Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 4
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e A-4--INDEPENDENT .. J-- ·"*.."». *'· '·"·. .": I 9 " p ag eA-4--INDEPENDENT ...""« "«"/.."'""" · · · - · · · . - . . - - - . ' ; , , .. FCC Probe Hears of TV (Continued from Page A-l) the nod over three other applicants despite an FCC examiner's report that-Public Service was the least qualified. Mack could' not be reached for comment. Rep. Harris CD- Ark), new chairman of the House 'subcommittee, said he will be given a bwxi° tell his version and .if he withholds any information ways to get it." 'there .will be In other developments stem- mine from the-explosive House probe: · * . * « "I'LL NEVER accept the theory that you have to use police-state methods to get the facts," Morse- said. PENSIONERS Attention! Do you know that many ptrsont on itate pension! ar« «ligib!« lor opto- . metric wrviee and glasses without «tra eoit to them? Ask for complete details, without .obligation. Dr. J. M. Sou, Optometrist (31 years in Long BtachJ; 37 Pine Avenue; HE 5-6219, HE 4-6739. Open Friday evenings and all day Saturdays. Offices In Wihni»ato» and Torrance. The canceled checks producec by Schwartz'-were obtained by subpoena from Whiteside.'They were dated from Jan. 1, 19a6, to June 17, 1957,' and' ranged in amount from S200 to $1,000. Mack was on the commission during that entire period. Schwartz said 'there were other checks before Mack was appointed to FCC--one,-he said, 'or $1,000 in March, 1955, "just before Mr. .Mack want on the commission." Schwartz was called before the committee to explain .a charge he made publicly that he group fired him even though a majority of its members knew IB had evidence; -money, was paid to an YCC member in connection with a case pending he- lore the agency. : . In .Thursday's testimony he backed aw*y a bit from his a majority knew about the time. But he said he had given an outline of the case to Moulder and Harris,' and that Harris insisted they .'cally all cases there are duplicates in.the subcommittee files. The Morse. -files 'retrieved from .'contained .one-- folder marked, without further explanation, "Dominican Republic- Gordon Moore." Schwartz: -has said he planned to disclose/ eyi : dence of. pressure'on Regulatory agencies -by .-a -."White House clique" 'including Col. 'George Cordon Moore, Mrs. Dwight;D. Eisenhower's brother-in-law. . iMacki'-appointed to. ; the FCC by the President in the summer of 1955, is a former member of the Florida Railroad and Public Utility 'Commission. ; ..-', · 1. Schwartz said the subcommittee files * contain copies,';.of RICHARD A. MACK Said They Were Loans to of that name who is :old him: "This looks like a very bad case. We will certainly go into it." SCHWARTZ SAID, too, that Harris--who is chairman of the subcommittee's parent Commerce Committee--issued subpoenas for several persons mentioned in his testimony, though not for Mack. Schwartz said Moulder, then head of the subcommittee, preferred directing Mack to appear and issuing a subpoena only if the commissioner refused. The . . s u b p o e n a s Schwartz said, named White- Schwartz was committee after a series of wrangles with Harris a'nd most other members. He accused- the majority of trying to. whitewash his investigation--which Harris and the others angrily, denied--and turned his personal on the' probe over, to er. Rayburn said "there is not a word of truth" .in a report published by .the Washington Post that House leaders 'orig- inally'granted'funds for the inquiry · only after- -being assured Harris would, not-.head- it. , : .'·' -Schwartz 'said Mack has told subcommittee , investigators' he was. ; on'. "extremely.' lintimate" terms-with. Whiteside- --."that they -were "like. brothers." " '·';*.-·· ...· * *.;'*_·.."# " -. MOREOVER,' SCHWARTZ said,..the committee has an affidavit from/an unsuccessful ap ; plicant 'for Channel'. 10 quoting Sen. Smathers ( : E-Fla.), as.say- i n g - M a c k was ."pledged" to back Whiteside in getting the JL11C uiiit.(*Aii \.vjj±i~j ; »·-- uattv . vr.iJiccaiiAi^ ·"· (^-v"»t, .--..«. two letters from chief .White license.''for..