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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Monday, April 5, 1920
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m OBHTEMITY GFH.UM1S Carbondale~"Ath«ffts - of Egy^t." VOLUME 17 CARBONDALE^PLINQIS, ;MONDAY, Af mt 5, 1920 NUMBER. 14 CONGRESS TAKES RECESS IN JUNE Tentative Agreement.Reached by Leaders of Senate and ' • ' House. MRS. FLORENCE B.'HILLIS VACATION TO START JUNE 1 Plan Preferred Instead of an Adjourn. : ment—Majority Leader Mondelf ! Believes Business of Congress .Will Permit "Arrangement. Washington. April ..i—A tentative agreement has been .readied by leaders of .the senate nnd house tp hn've congress take a "recess of about three months beginning in the early part of June'. Majority Leader Mnndt>\l believes-the business In the house will permit the recess to start June 1, but Senator Lodge and others believe the recess should begin o. week or so "later! Recess Plan Preferred. The recess plan lias bsen decided . nnnn in preference to an adjournment because none of the Republican' lead-! WAGEIODDLEUP TO 'WILSON AGAIN Railroad Wrangle Goes Back-to the President for Settlement. DR,,WOLFGANGifvON KAPP ARBITRATION PUN FAILS Negotiations of Roads' Officials and Representatives of the Men at Washington Over $1,000,000,000 Demands Broken Off. Washington, April ..—The" whole, 'railroad wage,.-conlrov..rsy \vis placed before President YVflson for the third" time since railroad itUior <lled its demands for a. general ino-;yej«e in \\ajts last summer. ! In_a letter to the president B,M -Mrs. Florence Hayurd Hillis, state Jewell, chairman of Ihe raihun com '•"' """ l>el:nvai-"e oC the Na- mittee which constitutes • thf chairman for tional Woman's party,' who \n leading th« stiflYati final sfrugg 83 other states iu the 'ratification col- the .suffragists under Mrs. Hillis Jifiuns puny, who In leading .party on the railroad wage bonid said j ~ * ge forces of the state in the he regretted very much "to iuhise vra -First p iggle for .ratification. With ot nur falllll . e ,.„ }, l)(uin ally , )entncml Wolfgang ers is willing to have congress adr '"'? concentrating tlieir forces in this journ so long, as domestic affairs re-, ' !ls * and smallest state which has It main in their present unsettled con- , in lts Power lo give victory or defeat. dltion. If an adjournment were i taken congress would be powerless to convene again until December. The blunt truth of the situation is that the Republican leaders do not •\vlsh to .have, congress stand In adjournment' for five months or more TURKS TO GET TERMS ile President;. Wilson continues in the White .House. .To Consider Army Bill. Before the recess is taken the is- sue'of compulsory military training will bu forced .to n decisive vote in The senate. Senator Wadswortii, chairman of the military affairs'com- ' Will. Be Given, Time to Study the Document. Siiprame Council of Peace Conference Plans Meeting at San Remo April 19. Paris, April -.- -Tn French circles the mittee. conferred 'with senate-;leaders expectation now Is-Mmt the meeting of and obtained an agreement to have the the supremo council of the peace con- army reorganization bill taken up next f,...«, ce in San Remo will be called for week. It will be kept before the sen- April .10 to 22. Tlie Turkish peace rtel- ate until finally disposed 'of. -r "--••^R9TEST^-F.EAf^'-1!(fef---;p-ILtS'- : '^ o£ - 4 egates, it is understood, will be in- •v.Med to present Themselves toward the to."iveKlre-.-eltc, '-'.peace British Expen«s at' Paris Conterence , Tr , iS polnrpl1 ° llt " ere "'f 1 * , tlle te " nsl - - of the projected treaty with 'regard to •a number of point's 'we're'prepared by experts in the absence of the" heads of Cited as "Reckless Extravagance" in Commons. London. April t-Olmrges that Hid so , me o£r tlu " ft '- lie(1 K"vernments. Tre- government had Indulged in reckless ""0™ .Millerartd of franco hud Nitti extravagance at the'-pence .conference - of J t O'J' l'avln K attended only the'fire 1 in Paris have been';made'iii eoimecti5n-'''^^ s . lous of »'.>« •conferciice in Londoi with its bill of £OTO;388 (about. $i,03G,>-- Hon( ' e ' lt - 1 »' i11 lie nPcessni-y that-ii fu nnh-i/.i-^-'tho ^n«.o^"/.i>-'vi.<».--n,t;ic.h. session of the ' supreme ".-council • g 000).;for- the expenses" of'.''the-'British delegation ''-""' ' ' '' upreme ; over 'the' full project. is not anticipated tliat'the''session' - Wheti ihe'bill iwas presented in. -the t is not « ntlcl l>ocd tat the' sessioiv liouse ^. : $mmons recently 'Sir Alfred wili fie l"»?-ni"TIt-ls thought that tHe Mondij'firfit -commissioner qf •- worts. was shtiTply questioned as. to whether his •biUM'or. hotels in Paris covered the .