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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 30

Tucson, Arizona
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Thursday, February 12, 1976
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PAGE 30 eye Glass being held for ransom LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Police are looking for a man who allegedly stole his girl friend's glass eye and is holding it for $300 ransom. Felicia Williams, 42, complained that her boyfriend came to her hotel room demanding money, police said. When she refused, he hit her, grabbed $6 from the dresser and plucked her artificial eye from her left socket. He fled, saying he would return the eye for $300 -which is what she said it is worth, police said. TUCSON D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Reasons not clear Math students lag, recent tests show By United Press International Standardized tests show today's students don't do as well in math as those of a generation ago. Are today's students lazy, dumber or what? Or is the test harder than in times past? Answers to these questions shor ter these days, too. came in interviews with Gle- The reason for both situa- nadine Gibb of the University tions he traces to the influ- of Texas at Austin, .and John ence of television. youths hitting the math books are lazy or dumb, by the way. Egsgard, who has been teaching 25 years, said today's students won't do as much homework as those of yester- generation. He finds also, in the classroom, the attention span is rVVALENTINEW-, DIAMOND RUBY OR SAPPHIRE RING. 14k GOLD. 5 525 LHELZBERGJ Egsgard of Twin Lakes Secondary School in Ontario, Canada. "I think television at home is preventing students from spending as much time on it seems pretty much a thing of the past. Mrs. Gibb is president of the S'S5e2S %£?S Pr0blemS for the TM ° f *** president-elect. The tests probably aren't more difficult but the boys and girls taking them are different, the two authorities agreed. They did not agree on the ways the students are different. Neither thought today's "In the classroom if a student can't get it the first five minutes or less he wants you to show how to do it. Everything's presented to them in an easy way in television." He's found students shy TRAIL RANCHES ' 4 0 ACRE PARCELS FROM $275 PER ACRE OFFERING. ^ELECTRICITY AND WATER AVAILABLE TO SOME PARCELS KPAVED ROAD FROMTAGE AVAILABLE V/ALL PARCELS ON GOOD 28 FOOT BLADED ROADS ^BEAUTIFUL RANCH LAND WITH PANORAMIC MOUNTAIN VIEWS v-'MILD YEAR ROUND CLIMATE ,/ PRIVATE BUT ACCESSIBLE: APPROXIMATELY 15 MILES FROM INTERSTATE 10 ON PAVED ROUTE 186 "·"AS LOW AS 5% DOWN. 20 YR. FINANCING 7%- INTEREST l-'LOWER INTEREST RATES WITH ADDITIONAL DOWN PAYMENTS ^ NO CLOSING COSTS AND NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY ^-10 DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE t While generally referred to as "40 Acre" parcels, actual size varies from ^ 36 lo 44 acres as seen on Ihe recorded report of survey, 275 ·PER ACRE 550 Q1 O I 03 PER A/C 6 0 2 - 6 2 4 - 3 6 1 1 FOR FREE BROCHURE , Tucson *DOWN PAYMENT 111,000 Prki, 240 Pmte. -- H1.03 Mo. lntw«s« SM47.20. TeUI Put SII,«_7.20. D.f. Prk* $19,447.20, 7% imul iniwttt. Lowtr Pi punts with Urt«r Down PimtflU. n t e r s t a t e 10 Easl to lusl VVillcox e x i t . R I G H T al the signal ijgin onto Roule 186 J3y Follow the signs to the Chiricahua National Monument I WILLCOX (IIS) Chtncahua Nat, Monum. LEGAL NOTICE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF KACHINA BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION Thar we, Ihe undersloncd, having associated ourselves together for the purpose ot tormina a corporation under and bv virlue of the laws ol the State ot Arizona, do hereby adoot the following Arllcles ot incorporated, ARTICLE 1 ..JJ?£^P2 e ° T J. he corporation shall be KACHINA BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION", and Its principal place ol business shall be within the State of Arizona, County of Pfrna, City ot Tucson ul the Board or Directors mav designate such other places either wllhin or without fhc State of Arizona where other offices may be established and mai'nfaf/ied and/ or all corporafe business transacted so far as the same Is done so according to ARTICLE II The names and addresses of the incor- poralors are as follows- HOWARD SLOANe M-t West Las PalmarJfas Phoenix, Arizona 5021 BARBARA M..SLOANE 3« West Las Palmaritas Phoenix, Arizona SO?] ARTICLE III This Corporation mav hold Us meetlnos at such places and at such limes as Ihe Board of Directors may designate. ARTICLE IV The general nature ot the busfness in which the corporation shall engage is as follows: 1, To sell rent, lease, manufacture, repair, and maintain business machines and supplies of anv kind and nature Jn- clutiing, but not limited to, copy ma* chines word processors, photocopy machines, typewriter, coov machine paper and coin operated coov machines. so far as permitted by applicable law. 2. To act as agent for others or for the Corporation In selling, renting, leasing, manufcturfno, repairing, and maintaining business machines and supplies of every kind and nature including, but nol limited to, copy machines, word processors, photocopy machines, Ivpwrlters, copy machine paper, and coin operated copy machines, so lar a* permitted by ·applicable taw. 3- To purchase, contract tor, or otherwise acquire In anv manner, take, hold, own or sell, lease, rent, mortgaCe, pledge and otherwise whatsoever, whether real, personal or mixed or any Inferest therein and to develop, improve, subdivide, cultivate, farm, mine *nd otherwise work, manage, operate or control the same, so far as permitted by applicable (aw , ·*. TO Plan, erecl, build, remodel, enlarge, furnish, equip, purchase, lease or otherwise acquire and to operate, conduct, sell, rent and otherwise control and dispose of houses, aparlmenl houses and other buildings of all