Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 3, 1950 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 21
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Came Christmas, Came Baby For Arizonian 83' E. V. BVKLTSG Alas, how easily things go wrong! A sigh too much, or a kiss too long. And there -follows a mist and a weeping rain · And life is never the same again. --McDonald Are you eligible for membership Sn the borrowed time club? That is, "have you ever had a narrow escape from death? I am a member In good standing of 'the BTC. At 6 I fell overboard in the ocean .off New Drop, S.I., went down three times, but was rescued. At 11 I fell through the ice 1 mile out in N e w - Y o r k . h a r b o r and was just about gone when pulled out. At 17 I was in a sleigh-that was hit by a freight train. The horse was killed. But the fellow with me in the sleigh and -I escaped without a scratch. In 1939 I was in a direct "When the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the-Day." D I E T . Nina Wilcox Putnam once reduced 5S pounds in seven months and told how she did it in a book titled "Tomorrow We Diet." Very interesting book. However, .1 still believe the best book on diet is Vance Thompson's "Eat and Grow Thin." I followed the diet recommended by Vance and took off 20 pounds in" six months and always had plenty to eat. PASSING BY Rube Marquard. Debonair .ex- major leaguer, now a race track mutuel clerk. When Rube was a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers he pitched _ and won a 22-inning L ^ ck and ski]I are!( O f course, ma- game against' Pittsburgh. You name another major leaguer who pitched and won a game of that ength and you don't have to send me a stogie. AS IT WAS hit taxicab collision in Paris, both Eighteen years ago, in 1932, the cabs going 60 miles an hour. Es- - - - caped with minor Injuries. ALMOST CONFIDENTIAL A San Francisco couple was married on the 29th of the month. And go what? Each of their children arrived on the 29th of the month. I know a woman in Arizona who has three children, all born on Christmas day in different years . . . For a dollar haircut a .barber usually gets a 15-cent or a quarter tip. For a dollar manicure the manicurist generally gets a tip of from 50 cents to a dollar. There's no justice in it Jt takes, more training, skill and Intelligence to give a good haircut that it does a good manicure. PLEASE NOTE Subscriber named Theresa says: "Please inform your readers that girls named Theresa do not like to be called Tessie." Offhand the only woman I know named Theresa and called Tessie 'is "Two-Ton Tessie O'Shead, the entertainer. She doesn't mind. ' SIDE LIGHTS Observed Aristotle: "The body Is at its best between the ages of 34 and 35; the mind is at its test at about, the age of 49" . What racing colors we're inspired thing to make these stubborn bachelors change their minds?" sli asks. All I can think of right nov is what Artemus Ward said: "Th happy married man dies in good st3'le surrounded by his .weeping wife and children. The old bache lor don't die at all--he sort of rots away like a pollywog's tail." OVER THERE In great Britain bookmakers are present at all types of events. As for example, the all-English fish ing championship was recently held at Peterborough. One thou sand fishermen competed. A num Der of hookies were on hand offer ing any competing fisherman 200 to 10 on his chances of winning jor factors in this type of contest but the most important thing is the bait. The fisherman who figures out the most tempting bait is usually the winner. 