Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 3, 1950 · Page 23
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 23

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 23
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/Bridge 7 : ; BY H. T. WEBSTER CAmSTA PLAYcTRS WILL \ HS SWIftS To TH£ CtLLAR. Tfte -LADIES ' AND eeNTL£«£M WILL KINDLY DrVvWIMG r?OOA1 / Krst shortwave broadcast was fceard in 1924. Costa , Rica was discovered by Columbus in 1502. Real Estate Transactions - DEEDS Otto S. MeNaught a n i l . w i f e to Dorcn B Fcrpuson and wife, L 24. El Pasadena Tract, revenue stamps $1.65. Joint tenancy deed, Catalina Foothills Es ta:cs to Hoss T. Remer and wife, -L 224 CnUllna roothllls Estates, No. 2, revenue stamps J4.9S. Roy A. O'Bannon and wife to Walier ; Murphey Jr. and 'Wife, L 9, B 33, National City Sub No. 2. Joint tenancy deed. Clifford L. Peterson and wife, to W. E. Shanks and wife, L. 17. B 22. Resuh. of Washington Heights, revenue itamps 56,05. Joseph Solon and 'rinco ai Plumor and stamps S8.25. wife to Francis C. wife,' part of Ls 15, 16, B 5, Steward's Addn., revenue Nannie Mae Huff to Henry Huff. 1, 12, 3 25, Grand View Adcrn., quit claim deed. Home Development Co. to Rosalie E. 3akcr and Trank J. Crubcr. L 20, B 95, ·rational City Sub. No. B, revenue stamps 55 cents, Anna BInustcIn to CeIJa Ivf, O'Leary, I* S, 3 1, Montrosc Addn,, revenue stamps 55 cents. Joint, tenancy deed, TImrod Construction Quit claim deed, Ethel A. Murray to Fred B. Murrey, part of Ls 9, ID, B 8, Grant Road Park No. 2. , Delia Jean Fartridce to Edward Chcstn L 34. B 4, La Madera Addn., revenue stamps JI.10. ' : iClay H, Ferguson to Harry Olsen and wife, "N'/i of L 24, El Pasadena Tract, revenue stamps 55 cents. Albert R. Buehrnan and wife to Ruth Ellen Abelcff, part of I. 6. B ]3, AvondaJe Sub., revenue stamps 55 cents. Albert R, Buehman and wife to Ruth Ellen Abeles, part of L G, B 13, Avondate Sub., revenue stamps Si.10. QuJt claim deed, Erenda B, Richards to Donald W. Richards, L 2, B-E, Casax Bonitas. £dwnrd Chesin to John JSldon Lawnon and wife, L 33. B 4, La Madera Addn.. revenue stamps $1.10. Joint tdhancy, deed, Robert J. Reynolds and wife to Frank H. Mark and wife, part Of S 28, T 13 S, R 14 E. , frank R. Mark and wife to Robert J. Reynolds and wife, part of S 25, T 13 S, R U E , A, H. BolJincer and wife to John DOUR-, Corp, to Al SchlAckman and wife, part o f i l a s Cronkhite, L 9 , - B *?8, National City No 6, revenue .stampj $1,10. 'Albert F. Buehman a n d ' w J f e to Ruth NW',1 of S 15. T 14 Si, H 14 Z, revenue itamps $6-05. William M. Wilson and wife to Henry Young and wife, part of L 7, Hiram Banks Acres, revenue stamps 55 cents. Quit, claim deed, Eileen T. Courtricht to R. P. CourtrlEht, L 5, B 15, Montrosc Addn. Joint tenancy deed, Timrod Construction . Corp. to Al Schlackman and wife, part o f l J . Cculson and wife, part of L 4. S W.I of S 15. T 14 S, R 14 E, revenue|T 13 S, R 14 E, revenue stamps $4.35. Pluma-tead und wife, L 5, B 22, National City Sub,, revenue stamps $2,20. Jamca E, McKInnon and wife io Johnny M. Elliott, part of L'* 1, B i, Catalina Poultry Acres Unit No. S, revenue stamps S5.Q5 Gabriel Slnohul and wife to Jesus Qul- Jad a and wife. L 5, B 164, City of Tucson, revenue stamps $1.10. National Realty Co. to-Robert B Stlrllnff and wife, part of Ls 10, li, B 18, Linden Park Addn;, revenue stamp* S8.SQ. Ray Garrett and wife to Eunice £. Hackett, L 9, B 4, Garden Homes Annex? revenue stamps S6.60, ' Andrew Nady and wife and Robert Friedman and wife to WllJlam C. CUck and wife, part of L i, B 1, Grantland Acres, revenue stamps 55 cents. Walter E, Murphey Jr. and wife to Georges Besson and wife, L 3, and part of L s, B 2, Pnlo Verde Addn,,. revenue stamps $3.23, F, s. Construction Co. to Irvln W Mahacek and wife, part of La 5, 6. B 17. Hoffmen Addn.. revenue stamps SD.90. Jean E. Francis to Louis Bernard Schmidt et al, part of L 11, B 2, Palo Verde Addn. Louis Bernard Schmidt and wife to Jean E. Francis, part of L 11, B 2, Palo Verde AdJn. F, s. Construction Co, to Roy D. Johnson and wife, part of Ls 8, 9, B 17. Addn., revenue stamps $0.90. REALTY MORTGAGES BuMdln* Credits, |8,1IX, D»rt of Ls «, T, B 10, Colonia AUcgre. W. E, Shanks and wife to Clifford L. Peterson and wife. $2,000, L 17, B 22 Hcsub. of Washington Heights, Robert R. Allen ana wife to John Mene han. 54,200, L 3, B 4, Colonia Del Valle. W. E. Shanks and wife to John Mene han. J4.000, L 17, B :2, Rcsulj. ol Wash ir-eton Heights. W. S, Kalnsford and wife to Louise M Ellen AbcJts. part of L 6, B 13, Avondalej Francis C. Prince and wife to .Joseph Sub,, revenue "stamps 55 cents, ' jSolon and wife, $2,750, part of Ls is, William J. FOJC and wife to Harry H.jB 3. Plumcr and Steward's Acicln, 16, Plate and wife, L 7, and, W.fc of L 0, B B.i Francis C. Prince and "wife to Waltcrlncx.' Murray, J2.000, part ol S 35. T 13 S, K 14 E. Johnny M. Elliott and wife to Jame E. McKinnon and wife, 55,000, part of L 1 B 1, Catqllna Poultry Acres Unit No, 3. Roy W. Eaton and wife to Tucson Fed eral, $2.600, part of L 1, B 7, Speedway View Addn. John Eldon Lawson and wife to La Madera Land and Trust Co., $8.000, L 33 B 4. La Madera Addn. Donald W. Richards and wife to La Madera Land and Trust Co., 58,650, L 2 3 E, Casas Eonltas, Orvlllc Harold Golbertf and wife Io Jacome's Department Stores, $1,800, par' al SE;1 ofS ID, T 13 S, H 14 E, Rolinud J Cnulson and wife to Roben L McEratney and wife, part of L -4, S 34 T 13 S, E 14 E, $2,200. Robert B. Stirling and wife to Prudential Insurance Co., $7,090, part of Ls 0. 