Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 38
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 38

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 38
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ft,"- THE ALTOONA MIRROR-TUESDAY. NOVfeMBKR.12, INSISTS CHILDREN DIED ACCIDENTALLY Gladys May turbed as Parks Unper- She Reenacts Scenes of Deaths of Babes Left In Her Charge. (By United Press.) CAMDEN, N. J., Nov. 12.—Gladys May Parks, mispect in the death of BRITISH PRAISE HOOVER'S SPEECH By CONSTANTINK BROWN (Special Cable to Altoona Mirror and Chicago Dally News.) LONDON, Nov. 12.—Leading English newspapers, commenting this morning on President Hoover's Armistice day speech, are unanimous In proclaiming it "one which may well pass Into history." President Hoover expressed, accord- Ing to English commentators, an idea that goes to the root of an old baffling In Need of Ready Cash? Here's Help—See Money to Loan Ads two bublc- entrusted to her after mak- I p,. 0 hlem of International relationships. ing whnt authorities termed a "homl- The q uea tion of freedom of the seas has been one of the main causes of dangerous tension between Great Britain nnd the United States. Mr. Hoover's suggestion that food ships should be treated the same way cldaf confeBsion," clung resolutely today to her story that the children died accidentally. The woman, who once plnyed a plann in a nlckleodeon movie und WRH a model and cabaret singer, was unperturbed by a mob scene which culminated an 180-mile trip yeHterday. during which she reenacted the burials of the two children, Dorothy and Timothy Rogers, aged 4 and 2, respectively The children hnd been placed in her care by their widowed father, Allen B. Rogers, an Insurance agent. While hundreds of persons, mostly women, crowded arouml her and shouted threats Hiich ao "lynch her and "tar and feather her," «hc calmly pointed out the spot where nhe deposited the body of Dorothy lust Later «he remarked, "I didn't mind that crowd. I didn't know any of them." ' , But two things seemed to worry her. One wan wht-u she pointed out young Timothy's grave near Absecon. For the first time she seemed on tho verge of breaking. "Oh, I loved Timothy. I loved him,' she cried. A moment later she was again calm, almost theatrically HO. The other was when detectives Insisted on calling her "Miss Parks." "Mrs. Baiter, if you please," she corrected firmly. She has taken the name of Anthony Baker, the man with whom she was living at the time she, gave herself up to the pollen, and who IB now being held with Miss Parks' father, George W. Parks. a» material witnesses. The so-called "homicidal confession was made in tho case of Dorothy Rogers, Camden County Prosecutor Clifford A. Baldwin said. Her reclta of that story and the explanation o the death of young Timothy, Baldwin called a "tissue ot lien." He said ohr i seemed well-coached In answers to tin questions of the investigators. "She haw studiously avoided telling anything which would make mora '.ban a prlma faclo case of involuntary man slaughter," Baldwin said. "He answers have been too studied to be lleve that the Rogers children wore no the only ones to die while in th woman's care and for that reason th LEGAL NOTICES undersigned, voters and property owners In East Junlata District, Logan Township, Pennsylvania, will circulate a pctlton among the voters and property owners In the East Junlata District of Logan Township, Blair county, Pennsylvania, for the purpose of securing the signatures of three fifths of the voters of said district and the consent of ft majority of the property owners, In numbers nnrt Interest, praying for the annexation to the City of Altoona. Pennsylvania, or the hcrlnafler described section of Logan Township: said petition to be then presented to the Mayor and City Council ot tho City of Altoi?na, with a request that the »ald Mayor and Council take the necessary action to an- LEGAL NOTICES /S/S/Sy-VS^N^vA^V^X^'S^'V --- <^VX^/^S/*X» TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF ALTOONA TEXTILE COMPANY: •' .... Notice H hereby, given that pursuant to a Resolution of the Board of Directors of ALTOONA TEXTILE COMPANY, adopted at a special meeting of the Board, held on the Tenth Day of September, .1929, a special meeting of the stockholders of the Company will be held at the office of the Company, Industrial Avenue and Twenty-ninth Street, Altoona, Pennsylvania, on the Twenty-third Day of November, 1929, at 2:OC IP. m., , to take action on the approval or disapproval, and to vote for or against the proposed classification and conversion of the capital stock of said Corporation, by the creation of and authorizing to be issued out of the unissued stock of the Corporation a class of - nml f'oiinfll IflKfl tuO nCCCHSary auuun LU «.n- uuinaucu Dmi-n. «*. -••" ?*""» ili m H vi+it fUift S S 1 A &.°Pe I S5Vanrrac- t^ffit.J^£j&®$ us hospital ships Is, according to the i | OW8 , to wit: London Dally Telegraph, "aa revolu- tlonary an It is simple. In the phil- Bophy of war through tho ages, de- troying the enemy's morale by cutting ft hist food supplies has been among he fundamental purposes of strategy. ne the City of Altoonn, Pennsylvania, cordance with the Act of Assembly dated the 9th day of May, A. D. 1929. The hereinbefore mentioned section of Logan Township Is more fully described as fol- Beginning 'at the existing City line of the Jlty of Altoona, at the intcrsccton of the .