Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 3
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. ft/ BOS WELLS Ik Mystery-Man's Days Numl)ercd One of the services this column tries to render to its clients is keeping them informed on the current status situation. Does a Mercedes 300 SL rank a Cadillac? Is a corner office without a silver water carafe and tray still worth more prestige than the same size office not on a comer but with a silver water carafe? The protocol of status is t very difficult thing to keep up with, I teQ you. What's in today is | frequently out tomorrow. Take enlisted telephone numbers, for instance. There was a time. when it was very chic, (oob, sorry -- that's an out word, right now) to have an unlisted phone number. It was in to be out of the book. Sol many people demanded WELLS unlisted numbers the phone company in New York started charging extra for them and other local units of the Telephone Trust pondered the same move. Of course, as with so many status symbols, there was a solid bit of logic behind the unlisted number. Commercial characters were renting reverse or street directories from the phone companies and pestering subscribers with telephone pitches. But an unlisted number won't keep you safe from telephone commercials anymore. Now they have automatic dialers that will call every number in an exchange--listed or unlisted. Just Look in Hook The trend among the stylish is to pet away from the masses -- most of whom now have unlisted numbers -and to climb back with the select few who have their numbers listed in the phone directory. In short, it's becoming in to be in. Don't take my word for it. Check the names of Long Beach civic, business and social leaders ia the phone '»·"»"» ; ** -*· * v* F, '· directory. You'll find lots of them listed. The mayor's in there and the city manager and, oh, lots of people- Let's hope what happened to the mayor of Indianapolis recently doesn't happen to ours. According to Bill Wildhack of the Indianapolis News. Mayor John Barton's phone rang and rang about 2 ajn. Finally, the disgusted mayor climbed out of bed and answered it. "Is this Mayor Barton?" the man at the other end of the line asked. -Yes.-I plan to call you tomorrow," the man said, "and I wanted to be sure this was the right number." Beau I y Phone-Deep A ' Belmont Shore beauty salon wishes something like that would happen to it. It opened up not too long ago--too late to be listed in the regular telephone directory, but the owners presumed it was listed with Information. Customers called Information for the number of the salon, but were told it wasn't listed. The owners protested -after an, they were paying their phone bills--but still can't get Information to give their number to customers who ask. So for some silly reason the owners called me. Anybody want to know the number of the Mar-Vel Beauty Salon? Thought for Today After the Beatles, don't let your teen-ager ever again complain about "long-hair music." I City-State Oil Agenda Draft Started (Continued front Page A-l) | Champion had suggested that'settlement on the others. [maybe as much as $50 mil-! On Long Beach's East Willion in tidelinds projects mingtort Held, largest unde- could be justified by the city.yelcped oil reserve in North 1 Champion's hint of a $200- America. Champion said flat- million state offer triggered jy; -j think we have struck an the compromise proposal. 1 impasse." i though that figure stiU is sub-l ^^ MlnstU Md c^. iject to negotiation^ l pion ^ to $it ^ m e ne . »· n .