Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 4
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A4--INDEPENDENT : ; Chinese Guerrilla Dies ^TOKYO W» -- Chou Pao-;against the Japanese in Man- cknng. 62, who commanded^huria, died Saturday in Chinese Osnmnnist guerrillas Peking. ENROLL NOW FOR NEW 1964 EVENING CLASS fn MAR1NELLO BEAUTY TRAINING MARINEUO icWI it row occtptmj o Hmif«J »»teel aroup for on «»en?B9 proyem for btginntn, conns*- ui9 of wa tTtningt a wnV end oU Joy Saturdays. TMi program f\l «nofcl« triou i*Itc»«d fa p'epor« for o MARINELIO BEAUTY CAREER wlthou* q 0 ;»;«9 prittnt {ob! RturvaKer.i art now kt'ng eeeeptei from tlon ^notifying by p«nono! Mtnitw. ACT NOW! Contact the Registrar MARINELLO BEAUTY SCHOOL 432 Pine HE 5-9109 LBJ Signs Biggest Tax Cut in History U-S- Tax Cut Expected ** O CO J · - y j . J rj. T A l ) |took up Kenned/i trgument'and our passion for peaeOcvery effort to reduce en- IQ fllKQ jjttltB UlCOUlC 'by appealing to -Individual he laid . jntcessary govenunent spend- '* rtin«iim»r« »nA Hi!«iT^«cm^n"*l T1* C*m«t* «rknrm-Ml *V» lUt.** (Continued from Page .strong." Johnson uid i» « Wmsumen and businessmen'! -r^e Senate approved the [obvious reference to Sovietjto put the tax cut to work byjbiggest tax cut in the na- Premitr NikiU Khrujhchev's making full use of its b«ne- tion's history Wednesday with oft-quoted promise to "bury** fits. capitalism. "If American enterprise responds to this new opportun- generous Republican support. JOHNSON* signed the his- ity with increased investment toric tax-cut biQ in a special and expansion -- with new White House ceremony at'production and new products SACRAMENTO (AP)--.sales, income and other tax- TTJF unr^F inroved the State finance officials esti-i«- THE HOUSE approved the, ^ wrfnerfjy ^ ^t Curr y predicted final compromise hour* after the'--with the creation of new Wat* for the bill, with 10 Senate "put the final stamp of Jobs--then the tax cut win Democrat* and cine Republi- to cans against. Among Democrats voting approval oa the measure by.bring creater ib-J a 74-19 vote- lall Americans," he said. Johnson w a s o b v i o u s l y j Then the federal govern- pleased at this election-year.ment will not have to d» fo*' against the bill was- Sea Harry F. Byrd. Va, chairman '»· ·*.- ·* v *vW44*n* c*w»t * FI_ to 83. (additional $2243 million into exactly one year, one monthjpages long--oa Tuesday. S^federal tax cut will pump ; and two day* after Kennedy 1 * urgent appeal. The roll call showed 21 Republicans joined 53 Demo- that this e m o r e help the The first effects of the tax'califomia'i treasury in the cut will be felt next week. A next three years. 4 percent drop in the pay-roll A(ttr - . . . Ralph Curry, withholding rate will take c hi e f financial economist for effect March 5. ~ quent paj-tJaj'S. . Oa tubs*American timlte1 it w i n state's economy. A gain of $41.5 minion in revenue was figured into the 1964-65 state budget already submitted to the legislature workers will find their tike- L ver j 10 o ro mion a -ear. Department cf Finance by Gov. Brown, on the as* · ~ ~-. ---- -- I-- I · - . «. t · · the tax - cut b i l l bonus, but he noted early in'the economy what the econ-' o f the tax-writing Senate Fi-| By law, the lower rate ^ his broadcast remark* that'otny should do for itself," nance Committee who had^pply to all paychecks issued the measure was "inspired Johnson said. consistently opposed a tax,* l i f t i n g Wednesday, but ' . . . . cut as long as it was notjmany employer* w e r e ex- SURROUNDED by cabinet accompanied by i r o n - c l a d ^ t e d to make the change- on anticipated extra would be enacted. Curry estimated the additional revenue in 1965-66 at and proposed by our late beloved President Kennedy" and extra profits $80 million and $103 million show op in state in 1966-67. and passed with bipartisan members and congressional'guarantees of reduced federal'over gradually. Federal tax support. . 