•cnldent Hoover now suggests a par- ial abandonment of that weapon." The politicians and editorial writers .re grateful to the American president or having pointed out that this suggestion will not be taken up at the ive power naval conference In Jnn- lary. The discussions then are likely o be long and acrimonious and any urthcr burdening of the already vol- imlnous agenda wotiH bo likely to endanger the results of the meeting. Copyright, 1MB, Chicago Dally News, Inc.) MODEUALLOTING SYSTEM IS SOUGHT Uy OWEN I,. SCOTT, Htnff Correspondent. (Copyright, 19'29, by Consolidated Press Association.) CHICAGO, Nov. 12 —Elections, the foundation upon which Democratic Institutions rest, are being manhandled by politicians to secure a degree that the conference on Improving government, which opened its sessions here today, set out to provide a model balloting system designed to remedy existing faults. "Every election contest brings to light gross inaccuracies, Irregularities, uncertainty, slipshod practice and a disregard of election statutes," the committee on election administration of the National Municipal league, as- City , center Ine of 10th Alley (Junlata) with the center line of 17th Street (Junlata); thence along the existing City line on the center line of 10th Alley, South 16 degrees 45 minutes West 410 feet to the Southwesterly side of the Puhll.i Road; thence along the Southwest side of the Public Road, North 88 de- K recs 30 minutes West 495 lineal feet to tho Northwest, property line of 12th Avenue produced; thence along the Northwest property lino of 12th Avenue and the extension of name, North 16 degrees 45 minutes East 028 lineal feet to the present City line at the center line of 17th Street; thence along present City line on the center line of 17th Street, South 73 degrees 15 minutes East, 482 n feet to the center line of 30th Alley which Is the point of beginning, 'containing 9.48 acres. ^ CHAMBERa 1B23 Eleventh Avenue. W. H. CREPS, 1625 Eleventh Avenue. RUTH FORSHT, Attorney, Rooms 18-10, Myers Bldg., Altoona, Pa. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I hereby notify all dealers that I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, Mrs. Gladys (Rohrback) Huey, formerly of 219 6th Ave., Junlata, Pa., after this date, Nov. 12, 1029. MERL A. HUEY, 219 6th Ave., Junlata. unrc , , One Hundred (100) Dollars, per share, with dividends at the rate of Seven - HELP WANTIO-FEMALE LADI8S — EASY PLEASANT WORK, brings big money steadily. Establish your own paying sewing business. Mal«rlal«i cut. Experience unnecessary. Write immediately. Dress Specialty, 448 St. Francois Xavler, Montreal, Canada, Dept. 0. STENOGRAPHER FOR PHYSICIAN'S OF- flee. Give experience. Apply in own handwriting. Write 6766-L, Mirror. EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER, BOOK-' keeper. Splendid opportunity. Good salary. Entire charge of office. None but experienced need apply. Address 5759-L, Mirror. EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. References required. Apply at 307 Aldrlch Ave., Llyswen. (llVlllUIUJn «.i< mw *iw« ««. .j~ r -.. ^ • , PCI *• turn per annum out of the earnings of the Company, such dividends to be cumulative, payable scml-annually, convertible into common stock of the Corporation on the basis of Twenty (20) shares of common for eacn share of preferred stock, at any time prior to January First, 193H, and with the right of the holder of each share of preferred stock to purchaae One CD share of the common stock of tho Company at Five (B) Dollars, per chare, at any time prior to January First, 1935, such preferred stock, if not converted, to be callable on or at any time after January First, 1935, at One Hundred and Five (105) Dollars, per share, and accrued dividends. The preferred stock shall not be entitled to any additional distribution, other than 'aa herein stated, and shall not have voting privileges unless default be made In the payment of dividends for a period exceeding Thirty (30) Days, and during default In'the payment of dividends the stock shall be entitled to the same privileges as the commoh stock of the Company. The remaining authorized capital of the Company shall consist of a now class of stock, to be designated as Common Stock, without a nominal or par value, which shall consist of Four Hundred Thousand (400,000) Shares, of which One Hundred Eighty Thousand, One Hundred Forty (180,140) shares shall be issued In exchange or conversion for the present outstanding stock o£ the Corporation, on the basis of Twenty (20) Shares of the New Common Stock for each share of the present outstanding common stock; Fifty esnonsmie lor any ueuui t u,,v.»v.^.. -j .Thousand (50,000) Shares shall be retained wu-c Mrs. Gladys (Rohrback) Huey, n the treasury of the Company to provide w !"-> .'_._•-.. . *. ,.._,..._ n. „«.„,. or tha conv erslon privilege of the preferred ock; Twenty-Five Bundled (2.500) Shares t the common stock shall be retained in the reasury to meet the purchase privilege of 10 preferred stock and the remaining shares t common stock shall be held subject to dl- ectlon of the Board of Directors. F. J. HEVERLY, Secretary. WANTED — REPRESENTATIVES FOR "Theronold" Electro-Magnetic • Health Ap- SPENCER CORSETS AND ABDOMINAL iupporu for dropped stomach, Boating kidneys, rupture, maternity and sprains. Laura Valentine. Dial 2-1395. Mrs. INSURANCE IN OLD-LINE, RELIABLE Btocfc companies. Louis Leix, Union Bank Bldg. MONEY TO LOAN ^V«M^AXS*«W^A<A>X^S^>XS^S^^S MONEit TO LOAN 19,700—on Improved property in amounts to suit borrower—$9,70pi Jommerce Bids. , „.„ WALTER J. HENRY,Phone 6200. RECONDITIONED NO. 5 UNDERWOOD typewriters, guaranteed, $40. New Royal Portables In attractive colors. B. P. BARR, 1827 llth Ave. SALE—i TABLE MODEL ELECTRIC Ironer. Price $65. Terms It desired. J. E. Spence Electric Store, 1310 12th Ave. FOR SALE — REPOSSESSED WASHERS, good as new. These washers will give years of service. Price $75. Terms If desired. J. E. Spence Electric Store, 1310 THE LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE, NO. 2f,6, of Hopcwell, cxpeclfl to do Homo Intensive repairing' aid would like to Have bids for same. There will be one or both buildings to put on additional story and one to bo partloned for dwelling and persons Interested should meet the committee, Nov. 23, 1029, at 1.30 o'clock at the old brick schoolhouse at Elchelberger w t A Own. • JNO. B, ARCQ, Sec't. ,, u ...»..