Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 89
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 89

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 89
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INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM-W-13 10»0 MACK 11, CAlir., SUNOAT, JAN. 4. lfi» School Menus New Year Begins With Favorites The following menus will be served in Long Beach Elementary Schools in the week of Jan. 5-9. MONDAY: Hot dog, cut green beans, fruit cup supreme, Lorna Doone cookie and milk. TUESDAY: Beef rice casserole, chopped spinacli, orange wedges, peanut butter sandwich and milk. WEDNESDAY: Pizza pie, combination coleslaw, apple Betty with whipped cream and cherry garnish and milk. THURSDAY: Cubed turkey in gravy on mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, sliced pineapple and cottage cheese salad with parsley garnish, toasted French bread and milk. FRIDAY: Tuna noodle casserole, peas, molded peach gelatin, peanut butter sandwich and milk. Tlie above items make up the elementary children's lunch 25 cents. Soup and salad from the junior-senior high school a la carte menu are sold in the elementary schools, but they may be purchased by the children only after they have purchased the tray lunch. Junior-Senior High MONDAY: Spaghetti with frankfurters, whole kernel corn, fruit cup supreme, toasted French bread and milk. TUESDAY: Chili beans, combination coleslaw, molded fruit gelatin, cornbread and butter and milk. WEDNESDAY: Hot meat loaf sandwich, mashed potatoes with gravy, peach-cottage cheese salad with parsley, celery stick and milk. T H U R S D A Y : Barbecued beef on bun, peas, apple pie square, carrot sticks and milk. FRIDAY: Tuna noodle casserole, garden salad, apricot halves, whole wheat bread and butter and milk. Palos ~erdes OES Palos Verdes Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, will meet at 8 p.m. Thursday in Morgan Hall with Ruth Walder, worthy matron, and Ralph Gibson, worthy patron, presiding. Installation of a chaplain will highlight the stated meeting and all Eastern Stars are welcome. Revolt Against Bad Habits Fred S. Dean CHEF OF THE WEEK He Lived in the Suburbs-Out at 9th and American! By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE CASE A-412: Laura B., age 20, is a lovely college senior. "Dr. Crane, I have a very serious problem," she began, "for it means I may lose the only man I have ever wanted to marry. "He is a medical student and has no use for girls who smoke. Thus far he doesn't know I am a cigaret addict. "So I want to quit. But it is difficult for me to do so, since most of the girls in my dormitory smoke. "What is the simplest way to break my slavery to tobacco?" * * * * BAD HABITS are like 5th columnists. They rise up and may ruin your chances at a crucial moment. Laura may thus lose the only man she 'has ever cared for. If you are addicted to any bad habit, the best way to become free is to make an open, public revolt. Utter a vow in the sight and hearing of others that you are quitting liquor or tobacco or overeating or whatever may be your vice. For this public declaration puts you on the spot. And your pride will then help you maintain that public declaration. It is almost impossible to taper off with tobacco or liquor, although that is th only safe method for losing excess weight. * * * * AbTER VOU are a tobacco addict, you reach for a cig- aret subconsciously as a means of expending pent up nervous energy. It really isn't the craving for nicotine, for experiments have shown that when confirmed smokers had 98% of the nicotine secretly removed from their tobacco, they didn't notice the difference. No, it is primarily a "muscle hunger" that makes you feel a desire