The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 5, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1920
Page 3
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LOCAL NAN HAS BIG OIL WELL IN ARKANSAS A. a trip in Arkansas. Mr. .Roberts says'- he has two real flowing - oil -wells on> some of his land there, •and is hoping ''for big development. BiEAD THE INDEPENDENT. Tu Goodness JrittoH -ike Jiul RigAt Tat" If you%ant to know what real goodness in table syrups . is, try 'the deliriously-flavored JUST RIGHT brand- It simply can't be beat—for griddle cakes,-waffles, hot biscuits, bread, preserving, candy making, etc. One can will convince you. At your grocer's. THE AMOS-JAMES GROCER CO., ST. LOUIS Thousands Have Discovered Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets , Are a Harmless Substitute Er. Edwards' Olive Tablets are .the result, of Dr. Edwards' determination - not to treat liver and bowel complaints with calomel. For 17 years he used, these tablets (a. vegetable compound mixed with olive oil) in his private practice with great success. They do all the good that calomel doc= but have no bad after _e£fects. No pains, no griping, no injury to the- gums or • from acid foods—yet they stimulate the liver and bowels.' Take Dr. Edwards' QHve ; Tablets when you feel "logy" and "heavy." Note how they clear clouded brain and perk up the spirits, 10cand25cabox- SNOW AND COLD COMES WITH EASTER Cold, raiy damp weather, witi snow- capping -the climax late in. i the atternoon, came with - Easter , Day. Few days in the year arc. . more • dissappointing than bad •weather on Easter. Attendance at the church Easter [services was cut down. People suf- 1 fered disuppointment .when the ! weather prevented them from wear SOLDIERS MAY GET WAR BONUS . ' . • ; • ".•'..';•' /'• .;.* , ' ' House 'Committee Recpffimends the Passage ot ^Relief Bill. ' DETAILS NOT WORKED OUT Money. Not to 'Be 'Raised by but by Luxury or 'Salfcs Tax— .Amount Probably Less than ! $1.50 a Day. Wasliington, ' April. . _$.~De$filte agreement to 'report out a soldier aid hill was reached, by. the., house' ways Ji'.id means committee... Tie\ decision 'earae 'on-a resolution offe"i ; ed.-by Eep- resentative Lougworth, Republican, of Ohio, which provided that legislation for tlie benefit, of 'the .es-service men would be framed but no bonds orboad issues would be authorized-'to--raise the necessary revenue. . The cash required umler,''tUe measure, the resolutioii'.furtiieivprovitlea, is to be raised through taxes, on; luxuries or a sales tax. The 'vote .'on tlie resolution Vyas 15 to 6. '. Details to Be Worked,put. The provisions of the bill' remain- to be worked out, but discussion^ in the ing their new clothes. Few were L .onniHttc-e indicated that-4t 7 wii.l.follovV to be seen on the during tlie day . Many From Out .of Town Attended Dance We Are'Handling JftEID'S "YELLOW DENT" and REID'S '"SILVER MINE" WHITE "SEED €0R,N This com guaranteed 95% germination ! and is a very early variety. Shelled and-ready for your Planter. • . "'. "• '' :'-'.We haye; a liiiiitfed"amount. Price $4.1o"p'er bushel at niillt A dance given at the Armory Saturday night was largely attend ed, especially by out of town per sons. - 1 .:.-.--.. Tonight another dance will be given .-under the auspices of the I. C. roun'd-ho'use boys, \vith ' the assistance ol the ladies' auxiliary. The Kgyptian Jazzadors -will furnish the music. Mr. Glancy " of. ': ' The MARQUETTE 18th St and 'Washington 'Av=. St. .Louis A-Refined Hotel for Your. Mother, "Wife and, Sister (JVtilLlilLLfcitJ. -LJlt-'y \\IU_ UC UUI1- led nt a' meeting,S'fe,th4"':full Corn- tee. The snbcormB'ii.reeS ts wIll make Single Room -with PrivQte ?2.00 $2.50 £3.00 Double $S.OO $3.50 ' $4.00' Room without bnth. stnclo, $1.50 r Room -without bath, double,-?2.00, ?2.50 EDE 4 SKoi-.t BlocUs i-o=t ' U.