* u — - — u I r UlLIIOilll.l.lVJl*".! ATJ.U uivii fi«i *UU»Q — — t missing persons records were being , d , H report au bmittcd for con- scanned. He said ho has evidence that ertc -'-. - - ----the woman used the Rogers children In a seric- of blackmail attempts, some of which were successful. Detective Sergeant Louis Shaw amplified thin by revealing that six men have complained that she threatened to .proclaim tho children to bo theirs unless she was paid "hush money." Shaw «aid she apparently was quite successful because "she has not worked for years." Miss Parks will be quentioned further today in an effort to slialio her story that Dorothy died 1 after she had slapped the child too hard and that ' Timothy fell down the stairs and was dead when stie,picked him up. DINNER DANCE IS "HELD BY OFFICERS The Blair county unit of the officers reserve corps held Its annual dinner and dance- last evening In tho Penn- Alto hotel with an attendance of more than 200 members and friends. The party was the outstanding social event of the early winter season and fittingly climaxed the various Armistice day activities very brilliantly. The Logan room was attractively decorated with tho flags of all nations. Captain Harry E. ClarUn of tho officers reserve corps acted as toastmaster during the dinner. Lieutenant Cplonel Edward B. Coppoclc of the United States army and Captain Clarke spoke briefly, greeting all of the attending guests. Out-of-town visitors at the affair Included thosi from Harrlsburg, Lewlsburg, Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Tyrone, Philips burg, Clearlleld and Washington. Dinner was served at 8.30 o,'clo«lc and dancing was enjoyed until 12.30 o'clock, The dinner dance was strictly formal and many beautiful evening creations were worn by the ladles attending. Captain George T. R. Wicker, member of the Blair county unit and commander of regimental headquarters company, 110th Infantry, Pennsylvania National Guard, was general chairman of the .affair and was assisted by Captain Georgo II. Leriich, Captain Foster K. Burket, Lieutenant Edwin P. Gecsy, Lieutenant Puul F. Fauth, Lieutenant Fred O. Hlte and Lieutenant Raymond K. Snyder. BANK ROBBERY SUSPECT IS RELEASED BY POLICE idoration. Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky were mentioned jartlcularly as states In which condl- lons are shocking, while Indiana, New Fnrsey, Missouri received attention as itaten harboring bad situations. Yet the committee declared that It B "entirely fenalble and practicable to let up an election system under which .ho purity of elections will be assured, n a spollH-ridden and boss controlled community." The means of accom- >llHhlng this result—earnestly sought jy a large number of big cities—are detailed so that the public can glimpse a model Hystem of voting. One immediate object would be to cut coats. Tho report nets the present average cost per vote In electionn at $1. Kansas City is listed as the bad example with an average of $186,000 spent to record 150,000 votes during the 1028 elections. Salt Lake City was the model, with $5,270 spent to handle (52,187 votes. "Under a sound election system the cost per vote should never exceed 25 centn and in many smaller communities should be less than 10 cents," the report advises. To got clean, honest and efficient elections several practical suggestions for a model system are offered, Attention in called to the fact that "tho enfranchisement of women and tho passing of the op«n saloon have done much to do away with violence, rowdyism and grosH frauds which onco dominated tho polls." So that eliminated one former problem. But to get responsible administration of elections;, the committee suggests that bl-partlsun control bn abolished and a single commissioner or ofllcer be placed In charge of elections in a city or cdunty and a single oUlclal control each precinct. In state elections, the secretary of state would be given supervisory authority. For cities of over 200,000 population the recommendation Is for a special officer to have charge of elections and registrations. For smaller cities a regular city ofllcer, preferably the city clerk, would do the ob. This system Is reported as work- ng well in RocheBtcr, New York, Omaha and Los Angeles. Larger precincts are urged. Instead f voting units of 500 voters or leas, ho precinct should have 2,000, with everal tcamn handling the balloting uul a single responsible official in harge. "Until this step Is taken, loncsty, accuracy nnd regularity cannot be attained in Home of our large itles," tho committee says. Then tho hours of voting -would be set for all elections from 7 In the morning until 8 at night. Now many .•Itles close at 4 or S in the afternoon. TRIBUTE PAID TO WOODROW WILSON Two Women Arrange Impressive Armistice Day Ceremonial at Tomb of World War President. nuance. rreier muse wivu ""if'" 6 .. "".. pcrlcnce. Liberal commission. Pittsburgh Theronold Office, 1202 Geenan Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. WANTED — NURSE TO REPRESENT "Theronold" the new Electro-Magnetic Health Appliance. Liberal commission. Excellent opportunity for advancement. Pittsburg Theronold Office, 1202 Keenan Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. WANTED— REFINED WIDOW TO KEEP house for refined widower. Write S300-C, care Mirror. WANTED— GIRL, OVER 21, TO WORK IN restaurant .kitchen. Experience necessary. No phone calls. 1809 llth Ave. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK FOR family of three. Apply 1301 18th Ave. WOMAN FOR IRONING IN LAUNDRY AT the Altoona hospital. Apply In person. EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework, in small family. No small children. Apply 3010 4th Ave. . GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, 2 DOCKASH COAL RANGE FOR SALE cheap, or will trade for gas range. Inquire at 215 Pine Ave. SINGER SEWING MACHINE, DROP HEAD, ball bearing, attachments. First class condition. $32.50. Ray Askew, 317 Lex. Ave. Dial 2-2232. $335 BEAUTIFUL ONE DIAL ELECTRIC radio, $65. Dial 5711. LUMBER— FLOORING, SHEATHING, 2x4 Inch. Dial 6230 after 6 p. m. FORD TRUCK, $20; CHEVROLET CAR, $20; five galled saddle mare, $35, sound and gentle. Safe for children, Will trade for cow, Shetland pony, feed or anything else. Trammel, Buckhorn road, 114 miles from Altoona, TRAP DRUM SET, IN FIRST CLASS condition, Will sell very reasonably as owner la leaving city. Also 31 volumes histories Nations of World, 20c volume. Inquire 1108 17th Ave. Phone 2-5882. em r CIIDMITIIDC You Are Entitled To QUICK—COURTEOUS—PRIVATE SERVICE Our's is Just that on LOANS up to $300 Come in—phon&—or write! x ' AMERICAN LOAN CO. Room 308 Grant Building Third Floor 1412 (Eleventh Avenu* ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—8-9-6-2 Open 8:30 to 5—Saturday 8:30 to 1 —LICENSED BV THE STATE— ^JJhfuriMedj^ Sla 7th AVE.