-t *, .t~s -,i- · ,'gotiation huddles between IF ONLY $200 million » »l-;a,eir representatives, located to Long Beach tide-J » · · · lands trust p r o j e c t s that CHAMPIO N nude it clear iwculd provide up to $1.8 bit-' thl , lhe broad . issue a^. ( !K« in future tidelands oa, ionj ^ , n£W ,;^ t ra Jtif , revenues for the state treas-1^ erences . -p^ conferees ' uf y- . . ..... can discuss the possibility of I State a n d city officials nti miet Dev ^ ish . ^tackled the compromise on 'fa- {j e ·Ji.the broad-issue front because J'the issues appear to be related and one unresolved issue seems to be stalling a 11 Average Tax Cut 82.80 a Week by Law "Both the state and Long Beach would like to have this matter handled equitably," said Champion. Appearing be-1 fore a State Lands Commission meeting, he got f uH com-1 mission backing. Both Controller Alan Cranston and Lt. Gov. Glenn M. Anderson, other commission members, termed the com- 1 promise talks "a good idea." · . . . LOS ANGELES UP! -- The! a v e r a g e Los Angeles-area} MAXSELL said he will 1 breadwinner soon win be^rief the Long Beach City ·'taking home an extra $2.80 Council at 9 am. Friday on I a week under the federal in-'the p e n d i n g compromise ^come-tax-cut bill s i g n e d talks. "We hope to get an ^Wednesday by P r e s i d e n t'aspects on the agenda so full "'Johnson. jbargaining talks can begin by The Internal Revenue Ser- late next week," said Man- vice office for Southern Cali- selL fomia said the average wage earner in the Los Angeles area has a wife and two chil- Unruh, chairman of the Assembly-Senate Joint Tidelands Committee, asked the dren and earns $125 a week. ! negotiation teams to try to Claiming four deductions report a settlement by mid- Bunder the old withholding M arC n. Unruh indicated he tai schedule, he paid $12-£0; w iM schedule a meeting '-«,a week in taxes. Now he will March 16 or 17 to discuss a J pay only $10, says the IRS. [possible settlement. - I The tax cut will save the; Meanwhile." the surprise Ijaverage wage earner about settlement talks left up in the in 1964, the IRS said. air what will happen at two other tidelands h e a r i n g s scheduled this week. The city of Long Beach accused the Senate Natural Resources Committee of staging (Continued from Page A-I) |so I set to work planning a .included a reference to Irwinof a modest bachelor apart- a rigged hearing in Los An- nrosecution says it was a se- lperfect "^^ H"^*- "peeling Keenan and his; ment . j-e!es in January in which the r^fSTM i* 011 lre readm S ****· the mother ia La Par, Mexico, in -Barrv Keenan ilw rave W wasnt S iveQ * fa ' r crane - i crime was imperfect . . . J195S. and dating the mother|__ ,,,,* ,_. j r __v!_ .. ! chance to tell its side. So Letter Details Sinatra Jr. Kidnap Plot highlights of' " This w " not a s P" r °* for six months thereafter [ t^* T^^m*nt »ftTrtf* I v^rtrAst *·! Klw**r 1*.J *. _..*«.*1 ' i»e «0 for unloading his the momenaction. wanted always had a paternal 025 " ' from . Parents and Loved to "^ the th£n S s t* 13 * needed feeling about Barry. He was' R °S*r Dier, 24. [that Senate ,booked a second series "Then he hearings today and Friday in of Ones: """"" ,""" . """ c doinj. I hoped that I might jabout 18 when I first met himJapotogized because he said hejSacramento.' -If you read this'letter, i have'helped-you an gain aJThen last faU he called me Lamed to give me a $50 bill. However, part of the Long am either dead or under ar-, Ilttle happiness. I would have.and said he had an idea for a' but had ^ jj^ H krf Beach delegation will be rest for felony kidnaping. If I P^ °" a11 m 7 b"l*-slowty perfect crime. 