kinds and classes, so far as permitted by applicable law, 5. To deaf in franchises, licenses, privi- leces and rfghts-of-way of all Vlnds and clsses, so far as permitted by applicable law. 6 To crow, buy, self, store, warehouse, process, grade, pack, ship, market. jnd lo deal generally in goods, wares, merchandise, buildings, maintenances, mafe- rials and equipment, so tar as permitted by applicable law. 7, To Issue such Notes, Bonds, Debon- lures. Contracts, or other security or evidences of Indebtedness upon such terms and conditions and In such manner and form as maybe prescribed or determined by the Board of Directors, as far as permitted bv applicable law. 6. To purchase, acquire, own, hold, sell, assign. Transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise to acquire, dispose of, hold, or de*l In Ihe shares of slock, bonds, debentures, notes or other security or evidence of indebtedness of this or any other cor- pordtiort, association or Individual and to exercise all the rFghts, powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vorc thereon to ttw same extent as a natural person might or could do, so far as permitted bv applicable law. 9. To lend or invest Its funds with or without security upon such terms and conditions AS shad be prescribed or determined by the Board of Directors, so far as oer mined as applicable law. 10. To borrow monev and to issue bonds, debentures, notes, contracts and other evMmces of Indebtedness of obligations *od from time to tfm- for any law fuH Dm-Dose tormxhj*oe, ptaMt^r otner- LEGAL NOTICE e chance anv or all of its property, property rEoht;, privileaes and assets to secure Ihe pavment thereof, so lar as ermilted bv applicable law. }- To act as agent, trustee, broker or in anv other fiduciary or representative capacity, so far as per/nfffea bv applicable law. 12. To purchase, own, hold or apothe- cate anv patent rights, privileges, trademarks or secret processes, so lar as permitted bv applicable law. 13. To act as surety or guarantor and to underwrite in whole or part anv contract, issue of stock, bonds, debentures or ofner securities or evidences of indebtedness of anv other corporation or association or of anv person or persons, so far as permitted by applicable law. 14. To make and lo perform contracts of every kind and description to enter Into iolnt venture and patncrship acrec- menls wifh Individuals and other corporations in carrying on its business for Ihe purpose of attaining and furthering anv of Its objects. To do anv and all things which d natural person might or could do In which now or hereinafter mav be authorized bv law and in general to do and perform such acts and things and transact such business in connection with the foregoing objects not Inconsistent with law as may be necessary and required. Designation of any oblect or purpose herein shall not be construed to be a limitation or qualification or In anv manner to limit or restrict Ihe purposes and ob- lects of this Corporation, SD far as permitted bv applicable law. ARTICLE V The authorized amount of capital stock of the Corporation shall be One Million (Sl.000.000.00) Dollars divided Into Ten Million ($10.000,000.00) shares of common lock of the par value of ten cents (S.IO) per share which shall be Issued and paid for at such time and In such manner as Ihe Board of Directors shall determine. All or anv portion of the capital stock of Ihe Corporation may be issued fn pav- ment for real or personal property, services or other things of value for the use and purposes of the Corporation and when so issued shall be fully paid (he sameas though paid for In cash and the directors shall be the sole fudge of the value of anv property, right or thing acquired In exchange for capital stock. The shares of Ihe capital stock of the Corporation when Issued shall be tutlv [aid and non-accessible. ARTICLE VI The Corpof alion shall have the right lo adopt Bv-Laws or enter Into Agreements with its sharelx}lders imposing reasonable restrictions on Ihe sale, assignment or transfer ol the shares ol Fts capital stock In giving to Ihe Corporation or Its sfiarefwfders Ihe preferential right or option lo acquire shares of slock In Ihe Corporation of shareholders desiring to sel! such shares or obligating Ihe Corporation to redeem or purchase such shares. ARTICLE VII The business affairs of the Corporation shad be conducted bv a Board of Directors of not less than two nor more than nine directors as shall be set form In the Bv Laws Such Board ot Directors shall be elected at Ihe annual meeting of the stockholders which shall be held on Ihe 3lsl day of December of each year commencing with Ihe year 1975. The said directors shall serve until their successors are elected and Qualified. The Board of Directors shall have the power to (III all vacancies occurring In their number and each ot Ihe persons so selected to fill a vacancy shall serve until the next annual meeting ol the stockholders or until his successor Is elected and has qualified. The Board of Directors, with the consent and approval of the stockholders owning two-thirds (V) of the Issued and outstanding capital stock ol Ihe Corporallon, shall have the full power lo amend these Articles, adopt By-Laws and amend the same, and make all rules and regulations pxpedienl for the management of the Btfalrs of the Corporallon unfll Ihdr successors are duly elected and qualified. The following persons shall serve as directors of the Corporation: HOWARD SLOANE 1H West Las Palmaritas Phoenix, Arizona »SH1 BARBARA M. SLOANE 344 west Las Palmaritas Phoenix, Arizona asojl ARTICLE VIII The time of the commencement of this Corporation shall be from the date of Ihe Issuance ol me Certificate of Incorporation and shall endure thereafterinr a LEGAL NOTICE term ot twenty-live (25) years with the privilege ol renewal as provided bv law. The executive officers of the corpora- tlon shall be ot least three In number to Include but not