—S ROOMS AND BATH, HOT. water heat, porch, shades, range. Dial 2-0714 or 7276. KANE APARTMENT, 1513 13th AVE., iEC- ond Boor, 3 rooms, bath, porch, gas range. Rent $25. Dial 8428. , 4 ROOMS AND BATH, PORCH, SECOND floor, all conveniences, including heat. Inquire 1600 5th Ave., first floor. READING THE CLASSIFIED OFFERS each day makes getting the things that you want merest play. RENT—Unfurnished Rooms 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping. Light, gas, heat furnished. Inquire 111 E. Walnut Ave. 2303 8th AVE.—APARTMENTS, .4 AND 5 rooms. Bath, heat, laundry, ail modern conveniences Inquire 711 23rd St. 205 6th AVE., JUNlATA, 4 ROOMS AND bath. Hot water, heat furnished. Reason* aMo rent. Dial 2-7519. 1211 15th ST.—GLENHURST APT., 4 rooms, bath, hardwood floors, shades, kitchen fully equipped. Inquire above ad- dross, Apt. No. 2. ' ELIZABETH APTS., 2015 BROAD AVB., S rooms, bath, flre, sound proof, elevator, Janitor service, well heated. Here flre is much less hazardous than In any other apartment. Dial 2-3673. TWO UNFURNISHED ROOM FOR LIGHT housekeeping. 1021 21st Ave. Sis per month. Dial 2-0200. Inquire TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT " housekeeping, all Improvements." 6723. Inquire 213 8th 'Ave., Junlata. Dial 888 26th ST.*—3 CHEERFUL ROOMS, kitchenette and bath. Heat furnished. Rent $23. young,couple. Inquire 882 26th St. adults. No cooking. Good home for reliable girl. References. Call at 608 10th St. No phone calls. EXPERIENCED SALESLADIES IN dresses. Apply Kraner's, 1321 llth Ave. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE RE: ESTATE OF WILLIAM BOU8- LOUGH, LATE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF FRANKSTOWN, COUNTY OF BLAIR AND STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, DE- Notlcc la hereby given that Letters of Administration on the above named estate have >een granted by tho Register of Wills of Blair County to the undersigned. All per- onn Indebted to said estate will make prompt payment and those having claims against he same will present them for settlement. THOMAS N. CALDWELL, Adm., I \ Frankstown, Pa, B. F. WARFEL, Att'y., Hollldaysburg, Pa. WOMAN FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, *4 per week with board and room. Apply hotel, 1118 llth St. MIDDLE AGED WOMAN FOR GENERAL housework In family of 2 adults. Reference. Dial 2-474.4. GETTYSBURG, Pa., Nov. 12.—A man suspected of having some part in the robbery of the Ahbottstown State bank last week has been released by state police after employes of two banks had failed to Identify him as the bandit who had visited both bunks and robbed one. Mill Helen Dehoff, clerk at the Farmers' State bank of lialluin, and Wilson A. Bream, c-UHhlur of the Abbottstown bank, were unable to identify the man, who lives at McSherrystown, Adams county. Robbery of the Hallam bank was prevented by the arrival of customers A sum of $1,115 was taken from the Abbottatown bank. Police said the man released had t police record, but they declined to re veal hl« name. YOUTH CONFESSES TO ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING PITTSBURGH, Nov. 12.—John Ful ton, aged 15, llunhall, 'was under arrest today after he admitted, pollc said, that he had accidentally tired the shot which killed James McKlnnoy aged 1C, also of Munhall, and that the bullet had not been set off by McKin ney holding a lighted match to It. According to county detectives the admission came from Fulton while they vrere Investigating after the deuth of McKinney in the Homestead hos pital yesterday. .INDICTMENT^ OF LIBEL ABE QUASHED BY JUDGE POTTSVJ.LLJE, Nov. 12.—Indictments on charges of libel against H. I. Silli- roan, editor ot the Pottsville Journal, and J- M. and R. H. Harris of the Tamaqua Courier, were quashed when President Judge R. H. Koch handed down an opinion against the case brought by District Attorney Charles A. Snyder. Snyder is awaiting the settlement of bis fate aa an attorney and public official IP the disbarment <M>d contempt - him, GENERAL MARTIN PRAISES TREATY State Treasurer In Armistice Day Address Urges That Causes of War Be Uprooted Prom Hearts of Men. (By United Prcm.) BUTLER, Pu., Nov. 12.— "In the Hy CAH01YN VANCE Stuff Correspondent (Copyright, 1929, by Consolidated Pres« Association.) WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 12.—An analogy could be drawn between Mary and Martha of the New Testament am Mrs. Kate Trenh'olm Abrams and Mrs Bannister. Of all the faithful, two women visited the tomb ol the Savior after His crucifixion. On Armistice day, two women arranged the deeply impressive ceremonial at the tomb of Woodrow Wilson. . They have been doing this each year on Armistice day it** 0 the death of the war president. In hla lifetime, It was Mrs. Abrams and Mrs. -Bannister who did most to organize the sentiment of women in favor of President Wilson's League of Nations ideal and to uphold the principle ho enunciated that war must cease. Bethlehem chapel, tho heart of the great St. Alban's cathedral, not yet completed, was tilled to overflowing with people who came to pay homage at the tomb of Woodrow Wilson. Bishop James E. Freeman delivered an address heard by listeners on the radio all over tho country. Wreaths were placed at the tomb by representative^ o£ the American Legion and other patriotic organizations, and hymns were sung by the assemblage. The majority present wero women. As in his lifetime it was tho women who were his firmest supporters, particularly In the cause of peace, so today they revere his memory. