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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1930
Page 30
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bij William Brauchep tint Olftrtt* A Week before the big league season your correspondent achieved and doubtful distinction by hooslng the Giants to win the Na- League pennant. When the bal- rt4 were counted, it was discovered llftt only two baseball handicappers voted for the McGraw entry. The ither fellow picks the Giants every f ftnd it has become a habit hard break, like following one horse time it runs on the theory that really ought to win some day. f Since the selection was made the iants have both prospered and suf- 'ered. They started the season like .llant Ftox among a field of selling i]8.ters. But suddenly reverses came. irooklyn started kicking them around. ffhey lost without grace to nearly (Everybody, including the Braves, and to low estate in the second divi- Back in Your Backyard"—Baby Chicks Take Out Real Gash Profits HER CHILDREN. £6hn Hustle* Around ft Curing this time, however, the Mc- "Oravlan noodle was not idle. For correspondents on rainy days been peddling Hughie Crltz to tiie Slants. John J. finally put this deal Across, bringing to boot Ethan Allen, spry young outfielder, and sending ftt Crawford to the Reds. Larry Ben- was sent to the same team for e Donohue. As a result, the Red are seeing red, McGraw is some .. , • e n , ghter In pocket and the Giants have Maxie was in t , same , N ; lrirtanlv fnma *n Xn form T-rfoH 10 tlio , - . . " -.~,. come to be regarded as the JWat team in the National League. ^ jThe McGraw ensemble now presents Jin outfleld composed of Ott. Leach. IJMIen, Roettger and Utility Man Reese. gTpe infleld is one of the very best in nftseball, with Terry, Critz, Jackson »t»d Lindstrom. The pitching staff to be efficient enough with Hubbell, Fitzsimmons, Pruett, jjponohue, Genewich, Parmalee, Lucas ind Heving. Donohue has been in the 3>ig league 10 vears, but he has plenty £>£. ; pitching left in him. » ... «*U,Is Not Lost j? Aside from the Yankees and Tigers, jMeGraw has done the only important Jradlng transacted since the season ••tatted. In nearly ev'ery case 1 think ills trades this year have added power Jersey . . . and when Andre won, Max and Andre hugged and kissed and cried all over the place. . . . St. Louis used to be a roaring baseball town, but 1000 people is a vast crowd in the park these days. . . . Both Browns and Cards use the same field. . . . Talk of moving the Cardinals' franchise to Detroit is being revived. . . . The fellow next to you when the Cardinals are playing at home is likely to ask, "Who's managing this team now?" . . , Which reminds us that Gabby Street has lasted a long time as boss of the team Sam Breadon runs. . . . Sharkey's training camp, Gus Wilson's, is near Sleepy Hollow where the "headless horseman" used to do his stuff. . . . Sharkey didn't ride horse back, however, so the origin of th< term remains obscure. Loft — Found PEARL BROOCH, LOST TUESDAY IN Brett's or Gable's store, or on 11th Ave. Finder notify 2904 Union Ave. Dial 8819. Reward. CAMEO BROOCH, WHITE GOLD AND seed pearl setting, lost Sat. night, May 31, cither in Gable's store, to or In the Strand theatre. J5 Reward. Phone 900, Mount Union. Card of Thanks V^W-V^V^V^^S^V^N^rf* WE DESIRE, IN THIS MANNER, TO lhank our many friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown us dur- inR the bereavement and.death of our dear to the club. Maybe your correspondent I mother. Mrs. Catharine Cowan. Also for the made a pretty lucky guess, after nil. J use of cars. At any rate, it will be hard to keep a I club like that In the second division very long. Let's wait and see where the team is the last of June. * • • Strange, but True There have been oodles of fovm reversals in both leagues this year, as a matter of fact. The Indians, with a bunch of cripples, led the American League for a limp, and, as soon as the regulars got back into the game, started losing. A southpaw beat Brooklyn In the season's opener and the other managers began setting aside their left- handers until the Dodgers came along —with the result that Brooklyn has beaten or knocked nut of the box 20 of the 22 southpaws the team has faced to date. Washington opened up like pennant winners, winning seven out of nine from the Athletics, the dropping four in a row to the same team in the end- rif-May series. This thing isn't oVer yet. • * * DID YOU KNOW THAT— If Max Schmeling beats Jack Sharkey, one of the happiest people in the world will be little Andre Routis, for-, mer featherweight champion, who is a close friend of the German's. . . . Routis is a Frenchman, and when he was training for his crack at Tony Canzoneri and the feather title In 1928, WHITE GOLD RIMMED SPECTACLES IN blue leather Dr. J. F. Buzzard case, lost In State theatre or on llth Ave. to 12th St., to 12th Ave. or Penn Central Coffee Shop. Dial 2-7918. Help Wanted—Male ,*^>SyN^>N/X^^/*v*S^SXN^>NXs^S*^^X SODA FOUNTAIN MANAGER. MUST BE capable of taking full charge. State age, experience, salary expected. Write 2148-L, Mirror. FIRST CLASS BARBER WANTED AT once. Apply to Moran