11, B 18, Linden Park Addn. Junnita VJlteKas de Duarte to L. D Strublnger, $364, L 15, B 26, Bruckner's Addn. Eunice E. Hackett to Hay Garrett ,ind wife, $4,700, L 9, B 4, Garden Homes An- Brentwood Addn, Robert L. McBratney and wife to 34, tamps $6.50. Albert R. Buehman and wife to CataKna Deed and assignment, Henry Foley and I Foothills Estates, L 8, B .3, Avondale Sub.; tvi/e to Louis Furman, part ol La 14, 15, i revenue stamps $.1.65, B 1. Vista del Pueblo Addn. Christen Gadekjar Nielsen and wife to ,ucJa Eppingn, part of L 3, s 30, T 13 S, 14 E, revenue stamps $3.05. Elbert B. Garner and wife and E. H. Garner to A. J. Miles, L !, B S, TucsonJta, revenue stamps S5 cents. Broadway Development Co, to Marvin Laveter, part of Ls 6, 7. B 10, Colonia Al- ICRre Addn., revenue utamps $7.15. · Alvcrnon Addn. xo Robert R. Allen and wife ,Ls 2, 3. B 4. Colcnla Del ValJe Addn., revenue stamps $2,20. E. Murphey. $3.000, navt of Ls 15, 15, B 911 Al Schlackman and wile to Timrod Con- Firmer and Steward's Addn. Istruction Corp., JZ.OOO, part of S 15, T 14 ·Joannais R 14 E. Miracle] Arthur G. Hastings a'nd wife to Nclle L, iLeach. 55,1)00, part of Ls 4, 5, B 12, Spced- jway Addn. No. 2. Bronx Park! Major Willis and wife to Gaynor K. Slovcr and wife, $800, L 14, B 25, Grand- Bllly G. Ellis and wife to Monehan, $2,000, part of L 7, B 1, Mile Manor. · . ,, r _ . Wencie E, Hlguera and wife Io Tucson!way Addn, No. 2. Federal, .$1.300, L 3, B 51, ~ - . - - . Aeidn. Ames S. Albro and wife to Tucson Federal, $5,500, L 4, B 5. Sawtcllc Place. , . May Ferguson to Douglas S. and wife, $1,477,82, S'/a of L 24, El Pasa dena Tract. H. Louis Johrisori end' wife to Robert C. Marvin Lavetter and wife to view Addn. Willie .S. Atwood and wife to Jessamine James, $4,500, L 3, B A, Resub. of B 5, New Deal Acres. H. M. Howard to : Prudential Insurance Allied Co., 18,000, L 16, B B, Casas Bonitas. R E L E A S E OF REALTY MOrVTOAQE* Marslnal release, W. H. Calmes and v/ifc to Samuel Kessel.'nan and wife. Marginal release, Carlos G. Robles to Solcdad C. Haro. Marginal release. Frank A, Peyton to Aclc Simmons and wife. Partial release. Allied Building Credits; to Broadway Development Co., part of Ls G, 7, B 10, Colonia Allcgrc. Addn. D D. Sappcnflcld and wife to Robert L. .McBratr.ey and wife . Bcssc Jane Crane to Bessie C. Shelley and Marvin C. Shelley. National Reserve Insurance Co. to Delia Jean Partridge. Partial release, Louis Dcrmart to Na- ooleon Wilson and wife, part of Ls 14, 15, B I, Vista Del Pueblo Addn. | John Hancock Mutua/ Life Insurance Co.f to Samuel O. Wilt and wife. Marginal release, Margaret A. Thompson to EInar Encrson and wife. Marginal release, L.. D. Strublngcr to Francisco Rivera and wife. Bailif fflitlutt · Friday' EvtnlnB, Nov. S, 1950 : 1043 N. 1st; J,.W. Chastaln, 527 N'. Columbus. » . Fred C. Elra,'3038 E. Indlo: Patrlcla-Le«/ T544 E. 1st; M. L. Brown. 3743 E. Farr; J. T, Kidney Jr., 1933 N, Justin: E. W. Sheppard, 3625 E. Bellevuc, No. 10; Levern Mencer, 318 Ft. Lowel) Rd., No. C: A, F, Coughanour, 723 S. Martin: Howard Hough. 2603 E.'Sylvia;-James Elsenbarth, 3543 E. Bellevue: J. W. Anderson, 142 N. Tyndall; Harvey Robinett, 328 Z. President; Frieda H. Fischer, 3815 E, BeUevue. 'CONTRACTS FOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE ' ' Martin Kos and wife to Henri LeGuyader and wife, part of I/ J, B 51, Coronsdo Heights Addn. Duane K. Becksted to Olindo DiNapoll, Ls i, 2, 3. B t . Mission View Addn. . · All-Year Climate Club At Bisbee, Sets Meet EISBEE, Nov. 3. (ff)--The Eisbee All-Year, Climate club wUl'hoId its · U T I L I T Y C O N N E C T I O N S Fred Scanlon, 3S25 N. 1st; The Village Jewelers, 300G E. Broadway. No.' 12: Julius Savlov, 2601 E. IDIh; R. S. Gorsuch, 103D E. Spring. No. C: C. E. Robinson, 3221 Christmas; M. A. Wagner, 725 E, 7th: Percy Dick, T-I060 Ft. Huachuca; J. L. Magnl. 3710 E. Shcpar,d: H. M, Reynolds, 2826 E. Eas'Jar.d'l , . , J. L. Anderson, 123 E. isth; j. A. zppings, annual meeting at tile country £17 Graybill Dr.: Mrs. W, E. Hall, 4119 E.Jclub Nov. 8. L Rd C '"' Dewey L Armstron '"^ji'i? 11 TM" i ^ r - R 0 ' 361 '' Nugent vice-president stone: c. A. C Praicii, 4c2s°Pasco Dorado- of the University of Arizona, will 't. Harrison, 1745 E. 10th: The Arizona Irrigation Co.. 3017 N. Olsen; M. W. Dodse, 2240 N. Campbell. Mary Small. 1613 E. Adelaide; J. W. Harris, 2901 S. 6th; John Hernandez, 3543 S. Bill, No. B; F. D. Huiiar, 204315 S. 4th; Rita Florcs, 437 S. Meyer: L. W. Berglsch, iry^Bakcr' 'BOT^ ^Lee^'lSatom'XVW-lTM 0 TM 11 ^ ^ rs McElfr^Sh played a ier, 2304 Menor str'av, H. H. Conn, 1430 phonograph recording of "Yankee E, Drachman; T. w. amis. 2013 E. East- Doodle" an d prompted notes from and; J. S. Crable, u E. Pcnnlnston. No. 6: L of h , -' n ran , r t-, K mv ,1,H, E. Gutman. 4HO E. Lester: R. J. Fitz- one O1 ne ,V loU canalles - ^ ow '»« Taid, «i s. Aivcron, NO, 66; sigmo Dciu,'bird readily whistles the enUre air. address the gathering. CAXARV VAXKBE DOODLES ' GARY, Ind. U.PJ--A year's training produced psti-lotic whistling in Mrs. John McElfresh's home. Eacli C L A S S I F I E D A D V E R T I SI NG M DIAL for ALL PEPAATMENT8 of Tucson Newspapers, lac ORSSPOOI-S--SRPT1C TANK WARD BROS. PUMPINC 24.HOUR SERVICE Cesspools and septic tanks vacuu cleaned. For rpllablc serv Dial 2-24' CHAIR RENTAL CONCKKTE -BLOCKS PERFECT BLOCK CO, 4 x 6 x 1 2 - $49.75M Since 1941 We Sold Five Million 8-19.E. Llroberlosl -OrJve Dial ;-»!.' EBB WEBB DIAL 3-2111 Z847 N 1ST AVE CONTRACTORS ELECTRIC HOTPC * All cUbns of trror In pubUeatlOQ ·hall bli ro»d* within M hours tttti tint Iniertion, No clalmj will be ·llowtd for mori thmn ont Incorrtcl tBMrtloiu Minimum 10 din - tIJO Word 10-word Minimum KITCHENS??? Dial 5-7471 ask for Harold Low . the G H Electric Appliance Co BLUG. ana REMODELING CONTRACTOR. H. SCHELL S-65ffl wiWDOWS and coors wcatherstnppcd AtumLium awnings, screens remodel Ing Licensed. Insured Skilled work men. Payments t( desired Free *s tlmale. Dial 3-7530. : HUTCHEN BATHROOM cemodej c- FHA flnancinc For estimate ll Peter L Cooper, 5-5924. Open Sundays 8 to 4 Cancellation Deadli^t «:JO PJ4. Witkdv-f J P-M. oturdny ' \ An miphabttlcAliy azranied dtrec. lery of btiilnus, fpeelallzhiK In cerv- |M« mich ml contractors; inctlumj. . f anji, 'WMhcri, and h««Ung. WANT to add an extra room, remode build a n w home? Call Elmc Dobson. gen, contractor. Ph 3-435_ 1st CLASS new constr Repair ,-emod Large-small .Lie, cen contr 3-6829 SUB CONTRACT bloat laying censed contractor. E B Biker 3-8167. PLASTERLNG. stucco work, patching Good work. Reasonable prices. 