Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 3
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LIFE BEGINS AT 73 Slayer, 46 Years in Asylum, Freed S P O K A N E , Wash. « -Chester Lee Thompson, whose sane and released. But four troubles started with a murderjyears later, the girl he loved On Feb. 3,1907, he was found charge at 21 when he was spurned by the girl he loved, is a free man at last at 73 after 46 years in a mental hospital. 'I don't.feel as though my life is finished," he said, feel it has just begun." · Life was also just beginning for Chester Thompson when it happened back in July, 1906, in Tacoma. - · He remembers the plight of a young'man in love with a girl who refused to speak to him. ; "I thought I'd make myself a hero to her," he said. He got a new suit, -a flannel shirt,, a big cowboy hat and wore a married another man. · "All of a sudden, everything was-gloomy," he said Thursday. "There were black clouds over the world, I felt a terrible de- in a holster to impress her. » « ·* * : «HBB UNCLE, Judge George Mead Emory, was on the porch of the house when I arrived. I asked to see her. He laughed I started to go into the house." ' There was a scuffle, a shot and the next day, July 7, 1906 Emory died. · Thompson was charged with tirst-degree murder. His father Will H. Thompson, a prominent Seattle- attorney, defended him Thompson was found innocent by reason of .insanity but was "I pressiori. I don't think I was sane then." ···" Thompson was committed to Eastern State Hospital as mentally ill in-Noyember, 1S11. Harve H. Phipps, a Spokane attorney and Thompson's guardian, found him a place to live last November with a private family in. the Spokane valley. A minister got 'interested in his case. Thompson was released. * * # * "HE IS NOT unlike the average old gentleman now," said Dr. G. .Lee Sandritter, the hospital superintendent. "He migh! have been released before but he got lost in the shuffle. He may be depressed at times again but he is going into a benign old age." Said Thompson, "I think I have been sane for 40 years." Dr. Sandritter said the 'shooting is as "unreal" to Thompson now as it was in 1906.. The case caused a sensation DV rCtlS'-'H VX -uiawAn^j w\*n ....--. ^^ yy cioiiiiifitVJi o » . * * * . * . « .^UM* -- - --0 -sent to .the state penitentiary .Thompson and the .girl, Char- "We ar at Walla Walla as provided by i otte whitflesey Fitz, who died Bizerte. law at the time. Steer able Satellite Projected (Continued" From Page A-l) ested and active in space developments." However, the office of Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mo), one of the aviation experts in Con- had been in in 1936, were members socially prominent families. 'He will live out his life here now on the money his father left him when he died .in 1918 INDEPENDENT-- P«g. A . 1 ,' " " ' ; * ,, * ,*' '*' *, '' ' , , lon of · gasonne thrown into pot-bellied stove exploded and . and three of her children Thurs' police reported.' Radio dispatcher Sampler oE the Hollis police force sajd three bodies had been recovered from the. smoldering ruins of the rural home, six southeast, of this south-' , western. Oklahoma town. 28, her daughter, Billie Ann, 5, and two sons'; Carrol), 3, and Dwight- Eugene, 14 months. The father, Nathaniel,' stif-: fe're'd hand burns. Six-year-old-. Shirley and'-Alfred Wayne,. 4, . Three; other members of the family were burned, two seri " ously, and. two young" escaped without .harm. DEBRIS OF PLANE CRASH WHERE ALL. ESCAPED This is all that was left of a Western Airlines plane v north of .Palm Springs,. All aboard--o crewmen that-crashed and burned Thursday about ten miles and 18 passengers escaped.