The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 9, 1952 · Page 10
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 10

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1952
Page 10
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Ten THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Tuesday Evening, September 9,1952. gJDE GLANCES Radio Program KMBC—980 VVLAF—GiO TUESDAY 6:00—KMBC—News; Sports WDAF— Know Your Colleges WHB—News KCMO—News. Sports 6 15 —KCMO—Freddv Martin KMBC—Weather WHB—Sports 0:30—WDAF—News KMBC—Peggy Lee Show WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Cisco Kid 6 -.45—KMBC—News WHB—Jerry Grav Show WDAF—One Man's Family 7-DO—WDAF—Calvocade oi America KCMO—Silver EL<;le KMBC—People An; Funny WHB—Jimmy Carroll Show 7:15—WHB—News Comments 7:30—WDAF—Barric Craig KCMO—Escape With Me WHB—Dr. Kildare KMBC—Mr. and Mrs. North 8:00—WDAF—Meet Your Match KCMO—Dwight Eisenhower KMBC—Life With Luigi WHB—News; Today's Hits 7:30—Circle Theatre 8:45—Vest Pocket Theatre 8:00—Amateur Hour 9:00—Police Story 9:30—Invitation Playhouse 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum KCMO—810 J0:00—Dangerous Assignment WHB—710130:30—News, Weather, Sports 111:00—Newsreel WEDNESDAY 6:00—The Big Payoff 7:0'>—Theatre 8:00—Boxing Bouts 8-45—Sport Spot 9:00—Tin Pan Alley 9 '15—Double Play 9:30—Lives of Great Americans 9:45—Newsreel 9'50—Community Forum 10:00—Hocky Kins Detective 10.30—News, Weather. Sports 11:00—Easy Chair Theatre Noble Trial Continued from Page 1 |Bar Hog Shipments jTo Kansas City j . KANSAS CITY dfl I of hogs from the — Shipment Kansas City ! Stockyards has been barred again _____ ______ , ______ - i because of the disease vesicular ex- 8:15— WHB— A. A. Play-offs : anthpma 8:30— WDAF— Truth or Consequences anincmd. The embargo was announced late Monday after the Department of Agriculture learned that an infected shipment of hogs had moved from Kansas City to San Diego, Calif. KCMO—TEA KMBC—Louclla Parsons 8 -45—KCMO—News 9:00—WDAF—Band Concerts KCMO—Wayne King KMBC—Novelty Tunes 9:15—KMBC—Strawhat Concert 9:30—WDAF—News;, Stan Kenton Orc-h. v KCMO—News. Sports KMBC—News; Sports a :45—KMBC—F YI KCMO—Elmer Davis 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10'00—WDAF—News: Weather KMBC—Beulah KCMO—Back To The Bible WHB—News Comments WEDNESDAY 6 00—WDAF—Mixed Quartet KCMO—News; Sports KMBC—News; Sports WHB—News 6:15—WDAF—Charles V. Stansell KMBC—Weather KCMO—Freddy Martin Show WHB—Sports 6:30—WDAF—News of The World KCMO—Lone Ranger KMBC—Club 15 WHB—Gabriel Heatter 6:45—WDAF—One Man's Family KMBC—News WHB—Serenade In Blue 7:00—WDAF—Vaughn Monroe KCMO—Postmark USA WHB—Col. Bigham Address KMBC—Inspector Hearthstone 7-JO—WDAF—The Great Gildersleeve WHB—Proudly We Hail KMBC—Dr. Christian KCMO—Valentino 8:00—WDAF—The Best of Groucho WHB—News, Today's Hits KCMO—Mr. Presid'ent KMBC—The Lineup 8:15—WHB—Minneapolis vs Blues 8:30—WDAF—The Big Story KCMO—Crossfire KMBC—What's My Line 9:00—WDAF—Concert KCMO—Date In Hollywood KMBC—Bright Star 9:30—KMBC—News: Sports 9:45—KMBC—Curt Massey WDAF—News; City Portraits KCMO—News; Sports fl :55—WHB—Scoreboard 9:45—KMBC—Curt Massey 10:00—WDAF—News: 'Weather KMBC—Beulah WHB—News Comments WDAF-TV-Tonight «:00—Midwestern Hayride 6:30—Keep Posted 7:00—Boss Lady During yesterday afternoon's session, which adjourned shortly after 5' p.m., the ten-year-old victim of the vicious attack was called as the first state witness. From the stand the girl pointed out Noble as her attacker. She related how she has been awakened in her bed by Noble who had entered and told her he was a policeman. She quoted No- jble as saying he wanted her to go with him to identify someone. They went from her home on North Second to a nearby building then under construction by the city at Second and Seneca. She told of Noble's brutal attack and 1 how lie cho. ked her when she cried out from the pain. Noble left her, she said, at- the i scene of the attack and she walked back to her home. There she was Kansas City said it was Hogs still may be received here for slaughter, but an industry official said large shipments would be discouraged until the stockyard pens are disinfected. Michael Flynn, president of the Livestock Exchange, hoped that the pens could be cleaned by Tuesday night "so that the government will lift the restrictions." The