-cost • of champagne; .food' and "' " ' ' dances: One' member of the; ; bouse. Indrgnant- l.v declared that : it would hare", b'e-e'n better for. the"- British delegates .'to have 'gone, to bed; to. think' over -tb.e ])eaee conference* instead' of indulging in such relaxation. . .- : The" government representative admitted that the British had" five hotels and~ three other premises, while the Americans had only one hotel, but, he declared, the Americans spent more money. SAYS GROUND IS HALLOWED Visitors to Ypris, Belgium, Are Reminded That 250,000 British Fell i:n its Defense. London, April \—The city fathers of Ypres, BelginT^., have issued proclamations in three languages warning visitors to remember that they walk on hallowed ground. The English copy, prominently displayed in the newspapers here, reads: "The burgomaster and the city council of Tpres urge you to remember that the ground you walk on is hallowed by the sacrifice of. 250,000 British officers and men who were killed or wounded in four terrible years of battle endured in the salient of Tpres and whose heroism Belgium can never forget." FARM LOAN SECRETARY HELD Turks may be able *-o begin their examination of .the' terms .of the treaty early in itay. The : procedure Is expected ro be the same as" with the other treaties,- the. Turks being given tlriie'' to study ;tlie 'treaty 'and• present their observations on it. '..".' The supreme council will then study the observations and prepare 'its reV joinder. ' The San Remo conference may have occasion to make' the final decision on soine questions regarding, the Hungarian" Tieace 'treaty. LET WOMEN PICKET EMBASSY Washington City Police Refuse to Stop Irish Sympathizers at British Legation. Washington, April .-.--Efforts of the state, department tp have the Washington police authorities break up picketing of the British embassy, which has- been begun by women favorable to an Irish republic, failed. The police said that in the light of the decision of the federal courts in the case of the suffragists who picketed the White House two year's ago they were powerless to act. unless there was disorder. It is said- that the British embassy made no complaint. The women began the picketing Friday morning, a dozen of them marching up and down the sidewalk'in front of the embassy on Connecticut avenue, displaying banners criticizing the British government. This.fact was brought to the attention of the state department, and oflicials immediately conferred with the District of Columbia commissioners ami police authorities. . . CAROLINA MOB HANGS NEGRO Official of the Alamo Farm Loan Association Arrested at Kansas City, Mo. Kansas City, Mo., April 1.—-II. G. Callahan, secretary-treasurer of the Alamo Farm Loan association of Sun. Ta.kes Prisoner From Jaii at Laur- Antbnio, was arrested here by Fred en *. S. .C., and Lynches Him for M. Tate of the secret service of this district on a charge of forging and . ., Cutting Wh'ite Boys. embezzling $60,000 from the funds of Sparlnnsburg. S.C.. April ^—George the Federal Farm Loan bank at Houe- Robertson, negro. -v:is fake- from the ton, Tex. Callahan told Mr. Tate, the city, jail at Lanrens, S. C.. by a mob secret service man announced, wkere nncl banged to a railroad bridge on the he could find $31,000 of the money em- outskirts of the city. Hobertsou was bezzled, and added he coiild make -charged with having cut three white eood the balance. ' boys with a knife after 'interfering in behalf of another negro in a dispute j with the boys. BRITAIN ACTS TO SUPPRESS RISING Warships Qpuise Off the Irish Coast; 35,000 Soldiers : on Guard.;; YANKS ABE UNDER WIL&ON'S'ORDER Tells Congress Troops on Rhine Are Subject to His Command. . -.. NEW RAIDS IN KILKENNY FOCH IS NOT THEIR BOSS results of these conferences.' The employees, Mr. Jewell said,, were keenly .disappointed at tlie position taken by the railway executives' com- ' mittee, which announced a deadlock and the withdrawal of the railroad members from the conference. Mr. Jewell did. not ask the president to lay the wage controversy before the railway-labor board, which is to be nominated by the president as provided 'in the transportation net. and on which the public will have represen-' tatlon.. . Want Public Represented. Attached to Mr. Jewell's letter was correspondence setting forth the attitude of the men and tlie executive committee. 