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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Friday, January 24, 1975
Page 3
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Bl's second lest gets pilot's raves EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE (AP) - The Air Force s new swing-wing Bl bomber was taken on a second test night Thursday over Edwards Air Force Base and its pilot said it "handlwt very well." The plane was flown for three hours and 21 minutes by pilot Charles C. Bock Jr. of Rockwell International, the plane's builders. , "ft w TMt almost like we planned it," Bock said. We had some very minor malfunctions, but all the major objectives were achieved. "We're real pleased with the operation of the landing gear, flaps, slats and wing sweep. The airplane handled very wqll." Copilot Col. Emil Sturmthal said, "I think it was beautiful." Oil workers to vote on new pact with Powerine LMI tttch, C»IH. Frl, ^ " J|.*»*' rWn ^ 0o ' W/ il flctionjiiie uu4S2-3451 Oil \UArlrnre iti T.nnrf Beach and Santa Fe Springs will vote next week on a tentative agreement reached between their u n i o n and the Powerine Oil Company, a union spokesman said Thursday. W i l l i a m B r a u g h t o n , secretary-treasurer of Local 1-128 of the Oil, Chemical and A t o m i c Workers' Union (OCAW), said the pact is subject to approval by 180 workers at the storage yard in Long Beach and the refinery in Santa Fe Springs. . Terms of the proposed contract were similar to those in agreements ratified by OCAW members at Mobil, Arco, Gulf and Texaco refineries. m e n t was reached Tuesday, Braughton said, and the union's International office approved the proposed c o n t r a c t Wednesday. A tentative settlement for employes of the Mobil refinery in Torrance was announced by company officials earlier in the week, but OCAW. spokesman Jerry Archuleta said the union's bargaining committee had not yet approved it. Strikes involving 2,000 OCAW members in California continued, and an estimated 9,000 petroleum workers in other, states were on strike. Among the California plants still strikebound were the Douglas refinery in Paramount; Union Oil's refineries in Wilmington, Santa Maria and the San Francisco-Bay area and Standard Oil's plant in El Segundo. A tentative settlement was reached, however, between union negotiators and the Phillips Petroleum Company on terms affecting 500 employes of the company's refinery in Avon. Basic features of settlements reached so far' in the nationwide refinery strike are a 75-cent-per- hour pay hike retroactive to Jan. 8 and two additional pay hikes totaling 12 per cent. Consumer affairs OH stick may HOt lilt How effective is the California Department of Consumer Affairs? I've heard that it's a big hoax. A.B., Downey. A_WTTI4 UfARY,. State officials maintain that the 3-year-old Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), which was established to regulate virtually every type of businessman from accountants to veterinarians, has achieved significant results, hi mediating consumer complaints. According to a DCA spokesman, the department received 110,000 complaints during the 1973-74 fiscal year and resolved 99,000 of them to the customer's satisfaction. Critics have charged, however, that the department is not as effective as state officials maintain and that it has no real teeth to do the police- type investigative work that is necessary to combat consumer fraud on a wide-scale basis. A San Francisco consumer group claims' that most of the DCA's $20 million annual budget is used simply to perpetuate the 34 regulatory boards, which the group contends are often dominated by representatives from the businesses that the DCA is supposed to regulate. The DCA brands these accusations as "ridiculous" and defends the presence of industry representatives on the boards. "The expertise of specialists is needed and at least one- third of the board members are nonindustry-oriented public representatives," said the DCA spokesman. Critics maintain that when consumer complaints are filed, the DCA boards do little more than contact businesses to get their side of the story without following up on such matters or conducting extensive undercover investigations on their own. The DCA contends that it does do this and has suspended or revoked many companies' state licenses, but the department,concedes that it isn't empowered to prosecute businesses for fraudulent or misleading practices and usually must work through local district attorneys who often assign consumer fraud cases a low priority. Work up a sweat What causes the room addition and carport attached to our mobile coach to sweat? What can we dp to prevent it? It's quite a nuisance. Mrs. R.C.S., Artesia. The moisture condensation is caused by the difference in temperatures inside and outside the room and the best way to prevent it is with proper insulation, according to an architect with Killingsworth, Brady and Associates Inc. When the outside temperature drops, the warm air inside the closed room condenses and the moisture is captured on the walls and windows. To insulate the walls, he suggested you use cane fiber or fiber-glass materials, available at building supply stores. Short of insulation, lowering the room temperature will help some, he said. In conventional construction, 'the air space between the wall studs usually is adequate insulation to prevent condensation. Man without a country Is the short story "The Man Without a Country" by Edward Everett Hale based on fact? C.F., San Pedro. "The Man Without a Country," which was written in 1863, is historical fiction and is set during the period following Aaron Burr's conspiracy to subdue and rule Mexico hi 1807. The name of the story's principal character, Philip Nolan, is that of