disease caused a 2-day embargo on the Kansas City hog market in July. trolmen, Bill Alford and Roy Chambers. The child was taken by the police from her home to St. John's Hospital. Dr. W. L. Pratt, the attending physician, was called upon to describe the extent of the girl's injuries. He told of bruises about ner face where she was struck, on her neck from being cho> ked and bruises and lacerations to other parts of her body. Save Topeka Youth Who Sought Death NEW YORK <m A jobless youth from Topeka. Kas., dangled | from an iron bar 26 floors above a parking Jot yesterday before he was dragged to safety. police said the youth, Leonard D. Ranson, IS, held on to a fire- well opening on the McGraw-Hill Building where workmen saw him. I Special Patrolman Frank Dash, I on duty in the building, approach- I ed Ranson quietly, seized him and hauled him through the opening. The youth was taken to Bellevue Hospital for mental observation. Police said the youth told them he came to New York from Topeka on Friday and had no money left. Ranson hung from the bar about five minutes. He was about 300 feet above ground. Supporting Star 2 Satiric; 3 Hounded 4 Rocky crag 5 Enthusiastic ardor 6 Chest rattles 7 Drunkard 8 Common swift 9 Branches 10 Makes into law 11 Herons 12 Approaches 29 Chamber 30 Heating devices HOBIZONTAL 1 Actress Tbelma 7 She appears on the , ' silver 13 Interstice .14 Citrus fruit 15 Animal enclosure 16 Italian condiment 17 Compass pointjg £££ 18 Sein e , .22 Redacts 20 More pleasant-^ Separate Si?°Sf+ *- 27Eternities 23 Slight taste- 25 Size of shot (pl.) 26 Surrender 28 Fondle 31 Butterflies 33 Decay 34 Explosive 35 Unit of weight 36 Goes by 39 Masculine 42 Golf term 43 Referee (ab.) 45 Salts 47 Provided with "weapons SO Small child 52 Philippine tree 53 Breeder 55 She is a actress 57 Native \ American SSExjwnger 595ema|ns erect 60 African fly VERTICAL 1 Contests of speed Answer fo;:Previou» Puzzte 32 Female agent 44 Phase (suffix) 36 Mother or father 37 Armed fleet 38 Harden 40 Newest 41 Evades 42 Capital of France 46 City in Oklahoma 48 "Emerald Isle" 49 Deceased 51 Drone bees 54 Registered nurses (ab.) 56 Feminine appellation 8 I? 53 57 36 57 22 3H 19 50 ZO 33 35 58 II 52. Hfe. Kaiisaus Do More Betting But Not 011 Slot Machines WICHITA Iff) — Federal tax records show that Kansans are doing more betting, but they apparently aren't playing the slot machines as much as formerly. During August professional wa- gerers paid a total of $1,459.44 as the federal 10 per cent tax on their written letter to his wife. It's 40 feet long. Keeley brought his wife up' to date on his activities with 28,158 words. MOST VEHICLES INSURED NEW YORK Iff)—About 95 per cent of the state's 4,219,863 registered vehicles are insured, reports the and ignoring traffic atgna a ad signals, says the bureau. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES ,, ... me state Motor Vehicle Bureau, gross monthly income. That com- _, pares with the best previous month ,J^. b " ea " ^ estimates that of February when $742.97 was if 0 ' 000 .^ treet and hl S hwav accl paid. The tax became effective lasti dents nn!1 be fP° rte(J ™ ls ^ar. A November | minimum of $oO property damage However, since the fiscal year! raust be proved to put M acci started July 1 the federal tax has beeen paid on only 101 slot machines at 17 business places, veteran's and social clubs. There were 2,246 tax-paid ma-j chines in 875 Kansas locations in the year ended i June 30. About SO per cent of accidents' are caused by speeding, reckless! driving, failure to get right-of-way Smith's Drug Store 504 Delaware Phone 500 Catches up With Shirt OKLAHOMA CITY ffl _ciar- ience Wilson finally caught up with his shirt. It was stolen two weeks ago. He was sitting in a downtown office yesterday when the shirt .valked in-on someone else. Wilson summoned police who jailed the other wearer—bareback- ed. "What if I was in the wrong lane to turn! You youngsters nowadays seem to have no respect for your elders!" When the lights were put out, nand]i in . tfnnlA vnnm'tpniv ivnlb-an to a ravi Noble reportedly walked to a taxi stand, took a c'ab and went looking for "a woman". He returned to town without finding one and decided to have one more look at the girl before returning to Atchi- Noble then went to the home and In answer to a question from