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, who has heretofore attended all of these ceremonials, was not present, as she is traveling in ths orient. Seated near tho tomb were the three small sons of Rear Admiral Gary Grayson, who were the particular pots of tho former president when their father served as his personal physician in the W,hlte House and to the end of his life. ' "The annual custom to gather at the tomb of tho war president," sail Bishop Freeman, "is not done to keep his memory ajlve. That is not neces sary, because he belongs to the ages But we come here to redeive a fresh cnmg of our own spirits in carrying, out his ideals." Bishop Freoman cited two Incident of the past yoar which mark a close approach to the Wilson ideal. Thes are tho Kellogg peace pact and th visit of Premier Ramsay MacDonald o Great Britain. "Whenever a great crisis occurred i our history, a great personality wa raised up to lead the people," he said "The three figures that emerged from tho World war, who grow in proportio as we recede from that time, are th King of Belgium, Cardinal Muruier an Woudrow Wilson." The Episcopal bishop paid warn tribute to the Catholic cardinal for th part he played when Belgium was in vaded and also to that "court! AUDITOR'S NOTICE In Re: ESTATE OF BEULAH R, SMITH, late of Altoona, Pa., deceased. Notice Is hereby given that (the undersigned has been appointed Auditor to distribute the funds In the hands of George P. Smith, Jr., Administrator, in the estate of Beulah R. Smith, late of Altoona, Fa., deceased, and that he will sit for the purpose of tho aopolntment at his office in Room No. 3, 1104 Twelfth Street, Altcona, Pa., on Friday, November 22nd, 1929, at two o'clock p. m., when and where all parties Interested may appear and present their claims or thereafter bo forever barred from aharlng MITCHELL MacCARTNEY, 1 ' Auditor. SITUATION WANTED—Male YOUNG MARRIED MAN WISHES FO8I- tlon as truck driver. Repair own trucks. i' years' experience. Dial 2-8043 between 4-8. PARCHMENT LAMP SHADES SPECIAL $1.19. ,W. W. BABCOCK, 1312 12th Ave. / W. S. AARON, 1429 12th AVE. Used Furniture Dept.—Worth While Prices. ' Electric washer. $9; Red Star oil range, $10; cots, twin or full size beds, $3.50 up; leather upholsercd chairs, $4.50. FOR SALE—OAK DINING ROOM TABLE, 2419 6th AVE.— LARGE FRONT ROOM, nicely lurnlshcd, all conveniences. Dial 2-7938. t SECOND FLOOR, 4 ROOMS AND BATH. Heat furnished ,all conveniences. Inquire at 1421 1st St. Dial 2-7027 or 2-1944. GALVERT APARTMENT, 2607' W. CHEST- nut Ave. 1st and Siti floor, warm, comfortable, seven, fo,uf rooms.. Fireplac* porches, laundry. Bargain, COZY 4-ROOM APARTMENT, PRIVATE bath and porch. Heal, light, gas and Tange furnished. Inquire 2301 llth Ave. APARTMENT, 9 ROOMS AND BATH, AND 4 rooms and bath. 3957 6th Ave. Dial 2-9110. SUITE OF ROOMS AT % ORMOND BEACH, Fla., for the winter season, suita"~ three or four persons. Wm, Hahman, Box 3, Altoona, Fa. ., , ,ble for / i, P. o. f __H t. HOT S 3 ROOMS, KITCHENETTE, BATH, HOT water heat. Newly papered. Rent $25, including light, gas. Inquire 408 3rd Ave. llth AVE., 1915—2 OR 3 WELL HEATED rooms, all conveniences, for housekeeping. Laundry. Private .entrance. LARGE BEDROOM AND KITCHENETTE for housekeeping, all conveniences. Private family and entrance. Dial 2-9015. NEWLY FURNISHED, LIGHT, AIRY rooms, all conveniences! well neated. Price $3 up. 1602 or 1502% 13th St, 6 chairs and china closet. 22nd Ave., city, Call at 527 / OIRIi WANTS HOUSEWORK IN SMALL family. Good home preferred to high wages. Inquire 1223 14th Ave., rear. USED FURNITURE See our stock before buying. Greatest values In city. QUALITY FURNITURE CO., 90B-07 8th Ave. Dial 2-8356. ALL KINDS OP SECOND HAND FURNI- ture and stoves. Inquire S. S. Over, 3602 6th Ave. LADY WANTS DAY'S WORK. CAN GIVE best of references. Dial 7513. > CLEANING—RENOVATING We Recommend IN MEMORIAM. /SXS^^^^S^V^^^N/'v^^^v^V* IN SAD AND LOVTNQ REMEMBRANCE of my father. P. E. Chevalier, who departed from this world Just two years ago "esterday, Nov. 11, 1027. Gone but not forgotten by his daughter, MRS. MYRTLE BUCKRIES. The Altoona Sanitary Laundry For Prompt Service and Good Work Telephone 9468. WOLF FURNITURE CO. OFFERS UN- usual good bargains In their trade-in department on credit. Battery operated radios, $5; victrolas, good condition, ^S up; electric radio sets, $50 up; Victor victrolas, console type, very special at $39.50. See and hear the new Victor Radio at Wolf's. WELL FURNISHED SLEEPING • ROOM, GLEICHERT APT., 1314 16th AVE. One modern Apt. of 5 rooms, bath, «un porch, back porch, hardwood floors. Shades furnished. Curtain and drapery rods in place. Inquire Carl H. Glelchert, 1616 13th St. APT.. 3 ROOMS AND BATH, OR lj BOOMS and bath. Large light rooms, every convenience. Rent reasonable. Dial 2-5795 or 1004 18th Ave. ' all conveniences. In private home, nut Ave. Best 'residential section, Inquire 2004 W. Chest- 2D07 BROAD AVE.—3 NEWLY FURNISHED robms wit* private bath, for light housekeeping. Light, gas and heat furnished. Dial 2-0780. LARGE, WELL FURNISHED FRONT room In modern home. Splendid section; reflned business man Reference. Inquire 2627 Broad Ave. Dial 4772. ONE FURNISHED FRONT BEDROOM, ALL conveniences, In private family. Dial 2-8089. COZY APARTMENT, JUNIATA,- 909 4th Ave., second floor, 4 rooms, bath and porches. Heat and all conveniences. Dial 0767 or 5621. 2101 W. CHESTNUT AVE.