Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1972 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1972
Page 9
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New Construction Planned Russian Navy Outbuilds U.S. . . · i l l . ' " . . . . . · . f h y ' K H K I ) S. WASHINGTON (APMTho Soviet ts'uvy, w)ilcli hiis .outbulll the U.S Navy nl-n' 1'alq o f . 2 t,d ; 1 hi, recent yours, Is' reported ·'on'IhV Verge of ii iiew surge in '· wiirshlp' constritcttoiii ' ·: ''· ;.'·;: r Tills .'is.--.a' tvond lhat. senior U.S. ndniival.s say Is ; against the,United States in the, » slr.iiegle. for ,hnval..supremacy.,'. j;whtcli 'iiarnllels Soviet advu'n- ':ingos in ground forces and mls- t slle numbers. ;: . i The missile, race ts cphtip- ! using, despite the iiew, agrcB- t'nienl to limit strategic .arms. 5,The, emphasis, will shift to in- S creased 'numbers.'= of warheads ?· and improved meth6d,s'of dcliv- i,, cry.' On the ground,; tliis conn- try has conceded the:''Soviets a s'jWlcle lead in combat forces by It: culling Ihe U.S. ; Army to its f smallest size in a generation. ·i Adm. Elmo R,,ZumwnIt Jr., tithe Navy's chief, warns that ·'.'"unless we .continue a dedi- frcalcd and determined naval t modernwation program, ex- f.] pandhng Soviet naval cnpabi- ;: lilies could, in the not loo dis- ;;';.tant future, put the Soviet Uiir "'· ion in a position to disrupt our Wlillb ' Ihe '' Untied Stales was constructing I2; ' . · · . ' · This ·construction gap nan contributed to the U.S. Navy's ubsolqsee'hco problem, Its shinij nvo'ra'go 10 years of age while ItiovSovIct average is only 'nine years'. . Older , ships. , .generally ; slo.wer, . their · armament . . find oilier equipment ··. use of the seas Critics dispute such grim ^forecasts, accusing the Navy of r;'trying to scare Congress and j the country into accepting big- ·; ger Navy-budgets.' · - - ·-: " ' WELL-KNOWN l)hlstical(!it. .. , During t h e ' so....... , past' five ' the Russians have sent ahpul;10 h.Jw, classes of major surface combat ships and submarines to. nea.'.'·'.-·:·' '"·"' .',·''·:· :'-v^'V/ ''-·· r..-'And,the p'ftce of Soviel'naval motlornlwtion' appears..'lo · be acceleraling'. Tills . year: alone, U,S,. intelligence hus','spoiled . three new classes , Russian The' U.S, N a v y woke to tlic potential of, anti-ship missiles only after, the 19B7 sinking of an . made destroyer by . a Styx missile fired Egyptians. Meanwhile,' the- by U;S. Navy , . has'huon straining to catch up, So f a r , the Navy has only a temporary expedient -ready to Install, until the- Harpoon mis- silt- Is ready, perhaps in about three years. The Soviet and U.S. navies traditionally have differed In their composition':· because 'of ttiplr allfcrlng gcograpliy and naval strategy. Adm, CONTRAST Thomas I I . ' destroyer, frigate-and cruiser.,Cost Increases have, hardened even hawkisli, senators 'and congressmen .against the : Navy's pleas for. 'more .shipbuilding money. . · : -."' PRICES HIGH The price of a new destroyer is around $90 million. The bill for a new attack submarine adds up to about $220 million. The cost figures that renlly staggers Congiess is' the $l-bil- llon estimate for a fourth nude ar-powercd aircraft carrier. In 'their defense, Navy ndmi- rals recall lhal Ibey were appealing for modern ships years ago'' when prices- w e r e - much lower but that -the. Pentagon's Moorer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs ol FDA Commissioner Criticized For DK Prohibition WASHINGTON (AP) - Dr. Clmrlqs C., Kdwnrcls,, commissioner, of Iho Food' find Drug AdihliiMralloti, WHS. crlUciicd Tuesday by, Hop, Bill Alcx'aii; dur,'D-Ark., during heiiriMKs on Iho KDA's order to prohibit the u s e o f (liclliylcstilhcstrol lL)^)' 1 . DES is added In cattle feed lo 1 , operations to a'vlrUltilty world-rnelp animals gain wclghl qulckr wide scale, This has led to con-'.'y- The FI3A order banning longer periods In iar distant arcns of Hie globe. · · : . - · ' . - Tlio Russians, on Iho other hiind, long have ulreenod utluck Hiibmiirlncs, npd surface warships armed wilh ship-killing missiles,.