Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 29
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SOUTHLAND SCENE . Independent Fairview Probe Asked t PT laowm* t»riM The California Council for Retarded' C k l l d r c a Thursdiy asked Gov. Brmn to appoint an independent medical teain to investigate Fairview State Hospital at Costa Mesa. . . , ·Previously, a c o u n c i l Spokesman and two other 4-omen bad charged that Fairview patients had been abused in · at least two wards. · A team of investigators from the California Department of Mental Hygiene a now at Fairview investigating conditions. T h e stitt also has asked the fjrzntt County district attorney's office and Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk to determine whether Fairview patients have beea mistreated. The coundTs request also asked the governor to establish a commission to study and evaluate lines of administrative authority ia all state hospitals. Dr. Zoleika Yarrejl, who . has taken over acting su- perintendency and medical direction of Fairview State Hospital, has ordered registered nurses to be in charge of security wards--where alleged abuses of some patients ha's led to an investigation. Marine 1 ! Wife Shot SANTA ANA--The petite Japanese wife of a U. S. M a r i n e was shot and wounded Thursday in a family quarrel. Police said Mrs. Norita Williams. 28.-of 1124 W. Fourth SU was shot ia the Ship Arrivals, Departures , (CanwM B Mama Excfcanatt ACTIVE VEUELS n P01T Area;* 32 Onstitueiw W*x-nrl_107 FBt?«««rcan)» tin (A Ajr 1 Sauna Cr! Acaautt wex IT; Hanjme. Une with a .22-caliber slug fired by her husband Lance Cpt Ralph WiHiams, 28. Mrs. Williams was rushed to surgery in Santa' Ana Community Hospital, where doctors said her condition was not serious. Williams was booked into Orange County jail on an intent-to- commit-murder charge. lion Referral Plan GARDEN GROVE -- A "referral" sales operation here that allegedly offered persons buying household appliances up to S3.000 for supplying names of potential customers Thursday was enjoined from continuing business in California. Superior Court Judge pro tern Andrew Weisz handed down final judgment in Los Angeles against J. Leighton Garner, doing business as Production Specialties Ice. The action had been tsied by Alt. Gen. Stanley Mosk. Moik said salesmen made false representations to persons b u y i n g appliances through the firm by intimating they would receive the appliances at no cost in addition to earning up to $3,000 for supplying names of possible customers. * u SSSSJIS -IB!» -H- LIT* . -J.B-** Ktaveness Ur* -- LV-1 Inter-ocean LHII _ t t n Warm Carman wv*i» - t - « .VKW^H - !» UM _ADr. I Saa Fraa. i Lumoar Co. Aar. I Coos In larrierli. ca. Aar. I San Diesa i Una . Dtfitttdvt (Ou« ___ .LB * Fred Ot -- _I35 AJ Pir _____ --- 23 K. R. Cfian*erti.i ___ _ __ ____ -- , -- 1^5 Cancarctt Oe lUv. ftn Aer. 9 Richmond -- 1U Hol1«na A-rcf. Unt *p 4 London Dyke Ruling A'cor V P-T In AmKt B»rea» The State Public Utilities Commission may rule nest week on whether to approve sale of Pyk« Water Ca facilities in the pry of Anaheim to that city for SIS mOIioa. George G. Grover, PUC president, concluded