13. T. Whiter, for the railway executives, wrote that while an agreement as to wages might be reached by direct negotiations between representatives "of rhe roads and the men, the executives did not believe congress contemplated-a'settlement involving so great nri addition to transportation -costs without- the-public's be-'-' ing represented' in the conferences. " Replying-to this-letter, '.Mr. .Tewell said'he believed the. reason' given .by the managers for 'terminating the negotiations was "not in accord with our uiylerstanding of'tlie law/' " • r " f; Sees Public Disappointed. photo to t r,eaeh. here of. Dr. vnh Kapp. l&ider of the late unsuccessful revolution-in Germany. ASKS ALIEN HOLDINGS Garvan Would .Retain. German Property Custodian Favors . C ' Holdings With Clajm Citizens Against, Washington, April ing buck German pro this; country congress the claims. American, ci against Germany^ Alien van declared bef.ore state .commerce commi -Testifying, at a heari ing to the status.;, of... A : nerlcan >vomen who married, aliens-, 3 in U. S." ecking Seized of American ~ 'ar Lords. . —Before turn- ei:ty, seized in should consider zens have'Uled Custodian Gar-' ie house inter- ee. g'on bills relat- Martial Law I* Expected to Be Declared. Saturday- Night to Prevent Any Easter Demonstration* — I Lloyd George Goes to Wales. tpndpu, April ',: — With warships cruising off tlie Irish coast and 35.000 | troops garrisoned at the 'vital centers • throughout the island, the British; government does not anticipate a con- i cerred rising .in Ireland Easter Sun-- 1 div • .."-.''"' The moderate element among the Sinn Ft;in leaders, it is learned, op-! poses a. rejietlfioii of -the 191G rebellion, knowing* -it eoiiid .be. easily crushed by Eugianfi and 'would merely be a bloody, fiasco; Premier Lloyd -George, Ian Macpherson. and Sir Edward "Carson all are said to have received "black cross", warnings reading, "Prepare' to die!" ';. .The ' premier left ../for. bin native- Wales, un/fler heavy guard.. George Bernard 'Shaw left forj Ireland to dlscusSithe. situation, Vith-'Sir Horace Pjunkett . Carion'a. Life Threatened. Sir Edward .C.orso'n'H revelation In the house 'of commons that a "murder squad" had left New jork to hssas^ sinate him was followed by ah appar- entiy well-founded story to the" effect that prior to' the recent- chrisfeiiing of his son the Ulsterite leader received mysterious .warnings .that his life was 0 Garvan said to Mr. Whiter..-"It will result in keen olution declaring .tlie '\var endet .disappointment to our constituents as .1C sighed by.:the president, \\-ri :s.tate, ^department .r-re^rds ..probahjy •would -slrow"fn'aT : Ani'e'r can.'el'ahiis-ex- ceeded ?1,000,000,000. -"While individuals ought not: to he made to pay-for-injuries inflicted by the. German government," he said, "it jri'fght he wise to hold' th» seized property until there is assurance that Ger-r many will pay. damages. I am in fa- "The attitude of .your-'committee .in vor of. holding it until Germany fur- failing to carry out the wishes of the nishes .security." president of thd.,United States comes ' Answering Chairman E<ch, Mr. Gnr- as a surprise t«us',"'Mr..'Je\velI : wrote" van snid he'did not believe a joint res- led, eve.n 'iild' af- well. as . the general public, .both of feet the situation respecting ilien propwj.ioni: are ; parties at interest and eu- : erty. - ' ' titled, to. jnore consideration .frpiii the. '."7 think: it necessary," he said, '"tli'at bipartisan-, board .than you have elect-" .congress enact comprehensive legisla- e'd.toigive. ;. . "tion providing relief Tor- American - "We .understand from this that your women who niarried aliens and whose coiunilttee has'.definitely declined to "property- now is in.-my--possession, assume the-responsibility anil -perform' There'nre about 47,000 cases. * .'. . • the duty which |s so clearly desired '• "I would like to see relief! providetl in-.the .public interest, and which tlie : for the people of AIsace-Lorraine-who, transportation act, as we understand ,'though controlled bv Germany, never It. contemplates—that 'of agreeing hi'.'lost their loyalty'to France. Although conference upon ih«. rates of pny...for their land has been returned to France, railroad employees which are just ;imll'Hiey find tliat we hold much of their reasonable.". j property, and France ims'"protested Union officials re'teratnd that-,-at the that it be restored." request of the president, they were | , • - '• "going njAng to give.the transportation The government, it is said,, appealed to him to hold, a-private ceremony and not .expose himself. 'Sir Edward refused nnd, according to- the story, nearly.half of.the guests.that attended the ceremony-were disguised Scotland, "Sard detectives. act a fair trial," although, they did not indorse any of- its provisions.. They look the position that with the break- Ing up of ilif juirit coi if even ce the whole matter was made more difficult, since the union membership was becoming restive. .. The railroad representatives de- PRICE OF COAL ADVANCED U. S. District Attorneys Throughout Country Are Instructed to Check Profiteering. Washington.