5-8598 1ST CLASS work New remodel re- pfllr Licensed contractor Ph 3-8489 10' SLADE Allls Chalmers bulldozer bin. Call 5-4312. la-yd. rteel VANT TO Bl WANT TO BUILD! Add a room? He- model? For A-l work by master craftsmen call Carl Nielsen, licensed contractor. 5-4066. : COOLING AND H" AT1NG COOLING HEATING electric repair id trnunlr ^frvlrp Call Mar 3-404? Io ·u 21 21A 23 UA. 24 1 U 11 ti Acrelgt Apirtmenu-- ·Dnfurnish«d ' Furnished *utos-- KtotMag Ptlr.llnt, Tor Sale Tat Rent Wanted S ui Directory ui Opport'y Sua Property ui RenUli Bicycles V CIothtnjB for Sal* MA Don Cati Peti i3 rnid* Ranches * tf Employ Agency 8 I^rms Ranches 83 -inanclu] Serv 19 Ouest Ranches ior Sale MA Guest HOUJCI le Hotels T? Help W«nt»d-- Male k Male r«n«l« IA Fetnal* 10 fi'schold Goodj 54 ITtlcpj: Rooms 78 Houses for Rent-- FurnlshKI tl · Cofurnliued 12 Rouse* for Sale M Open for Sale 95 Income -Prop'ty 89 tat'* Swap a Livestock «0 Loans--- , Money 10 M Real Estate MA Lost and Found 2 Lots for Sale Money Loan* Motorcycles Misc for Sale Miie for Rent s!A Out of Town Rentals HA Out of Town Property HA Personals i Ptry CMS. etc 61 Radios Musical Instr Si Exchange Wanted Rest Home* Resorts I? U T7A 72 Situation! Wanted Male 11 Male Female 11A Female )9 Suburban Property 10 Room without Board 15 Rirj Board Wanted . 14A Km Si Bourn 74 Trailer Courta 73 Trailers- Kew Used 25 Travel Oppor IS Trucks For Sale » For Rent 22A Want to tnvesl 14 Wanted to Buy 58 Wanted to Rent 83 DETERGE*TS NEUTRAL CLEANSER, an All-pur- · pose 1 Detergent, for Commercial and Household use.'S3.25 per cal For I medlate delivery, call 3-S23Z · DRESSMAKING DRESSMAKING alterations, shirts and suits-, belts, buttons, etc. Vi-Anx Sewing Service. 55 E. Jackson. 3-6171 FAITH Ortarnfrts. hard alterations 191.1 E 6th to fit 3-M77 EXPERIENCED seamstress, alterations. Adah Heidelberg. Ph. 5-20M. 825 N. Blncon Blvd. · DRESSMAKING alteration household sewing. lC3lf E..Lce SL. 3-9379 DRESSMAKING--TailOrins. speclalTz- ing in alterations. 2609 E. 5th. 5-3818. -ELECTRIC SERVICE WIRING, any Kind, any time, any where Best lor less Mlklta V4811 Si.'N'r A HOOVEU CLfiANKK ran); or Uprtcht TUCSON'S ONLY AUTHORIZED SALES SERVICE AGENCY MITCHELL'FURN. CO, m ft Congress Phone 2.7ffi WIRING; residential, and commercial service. K. Oestrlch. Dial 5-1581. Hall Electric Co. 23-hr, radio and appliance repair. Contracting Dial 5-3101, EXCAVATING BULLDOZER with operator PAIXTIXG DECORATING ! PERSONALS Dillntins, m nor reoalrs. Prompt, efficient rea sonnble service. 3-3412. 3-0977 PAINTING at livins prices , Tm payment- arranged Free "st INTERIOR exterior. Free estimate Licensed reas. Bon Hall? Ph. 5-462r palntine INTJiBlOR exterior palntiiiR olaste catching, spraying. bonde?:ine. 2-39 INTERIOR Si exterior oalntins si .5 or by eontr Llsc free est. ,'i-76fl | NEED -A reliable painter? Call 2.137 or 5-4090 INTERIOR Si exterior painting . paper hanclnR Color specialist f:n 5-BJ94 . CALL . 3-6192 lor clean. reUuhl painters. BOYCE B WELLS Licensed ooper hanggr ana painter Dial 5-og20 E1.IM1NATE .oeallnp on brick am ' PATIO WALLS I HIGH concrete Iflocfc 3! :S 5' *2.7S 6 53.20, Includes aH labor and ma terlal Lie Contr S-75H1 PLUMBING CHET McCARTY Plumbtog Heat ing Co. City licensed bonded. Sat Isfactlon guaranteed. Ph. 5-3Q7t. POMP REPAIRING Tucson Pump Repair Co Sales »r.d Service Prompt efficient repairs ana Installa Agents for Byroa Jackson and Reda 3544 Los Altos Dial 4-0273 KKFK1GURA10R SEKV1CK COMMERCIAL Refriceration Service --anv hour tt th« twentv-iour Call 'ILOVES-CLARK. [NC. 2-4826 ·O«-RELIABLE service on a!l oake refrifierators call Prtoce Enelneer- Int? Phnnp ft.BFJR1 UESTAUR;iNT ' SUPPLIES HOTEL RESTAURANT SUPPLY S016 S. 4th Ave. Dial 4-0401 ROOFING Tucson Roofing 81 15« E 7th Supply Co. 2-11B1 5-5tl: AVE on roofine and Insulation work euaranteed Free -stitnate^ S 5th Ave Ph 2-M35 tVE.?TEaj) AtfTO SUPPLY CO iOfFMAN Roofina Paint Co Re- ·ooflnc 2M3 N T atnng Oial 4-0312 RUG CLEANING UC , furniture cleanins Carpet en4ce. Stanley white. Phone 2-5163. SAXD AXD GRAVEL L OUR farm for top soil eravel mortar sand.'fill fertilizer. Ige. rock, ractor for .rent Ph S-443 or 4-Q1S2. SCHOOLS ELEV1S1ON servlctaK. amateur FCC icense Enroll now Day and eve Classes start soon 2-2050 evenings RIZONA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Fullv accredited business school 1 E. Broadway Dial 4-lo;i ATLfN'S SECRETARIAL SC.HOOJ flfl S Stonf 4-0282 Indtv Instruction MRS. "LEWIS Spiritual psychic reader. Will idvls* and help vou on all nroplcms, business or personal Hrs 10 a.m -B o.ni 2513 N Country Club 5-98BO WHISKY STRAIGHT KENTUCKY Bourbon fails, 4 years old, 5th 84.11 BROADWAY VILLAGE DRUG D IF*'ICULT problems confidentially .discussed. Elizabeth Bullock. 2-3174. MEDIUM READER. Crystal Palm. istry card readings. 