'leaders in the East Room of ispendirg. [officials have let it be known^ Kennedy had urged Con-'the White House, the Presi- Even as the President pre-j^ey » iu ** lenie . nt *? th ""j cut RimS ' will pump an extra $27 mil-] lion a day into the economy [officials have let it be known by spending most of tht;r tax $25.000 or less. gress in early 196.1 to enact'dent told Americans that the pared to sign the bill. House ployen i who, acting in good a tax cut as a way of stimu-'tax cut alone will not do the Republican economizers rt ..· _____________ j; ---- j'j-i. I -M .*.·- A ---- 1- i -- . do latir.g consumer spending and'job. |newed their demands for a, rate "£"* *way. ** oew When t h e measure a year, with most of it going to smaller businesses making -The tax cut does not ap- be- ply to income earned in 1963, comes fully effective n ex Ton which federal taxes are jjan. I. Americans will get anjdue by April 15, the regular investments, creating more! The new law along with! lowe r U.S. budget. Rep. Frank I Treasury o f f i c i a l s are average tax cut of 19 per-filing date. jobs and averting a recession !pr i V ate initiative and creative T. Bow. R-Ohio. forecast a counting on Americans to fo!- ( cent, or a total of J9.1 billion . . by pushing the economy to'energy. are needed to -build new round cf inflation that tow their usual practice and.a year in tax saves*- The CASHMIS "SY to «ise new highs of productivity. t» nation whose strength lies will wipe out any benefits of spend 93 cents of every dol- eventual tax relief for ttr-^-hea you use aassifiedta '- tax cut "unless we exert'lar they earn. If they do. they'porations will be $2.« biBion.sell articles. Call HE Z-59o9. Biwra Hits Threat to Water Project SACRAMENTO Wl -- Gov.iapproves the Arizona project. Engle Says Tax BUI Sets New Course for U.S. WASHINGTON Wl -- in ' c '* planned for the Los Oair Engle, D-Calif, voting Angeles Harbor area. for the final ver-| Thomas said he wa* Tun, r*. r. Thomas Blasts L.B. in Harbor Talk · I BETTER TENANTS look (Continued from Pafe A-l) ]assemblymm «aid the state-ting something to get some of'possible oil reserve* =ntU re- for your Tor Rent" ads in ,*.,,.« k,* -v,..^ ».,,_'.. . 3^ for Los AngelesXcently. !Classified. Dial HE 2-5959. ments had -ranged iCverall criticisms ig remarks Brown spoke out WednesdayjThe $400-minion California]^ c ", yjj to-rrfurtion bin.'favor of abolishingthe'MTAJTM" Hayden. D-Ariz, to delay a Central Valley Project «* big California project until Congress approves the Central Arizona Project. The senator said in a letter to Chairman Henry Jackson, D-Wash, of the Senate reinforced my own determi- all states." Brown said. "I hope his statement does "The senator 1 * position has Interior Committee, that be the - j Thomas was critical also of HE DID not elaborate on use °* °* revenues to support what action he planned. H*! 0 * California World'* Fair in Long Beach, which he (aid economic measure in 16 area and it has not served years." Greater Los Angeles." IS "It frees us from the drag He said ~a completely : of aa outmoded tax system--organization is told would s u p p o r t California and sets a new course for the and supported a plan put ' nation to press the fight for senators* e f f o r t s to meet (nation's economy." Engle said!ward by Sen. Thomas Rees of a regional plan acceptable to water needs through-feasible in a statement issued through Los Angeles County for or- his office. ganizatioa of a new body to, .. establish rapid transit. *«"«· rm tiding of do- Cadillac Communisl L 0 " **« M*} 3 ?