Barber shop at 713 7th St. OLD ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURER will back reliable people In a $1,000-permanent business with life-time earning of $50 to $75 a week, without security, bond or endorsements. Selling the 54 year famous Gottachall Products; rapid advancement. Write P. N. Gottschall & Co-Workers, Harrlsburg, Pa. EXPERIENCED ELECTRIC ARC WELDER. Only first class operator need apply. See Mr. Glrard, Altoona Pipe and Steel Supply Co., 2111 Beale Ave. Personals ^/•^^V^^XVN^^XX*^ LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, $5. Genuine supplies used. Marcel 50c; finger and water waves, manicure 50c. Dial 4213. FACIAL TREATMENTS, SCALP TREAT- ments and violet ray lor all body ailments See Verna Kuny. Phone 2-0741. SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MASSAGE, Dr. Kruse system. Dial 2-7635 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. S. Casner. LADIES' BEAUTIFUL FRENCH HAIR transformations. Defies detection. Hair goods, expert permanent hair waving. Perfect marcel. Personal attention. Mrs. Jean Vaughan, 341-342 Central Trust Bldg. Elevator service. PERMANENT WAVING, STEAM OR ALL methods. Requires no finger waving. Mrs. G. Evans, 1440 13th Ave. Phone 2-0197. RUPTURED? NO MATTER HOW SMALL your hernia may be, you should wear a truss and prevent It from getting worse. Altoona Artificial Limb and Appliance Co., 907 Green Ave. Help Wanted—Male WANTED—COMPETENT AND RELIABLE man to assist In operating cleaner truck. References required. Apply Holland Furnace Co., 1624 12th Ave. By JOE O'GOOFTY Editor -of the Monument Workers > Palladium. ENDICOTT, N. Y., May 26.— Hear- that the camp of Max Schmeling «vas full of chiselers, I have come to <orm a new chapter of the Cauliflower *8culptors' Association at Endicott. When a hall large enough is found, e flrst 12 rows will be reserved for jBchineling's managers and the busi- ^jeis of choosing a coat of arms w jj>e in order. Several delegates are «uid to favor a flat shield, with lances, Javelins, chisels, adzes, halberds, au- '.gurs and bucksaws rampant on a bulging purse. '' *frot only the chiselers but the Jrmlscle men will be represented in the ^organization. Some favor a, badge as ^insignia of the order, so that the ,jchiselers and muscle men will be able -Ito tell themselves apart and not try to lichlsel and muscle petty sums from one 'another. The design on the badge is "to be copied from the Arm & Hammer •jjbaklng soda package. • Chiseling practice will be held daily • .fn the school for apprentices which is ,,to be a regular adjunct of the camp. iiVarious statues are being bought lor «thJs practical work and the members •iof -the union will skill themselves in Chiseling off the hip pockets of the Subjects. A number of pennies and ,-iiimes will be embedded in the sculp , ,W re « o' the muscle men will attempt wrest these off by sheer brute force. *' John McGraw traded Fisher to the Cardinals for Roettger and the mumps. ,,He traded Benton for Critz, and in the jflrst game Critz played an error by the , .former Cincinnati second sacker cost tb/6' Giants a ball game. O'Goofty says -* McGraw trade will probably we Terry, Critz, Jackson and Lind- "Btrom for apoplexy and the gout. * , ' How To Pronouce It. With Terry, Jackson, Lindstrom * Critz, „ The Giants ought to reach the * heights, * . » O'Goofty says he's awfully glad **Scott and Stribling are fighting— on »the other side of the Atlantic. J Reports from the training camps are Jenthusiastic. If Max Schmeling can ^improve his iron shots a trifle, he will ffoon break 100 and be in a line position to win the world's heavyweight ^championship. * . * While Max has been working on a left hook, Sharkey has been trying 'to cure a bit of a slice. * „ But they'll both Klice plenty out of ihat milk fund gate. Max's managers BBUNO BUAVES WI.V. Brono Braves scored the second win •pPthe season over the Sproul ball team """ ' ig 6 to 4 in a game at Sproul lay. The win came in the nnal when 3 runs counted. Heimel f#d Weyant did the hurling both ^pitchers being in good form. P. Lepore tc^lbbed out a pair of triples. Fickes, 43proul made two feature catches to <fr*b Braves of hits. Lineups: AB. R. H. O. A. E. Lepore, 3b ^ e, as 3 Lepore, Ib 1 Petrarca, Ib 2 Uer, If 4 erHon, 2b 3 cf 3 . Cipriano, c 3 tfetigante, rf 2 Jfeimel. p 4 •jTotah, ¥ *proul— """ «*, If 3 Hoenuune, 2b 4 *h, us 3 Hoenstine, ib 3 iter, rf 3 Ifeerroun, c 2 V Hoenbtine. z 1 "leacner, c l cf 2 flirphy, 3b 2 ntaerow, 3b l J) •>. will hole out with most of his end, but Sharkey will "get all the cream out of his milk allotment. O'Goofty just dropped in to say, in his inimitable way, that he believes, Milk Fund or no, Sharkey will knock the whey out of der Maxie. It is the customers that pay $26.25 for ringside seats who really will be milked. Anyway, we hope it doesn't turn out to be sour. Scott has challenged the Milk Fund winner. If the New York commission considers this seriously, the next engagement will be a strictly cheesy affair. The Chattanooga team in the Southern league has 12 pairs of canaries as club mascots. What's that old line about a bird in the bush? John McGraw never wants to hear About birds again, since his disastrous experiences in recent series with the Robins. Donie Bush admits he is discouraged trying to teach the White Sox to play baseball. Why doesn't he promote a championship fight? BOBBY ABROAD. .. 