a two- day hearing Thursday in Los Angeles on whether such a transfer of facilities would be "in the public interest." The PUC says that the State Public Utilities Code requires PUC approval be- fore airy utility can sell or dispose ft any part of its faculties. Attorneys for Dyke and the city, however, contend that Pt'C does not have jurisdiction, since the transfer is being handled as a condemnation action by Anaheim. Joseph Geisler, Anaheim city attorney, urged the PUC to consider the matter nert week, and Grover said this was possible. Milford Dahl. attorney for t*e Orange County Water District. likewise asked an early decision. Safety Atcanl SAXTA ANA--Co u n t y H o s p i t a l Administrator Marshall G. Ause will accept a safety award for the hospital Thursday from the National Safety Council. Orange County Genera! Hospital won second place in the safety contest. The award will be given by the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the national organ ization at a dinner mcetin in trie Ambassador Hotel Los Angeles. u» % *r««. «jr» i IHJ INDEPENDENT-- F«$« A-ZJ NEW CHAUFFEUR-GAR-WASH SERVICE WHY WALK? \ w*T1 WASH YOUR CAR PARK IT FOR YOU and RADIO.DELIVER.1T at your request for ONLY 5 it -4- LEAVE THE WALKING TO US! IUVE IOUI CM *rta) Out »TTB»DMT IT UHI COUTKt loom--usrsioE BTMSCE of THE MY COMTMY w un- *ooo stoppRS cona...wa ram THSDUW SKOPPK; ...TEU.THE WTDtSWI* HEU IUIO FOt YOU* CM... IT S KLMKD...Sr'Mi!LM oat...»;:«« SECONDS... NO CHARGE FOR PARKING COURTESY--JACK'S CAR WASH-^QRNH OH AMD IAKEWOOD BWO. LAKEWOOD SHOPPING ^CENTER --PHONE ME 3-3496 HOUU 1.30 AX. TO SSO ML--7 CATS A WHX-FltlOAY Till 4 P.M Salman 5wtf . F«rora ut» Hindustan Br) Medg» Havea (Tkr JarkM «Nor-Tkr1 roreai (Ytiool Kocto Irtarw (JsB Lion* Cat* lSwd (Out) Llr* jr. I mchtiand --. nr«M Fr»i. _ -- - . !· S3 C»r*cltart Cuff tkr«* Aor. 4 Port 107 Frrort C«- LB-t T*t« v»rm« Lint _ .Acr. . 3* W*rrnt JUUnaarri Inc. __JUsr. i Seattle B-7t Rictrfitttf OH Car* _Apr. 4 Votonama Lft-7 Solowa Ptovb* Lrrt -^Aw. * CuW .MS O*i« Lire *"*· * S*n Fnn. " Aor. S SM F * . I Fr»n. . 5» Johnson Lin* UI Wedl!ovd Lrn» . ' ·· It-west Trans. H. t Shoe Apr. 4 London Caimar Lire *ar t San Fran. ftjlleniw Urn ACT. J San Fran. Mjtsu4 Lint - - *t* t New Yor\ LSr-nz vonuwtoer *ert **· S - . I Kialn i -- . ta lino Lin* Lfc-77 Triton SUDS- , . _ _ --_LH Thtf EkU AsFKtiC C* __A»T. S u i Ealaaa CHiH) _i30-D «AariT.m» Ca. of Ptit Aor. 4 I*r1o ' * _ltf P»c. Co«s* Transaf. Ou AST. 4 Avon ~ -- *p-. * Antwerp Aor. ism Fr»tx .. _*· __Aar. I AcKxrtct 57 Crac* Llri* Aor. 4 B*rbo* U Cm. ZtiicrtMch Cera. Aar. S Duncan B«v LB-X Thr t«st Asiatic ca. _Apr. S Huencmv 1*f5 Wevrrtweusef Lire _^.Aor. J Richmond TOO S*V5« Bret T«-«ifv Ca. _ Aar. S Ntwport Veial CBi« CFr) U4 VtSSELl AIirVIKB TMUISOAT Fran eovaw ..._ _____ San Fran. FrmcK lira _____ (Nor 22S-0 -- Yotoftama B*ro«r Ltn* .. .,_ VtSSCLI DUI TO AIIrVE T O D a T Fnm C Cua la SaJ Far VfiiM KcrtH Fram C»cr«tar Cut n SM rar, Bjroan atb-Tiir ADC Puerto La Cruz Cuff OiT Ca. Aor. s Hurt.natoa KcA.1 Ciuaad De Bogota (Coll LB-12 Pno Ano^e Cr*nca)orni«in.a Lrn« ^Aar. i San Fr*rt.t Fcnlatt (Kor) 29 fjr. (BwJ til ElM Farrarts trtl) va . ran