200 E. 33rd St. EOCK steam baths. Swedish massagu strUCtlOn. Tucson. V j . _ _ _ __ AUDITOR, therapy or In. Write P, O Box 4003, . __ __ _ _ ^ _ MEN, WOMEN! OLD? GET PEP! Jstrex Tonic Tablets Invigorate body ild after 40 Just because lacking Iron; Also contain vitamin Bl. Introductory size only 50c. At all drueclsta-- In Tucson, at JVTartln Drug. LEARN TO DRIVE Ariz. Driving School. 6-1333 or 3-in NEED QUICK CASH Turn vour Diamonds Into Dollars at CRESCENT JEWELERS ';OQ East Congress HELP WANTED, HOUSEKEEPER In exchange crivatc room in excellent home, small pay, 3-3601 before 5. MONEY LOANS 20(AUTOS FOR SALE 23 GENEBAL housework and persona! laundry. No cooking. Short hours dally, except twice weekly. 1 p.m. through dinner. No Sundays, Call alter s a.m. 3-6227. YOUNG woman seneral housework In Buest home. Live lr.. $50 per rno. P 3-1122. WANTED: B E A U T Y OPERATOR' ARCADE BEAUTY SALON. 40 B, BROADWAY, UNENCUMBERED white lady housekeeper, motherless home, live-In. _perrnaner.t. Ph. 5~8:I5S. ' SHIRT finishers, experienced cre- _ferre(3. Apply 2-19 S. Park. LAYOUT ARTIST, for quality magazine. Must have knowledge of typoj?- raphy. Ph. 6-0271 for appointment. · mother s helper lor young couple with 2 small children. Room board and small salary. Please call 5-8110. i [EXPERIENCED counter sw. · coed pay and hours; steady. Perfect Cleaners,' 5-3891. $100 in Your Hand Tomorrow Frtun Personal v/hcrc 4 out of 5 uho apply -for a Joan get one. Get 6s little as you need, £23,00 or as much ni $2'JOO on furniture, auto or salary. Vour choice of repayment dates and amounts. Convenient payments arranged. Phone or come In. let us try and arrange your loan the same. day . WE LIKE TO SAY "YES" PERSONAL Finance Company 12 W. CONGRESS-PH. 2.4601 (Across from Fox Theater! APACHE MOTORS I Cadillac- Oldsmobile Ride in Tucson's BEST Used Automobiles 2-5855 · AUTOS FOR SALE 23JAUTOS FOR SALE Alcoholics Anonymous Ol al 9-1552 Boy M.i REV KISSii snWtuallst reader wtl! ELJJSN Stewart chiropodist Foot correction sueclalist 270 N Churrh Ph a-4981 FB' olav school, asei : .kindergarten. Phone 5-GQ21. to 6 OIL - GOLD . Can locate these deposits. Interested tar-Cltlgon Bax_450. - 1AROLD HYAN, Soecial Asent, Hep- rcsentlne PRUDENTIAL Insurance Company of America, Aslc about r,e Mortsafie Insurance, -Phone PRESSEK--Factory oxoei'lencc, for blouses Sc skirts. Reply Star-Citizen Box S:a or 2C27 N r . 1st Ave. WHITE waitress, raafd; cook one day a week: room, board, salary. Applv In person. The Lodge on the Desert. WORRIED b,v the hich cost of livlnR? Use your spare hrs, to earn that much needed extra money, by ren- resentlne Avon Cosmetics. Phone ^0573 after 6:00 p^m. for ^Interview. BOOKKEEPER, sincla entry, . -steady cmoloyment. Star - Citizen EOT 518. ' DESK CLERK, bowline knowledge required. Ability to meet public. .Phone 3-3632. Mr. M, B, Wacconcr A-l AUTO,Mechanic, must have tools.I_ Steady Job, 294 S. Stone. Generally Auto. MONEY When You Need -It 520 to $1,000 RFC m.ijvcs salary, car or furniture loans without endorsers for any worthwhile purpose. Our service, ts prompt and friendly. Consult taUle below for payment. Loan 6 1S 12 Amt, Mos. Mas, Mos. $100 $18.45 i 8.33 J10.05 200 36,80 15.65 19,39 300 54.83 24.60 23.61 5fiO .. .. ' 3S.65 45.00 1000 . . . . 73.33 90.00 Phone or visit cur office today. "Household Finance · Corporation 142 E. Ponninslon. 2nd Floor '49 Ford $1,450 '49 Mercury $1,895 Sedan. Overdrive H ii H '49 DeSofo $1,895 '47 Cadillac $1,995 . Phone 3-3C04 '40 Buick Special Sedan Willys Sedan Sfudebaker $450 $50 $125 YOUNG LADY experienced for soda foujrtln, full time, good pay, steady. _Algg_za_r Drug Store. Grant Maple. HS. MYRTLE away on jickncss, 3zck soon. 3001 S. ' t.rstan^r-1 SITUATIONS, Male OT responsible fan- nan says at 2 o'clock:. Signed KTUC- GARDENING 11 EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 8 SERVICE UNLIMITED .i E PENN1MOTON DIAL 3-87az HELP WANTED, Male . Watering - Lawns mowed - Housework - Babvslttinc - Iror.inK - Mv home. 5-1977. PLASTERING, block layinc. rough cni*panter By hour. Ph, 5-6930. 1ST CLASS tool-die maker, production, working foreman plant mgr., design, estimate, sell., supervise. Lookfaii? for position or proposition Star-Citizen Box 503. CABINETMAKER. Finish Carpenter. AiESMAN-DBIVER to build UT a dry cleanlnc route. Otcn territory. Salary liberal commissions. Must) 5.55^5 ~ : "o V rTi. C A r vc SU '"' e "" ! Cleaners. 2332 N. j PHARMACIST - Reslstered COX COMMERCIAI, COLLEGE DAY AND EVENING CLASSES outhern Arizona's Oldest and Finest STONE ' DIAL. 2-2361 ' from blueprints light and heavy duty welcLInc one wiilder with mechan- cal experience isnrn S3GO 'oer month or over--permar.-jnt cmoloyment. Ap- nlv United States Gypsum Co.. P]as- cr City. Calif. ! BLOCK WORK, painting, carpcr.rrv work, Cnl! after 2. 6-1311. GUI. HIGH CLASS SALESMAN, grocery, mechanical, service Have own car. Would consider cosltion. distributor- ,. shla or agencx'. Star-Citizen B6* 501. v l CASH IN A HUKKY * Deal enjoy with quick local company . friendly confidentia loan services LJhera! IcncllnB pollrJe on your auto furniture truck o trailer Paid tor or not Payment reduced and 6111s consolidated Cars S trailers financed for buyer or seller ARIZONA CREDIT CO. ID 'N. 5th Avc. Dial 3-053 (Next to Owl Drue) LOANS Real Estate 20A 1st MORTGAGE LOANS SV MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS Ofterina the best fonn o/ onortmsi loans on residences, business or in come property for » stralehl term 51 i to 10 years or on easy monthly re- LOWEST ijATEs'° *" * V ° Ur "'*'*' MURPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. UOOD booyjtcepcr. automobile busi- WINTER LAWNS, shrubs planted. ' DIAL. 2-2 MACHINES ness, full time, eood Star-Citizen Box 511. opportunity. Tree pmnlne, yard cleaning. 