2\i b 1 10 21 8 1 AB. K. H. O. A. K. Only onn major golf championship had cliidi-il the .skillful irons and deadly woods of Mr. itobert Tyre •Jones, anil here you sen the eminent Atlanlan suing- after that one— the British amateur title. He won it. by defeating; linger \Vptliercd, 7 and 6, at historic St. Andrews, Scotland. TM S picture shows JOIICH teeing ull in his opening match. ABE MITCHELL'S ADDRESS IN PLAYOUT 6 -'1 13 (i3 000 3 - Uodara. i» Hui-untuie, U Hoeiibtine I'M b<i»e hiu, P. Lepujt L'. to K HOI-IIMIHC by Wyant l. Hi nml a i by Wyanl 2. Htimel '1. 2, K, Jloc-n- hitt, J-tu.-h, MEN, AVERAGE EARNINGS 542 WEEK- ly, selling nationally known Willard Custom Tailoring. Lines now available for fall 1930. A quality line. Sample equipment free. Reservation for restricted territories now being made. Generous commissions and bonuses. We train you. The Willard Tailoring Corp., Fayette and Hanover Sts., Baltimore, Maryland. MEN WITH SALES EXPERIENCE I want to interview ten men who feel they deserve more than their present position commands. I must fill the following positions with three local concerns this week. 4 Retail Automobile Sales Positions 4 Used Car Positions 1 Lot Manager 1 Sales Supervisor If you qualify, we will pay a fair salary plus a commission on all sales and give you every desired opportunity to advance. Call Mgr. Tasch at 9301 or 6121 for appointment. Sti UI-K aM-.s on Hit by U;. IS01, Mt-TZtiKK Htn- is our old Iriend, Ak-e iliti-hell, a'Juie:..-!iix lu.-i Ijall m long grass for a cut .-liot to the nearby «i-i-tn. His are well down the leather. Note that his mashie-niblick is laid back almost flat with its heel the nearest point to the ball. Note the relaxation in his wide open stance, the slightly bent knees. The grip, too, is not extra firm, as one might think when deep grass is to be mowed down in reaching the ball. Elbows in close to body, eyes almost over ball. And eyes on it throughout. Later we'll see how he executes the backswing for this very difficult shot. Correct application of the grip is a big factor in sound play. If you are having trouble with your grip for driving, write Sol Metzger, in care of this paper, and ask for his free illustrated leaflet on "Correct Grip for Driving." Be sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Copyright, 1930, Publishers Syndicate.) BROOKLYN BATTING SHOWS HIGH GAIN By JOHN B. FOSTER (Copyright, 1930, by Altoona Mirror.) NEW YORK, June 6.—In the National league this year, the apple cart has been upset. And the team that has done this trick to the vehicle of the baseball experts is the Brooklyn Robins. Instead of staying where they were placed in the percentage column in the predictions of the' prognosticate™, they have leaped up like a jumping jack from his box and here :hey are in first place. Teams, except Brooklyn, are not so far from what they were a year ago This has been a season of much ado about batting. In some games there :iave been high total scores and the managers, who were licked, or their earns, said it was because there was an invasion of a so called lively ball. That doesn't mean much. The best batting team at this time ast season was Philadelphia and the second best was Chicago. Brooklyn was third and Pittsburgh fourth. The eading team now is St. Louis, Brook- yn is second, Pittsburgh third and Philadelphia fourth. In both years the Giants have been in the second division when June began, yet to hear occasional wails from hard hit quarter one would imagine that the Giants were a great team of sluggers gone wrung. The suiprise of the league in batting St. Louis which has jumped 48 points over a year ago. 1C the Cardi- lals ran continue to hat as they have neen batting and to hold top place in .he National a.s batters, they will be n the rai-e down to the end of Sep- ember. But managers of other teams iay they can't do it. Some insist that Douthit is above his speed. In fact me National league manager wanted o trade for Douthit, telling St. Louis hat the player was a weak batter and hey could easily spare him. Tills nanager naively suggested that he could afford to cany one weak batter if he could get some kind of outlield aid. In other word.s he was helping St. Louis out. That was old David Harurn come to life. The Brooklyn team is balling about twenty poinUs better than it did last year. In addition, it is getting, good pitching and much better Holding than | in 1929. Brooklyn will not lead the world in lielding. The Pittsburgh club is the old chick in the National race. It Js batting belter and lidding better than il was a year ago and is exaclly where it was then a:; far as its place in Ihe race is WOLF FURNITURE CO., FRIGIDAIRE Dept., needs 4 young men for outside canvass. Experience necessary. Inquire 8 a. m. Ask for Mr. Scott. TWO SHOE SHINE BOYS, OVER 14 YEARS of age. Experienced boys preferred. Apply 708 17th St. Help Wanted — Female WOMEN—WHOLE OR PART TIME, TAKE orders for dresses. Two hours dally