Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 17, 1967 · Page 33
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1967
Page 33
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1967 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 33, Ccii|)iiaries Bretil On Success Sttidy Of Monks Reveals Risks WASHINGTON (AP) - A governjrierjt-sponsored study amonjj Benedictine and Trappist monks-indicates that the higher you go in your chosen life's work the greater your risk of a coronary heart attack. The National Institutes of Health said in a report today that among members of both religious orders, the prevalence of coronary heart 1 disease was approximately three times higher for ordained priests than for members classified as brothers. Brothers are members of a religious order who are not preparing for, or are not yet ready for, the final vows of holy orders. . . ...··· While the study was limited to the monks, the agency indicated that the risks suggested by the findings might well apply to people moving up to higher echelons in any occupation. The findings came about somewhat by chance, said the report. The report declared: "A study originally designed to assess the relatioship between dietary habits and heart-disease risk has disclosed that occupational stress may also be a potent factor affecting the development of coronary heart disease and such dangerous complications as heart attacks." It said the study "compared a large group of Benedictine monks, who eat a 'typical American diet, with a similar group of Trappists, who eat a frugal, lac- to-vegetarian diet considerably lower in fat." A lacto-vegetarian diet consists of milk and vegetables. Not unexpectedly, said the report, the Trappists had substantially lower amounts of fatty substances in the blood serum j than .did the Benedictines and' experienced only about one- third as many episodes of coronary heart disease. But the study also disclosed that as monks from either group moved up to higher echelons within their order, their heart- disease risk increased steeply even though their dietary habits remained essentially the same." You FRESH FRYERS U.S.D.A. GRADE A FRYING CHICKENS Whole Body Ib CHUCK BLADE CUT U.S.D.A. Choice or Lucky Bonded For Flavor and Tenderness 4'/ 2 oz. Jar BABY FOOD JUNIOR FOOD KANAKA BANANA Flakes Heinz oz. Jar 9' 15' 22' GROUND BEEF 2 oz. Can COFFEE Inch ELECTRA PERK MAXWEUHOUSEi! 1 :.. 71" COFFEE Incl. ELECTRA PERK MAXWELL HOUSE^I.41 COFFEE MAXWELL HOUSE Cab n*2.09 INSTANT COFFEE MAXWELL HOUSE FRESH LEAN Lucky Bonded for Top Quality Flavor and Tenderness ROUND STEAK 73* RIB STEAK 79 CENTER CUT U.S.D.A. Choice or Lucky Bonded For Flavor Tenderness YUBAN^r^?". 6 .? CAUIfA Instant JAnnA 9 oz Jar MAXIM FREEZE D cX In8s r Jar TEA BAGS 48 u ct kyB o X CARNATION TUN A ^YaV. ROSAR1TA CHILI ^c an n LIBBY BEEF STEW M oz *,..,.' DEL MONTE CORN G ^ n ..... ^ LIBBY PEAS 303 Can ORE IDA POTATOES XT BOX fnillArU Harvest Day J Kill AID JOS Can H.55 $1.55 51.63 45" 29 34' 59' 22' 23' 45' 16' DELICIOUS BAR-B-CUED U.S.D.A. Choice or ' Lucky Bonded Trimmed Waste Free \ 58 Tiicson Students To Be Honored The Phi Kappa Phi national scholastic honorary society has elected, to membership 58 students from Tucson. They are among a list of 105 University of Arizona students to be initiated on May 24. Phi Kappa Phi is open to honor students in all departments. Tucsonians who -will be initiated include Jayne Behnken, Carmine Brpgnaj : Robert D. Butler, .Marietta. Gate, Carol Ann'Cindrlch, Willard F. Clay, Carol Anne DelaGarza, Philip A. Dennis, Frank A. Dobson, Roslyn G. Einfrank, Lois Eisenstadt, Eugene C. Ezell, Laur e n c e Feldman, John L. Freeouf, Alan- P. Frost and Sandra E. Fulmer. Also, Mary A. Giltner, Isa Goldman, Barbara G. Goodman, Constance Graham, Susan E. Greenbaum, Peter C. Hellwig, Ellen Kay Hosking, Robert A/ Jackson, .James Wayne Johnson, 'Richard M. Johnson, Robert Kimball, Sandra Lee Kramer, Karen L. T. Lamb, Kathryn L. Lance, Roberta Ann Lane, Richard W. Lyons, Richard C. Martin, Marilyn Mount, Helen Muterspaugh, Joy Ann Naifeh, Patrick Palmer, Michael A. Platt and Roger D. Pratt. Also, Robert E. Rapp, Carol Lee Rehfield, Charles E. Roberts Jr., Isaura Rochin, Victoria Ann Smith, Patricia F. Spears, Kittie Kae Spence, Janice G. Streich, Arthur A. Twomey, Joan M. Watson, Barbara E. Weaver, John Scott Weaver, Sharon L. Welch, Harriet C. Willis, Margaret Wong, Susan Marie Woods, Patricia Yetman, Hansford Young and Eugene Zimmerman. CROSS RIB ROAST For FARMER JOHN HAM .... 53ib Full Shank Half Fullx ' Cooked - ' ' HUNT'S SAVORY PORK BEANS 2/a Can h ..,;*?·?· STANDING RIB ROAST U.S.D.A. Choice or Lucky Bonded For Tenderness BAR-S SMOKED PICNIC Delicious Smoked Shoulder . . . Just Heat Serve SIRLOIN TIP STEAK U.S.D.A. 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Ctn. . i*'.TM****TM.*******-.TM BEVER AG E * COCA-COLA SHASTA CANADA DRY Bs u e 'S'r', SLICED BACON 59 e Lucky Brand Lean Tender Slices I-Pound Package ·FARMER JOHN SLICED BACON Y OSCAR MAYER SLICED BACON I-Pound ..Package Phi Beta Kappa Elects Tucsoiiian Tucsonian Guy Alexander Zimmerman, a junior at Emory University in Atlanta, has been made a member of Ph ueta Kappa, national honorary scholastic society. Zimmerman, son of Mr. and Mn. E. A. Zimmerman, 8242 E. Sandstone Drive, is a pr«medfc«l major. He also was namtd i. Stipe scholar, an EiDory honor recognizing scholastic excellence. "KEY IUYS" tn by MMfKtwtr'f tMp«rMY prMtti«wl al«w Mcts..,TW "KEY IUY" HMM fat^ ar« jiit fiw «f die Many «xtri vakws k ittrt K y*ti... ,,.. _____ i. W* «yfvt j KMB yw MnuUy MM i«r HEATER EVERYDAY SAVINGS! »itv" BANANAS CHIQUITA BANANAS . . . These are not ordinary bananas, they arc Central America's Finest Quality . . . Golden Ripe 11 Russet Potatoes C Ib U.S. No. I All Purpose . . . 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Speedway NORTHGATE: Grant Road at Alvernon COUNTY FAIR: 22nd at Craycroft PUEBLO PLAZA: 22nd St. at Cherry GOODMAN'S MARKET: Green Valley store hours, tiaily 9.00 am to 600 pm · closed Sunday SOUTHGATE: So. 6th AVe. at Freeway SWANWAY PLA1A: Broadway at Swan AMPHI PLAZA: 1st Ave. at Ft, Lowell £uJU| STORE HOURS 9a.m.tolOp.m-Daily 9 a.m. to 7p.m.-Sunday

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