances of 30 hnvc been paying a 53 per cent _UnaJor_growth stocks accounted higher price per dollar of cur- managers, eager tor performance, anxlous'Tor' big capital gulns thai will help reduce their company's pension costs. They arc being legged on Wright says, by relatively nCw r e g 1 s t o r c;d representatives whose inexperience icausei them · to focils' narrowly - a n c myoplcally-ln effect, blinding thorn lo the larger scone. That scenario is a recurring Northwait Arkonxu TIMIS, W«d., AUfl. 1*, fAVtTTiVULt, ARKANSAS 11 Charges Filed TEXARKAHA, Ark. (AP) . Roger ; McQueen, 22, of Kentucky has been chaigcd with the shooting -death of Mrs. Bondell C. Kelley, 32, of Dallas, Tex,, authorities iald Monday, Mrs. Kelley's h6dy was found Jgly 8 In a'soybean field northeast of hero. Sheriff Leslie Grecr of,Miller County said McQueen- was being, held In a Grccnsburg, Pa,, Jail pending extradition proceedings. Groor;snl(i a female suspect also was being held in a LaPorte, ,lnd,, Jull for questioning. brte, Ind , Jail for questioning one. It happened before In 1062, when many hew money managers jumped on growth stocks for an easy ride. But then 'the elevator cable broke, and In 1803 growth was a dirty word. 4,435-Mile Bike Ride Completed HALIFAX, N.S.' (APJ ,-- Six- teen-age .Bludenls any Ihelt' teacher fioni Scalllo, Wish, went to bfcd hnppy MofJday night nflcr a 1,435 mile blwcla trip from Ihelr home oily, at Frances Call, Iho students' UMchoi at Noith Mot«ei Junior High, said Iho haidest yiiiiR annul Ihe Irlp ' was th6 bicycle beat" and lack of shoWers. v llje grbu| rode out ol Seville four months and four tlaye^ago, Membeii of the gioiip.ijvho call themselves Cycle Mates, range In age f r o m 13 lo 15 years, ,,. Miss Call said Iho eight boys, and eight gills usually lode^ne- Iwecn 80.and 100 miles lall^. The group leaves Tuesday for New York City for Hires .days ot sightseeing before /lying home 1 Sale! 15% off our ' - M ·· ' · ' _j_ ' , . . . . . . In boy ,150 and up. i for school. * ^ t,,i. t, ^^^_ 1 __ ' ' ""TM»i'"·"·"···»·--- ---TiflJuT^--^ I i n i | Sale 2" Sale 2 11 Sale · Reg. 2^98. Popular prints and Polyester and cotfon. Si«s 9 *· R9 ' 3 ' 5 °' R«». Zf9. Join the crew. Our erewnecKs are the "in* style tor fa«. Polyester/cotton knit with ragian sleeve. Grtat solid colors m 6-18. Befl. 350. Boys' clress shirt of easy care potyester/rayon. It's Penn-Prest for no ironind. Chcxse from an assortment of short sleeve prints in 6-18. Sale2 52 Reg. 2,96. Be a knit- picker. Pick ribbed . Wallace Bserys or zip front styles of easy care polyester/combed cotton. Sizes 8- Long sleeve style, Reg. 3.50, Sale 2.96 Sale, prices effective thru, Saturday. Sa|e2 52 Sale2 96 Beg. 2.9ft. Tha return of the erws oxford. Now they're in Sreat looking fancy patterns *nd softds of poiyesteyeoKoa. Short steive, sizes fri 1 8 Reg* 3.50. Polyester/ray on crepe dress shirt with long point collar and short sleeve. Choose fancy prints or solids » sizes 6 iota. 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