pays $18 weekly. Coldren Knitting Mills, Schuyl- klll Haven, Pa. In business 37 years. CLERK, FEMALE, FOR SODA FOUNTAIN. Must have experience. Write 2149L, Mirror. •< TEACHER, COLLEGE STUDENT, OR ED- ucated woman with car preferred for vacation position. $200 monthly for right person. Write 1939-L, Mirror. EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. No washing. Inquire 1307 16th Ave., 1st floor. Salesmen — Agents l CAN USE 2 OR 3 HONEST, ENERGETIC, hard working house to house salesmen. Salary while learning. Chance for advancement. Big permanent earnings for those who make good. A salary against commission for those who qualify. A strictly high class proposition. See R. F. Baur, Room 1, Lincoln Trust Bldg. MAN WITHOUT FAMILY WANTS HOME taking care of kennel. Boarded and clothed. Dial 978S. Situation Wanted — Female EXPERIENCED WOMAN WANTS HOUSE cleaning by day or hour. Dial 2-2887. Furnished Apartments THIRD FLOOR FURNISHED APARTMENT, 3 rooms anfl bath, enclosed rear porch. Ev- erytnlng complete. Inquire 2428'Maple Ave. Rent —//otttet 801V4 5th Ave.—LARGE HOUSE, 7 ROOMS all conveniences. Garage. Must be seen to be appreciated. Inq, 1024 18tfi Ave. 3 ROOMS AND BATH, FIRST FLOOR, nicely furnished. Private entrance. Dial 2-9780 or Inquire 2507 Broad Ave. Unfurnished Apartments .NxN^s^V^^-X^^X/^^^v^v^^^^.^/^-V'^^^X^V^^-^ 1121 17th AVE.—2nd FLOOR, 5 ROOMS and bath, electric stove, shades. Call after 6 p. m. Dial 2-5707. 1SH 7th AVE.—MODERN SECOND FLOOR apartment, enclosed porches. Excellent condition. Hot water heat, gas range, linoleum, blinds. E. R. Halton, 1610 7th Ave. MAJESTIC APT., APARTMENT CONSIST- Ing of living room, breakfast room, kitchenette, bedroom, bath, enclosed front porch and all conveniences, $35; also apartment at $30. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m. 2-8160. 507 19th ST.—5 ROOMS, BATH, PRIVATE basement, heat, shades, range furnished. Inquire 505 10th St. 5-ROOM, UP-TO-DATE DAYLIGHT APT., 1507 12th St. Inquire O. L. McCartney. 1200 15th Ave. 4-ROOM APT., RANGE, BLINDS FUR- nlshed, all modern conveniences. Rent $25. Inquire D. E. Furry, 2901 Maple Ave. 5-ROOM FLAT, ALL CONVENIENCES, $20 month; also storeroom at 607 15th St. Reasonable rent. Inquire 507 15th- St. 4 ROOMS AND BATH. RENT REASON- able. Inquire No. 1, Apt., Flatlron Bldg. 1321 8th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 4 ROOMS and alcove room. 1316 8th Ave.—First floor, 4 rooms, both have private bath, gas ranges, shades, heat furnished. Dial 6573 9-12 a. rn. or 8.30-9 p. m. 1210 14th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 5 rooms, bath, porches. Moderate rent for this location. FOR RENT—JUNIATA, 628 4th AVE.. 3- room Apt. Rent $16. K. McGrath, 2806 Broad. Dial 2-2471. FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, porches, all conveniences. Inquire 2420 7th Ave. 6-ROOM APARTMENT, 2515 BROAD AVE., 2nd floor duplex. Gas range, kitchen cabinet, linoleum In bath and kitchen. Dial 2-3532. Available on or before June 20. 5 ROOMS, BATH, ALL CONVENIENCES, private entrance, kitchen, bedroom, hall, newly papered. Inquire 321 6th Ave., Junl- nta. DOUBLE ENTRY BOOKKEEPER WITH 12 years' experience, desires position. Can furnish best of references. Write 26654-E, Mirror. YOUNG GIRL DESIRES POSITION AS nurse girl or light housework. Inquire 408 Lloyd St., city. WASHING AND IRONING, CALLED FOR, delivered In Junlata. Day's work of any kind. Phono 2-5330. Rent — Furnished Rooms 3 CHEERFUL, CONNECTING FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping. Front, back entrance. Inquire 843 17th St. Dial 2-8741. NICE ROOM. FURNISHED FOR LIGHT housekeeping. $3.50 per week. Another for sleeping, $2.50. Apply 1401 18th Ave. FURNISHED ROOM IN home, conveniences, for business men. Reference, quire 2627 Broad Ave. ALL MODERN 1 or 2 reliable Dial 4772. In- 2 WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS FOR light housekeeping. Private family and entrance, all conveniences. Dial 2-8015. ROOMS FOR LODGING, $3 AND UP. Rooms for light housekeeping. Free park- Ing space. Inquire 1411 8th Ave. NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. Twin beds. Ladles preferred. Inquire 2519 W. Chestnut Ave. Dial 6908. FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR FRONT room in private family of adults. Room equipped with lavatory, hot water heat, use of bath and private telephone. Residential district. Suitable for one or two gentlemen. Reference must be A No. 1, For location, terms and inspection, apply Ed. Seidel, Realtor. 405 HOWARD AVE.—3 FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping, all conveniences. Not suitable for children. Dial 7849. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, 1 square from new Keith High school. Family of 2 adults. All conveniences. Dial 8304. llth AVE., 1915—3 FRONT ROOMS, 1st, 2nd floor. Sun parlors, porche.*. Newly papered, painted. Laundry. Private entrance. NICELY FURNISHED all conveniences. $3 800 4th Ave. BEDROOM per week. WITH Inquire NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITH ALL modern conveniences. Rent $3 up. 1502 % 13th St. JUNIATA, 1011 2nd ST.