3-7262. _ _ , OH EXPERT sewlc; machine repair- 1 Ins call the Singer Sewtnn Machine Co EYee estimate Phone and our enTce man will call HE ONLY Singer Sewtnf center In Tucson Is located at ' · . Singpr Sewlnjr Machine Co. 8 E Concress St. _ Phone 2-746B EC win c machine sales and nvice Si* N 4tii Diai 4-H12 SPRINKLER SYSTEMS AWN sprinklitiE systems Installed. 'ree estimates Folger's Ph STORE EQCIPMEXT JSSMAM Coml rcfriir.. new. used. rank Samuels Dlst Co. Dial 3-1492. 5-7101 FAST, economical trenchlnc field mnc foundation with machine. HAYDEN 5-6451 ·EXTERMINATING SOS PEST' control Spraying. Al work guaranteed Phone 2-7731 __ FENCES WOOD ornamental fence constructed Clothesline coles First cl»5« worn Phone !-9743 AUCTIONS GENERAL AUCTION W* buy (or cash or cell for vou on commission All Kinds- of lurnlturr ·nd household Items of value Sales Every Friday, 7 p.m. 1110 S. 6th Ave. Ph. 2-3285 tfU K.MTUKK BEHNHARD MANDL'S COMPLETE FURNITURE SERVICE 320 E. 6TH ST.--4-0342 FUHNITURfi REPAIRED refiJHShcd Best In the west. Ph 2-8655. HAULING LIGHT haulinc with 3 ,i-ton Dlck-up truck. Yard scrapinc. Prompt service. Ph. 5-0088. TUCSOW AUCT10JM ' EVEKY SATURDAY-? P M W* buy furniture for caab or t for vou on conslgnmeDt' 76 W. JACKSON 2-4371 HAULING. Ions or short distances Flngstone SoeeiaUy Ph. 2-90S3 Taylor HEATING 'BABI SEEDS RENTS cribs. UKb ctwiri. rtrollcrs nte 1223 E 6tb 3-0151 BOOKKEEPING SERVICE TAX AND BOOKKEEPING SERVICE for small business. C. M Morsan Phone 5-6770. 2850 E. 2nd SI SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS let me assist you by k-eptn* your books, payroll and tax records. Reasonable fee. M. A. Patten. P.O Sox 710. BOOK STOKES Books, at laic Issue raatfaiines boucht traded. Book Nook. 47 W Congress, LENTAl. L,ibrar-, greeting cards, «ta- , . tioners'. Swanberg's books, 1923 N. Pak Avc., S-7W1, CEMENT WORK KXFEKT workmanahio -- foundations, floors. - sidewalks, tmtlos. etc. Free estimates. 4-0333. ^_ , . curb, -ofltlo wall S2.50 up. Est. 5-7591 OUCT WOTJC CENTRAL HEATING. COOLING SYS. FURNACES. COOLERS INSTALLED .SERVICED ACE COOLER MAINTENANCE PH »-!381 HOUSE MOVIMJ ARJZONA HOUSE MOVING CO. A H Smith free estimates. 2-1001 HOUSES MOVED Frame brick or stucco Call 2-3331 for £rco estlmaio Tucson Warehouse Transfer Co nn E '8th St Established J832 HOUSEHOLD KEPAIK TABLE PADS BEST TABLE PROTECTION with HYLO heat waterproof, washable pads See samples Free e*tl. 3-1S55 TIf/E DRADiBOARDS. "Bathroom' floors Free estlmales O L- PhUUpj, JS-M4S or 5-ZJ12. UPHOLSTERING G Sc M STUOlO--LlvlnR room furniture--new. reoalred--upholstered 509 B Delano Phono_2-ao;2- LESTER BENSON-- tloholstcnnr 1 and repairing. 4U-E. 1'th Dial S-155S ADVERTISING salesman of ability ; and expertencc for state-wide rubli- ca Uon. Exceptional oDoorturJty to one who can Qualify. References required. Write P.O. Box 27DJ for au pointment, - "* CAFABLE handyman. 2 or 3 .days waek.-Reasonable, Phone 2-r" WORK WANTED --Yard, fences,' '_whgt_hgve-ycu. Call 3-345S. MECHANICS Butlfl Your Own Home We furnish eastslde lot and eon structlon monev all for S7S dn 14 monthlv Ino 2827 E 4'1 SI Ph SHOE SALESMAN wanted, experl enced Steady work. «ood oav .111 jgongrgss SOAP SALESMAN: OoDortur.lty fo man with rleht backcround to de velop Into central sales manaee with new concern. Write In detal clvine experience education a«e oersonnl data Star-Citizen Box 49- WANTED--Plaster Contractors. Ap D!v 4 to fi P.m. 4301 E. Soeedway. EXPERIENCED stocK tool room man. individual capable of assumtn complete responsibility for account ability of tools -Si material. Good on nortumtv for man who desires oer mnnent position based uoon ac curacy. Initiative co-cperatlon P, O. Box 2SL. YOUNG MAN full time, for work. Crystal crindlr.K. Aoolv 25 S PHE FINEST work al the lowes: nrlres Mirhfll Furn 7fi W Conr»-*« PETE'S UPHOI*ST£;RY and reDBlrlnR Phone 3-MT2 201.1 S "* WASHING MACHINES MAYTAG M nOOU SERVICE ON ALL MAKES AUTHORIZED DEALEB BEACH WASHERS t APP CO. 70 W CONGRESS DIAI. 3-lcfli MITCHELL'S Pick-up and delivery servlca On ,1) makes ai washers Lei ewerts r e iRir yovir washers 01 W CONGRESS D!»l J-74»l Ext WELL DRILLING , CAR1 PISTOB DHIliLINC CONTRAr^TOR Cor 25th and S «th Avg Dial 2-721 '· TUCSON MAINTENANCE SERVICE. Remodeling contractors Patio w»lls, Jencinj;. roofmB cooler service. ctt llcen: ~ " " " ' stale lit Guaranteed work 2-72Q1 THE FIX ALL SHOP 130 W Indlo Dial 2-3133 Decoratlnc jrn ''CD appliances ren carpentry COOLER SERVICE. J K W K L K K , WATCH REPAIR EXPERT watcn and iswelrv repair Pitt's Jewelers . LANDSCAPJ.NG SHAMROCK LAWN CO- Wlntei Lawns'. Tree PrunlnK, Yard Clean' tne Phone 3-7262 A. A McDANlEL. drlllinc contractor, 1208 E^ Hogcr Kd. Phone 2-0382. - CO POHSYTH E Mabel LOST AND FOUND LOST, small Die. Roccr Hoad vjclnitv. 4-H orolcct Phpne_5-703j Or 5-7025 _ HOST. Small reddish.brown Chihuo. hua. Answers name "Pepper." Wear- Intz Dlaln harness. Reword. Ph. S-nS63. LOST, Multi-colored Spa ved cat, also brown white female Sprlnser. near 2B18 E. Florence Dr Children's pets. Kfevrarf^c-Ogl], JL.OST, Heading ^la.wes. pink rims, j *^ PIANO PLAYEH. Apoly in Jlmm.v's Chicken- Shack. 