the court, the physician said thejacross the, street watching as the girl was so badly lacerated it was child was put to bed. not possible for him to determine whether she had been raped. The girl's mother and father both identified blood-stained articles of clothing as that worn by their daughter th'e night of t h e attack. Noble displayed ^dded interest when Assistant County Attorney James N. Snyder asked the father to identify "a minute piece of material contained in a small circular box. Snyder explained the exhibits had been sent to Washington, D.C., but did not then tell why. Later it was brought out from testimony of A. C. Mistier, chief of police, that Noble's clothing had been sent to the FBI laboratory for examination. The small piece of material, according to the FBI report, was a piece of the sweatband of the hat worn by Noble when arrested. The fragment was found by the father in his daughter's bed after cultural modern leaders methods establish more of storing and SENDS LENGTHY LETTER TOKYO IB—Seaman Pat Keeley, Jr, wrote a single- spaced type- 1 QUALITY ECONOMY SERVICE DEPENDABILITY Call" WOOD The CLEANER 710 South Fifth Phone 7M Prompt FREE Pick-Up and Delivery FIREWORKS KILL SEVEN MEXICO sons were CITY (/&— killed and Seven per- 30 injured last night in the explosion of a store of fireworks gathered for Mexico's Independence Day cele- went into the girl's bedroom, Mist- oration. The blast wrecked a small ler testified. Mistier said on the day after the defendant a written state- [hotel, two ! parlor. stores and a billiard Noble's arrest. wanted to make ment but changed his mind before a stenographer could be obtained. Mistier testified Noble was ready at that time to plead guilty in this The last witness to appear yesterday was a tiny girl who also pointed to Noble as her attacker. She was a nine-year-old child from Kansas City, Mo., who was attacked April 19 in a transport truck near her home at 219 Independence Avenue. this man do something Cpl. Albert Cardin, one of theL you down there", she was asked! two military policemen who ar- vvhi i e looking at a photograph of 1 rested Noble at the Fort Leaven- ivorth bridge, told of the arrest. When the girl's brother discovered her missing from her bed, he awakened his parents who called police headquarters. Lt. Milton Gillaspie alerted authorities at the post to be on the lookout for acters. any suspicious char- Cardin and a companion were the truck. "He cut me up," she answered,! raising her dress to show the jury where a section of her abdomen had been sliced away by the attacker. Det. Dan Breece of Kansas City told of questioning Noble about the attack there. He quoted Noble as saying dispatched to the post' bridge. A had 'blacked out' but added: few minutes after their arrival there, the soldier told of hearing rapidly approaching footsteps on the railroad right-of-way below. They waited until the pedestrian came into range, then caught him in the glare of a spotlight from their truck. Noble obeyed the third command to halt. He was taken to the military police headquarters and soon turned over to the Leavenworth police. John Steinbach, 1228 Randolph, a railroad ticket agent, identified Noble as the man he had seen at the Union Depot the night of the attack. Noble had come to Leavenworth by train from Atchison that night. At'the last minute he changed his mind about returning by train. According to Mistler's testimony, Noble told of deciding against returning on the last train because "I wanted to see the girl! once more". : Mistier gave damaging testi-' mony against the defendant. The chief of police related details of an oral statement Mistier said Noble had made to himself and DeL Lowell Moore. Mistier told of Noble seeing the family as they walked home from a movie. Noble followed and stood guess I must have done it. I was; there." i COAL Phone us today 1 for one of our choice coals— order a winter's supply! • CHARCOAL BRIQUETS For Picnics and barbecues. BERGMAN COAL CO. 707 Cherokee Fhone 63 we have the new pen sensation Yes, with the approach of Fall and the prospect of soon spending more of your' time at home, you'll want to dress-up your home . . . make it more livable . . . more presentable to guests. t Garfinkle's has a wealth of new home furnishings. 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