—2 NICELY FUR- nlshed housekeeping rooms. Use phone, porch, laundry. Close mill or shops. Low rent. 2321 W. CHESTNUT AVE.—NICELY FUR- nlshed room, private home, all conveniences. Reference. Dial 2-5522. NICELY FURNISHED FRONT BEDROOM, all conveniences. Private home. To office or business man. Dial 2-8953. COZY FRONT ROOM IN PRIVATE HOME. Garage on premises, all convenience. 1 *. Inquire '3003 Oak Ave. ( 2 OR 3 FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences, to 2107 4th Ave. Call after 2 FURNISHED ROOMS. 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Inquire at store, 2nd Ave. and 24th St. 1303 12th AVE.—6-ROOM APT.. NEWLY papered, bath, electric. $35. Inquire 809 Green Ave. Phone 8171. FIRST FLOOR, 5 ROOMS AND BATH, front and hack porches. $15. Private garage. Located in Llyswen. 2-6601 or 8288. 1417 1st ST.—7 ROOMS, BATH, ALL MOD cm conveniences, porches. ... Rent reason able. Call 101 Howard Ave. or Dial 2-2183 FURNISHED—FOR JULY AND AUGUST- Attractively furnished new house in Llys wen 7 rooms, shower bath, electrics refrlger atlon. Front, rear porches. Oarage. Ref erence. Write 2448-E, Mirror. CALVERT HILLS—NEW HOME, ALL modern luxuries. Rent $70. Roller. Dla 4578. 1518 18th AVE.—RENT $20 PER MONTH. Inquire 1626 20th Ave. or Dial 2-1081, 1607 15th ST.—FIVE ROOMS, 2 LARGE rooms down, 3""rooms upstairs and bath, gas, lights, large cement cellar, new paper and paint. Garage. Rent $25. Inquire 1500 16th Ave. 1601U 5th AVE.—4' ROOMS AND BATH Rent $16. Inquire at 2210 8th Ave. Dla 2-7519. FOR RENT—HOUSE AT 310 5th ST., ALL modern conveniences. Inquire at 505 4th Ave. 1511 18th ST.—5 ROOMS, BATH, ALL CON- veniences. Blinds furnished. Rent $25. Inquire 1513 18th St. 1011 5th AVE.—P ROOMS, NEWLY PA- pcrcd, A-l condition, all conveniences. Inquire 1909 5th Ave. 1928 llth AVE.—7 ROOMS, ALL CONVEN- Icnces, large garage. Low rent. 1924 llth Ave., 7 rooms, low rent. Inquire 2112 llth Ave. Dial 3-9735. 324 4th AVE.—8 ROOMS, ALL CONVEN- iences. S40. 601 2nd Ave., Junlata—5 rooms, light and gns, $16. 710 Crawford Ave.—7 rooms, all conveniences. 2-car garage. $38. Park Ave.. Lakemont, Rev. Williams property, back of playground, 5 rooms, all conveniences. $27. 909B Slth St.. between Broad and W. Chestnut Aves.—7 rooms and bath, all con venlcnces. S50. 206 Bell Ave.—Modern 6-room house, all conveniences. Excellent condition. $35. McVEY-FARIS CO., Clement Jaggard Bldfc. Phone 7128. 2328 BEALE AVE.—9 ROOMS, BAY WIN- dows. * Hot water heal, fireplace, porches, garage. Rent reasonable. Dial 2-6254. 5-ROOM HOUSE. BATH. ELECTRIC light, gas. 112 8th St. Inquire 527 2nd Ave. Phone 4813. 1010 19th ST.—6-ROOM HOUSE. BATH, all conveniences. Immediate possession. Cheap rent. Inquire 1010 19th St. Rent —Garages GARAGE. SPACE FOR 1 OR 2 CARS, with water and light. Inquire at 1106 3rd Ave. GARAGE FOR RENT -16th AVE., 12th St. Brick. Reasonable rent. Phone 2-9498. 5-ROOM APARTMENT, OVER OFFICE. Hot water heat, bath, elec., gas, linoleum In bath and kitchen. Gas range, shades, screens, private front and rear entrance, yard and garage. Rent reasonable. Ed. Seidel, Realtor. 2302 W. CHESTNUT AVE.—2nd FLOOR duplex, 5 rooms with finished attic, bath, all conveniences, porch. Dial 2-7249. 2209 BEALE AVE.—1st FLOOR OF DU- plex, 5 rooms, bath, porches and small yard. $25. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m. 2-8160. FIRST FLOOR Four rooms, bath, front and rear porches, garage, located 2515 8th Ave. See this he- fore you rent. Reasonable rent. Clyde Saylor. Phone 2-6851. 1717 12th AVE.—FIVE ROOM APART- ment, all conveniences. Rent reasonable. Inquire at Evln Shoe Shop, 1206 llth St. or 1719 12th. Ave. JUNIATA, 205 5th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 4 rooms, bath, hot water heat. Dial 2-7519. 2nd FLOOR DUPLEX. IN GOOD CONDI- tlon, 5 rooms and bath, garage and hot water heat furnished. Very reasonable rent. Located at 930 31st St. Geo.W. Liebig. Dial 9-5231. 618 7th AVE.—2nd FLOOR. 5 ROOMS AND bath, sun porch and enclosed back porch. For particulars Dial 2-9797, or call at Dougherty hardware store. 7th Ave.. 7th St. 210 10th ST.—SECOND FLOOR APT., LIV- Ing room, 2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen and breakfast nook. Hot water heat furnished. Dial 2-6325 or 2-0363. DUPLEX, 314-312 3rd ST.—5 ROOMS, bath, hot water heat, all conveniences. Inquire 219 Lloyd St. 3-ROOM APT., STEAM HEAT, HOT WA- ter, good laundry, locker. Low rent. Dial 2-7197. WAYNE APTS., 1108 18th ST., 3 ROOMS and bath, all conveniences. Rent $25. W. B. Casaldy. Dial 2-7993. 1500 4th AVE. — 5 ROOMS AND BATH, all conveniences, second floor. Inquire 505 15th St. Dial 9658. SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, 1434 WASHING- ton Ave., 4 rooms, bath, finished uttlc. Heat, range, linoleupi and shades furnished. Dial 2-0876. 514 fith AVE.—FIRST FLOOR, 4 ROOMS, bath. $35. Second floor, 3 rooms, bath, $25; third floor, 3 rooms, bath, 520. Heat range, blinds furnished. Front, back porches. Dial 2-6405. FINE LOWER DUPLEX, 871 26th ST., Hl- mertiittely back of Broad Ave. Dial 2-03fil or 6691. 502 7th ST.—6-ROOM porch, yard und cellar. Inquire 1)28 14th Ave. APARTMENT. Rent reasonable. Oil 12th ST.