be limited lo the President, Secretary and Treasurer. Anv one person mav hold two positions, but not more than two positions as an executive official. The Board of Directors mav determine other executive offices and such olher assistants and officers as they mav deem and designate In Ihe Bv-Lsws. The executive olficers shall be elected bv the Board of Dtrecfors Immediately after each annual meeting of the stockholders and shall hold office for one (1) year or until their successor Is elected and qualified. The Officers need not be members of the Board of Directors. The Board ol Directors shall have Ihe power and au- Ihorltv to fill anv vacancy occurring among the executive officers of Ihe Cor- porallon until their successor Is duly elected and qualified. The following per sons shall serve as officers of the Corpc ration until successors are elected at [hi next meeting of the Board HOWARD SLOANE. President DAVID BELL, VIce-President-Secretarv BARBARA M. SLOANE, Treasurer ARTICLE X The highest amount ol Indebtedness or liability direct or contingent to which the Corporallon shall at any time sublect themselves shall not exceed two-thirds fi) of Ihe authorized capital stock. ARTICLE XI Private property of the stockholders, directors and officers of the Corporation shall be forever exempt from Its corpo- ARTICLE XII The Corporation does hereby appoint PETER T. VAN BAALEN, whose address is 1550 First National Bank Plaza. 100 West Washington, Phoenix, Arizona S003, and has been a bona llde resident of the Stale of Arizona for at least three (31 vears, Its lawful agent In me State ol Arizona, for and on behalf of said Corpo- rallon to accept and acknowledge service of and upon who may be served process In anv action or proceeding that mav be brought against this Corporallon In anv of the Courts of the State ol Arizona, such service of process or the acceptance thereof by said agent endorsed thereon to have Ihe same force and effect as I' served upon any officer of the Corpora tion. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we, Ihe undersigned, have hereunto set hands this 2nd day of January. 1976. HOWARD SLOANE BARBARA M. SLOANE STATE OF ARIZONA SS. County of Marlcooa On this, the 2nd day of January, »76 before me, the undersigned Notary Pub tic, personally appeared HOWARD SLOANE, known lo me for satisfactorily proven) (o be the person whose name Is subscribed to the within Instrument and acknowledged that he executed the same for the purposes therein contained. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and official seal. PETER T. VAN BAALEN Notary Public My Commission Expires: Aug. 17,1978 STATE OF ARIZONA Countv of Maricopa On this, the Jrd day of January, 1976 before me, the undersigned Notary Public, personally appeared BARBARA M SLOANE, known to me (or satisfactoril proven) to be the person whose name Is subscribed to the wllhin Instrument and acknowledged lhal she executed Ihe same for Ihe Purposes therein contained. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set mv hand and official seal. PETER T . V A N BAALEN Notary Public My Commission Expires: Aug. 17. 1978 Publish: Feb. 6, 7, 9. 10, It, 12, 1974 The Tucson Dally Citizen away from courses with a lot of calculating involved -- statistics and trigonometry, for example. Does the lack of practice -homework time -- and the reduced attention span have anything to do with the lower scores on standardized tests measuring math achievement? Possibly, according to Eg- sgard. Mrs. Gibb, professor of mathematics education and one of the architects of the new math, said "greater pressures" make today's students a different breed. "Generally speaking," she said, "there is pressure on children to be involved in more things. "The teachers have more pressure on them also. With the open classroom and change that is constant, the teacher just needs an opportunity to teach." About achievement, Mrs. Gibb believes one of the problems may be that "we are expecting too much mastery too soon." As one of the creators of the new math, Mrs. Gibb defends it. It came under attack, especially by parents who found fault with the fact that its "sets" and such were beyond them. Parents could not help with homework. Mrs. Gibb said the idea of the new math was to get the theory over. Somehow the basic facts -- multiplication requiring practice -- were omitted from much of the early teaching. There is some shifting back to the old math. On balance, the math that results will be a combination of the two, according to Mrs. Gibb. The two authorities on the teaching of mathematics were asked about the use of mini- calculators by students in the beginning grades and by those in the very advanced math courses in high school. "I look on them as another instruction aide," Mrs. Gibb said. "But they can be misused." In junior high or the middle school, Mrs. Gibb said the pocket calculators -- with their instant answers -- seem to motivate some students who haven't warmed up to math. Egsgard goes along with the council's policy on calculators. "In a capsule, the council says the pocket calculators are a good thing and teachers should make use of them in a sensible way -- a way in which the child is aided and not harmed," he said. Angola suspect reportedly shot LONDON (UPI) -- A helicopter pilot says "Col. Callan," the officer accused of ordering the firing squad executions of 14 British mercenaries, was wounded and left to die in the Angolan bush. The pilot also said Callan's alleged accomplice, regimental Sgt. Maj. Sammy Copeland, was executed on orders of Callan's successor for his part in the shootings. PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to Statute «44-2WX of Arizona Revised Statutes. Notice lo anv and al creditors, William J. Shattlev, DBA, Trykon Trailers, located at 3772 E. Klein dale Road In Tucson, Is being sold and transferred lo Duane and Margaret Jewart. Effective date Thursday, February 12, 1976. Publish: February 7, 9, 10. II, 12. 