--(AP.) , j_ boys . Sampiei; identified, the dea9 as · the- mother. Viola Sanders, War Award $181 ' 600 for 32 ° Acres T" '**-·-' Threat Grows Grave FRESNO tff) -T- A federal acres of/land was giyen Mrs. TUNIS UR--President Habib me UaoU t-ttuatu a acuoauisn ·* u * *---· . -. - ~ in Washington s t a t e . Both Bou'rguiba declared Thursday, - - - - - -- - rea dy to make war for . But he held open the door to mediation by the\United States of Tunisia's'qUarrel with France. The president' also suggested n a broadcast to his'tense na- gress, said he formed such under way. Navy to Curtail Shipyard Funds (Continued from Page A-l) workable repressurization pro-.each year to keep'the shipyard gram is put into operation. from flooding. The Navy had 2. Damages afrMnst the City asked for additional amounts of Long Beach and private oil:for a .long-range construction project was!operators .for the approximate program. . First hint of the project was .contained in testimony before the Senate subcommittee appropriations last year by Gen. Curtis.LeMay, chief of the Strategic Air Command. Gen. LeMay told Senators that $29 million was needed at that time to accelerate the Titan program, "not only as a weapons system, but to use the booster of the Titan for further exploration into space.' 1 . Petroleum Co. The Armed repressurization program goes into operation. The committee decided to appropriate only enough money ·· "WE COTJLD advance the schedule at a faster rate with more funds," the general said. "I think it should be done so We could at the same time tie in with the X-15 (rocket plane) and the boost-glide principle that we have been working on for some time, and thereby _ expedite a manned missile." Qf: the" second""Soviet scientific ' LeMay referred to the latter tion was- to set the program back a year. ., S12 million the Navy has spent Effect of the cqmmittee'sjic- so far on subsidence repairs, 'Harrison's memorandum conceded that the city has a re- pressurization program it hopes to get passed " by the State Legislature. He also referred to a voluntary program by the Union Pacific Co. and General Services Committee took the position during last year's budget hearings.that it will not spend any 'more money on the shipyard until a Russ Sail North LONDON «iE)--The second and final, group of 85 members "advanced research proj- tion, while- he is determined 15,000 French troops stationed in Tunisia must go,-the .big French .naval -base at ·Bizerte' might still be 'used, by ' the North Atlantic Treaty-powers. . : # * * · * ' THAT BASE and French army .garrisons are .blockaded. Jittery Tunisian, civilians 'and!' national guardsmen,' patrolling with light .arms, manned roadblocks to prevent the movement of French troops.. They threatened to fire on any French ships attempting .-to. enter or leave Bizerte. , . - . '. Meanwhile, France."said she intends to feed and'supply her troops blockaded in .Tunisia and that Tunisia must' bear the blame for any incidents that may result from interference. % » » . * - * FOREIGN MINISTER Christian Pineau made the declara; tion in Paris', in .a speech delivered to the National-Assembly for Premier Felix Gaillard, who is ill. it came as. Tunisia asked for an early meeting .of the U.N. Security Council-in New York court : jury Thursday awarded Jules- F. and Clara Koch of Los Angeles 5181,600 for 320 acre's of land condemned fqr use in connection with Edwards Air Force Base. · . , 'An' .award ot $8,145 .for 80 Koch's sister-in-1 Mathy. . Koch had a . '. club, furniture s taiirant on th land. He asked was' offered -$12: Helen R. duck store and res- Boy's Lung Pierced by Car on 70tli St. A.nine-year-old boy suffered ri punctured lung', a '.broken right'leg and. internal injuries when he was hit by a car as he walked across'70th St., near Indiana Ave. 'Thursday night, police reported! Ricky Baternan, of' 16444 Indiana Ave., Paramount, was in critical condition in Los Angeles General Hospital after he was hit by a car driven by Lana C . cUlU I C O WCU3 ii*i. HJ v- -- . condemned E.'Hunsaker, 17, of 9232 Flow- 8363,000 and er Ave,, Bellf lower. She was not were .in serious condition. Thef 7 two children who escaped suit, Nathan; 8,'and Charles, 9. " "-' TALLMAN, N. Y. '(U.E)--Two.