1950, King Features).. by a popular song? Answer is the blue and gold colors of Bing Crosby, inspired by his hit song, Object To Nudes, Art Work Banned BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Nov. 3. (JPt--A 'publicist says Artist Gile: Steele's six paintings of nudes were banned by the Beverly Hil Women's, club last night, so h closed his 32-piece one-man show Ing an hour after it opened. Steele, academy award winne ai a film studio costume designer was invited to show his works a the Women's clubhouse. .But gaid Mrs. George R. Shean club president, Steele was told in advance that the club felt nude would be inappropriate becaus the club rents Its quarters once o twice a week to church group who' might be uncomfortable in the midst of unclad ladies, no mat ter how artistic. She said Steele made no ojectior to leaving the nudes out, but ther they were when the exhibi opened. So it promptly closed. Steele was not available fo: ·eminent- 10 best box office attractions among film stars were (1) Marie Dressier, (2) Will Rogers, (3) Janet Gaynor, (4) Eddie Cantor, (5) Wailace*Beery, (6) Jean Harlow, (7) Clark Gable, (S) Mae West, (9) Norma Shearer, (10) Joan Crawford. FAVORITE COLOR That extremely lovable and brilliant entertainer, May Irwin, was fond of red hats and dresses. Justj before she died she asked: "Has[ Claire finished that red dress she was making for me?" Yes" was was making for me?" "Yes" was May. Her wish was carried out BACHELORS Young woman of Pittsburgh reports that in her city there is an alarming increase in young · men who appear to have decided agains matrimony and are determined tc spend the rest of their days as bachelors. "Can't you say some Back Compulsory Vets' Insurance WASHINGTON, Nov. 3. (U.PJ-- Californian Vies For Fourth Cowboy Title DETROIT, Nov. 8 (50 -- This Gens Rambo, Shandon, Calif., stil' led today in his bid for his fourth . consecutive world champion all- around cowboy title. Ee scored two seconds in rodeo ·vents at the Grand National last -night.. * His nearest competitor, Bill Lind- ·rinan of Red Lodge, Mont., did not compete last night. Dan Poore of -Hollywood, Calif., beat Rambo in calf roping with 15.3 seconds, the best time posted here. Rambo was second at 19.9. Bud-Linfoot of Redwood City, Calif., topped Rsmbo in the saddle bronc riding. VETERAN" TREE GIVES tTP .MARLBORO, Mass. (U.PJ -- After iti years of service as sort of a ·afety island, city officials have ·ubstituted .a modern traffic Island for the old buttonwood tree which had been s l o w l y - dying from ·wounds .suffered in automobile accidents. Serving as a landmark at Colleary square, it was estimated to be more than 250 years old. dd to your home Security with the Keil me Night Latch .It's new It'* more convenient It's a necessity Its HOLD OPEN FEATURE, new streamlined case and beautiful finish make it a Must for your home. ! « t ALLEN. Jacktn LOCK CO. .Opposite Westerner Hotel' Staff experts of the house veterans committee have laid before interested groups a plan under which -very serviceman would buy a '10,000 life insurance policy whether or not he wanted it. Premiums would be the same 'or all'ages'and ranks and would be about ,$2.50 or 53. Risks due to extra · .hazard of war would be underwritten by the government. If the plan becomes law, no new policies would be 'issued under the national service life insurance program. Millions of World War II veterans and men now in uniform are insured under this program voluntarily. The compulsory group Insurance plan is one of several that have been