13, The Tucson Dally citizen Funeral Notices 1 ADKINS, Orvllle J., 55, died February 11, 1976, Survived by wife,' Mildred; daughter, Sandra Naugle; granddaughter, Deanna Naugle, of Tucson; mother, Mrs. Elva · Adkins; brothers, James and Russell Adkins; sisters, Evelyn Adkins and Mildred Livingston, all of Btoomington, Ind. Funeral services Saturday, February 14, 1976 at 11 a.m. in the ARIZONA MORTUARY EASTSIDE CHAPEL, 4601 E. 1st St. (1 block W. of Swan Rd.) Friends may call Thursday evening until lime of services on Saturday. Military honors by DAV Chapter No. 18. Entombment Tucson Memorial Park, South Lawn Mausoleum. CARTER, Raymond Charles, passed away Feb. 6, 1976 at McMinnville, Tenn. Ray was born Sept. 17, 1924 in Douglas, Arizona, where he spent the first 18 years of his life and was inducted into the Army during World War II where he served in Germany, was wounded and received several metals, Ray made his home in Tucson for many years after being honorably discharged from the infantry. He is survived by his wife, Margie; three step-children and Fwral Hoik* three step-grandchildren of Florida; two daughters and three grandchildren of Miss.; brother, Floyd Carter; sister, Mrs. Harold (Judy) Smith, of Tucson, Mrs. Nathan (Louellen) Johnson and Mrs. Thelma McDonald, of Douglas, Az.; brother, Howard Franklin, of Denver, Colo.; many nieces, nephews and friends. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, Feb. 13, 1976 at Brown Page Chapel in Douglas, Az. CLIFFORD, Grace Loulse,47, of Tucson died February 10, 1976. Assistant finance director of Tucson Public Schools Systems and member of 8th Ward LOS Church. Survived by husband, Richard C.; twin sons, Stephen and Michael, of Tucson; parents, Mrs. Mrs. A.J. Hoggan, of Phoenix; brother, Robert J. Hoggan, of Salt Lake City, Utah. Services will be held in the 8th Ward LDS Chapel, 6901 E. Kenyon Dr. Friday at 1 p.m., February 13,1976. Friends may call Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the ARIZONA MORTUARY EASTSIDE CHAPEL, 4601 E. 1st SI (1 block W. of Swan Rd). DITTLER, Llla I., 73, of Tucson, died February 10, 1976. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Barney Montgomery of Tucson; granddaughter, Mrs. Melody Rogas, Las Vegas, Nev. and grandson Perry Montgomery of Tucson. Memorial services will be held 11 a.m. Saturday in PALMS MORTUARY CHAPEL with Pastor Curtis E. Jorstad of Calvary Lutheran Church officiating. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Calvary Lutheran Church, 5601 E. Broadway or the American Cancer Society. DULL, Harold L., 74, died Feb. 11, 1976. Husband of Brana Dull; father of Gary S. Dull of Tucson, and Mrs. Earlene Bradley of Penn. Funeral services pending at BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, 6910 E. Broadway. GILLEN, Dorothy Downing, 76, of Tucson, died February 9, 1976. A native of South Pittsburg, Tennessee and a Tucso- nian since 1940. Widow of Dr. George H. Gillen. Survived by sister, Mrs. Leighton D. Browne, of Wilton, Connecticut; nieces, Mrs. Eugene Ratlin, of Indianapolis, Indiana, Mrs. George H. Easton, Winchester, Mass.; step-sons, George Gillen, of Calif., Joseph Gillen, of Colo. step-daughter, Mrs. George Dickson, of Colo.; several grand-nieces and grand nephews. Memorial services will be held Thursday, February 12, 1976 at 4 p.m. ARIZONA MORTUARY EASTSIDE CHAPEL, 4601 E. 1st St. (1 block W. of Swan Rd.) The family suggests remembrances may be made to your favorite charity. GLASER, Benjamin J., 81, of Tucson, passed away February 10th. Survived by wife, Mary; sons, John J., of Tucson, Benjamin J. Jr. and Thomas P., Chicago, 111.; daughters, M. Eleanor Vosberg, of Tucson; sister, Josephine Mullaney; half sister, Eunice Deacon; half brothers, Richard and Thomas Brown, of Chicago, III. and Harris, of Des Moines, Iowa; 25 grandchildren; nine great grandchildren. Rosary Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in ADAIR CHAPEL. Mass Friday at 9:30 a.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Burial Holy Hope Cemetery. Visitation Thursday 2 p.m. until service time at ADAIR FUNERAL HOME, Dodge and Speedway. Remembrances may be made to the American Cancer Society. JACKSON, Juanita, 58, died Feb. 11, 1976. Wife of Sid Jackson; mother of Sherry Gourlart, Nita Kay Blythe, Jesse L., Albert G., and David M. Jackson; sister of Pruitt Smith, Thelma Alexander, Lorene Dewey, and Dortha Bishop; 7 grandchildren also survive. Funeral services 2:30 p.m. Mon. Feb. 16 at BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL. Burial in Tucson Memorial Park, East Lawn, Friends may call from 2 to 8 p.m. Sal. Sun. at BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, 6910 E. Broadway. KING, Lester F., 53, of Tucson, passed away Feb. 11, 1976. Arrangements pending EVERGREEN MORTUARY, CEMETERY MEMORIAL PARK. LEE, Arthur Lawrence, Jr., 66, passed away February 11, 1976. Survived by wife, Willie. He belonged to the Tucson Musicians Union. Chapel service in REILLY FUNERAL HOME, 2:00 p.m. Friday. Burial in Evergreen Veterans Section. LOPEZ, Robertr, B., 57 yrs old, passed away February I I , 1976. Step father of Mrs. Maggie Galuan, Josefina Vargas, Cruz Vasquez, Frank, Samuel, Bobbie Rogelio Valdovin, Fernando Alvarez. Brother of Mrs. Irene Morales and Fermin B. Lopez. Rosary will be recited Friday 7:30 p.m. TUCSON MORTUARY. Mass will be offered Saturday 9:00 a.m. in St. Augustine Cathedral. Interment in Holy Hope Cemetery. LoRUSSO, Frank J,, 55, died February 10, 1976. Survived by son, Frank J. LoRusso, Jr., of New Babalon, New York and daughter, Mrs. Ralph (Patricia) Falero, of Tucson. Services and interment will be held in Copiague, New York. Local arrangements by ARIZONA MORTUARY, University at Stone. MORALES, Kenneth Robert, 18, died February 10, 1976. Survived by father, Apolino G. Morales; mother, Mildred Clark; step-father, Lorell Clark; brother, Michael and Danny Morales; sister, Claiva