- young brothers were killed' Thursday in a fire that de-, stroyed'their home. - . C°J Police said KenCell Modle,'7I/ and Everett,. 6, were trapped '· in a second' floor bedroom. The fire apparently ' started in "a; downstairs living room, at about'. 6 a.m. . . .'·' Their parents, for. ana'Mrs. William Modle, . attempted/to' rescue the two boys but were.-. driven- back'Tjy the flames.' The" parents, three other children- and a maid escaped 'without injury. . · f \ \ . ST. PAUL, Minn. OJ.E--Three! young children burned to death late Thursday when fire burned- their home. - to' the ground' in' suburban Lexington, Minn. .?..-' The --children's mother, Mrs. Harold Harkins,. escaped tha flames. All the dead children,- ' were of age. Another' child was at school and their City Chiefs Stress Need for Action ^v--, . City officials refused to com- to consider the French bomb* .:.,,, fjf ·* Vinvno-r village ksatur- ment on the Tsavy s proposedj^E oi suit, but they agreed that the A "" sharp reduction in the appropriation request should;be'more tiian a gentle'"hirit" "for both the . day which dor Mongi Slim called an act of aggression." Speculation was that ,the,meeting,would 'be held LHUII a utijiut iiniL lui u u u i uic: · · · _ 4 A ^. r t , r city and the state to go ahead Monday or Tuesday. with the \ antisubsidence · .program as rapidly as possible. \ "I had hoped the request would be sufficient to keep the yard at maximum efficiency," said Mayor Raymond C. Kealer. "In any event, -we must pursue every 'available subsidence remedy and as quickly as we can." City Mgr. Sam E. Vickers Building Permits Thin month, JWU.US. Thin year, S:i.;t5:i,( HI, ilr, and Mrs. Fred Davis, alteration. 216 Tlvoll, Sl.OOO; H. P. Hanscn Son. contractor. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Hall, repair, 940 W. Pacific Const, $1,000; Harbor Termite Control, contractor. Court Grlfford. dwelling 03! E. COth. S-l.oOO: Crooks · Endsley, contractor. nffir-n :flirl O111CC Said variations on the "Drin- \anauonb on me J""' as a cct '" , ... | case a: Mirny - T h e - A i r Force frequency j said Thursd has referred to the boost-glide; principle in its briefings. , , Once a missile gets out of the earth's atmosphere, it^ fuel requirements drop sharply, giving it capability for sustained flight. As gravity pulls the missile nearer the earth, it can be allowed . to drop rapidly. Additional momentum to send ., the missile back into orbit is| sg a«'«. P"""». J""'°. TM 3 GHIC, gained by turning on the fuel j r[ Dousias ^Bcmvcii, dwelling, _3:s cer- and "bouncing" or "Skipping"! Paul H.' Cclmm. addition, 5-:0 Cer- off the earth's atmosphere. cr Mo? 00; Nu ' Way cTMm«ii« co. , , 4 f Mllo E. Brown Jf.. addition, 234S. Lloyrt : E"' Jdllcr.' dwelling. 403C-A Vermont. 57.200; Crlner Construction cnvpval variatinns on me "Drin- Co., contractor, SCveiai \anauonb on UK J""' xtfxn O, Townsend. dwelling. 6150 ciple have been contemplated, DeLeon. 514,500; R. L. Poper, archi- and most of them involve usei D'OOHM L. cuip. rence. 2243 Pepper- *r ^+- iftoef +\\m mnn insiHp thp wood. $S50: Builders Mart, contractor. of at least two men insiae me Ax ;] * Nordln(! . uddition. isoi .cerntos. missile. One version would have the missile return to its launch- _., ing pad after one trip around 5T ^ the earth. Other versions in the mill would call- for a "space platform" equipped with manual controls enabling the operators to drop down to the atmosphere at will. · A study contract similar to the Douglas project was given to Boeing Airplane Co. for a manned ballistic rocket, West Coast sources said. The Boeing contract was said to be for a television reconnaisance spaceship. . Other aircraft firms submitting ROBO proposals, but without Air Force s u p p o r t funds, include North American Aviation, Inc. and Northrop Aircraft, Inc., in Southern California, and Bell Aircraft Corp. and Republic Aviation; Corp. . Experts said that if any o f j the proposals is accepted by the | Air Force it will take at least six or seven years before the craft receives its first' flight test. Louisiana Loses Three x'' Racial Pleas NEW ORLEANS Wl--The vi uic acv-vjJU own;*. ot«*ciiun.m, v^-i ty j,¥ oam i^. v fund a U . · b. J? JILU ^ , expedition x to Antarctica is on said the requested sum, plusjAppeals Thursday dealt three .its way home from the Soviet the 81,500,000 recently re- 1prral hlows to state-ana cit.