Standard Kkr) LB nT _ j Fran. Fcravillc Une . Bartdon Ontgon Ceas} Towtny I .Aar. VJJJIar Aar. I Bandon X-. I San Fran. 1 .Aar. « Vtnlura --- San Jos* Italian LJnv ______ _.. ___ _____ _ 71 __ KikcsM Standard O'l Ca. __ ___ - . Kcravnos tGrk} Anc._ _JAcn« Atdulla Or;oa ShocITrda Aor. S Huntlraton Ben. utartn Uars CDanl 17J _____ Enstrau Uacrst tlr« - Aor. * Yokohama Miai IDutl LS-tt ---- ...... _ __ _ Bafeoa ttocasa Lhi« - Aor. I San Fran.1 Crtnoca (Nor) ts- _ . ._ . Cow Bi» D Arnica tine _ Aar. J C«noa; Fliil Pm Uaosanar (Ftiil) 157 Cuavmas United Fliil Llna - Aar. · San Fran.1 ·VS. S2 (Bge) Anc ---- Banoon Oregon Cst Towma Co. Aar. S San Oiego s 1A-1I _____ San Fran. Grancolombiana Una _ Aar. 1 Acaoutco . Kift Guavas - _____ . _ . Vinanper (Nor LB-t .. _____ London mtrrocean Una _ Aar. t San Fran. World fj.arrty frt) \u ____ Yekohama Trmocaanie Uar Cr Aar. 1 U Juan ·«» (nr.Mt CUstn LB-2i -- V-i D.ew Oliver i OKan Ca. Aar. » Kedmod CRv Navy Ships in Porl Today £*!· Crave __ Arit^'il K * T1 P* r Cour^V Pi«f U-I KvCk *- t -·" tJ»aIty .... - -7 Maoofrm . enrci C*nvon Bucklev. Oennif X -- rier u-i -"·····'" - SunenJut -^---- Feilowi Stewart ««rtt ^ r^^ST ··f»^^n Shiovartf !««»««» - Cac« . fitrt\f Wir «·MoonTft. n. _j3j«avarT,» p'r u-ifift!?* ·:--£?! PiCT 14-1 Ar^l B-ni :. 114 ___ RICE WANT YOU Krosiouc NYLOFT Continuous Filameiii NYLON CARPET 30 Square Yards Completely hBtelledS . \n\ nterfitt, fs ««JT U den, it's iariitt « ft kiejs its Ititlj wv i;|tar»ct ui ttrtori hr jtantt t*«t Wi Sit tiS «f rtzz. bttd «liM. ._! M Pl«oe pier t Preston ,, --~- ,er 1SJ Prltoietl (W»AOESCr» ITJ . Frontier . Caltant _ H*ven __ Fellowj t Stewart Roncador . f,»f JJ, B J 5Ti»n illadrga Ftr 7 rmt Pl*r Per w-1 HviCEard. H. E. . IBusive 8 »u Ti»ner Jov -- er t^3 vamrrefi rr*i"'«m*i"ieir~"-" ;JO Sq. Yds. Tnslalleil 19O $9.85 JIOXTH TAX TIME! HOT* you kept your 1962 jeenrity records itrntgrif? Know your dhri- dends . . . capital gains? For a handy source of reliable information to help you with your Tncom* tax, order your copy of the This 104-page booklet contains vita! data about every major security. For tax purposes specifically, you'll find o list of dividends on 3,100 stocks . . .' yearly price ranges for 1958 through 1962 . .. prices and dividend records on more than 1,100 over-the-counter Issues. There is also information on bonds and mutual funds. Be sure to order your copy of this valuable book.: Use it at tax time ... throughout th» rest of the year. THE "1963 RED BOOK" may br ebtntcd for $1.00 cm rke tint floor of tit C Independent Addrtu noil erd«r» t» "X*d look." bdtpcideif, (04 Piw AT«, Ui 9 Icoeh 12, C«Cf. IF YOU WANT BETTER QUALITY WE RECOMMEND... DuPont ".jO!" .N* IMI.K IL 305q.YI«.In»uUd CAKPtT 100't ^OOI. Dillon CAHPKr * J*»f I22AJ MONTH Cd tafay arf tor Kpresabn «9 tarna b jsar base *3* wnpiej ti ji»» jai! IU rat INCIUMS* ·30 · Tn Bt«letiisttli Erin Ctrs · TRrCkac«iflitntlugnt.rC«)ers 1895 L Aialilm Jf^ Linj Buck HE 6-5211 311 Loot Beach Blid., L«m B«ch__HE 2-5444 909ATali8,Wi!minitM TE 4-4548 168(0 Billfliwir BU^ Bcilfltwcr TO 7-2145 OPEN HIOAT I MONOAT NIGHT in. ft 7 P.M. I \ j i

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