-.icn Clntion streets-any time, the lines of a cash bonus . and. exr/eii; | sion of vocational eilucati»u:ta"alL.for- iiierxssoluiers. The legrsldtion^must'iie I'ustricted to these two^.iirethods, ' was geueraUy agreed,'• if'.-ith^s. 'to 4.e passed befoi-e •congre^svaidjpurns' .In June. '•' - . ".-i,,. ' The other two features of'tbe Amer- icnn Region's alternative plan, home building and farm d6vel6p'iiient, would have v to carry complicated jnuch'inery which could result 'in serious legislative difliculties; It was pointed out that while sentiment was almost nn- 'nninious in favor of th'e federnl reserve act and. the'l federal 'farm loan net, -the- difficulties in framing them' and passing them through, tire two houses caused delays 'of several months.- The same thing "Vs-o.iaVd be"experienced with a soldier aKlJbftl -carrying 'librae ana-fanii'prbyisious, it was felt. ' Vkfe* The task of working out the 'details of tne'ljlll was left to five "subcommittees which were agreed, on by' the Re-, pnbircnn and Democratic leaders on tlie committee. They will be confirmed mittee, a ' careful "strudy - o'f- the variius pro- posfils suiimitted tn the cqmni'ittee, tlie number of persons eligible to the proposed benefits and'the! cost .of each plan:.and recommend tlie most practicable plan to be adopted. Bonus Less Than $1.50 a Day. Thoro.ufth study will also be made of the several proposed methods of raising 'the revenue 'necessary to provide for the bonuses. The subcommittee will begin work' immediately, said Chairman Fordney, nnd should submit their recommendations ..within n few weeks. -He was confident the bill would be .nassed. . One proposal offered at the meeting wirs that the schedule' of taxation in the • oricrimil war revenue act, which Raised.$0,000,000,000 for tlie year 191S, should lie restored. This schedule was modified so as to reduce.the -amount o£ -revenue .to .$4,000,000,000 for 1919, now being collected. • The additional $2,- OOi3,OOU,000, it'was pointed put,, would be more tlinn sufficient to. meet the "bonus requirements. Members of the .committee were not prepared to say what .would be the I amount of: the cash bonus,, but it wns indicated 'that it will he less Hum; tlie $1.50 a day. for each day served, as recommended by the American Legion. The cost therefore would be less than. S2,000,000,000, it WUE said. ' March 5th and 6th With From.'Sir Gilbert Parker's powerful story. • The latest and greatest-of'.the screens offerings.—Truly a masterpiece A-siuirl of .rage -ff om the crowd of lumbermen in the Cote Dorion Jamps. shattering, into .darkness, ihe sickening sound af blows, a ' sudden quiet. Whispered councellings followed ,then the tramp of feet, and splash l n -S ie IT 1 ' kving . ? r :dead, floated Charley Steel, wit, dandy, uncannily brim-ant lawyer, with the. world at his feet. Was this his end? , This is.on-ly ^one-.-ef/the. njaay big.scenes in this ' gigantic production bee it. : tonight. ••.-,. / . 22 and 33 'Cents MEXICANS MURDER AMERICAN U. S. Employee of International Petroleum Co. killed Near Tampico, Washington Is Advised. Wasliington, April ».