to reach for your cigarets. So try to simstltute some other habitual act so that you can go through much of the same old muscular pattern. For example, carry candy coated gum in the same pocket or purse where you formerly had your cigarets. Then reach for the package, shake out a piece of gum, restore the package to your pocket and chew vigorously. The act of chewing exer- cizes the muscles of the jaw. They aren't as large as the arm muscles so they don't drain off energy as fast, but you'can chew longer, so the net result is about the same. To help occupy your nervous fingers, cany a rubber ball in your pocket so you can keep squeezing it as you walk along the street. This muscular action of hand and arm can drain off as much energy as the former habit of smok- , ing- And if you hostesses wffl keep some hand gadgets around the house so young people can use their fingers constantly, you will find they do not feel as much need for cigarets or liquor glasses. Young people crave hand action to keep their nervous tension down to a complacent level so give them more wholesome substitutes than liquor or cigarets. correct form thank you note* Tate-Weir 4424 ATLANTIC GA 3-2939 JANUARY BEAUTY SPECIAL 1/2 PRICE 8.75 17.50 Soft Cur/ $30 Ambassador Limited o f f e r ! O u r f a m o u s , nationally advertised waves now at 1/2 price. Contour cut STYLIST PRICES SLIGHTLY HIGHER Bi-LLFLOWER at STEARNS GE 9-6811, txt. 308 -- GE 8-4392 By MILDRED K. FI-Ai\'ARY I. P-T Food Editor He's known as "double- park" Dean. And, while he and the old time clock aren't e x a c t l y syncronized, his breathless enthusiasm is infectious. Fact is, two-timer Chef of the Week Fred S. Dean, covers more territory in one day than the most enthusiastic of "katy-dids." And many times, it's achieved atop his horse... his favorite environment. Way back in 1905, i'red and his family arrived in Long Beach from Mindcn, Neb. With other of our early- time "cooks," he attended Atlantic Avenue, E l e v e n t h Street and the Old Pine Avenue g r a m m a r schools. Then Poly High and the University of California at Davis. They first located in the suburbs of Long Beach--9th and'American, but eventually moved way out in-the-country ... to Anaheim and Walnut. His dad owned a grocery store and provided horse and spring-wagon delivery service. Fred hsd his own horse, and when he attended Sunday school at the First Long Beach · Santa-Ana JuffumS' JANUARY SALE brings you big savings! Famous Name Shoes Regular 15.95 to 26.95 sale priced 12.97 · De Liso Debs · Andrew Geller · Selby Arch Preserver · John Jerro high fashion, f a m o u s n a m e shoes at a worthwhile savings . . . high or medium heels in black, brown and c o l o r s . All sizes, but not in each style. Be early to make your best selection! Buffums' Women's Shoes, Street Floor New Friday Hours: 9:30 o.m. fo 9 p.m. Other Days: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Methodist Church, he would tie her to a telephone pole in the ·alley, the better to keep an eagle eye on her, and his ears on the lesson. * * * * MANY AND varied were both his vocations and his locations before the advent of D e a n ' s Electronics, 2310 American Ave. The first was a paper route which he delivered through the wheat and barley fields on Signal Hill. Well he remembers the winter rains when roads would be flooded and water standing six feel deep at Walnut and State--(riow Pacific Coast Highway). In 1910 he handled the messenger service for the American District Telegraph on East Broadway, and from '14 to '17, he clerked in the old Green Crown Drug Store at Pacific and Ocean. The two war years of 1917-18 kept him busy in the shipyards; but a year at the American Wholesale Hardware preceded his advent into