studied by 1 the veterans committee staff in conjunction with representatives .of the "big four"; veterans organizations and government agencies. Pickets^Halt Work At Philadelphia GE Plant PHILADELPHIA, Nov..3, (#)--A picket line protesting, .lower pay :ates for a group of welders halted production at the General Electric to. plant here. Edward B. Houchins, president; of local 119, International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machin Workers, CIO, called the demon stration a spontaneous, unautho zed protest." The plant employs more tha i.OOO workers mostly in the man ufacture of heavy electrical equi] ·nent such as power line tran: ormers. The stoppage began yesterda ifternoon, Houchins said, afte word was passed through, the plan that some 15 aluminum welder ad been notified verbally the vould be downgraded to thin lass rate, $1.44 an hour. Theme lad been receiving the secon lass, rate of 51.54. CHEWING t0 YOUR BEST-"- Kridiy Evenlngr Nov. 3, 1950 School Grade* ChangeRatingi There will be no. more -A, B, ( and D ratings for pupils in th first three grades in- the Tucson public school system. The next re port card, which will be given ou within the next 10 days, will.hav three major headings, including ;ocial and emotional growth, phys ioal growth and intellectual growth or pupil achievement. The child's 'co-operativeness consideration of others, self-control self-confidence .and other persona qualities will be among factors considered in social and emotiona: growth. Attentiveness to health practices skill in sports and co-ordination are considered under physical growth. Intellectual growth, Supt, oi ichools Robert D. Morrow stated ncludes the three R's, plus abil- ties in other fields like art, music and social studies. 'Morrow said the new report card v.lll give teachers and parents a tetter understanding of each pupil md enable teachers to better co- iperate with parents. Report cards will be sent to par- nts every nine weeks instead of ix week intervals. Parent consults tions with pupils, teachers and chool principals are urged twice BACK AGAIN by popular requesl Starting SATURDAY PALOOKA WHEN i TELL THE TRUTH ·* ABOUT THOSE TRUMPED UP CHARGES- HUMPHREY'S CONFESSION AMP THE PICTUR? Of HIM HOLDING THE PLANS-n- WILL AROUSE PUBLIC OPINION ALL OVER THE WORLD... CASSiui 86 AFFEaED BY WORLD OPINION... I WONDER IF I CAN GET A HEARING AT THE U.N. BEFORE I RETURN FOR THE TRIAL.... L/4/i. MANY MILES FROM SULPHUR , AN EASTBOUND TRAIN SPEEDS " THDOUGH THE NIGHT, CABRY1N6 UNITED 'STATES MARSHAL CARPENTER AND HIS PRISONER...,TM REAL ACE KILGORE.... RIGHT ON SCHEDULE, MARSHAL. WE'RE ONLY FIVE MILES FROM THE SAGE RIVEC TRESTLE, MARKING THE STATE BOUNDAQY LINE. SAGE RIVER TRESTLE... ONLY FIVE MILES AWAY/ ·COULDN'T ASK FOR A BETTER \ CHANCE/ " iir /* THEY EAT ( THE COOKIES r LIP AS FAST \, AS I BAKE THEM DAGWCOD, YOU LL HAVE TO PUT A LOCK ON THE PANTpy DOOR DON'T WORK* DEAR THE COOKIES WILL 8E SAFE NOW STEVK sensational pianist and song stylist. People tell us he's good . . . and we think you'll agrea when. you hear him. Performing rightly except Monday From 7:30 p m. . SO ENJOY an evening of pleasant entertainment DELICIOUS DINNERS from 5 to 9:30 p.m. StTPPER CLTIB from 9:30 to .. 12:45 p.m. COCKTAILS from 4 to 530 p.m. the .lot at Church and Pennington I'VE KEN TOD BUSY JUST RECENTLY WITH PAKACHtTOS ANP PARALLELS TO KEEP NUB5EI7 UP ON THE LATEST OEM. FLY-O. 1 LET V5 QUERY THAT WOOLOOMOOLOO.' ft LEFTENANreooit,!