Clark and Jennifer Clark; grandfather, Apolino C. Morales; grandmothers, Mrs. John Brady and Mrs. Mary Freeman. Rosary will be recited Thursday 7:30 p.m. at St. Augustine Cathedral followed by Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 10:30 a.m. Friday. Interment Holy Hope Cemetery. Friends may call between 12 noon and 6 p.m. Thursday at the ARIZONA MORTUARY CHAPEL, Univer- sily at Stone. OLAWSSEN, Olav, 74, of Tucson, passed away Feb. 11, 1976. Arrangements pending EVER- THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1976 1 Funeral Mottcw GREEN MORTUARY, CEME- TERVt MEMORIAL PARK. POUCH, Pearl £., 64, died Feb. 9, 1976. Wife of John M. Polich; sister of Thortias E. Welton of Kentucky. Funeral services 2 p.m. Thurs. Feb. 12 at BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, burial in Tucson Memorial Park, South Lawn. In lieu of flowers the family suggests donations to the Heart Fund. Friends may call from 3 to 8 p.m. Wed. at BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, 6910 E. Broadway.- Pallbearers are Donald (Bud) Morris, Ross hill, Herbert Ide, Dr. Daniel Durniak, Dr. John Hinds, Dr. C.A. Helwig and Wayne Anderson. SHAW, Timothy W., 71, died Feb. 10, 1976. Husband of Martha Shaw of Benson; father of Martha Kozlowskiof HI.; brother of Josephine Hartman of Md. Funeral services and interment in Wichita Falls, Texas. Local arrangements by BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, 6910 E. Broadway. WHITLOCK, Loma I., 78, of Tucson, passed away February 10th. Survived by son, Paul H., of Calif.; daughters, Mrs. Marge Price, Mrs. Adda McVean, of Tucson and Mrs. Mary Eli^beth Cole, of Colo.; 12 grandchildren; four great grandchildren. Services Friday at 3 p.m. at Catalina United Methodist Church with Rev. Elbert S. Morford officiating. Burial Evergreen Cemetery. Visitation Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at ADAIR FUNERAL HOME, Dodge and Speedway. Family suggests remembrances to Calalina United Methodist Church. WOODWARD, Olga Helen,65, died February 10, 1976. Survived by Husband, Albert B.; two sons, Donald C., of Calif., Terry, of Tucson; daughter, Iris Roz, of 111.; sister, Charlotte Henner, of St. Louis, Mo.; five grandchildren. Rosary will be recited in the ARIZONA MORTUARY CHAPEL, UNIVERSITY AT Stone 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February 12, 1976. Mass will be offered at 9 a.m. in Holy Family Church. Further services and interment will be held in St. Louis, Mo. ARIZONA MOKTUARY in charge of local arrangements. 3 Card of Thanks THE FAMILY of Stephen Darrell Mitchell' wish to express their deep gratitude (9 ad or (he wonderful people who attended Ihe services and sent alt ot Ihe beautiful flowers, Mr. Mrs. Stov Mitchell family THE Famllv of Clarence L. Torres' wish to express their deep gratitude to all of The wonderful neighbors and people who attended the services, senf flowers and mass cards. Mrs. Pearl Torrey Famjty WE wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their klndncs and floral offerings during our bereavement. Mrs. Rose While, Mr. Mrs. Russ Speer, Robert While, Rosemarie Perkins Florists FLOWERS BY 0600E. SPEEDWAY 325-2634 In Business Since 1920 Tucson's 1st in flowers since 1911 "CHARGE IT" BV PHONE ON YOUR BANK CARD OR ESTABLISHED ACCOUNT 886-2548 622-4638 EL CAPRI Sticoces DOWNTOWN 12 Memorials-Markers-Lots BEAUTIFUL single Evergreen lot, sacrifice for s3to. H9-9849. GRANITE GRAVE MARKERS 589 FOR ALL CEMETERIES TUCSON MARBLE GRANITE CO, 3BO ORACLE RD. 6O-S6O TWO Cemetery lots in East Lawn. S325 Each.624-6519. TWO Lawn crvpls. includes marker o. vs opening closing. BelO",v replacement. Evenings call 865-7373. 1 GRAVESITE. Soulri Lawn. High location. 298^342. 14 Lost Found YOUR cat misses you! Grev S. while, found nr Tanqie Verde Jones. Please 296-0067. Have 3 of mv own! FOUND: Brown dog FOUND: SMALL TAN MALE PUP at Iflth Euclid. Call 32l!r-4951. LARGE Reward (or relurn ol Black Great Dane In need of medlcaf allen- Kon. Campbell B. Prince. 325-7739. REWARD; large male dog -- part red Doberman/parf Pofnfer, long tall. Lasl seen Skyline Algernon. Answers to "Poblc", 299-1617 BLACK tan Afghan lost in vicinity of GoK Links Carnino Seco. 296^654, reward. LOST: Golden Retriever, male. Black spo) on fongue. Area,- stone Roger. Reward. Child's pet. 887-3274 ftAISSING since Jan. 24th, 4 vr. old white Samoved named; "Husky", Orange Grove/lsl Ave. area, has small brown area on ear, sick when fgstjchildren mis. 297-6523. Reward. CALICO cat lost. Growing shaved lur al base of tall. 2411 Soulh Mormon Drive. 85730. REWARD: While Chihuahua,'Cindy'. Benson Hwy Park. 294-4492. BLACK Lab pucpv, 7 month old, answers to "Shady". Lost vicinity Ttp Ion/Ml ra cl g Mli | e. 622-3U!??. LOST pregnant OldEnglish Sheepdog Univ. area. Reward. 6i-3597 1 JKUjQ!jj_ LOST: Alaskan Malamule, male Pjjpgy, "Thor", reward," 792-971D, LOST: Black white female toy poodle, near Levy's El Con on Salur- poodle, near L day. 32^95. LOST: _ _ _ latooed, female Needs medlcallon. B83.3719. Reward. Black Great Dane spayed, w/red collar. LOST: Black tan female German Shepherd, Valencia Cardinal area. Reward. Call 791-9096. LOST; dearly loved Sealpolnfe male cat, answers lo "Ping", 3rd Country Club area. Reward. 375-7915^ LOST: Female cat. Black tong hair. Mountain Alien. 327-0725. LOST: Female Irish Setter wearing silver choker. Downtown area. Wed Feb. 4. Reward, 623-9172 LOST: Female Irish Setter, UA campus, L.A. tags, name "Wallls Shane" also answers to "Kellv". 2M-5U7 or 672-3941. Reward. LOST: Femate German Shorlhalr "Hapov" Amphl Area 623-i7*9 or 68a-S4V4, $50 R E W A R D. LOST: Female cat, Tanque Vercfe, Mt. I.ernmon Hwv, lortoise color, orange no-se, brown leather collar. LOST: Large gray male S. Camobe'l area. Collar Reward. 327-0735 cat in lag. LOST: Male black (an German Shepherd, no collar or tags. Prince Flowing Wells. *TO Reward. 