275 S Mover St. after 8 LAYOUT ARTIST for quality'pia zinc. Must hftvc knowledge of typography. Phone 6-0271 ior appointment, ROTH REALTY NEEDS ONE MOKE EXPERIENCED LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESMAN.. CALL MR. ROTH 3-5466. : -DRIVER, cxp; for private school. Must live In premises. Room, toard, SSQ por month. Ph. 5-2694, ROUTE MAN for established laundry and dry cleaning route. Cash bond required. City Laundry Dry Clean crs 7jI E. TOoT^ Ave. AP»E YOU A MAN between the aces ol 33 and 40? Have you had at (east P years in serins? Arc you scck a cnrccr? For fuMJicr · information write P. O. Box.4275. Tucson,' INSURANCE SALESMAN--Old eEtab. lished fire anj casualty company hns opening for .vounc man with some Insurance, sales wrperiencc. Must be married and have car. Liberal salary. ar.d commission. This Is a pood job with wonderful future to right man Phone 5.S5S4 for interview. . MAN for dlshwashinc Sc Keneral work. Live-in. Cntallna cuest ranch. 3838 N. Camctajjll^ MAN 25 to 40 Jor country retail route. Salary commission. Apniy Swell Time Co. 2fr W. Plata needed badl.v. 5-fi3Sa. Reward. EXPERIENCED ASPHALT T I L E .AYERS OR HELPERS. STAR-CIT, NEW- lawns tree trimmlnc shrubbery MOVING, Shipping, Storage CONCRETE firs; fndauons. drvwys, sidewalks immediate service 5-35P1 MASON FLOOR CO. Concrete . work, all kinds, colored floors a specialty. Free estimates. S-2260. CESSPOOLS--SEPTIC 1ANKS IT M PUMPING CO Cesspools and Mptlc tatilu vacuum cleaned Latest ^caulpj prompt reliable Dial S-Ois HAYDEN EXCAVATION Dial 5-6451 Our Reputation .Your Guarantee CESSPOOLS, static tanks cleaned: licensed plumber, r w. Ganz Plbtc. and Heating. 1021 N. 3rd. Ph. 3-S731. MASON arecast concrete septic tanlc. Approved county-city F.H-*. ' »S5 delivered._Ph' 2-22611 ' - MCCARTHY'S -. Septic system Installed and cleaned Free insp. and eslimiues Licensed contractor. 327 S. Adams. Phone 3-H35 TONY F. WARD'S ' Cesspool - Pumping JJCOSED CONTRACTORS -- 4-18JJ ARE YOU MOVING To or From Arizona For all your shipping and moving needs, factory or office eatilpment, household goods. All shipments receive eaual care and dispatch Low rates to and from all states. For fast, economical shipping Cal'l,3-2541 FREE ESTIMATES STOKAC-E FACILITIES 'OLD PUEBLO VAN STORAGE CO. 361 Toole Ave.. Tucson, AHz. ALL SHIPMENTS FULLY INSURED -AT NO EXTRA COST ACROSS the street or across the Nation Complete movins. packing, storage shippl-e service Tucson Warehouse i- Transfer Co, 110 I nth St Ph 2..1331 NURSERIES TREES. Shrubs Lawns Renovating, Park Nurserv W Wetmors * N Iroeuols. 3-3601 KANUNCULAS ano man.v other bulbs. Sweet pea · seed. Rye crass seed Mum stock and other heddinp plants A Violets. Eastburn's. 3-0332 734 E. «. PEBTILIZER. ,, DELIVERED M yd.--2 'oX $7 U. PH. 6-0681 LOST. Monday. r.iRht, Collie icmale doc. Ph. ;-2ao6. ULTIMATELY DMNK YOU RALKBOW W I L L WATER LOST: Blond cocker soanlel. Vicinity Catallna Vista, answers to Laddie. Reward. Ph. 5-05.1.7. BROWN eocker -t'.-j mos. Soeckled Daws, tan feathers. Lost vicinity Park Mabel. Contact Mr. or Mrs. Burns, SPI9 N. Forgcus. BOX 516. BOOKKEEPER with construction ofc. experience In payrolls Sc accounts payable: tyninc essential. Star-Clt. a^ u crl . lawns fixed up. Dic- ging, nruninc, cleanins. Experi- cnced. Reliable 3-9636. SITUATIONS. Female 2CO N Stone Estab- H33 Dial ?-: V'E MAKB 2ND MTGES. 1 DAY SERVICE. Ph. 3-M20 OR 6-0764 ZVES. FOR SALE. W? S3.400 paying C7r secured mortKagc Ph. 2-3060. T5S FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS ON OWNER OCCtTPIBD SINGLE FAMILY HOME SEE TUCSON FEDERAL SAVLVGS LOAN ASSOC. CONGRESS AT STONE DIAL 3-4721 COOK, housekeeper, practical nurse Children maternity, aced. interim EXPERIENCED OFFICE worker wan. full or part-time work. Good typis college deprce. marrfed woman, ref erences. Call 2-2224 mornlncs or 'eve 2 FOR RANCH. Cook, assistant, moid etc. Fully experienced. Phone 2-0008 NURSERY AGE younfister would ·!; accepted for motherly day csre Irresponsible and competent personnel For an appointment, please call 5-3523. COOK--Experienced In rcstauranT cafeteria and home. cookir.K. Mozcl LADY dcslrea general housework _Prefer llvlne out. Phone 3-8319. TUTORING BY EXPERIENCED TEACHfiB CALL .-!-a23 AFTER 4;30 MAIDS at your SERVICE For reliable domestic help by the hour, day or permanent. Ref. checked '"" E. BJwv. H.-.S. 8:30 trj 5 2-lvia7 IRONING in my home, Verv reason able. Ph. 5-8021 Curtains ar.y style, wash strelcn. exp .'YP1NG dictation In mv hnme 22Bf E___ Prince Ph s-ossi BABY SITTERS, adults health cards Brent!!«'« Parent Sitters. Exchange 8-0372 · · ' · · · DRabsMAKER. better Kind References Remodeling Formals Rea- '·n^a'-ll* 300 N Cherry ^-niflR AM1LY LAUNDRY--Tho way .YOU like it--My home 2520 N Balboa. 3-3Q8B. W-TIME work as paid trainee In small business: best references. Ph; · iICENSED practical nurse," reliable i- exoerienccd; best references. Ph, 3-9006. MIDDLE-AGED or child cnre. ladv 'wants nuvslnc Star-Clt. Box _ ; VOMAN desires dnv work. Ph. 2-4100, CASHIER-Bookkeepcr-T.vpIst: vounR woman desires year round position In or out of city: have car. Dudt ranch hotel experience. P . ^ 0 Box '" Tucson. HOUSEKEEPER--1-2 adults: reter- ences. Ph. 2-5370. · A SERVICE of mature, competent baby sltturs, Mrs. H. Garfleld Jones. Ph. 3-3556. "·OUHT Owners Vacation. Exceptionally capable Arlsonn woman will manage Tucson j court for winter. Liberal Mortgage Loans Refinancing See TALBOT of Tucson Realtors 36 S. Stone Dial 3-0521 S $ S S S S S $ S r HAVE CASH to buy several' 2nd mortRafics or contracts Call me at 3-5420 days or 6-Q7S4 eves. 1ST MORTGAGE LOANS Phone 3-05S5; Jack Dyer or call a 1201 East 6th St COPPEH STATE REALTY CO. APACHE MOTORS USED CAR DEPARTMENT 431 K. 6th Avc. (Next to Firestone Store) Dial -1-0481 33 Pl.v 4-dr. S151)-dn. 'Country Boys." 294 S. Stong 41 Bulcl. Sedanette ''Country Boys." 294 S._Sttpne "r-mn 1940 BUICK 4-DR. S200 tin. "Country Boys." 284 S. Stone. MONEY AVAILABLE For sensible loans in ail · Rood loea O"5, Lou- payme;]t terms. Kelll Roalty. 