Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 5
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Electricity refund seems sure; gas-rate hikes OKd h, ciiii., w»d., M, n7t INDEPENDENT (AM) fRESS-TUEGRAM (PM)--Ao Associated Press . A refund on electricity lo customers of C a l i f o r - nia's two largest utilities appeared certain Tuesday, a spokeswoman said, as the State Public Utilities Commission d e l a y e d action to prepare a minority report. The commission a l s o approved gas rate hikes totaling more than $52 mill i i j n for c u s t o m e r s of Southern California Gas Co. and San Diego Gas Klectric Co. But a spokeswoman said two-thirds of all residential customers will not he affected. SOCAL GAS w a s permitted to raise its rates $48.3 m i l l i o n effective i^pril 1, when wholesale costs from El Paso Natu- r a l G a s C o . a n d T r a n - swestern Pipeline Co. are scheduled to rise. SDGE, which buys bulk gas from SoCql Gas, was granted a SU million hike. The PUC also granted Pacific Gas and Electric Co. an $11.5 million annual natural gas rate increase and authorized a ^8 million h i k e for Southwest Gas Corp. and $1.213 for California Pacific Utilities Co. PGE's rate will go iip .182 cents per therm with customers' bills expected to increase 3.IS cents por m o n t h f o r t h o s e using more than 75 therms of gas per month. Customers using less than 75 therms will not bo affected. Under the Pt'C's so- called lifeline policy, residential customers who use 7r therms or less gas per month will pay no increased rates. A SoCal Gas customer using 100 therms w i l l f a c e a 25-cent-por- m o i i t h increase, w h i l e SDGE users will nay 34 cents more monthly for 100 tlienns. T H K P U C o f f i c i a l l y postponed action on the electricity refund, estimated to total .$230 million, u n t i l t h e commission's A p r i l H San Francisco meeting. But spokeswoman Carol Krolzer said the delay was requested to give two dissenting commissioners t i m e to prepare a minority report on the refund affecting customers of Pacific Gas Klectric Co. and Southern California Edison. "II was very clear at the hearing that it will bo a 3 2 vote" in favor of the refund and elimination of a controversial f u e l adjustment tariff, in effect since March 1072. Under a proposal lo be considered by the PUC in two weeks, utilities will be able lo pass on higher fuel costs In customers after their operating costs have risen. The PUC staff last week prepared a report at the request of commissioner Leonard Ross w h i c h alleged that SoCal Edison UFW to push for initiative to 6 free 9 farm labor board SACRAMENTO (AP) C e s a r C h a v e z ' U n i t e d F a r m Workers union announced Tuesday it would push "full force" for a November ballot initiative it believes will protect its rights in the fields. M a r c G r o s s m a n , a Chavez spokesman in Ln ' Paz, said Chavez' union still would support a state f a r m labor board funding h i l l i n t h e Senate, b u t would push the initiative regardless of the h i l l ' s fate. "THIS IS NOT a bargaining ploy. We h a v e made a decision to go full force on the initiative. It will be on the November ballot, and it definitely will win approval of the voters," Grossman said. .The initiative in effect would re-enact the stale's near-defunct f a r m labor law a n d a d d s e v e r a l changes, including a controversial access regulation already adopted by the farm labor board. If voters approve t h e i n i t i a t i v e , (hat move would put it out of reach of Hie legislature in stale s t a t - utes, and it would take a n o t h e r voter-approved measure to amend or repeal it, Grossman said. A long way to ;o PHIUDELPH1A I A P The Philadelphia H i g h School Women's Collective will sponsor a discussion next month on "sexism in the public schools." The discussion is open lo girls only. "This is our insurance. When Ihc initiative passes, the growers c o u l d n o l come back every time the law needs money and hi- jnck the act the way they did this year," he said. The U F W ' s announcement follows a 1'/2-month stalemate in Hie California Legislature over $2.5 million for the farm labor b o a r d , w h i c h oversees f a r m worker union elec- liniis. A bloc of rural Democrats and Republicans has almost totally s h u l the board down by holding up its needed funding. This group contends the hoard f a v o r s t h e U F W o v e r Teamsters and growers. The funding bill finally passed the Stale Assembly without a vote to spare last -Thursday, but has not been acted on yet by the Senate. The U F W i n i t i a t i v e would order the Legislature lo appropriate an unspecified amount of funds for the board each year. Grossman said Ihe UFW would go to work immediately lo collect the needed 312.104 signatures of registered voters lo place Ihe measure on the November ballot. Grossman said since the law was enacted last Aug. 28 growers have succeeded in " b l a c k m a i l i n g " legislators to back off the agreement which created Ihe farm labor board. Since il was set up, the five-member b o a r d has conducted over 400 elections, and (he UFW has won the majorily of those contests. had overcharged its cus- lomcrs $150 million, and PCEby $80 million. THE REFUND would total about $15.90 (or SoCal Edison customers and $9.07 for PGiE's ratepayers. Miss Kretzer said (he exact amounts of the refund probablv would be set after public hearings. Since no fuel cost adjust- m e n t tariffs have been granted in more than a year, utilities have been forced to bear recent increases in their fuel costs. Therefore, she said, the a m o u n t of any overpayment is dwindling. San Diego Gas Electric Co. and several smaller California utilities were also granted fuel cost ad- j u s t m e n t s . B u t M i s s Kretzer said their cost estimates may prove lo have been more accurate. R o s s emphasized t h a t the alleged ovcrcollections were not illegal, but resulted because of flaws in Ihc fuel adjustment tariff. U N D E U T H E a d j u s t - ment plan, adopted by the Pl.'C during a period of skyrocketing f u e l costs, u t i l i t i e s were permitted to hike their rales lo rcflecl predicted rises in costs without t h e u s u a l procedure of public hearings. The. excess was collected b e c a u s e abnormally wet weather through lasl August enabled Ihc utilities lo purchase hydroelectric power al rates about M per cent cheaper than fossil fuels. Commissioners William Symons Jr. and Vcrnon I.. Sturgeon said Ihc elimina- t i o n of rate adjustment tariffs would be illegal because the PUC cannot set rales retroactively. PET OWNERS SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR DOGS OR CATS -- FOR LOW COST INfO. CAll SAVE THE MINUS FWM 435-41 SO III HO Give New Life, To Your Old Furniture ' Select from new custom turaitvre fabrics ef It* latest design and style. Call today for appointment and free estimate in your home. 538 Long Beach Blvd. CITY OF LONG BEACH Open 8-4:00 . Open Sat. Ctowd Sundays CALL 435-7468 For Estimate Pan Ams 7i7 is the fastest way to Sydney. LOS ANGELES HONOLULU SYDNEY Flight "811 leaves l.os r\npi lo Inn Airport ai 6:-JO p.m. every Wednesday. Thursday. Ji«l Irul.iy. We also h.iu 1 707s iliere.on Sund.i). Miiml.iv. Tuesday .nxJ Saturday. 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