—5-ROOM apartment. Best residential section. Hardwood floors, heat, all Improvements. Apply on premises. Phone 2-3037, i ONE FURNISHED ROOM FOR business man. All conveniences. Tele- ANTIQUE THREE PIECE BEDROOM phone eervlce. Inquire 1810 12th Ave. suite, solid .walnut; brown reed sulky. ROOMS( FURNISHED FOR SLEEPING AND iifrvit hntmf>!rppnfn?. a.11 conveniences. In- Cheap. Dial 2-2718. . . hulling of peuce we must not forget the lesions of war," said General Edward Martin, Pennsylvania state irtutiucer, addressing Americian Le- Kion members during an Armistice iluy obnfrviince hero lunt night. (Jem.'ral Martin pruised the treaty consummated by the nation* of the world to outlaw war and also commended the proposed agreement to limit naval armaments. He urged, however, that the causes of war bo uprooted from the hearts of men, .saying that war can never be done away with until that has been done. America should enter into international agreement with great care, he continued. The position ot our country among nations should be uppermost in the* nih^ds of her citizens, since jealousy of that position is uppermost in the minds of foreign diplomats. In spite of the abhorrence of war, some of its results have beeu beneficial, the speaker said, calling attention to certain specinc ones: Our independence; the freedom .of the seas to our seamen; the Pan-American republic; the freedom of Texas, lower Arizona and New Mexico; the preservation of the Union and the abolition of slavery; the freedom of Cuba; the eulightment of Porto Rico and the Philippines; the Panama canal and the opening and development ot the weat and northwest. prlnce" the king of Belgium. Ho ix minded the assemblage that Woodrov Wilson was us much a martyr in th cause of peace as any of the millio men who died on the Held of battle that ha lived and died to the end tliu his ideals might prevail. MORTICIAN. N. A, No Charge for Use of Memorial Chapel Funeral Director 421 Eighth Ave. ' , Phone 7552. PERSONALS ALVATION ARMY SOCIAL SERVICE— —710 8th Ave., will help you ellmlnat* TO hazard by removing your waste papers, ags, etc. Dial 2-3736 and an official truck vill call for your donation. CARPETS AND RUGS CLEANED TO.LOOK like new. Monarch Carpet Cleaning Works. Telephone 4684 for quick service. CONTRACTING—REPAIRING Sheet Metal Work Rooflng—Spouting—Metal Celllnga H. SABATHNE & SON 708 Eighth Ave. Dial 6512. FOR SALE ACCOUNT OF LEAVING CITY, dining room suite, 9x12 Wilton rug, chairs, lamps, desk, curtains and miscellaneous articles. Apply Apt. 6, 2223 Broad Ave. WANTED TO BUY WOOD OR POLE SAW, ALSO EXTRA pulley. A. Trommel, R: D. 2, Bo» 167-D. MARCEL, ROUND CURL, SHAMPOO, WA- er wave, each 60e.' Miss Clara Metzgar, pr., 1112 20th Ave. Dial 8862. LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, SS, with settlnp, marcel 30c. Manicure 35o. Finger wave OOc. Dial 4213. REMOVAL NOTICE MRS. JEAN VAUGHAN Beauty Salon removed from 1411 llth Av*. o Suite 341 and 342, lulrcl floor, CENTRAL TRUST BLDO. Elevator Servlca. -. Phone 2-S636, WANTED—FURNITURE, CLOTHING, PA- pera and hooka. Our demands are heavy. 710 8th Avfl., Salvation Army. Phone J-3738, I DO YOU SELL? DO YOU WANT TO sell? Wo have a spare time course of study that will increase your earnings. Terms of payment to suit you. Write to Interna- lonal Correspondence Schools, Room 41, Goldschmid Bldg, SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MAS- eage. Dr. Kruse system. Dial 2-7635 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. S. Casner. KEYSTONE Armature Works 1814-16 Union Avenue, Altoona. Phone 2-0742. Armature Winding, Motor'Repairing, Winding Fields, Colls, Electric MagneU, • Motors, Generators, Elevators, Machine Works. Concrete and Cinder Call East Side Coal & Supply Co. 812 8th St. . Dial 8175. COAL *s**^>*»»^*N. MOUNTAIN COAL—ALL KINDS. RUSTY Lump, 1, 2, 4 ton lota, S3.75, $4.00, $4.25. Put In same day. Dial S880, SEALFON-.COAI/ CO. ' Quality coal, 'honest weight. '•' 2209 Union Ave. Dial 8908 or 5210. PEOPLE'S COAL CO. :, 730 4th STREET. PHONE 2-7777. HARD COAL, EQQ,- STOVB. AND NUT, 511.75. KEYSTONE MADISON SCREEN AND EGG PREPARED. $4.00. MILLER RUSTY LUMP AND DYSART, COLLECT ON JDEHVERV. light housekeeping, all conveniences, quire 1114 18th St. $65.00—2706 W. CHESTNUT AVE., • rooms, bath, hardwood floors, electrio refrigerator, i $47.00—2402 Broad Av«., S rooms, til* bath. ' $35.00—1211 8th Ave.,. 1st floor, B rooms, bath, heat and shades. $33.00—2603 5th Ave., S rooms, bath, heat. $30.00—901 8th Ave., 5 rooms, bath, heat and shades, $23.00—2923 Pine Ave., first floor duplex, , wn r> four rooms, bath, one car garage. • * UK $20.00 807 Bell Ave., 2ml and 3rd floors, $19.00—1006 8th Ave,, 3 rooms, bath and McVEY-FARIS CO.. Central Trust Bldg. Dial 7128. COMFORTABLE, NICELY FURNISHED sleeping rooms. Reasonable rent. Conveniences and use of phone. Inquire 1407 12th St. or Dial 2-4953. 901 HOWARD AVE.—2 COMMUNICATING rooms, second floor, all conveniences. Us» of phone. Rent reduced. Dial 2-6171. FURNISHED ROOM, IN PRIVATE FAM- lly, Ave. , all conveniences. Inquire 2227 Broad ROOMS FOR LODGING AND ALSO LIGHT - — Rent MAJESTIC APT.—APARTMENT CONSIST, ing of living room, breakfast room, kitchenette, bedroom, bath, enclosed front porchi and all conveniences, $35; also apartment at $30. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p.. m. 2-8160. ONE VACANCY IN ALTOONA'S MOST UP- to-date apartment, Don-Yell. Dial 2-9477. FIRST FLOOR APT., 4 ROOMS, FRONT, side porcHes, newly papered, all modem improvements. Not suitable for children. Dial 6991. , SERVICE FUEL CO. TELEPHONES 2-3501 OR 2-0818 ONE OR MORE TONS: HARD COAL, EGG, OR NUT $11.75 MADISON SCREENED LUMP $3.90 MADISON, EGG AND NUT $3.90 MILLER SPECIAL. MINE RUN. $3.30 DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL XiASES. 2 DAYS REQUIRED TO DELIVER. COAL! COAL! COAL! Loudon, Page and McNeils. Special rusty and Delaney Black Diamond, $3.75 per ton. A. S. McQraw, 2316 7th Ave. Dial 2-3624. housekeeping. L,ignt, neac, gaa. rout Reasonable. Free parking. Inquire 1411 stb Ave. 1221 , 14tU AVE.TT-LARGE,, . PLEASANT : front room, kitchenette f urriishea for housekeeping; < all conveniences: Adults. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences, Rent very reasonable. Inquire 2400 6th, Ave. TWO LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR housekeeping, all conveniences.- Rent $6. Inquire 3522 5th Ave. Dial 2-2748. 815 17th ST.— TWO ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, with use of living room. Rent reasonable. Call after 6.30 p. m. 814 7th AVE.— 2 FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for light housekeeping, all conveniences. Use of phone. v 2 ROOMS, ALL CONVENIENCES, SINK, refrigerator and gas range. Phone 2-7082. _^RENT— JHOUSES^^ 10-ROOM HOUSE,' BATH; PANTRY^ LAUGa"* halls. Desirable location. Dial 2-7914. • 823 7th AVB.— 5-ROOM HOUSE; ALSO 1114 4th Ave., 6-roora house, newly papered. Dial 2-5092 or 9029. 