Independent from Long Beach, California on January 24, 1975 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Friday, January 24, 1975
Page 2
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PEESS-TEif GRAM (PM) um N»C», MII TM^Jl- People in the news Sheikh's gift--the Alamo? Long blue line Angered by the fatal shooting of a Denver 'policeman, about 300 officers of the force ·march through downtown Denver Thurs- day to the capitol to meet with Gov. Richard Lamm. The officers want the governor to crack down harder on crime. -AP Wlreptioto Sadat rules out another war Combined News Sen-ices . C A I R O -- E g y p t i a n President A n w a r Sadat was quoted Thursday as ruling out another war in the Middle East unless Is- r a e l attacked first. He said he was speaking both for Egypt and Syria. IRA ceage-fire reported f BELFAST--The Irish Republican Army has de- eided to renew its cease-fire in Britain and Northern Ireland, a source said Thursday. The disclosure came hours after a bomb believed set by the IRA Shattered the lobby and restaurant of the 12-story Europa hotel, the city's largest and a local landmark. No one was hurt. The ruling Army Council of Ihe outlawed guerrilla organization reached its decision Wednesday night, the source said, and will issue prders within the next 48 hours to its members to slop all violence. A formal announcement was not expected until early next week. There was no confirmation from Dublin, where the seven-man council Was been in secret session all week. The IRA's Provisional wing declared an 11-day break in all '-'military" activities in Northern Ireland and Britain Dec. 22 and then extended the truce to Jan. 16. " But it refused to prolong the cease-fire a second (ime and accused the British and Irish governments of failing to cooperate in the drive to end the strife that has claimed 1,147 lives here in the past five and a half years. Common Market referendum · LONDON--Prime Minister Harold Wilson s a i d Thursday Britons will be asked this summer to vote in the first national referendum in their history \fhether they want to stay in the nine-nation Euro- p'ean Common Market. He told Parliament the actual date will depend on the progress of negotiations his government began with the Common Market last summer to try to get better terms than those on which Edward Heath's former Conservative party administration took Britain into the Market Jan. 1, 1973. If these negotiations are completed successfully in time, Wilson said, the nation will be called on to vote by the end of June "at the very latest." S. Viets try to retake peak ',' SAIGON--South Vietnamese forces began landing by helicopters Thursday in an attempt to retake Black Virgin mountain, military sources said. The base was "lost to the Communists on Jan. 6. The Black Virgin mounlaintop was an important South Vietnamese communications center overlooking Tay Ninh. In neighboring Cambodia, rebel rocket fire s'hut down Phnom Penh's airport Thursday to all but American and Cambodian air force planes flying Supplies to the besieged capital. It came hours after the bullet-riddled remains of a convoy made it up the Mekong River with ammunition. -Terrorists destroy newspaper -. CORDOBA, A r g e n t i n a -- F i f t y hooded men from a fight-wing terrorist organization raided the print ?hop of a daily newspaper Thursday, blew up the Jresses and set a fire that all but destroyed the building. A spokesman for the newspaper. La Voz del Interior -- The Voice of the Interior--said 15 or 20 men burst into the plant at 1 a.m.. fired bursts from jiachine guns, and told the 10 printers to get out. "While 30 other armed men look up positions outside. The spokesmen said, the inside group planted bombs ii the large press and in a paper store room and ·painted the walls with three large A's. the initials of Ihe Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance. \ ATT rate hike 'excessive' 5 WASHINGTON--The administration Thursday said -a $700 million rate increase sought by American ·Telephone and Telegraph Co. was inflationary and · 'should be suspended pending a formal investigation -by the Federal Communications Commission. The jecommendation from the Council on Wage and Price Stability said the giant telephone combine "had liot adequately justified a rale increase of the magnitude which it is seeking." 6 children die in fire '·' READING, Pa.-Six children ranging in age from '.3 to 11 were killed and another critically injured ·Thursday when a fire of'"suspicious" origin quickly .'roared through a row house in a poor section of the ·city Thursday. Seven other persons, including a 73- 'year-old grandmother., were injured in the fire which · trapped the children in the second floor of the home. Four killed in robbery " BLUFFTON, GA.