1 « M " . n ,. M vj closetcd in the ^rgaining am convicted, you must con-*" 0 "* not to P"" suspicion.1 -j to!d hbn thcre was ^ me " TM° S 203 woul1 M ,session. And there was some eing dead as I *' wanted "? mother to] suc ji thing « s a perfect crime '°"y- 'doubt as to whether a full- sider me as being dead, ; .have will be in prison for at least TM Te * new k'tc^^ a "l » but I talked with him anyhow It was the second day of^ess hearing will be called 10 years. i 00 ' 0 ' TV ... ! and found out his plan was to testimony in which witnesses,' 11 view of *« compromise "Why? As you all know' * vouTd kave '^plained kidnap Frank Sinatra Jr. .. Jto!d of unusual handling of"" money has always been cf.* e mon *y " gambling win- He said he. Keerua and'money in the wake of the utmost importance to me ^Z*. »TM that for the pastiAmsIer considered and aban-[ransom p a y o f f . A pretty "After realizing that I was -ear an * a . ha - ' had ^"doned a kidnap during a Sina-.housewife testifed Wednes- incapable of earning enough con ?* ant| y broke De^^se 1 tra engagement in Phoenix.'day that Keenan and Amsler money to keep up with all could never hit a Humphrey TV Aide__ _ __ __ NEW YORK CB -- Sens. winning but witched Sinatra around spread out nearly $200.000 on ;Hubert Humphrey.' . my debts and high Ii«ng i s"e»k. Now 1 had finally hit Hollywood for a time. They her bedroom floor, danced, and Sam D-Minn, I _ j ._, _ Jr, D-N.C.,1 decided to take a" carefully, 1 ' s TM n J n g »«« cleaned up .. J didn't do'anything and he" fig- 1 barefoot "through iCtossed'iti^ 11 he! P tfl « American Broad- calculated risk by cndertak- j,^ 1 ^- _ ' JS" 1 ^ s f u _ m y.ured that was the end of it up in the air. played touch,c astin S :°-.. cover the ing a major crime. " " . - -- - - · - - r. "If I had succeeded. dad on my gambling story, I ( Then Dec. 9 he got a can'football with the bundles znd,Democratic National Conven""'" ~'~ v= ~ E« back on from Keenan saying theyouth'then wanted to play a £ame, tion and election campaign. fTv ns»flf *ITv' ;-- * _ j _ . I . · » » ? _ _ - . « - - t K » r\ nf ti-rirlr t*iA \.V«w^n^e/4^-v »'»« . would have netted approxi-jk 5 '" 1 financially, mentally wi$ ja custody. mately $100,000 which would ^ Physically. . . -j wtnt to tj, e " few , real fnends ^^Canoga would |of Monopoly with it. ;the network said Wednesday. Park and Barry' received iske d me to go in and talk very nice Chnstmas gifts. "* " st rf hive enabled me to become, a millionaire in 10 or 15:' years... "I rationalized that work ing to accumulate money to ever be able to S -r^ W r^^^=-^"W - a black sleepin; ,1 * with Frank Jr. because he would not tea them how to ·jioil Will. mother, investments in stocks.! "Frank Jr. was lying on a Slaying Male l * his ° ver . ."«* .^/ mve « « TM » t i o ^ i . i fact he was » about ,t SUN WV ALE W» _ With '^, emotion _ . 2 ,. year) , d «'"- ^ibrunette bride of four days heard herself c h a r g e d in ccurt W edn es diy uith stab' b i her hu5ba ^ to d . ath ' around $30,000 annually- very optimistic eamin; jection--for about 15 "rntepTnd^pa^ingTp^;"!^L'S.'^^^ "' '^ '" BarT '/ nd J ° »ith a camng knife, one of temptation of living ia Jux-i^lT,^ \L~?1, mimL t W T, fmotl f n f II y '^{f^.the wedding gifts. urv .couw n,i\e become a miHion- and I was afraid some harm' ,,_ . . * * . . . -IMin-e I wn.,M .,,.. »« in 10 years or so. would come to Frank Sinatra' """*.".» «n«Jical case^ I beliete I would rla^e -j jjgo made a promise to i r i 1161 a criminal one. insisted lived it np ... so about three cod that I would pay back) -Barry said he would live the Uwy " for Mrs - Mary Ann the money to the church and me $30,000. ^Hallenbeck, 21, of Blackwell, months ago I started thinking of a crime that would involve few pei much money. special charities as rapidly as! "I said if I'm '«"" possible ..." [ i n i Kidnaping seemed to offer «"-·· ·-- «.=-«-··---- . rry agr the least risk for the money, k to ret ' Okla Her husband. Terry Hal'en- _ r beck, 23. an Air Force enlisted ILERE ARE highlights ofi -Later B^rry became agi-! 