887-0109. LOST: man's gold wedding band with carvings, silver star with diamond chip. At car wash on S, Craycrofl. 7-18-7780. LOST: Monday, new blade umbrella, Park Mali or Saveco Reward B87-69S7 LOST: Since NOV. Cat patches, tall, cars. Reward LOST Sh while w/gray SmalF grey blade Australian - .--..-rd with light blue eyes, Male. Vicinity ol River Rd./Oraclc. 688-9264. LOST: wfiile German Shepherd female, 3 months, vicinity of Kolb Escalante. Reward 298-7905. LOST: n week old Aoslrallan Shepherd ni/iKiv, black Ian, bobbed lafl Reward. 332? S. Lanqley. 7KHOM. 16 Personals ALDORADO PLACE i non-orolil cof porallon needs TVs lor Alcoholic Rehabilitation Training. Working or non-wofklnn. WcnleK un.MHUI. ALL singles dance every Sun., I PM al ttw BliOt Anous. 3??^l», iB-IMi. BEAT THE HIGH COST Of DYING. Call Ihe Tucson nonprofit Memof lal Soclelv lor more Info. 3W-8955. SCIENTIFIC »dvlce to all oroblems Mr. GoLden. ?« N. Romero, 887.»4i. ETHEL SUYDER'S Irtlrotfucllort Service. J96-555I 16 HAYAY SHALOM, 624-3979 HELP when you don't know where to turn. HI-17M Inlornullon ReTerral, Free community service. Confidential. IF anyone saw the accident at Golf Links KoJb on Tues. February 3, at ^-·15 P/M, PL6A5E CALL 790-517], LEARN TO DANCE, J10 Town Country Dance Club 795-1730 LEAVING for St. Louis, have large truck, can haul anything. 297-6945. LONELY? Send vour description, phone no., self-addressed stamped envelope to Paradise valley Guide to New Contacts, P.O. Box 220U, phoe- nlx, 85028. -- Honest. Dependable. MRS. LEWIS Scientific. Psychic readings, One visit will help solve vour most difficult problem. Appointment only 298-1645. MRS. Meacham Psychic Oalrvoyant readings. By appointment, 325-8458. nlvi :G; PROBLEM Pregnancy? Counseling for all alternatives. Call Planned Parenthood Counseling Oepl., 622-2708' PSYCHIC READINGS SAKI 7954764 Town Country Massage Licensed massage therapist. OUT CALLS. Call for aopt. 3122 N Campbell, 795-0019. «Jl;ll, , ,JT^,.,. _________ YOUR bust can lex* better] Cameo Bras -- custom fit for beautv com- forl. isn-tfn for appointment. After 3. V n i l D D D C r r ? , . ! M l l f - u * -- , _ _ « _ ! . * /OUR PREGNANCY a Problem? Call REACHOUT. 62?~ajl6 or 298-2827. 26 Travel Opportunities DRIVERS TO MAJOR U.S. CITIES AAA-Con Auto Transport Inc. 795-7118 TRAVEL ALMOST FREE AUTODRIVEAWAY BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY NOTKC TO All UADCH AtconHog to Arizona law, under certain c!rcun»njnc«, It ii unlawU to Miaag* In ttw busineis, ad or offer to act In the capacity, or purport to hctv* tli« capacity, of contractor without having a State Contractor'* Ikerw*. If any question ariioi regarding II- cenies of contractor* adverttt- fng fn hSU outfneu-Servkei Directory, pleate contact the Arizona Reglltrar of Contract!. Phona 882-5378. 49 Businesses-Services Accounting ACCOUNTANT would like bookkreo- cn9, t accounlino through Income Tax. My home. TO-am. E. Kessler. Appliance Repair ALL makes models promptly scr- J 1 Warren Austin. 7J8.1M1. MAJOR aoDliance repair. 889-5927 JOE LOWER Y APPL. es?-6550 APPLIANCE SERVICE REPAIR Quick service, reasonable rates. 775-4739. M.Mazel. Automotive Repair OVERHAULS 8. minor repairs. No foreran cars. Affordable price. M.Carrlllo, 889-3450. Awnings Fences CHAIN link, corral, wood 4 awnings skirting CODDPI- Slat.. Awning 748-ian Building Contractors NEW REMODEL IDEAS Add-on Rooms carports conversions FREE DESIGNJESTIMATES 'OLE' Olson Const. Co. Licensed-Bonded 377-3215 eves. 25 YRS Exp In room additions and remodellno. will help In designing 8, plans. For Tree est call 743-7871. lie. ided. Desert Hills Construction Co. Jack Courson Licensed-Bended Con- slruction at fair Price. 326-5742. BOYD B. Baker general contractor Custom homes, rm. additions, carports a\ porches. Wood storage rooms. Free est. Free plans w/signed contract. 25 vrs. in Tucson. 887-1 MS. Carpentry Cabinet Work CRONtN SONS. 20 vrs spec, fn remodeling, carpentry, int. painting custom shoo work. Your ideas or ours. Llc-oonded-insur. 795-9S2 CABINETS, storage walls, bookcases, bars, etc. Free estimates. Bonded lie. Arizona Woodworking. 294-3737. EXPERIENCED carpenler wanls work nol food stamps or relief. R.Kortz, 623-5265. QUALITY Finish, frame, new. remodel; natural wood specialists. Schmidt 8. Kroupa 296-1366, 861-2213. CARPENTRY, doors, paneling. remodeling. 682-0817 E.L. Rgurskl. CARPENTRY work large or small. Free est. RE Spencer 790-TSlfl. Kitchen Bath Remodeling CAREFREE KITCHENS 326-J13I 2744 N.Campbell 748-7313 6528 E.22nd KIRCHENBERG Construction FF modeling, room additions, carports, etc. Lie.. Insured. 296-5035, 297-0073. Carpentry Work, All Phases EXPERIENCED RELIABLE Porches, Porch Enclosures, Framing Trim Work, Doors, Arizona Rooms bur Speciality. G. Brownell 883-3569 or 889-292J. References. Lie. 8, Bonded. QUALITY Carpentry, references. _ J. HIppen, 749-3774. _ Carpet-Rug Cleaning GUARANTEED Caroet Cleaning: 1 room 410, Loyd's. 294-6501 or 294-9226 WHY not gel the very best service vour monev can buy? Competlllvelv priced, tree eslimates. Advance Carpel Cleaning Service, 296-2513 STEAM, shampoo-lurnilure tool Guaranteed NOW! V. Torrev 27-71l» SPECIAL: one room $5 with regular job. Now,! victory Torrev 889-0491 Cement Contractors ANY SIZE, Anv kind including layout. John Mason^294..83Q2. _ Cement Work TRAILER SLABS, Patios, fOOlinosT 0rable ' Llcemed ' W TOP QUALITY CONCRETE WORK. Reasonable J. Serotko 685^73 CONCRETE llatwork. Driveways, patios. Free esl. R. Welham. 622-0338 CONCRETE work ot any kind, Best prices. Merit Concrete, 299-61U. _ THE VERY BEST PRICES ON ALL CONCRETE WORK. C. HIM, ?MrB232. BARRETT'S CONCRETE. Driveways. walks, patio slabs. Licensed. bonded, free est. 297-1627, 622-5563. CONCRETE DONE WITH LOVE Reas. K. Luscombe, B87-0747. 888-7754. _ Ceramic Tile _ INSTALLATION, repairs, entrvs. remodels. D. Mover! 37^-8953 aller 5. Digging Excavating LOW COST TRENCHING. 8" wide up ' BACKHOE, grading, hauling, gravel. fill, fopsoll, Fred Greene. 