a real person, a horse trader killed on the Mexican border in 1801. However, in the story, only Nolan's name has any basis in fact and the character is pure fiction. In the story, Nolan is a U.S. Navy officer who becomes involved in Burr's conspiracy. Nolan is indicted along with some of the lesser figures of the plot. Asked at his trial whether he had any statement to make concerning his loyalty to the United States, Nolan, in a frenzy, curses the name of his country and expresses the wish never to hear its name again. His desire is carried out as a sentence and for the remaining 55 years of his life he is transferred from vessel to vessel, never landing and never hearing of his country through people, books or newspapers. On his deathbed Nolan expresses a rekindled love of country but asks to be buried at sea, his only home. Written originally as propaganda for the bitterly eon- tested presidential campaign of 1864, Halc's story has become a classic in American literature and is one of the best expressions of the spirit of American nationalism. Dog's best friend I'd like to volunteer to help at the animal adoption center which is run by actress Doris Day. Can you loll me how to get in touch with the organization? L.K., Long Beach. To volunteer your services, write Actors and Others for Animals, P.O. Box 405, Beverly_Hills, Calif. 90213. Oick carison, president of the am.i.a. a« service told Action Line volunteers are needed to help find suitable homes for animals. The volunteers work out of a Studio City office and out of their homes. "People call us about homeless animals and other r plc call wanting animals and we match them up," said However, "the homeless greatly outnumber the others." He said they shelter of their own but work with a privately funded one called Holiday Humane. "With our help," he said, "the shelter places 20 to 25 animals a week." Doris Day is vice president of Actors and Others and was one of Its founders. The l 4-year-old organization is supported by Its 3,000 mem- bc'rs, by donations and by fund-raising events. SANTA BARBARA (AP) -- An exceptionally heavy oil slick caused by natural seepage moved south along the coastline Thursday but was not expected to come ashore or do any damage, the Coast Guard said. "We think it's a natural seepage, not a spill," a Coast Guard spokesman said. "The crews on the wells in» the area have checked their wells and reported no spill. The spokesman said no damage to wildlife had been reported from the slick. He said the slick, one- mile by four-miles, was first sighted several days ago about four miles off the shore of Gaviota, 20 miles north. Gas fire operation postponed GRANADA HILLS (UPD - Crews battling a natural-gas fire in an u n d e r g r o u n d storage area Thursday called off u n t i l daybreak Saturday pumping operations designed to quell the blaze. Flames continued to leap 125 feet in the air from a leaking pipe which is believed to have caused the fire to break out last Sunday. Fire fighters planned to r e s u m e the process of pumping a mixture of mud and salt water into the u n d e r g r o u n d , well S a t u r d a y m o r n i n g . The process, supervised by Texas oil and well fire fighter Red Adair, is designed to choke off the gas flow f e e d i n g the leaking ·pipe. Two days of such pumping failed to cut off the gas flow, but Adair was hopeful new equipment w o u l d increase the pressure of the mud-salt w a t e r mixture. PRESS-TElEGRAMjPMfcA-3 Series of quakes in Brawley area BRAWLEY (UPI) - A series of moderate earthquakes jolted this agricultural area of 'Southern California near the Mexi- , co border Thursday. ·Windows were broken in one retail store and merchandise was knocked off shelves in a grocery but no major damage nor injuries were reported. The seismological laboratory at Caltech in Pasadena logged the first of at least 11 tremors at 4:30 a.m. and it registered 4.7 on the Richter scale of 10. Others were in the same range and came at intervals until 10:18 a.m. Caltech reported two more quakes in the area during the afternoon. The first, 3.6 on the Richter Machines stolen Business machines valued at $4,126 were taken f r o m Duncan Built Homes, at 1554 W. Wardlow Road, by burglars who smashed a side window to gain entry, Long Beach police reported Thursday. scale, occurred at 1:45^ p.m. It was followed by aV quake measuring 4.1 a£ 3:25 p.m. , ' K Some residents in ad% joining Riverside County/ to the west and in south? western Arizona also felt- the temblors. Dr. Clarence Allen, a Caltech seismologist, said' the Imperial Valley where: the tremors were centered gets a "swarm pf ; earthquakes about thif, strength" every two ofc^ three years. t~ There were a couple of-' l i g h t q u a k e s Tuesday closer to the border. To the west, a tremor with a magnitude of 4.0,was felt- in Santa Monica and. Malibu. :" INDEPENDENT Friday, January II, 1975 . . Volume 36, No. (0 . . . PftoneHE SUM ClusilM HE 2-5959 Second Class Postage Paid at Long Beach, C-. 90844. CARRIER DELIVERY DAILY AND SUNDAY SUNDAY ONLY . . . . SINGLE COPY SUNDAY ONLY DAILY BY MAIL DAILY AND SUNDAY SUNDAY ONLY Per Per. Month Ytar 14.00 J48.M 11.00 SJ4.00 i .35 I .10 1525 WHO 3 SO I42.05 WALLICHS MUSIC CITY'S EMERGENCY LIQUIDATION MILLION DOLLAR TV COMPONENT STOCK MUST BE MOVED RIGHT NOW! ' NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED; Our accountants-have advised us that our inventory Is at an alt time^Wsh and must be immediately .reduced to avoid huse inventory tax and interest charges: Therefore right now at one of the best of pur selling per/ods, you may buy at unheard of low prices!. Many models are in factory sealed cartons, are .display ' models and demonstrators 'which are one of a kind only. 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