-1 . . ' , . . ' ! ; ' WIDUNBI) * ,: Bul'Jn recent yours'Iho Russians hiivo widened their naval I FAVKtT«VILI.B, ARKANSAS Heart Attack LOS ANOKLES (AP - The coroner's office snys Oscnr Levant died 'from a hearl. aUiick, severe urlorloslcfosls nnd pnju- niuiila. · · . " · The 05-year-old plunlsl and humprlst died «t his Beverly! THURMONT, Md; (AP) Hiltti home Monday. The coro- i Pruairtpni NUvnn u n i 1,1, nor rnnnrlM nnlniiuu r f s L l l J * resluer » "'"On IS al hla |NoHhw«irArktt(Htt» TIMES, W«d., My, 16,' 1972 · .V. I FAVKTTCVILLK. AIIUAUfoa ' . . " ' · . ' Nixon, Ponders Domeslic Issue · · ·,··*''·!· · i chief executive had decided lot' vcloV.»30,4';blfflon"]f!caUh,' fcdu-? nor reported autopBy results . David retreat culion,; \VolfarV and nroprliilion bill approved by} Congress, last week. The measf --I uro: I s ' nearly/.$2-" billion': mor« Ihun Nixon .wanted,;pondering .whaX' N , v ^ le J!° us A.^P!ili? s )?«n.'A»!*:- h|a Is lo him a crucial domestic, is-1 n Tuesday. · Levant Is survived by widow and three daughters. I sue, Hie lendency of Congress! ih'c · mounLVln\op"Maryl«n"u-1^ Private funeral services were lo exceed bis budget. I ireal where he tlew on Monday^ pending.. . - . · · : · ; · · ' ' ' 1 There were Intlicullons the' for his third visit in a week, "·'; slrucllon of the first.Soviet aircraft .carrier, relatively small but suitable for vertical takeoff and landing planes, DES Is effective Jan. 1 and Is .based on conlenllbn that DES Is! a cancer-producing agent. , ] On one hand, Dr. Edvards' Slill.uririnlslicdjtiig Carrier 'is' advocates Ihc ban on' DIJS, and on Ihe oilier hand, he salt) in . his testimony "llml 'ihcre Is no,I "j "The Pentagon buildup of the', civilian leaders made them : Soviet NaVy is a strange but !: well-known technique," .said Sen. William Prpxmire, D-Wis., '· why is 1 leading-forces bent oh blunting the Navy's . bi'd for about $3.0 billion in new shipbuilding money. : ' . ' ' · · · .-i-,; . ..Proxmire claims the U.S. i Nayy is far superior to Russia's · and will stay that way under current building programs - The U.S. Navy's concern has had some support from the ouU side. ' · Raymond V. B, Blackman, : editor of the authoritative Brit' I sly-publication Jane's .Fighting Ships, wrote last July that "the .: situation for the U.S. Navy Is serious." "By any-standards, the Soviet fleet now represents the supernavy of a superpower," ! Blackman sai'd. , · · , .'· According to the latest U.S. Navy estimates, Russia is operating 568 major 1 surface warships and-submarines while the United States has 378 in its ac- ·· live fleet Both navies have- been rqtir- ' ing older ships but the Russians are credited, with building 83 new war vessels since 1967 wail. , was. secretary of De ' cxpecled to Join Hie Soviet fleet within a few years. ':'Looking-: back; Ad; Zumwall has said that the Cuban missile ilaff,; oulllned,; the. ccnlrasling!crisis-'of .·iOOZ.-V'wna very^cfi U.S. . and Soviet, naval :bbjec-jnlle)y a lu'rnfng'polht In Ihe de- llvcs-'this way: · ,, , ... 'jyeldpmcnlof Ihe Soviet-navy." , . ferise, , Robert '· -S.; McNamara foced the' Navy iiii the '1960s to accept a new oil-burning carrier .··Instead, of .a nuclear-pro,led . ^ s h i p because, it.' cost less-- about $277 million. ' If they had been able to built! lhat ship with atomic engines the admirals say, they would already have had their fourth nuclear carrier and at half the current $l-billion estimate. : Saccd with a balking Con-i gress, the Navy has put, its de-; signers to work on a variety of ship innovations featuring relative simplicity and hoped-for lower cost. These include a "sea -control ship" which would carry vertical and shorl-takeoff airplanes and cost about $100 milliion. 