623-4548. Drafting Service PLANS TO meet County i. City codes. The fastest draw In the west G.Jonnson. 298-5772 or 685-5219. _ Draperies-Slip Covers CUSTOM MADE slipcovers ana drapes. Pearl Monday 685-9233. Electrical Repair ELECTRIC SERVICE Co" Heating, lighting, coolers. Experi gjQPllfcnome service. Electrical Service * F~sieclrlcal Contraclor, 24 hr AMB J". Electrical Contractors, if: censed bonded, reasonable rales, ldentlal. Free DANNA Elect. Service. Lie., bonded" red, Ron Shlchcl 674.9577' lnsure _ __ NORTKSIDE EiecW Licensed" Dryers, ranges, heating, 24 hrs Rcsl- denlal. corn! Industrial OT.fnni Fertilizers COMPOST Manure S6.50 vd. DelF ' . . . - _ MANURE -- dump truck road J20 Call W. Paftord at 889-7914 __ Firewood PRIMF. MESQUITE for extra large and small fireplaces 160 per cord. Delivered and stacked DESERT WOOD PRODUCTS 623-7078 Oneor Two Day Delivery! UHAUL mesqulle, '/ cords or less BIM5CQ. 2619 Vsione.ta 5481 DO c O YOU wanl oood mesaulle? it so, allM. Boyce, «B-Sll8 or BB7.H67. PER Cord, Mesoulle. Dell- verel. R. Cunningham, 684-700? VELVET cut seasoned mesquilc lire- wood, delivered S. stacked, 1SS a cord, voo pick uo · 1545 S. Cravcrofl 7-E-7317, Los Amlgos. ' MESQUITE WOOD, lull V i, 14 cords. K D Feeds, 3025 N. 1st Ave, AOLMM 49 Businesses-Services HARDWOOD, Red Oak; h Green--V» Dead, 16(1 Cord, OS '/, Cord. WO Crick. Other Hardwoods available. A.Havden, 6ZHM71. SEASONED MESQUITE Large quantity of mesqulte, cut and slacked in cord lots, u load. 2 ft,, 530 a cord, 4 ft., 122 a cord, village Hardware, Sasabe, A?., CARRILLO'S FIREWOOD 883-1417 EXCELLENT Firewood delivered slacked. Serving Tucson 26 years. T. Nordslrum 6ZH28J, 624-2918 MESQUITE, VO/cora. Del. + stack Ind. CROSSIN WOOD CO. 42-2B9d. Furniture Refinishing ODDE 5HOPPE. Retinlsh repair all turnllure. antfnues. 337-lofll. Furniture Refinishing Repairs, for- mlca-work.Reas.P.Zeoplnlck 288-59R Grading Leveling D-8 DOZER work, house oads, roads. land clearing, G. kinne 398-118S Handyman HOME office remodeling and repairs, Call Buck Coker. 7.HMM. MM Services: everything, mechanical or olher! Freeesl.Callus881-0836 COMPLETE remodellng-door hang. Ing, roof repairs, wall repairs. No [00 too small. H. McCalllstcr, 683-3317. EXPERIENCED painter, average room 112 labor. P. Williams, B86-2719. ROOF repair, house painting, odd lobs. Joe Burns, 623-Oy», 688^768. PLUMBING, painting, 8. repair. w/cooMnp repair. Lawn vard work. D. Hamilton, 623-2373 CAREFUL painting, repair, malnte- nance. R. Anderson, 793-1388. IS YOUR HOME CRYING? IN NEEDOF REPAIR? Let us wipe awav the tears. Sunshine Limited, teum Free eslimates. CARPENTRY, eletrlcal, plumbing, cooling heating. Dependable. -alfj. Markham. 889-1IM. COOLING, Heating. Plumbing, etc. Calf Home Repair, 688-6051. HANDYMAN, caroenter. odd lobs. _ C. STROMME, 888-1690. _ CLEAN, oalnt repair water coolers, repair roots, clean gutters. A, repair. B. Thomas. 623-2373 repair CARP . . . _ CARPENTRY, remodeling, home repairs. BS Carpentry, 32MI46. Hauling HAULING, trash, yard work Lots cleared. A.scwell BS7- MOVING -- we specialize In furniture appliances, etc. Low rates Free estimates. Call Ron Miller, 888-2171." DUMP TRUCK SERVICE, clean uo, 2 yd loader dozer, backhoe, trench- Ing, grading. H F Cox 8, Sons 7vS-5a BUTCH'S Sand, gravel, fop soil. fill. Also cleanup work. Have loader 9 vard dumo trunk. Reasonable rates. 863-0668. Alleys, trash, yds cleaned fast. I day service. S10 load. AT Agullar 790-1B26 SAND, gravel, top soil, fill, haul, loader, dozer. 889-4125, J. Lee. HAULING all kinds, reasonable and quick, cleanup. F. Barber, 793-7352. HAULING, debris, lunk. clippings Fast. SIC load. J. Glbbs, 7OT-3360. ALLEY, yard, cleaned. Trash hauled SB load. J 8. D 748-7351, 79fr6960. TRUCK i tractor service, trash removal, hauling, gravel lawns, grading, leveling. W. Bell882-»M Heating, Cooling, Services WOOD stoves from S19.95. Furnaces, filters, valves parts, new-used BIMSCO. 2619 N. Stone, 673-S4ll. AIR Master Cooling Healing Co Prompt City wide Service. 3928 S. 6lh 294-9358. Emergency Service 294-7597. SOUTHWEST Heating Ventilating 8, Alr-Cond. -- General Sheet Metal Sales 6. Service. 298-6106. Home Improvement PAINTING 8, repairing i ceramic Poor tile. N. Srevlck. 623-3B80eves EXPER. all wall repairs, drvwall, acoustic spray, marllle, plaster, atuc- co repairs. T. Howard, 883-1791. DRYWALL, repairs, also patching plaster cracks on interior walls or ceilings. Sprayed accoustical cell- Ings. E. Benllev. 298-7864 J8.R Home Improvement - you name if, we do It! No |ob too small. Free estimates. Call 624-4363 Housecleaning FAST efficient cleaning, homes or business. Twno-S. 887-644?. ADI SHAKTI DOMESTIC SERVICES Dependble, conscienllous, honest 3264736 I HE CLEANING LADIES Carpet shampooing too. East 8. northeast areas. 885-7995. Income Tax FEDERAL state Income tax returns prepared in the prjvacv of your home. Jlm-s Tax Service. 2ftlll INCOME Tax prepared at my home, Ed Lane. 888-3316, Mon. thru Frl, 6 to 9p.m., Sat., Sun, noon Hi 9 p.m. Richardson's Income Tax service, no waiting, no appt. anytime Mon-Sunday. Out of stale forms. 294^068, TAX Returns prepared. Pickup and delivery. Reasonable, T. Pedersen, 298*135 (days). 296-2542 (eves, and weekends). ____^___ INCOME TAX Preparation. Federal and state, call Gene Stout, 791-W44 INCOME TAX RETURNS PREPARED. FINIS E. LANGSTON JR. CALL 795-6474 INCOME TAX, Professionally prepared En the privacy of your home. FEDERAL £ STATE. Complete accounting services notary public avail. Call 885-2150, Tony Anzalone. T A X E S Done accurately, reasonably privately. D. While 790-3490 anytime Janitorial Service COMPLETE lanllor service housecleaning, mobile home roof seal Joe Burns. 623-0692. 888-6768. GREG GMs Landscape Mainle- nance. No fob loo small. 887-2471. Landscaping LANDSCAPE design, construction, LGE palms-cactus-boulders, Vi price planted. R. Smith. 