—FIVE ROOMS AND BATH, .second floor duplex. H. W. heat and hot running water, porches. Nice bright rooms. Suitable for newly married couple. Rent $.'10. Reference required. E. £. Moser, 511 12th unfurnished rooms, for light housekeeping; also sleeping rooms. NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM, PRI- vate family of adults. Gentleman preferred. Inquire 203 6th Ave. Furnished Apartments FOR RENT—FURNISHED $37.50 monthly. Inquire Lynch. Phone 2-5146. APARTMENT, Mrs. H. A. 861 17th ST.—SECOND FLOOR APT., FOR light housekeeping, 3 first class furnished rooms, private bath, all conveniences, front porch; also lirst tloor front bedroom, suitable for 1 or 2 persons. Inquire 2-101 8th Ave. Dial 2-0610. 1st FLOOR, NEWLY FURNISHED, MOD- ern Apt., 4 rooms, bath. Inquire 602 21st St., Apt. 5. 1600 2nd AVB.—4 ROOMS, BATH. FRONT porch, heat and running hot water. Rent $15. McVey-Farls Co. Phone 7128. FURNISHED APT., IN QUIET HOME, large living room, kitchenette equipped with white porcelain units. Large bedroom and bath. After 3 p. in. Inquire E. Blanche Bunder, 1418 Washington Ave. FURNISHED APT.. LIGHT, CHEERFUL. Rent reasonable. References required. In- 4Uire 1501 8th St. HAVE ONE VERY PLEASANT 2nd FLOOR Apt., strictly private, all modern convenience*, in business section. 2 to -1 persons. No children.. Dial 2-1662. COMPLETELY FURNISHED APTS. —1 TO 5 rooms, private bath. Maid service daily to bachelors. Inquire 60S 10th St. 5 ROOMS, LIGHT, HEAT AND GAS. AT 2109 1th Ave.. Inquire at 1424 3rd Ave. Rent — Houses 303-1 W. CHESTNUT AVE.—8 ROOMS AND all conveniences. For further particulars, Inquire T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12lh Ave. Phone 2-5102. 6-ROOM HOUSE, HATH, FURNACE. ALL conveniences. 2-i.-ar garage. Rent $28. 1821 13tll Ave. Inquire 506 26th St. Phone 2-5971. 1S10 15th AVE.—li-ROOM HOUSK, BATH, garage, all conveniences. Call Straney, 7391. 2101 19th ST.—FIVE ROOMH, 00 FOOT corner lot with garage. Apply at 1701 8th Ave. Dial 75011. Rent — Cottages ARDENHEIM — COMPLETELY FURNISH- cottages. S15v20 wk. Special season rates. For inspection, bookings see or write J. R. Valentine. R. F. D. 3, Huntingdon, Pa. COTTAGE FOR RENT On lake. Dial 2-9404. FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR RENT AT Ardenhelm. River front. Inquire 405 Howard Ave. Dial 7849. FURNISHED, 6-ROOM BUNGALOW WITH garage, all conveniences, at South Lake mont, for the summer. Phone 3-1811. Rent — Miscellaneous 303 GRANT AVE.—7 ROOMS, NEW PAPER, all conveniences, 1-car garage. 714 4th St.—3-room apartment, bath, big enclosed porch 712-14 4th St.-^2 large storerooms, suitable for any kind of business. 122 1st Ave.—5 rooms with conveniences. Also 9th Ave. and 39th St.—5 rooms, U acre of ground. L. R. MATHIEU & SONS, 1824 Union Ave. Dial 9994. 855 19th ST.—BUSINESS LOCATION. AP• prox. 1,200 sq. ft. floor space. Inquire 809 Green Ave. Phone 8171. 1 LARGE STOREROOM, 25x40, AT 301 6th Ave. Reasonable rent. Inquire 515 3rd St. 1913 4th ST.—STOREROOM, SUITABLE for barber shop, beauty parlor or any kind of business. Inquire Altoona Plate Glass Co., 725 Green Ave. Phone 8886. Sale Or Rent TO THE M. Ds. OF ALTOONA—7-ROOM house and sun parlor. Suitable for clinic or maternity. Good location. Noiseless. Write 2070-E, care Mirror. 8-ROOM HOUSE, LIGHT AND WELL WA- ter in kitchen. New root. 1 acre ground. Very suitable for raising chickens or garden. Fruit trees, grape arbor. Sale terms reasonable. Located 29th Ave. and 15th St. Inquire of Charles A. Auker, 1321 llth Ave. 408 E. BELL AVE.—7-ROOM HOUSE, ALL modern conveniences. Instantaneous hot water heater. Inquire 414 E. Bell Ave. Sale — Houses 2',i STORY, MODERN BHICK HOME. Practically new, all conveniences, lawn and shrubbery. Lot 40x120. Owner leaving city. 1804 2nd Ave. SPRUCE AVE., 3217—BUNGALOW, FIVE rooms, hot air lieut, lot 40x120, Price $2,400.00—$100.00 down, balance small monthly payments. HOWARD J. DARR, 1118 Hth St. Dial 2-3188. (i-ROOM HOUSE. 2820 SPRUCE AVE. THIS bouse will bo sold at a scaritiee as people are leaving city. Also other hoimes for sale. Inquire 717 'Jinn St.. C. A. Wlsslnger, Building Contractor. 4-ROOM BUNGALOW 24x2-1, LARGE CEL- lar, electric, well water, Improved state road, 8 minutes' drive to llth Ave. Acre ground, more If desired. Price $2,600; part cash. A. Tremmel, Buckhorn road, !'/{; miles from Altoonu. 2827 8th AVE.—FOR SALE—BARGAIN, 5- room bungalow, newly built, all conveniences except .bath; lot 25x120. Good business location, across new A&P warehouse. Price $2,800, original price $3,500. Write or call ,,n Geo. P. Hite, 508 Cambria Ave., J< nstown, Pa. HILLSIDE AVE., ELDORADO, SCHIJM property, 6 and 7 ruoms, 1 to 4 acres of truck land. Heal bargain. See owner, OUO 58th St. Phone 3-1842; 111 16tli ST.—6-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CON- veniences. Inquire 1U12 4tli Ave. Phone 2-8398. TWO FIVE ROOM HOUSES. REAR BEALK Ave. and 22nd SL Inquire A. O'Toole, 1321 llth Ave. Dial 2-8118. 1914 MARGARET AVE. —8-ROOM HOUSE, bath, furnace, all convenli.-neco. $30 month. Inquire 809 Green Ave. Phone 8171. 320 CHERRY A VE.