1 i Because of a Navy blind spot the Russian's are years ahead in ship-killing missiles. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, when Russia's surface fleet was less than formidable, U S. Navy leaders concentrated on arming their vessels to deal with the Soviet submarine and air threat. "Because, of our' great dependence' on, .overseas sources of raw materials and because of our strong ties to our overseas allies, we must insure our access to the seas in both peace and war, Consequently, U.S. Navy general purpose forces have been designed primarily to control.the sea-lines of conV munlcation and lo project our scapower across the oceans. The Soviets, in contrast, are less dependent on overseas sources of supply and are less involved with overseas allies. Their long-term objective, apparently, is to weaken our ties with our overseas allies, and prevent us .".from, coming^ to their assistance in time of war. :'Accordingly, t h e . Soviet Navy general purpose force has beeivdesigned primarily to disrupt our sea lanes of communication and obstruct the projection of our sea power." Therefore, analysts say, Ihe United, States has built its al striking- power around ·'air- craft carriers and has sought uclear propulsion for surface lips so they can operate for 'In '·'-thai :U.S.-Soviel con- rontation nearly 10 years ago he Russians found .their. Navy md "very limited capabilities .0 conduct distant operations," Zumwalt said. 'But|-lhal has changed. Most importantly, the Rus- Russia, Like U.S., Faced With Restive Consumer ; WASHINGTON (AP) ) average Soviet citizen The consumes about one third of the goods and services enjoyed by ? the average American, /accord- 1 ing lo a report prepared by .Commerce Secretary Peter G. ' Peterson. ''·' "Like the United States, the 1 Soviet Union is currently faced Florida Man To Raise Black Widows ST. PETERSBURG, - Fla. (AP) -- John Websler Brown is ; back in business. He plans to " raise a whole colony of black r widow spiders to make sure a '. hungry cricket doesn't louse things up again. ·· Brown said Monday he has been given a replacement for "Mac," his former, partner who helped with his parl-time business of making cross-hair with a restive consumer," Peterson said in a report on his trade negotiations with the Russians. -"In our terms, however, their Consumer problem is thai of. another, generation." Soviet consumers have only about 10 per cent of the durable goods, and 20 per cent of t h e soft goods that U,S: citizen; have, he said. "This provides commercial opportunities for the' West," Peterson said. As for services, the average Soviet citizen has about 31 per cent of the personal services, 3i per cent of health services, am 64 per cent of educational serv ices of Americans; his report said;' · .He said automobiles are ]ust beginning lo be produced in sig nificant volume in Russia,'but customers must wait four to six years for a new car. "Shorter but ·'nonetheless .extensive, de lays apparently .exist for the best-quality refrigerators am furniture." ·.. . . Some goods such as automat ic washers, dryers and freezers "do not seem to be manufac tured or sold at all in the U.S.S.R." But he said that So vict consumers-can buy tele vision sets, radios and tape recorders off the sales floor. female black widow spider, had! supplied the delicate web needed for the cross-hairl sights. · j Mac's career was cut short I when Brown dropped a crickel| into the spider's glass container: for supper. Mac's intended : main course liirned on her and "lore her lo shreds," Brown said. , When news accounts spread. word t h a i ' ' B r o w n was being