-.the; National Air- House Aide-Sherman* Adams relating to a matter under, .cpn- , . sideration at the time by ; arioth- ifr. federal -regulatory' agency, The witness gave no details, but said the 'letters, were addressed to Murray Chotiner: pledge to whiteside. li'nes offshoot. - . Schwartz, said later "information-.was' received. that Mack, after looking irfto the facts of the case, tried but failed to -.get a- '-'release" from the reported issued, side lawyers Anderson and 'Scott, and George,T. Baker. Baker was not identified but Morse. , * * .» MUCH OF TODAY'S session was devoted to identifying the files, which Morse returned Wednesday. ' · Schwartz's counsel, Herman M. Watchtell, who previously- served as Schwartz's assistant on the subcommittee staff, told the group Thursday some documents are missing from ' the desk he occupied. Wachtell added, however,, that in practi- Chotiner, of B e v e r l y Hills,! Calif., : is-a former top aide -to Vice- President Nixon, and figured in a 1956 Senate investigation of alleged influence peddling in the .award of military contracts. . , ·, sen. Morse (D-Ore.) called ,., th Senate for a separate inquiry by that body into FCC and five- other government regulatory agencies, jMorse, 11 who b r i e f l y had c u s t o d y of Schwartz's working files,- said there was "more than-enough" for both the- House and Senate 1 to investigate. 3. House Speaker Rayburn CD-Tex.) voiced confidence the House group will make a thorough inquiry under the leader : ship of Harris, who took over heard .rumors,". Schwartz said, "that Mack" had been put ed* (by'lawyers Robert Ander- son'and Paul R. Scott) to'rep- resent National Airlines' .interest in the Channel ICKcase. .^ i 1 2. Some officials of the television concern "had shady backgrounds" -- that-''is, "did." not have all the honor and integrity of · Supreme Court · justices." '·'Rep. John Bell-Williams CD- Miss.) drew a laugh- at this point, .by .suggesting, Schwartz use -some, other'-.standard," of comparison. Williams strongly against .the Supreme Court's school integration 'decision.. '-'-. Schwartz -said that intone -of two.interviews, with .Mack," his investigators, -used a wire-re,- corder. to take"'dbwn. everything the. commissioner'said^-in case, the la-wyer;explained, Mack should, .decide, to back - away from his statements' later. ' Later testimony/brought .out that the-recording device .was hidden in. one of- the investigators' brief; cases--and also'that the-recording was among several items -- turned over to Sen on the commission to get the license (for. National Airlines)' but we have.not been able to support that one way or anoth- *" x · . · The witness said Mack has acknowledged m a k i n g statements which'gave the impression he could not get a "re- ase" from Whiteside. Schwartz said, too, Mack was ware that: .' '· L. WhJteslde had been retata- the chairmanship Moulder .(D-Mo.) .,,-,,.,... protest against Schwartz's oust- when 'Rep resigned in GLASS Schwartz Says Dewey Withheld Fee Records WASHINGTON UP)--Bernardahout matters he mentioned-in WjlOni^vjJ-^J- 1 -i;_:_i__, ,, «« TV, rv.i **«.: rna FURNITURE effect Good Taste rovide Protection --Inexpensively Marine Glass Co, SCOTT-WOODWARD-SCOTT OR ALL PURPOSES ¥ V .f i,O± *·«-··· n^ J. ·w - · Schwartz testified Thursday that former New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey refused to turn over to House investigators his 1 .law firm's records on a case before the Civil Aero- .nautics Board. _ ! ' The files were sought in connection, with an accusation- denied by Dewey--that the firm criticizing a committee ma jority after he was fifed. He was -asked, among other things, about a copyrighted story -in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoting a committee staff matter. SCHWARTZ said he prepared such a memorandum, ,"a rtpn ed bv Dewey--mat uie 111111 *-~ .-- r go? a $150 000 fee for "nonlegal very d e t«11 e d ' ° - - a 'services" in - helping Eastern ; Airlines get a nonstop New York-Washington-Mexico City route. .' - .9 * ~' * + ! IN NEW VORK a spokesman ^for Dewey's law firm, ..Dewey, Wllantine, Bushby, Palmer and i'Wood, said that while it was "entirely proper" for it to :represent-Eastern or any other airline "it is a matter of public record that this firm was not stating what has happened,' and.'said there also were sup porting documents--"you havi _ _ ,, said Dewey had been asked by a subcommittee representative furnish--th records -arid Dewey refused. Schwartz said he had given those." Schwartz a' copy of the Dewey mcmoran dum to Rep: Moulder (D-Mo when Moulder, b a c k i n g Schwartz and his investigating to jmethods, quit the post in. th ;;pearheTor;^e"cAB"and"didrow over firing Schwartz. not do so." · I Schwartz, ousted -chief coun- I'sel for the House subcommittee 1 which is investigating federal regulatory agencies, was a sub- jlpoenaed witness' before that j group Thursday for questioning Morse by Schwartz's wife addition to", the' "working files" to the subcommittee Wednesday and sent'the: other material back Thursday. Morse told, the Senate ' he. was vigorously" opposed to the use of such techniques as hidden wire recorders. ATTRACT ATTENTION to your want, with a "Wanted" ad. Works FAST. 'Call.,HE 2-5959 for, an ad-writer. Sanitary Plumbing Co. Offers You MORE HOT WATER « Faster, and therefore cheaper,, with the new Day Night jetglas! 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