—H. A. Jafred- son, nn American employee of the 'International Petroleum company's plant at Atnntlan camp, 'near Tampico, Mex., was murdered - and Alexander Oberg nationality; undetermined, . also em ployed by the company, was stubbed, probably fatally, by Mexicans in the same employ on 1 March 30, ; acording to advices to the state department froni 'Tampico. .Tafredson's home was in Brooklyn, N. Y. • Secretary Colby telegraphed Ijpth the embassy at Mexico City and the •American " consulate at Tampico to make prompt representations lookln toward the apprehension tmd_ punishment of the -'murderers and directed the consulate to report further details regaring the nationality of Oberg. 10,000 INDIANS FOR U. S. ARMY; Bill Would Authorize .Enlistmehtiiof -the American Red M.en as, •'-^ Yank Fighters.' -J, .•:-•• .-,, . '••.*.• . *•. : : •••' * • '•>. '•* , Washington, Apm o.;^-.Chairnjah Wadswoi'th was :iut'noi'lKed;by;:tiie,-?en.: site .military committee .to i,titrocHiee an amendment to the army reorganization bill providing for the enlistment of not to exceed' 10;000 American-;Indians as a separate unit 6f tire uriny.. TJpo'u flisclmrge they would :.the.rights 'of Ameticarr-crtiaons in 'ad' dition to their tribal rights/.. GERMAN "WAR" €NDS Ruhr Reds and Government Reach Agreement. 'Soj'diers of "Workihgmen's Army 'Must Deliver Arrns:to Authorities B'e- ;'forts Aprtl'10. . Duesseldorf, -Germany, Aprll'-ii*^ Soldiers .of-the worki-rignien's ar-my.m tne Ruhr district.,must. make delivery of their arms to. local.-authorities before April. 10 under .an agreement reached between fno government mid the ceu- • trail committee' -of the worliingroen's .general conference at Essen. Th«y will not-be considered -rebels if fighting censes throughout the district by noon today. .. • . ---'., The Compromise proposals made by the Berlin./government liax-e been ac- •cepted 'by' the workrh'ginen's general conference at Essen, and thus the Ruhr revolution is grided.. The commander : of ,the communist troops t^Core TVesel' "gave assurances to the' co'nfetence "for the s'trkrt observance of the agreement. -He'declared .he had really a good a-rmy, but could .not continue fighting because he lacked ammunition and asserted "'all looting had. been TSuppresieft .ai'id th'a't all lobt- ers had been shot." - : "-"I will shoot '.v/tfh wyn. pistol," he saiii; "any .-cbtiAiiinist soldier who disobeys the • orUtfr. to withdraw and disarm!" "*...'-'.'"liV"'''%£ The geriertil""str'3fcc- i tlircragh'out 'tlie Ruhr district has been ordered called off. '• At the last meeting of the "vyorlv- ing-men speakers said that the revc- .utionists could not have lived to accept a final agreement i'f the allies had not backed them. ' ' GREENWOOD IS AN OPTIMIST New Secretary for Ireland Believes Everything Will Come Out for the Best. ; London, April -.i.—Sir Hamar Greenwood, whose appointment 'as chief secretary for^jlrelaud was confti'med by the. king, 1 said: •• "I am' a Canadian home ruler," he .said. "I was born in a home rule country. My .appointment is a sign— and intended to be a sign—of the British government's -earnest desire to settle the Irish question along home rule lines once-and for all time., "I hope it will appeal to the world that way, especially to America. I shall do m'y best for Ireland, always. The government pa'ssed ' the meusure with the support of commons and we expect the 'Irish people,.themselves, to work out their own government.. I believe Ireland will a'ccept the measure and apply it logically and willingly, and eventually make it an ideal measure." WAGES CLOSE SHOE PLANTS Factory Owners in Masrlschusetts Say They Can't Meet Workers' '• . Demands.. Mnrblehead, Mass., April ,;-.—Demands of turn shoe workers for increased wages will "tie up the shoe industry here, according to announcements by manufacturers. The Parker Shoe company closed its : shops to.'its 250,operatives, and the Herbert Humphrey •& Sons company announced H would shut down Saturday night. The Ifftter employs 500 hands.'