forced oul of business because he couldn't find a replacement for Mac, he said · he was inundated wilh calls from across Ihe country. "One millionaire rancher called me from Wichila Fall, Tex.," said Brown. "He said he could raise me 100 black widows anytime I wanled them on his 28,000 acre ranch. In fact, he offered lo send me some rattlesnakes." Aflcr receiving more lhan fid offers from willing black widow! donors, Brown said he accepted j a female spider from a couple! ^ In Largo, n small city just ": north of St. Petersburg. ; ';. "1 drove up and picked II lip " from flmlr doorslcp." said ·,,* Brown. "They left il for me In £ a boHIo with a screen covering ^ the lop of II." ,; J Brown, a 55-ycnr-old stock-) ». broker's representative, said ho £ now plans lo breed black wid- « ows In his back yard "so T * don't run into Ibis problem ;' again," Puloski EOA Grant WASHINGTON ( A P ) - The :(,,' Office of Economic Opportunity I · has awarded Its Pulnskl County agency n $1(M,lys grnnt for ",, tervlco projects and a senior ; citizen* program. the Soviet Union. "Interes rates of only 2 per cent are charged on credit sales of such goods," he said. He said lhal, as Ihe Sovie economy eases controls aric competes more wilh olher na lions, "I think we can expec marked improvement in th quality, and therefore a com pctiliveness of Soviel prod ucls." Olympic Team Hosf 1 WASHINGTON (AP) - Firs Lady Pal Nixon will play host ess to members of the U.S Olympic team. rp ij i ,, Tc P m mcm b° rs . l . rft ' n . crs a " 1 coaches -- a tolal of 600 guesl -- will be greeted by the Presi dent's wife Thursday al 111 While House. It was nnt Irnmedialcly knowi whether the President, an avii sports f a n , would be Inerc. TV A i r i n g Planned NEW YORK (AP) .-- "M cinema, is headed for leie vision. The National Broadcasllr Co. said Monday it had pu. chnscd television rights lo th 1964 movie version of dhc h miisicnl, reportedly for a sin close lo $3 million. ·· An NBC spokesman said no n i r dnlc hud been set for the f i l m . sians have graphical broken out of geo- bdttleriecks which evidence thai Ihe use of DES ln:l cattle feed has ever rcsullcd i n ' P harm lo anyone,' " Alexander said. . He said that "one who Is I charged with supervising the safety of drugs for Ameiican people should be corlaln of his actions." Alexander said that If the FDA did find proof thai DES in catllC: feed Is dangerous, thcnil .he ban on Us use should be i ' 'cclive immediately. once gave the United Slates a big auvantage, when sian fleet was tied Ihe Rus- lo home porls in the Baltic, Blaek and Japan seas. · ·· · - · The Russians;- also acquired righls to use ports and airfields in, friendly ...countries in the Middle East, the Indian Ocean area and on the west coast of Africa. The Soviel navy slill suffers from a number of weaknesses, in the US. View. U lacks air cover in operaUrig far from its homeland, and it has not yet acquired Ihe ability to resupply Ihe fleet on the open ocean. But these deficiencies may be overcome, or at least minimized, as the Russians gain more port and airfield footholds around the world. Show Asks Divorce NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -Evangelist Jimmy Snow, who forsook a country music career for the ministry, has filed for a divorce aflcr 14 years of marriage. I Snow, 36, son of country music great Hank Snow,' asked if or' an uncorilestcd divorce from his wife Carol. | His pelition said he and his \yife have agreed on'a property settlement'and a custody settle-., ment for their Iwo daughters--'I aged D and seven months. Snow founded the Evangel Temple here in 1965,, eight years.afler giving up a musical career 1 for the minislry. He was ordained an Assemblies of God minister in 1963. Don't Miss . . . 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