3701 E. Speedway. WILL DISCOUNT 15',;. on well ,, cured Jst mortsase of about 55 600 Payable S55 mo. r t 6r tf Oracli Realty, 2223 Oracle Rd. Ph, 3-9381 AUTO REPAIRING 21 Car Neetf Motor R Expert meclianics to 'serve vou Easv payments may be arraneed Jj;£_Bo^.s^i_5Q.i m S |!|| 6Th [| . |||| Phone 2-122] TRUCKS FOR SALE 22 -TON panel. Good workljic cond AUTOS FOR SALE 23 47 CHEV, duo couDc. Only 10.000 miles. Original owner. JI21 N, 2nd A , NEW CHOSLEX sed ones tool Gardner Cook- Co Ulhortzed dealer 502 E flth Phone -1323. 48. CHEV. Slylcmaster . 4-door sedan, healer Slots. 2138 N Madelvn Ph 'HIVATE owner. 1348 two tone Silver- streak Pontlac B. Good contl Only 22.700 miles. Radio, heater. spotllRbt, etc.. S14S5. 670 W. 33rd St. 33rd S. ah. Ave. 12 CHEVROLET aero sedan '48 motor Excellent condition, oractlcally new rubber. .Radio, heater. 3438 E. Preflidio siso CHEVROLET. -Let's swap. 1 - _,. SI5 S. stone. the Country Boys.' 2i 49 Chev. Ox 2 dr. $575 dn. Boy) .«...«*.; iuuouu ^ w u i * *u. - r m ^ L . i 285 S. stone. Country Ben references, star Cit.. Box 5Q8J.1IMS CHEVROLET 2-door sedan. Ex- OMPETENT,woman, Ironin: In your! «'J?J' condition. 2537 E. Lester. lomc or mine. Housevrork. 3-OB57, _*^JMI By EXPERIENCED shoemaker wanted a Trince Shoe Shop. 1015 E. 6th St Also experienced bootblack wanted PERSONALS GOOD OPPORTUNITY I For a Hoover 'Cleaner Salesman Acnly at Mitchell Furniture. 101 W i Congress St. X DIAMONDS X OLD GOLD ANTIQUES ' Cash Paid at Once Grunewald A'dams 60 E CONGRESS Ml c. I* V I" ^*JVC.J3 '" MRS. BROdKS Bom psychic Can nelD colva all problems. 2424 N. Stone. . . _ _ _ _ Meacnam gBted psychic confidential advice tells Important dates end cbanscs 3326 Fairmount TencuQ rrtgs Tnur eves 50c S-TT08 SWEDISH MASSAGE, steam hath. Agnes Thnmoson 42 S Fremont. Dial KINDERGARTEN AND SCHOOL PH 2-0884 ^ S OLSEN MRS EDWARDS Psychic advice' on all EUblecls 212D S Phonf a-i WE-L NOT be responsible for any debts, made by anyone other than myself. Raymond B. Bryant. 1741 E. 19th. BOYS, TRAVEL $23 wk. expense acct. transportation paid. No experience necessary^ Cash advance. Mr. Scott, Coronado Hotel 10 to 12 A.M. Don't Phone. WANTED--Male coolc ior 30 men. Call 2-7032 HELP WANTED, M. F. 3A COUPLE wanted for cicaninc central tavern work. Call 7970 -Elov EXP. COUPLE, mtm woman maid. Guest dishwasher, ranch. Ph WANTED--Couple or 2 single women or single woman and man to cook and manage kitchen and pantry In private boarding school. Good wages ond accommrdBtlons. St Box SOS. . . WANTED,. Female 10 YOUNG woman for doctor's office; office nurslne. Routine laboratory work secretarial experience required. Call 3-5471 ; dav8; 5-0402 after fi. ' tiOUS£.KEEPER. eood wli^i children No laundrv. 2725 La Clenega EXP.. fountain KM. full time. Cata- llna Drug Store. 2308 K. Campbell. WAITRESS wanted .at Collegt Inn. Apply in person. 9« Z. 3rd. iEEP CHU-DREN'in my home. dav or week. Mrs. Whltc^2-0313. DEPENDABLE practical nrse. full time, for one person. Ph. 3-3353. TRAVEL Opportunities 15 WANTED imssaffe-W New York "city. Sharp expense, driving. Ph. 2-1 Otl2/ MONEY LOANS 20 MERCURY SEDAN. S195. FELDMAM. 434 N. CTH. ·40 CHEV. del. con., oriclnal. _m|les, SH35. ;38 N, Orchard. 12,000 Bovvyer Motor Co. PACKARD -- INTERNATIONAL If it's a bargain you want--SEE US ' 1949 Packard 4 Door Sedan. Overdrivt 794S Packard Super. Radio, Heater. Electro- matic Clutch, Overdrive. Low mUcs, 1948 Ford 1949 Chevrolet · FlceUlne. 6 pass, coupe. Eadlo, heater, and overdrive. Perfect condition. 7948 Studebaker Champion. Convertible Coupe. A good selection of cheaper cars at greatly reduced prices. Plus TRUCKS of all types. BOWYER MOTO-R CO. PACKARD - INTERNATIONAL SALES .- SERVICE 1227 N. Stor.f DIM 2-7481 LIVINGSTON - SELB^ Safe - Buy "THE , CORRAL" "Home of the 01' Car (Clint) Poke" 820 So. 6th. - "Barguns In Metal Steeds" 50 Mercury Scorl CDC, Ahve cot flh tu tone mav c-ic'-t lieah thet. wunt take no dua fruiri NOEUDDY. Its shore elCKim an if you haopen by. steo In an tak ah ion« look. Has all. thu trlmmins Ah bar/run I . . . ·$2,29! '47 Ford " - ' · Club CDC, Ah calls her "Blue Blazes, Shes. ah Jim Dajjd.v. Ocan? Podnsh Shcs clean ag ah hounds tooth. Sount IH wind and limb. Fresh shod. Wire Jess, stove, "Wanfcets 1 * and 'oricina paint shiny, as ah new DCSO, You'l plumb admire it. , .. . $1,095 '47 Mercury, Club CPC, This sandv Ian rascal ha more eadccts than Carter has ollls Ah have -luh beat ai'e "potrfh" of once In ah while 3S )ie ceJfit resiS liftin sumoin off. Fol'ns 'vou should BCC ill ... $1,195 '37 Dodge Sedan. Pore o!' "^ed." kin'da faded, ah mite tattered, mite creaky in thu icints but' still winlne. Ah dandv o]' "tin nac" ior town ridin . . . $195 "SOCIETY ROW" "Home of Cowboy (Miller) Joe" 920 N. Stone '49 Mercury Sport sedan. Green as ol* Ireland. The "RO buRcv" oj the highways. Did vou ever take a plane ride on t Rround? This Is it and a · little mo It sports heat, "sound" and wh; sox. For a swoosh! Down Hie ro try MERCURY ,79 23 $! USED CAR BARGAIN HARVEST These Won't . Last Long at TUCSON EQUIPMENT CO. 40 Plymouth ' $395 · 4-door. Bargain harvest, 41 Olds '6'' $395 Coupe. Bargain harvest. · $395 Bargain 1 said CLEANI New covers. "Cowb Joe" said this one was as CLEAN t h e "driven snow." Did I say it w rlcan? Come in and make him pro $1,24 '48 Studebaker. I Comrn. 