. The Paine Shoe company, which formerly had 250 workers," has Veen closed for two months by n strike of the turn shoe operatives. The Parker and Humphrey managements announced it would be impossible to operate if they granted any considerable'p;art -of the increase demanded. . The* advances sought, they said, averaged 100 per cent. FOR SALE—House, at 70S - West Pecan. Terras , -reasonable. Price right. Cajft' or write Charles Myers Carbondaic, Til. - ' A6—12t Cobden Ball Players Sign With M'boro '" Lamar, one oi Southern Illinois' best pitchers, and Paul Lo\vry, a- fast bagger yestcrdaj- signed up with the •" Mutphysljcro Cubs for this season. ^ Lamar has been playing for.sev- eral seasons, scoring a' good record in the box. Lowry played in" the three "1" league with Peoria the latter-spar't ot last. season. There is every indication, -of a bumper' crop. Old s-e'ttlqrs say when we have lots of snow we will have -lots of . grain. • : .Mr.. Winchester has just bought .-a ., quarter section o-n ' the .north of oiii- present home place. Land is g'oi'ng 'sky 'high, so is everything else. . . • ^Denver lias c rnoved. ivearer lo Daysland and has 3.40 :acres to put itAb .wheat and ''oats. "'• My -chi'ckeiis are laying, well, .go?. 70 '• eggs.' yesterday.' Isn't that goo'd for EasterV time ? ' - - • . Best. Regards to 'all-, b-ur. .Carbon dale friends. , " • • ' MRS. J. L. WINCHESTER. ."•'• ." -' - '• i TUC COLUMN Cash In Advance. . . .--. •.< One monthV per word ....It One week, jper,-word .......... ..01. 'One insertion, j>'er word ..01. Three insertions,'per word ...'.. .•;•* WANTED. , ;. WANTED—Experienced seamstres| to work on men's clothing alter 1 } ations. Highest .wages paid. Apply. Boyd's 6th £ 6'live Sts. St. -Louis: . A5-3t WANTEp-^Fosi'ti.on as bookkeeper or, stenogr'aplier. 'Competent. Lor-' etta Glenn. Phone '807-13.- AS—6t FOR SALE—House 011 West Main St. $3500. Mrs. W. A.- Perec. WANTED—CooV, 313 South Illinois'. T. Darnell. /WANTED—Position as stenographer or bookkeeper.; well qualified. Miss Charles, Route 1, Carbondale. Phone 844-6... WANTED—To hear from som? .party having money to loan at 7 per cent. Can give good security'. Address "M" care Free Press. | •WANTED—YoUng men and #Jrls'j for factory work. Experience 'not i£- : <qui>r.ed. 'Good wages. Nhte*our -oay with ten 'hours pay.—The Oliver Typewriter, •'Co'mpany, Woodstock, '111. A heavy snow fell, Easter morn- ingv cloaked -the «art4i from 'Erfing- fiam >to Chicago. Added to this the Chicago switchmen's strike -caused more difficulties in -train operation. 'Reports .-say -from Champaign ubrtli more than 6 inches of snow .'covers the ground. . Ah embargo on coal shipments to Chicago is .reported to be'in tTfect WANTED—Lady or gentelman in Carbondale for Wa'tkins Famous Products. Watkins goods known everywhere Big profits. Write today. Wat--' kins Company 51, Winona, Minn. * "' f FOB «ENT. FOB. RENT—Room for light house* keeping. Factory girls preferred. S02 Carico St. . AS—3t FOR RENT—Furnished room. Mod . ern......Gentleman preferred. 2H Hospital Drive. Telephone 69. FOE RENT^T.wo furnished .rooms. Mo'a«rn. 400 West Oak St. FOR BEST—Two tront rooms arm Style Shop, for office or sleejtag room* Apply Miss Rieth, Normal ud Monro. St. T-hc ioca! American Legion post will give a smoker and 4«neheon at the Elks home tonight. The meeting is particularly important to "service men w-ho have^«ot joined the Legion-. 