** I""'"*"*as called for an 80-per and practical" projects. *I shall insist. however. not mean that Arizona is un-jthat p r o p o s e d California willing to discuss the regional reclamation projects be con- plan calmly and rationally, jsidered in proper order in 'Intransigent attitudes by .relation to the long delayed -Beach and Los Acgeles har-| time we bors, which he said persons ^eliminate the wasteful com- at San petition and duplication of and it* harbor what'effort which is helping other of their misstate-'ports in the state and nation at the cost of Southern Cali- Thomas also told the au- fomia." Thomas's support of PARIS W! -- Communist ctnt thare f or th e $u te and, Chinese Charge d-Affaires'j 20-percent shire for Long the representatives of either and urgently needed CentraljSung Chin Kuang presented Beach and declared that Arizona or California would Arizona Project authoriza- ,his credentials Wednesday to'revision would "solve the do a real disservice to each lion." he wrote. the French Foreign Ministry.( t q U i t ; eSt get f^t £j $t ttate. and I shall continue to ·· · · « He drove to the ministry ia a 1 fmgton' Field operatin" BROWN CALLED Hayden's.Cadillac. tnd a great deal cf Kuilding Permits THIS rmm. tlJO-m TkLi itv. 117.IM.IBS. ' ·utr.tion. Ka Ct»T» ILA Scheduled to Load Wheal for Russ Today Doctors Quit Smoking do all I can them." to discourage W. PMWI. Vtrne position "fresh evidence of against the city." · * * THOMAS a l s o defended Senate and chairman cf itsjin the Pacific Southwest, such velop the Central Arizona the Lo* Angeles Harbor De- Project, I do not think he partment against w h a t he needs to block much-needed called "unwarranted attacks" the urgent need for a regional,though I lympathize with the HAYDEN, president of the plan for water developmentjsenator's impatience to de "airman cf its,in the Pacific Southwest such c o m m i 11 e e.'as that proposed by Secretary said he will resist action on of the Interior UdalL" the Auburn Darn-Folsom "Gaffing for "give and take" South Canal before Congress'among the states, he said, ^achieve his goal~ California work in order to on the part of **some persons land some newspapers.** The CHICAGO-Accorfmt to « L'nrvertity of Chicaco National Opinion Research Center survey. 52% of American doctors do not unoke. Many quit recently due. according to the .'Anti-Tobacco Center of Atner- NEW ORLEANS (UPI) -- W to the conctusive evidence Longshoremen win b e g i n link": cizirtttes and Junt support of the loading U. S. wheat for Rus-f* 1 *"' Los Angelej Harbor Commis-] s i, in foreign s hj ps lo ^ y u^F M»njr doctori jive yt smok- sion brought sharp retorts international Longshoremen's 'Sinks"!? 1 . "neVl.bW from several members of the A , I O c i a t i o n (ILA) saidS^'" JrSSrfvS? jaudience who complained that;vvednesday. tnate the r*rd Jor nicotir* and. '"·-.the commission was domi- JL^ j^jj president A F.I" * r?* 111 *! *** desire to by people who did not Crittenden said he received ja^S e in the harbor area. jword Wednesday m o r n i n g'rtidy * " " * .from the national union to) Smokm interested in rt- MO1BERS of the audience start loading two ships idled whins inte-mition { f r e r ( - - - - - - · -- - - - - ibout thU new t»M*t are in- \ited to contact directly th* Anti-Tobacco Center of Amer- ^«^w^ ^'imtm. «t.-,., CT . jn also pressed Thomas for an because of the union boycott v *-* t TM w .|answer on why the Los An-| The Greek vessel Kythnos Harbor Commission had and the Dutch freighter As, MtEKtwni Ci . co I C«vten i * Jom. r ic Avt^ S2JC9; -- ! -- " ica. Dept. 61-P-l. X6 Fifth York t "^·^"tm »i-|not developed its own tids-'terope.have been tied up itUvfm*. New " wcw.'