*- MAJOR CANYON'S SEARCH FOE. THIS LE6EHPAEY M'SIEU GfS A VALIP THINS-CKAGISANTIC YANKEE' COLPBRICK? GASOLIW ALUM VOUR PARPON,KJNC SIR...WE'RE LOOKING FOR. A M'SIEU CKOS.' -- COULP YOU ewe y$THE cozy ON WHERE...] ·y Mtiton CmU± . JOHNNY, I HEAR A BLOKE MAV LIVE FOg. YEARS ON FRENCH BWAP ANP WATEJZ/ 55 West Congress FREE PARKING in Crossword Puzzle ·nan ana Bnanc FRANKLIN'S 25 E. Congress Street Atk About Our CHRISTMAS LAY-AWAY PLAN Join Our Christmas UNDIE CLUB and- Receive a FREE COMPACT ACROSS It. B. B. Stow* L Evergrwn tt»« character 4. Apart '5. OMaci of . Rovolvtaf m». devotion chauicEl part !'. Poison Judy, you're not meeting' our dish washer away from here, are you? No, Corky. But he's more than a dishwasher/ 9» Hint I admire him for that. He seemed to me to be headed for better things. He is. I could see right away he was some-: thing special f IZ. Silkworm 13. Shoestring 11. Poem 15. Disdos* 17. Claw 19. On thi ocean 20. Small valley 2L Uasculln* name 23. Peruse» acato 26. Aloft IT. Small CTOIS stroke oa ft letter Z9. Stair 50. Decompose 51, Wise men 9^ At home 40. Measured 2. Fur-tearinr anfmala M, And ten: , suffli 45. Hastened 4S. Musical com- Dcsltloa 48. At which 6L Contented sound 62. Hum softly Cl. Edible teed B5. Pigpen 66. Sharpened 67. Endeavor G KNBC U O N BflETK CBE S Solution of Yeiterdiy'* Puzzle DOWN t. Nourished t. Biblical character /Z /3 28 AF Htmlcalurn /f II. 3 1. Competitor 4. Statu t. Legendary tl* 5. Skating «urface T. Down: prefix f. Compound ether ». Compare critleiHr 10. Stir 11. Grown t»r 16. Employs 18. Malt liquor* 20. Postpone 21. Jewish feitlnU 22. Aitononc 23. Stilt 24. Demon * 25. Reaches acrou 28. Black bird 11. Unsteady 31. Hang S3. Amorouri glanc* fS. Propaet 41. Extend 4S. Expert 45. Foot covering it. Goddess of the harveit 47. Place 48. Wat victorious 41. Air: comb. form 60, Largost river In Scotland {L Artificial lnguac* DICK TRAC1 DESPERATELY TRYING TO HIDE.T.V. WIGGLES .DARTS INTO AM OPEN DOOR OP THE COUNTY GARAOE,6UT MOT BEFORE-IT'S HIM.' :I' RECOGNIZED THAT . FACE.' HES IN TME BLACKSMITH SHOP.' IT HAS ONLY ONE DOOR--THIS ONE/ AND HE WINDOWS ARE THERE/ HES LOCKED IN/ AND THE. FIRST ONE I'M GOING TD TELL ABOUT IT IS B.O. PLENTY/ OH BOY, WHAT HE'LL DO-- FOUND/ KEEP I SOUR COURAGE AND YOURRMTH. in They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo !T X DON'T' BE SILWT' WHO'D MIGHT 1- WAMT Mt? TAKE A BE-Sk LOOK AT ME. TAKE TH'WIDPER YOKUM IS PICKIM' GOTA.HUSBINT' KETCH, COME SADIE HAWKINS DEEP SNIFF O'-ME.'. r AH IS AN' UNSANJTAf?/- AH AS SAFE AS UP YORE MIND, EF AH WAS J WHO VO'D LJKE IN MAH ^T FO'A NEW . 1 MAMMY'S r PAPPY--?-?-ARMS, of WHO IS-VO'LOOKIN' AT WIF SECH AD- MEE-RAYSHUN? ASIL RUMBONE.7 AH ADMIRES HIM,BECUZ HE NEVER GOT CAUGHT ON ANY SADIE HAWKINS EFYO'ADMIRES -uOH. r -HIM,YO'' KIN ' HAVE HIM.? R/P KIKBY 9y Alex KaymonA P, B/4LTO.' BEG.' MOW If POWN/ 0«ay«ROLL OVER!? SEE THAT?TRX\IKJINSX\ { PLEASE,'M4MA VOG IS JUST/5 MATTER OF] IS I4UKIMS TO MILITARY PISC/PUNE- VOU^SIT DOWN " · GOTTA LET'EM KNOW ' '^ nRp ni I|PT| WHO'S I WONDER WHAT ME'S \ HE'S CERTAINLY: DOHS A 6000 JOB vOF SAVINS TMEPXOi FROM BEINGS JUVENILE jDEUMQUENT- DEMOLfTION SQU-AD, DOUBT MILITARY DISCIPLINED FOOT^HE THINKS WE NATIONAL GUARD IS/4N/LL-AMERIGAN FOOTBALL PLAYER ELL,YOU CAM'T EXPECT A6\JY TO TXIKEC4RE--OR ' OH/PLEASE, PLEASE COME QUICKLY! SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENS?! LITTLE OKPBAN AlWlt, By Harold Graf THEY SPW VOU Cf... ^^T USED TO «NYTHIN3~TH' DICKERS VUH CAN NOT SOJ.2 WEOTtEB, WHEN VUM HflVBTT ANY MORE OM THAN I HPWE- PRCTTV, ISNT IT? JUST A flNO A UTTLE TRK-VLE WHO KNOWS? MfNBE TRRT OF A BIG RIVER

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