— fl-ROOM FRAME house, all conveniences. Shades furnished. Inquire 320 Cherry Ave. i* wtU clwjtvd, Tliat is, JUB hands Pirates, FI1RNISHKD APT., IN 'GOOD RESIDEN- tial .section. Inquire Alrri. D. E. North. , 210-1 W. Chestnut. Ave. Phone 2-7609 or -oni ei-ned. That it is not higher must. 2-U945. lioreloj-e be due to a. lack of sueeewti- ~ - - — LAKEMONT, NEAR THE PARK, 2 pleasant roomy, all conveniences, including ful pitching. And that is what ails toe , ... tot and told water ia kitchen. Dial 2-24.1^. 191IS 18li ST. —6-ROOM HOUSE. ALL CON- veniences. light, gus. Inquire 1219 lUth St. Dial 2-6951. 6-ROOM BRICK HOUSE. ALL MODERN convenience. Rent reasonable. Goud location. Phone 2-9702. 404 3rd AVE.-2 HOUSES. li-RONT~HAS 9 rooms. :'. baths, storeroom In front, hot water heat. $28 month. Rear has 6 mums, all conveniences except ,»ath. $22 month. 6-ROOM HOUSE. BATH. GAS. ELECTRIC and furnace. New paint und paper. Kent reasonable. Inquire 1302 luth at. A HOME, SUITABLE FOR LAHGE FAM- ily, rooming house or one who has in mind renting to three families, located at 1120 1Mb Ave., having 10 rooms, mot. water heat, slate roof, lot. 25x210, oak floors, oak trim, tireplai.-e in library. An exceptionally large line home for $0,50(1. Mi-Vey-Farls Co.. Inc., Clement Jaggard Bltly. I'hone 7128. 206 COLERIDGE AVE., LLYKWEN 7- roiini frame house, all i-onvenlrnri-s. Lot 85 It. front. Garage and shrubbery. Price reasonable. Inquire, above address. FOR SALE 807 Howard Avcnui 1 . 6 Houni.s, ;tll iinpruveniL-nts. Vin-atil. Immediate ]>o.s:;c,'.s.sii(i]. 2-(.!,-ir gai-;if,'i-. Avenue und alley paved. Pi-ire $5800; term.-,. m Pearl Street, 6-Hooni I untie dwelling with all improvementM. Price $3aXI; tcrni.s. IX) 1 South 7th Street. 7-Room frame dwelling in exi-ellent i-undi- tion. All improvements. Lul 55x I'M feet. Pi-iee J-lTcrfJ; term.1. C. D. BLOOM lU-allm- Insurance 1311 St. Sale—Houses 97 LOGAN AVB.. A tttSWAN—STUMB house, slate roof. Lot 75x120. All conveniences. Adjoins Mansion Blvd. Dial 4883. 6-RoomHbuse Lot 47x120 All conveniences. Price. $2400. Must be sold within 10 days. Owner leaving city. Small amount of cash required. Inquire Lloyd A. Smith Walsh Bldg., Hollidaysburg $300 CASH Balance $35 monthly, buys 7-room home with hot water heat and bath, at 227 E. 6th Ave. Newly papered and painted. Price $3,700. Possession at once. Realtor—Insurance, Commerce Bldg. Phone 2-0313. 5118 Broad Ave. Extension 6-room dwelling, conveniences, cemented cellar, lot 32x120 ft. Only $3,300. T. CHESTER PARSONS 1107 12th Ave. Phone 2-5192. -BHck Home- Residential district, 2601 Dysart Ave. 6 and finished attic. Very modern. All Imps.; guest closet, 2 mirrored doors, fireplace, built-in bookcases, china closet. Garage. Ave. and alley paved. 2 fine maples, hedge; screens, shades, linoleum. Only- $7,800; $2,000 cash, bal. 1st Mtg. For inspection, ! Ed. Seidel, Realtor AI,TOONA is a good city and a conservative mortgage on Altoona real estate is a mighty good investment. Before you invest your money, find out about the guaranteed mortgages we can sell. WOODS BECKMAN ' COMPANY Realtors Penn Central Bldg., Fifth Floor. Phone 5124. Sale — Lots CEMETERY LOT IN ALTO-RESTE PARK. Very desirable and a real bargain. Inquire H. W. Berkhcimcr, 314 Vj Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg. Phone 300-R. FOR SALE—CORNER LOT 80x120, IN Calvert Hill section. Improvements made. Dial 2-0-122. CALVERT HILLS Don't buy a vacant lot anywhere until you have driven over the paved streets and inspected ^ CALVERT HILLS Office 1115 llth St. "CHOICE LOT" Twenty-sixth avenue and Ninth street. This is a fine location. Size 60x81 feet. r price ace MORGAN-MARTIN CO. CENTRAL TRUST BLDG. Sale — Timberland 0 ACRES GROUND, 3 MILES FROM AL- toona. Second prowth of pine. Clear title. rVIll sell very cheap. Write 26118-E, Mirror. Sale — Farms riMBKK LAND OWNERS—WE APPRAISE and collect forest lire daniaKcs, estimate ind sell timber and do general forestry work. Further information on request. THE FOREST SERVICE CO., Tyrone. Pa. Sale — Furniture 1—GOLDEN OAK LIBRARY TABLE 1—Hall Seat with mirror. 1—Bed Davenport. 1—Man. Davenport Table. 1—II pc. Living Room Suite. 1—Piano. 1—Combination Range. 1—Gas Range. W. W. BABCOCK, 1312 12th Ave. U'OLI'' Ftlli-NITUUK CO., 1501 llth AVE. OFFERS llrcakfiist Set. B (Miulrs and Table. I IV. Leather Suite .iuffet d I'c. Kecci Suite ..SIS.00 ..$18.00 ..$111.00 ..?:;,').ijo FOR SALE—BIRDSEYE MAPLE BEDROOM suite, gas atove, rugs, lumps, baby carriage, child's crlh, davenport table, piano nd other household articles. XW2 Bruud Ave. VERY BKAUTIKUL BREAKFAST BET. vvltli table ami two lieliebcu. Excellent condition. Reasonable price. Inquire 32-1 Inward Ave. Justness and Office Needs «^^^NXxxN^>w^—\x^^X^S^sXXXX^N^S*«\^S*««^ 10 FT. SODA FOUNTAIN Will .sacrifice for .$50. Several plate glass show cases in practically new condition. Come and see them --will .sell cheap. ALTOONA PLATE GLASS CO. 7-'5 Cix-im Ave. Dial 8886 or 2-7300 Musical Instruments PAI.MKK PLAYER PIANO, |100.00 .Mahogany case und bench. 2. r > rulls. Good condition. WEAVER FACTORY. SHOWROOM, 11)20-22 Eleventh Ave. Sate — Miscellaneous TYPEWRITERS—ALL STANDARD MAKES repaired and overhauled. l-'arts, ribbons and supplies for every machine. Call 2-1827. B. F. BARK. 1627 llth Ave. UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER AND DESK, .