. *,Iands oil resources. Thomas New Orieans Li the dispute! 1 " 08 " 10 repjied that he did not feel over union demands for half " '» suffkaent t» s*nd your name aiid address. Just a post-' the Commission had been able the grain to be shipped to substantiate existence of American-owned ships. - m jeard wfll do. FAMOUS FOR .QUALITY SUCCESSORS TO 10040 ROSECRANS at Woodruff, BELLFLOWER THIS WEEK'S FEATURE "SALAD FORK" HOW THE PLAN WORKS: On« piece (Vr.ife, fork, «tc.) will b* offered eich week for frve weeks . . . you mty purchot cn« piect for 19c wrih eich $2.50 purchise. If your purcritt* it $5.00 . . . you m»y purcKiia 2 pieces ... No Limit) WITH EACH $2.50 PURCHASE Ovr wf |lj'qi«f «n wiW cBtflmr* for fw« ptrl«Ji ... thit !· c»irpTe» »t« rtl l«rj»il tt pl»» l«t- inj m;lV frtttOt pvfxkntf tidvJtJ) FACH F1ECE mas AT MCII TKAN SB*, en. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY FOR COMPLETER PIECES FAMOUS FOR LOW PRICES 520 W. WILLOW at Daisy, LONG BEACH FAMOUS FOR 1 VARIETY 2279 PACIFIC AVE. at 23rd St., LONG BEACH FAMOUS FOR FRESHNESS ' ' ' ' ' " ' 2217 PALO VERDE at Stearns, LONG BEACH FAMOUS FOR DISTINCTIVENESS 3010 E. ARTESIA at Santa Fe, COMPTON FAMOUS FOR SUCCESSORS TO 940 BULLIS RD. at Rosecraru, COMPTON IB. LAMB SALE Leg-0-Lamb SAVORY-NUTRITIOUS CHUCK STEAK 7-BONE ROAST 39^ 0-BONE ROAST SAVE ,0,59^ BONELESS Shoulder Lamb Roast U.S.D.A. "CHOICE" EASY ON THI BUDGET SAVE lie POUND SHOULDER BIADE CHOPS _ WV i J6 « u. _ 59k ROUND BONE CHOPS IAMB SHANKS 'UCHIIHT «*«» 39k BREAST-O-IAMB RIB LAMB CHOPS . SAVt lOc II. . 89k SMAU IOIN IAMB CHOPS _ J *v.5,«_98k EETTfa VMTH ADOLPH'S PORK ROAST FRESH PORK BUTT ROAST S3A ^ E 39^ FRESH PORK SHOULDER STEAK s £7 59i RIB ROAST BONELESS CORNED BEEF GROUND BEEF BULK BREAKFAST SAUSAGE · McCOY'S BEEF SAUSAGE ?,? STANDING 4-5-6 K1 5iv« 29c Ib. SAVE 20c POUND FRESH GIOUND HOURIY UVI 399 c Ib 691 c SMOKED HAM BUTT PORTION-4-5 LB. AVG, s , A0veE 49^ WHOLE HAMS 'SiTIZ 49V HAM CENTER SLICES *%! 98'- SLICED BACON tl SSfH 59^ Selecf Pok Buffered BEEF or VEAL STEAKS , OH BOY CHEESE PIZZA - 9* ounce OH BOY CHEESE PIZZA - 18 ounce SAVI « c . JAVJ OH BOY SAUSAGE PIZZA - 9* ounce _ JAVI ,* OH BOY PEPPERONI PIZZA-19 ounce RED'S BEEF TAMALES - 8 Count Bag __,*«,,, SAVI »e 59c 39c 79c 49c 89c 89c FROZEN FOOD SALE SLICED SWORDFISH ,*,, , 0t OYSTERS W S PINT JAR FRESH FILLET OCEAN PERCH ALL MEAT OSCAR MAYER LIBBY'S SEASONED -P«» with f««rt CM** · P*«t with Cefery Pm to Cntn S«vc» · Cera · Pen *nd TarMtoci - Sivt 1 fa 10 OZ. PKGS. Vegetables ^^^^^ ^^^^^^_ ^^^^ BIRDSEYE FROZEN GJEEN P£AS · CUT SPINACH - Chopped or le? PEAS t CAIBOTS · SOU*5H BUTTER BEANS POTATO PATTIES WE* GORDO'S MEXICAN DINNER- 12 oz._u v ,,c_2, |'C 3 r., Jl ' J »Etf .rJCHHSl INCHIUDA 'lEFIlIB ItVNJ «trtf cr fAITT TiCCOS . . J pkji I GORTON Breaded Cod, Haddock, Perch Sole ^ 49c GORTON FILLETS of PERCH or COD _ 1 U ,, 5 ^v,,«59c GORTON FILLETS of HADDOCK or SOLE VIV^ 59c CORONET ONION RINGS-5 oz. Pkg. _««,,«_ 4 ,»M KRAFT SLICED AMEtlCAN, F1MIENTO SWISS CHEESE SAVE 17c ( OZ. PKGS. SHRIMP COCKTAIL XLNT BEEF TAMALES IASCCO SAVt 16c 4 OZ. JAIS 9 OZ. SHE 89' *1 CAL FAME SAVE lie ORANGE JUICE IEU IIAN3 PEANUT KUTTEK u... 59e IffEtUOT TOIIET SOAP Etg. 2/23c iirtiuor TOIIET SOAP Bith 2/33c ttNSO tlUc Dilerger.t i.,. 33c SHASTA ASSORTED BEVERAGES i,,V«10/99e tAttt I3T Confection (Oil ,., 49c PACIFIC TREAT CKACKES - Ib. Box __ 35c · TVORY SNOW - lirgt Bo* _ 33t SUNSHINE HVHO CRACKERS - 10 oz. ,, 29c /AJB INSTANT COFFEE-6 01 $1.15 PESSONAl SIZE TVO»Y SOAP - 4 Pk. _ J7c OXYDOl -- Giint Box |} ( PACIFIC STA CRISP CRACKERS - lib. 2«c VETS DOG FOOD-5lb. 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