\ j base at Mirny, Moscow radio leased,, presumably will continue to keep the yard dry. "But it is certainly up to the city and state to expedite legislation, unitizatlon and re- pressuring," lie added. New Military Setup Urged by Flanders WASHINGTON (U.E) -- Sen. Ralph Flanders (Vt) proposed Thursday the National Security Council be made-responsible by law for ..the nation's strategic military plan- 'ng. ' ' . ' Flanders told the Senate he was introducing legislation to carry out, his plan. He said under the' bill, tactical ques- tionsAvould be left "to the chiefs and Air ning. legal blows to state' .. . officials" .trying to keep racial s e g r e g a t i o n , in Louisiana schools, colleges and parks. In separate decisions, the court: ' (1) For tHe second time upheld a lower court, decision ordering New-Orleans to desegre- gate'its public schools. (2) 'Turned down the appeal of the'-Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors and the Louisiana State-Board of Education. The' school and the board want to keep Negro students' from' entering LSU, Southeastern, Southwestern and McNeese 'State.colleges.under- graduate schools on a permanent basis, i. (3) 'Agreed with a lower court decision that forbids the New. Orleans City .Park provement. Assn. to :keep groes away 'from park facilities. Workers Strike British Motors. · BIRMINGHAM, England «"» --About 25,000 auto workers were idled at the giant British Motor Corp. factories Thursday night following a strike at one plant. j : The management . laid off about half the total force when the walkout at a key factory disrupted assembly routine. . , . Axel jj or dine, addition, ssot .cerntos. ' ;nn THE PURCHASE.OF NO MONEY DOWN NO CHARGE FOR CREDIT Your Account Opined in Mlnutet PHONE HE 5-5385 HE 5-5371 Lovtly center.diamond t* thli designed diMt with t matehlm diamond*, A ptrftctly hoRdtaiw p«ir. Long Btach · Sqnta Ana '. announces sales days for Round the Clock Individual Fit Nylons Feb. 13th thru 22nd Your opportunity to discover 'the beautiful difference between ordinary proportioned fit, and Round the Clock's. IN DIVIDUAL'FIT. .-and save ' money at the same time! With INDIVIDUAL, FIT/y.ou enjoy-the right foot size- and leg length--AND'perfect leg-contouring! No more wrinkles--no mqre ' costly snags because of faulty fit.. . your.legs are perfectly'groomed! « ' , Choose ?rom'classic and fashion-shades in-your favorite hosiery styles ... Regular Styles 'with Seams 1.95 Superb Sheer ,, 1.95 Dress Sheer'Pointed Heel 1.65 Dress Sheer 15....... 1.50- Walking Sheer'"ComfortSo!e,-_--_ 1.65 Walking Sheer ...: _ 1.66 ..1.66 ..1.41 .1.41 1 ' ·* Stretch. Styies-'with. Seams . " ' ' · ' 1 .75 Walking Sheer _________ ; ........ . ....................... '. ...................... · .......................................... ] · 1.75 Dress Sheer 1.95 Dress Sheer Over the. knee 1 .50 Dress Sheer Knee-Hi ._. ------- ...... ., ...... :·... Styles without ;Seams- . . ._ . , I ;95-, Evening 'Sheer, Saridal -- - ----------- . -1 .50' .1 5-denier Microfilm' ----- : -------- T.65 '1 5-denier Mcrofiim S'andalfoot,.-- 1.95 Agiion Dress Sheer' Stretch;':....-.-..TM 1,65 Knee-Hi ''Microfilm' Sandal.. ~ -------- -·_. 'Buffums' Hosiery, Street Floor 1.49, 1.66 1.28 .66 .28 .41 1.66 1.41 · Buffums'- Store Hoursr-9:30 a.m. to .-5:30 p.m. Fridays: 12 noon'to 9j3.m.

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