private business in 1920. It was October of that year that the Prest-B o 11 o r o f f Dean Radio Company was started. A year later they established lang Beach's first broadcasting station--KSS. Since that time, the chronology reads like this: 1929, his stationery read, "Prest Dean"--1932, "Fred S. Dean Co." and in 1950, "Dean's Electronics" with his y son, Norbert, as manager. In 1951 they started a branch store in Burbank. * * * * CIV1CWISE, the n a m e "Dean" will be found as "Mr. President" in the secretary's reports of most any group one can name. To mention the more important ones, they are--President of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, L o n g B e a c h Council of Ser'ice Clubs, the Community Chest, the Miss Universe Pageant, the Radio Pioneers of Southern California, and presently the Long Beach Water Commission. A member of the El Bekal S h r i n e , Dean has been Toparch of the Long Beach Sciots and Supreme Mobib of the Sciots of the World. He rides in the Long Beach Mounted Patrol and serves as its captain. A charter member of the Optimist Club, he has not only prexeyed it, but served as lieutenant governor 14th District. We could keep going--and so could he--but space doesn't permit. A cook with imagination, today he has a fish on the line. Here's how he fixes it: OVEN FISH Ritz or butter crackers 1 egg *,i cup milk Salt, pepper and sugar to taste Roll crackers to a powder. Beat egg into milk and add seasoning. Blend thoroughly. Dip white fish fillet in egg batter, roll in cracker crumbs and b r o w n on greased griddle. When browned on both sides, remove from griddle and place in 200° oven for approximately li hour before serving. j - Start your New Year right by shopping at your nearest Cole's Market where you get fresher, better quality foods' at lower prices plus extra friendly service. SPECIALS for SUN., MON., TUES.-JAN. 4-5-6 FRESH EASTERN GRAIN-FED PORK SHOULDER \ ROAST.... · ALL COLE'S MARKETS WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY TILL 4 P. M. IN MEMORY OF MR. E. O. COLE SERVICES MONDAY--2 P. M. AT THE : FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 5TH AND LOCUST, LONG BEACH THE VERY BEST SHORTENING CRISGO 69 HENNY PENNY GRADE AA LARGE ^^^ ^gj^^ FRESH EGGS 39 FRESH LEAN PORK STEAKS 49^ i J l L j O l l ULjlVll-UV^iNl-iijLjUU _ ^^ ' PORK BUTT ROAST 49* FRESH SEMI-BONELESS COLORED QUARTERS COLE'S OLEO 2 29' V.B. BRAND APPLESAUCE APP1AN WAY PIZZA PIE MIX LINDSAY LA«GE RIPE OLIVES BROWN CEREAL ROMAN MEAL NEW BLUE DUTCH CLEANSER DASH BRAND DOG FOOD JPUSS-N-BOOTS CAT FOOD ^°N Z s 121/2-OZ. PKG. PINT CAN SM 23c 29c 2 2 25c 2 LGE. 35' 27 C 39' 303 CANS 17' GIANT CAMS TALL CANS ie ° z 27 C CANS ft* THE MASTER BLEACH PUREX QUART C i/2-GAL. 19 C 37 CHICKEN OF THE SEA Chunk TUNA No. 1/2 CANS 29' CROWN BRAND--Wafer Thin SLICED BACON SS° DELICATESSEN FOODS' LUER'S QUALITY JUICY AND TENDER FRANKS BLUE BELL COTTAGE CHEESE CELLO PKG. PINT CTN. 21' TOPS FOR SALADS WESSON OIL PT. 29'53 C FROZEN FOODS BEEF - PORK - VEAL - LAMB RATH CHOPPETTES % CHICKEN OF THE SEA TUNA PIES lEAN'S FROZEN PARKER HOUSE ROLLS r 19c MORTON'S P,?G Z 49c 23c MACARONI CHEESE 23c "Ike "A COUNTRY SCHOOL FOR CITY CHILDREN" Klndargarlin Through Sixth Grodi Phont GEntvo 1-2025 LExington «.«180 FRESH SOLID GREEN HEADS CABBAGE For Quality Economy Shop at LARGE UTAH TYPE CELERY SWEET JUICY ARIZONA STAIK 10 C ea J VVJJL.1 J U I V s 1 niUbWl'm ^^ ^^_ GRAPEFRUIT 45 18-LB. BAG 6191 ATLANTIC BLVD., LONG BEACH 1320 CAST OLIVE AVE., COMPTON 5548 WOODRUFF, LAKEWOOD 1000 EAST FOURTH ST., LONG BEACH 3401 EAST ARTESIA BLVD., LONG BEACH 10581 GARDEN GROVE BLVD., GARDEN dROVI 4121 NORSE WAY, LAKEWOOD FIGHT TO L I M I T -- N O DEALER SALES

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