294.8398, 294-4701. GENERAL cleanup, tree work, trimming, hauling, complete landscaping Lie. 8. bonded. Norman's. 8aa-3117. ' AZTEC LANDSCAPES Licensed. Bonded, Reasonable. W. Escalanle 889-2966, 883-1647. YARD cleanup, treework, hauling, renovating. Frank Barber. 793-7352. PHIL'S Landscape malnt tree 8. shrub pruning. Gen clean up. 326-6624. NANAK'S SERVICES Specialist In roses; planting and pruning. Begin now for soring cleanup. Free estimates. 326-8736. 50 Business Training 49 Businesses-Services . Masonry Work PATIO WALLS, block, brick patios. Free estimates. P.T. Haner 786-77VI, BRICK, block, flagstone, patio walls. cement slabs, room additions. Reasonable, free est. CAu Const, 749-3914 BRICK, block, stone. Fireplaces fences. Reasonable. 8. Rlnas. 296-9902 CALL a Union brtck mason, Yrs. ot exp. Get it done right. Free Esl. D. Mlskimins . 883-0076 QUALITY masonry of all types" Specializing In custom fireplaces. JW« MASONRY 885-5850. »7-ti27 Painting Decorating GtM Palming, bonded B. lie. free est. 624-0037 after 4:30. anytime Sal-Sun. DAVE PARKER PAINTING native of Tucson. References _ Free eslimates S87-XK2 _ PROFESSIONAL. Semi-retired. Fast, Efficient, Clean. J, Plcoull, 298-9781. EXPERIENCED, Quality guar. Int. Ex). Ret., clean. A Rogalskv 297-287^ LOWEST best paint lobs In Tucson. Free estimates G. Bungcrt. 748-1022 FAST, clean, efficient. Free estl- males. 294^223, A. B. Maxev. _ SMITH Brothers Painting Co. Interior, exterior, patch repair. ·' 885-2649, If no answer call 886-2165. QUALITY PAINTING IN OUT Z.TEZER Free Estimate 8884091 KERB GRIMES Painting. Interior exterior. Licensed. 25 years experience. Free estimates. 888-3510. _ SPECIAL OFFER, painting, alt types, s.4.50 hour. ID years experl- ence. M. Allen. 790-4957. · _ . I take pride In my work. Lowest prk- es, aualltv guaranteed, free esti- males. 623-8816. R. Bovlan. _ PAINTING roof-coating, free esll- males. Lie. 8. ins. C Sharp, 795-6752 _ Paper Hanging _ PAPER a wall, a bath or vour entire house- wait West 622-2021 or 882.8327. Pallo Walls _ PATIO, retainer, excavation, land scaplno. Fred Greene, 623^)548. Plastering _ _ SWIMMING Pool Plastering. Reolas- terlng Specialists Licensed, bonded. Ted Armstrong Plastering. 790-0366. SWIMMING pool, replasterlng, free est. Meadows Plastering 886-2706. PLASTERING 8, Stucco, all phases. 26 yrs. exp. 885-7992. R. Burns. Plastering, stucco, accoustical spray- Ino patching. M. Benlle; 792-3405 _ Plumbing _ ALL kinds plumb., repairs, sewers. drains cleaned, o, Wlsener. 883-!929. PLUMBIIYG. sprinkler repairs, all types. Reas rates. D Lockler, 795-0300 PLUMBING, furnace cooler repair service. Rlnaldo OiCenio. 327-4024. · ARIZONA Sewer Drain Cleaning Service. Drains electrically cleaned, 24 hr. service. No extra charge for weekends, no travel charge. Free estimates. 882-8564 or 882-8004. _ ACTION Drain Service. Drains Cleared for s 13.50. 795^921. _ Remodeling Repairs HALLMARK BUILDERS. Remodel" ing. room additions repairs. No [ob too small. Licensed 4 bonded. 298-1498 REMODELING. Free eslimates. Lie., bonded. R.C. King Co., 297-4989 ADDITIONS, remodeling. Irom Oe- ' sign to completion. Quality work financing available. Distinctive Home Enterprises. 298-6870. _ _ ·· HOMECRAFT: Remodel 8. Repair Bankamerlcard, Maslercharge ac- cepled. licensed, bonded. Ins: 622-y67 JOHN'S HOME REPAIR ~ NO JOB TOO SMALL. 883-7055. Roofing Materials BOB'.S Custom Roofino. Complete roof svc. Lie. «. bonW 3?i4yi, RALPH HAYS ROOFING CO. FREE ESTIMATES, 687-3384. NELSON ALVARADO ROOFING All types of custom roofing, suaran- Iced, tie, bonded. 327-1102 ROOFING ROOF REPAIRS REAS. T. DOBBINS. 688-0683/684-7288 Sign Painting LETTERING -- all kinds, large small, old nro. JIM HALL. 790-7)17 ._. Sprinkling Systems SPRINKLER system Installation design, automatic or manual systems. Quality prices best in the west. Free est, Storage A-AAAAAA SELF STORAGE $6 Mo. up. Rooms, lockers, Open B. Covered. Trailer Vehicle yard. _ 1830 N.7lh Aye.. 623-1414 Swimming Pools Main). SPRING cleaning -- all makes. Free estimates. Experienced. Fair. Reg. malnl. avail. - Call G. Ross. 885-mt?. TV-Radio Service, Repairs · HOUSE CALLS. Dealer-Zenlth. RCA,,. ^w-a^fsyiff »'· V!cor Tv ' .TV REPAIRS. Guaranteed anlen. put up. Ch 11 perfect. Bob's TV 885-1563. EXPERT TV SERVICE .All makes, color BW. Guar. Anten- . na Installed. Housecalls B. 793-2554. . FREE TV Shop e*l. No fix no pay Argentina TV 3806 E. Grant 9:00-5-30 FRANK'S TV Repair any brand. Service Call S7 90; alter 5 S10.50. 297-8SI6. _ ' _ Topsoil _ JOHNNY'S DIRT PILE .Marana loosoll, i4 per vard, 886-5742 fOPSOIL. 52.75 a yard; till, S2 a vard. Card! Rock Sand, 888-3000. . .ERNIE'S HAULING. Special on very- good red lop soil, 622-8429 or 622-5313, RED MESA TOPSOIL FRED GREENE. 623*1548. Trees and Shrub Service · TOPPED, trimmed, pruned. Free estimates. Debris removed. D. Bell or M. Perry. 623^628 or 867-20S7. TREES topped, trimmed removed' wilh care. Dennis Davis, 689-8171. QUALITY Tree Work, exp. -- reas. C. David 623-3696 -- 887-8291. _ TREE work, hauling, vard cleanup; exp. reasonable- F. Barber, 793-7352. TOPPING, removal, tree, holes duo, toosoll. Fred Greene, 623-4548. _ Upholstering MARSHALL'S Upholstering. Your fabric or ours. 325-M97 n r 7J5JJ*, HELP! ^"^ We need work!!! Reuoholster bed divan or club chair. $49 each piece, labor and material. The Barn, 59JO s Palo Verde. 294-1213. 50 Business Training ed these yourse"- Our Motto Is "Doing what yon milly uutnt to tlo -living mho yfiu really irrinf to ta" Glasses now farming * Secretarial * Legal-medical * Stenography * Keypunch * Accounting * Drafting Visit i»r rail DURHAM BUSINESS COLLEGE 2525 H. Country C'.uh 783-7694 70 Schools-Instructions 70 Schools-Instructions REGISTER NOW CUSSES START F» 16 ATTEND CUSS MORNINGS AKD RECEIVE 5 J6G MO. AVERAGE FROM YA OR 2 HlfiHTS A WEEK AND RECEIVE JZTS MB. AVERAK WHILE YOU KEEP rOBR MESENT 111. NO ADVANCE PAVMEMTS. URN AN ASSOCIATE IN BUSINESS DEGREE. To Find Out If You Qualify Phone 327-6866 5001 E. Sp*ed

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