-^ewiiiy machine, tire extinguisher, etc. Inquire 281« W. Chestnut. Phone 2-3BU5. FOR SALE— SOLID OAK ROLL TOP DESK, food us new. at 2G1U 5th Ave. Phone KALAMA/.OO COAL KANGI'J AND HOT lilaie. Inquire 1600 2nd Ave., apartment No. U. POHUH CHAIRS RESEATED — HUSH Mylu chulr ucaUii£, i:hulr caning of all liin.d&. Also rug rug and curpel weaving. Work called for and delivered. WeavlDK 2118 Utii AVD. Dial 2-8513. FOR SALE—ACORN COAL RANOB, 1>RAO« tlcally new. Inquire 2409 10th St. HOT AIR FURNACE FOR SALE. OOOO condition. Reasonable jrloe. Inquire 3017 W. Chestnut Ave. Dial 3-1237. FOR SALE—FRICK SAWMILL, SIZE O, IN- sorted tooth saw. Price $200. Writs for appointment. F. A. Rumbarger, Bellwood, Penna. BARN OR BRIDGE TIMBER, 4x8 TO 12x12 up to 34 feet long; two 3-ton steel bed dump trucks, one 3V, ton lumber truck, 19- foot bojdy; sawmill and tractor, 2 bay mares, harness and wagon; lot of iron pipe and used brick. Inquire of M. F. Merrills, Broad Ave., 61st St., or phone 2-7606. LARGE HOT AIR HEATER, IN QOOt) condition. Will 8>11 reasonably. Inqulra at 1322 17th Ave. FOR SALE—COMBINATION COAL AND gas range (Famous Summit) $15 cash. In> quire 3015 Pine Ave. SCREEN DOOR, MEASUREMENTS 7 FT. 7 IN. HIGH, 28 IN. WIDE. SEE "CUSTODIAN," ALTOONA MIRROR OFFICE. POTATO PLANTER, OOOD DROPPER, good condition; also some valuable V> acto lots. Broad Ave. extension, between 59th and 60th Sts., 2 blocks from city line. BUTCHER REFRIGERATOR 8x18, COM. pleto with track and scales. 5 McCray store refrigerators. Business locations, houses, etc. Lots sold and exchanged. Ca> nole and Hell, 2018 6th Ave. All the Lumber Stock of FLUKE CO. Inc., FOR SALE AT 33 4%-OFF COST Inquire At Yard 2605 Beale Ave. Dial 3-9183 Sale — Horses and Cattle BAY MARE, SOUND AND SAFE, GOOO single line leader, weighs 1,150 Ibs. Must sell, no use for same. M. F. Weldemer, Duncansvllle, Maple Hollow. CiOOD WORK HORSE, SOUND AND QEN. tie, $50; 4-yr.-old gentle Shetland pony, $05; riding caddies, all kinds of harness and lot of farm Implements cheap. Tremmel, Buckhorn road, l',4 miles from Altoona. For Sale — Dogs-Pets •XN^^xNXV^^S^V^^V/Nx^^w^^X^^XXSXN^^-'"^ 1 ^ BEAOLE HOUND PUPS FROM REAIj hunting parents. Sire registered. Fine for fall training. Cheap to quick buyers. I. E. Fink, Sinclair service station, Duncansvillc, Pa. TOY FOX TERRIER PUPPIES; ALSO ONB 2-year-old female fox terrier. Inquire 612 Bell Ave. Phone 2-1291. Poultry — Feed HYNICK'S QUALITY BABY CHICKS Wyandottes, Rocks, Reds, Anconas and Barron Leghorns. One large Incubator, cheap to quick buyer. 322 E. Grant Ave. Dial 4343. EHRINOER'S QUALITY CHICKS, BARRED and White Rocks, White Wyandottos, Red and English Loghqrns. Hatch off every Monday and Thursday. 120 E. 5th' Ave. Dial 2-2017 or 3-0409. 100 WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS, 2 WEEKS old. 120 Bell Ave. Dial (1033. Coal PEOPLE'S COAL CO., 730 4th ST. PHONE 2-7777. HARD COAL, EGO, STOVE, NUT... .$11.75 PEA COAL J 9.75 MADISON LUMP, EGO PREPARED MILLER RUSTY LUMP, DYSART COLLECT ON DELIVERY. * (ip-iJ.. li> . .J 9.75 i ..$ 4.on \ ..J 3.50 1 TELEPHONE 2-3501 OR 2-0818. 1 OR MORE TONS. HARD COAL, NUT SIZE $12.00 MADISON SCREENED LUMP $4.00 MADISON EGO AND NUT $4.00 DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL CASES. SERVICE FUEL CO. GWIN COAL CO.—GWIN SPECIAL, JWIL- ler and Madison coal at attractive prices. 1011 Margaret Avo. Phone 20404 or 6623. McGuire Coal Co. McGuire Special and All Grades Of Co»l 015 10th Street I'hone 0378 Burn PAGE COAL For Kconomy, Warmth find Health, Demand Our Welghbill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Dial a-5210 Wanted To Buy ^/^^SXN^VN^NXX^^V^hX^^XSXV^^> SUCTION FAN, OVER 10 INCH, 110 VOI.T. 60 cycle A. C. F. A F. Dye Works. Bell, Altoona 2-128,'! or Tyrone OM. Money To Loan XNX"^'XXS'N^V>X^/*VSXX/X^*NXX^V MONEY TO LOAN $5,700—on improved property In amount* to suit borrower—$,'1,700. WALTER J. HENRY, Commerce Bldg. Phono (1200. MONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED PROP- erty In nrmmnts to suit borrowers. Q. Nevln Dlvcly, 1321 llth Ave. $1,000-$10,000 TO LOAN ON FIRST MORT- KUge. Inquire Lloyd A. Smith. Walsh Bldg., Holllduysburg. LOANS TO $300. HOUSEHOLD GOODS AB security. Legal rales Altoona Loan Assn., 204 Central Trust Uldg. Phone 6(363. LOANS NEED MONEY yUICKLY? 2-1 Hour Courteous Service On CASH LOANS of $300 or Less Small Monthly Repayments—Come In for full Information—Just 'Phone or Write. Hli.MCl KIAL LOAN SOCIETY Room 1, Second Floor, 1300 Eleventh Ave., Cor. 13th St., Altoona, Telephone Dial 2-4970. Open 8.30 to 5—Saturday 8.30 to 1. Mortgage Loans l-'lilt or Monthly L. Wm. Borland Itciiltnr—Insurant'!) Union Hunk lildg. Dim i-7lK8. LOANS OF $300 OR LESS AMERICAN LOAN CO. Room 308, Grant Bullillni;. 1-112 Eleventh Avenue, Tlilrd Floor, Al.TOONA, 1'A. Telephone Dial 2--B-9-B-2. Open 8.HO to a —Saturday 8.30 to 1. Wanted To Borrow tli.OUO ON FIKST MORTGAGE ON A TY- rone property. Write to i'. 0. Box 'J7, Tyrone, Penna. Business Opportunities MI'JAT AND GROCERY MARKET FOR sule. Best location In the city. Cheap to right party. Reason tor selling, other feiu- Wrtte 1653-L, Mirror. V

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