1 " 1 "- w « stabbed fatally mey, Irwin'j FBI statement, which tated because I was going loiTutsdiy while he was un!get $50XiOO just for making packing their bags at their --CTZ-~r^T^:v..'i..^-rrTT7^=r/ some phone calls." v ' ~ -COMPLETE WEATHKK honeymoon apartment. Three psychiatrists examined her ANOTHER witness, mean-[Wednesday before her court Awhile, testified that after ransom payoff Keenan paid him $500 for two days rental Yon. Too, Win tie LINCOLN PARK PARKING GARAGE · COVERED P A R K I N G r n f t c l Ttir Ctr · P A R K IT -- LOCK IT *· O.« Hit Toctci II · HAVE IT SERVICED W;d !/·;.« OI rrtimttt JUST M O K T M ^ t»fl« Stack llbr«rv I K T A K C I t : Hc.t*c An. «· HI M. ftr»«tfw«v ft«twtm PxcjfkC ·«* Cfijf «: *.l? · m. H ^tt. t f tevf *i I «* in im. rvl -II » M t.m. Lnn.ll .. . M « _ ».w«r*cr __ _' ~ *· ·** · · ___ . ____ _ U «S _ - _ . _ *7 3» .. ___ Im »«mvtfin« ___ £i o no _______ -"a m ,, ~ «i ,, __..: a » Aovft T%« ii im. ' 51 M i a -u . 43 A _ a a .. -- a a _ n. · I f r t - S'iSds^'^r 1 % 1 - Cdt» '_'_; fl -# ^ PK-l*^rt*,* mecniv RS55P .-__ZZ:_i.: T» « ,, 17 tt LBUtt lit t» C.ty S*«rn« teo*ir« S Mir^rjf *mcei *, I McAJim. Trrj *+ tr»fwt to *« « jMtiJcrtl »»·*« We*^vS*» Time Kxloiidnl in Rail Dispute i WASHINGTON (UPI) -President Johnson Wednesday extended for 30 days a ^..._ .deadline for the report of an » :; ^emergency board investigating a dispute between virtually ali the nation's railroads and the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen. I The union served notice on the railroads in February 1963 |that it ^ranted to negotiate a Titw contract. The dispute centers around wages and J job-security provisions of a »new contract. |j The emergency board was f, set up Jan. 3 but apparently [ did not complete its report in j time to submit it to the Presi- | dent ic the 30-day period nor- i malTy allotted. ss-i" 1 S 5 Wallc MA41IIXRS on s.\vi.\«;s UP TO Clearance of floor model Klna Super- malic or automatic, aNo Xrcclii automatic pnrlalilcs anil con«ole«. Klna-.Vcrlii portalilr from nH.OO Usrd rossolr marhinr* from 2f)J0 \\T tprrbn/r *· rrpairii; «M lnikr« C*n n for fttlmitn ·· |art« tmi rnlilt third floor tuck. cur. nan. r*. r. KM INOE?ENDENT-f. S t ^ { Wallc ers t h e f r i e n d l y s t o r e o f L o n g E t a c h YEAK WEEK Only om'e in four years eari we have a sale like this . . . and we're having surprises every day of this week . . . listed below are only a few of the special surprises . . . some are so terrific we don 7 t dare show tlie priecs. FRIDAY SPECIALS LADIES HKGISTEll . . . FIIKK EXSKMDLE Win a complete Easter en«emlle. No obligation lo buy. You need not le present for ilrawing. Drawing Sal., 4:00 P.31. regularly 1.00 NOTE PAPEIl One dny unly . . . ttrert floor regularly 29c WOMEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS regularly 1.00 MEN'S' T-SIIIIITS One day only . . . tired floor 3 c One day nnly . . . ftrrct jlnnr regularly 3.90 WOMEN'S AI'KIS 97 Onr dny only . . . itrrrt floor regularly 2.00 WOMEN'S SMIM'l-llS Our day unly . . , tlrrrl floor regularly 5.95 WOMEN'S SWEATEKS 2.00 Our dny imly . . . trcond floor. regularly 17.9JJ WOMEN'S IMtKSSI-S 5.99 t)nr dny nnly . . . trrnnd floor regularly 3.00 WOMEN'S (iOWNS 97 regularly 2.00 ItATH OIL One day nnly . . . tlrrrl floor Onr dny only . . . tcrtinil floor regularly '19r ,V S4ICKS 4: s l Onr dny nnly . , . loircr floor STAriiKii III:I:L n WAUiBivt; snoi:s : :| res, K.'J'J Hrpeat of a »rlloul. Soft leather uppers M-| on long rearing «nle*. All in neutral spring rolor*. Perfect for chopping anil allilay Maliiing. .Mnt -iize.* I'/i «" 10. trrnnd floor ··i ~j F O t l l T I I AM) HE 2.71.11 . PAIIK · FIIKK A.\V VIITOU1A LOT »

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