--Police had one suspect in custody and were seeking another Thursday in the deaths 'of three men and a 17-year-old boy who were lined up ·'on the floor of a rural grocery-gasoline station and ·shot to death during a robbery. ''They just laid these ·,, i TMA htou/ »Mr licads off, said John Mans- ·«($? of V Maiisfield Enterprises, Inc., owner of the 'store, "On this precise point, I can say, speaking both in E g y p t ' s n a m e a n d i n Syria's, t h a t we s h a l l never start hostilities unless Israel attacks us. It is the only possible case of a resumption of fighting." Sadat was quoted as making the statement in an interview with the French radio station Europe No. 1. Correspondent J e a n Pierre Joulin said that at no lime in the 90-minute t a l k d i d S a d a t u t t e r threatening or belligerent statements.about Israel or its leaders. "When we wanted war, we told the entire world, and no one believed us," Sadat was quoted as saying, r e f e r r i n g to widespread scepticism o v e r his statements before the 1973 war. "Nevertheless, we fought. Today we want peace, we want a peaceful solution of the problem." (Related stories on Page A-G.) Combined News Services Remember the Alamo? The son of a sheikh did and.his father decided to buy it for him. The Alamo is not for sale, it turned out, but this tale of a Saudi Arabian sheikh may not end there. It all s t a r t e d w h e n Sheikh Masoud Al-Sharif AJ Hamdan of Saudi Arabia wrote a Texas lawyer explaining that his son fell in love' with the Alamo while at a Texas 'air base in a program for foreign officers. "Contact the p r o p e r people and see if we can b u y it," the shiekh ins t r u c t e d . "I w a n t to present it as a gift to my son." - · · - - · . The Slate of Texas owns the Alamo, however, and its custodians say they w o n ' t sell t h e s h r i n e where 187 men died fighting for Texas independence. "It's ridiculous," re- s p o n d e d M r s . W a l t e r Gray Davis, chairman of the Alamo. Committee of the D a u g h t e r s of the Texas Republic. "Lots of people would like to have the Alamo, but it's not for sale at any price." . However, there is something else -- very much for sale -- thai may interest the shiekh. It's a replica of the Alamo built on the Shahan ranch in nearby Brackettville for a movie and defended by John Wayne and assorted other stars. "It's for sale any time, he wants to haul it over there," says Mrs. -Happy Getty A son was born to J. Paul Getty HI, 19, and his wife, Marline, 25, at a San Fernando Valley hospital, it was reported Thursday. The . baby, named Paul Balthazar Getty, was born Wednesday at T a r z a n a Medical Center. Getty is the grandson of internationally known oil billionaire J. Paul Getty. The younger Getty was kidnapped July 9, 1973, while living in Rome with his m o t h e r . He was released five months'later after bandits had cut off one ear to enforce their demands for ransom. Dissident Dissident Soviet histo- r i a n Roy Medvedev accused Sen. Henry Jackson Thursday of making the U.S. trade bill "humtliat- 'ing" (or the Soviets by using t h e plight of Russians Jews to promote his political career. M e d v e d e v c h a r g e d Jackson torpedoed the bill by i n s i s t i n g on the "impossible" c o n d i t i o n that trade preferences in the United States should be granted the Soviets only if they ease restrict i o n s on emigration of minorities. Medvedev, h i m s e l f a Russian Jew and one of the most prominent and outspoken critics of Soviet suppression, made his at-, t a c k on J a c k s o n in a statement he released to^ Western reporters in Mos- c o w . (Related story on Page A-13.) Divorce Divorce has-ended the much-publicized marriage of an American college student who battled Soviet red tape to wed a Russian medical student. Debbie Brackman, now 25, met Valery Kremniov in 1970 when she was touring the Soviet Union. Miss Brackman returned the f o l l o w i n g y e a r a n d married Kremniov, but her visa expired 11 days after the wedding and she was forced to return home to Great Neck, N.Y. The young bride appealed to Soviet P r e m i e r Alexei Kosygin, and her husband was allowed to emigrate to the United States in 1972. The couple separated in N o v e m b e r 1973. They were divorced last April, but the divorce was not generally known. Miss B r a c k m a n ' s father, Arthur, said Thursday the marriage failed because of the couple's immaturity, the bridgeg- room's insistence on his w i f e ' s o b e d i e n c e a n d financial troubles. "When he arrived the first thing he insisted on was a brand-new car, and they went into debt ... , She's never really learned the value of money, and I guess that's what she got out of this marriage -she had to get a job," Brackman said. B r a c k m a n said h i s daughter had just quit her job and plans to go to India to meditate w i t h Guru Rajneesh. Ugandan Pope Paul VI Thursday accepted the credentials of a young, tall and attractive Ugandan as the first woman ambassador accredited to the Vatican. Smiling b r o a d l y and wearing a multicolored native African gown and h e a d d r e s s , Bernadette P.A. Olowo presented letters from Uganda's president Gen. Idi Amin, whom she described as a "God- fearing man," wishing the Pope good health. Miss Olowo, a Roman Catholic w h o also represents - the U g a n d a g o v e r n m e n t ; in West Germany, referred indirectly to her distinction of b e i n g the first woman ambassador to the Holy See by recalling that 1975 is International Women's Year. "I am also certain that all other women, especially those from my beloved country, share with me the great honor and pride that Your Holiness has deigned to receive me," Miss Olowo said. As recently as 1970, the Vatican quietly rejected the a p p o i n t m e n t of a woman counselor to the West German embassy to the Holy See. Ford President Ford told a group of Soviet journalists Thursday he is looking forward to meeting: with Soviet Communist Party leader Leonid t. 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