520 7th AVE., REAR— 5 ROOMS, $18; 2, 3 or 4 -room apartments. Inquire 520 7th Ave. Dial 2-8711. 620 5th AVE.— 10-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CON, veniences, newly papered. Rent reasonable. Inquire at 1128 14th Ave. 6-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENCES, newly papered and painted. Ready to move in. Inquire 1810 12th Ave. FOR RENT— GOOD 6-ROOM HOUSE WITH garage, at 2111 1st Ave. Dial 2-6046. . 2 OR 3 FURNISHED ROOMS, HOT WATER heat, private entrance. Use ot laundry. Inquire 408 3rd Ave. GUARANTEED CARPENTER REPAIRS done on short notice. Also garages. Reasonable rates, D. E. Salsglver. Dial 2-0152. LOST—FOUND •*S/X/VN*'X^VW**XNXV^V^, LOST—PINK AND WHITE BABY PILLOW, last Wednesday noon . between Harrison Ave. and Kettle St. and 1st Ave. und Lloyd St. Finder pleaao Dial 2-0830. LOST—BUNCH OF KEYS ON KEY CHAIN with Identity tag attached. Kindly return to Ptmn Central ottlce, llth Ave. or call 2-087B, ' FRONT RANK WARM AIR FURNACE Call and Look Over Our Line J. W. SHOENFEtT 881 17th St. Dial 2-814S. BURN LAUREL RUN LUMP COAL. HIGH In heat, low in' ash. No clinkers. $3.75 ton delivered. Office only at 227 oth Ave. Phone 2-4380. 1022 LEX. AVE.—2 LARGE FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping. Will rent eparately, All conveniences. Dial 2-7723. FURNISHED ROOM, SUITABLE FOR TWO, all conveniences, with or without board, nqulre 1812 13th Ave. SPECIAL—GLEN WHITE COAL, $4. JUST received carload. Orders delivered promptly. Dial 2-3625. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.75 and up. Also kindling wood. Prompt delivery. Dial 2-6927. 916 MARGARET AVE.—2 FURNISHED rooms, all conveniences. Use of phone, near shop district. Dial 2-9366. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN, DAY PR week, all conveniences. Rent $2.50 wk. up. nq. 901 Chestnut Ave. Dial 2-4886. TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, ALL conveniences for light housekeeping. Not lultable for children. Call at 2213 10th St. ir phone 2-8736. McGuire Special And All Grades Of Coal. 915 llHh Street. Phone 6378. PAINTING AND INTERIOR DECORATING. I paint anything that Is patntablo, I have ajso some antique flower crocks on hand. Dial 8174. J. L. Diamond, 3419 6th Ave. n SEIBERLING CORD TIRE 34x7, LOST BE- tween Leamersvllle and Bedford. NolUy Frulhofer Baking Co., 903 28th St, TIRE, RIM AND COVER, LOST SAT., probably on 7th Avo., between 1st and 7th Sta. Dial 6543. Reward. RECOUNT BRINGS CHANGE IN HAZLETON MAYORALTY HAZLETON, Pa., Nov. 12.—A reversal of election results has been caused by the recount of ballots cast in the mayoralty election here last week, it was learned today. Mayor James G. Harvey, Democratic candidate, who had apparently been defeated by 41 votes, is as a result of the recount, leading his Republican opponent, William G. Gerlacb, by 76 ballots. Gerlach has tak«n out bench warrants, through his counsel, to bring the election boards at' the Second, Eighth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth wards, and the First precinct of the Third ward, where the reversals in the county were most drastic, into court. The recount was tuken after counsel for Harvey had charged /fraud in the official count. How to stop crime? Well, people stopped mak lug buggies when advancing civilization made it unprofitable.—San Bernardino Suo, LOST—BLACK MALE HOUND, ABOUT 16 In. tall. License 8921. Answers to "Jinx." Kinder please Dial 2-1087. ~HELP WANTEDi-MALE MEN WANTED Wanted by factory branch office, i live wire salesmen whose earnings ar« not less than $76 per week. Advancement rapid to men who qualify for better positions. Cull und let me explain the best sales proposition In Ponnsylvunla. We school you for our trade. Tlia work Is easy and you are your own bo«is. Why be a slave to drudgery when you can be a man among men? Write or call lor personal Interview. Of- Ucc open all week from 7.30 to 10 p. m. or phone T, W. Cole. Mgr.. 2-5232 Altoona. 1031 OREEN AVE., ALTOONA, PA. PAINTING AND PAPER HANGING— First class work by experienced men. Estimates cheerfully furnished. 3. B, White,. 217 E. Crawford Ave. Dial 2-0092. S. A. HITE &SONS '• Dependable House Painting. Wall. Paper of Distinction. 2510-14 Seventh Ave. BURN PAGE COAL Get Our Weigh Bill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. I'hone Rural 21R23 ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.75 and up. All other kinds of hauling. Dial 5773. GWIN COAL CO. OFFERS QWIN SPECIAL coal and Miller coal, attractive prices. Also Madison $4. 1911 Margaret Ave. Phone 2-0404. TWO SALESMEN To call on general merchants to cover Blair county. Must have good reference and ~ cur. We pay you while being trained. ou Mr. S pay yi .Wink ler. Colonial hotel. Call BOYS TO SET PINS. MUST BE 16 YEARS of age. Apply Metropolitan Bowling Alley, 1126 llth Ave. WANTED — 4 SALESMEN WITH CARS. Salary and commission. Apply between 10 and 12 a. m., 1508 12th Ave. WANTED— MAN TO FIRE FURNACE IN apartment house. Dial 6991. MU>DU5 AGED MAN. ONE WHO IS familiar with electrical appliances and capable of handling men. For such a man we have a real paying proposition. We also have an opening for a young man over 21 years of age See Mr. Dletz, appliance department, 9 to 11, Penn Central Light and Power Company. WANTED—BOY FOR PENN-ALTO TAIL- or Sbop. 1201 13ti AVC. MOVING— MOTOR VAN SERVICE TO ANY point. Local and long distance. Moving by padded vans. Also trucks on contract. Filer's Transfer. 