'The meting was first planned to be •. held at • the armory hall, but arrangements -vyere made for a dance there without knowing -that the first and third Mondays of •' eaoJi.- ir/nth are Ttljc American Legion - meetings Bights.- F.L.LINGLE,M.t). CMntrcl feutOeu 4|<MM *tton«««i to-'Sya, «•*, FOR RENT—2 unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping. 401 West Oak. Phone 399L. . • A3—3i FOR RENT—Modern rooms $1.75 per week. Board $5.50. 109 Eas! Grand, 1 block east of Normal.. ' ' ' • A3—3i FOR RENT—Farm, 40 acres, east ol Carbondale, good orchard and fine .place -for -cantaloupes. Also grain crops. Reasonable terms to reliable patty. Apply Miss Maggie Rieth. . a .' . FOR RENT—Storage lor houielioU goods ln-tbe--one story brick building cement floors, oh alley back ot •*»• Barth. Tliea'trs. Ajfply Mlg» RUMt. : FOR SALE. .SALE—Baby buggy. 'Mrs. El- Ms, over Imperial .Cafe. a2-St . -FOR SALE—New brick bungalow, ' basement under entire house, -all modern, .hardwood 'floor. 804 West' .Walnut-street," Cailbondale, 111. Price. $75010. 'Also new bungalow,'4 large -rooms, large lot close to school.: 501; iSouth Marion street, Carbondale, 11.1. (Price $2250. Will carry one-fourth •valugfon either place. For particulars' .write Curtis • Brickey, N. .Carr. St., Whitehall, 111. *l-6t FOR SALE—Thoroughbred R. 1, . Red Eggs for setting. ' Cheap. Phone 270—K. • M31—6T POK SALE—^Carbondale garage, 66x ••1TJD ft. double floor, new brick on South side opposite hospital. Known as Egyptian or-Myers" garage..Price; $123)00.—.Curtis Brickey, Whitehall, 111. '. m31-5t FOR S'A'LE-^8 room modem -house. •All conveniences. Two improved lots. '410 North Springer. Phone 259K.- * FOR SALE •.Fence, posts: Call 8395 '•'Mn31-6t FOR SALE—Barred Rock eggs «or 'hatching. Phone 354K. Mrs. tJeo. Eaton. , FOR SALE—Surrey... Good condition, with-- top. . -See S. "&•• Fowler at iFowler's. candy - store. fflSOtf FOR ,.SALE—Seven room hous'c modern, -except h-eat. 505 Rawliiigs. ' FOB SAIiE—WfiJard storage bat : tery—6. to' 8.volts. : May be-seen/at •Settlemoirs .shoe .-n'ospital. .Good .as new. - - ' •-• 'FOR S^tEE-iFpra touring . car., jji. good'condition.' E. H. purdy-, ' ' ' 3FOS. SAME—:Griy reed bafey ; . ,«y- Gall at .820 ,So.«t1i Illinois :avenue. : • ' nf29-6t 'FOR .SA'LE—V* e ijuy,'raise andfteli fur-bearing rabbits, and ojftier 'fujr-.bearing .animals. 'List what lydu Irave *Tth us .stating your lov«%st prices on large lot shipments. The 'Fu*••* Specially 4FaWnir(if Co., '513517 N. P. Ave., Fargo, N.-Dak. "' ' LOST—Brown Silk iioire- B^g, between Poplar an^ -Normal. Reward if returned to Free ^"rcss. . ...'.• . .' A5—6v LOST Gray. . overcoat between •Springer street and Bayliss .Field; Ed McUaire. SNOW DELAYS SOUTH SOUND CHICAGO TRAINS AMERICAN LEGION "SMOKER G|IMM« Fitted R»«ldence 3AMILTON & BRADLiJY Suit* t&tornvys phon» MI K Hew HfMiHiaan OELIA GAU>WEL1% M. 211 W««l<M«la CARBDNBALE JOTCHEN lt>m« Made Candlei and, JM «6r*a« Telephone M4 V '• Telephone No. -159 ••> JESSE HA YES : \l Kinds of MfeVing and Transfer Work. FEED, COAL ANB POULTRY S13PW.IE3 V Phone 283 W. A. BRANDON, M. ©: . SENERA4. PRACTrct ArJD tH* EYE •Jiy** Teeted WacMt PNtM vi rB )nl« Bldfl. CarbonttiW. XL DR.H.H. ROTH Practice limited 'to "Dlseaie* of EYE, -NOSE, EAR and THROAT 'Over Woolworth Store,. Murphytboro, III. LAUKA E. SWARTZ . OtTEOPATHHC PHY»lOIAN . Chronic bleewe- • •p*oliifty Office In UHKtor-Ntohole «i«*. W. W, Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL Phone : JM A NEW HAMILTON *UlUDIlM ;,1 . H*iin t -to 11 A, M. anil * to • K fl ' ECONOMY ' '':."": J.-« WOOD*, FROF. '^:; •Winlwd.. Nut, Sag «n4- ..'HENRY: Phone 342 K . i/.' .,

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