4-Dr, Another Irishman Fit die. fire O.D, This car has the mo immaculate interior for a car. Hs'ae I have EVER seen. "The back ae where no f a n n y has ever set.",. No .you AK£ curious. $1,39 1Q5Q PONTJAC demo. Sec Rcc Xisht- llnger_ at Hackctt fc Whiting, 1042 DeSOTO 4-door sedan, radio heater seat covers. New cafnt, Eisele Motors^ 350 S. Stone Ayi loans $7-5 to $275 or more Signature - Auto ·Furniture nbj In mali payments that will fit your DocJtetbook ONE TRIP ONLY Phone, tel) us what you need, aien come In for the money Pay all vour debts with · loan Irom ui astert Krrtct. Commerce Loan Co. 100 So Stone Ave. · Ph. ,3-7579 53 E Broad- Diamond «nd other loans: Sile, quick Easy termi- Peoples Loans Z, Bro»dw» (crow irom WW) '38 STUDE.. mech. nood.. Balance at SH.33 per mo Bobtn Auto. 1514 S. _6th,_ '35 FORD all around cood car. Rea- Auto. 15» S~ s ' h IMS FORO tudor. radio, heater scat covers overdrive. Original let black- finish. Elsclc Motors. 350 s Sfpno Ave, 41 De Soto Fluid drive, harvest. '41 Dodge $395 Coupe. Bargain harvest '41 Chevrolet Tudor, 2-tonc crcen. Oh! MY! An other Ri:cen. Yes It hfts a heatc The favorite of the "Mexican IS'ntion. Come and cct it! ... .'$595 LIVINGSTON SELBY "SAFE BUY" ' 2 -- Big- Lots -- 2 820 S. 6th 920 N. Stone 3-7501 2-8783 193S FORD TUDOH. J125 d). "Countrj Boys." 1301 S. 6th. '46 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR SEDAN'EX- CELLENT CONDITION. NEW HUBBER. RADIO HEATER. PLASTIC SEAT COVERS. A REAL BUY AT S095. PRIVATE PARTY SEE AT -.1001 E. BROADWAY. 1950 CHEV. station waeon: 1941 Ford convfrtlblf. Ph. 5-6.1 1348 JEEP STA. WAG. SS95.00. FELDMAN - 434 K. 6TH AVE. 1033 PLYMOUTH "COUPE. $100 down "Country Boys." '.301 S. 6th. 39 FORD conyertll'le. S375. Rebuilt enclne 600 mljes: new oalnt. Interior, Columbia rear end. Car valued at /ran. Phon? .MS-ia. 937 PLYMOUTH 2-DR. $100 down "Country Boys." 1301 S. 6th. 1940 PORD TUDOR. A beauty. "Country Boys." 294 S. Stone. 9-18 CHEV A.reo Flectline deluxe only 23.GOO miles, excellent Condition First St.250 takes !t Can he flnonnerl '"qn E Mftrtfr Ph ?i-717fi 1033 PONTIAC. S100 down. "Hits the Country Boys." 1301 S. 6th: « Fords, clb coe. ,4 dr. · Country Soys, 294 s, Ston* '41 Nash Club coupe, harvest. $395 Bargain . BARGAIN HARVEST TIME Tucson Equipment Co. 49 W. Drachman Open Willys Eve. Overland Kaiser Frazer la+J PONTIAC tudor clean, completely equipped, apply at Gateway Motel 1«1 Benson .Highway, Apt, II, CARS FINANCED-FOR BUYER OH BELLES ARIZONA CREDIT CO. 10 N. 5th AvCr , . Dial 3-OSfi' Next to Owl rjrtic^ isa7 BUICK CONV,"»iOO dn. "dountn Boys" 130J S. 6lh. fVT owner will sel] either 49 Ford V-8 business OOUDO or 1947 Hudson SUPCV Six sedan Both car* In A-l condition with over-drive Almosl new low oressure lircs Low nille- p«lnt musur ooav *orn sa» *um Buvs isoi s 1U41 OLDSMOBILE 4-DOOR.. trade," "Country Boys." --.- TeTi 1301 S. 61h BUICK. S135. down. 284 S. Stone "Country Boys." 1818 CROSLEY. reasonable, new motor; car hardlv used. See anytime i Cl" E 12111. 41 Ford ',;i ton. "Very nice." 294 S. Stone. "Country Bovs" 38 Plymouth 4-dr. J100 dn. 294 5. Stone. "Country Boys" II CKEV; clb "Country Boy coe. "Let's trade.' 394 S. Stone 41 PACKARD clb coe. New motor. Hit's the--Country Boys." 235 S. Stone. ' WILL SELL my eoulty In 1950 model seann for WOO. balance owed S875. monthly payment* on t875. W8.20. Sec BUI Hindroan. 110 S. Stont. Whether ready to buy now, or just l o o k i n g ' around . . . you will find our .Hackett Whiting "GOODWILL" Display at. 2419 S. 6th Ave. a.delight- ful place to visit. Clean, lovely cars ... . the kind you . would /be, proud to own . . . with Prices and Terms all plainly marked. . Spend a pleasant hour t o m o r r o w , . browsing among some of .the 'finest you have seen. You will 36 welcomed . . .never " urged. 50 ; Pontiac $2,395" EXACTLY 4.8S5 miles'on this N E A B L Y - N E W DeLuxe Streamliner HYBHAMATIC 8 Sedan-Coupe. Specially paijit- ' · edMjn Factory Order in stunning SAN PIDRO IVORY--- ·nd loaHed with Extras. NEW CAR WARRANTY. - , 49 Pontiac 1,795 Mayan Gold CHIEFTAIN. 8 Scd. 49 Ford V8 1,495: Cutton Club Cpe, OVERDRIVE. '. 48 Pontlac 1,495' Z-tore HYDRAMATIC 8 Sedan.,- 48Chrys.'.6- |';495't .WINDSOR 4-dr, Automatic tranj,. 48 Pontiac '1,495 2-tene HYDRA J Sedan-coupe. .. . 48Desoto6!,395 Black, 2-dr. 22,500 n-.llts. . 46 Pontiac; 1,095' Gray 4-door. Clean 4t lovely. 2419 SOUTH 6TH AVENUE. 3-6183" HACKETT WHITING ; MOTOR CO. = Pontiac Dealer 38 E. Alameda · "Everyone Drives · A Used Car" '47 CADILLAC Flee (wood body. New t'res. Gray sxmvisor. Complete engine txir.c up. Special at. .S1.895 . ·47 CADILLAC 4-door sedan, white walj tires.' Sun visor. Low mileage. Radio and heater. A well kept one owner car. Priced to sell 1m-" mediately at 51,731 MI PLYMOUTH Convertible.. Radio, heater, fo* lights, bumper guards. Light blue. Completely overhauled (Crankshaft, rods, bearings. $$45'39 FORD Coupe. Jn ^ood overs]] condi- . tion. Practically new tires. A sacrifice at S275 '40 HUDSON 4-DOOR A car well worth . ., S2£$ '37 PACKARD 4-DOOR r.Tolor recently ovcrbVd. fJ2fl Soufhwesf Motors IQ K__Broadwa t v Ph^\-\2}^ . CHRYSLER--1 cJb -cpc. 1 sedan. "Let's trade." Country Boys. 294 S, Slone. 341 FORD COUPE or SEE try Boy's." 1301 S. 6lh. IMS PLYMOUTH'4-DR. "Let's trade." "Country-Bovs." 1301 S. fith. Tailor Made SEAT COVERS Any Sedan--$12.50 up Convertible Tops Complete Reupholstering Estimates Cheerfully Given MATTOX SON M E. Cody Ph. S.1S3J 1 ,blocJc north of El Ttencho Mkt. SAVE $200 1P49 CHEVHOLET conv. cpe. 1hl» w mileage Jlttle beauty has premium eneral dual J 10 w.W. tires and Seal- matic puncture proof tubes. South- nd heater, power tcrp-and s guar- teed moior. ' · $1 COK educed from $1.895 to .. l,DyO Terms - Trade ELDMAN. MOTOR CO. 34 N. 6th Ave. Phf 3-3572 OLDS '98'. Master DcLuxc 4-door. heavy duty tires excellent radio * heater. hydronMtlc. 2-lone, Sac- lice.. On-ncr BOliut cast. i007 X, loth.. h, S-OJ5J. ..A,.

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