1808 4tb Ave. Dial 2-8739. OHIce phone 7779. BLANDBURQ COAL AND SUPPLY CO. Export Coal $4.25 Madison ESS Prepared $4,00 Madison 4 In. Lump $4.00 Driver collects. Dial 2-5298. DOUGHERTY, RUSTY LUMP, C PRIME coal. Best grade. Pick mined. $3.75 ton in 2-ton lots or more. Dial 6067. LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING with largest padded van. Reasonable prices. Bryan, 104 E. 3rd Ave. Dial 6946. K1LL1NGER — LOCAL AND LONG Distance moving. Experienced piano work. Contract hauling by day or hour. Dial 2-0716. ASHES. RUBBAGE, PAPER AND GARB- age hauled frum reatauranta and fitorea especially. Dial 2-S8U7. MOVING—LOCAL AND LONO DISTANCE, with largest padded vans In city. Piano moving, crating furniture and storage in fireproof building. J. H. office 825 Ittth St. Dial 2-6016. TRUCKS LOADED PROMPTLY; WHIT- bred's kllnkurlesa coal minus. Holds tire. Ask your coal man or Dial 9083. COAL Stands the highest tent (or livat of any coul on tke mountain. See ttdtu bill. Collect on delivery, $3.75 ton, 4-toii lota or mure. Pliune 2-2318. BEST GRADES OF MOUNTAIN COAL— Special on Page and Rusty coal. Coal guaranteed. L. R. Gepbart. Dial 5900. COAL—MOUNTAIN COAL—2-TON LOTS or more. Full weight. Quick delivery. Call Bell phone 2-8514. LONG DISTANCE MOVING. PADDED van. Storage, separate booths. ' Fireproof Bldg. Rlne's 619 3rd Ave. Dial 5510—2-1261. PORCH CHAIRS RESEATED — RUSH styl« chair seating, chair caning of all kinds. A loo rag rug aud carpet weaving. Work culled for and delivered. Weaving Works, 2119 8th Ave. Dial 2-8513. A. L. CARMAN. WHOLESALE AND RE- tall dcalsr of Klondyke coal. Ask your truck driver or Dial 2-0887. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL. $3.75 and up. Kindling wood and general haul- Ing. Dial 2-8407. K. Zacli. $85 ORTHOPHONIC VICTOR VICTROLA. 1 ear old. wltb recordj. Price $10. DM Business and Office Equipment Altoona Plate Glass Co. Pool tables, cash registers, wall cases, show cases, icelesu soda fountains, purchased through sheriff sales. Bargain (or quick buyer- 411 size auto glass, 7*9 Gww* Aye. WESTWOOD PARK—5 ROOMS, CONVEN- lences. Ideally situated. Rent $20 per month. Inquire 1321 llth Ave., C. A. Auker. HALF DOUBLE HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, BATH, hot water heat, electricity/ yard, garage. A-l condition. Inquire 1820 7th Ave. 6 ROOMS, BATH, FURNACE, 3 SQUARES from llth Ave. Rent reasonable. Inqulr* Sample Shoe Store, 1005 Bridge St. WARM, WELL LIGHTED ROOM IN PRI- vaie home, all conveniences. Attractive ocatlon. Garage. Dial 2-5810. LARGE, CHEERFUL ROOM, WELL HEAT- ed, next to bath. Suitable for 1 or 2 gen- lemen. Good location. Inquire 2531 8th Ave. Dial 2-7708. PLEASANT ROOM FOR GENTLEMAN, private home, all conveniences. Fine location. Breakfast and garage If desired. Dial 2-0033. ' NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM WITH alcove. Can be used for light housekeeping. Inquire 1502 7th Ave. FURNISHED APARTMENTS FURNISHED APT., 4 heat, private entrance. St. or Dial 2-2982. ROOMS, BATH, Inquire 862 17th SOUTH LAKEMONT STATION, 4-ROOM house, gas, water, light, heat, bath. Rent $18. Garage If wanted. Dial 2-5605. 200 Logan Ave., Lakemont. 2 HOUSES, 2108 AND 2110 10th, AVE. REA- sonable rents, $18 and $20. Inquire Wm. Crlder, 2104 10th Ave. FOUR ROOM HOUSE, REAR 1324 4tb AVH. Gas, electricity. $16 month. A. £1. Akera, 508 12th St. Phone 2-6320. 1108 17 % ST.—6-ROOM HOUSE, NEWLY papered. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1113 17th St. BEALE AVE. AND 39th ST.—5-ROOM house, all conveniences. Inquire L. R, Mathleu & Bon, 1824 Union Ave. Dial 9994. 6-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, ALL MODERN conveniences, Garage. Suitable for yard or roundhouse man. Located at 6th Ave., 19th St., Junlata. Dial 2-SS31. FIVE ROOM COTTAGE HOUSE, 823 BELL Ave. $10 per month. Dial 2-1435. 2 AND 3-ROOM FURNISHED APTS. FOR light housekeeping. Private bath, all conveniences. Inquire 105 E, .Willow Ave, COMPLETELY FURNISHED APTS.—2 TO 5 rooms, private bath. Maid service daily to bachelors. Inquire 608 10th St; APT. FOR RENT--3 ROOMS AND BATH, in good condition. Phone 6462. Inquire 601 8th Ave. 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT., PRIVATE EN- trance, all conveniences. 407.. 6th Ave., Junlata, or Dial 2-1280. LARGE FURNISHED APARTMENT, 1119 13th Ave. Also garage. Wm. Hahman, P. O. Box 3, Altoona, Pa. Unfurnished Apartments DESIRABLE APTS.. i ROOMS AND BATH and 5 rooms and bath. Centrally located. Janitor service. Dial 2-7814. APARTMENT, THREE ROOMS, STEAM heat, hot water, gas range, locker, laundry. Low rent. Dial 2-7497. BRETH APTS., 825 7th AVE., 3 ROOMS, heat and gas range, newly papered. Rent $20. Dial 2-5092 or 9029. SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT, 5 ROOMS end bath. Hot water heat, front and back porches. Inquire at 1709 or 15. 7th Ave. APARTMENT, 610 2nd ST.. JUNIATA. 5 rooms, bath. gas. porches, yard. Rent $22. Inquire 1107 lltb Ave. WAYNE APT. BLDG., 1106 18th ST.. 3 rooms, bath, beat, all conveniences. Dial 2-7993. HALPERN APARTMENTS, 1410-12 19tb ST. One 4-room apartment with all modern conveniences, nowly papered and painted. Iaqulr« «,t 1811 13th Ave. After S.30 p. m. at 1411 ISth St.. second floor. 3-RQPM ' tT FRJVA.TS porch. Gas. '- 83QS -—- B^TH, ^» KN- 1910 10th 'ST.—6-ROOM HOUSE, HOT AIR heat, toilet in cellar. Rent $20. Inqulr* 1002 Chestnut Ave. ELDORADO, 8810 6th Ave.—6 ROOMS AND bath, flntshel third floor, cement cellar, new furnace. All the latest Improvements, front and rear porches. Large lot. Rent $30. Dial 2-3171. FOR . RENT—6-ROOM HOUSE AND GAR- age, at West Eldorado. Call Rural 72-R3. HOUSE FOR RENT AT E.. 8th ST, AND Cleveland Ave. Corner house with 50 ft. lot. Five rooms, light and heat. Rent $15. Chas A. Auker. 1321 llth Ave. DOUBLE HOUSE, MAPLE AVB. AND 28tn St., all improvements. Rent $24 per month. 5 rooms, $14 pec month, no improvements. Inquire of c. A. Wlaslnger, 2823 Beale Ave. 1817 SPRUCE AVE.—SIX ROOMS, BATH. heat and all conveniences. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1819 Spruce Ave. SIX POOMS, NEWLY PAPERED, NEWLY painted octolcle, all conveniences, yard. 1312 llth Ave. Keys next door. DESIRABLE 6-ROOM HOUSE WITH ALL conveniences, situated 2321 16th Ave. Inquire T. Chester Parsons. 1107 12th Ave. Dial 2-5192. 2311 llth AVE.—8-ROOM DOUBLE HOUSE, gas, |lght, toilet. $18 per 'month. Inquire 2314 llth Ave. ~ FOR RENT 433 Crawford Ave. 6 rooms, all improvements, $30.00. 1514 Bell Ave. 6 rooms, finished attic, garage, $22.50. 1322 First Ave. 6 rooms, finished attic, $22.00. 2308 4th Ave. Apartment, 3 room* and baU.. garage, $17.00. ED. SE1DEL, Realtor 835 Seventeenth St. HOUSE FOR gomery St. , all O9nvenl$nc«a 5 SQ. MONT' " ---- ^

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