-April -«,--Wilh all government price fixing nn :o:il ended by dined to -continue consideration- of f President Wilson's .expcntlve-order, :Hio demands which liave bi>on estimated i Department of justice instructed dis- ro total Sl.000,000.000 unless tlie pub-', lie had a vote in the proceedings. attorneys throughout the country to attempt to cneck . profiteering in Under the provisions, of the trans- I cort1 -' ' The necessity of absorbing- the portation. act, the wage controversy M 1200 ' 000 ' 000 increase in wages granted now will be referred to the railroad the bituminous coal miners-has moved the operators- already .to advance the price of-coal from $7.75 to $0.75 a ton.- Attorney General Palmer, in his- in- struction'to district attorneys, said:. : "Our total annual production is approximately 500,000,000 tons.. It is es- agreement between the railroads and thnate'd that the total increase in the employers prior to any opporlun- W! <WS will be approximately $200,000,- ity for participation by the reprosc-nhi- °°° P er nnnuin. If this entire amount labor bourd. which is yet to be appointed by President. Wilson. -The law provides fnr three representatives of. the public on this board. The union representatives were said to hold that rhe law contemplated ah tives of the public. is added by-the operators to the price it would'only makvt an increase of 4O cents a ton. Please.receive arid con- 1 IIVIIRY IWIPHRTQ pDnin/iMP ™ s "'"•'• ™ e let>Jne »nu con- LUAUrlT IIV1HJK.1 b LiROWING ! side.r complaints of profiteering which Total of $22,281.878 Collected During may arise In. your district under the Lever, act." •-.-.. KILL 3 MEXICAN,SMUGGLERS -. March at ''the Port of New . ' York. New York. April .-—Custom ~- i ~T—- ceipts for (he port of 1-lew York estab- ', American Customs Officials Fiflht lished a new monthly record during Ga "8 on Border Soiftheast Alarchr according to the report of Col- ' of Laredo, Tex. lector Newton. A total of .fSIi-^Sl.S"?! '' '. was collected. Most of the dutiable -Laredo, Tex., Apri', ,.--In a bnttle goods he classified as luxuries. Euro- '. between -foui- American customs In- pean countries hit by the Avar have ' s Pectp rs aud seven Mexican smug- managed to rehabilitate themselves S'ers,-f40 miles southeast .of Laredo,, Mr. Newton said, and imports- from three "of the smugglers were shot, and France and Germany, especially the- killed", and the. others escaped,... pre, latter,' are gradually resuming:-'.their -- : suinahly crossing the Rio Grande Into prewar status. Large imports of cut- Mexico. None of -the Americans was : lery have been received from Germany.' I n ''' re(1 - raids took place iii various parts .of southern Ireland, notably in Kilkenny.. Search was made for arms- and incriminating documents. Several .arrests were made. '-" The atmosphere -is tense throughout the Island.. No one, wili. be surprised if jtaster^ morning sees -'do upheaval, tlKJtigh if* the- Sinn Feiners are pre- paiing a coup tliey '.are; dpinp it so ^l-' under cover tliat- not. an' inkling of rtheir plans has.-ieaked r out".. !'. Comment by Irith 'Press.- :^ublin,' Apr! r;2:r-The^Irisli; Times; commenting on : tlie " liome .rule bill, say.s :••• "it surrendern three-fourths" oli Ireiahd to 'tha- forces of annuchy, and plajitB a cancer '"'iii .'every. h'e'nrt: iii the einplre." : '• ' ^ •'..- - ; . --::•- • .-' -'•'' : -..ybe Freeman's Journal' says: "Th'e bili: x cah have- n6'"otn'.er. effect .than to' irialte; confusion - : mp'rei Confounded." : ; -...The -Irish' Iridependeiyt ^says: ' ."The bill-was -framed "en the .'assumption that the rrish. people -are idiots, and that any nbomihttbie xystem of. government Is good enoupli^lor them." Declares French Field Marshal Has | No Authority Over Americgn&—' .Maj.-Gen.. Ailen Can Use,Fighters as He Seep Fit. Washington, April '...-American, troops on the Hhine are subject only to the orders-of the president of the United. States as commau'der-iri-chief of . the .army,. President .Wilson wrote congress in response to a resolution of. inquiry adopted by the house... . The-American troops! nnd l'he'terrl-. tory they control still are governed by the . terms of Hie armistice; the'.' president said. He disclosed that-the- American government had disapproved plans, to have the troops arid the. territory placed under the orders of the- Rhineland high commission.;. "•. . =•" A Fleld Marshal Fenlinnn'd 'Focb has no authority over the American troops, the .president said. Maj. "Gen;-'Allen,' comuiand - jiig...t)ie;f<ircgs,--!'nas--fd'lif i 'iiu- ;; tffority;" Mrl 'Wilson added; "to utilize his troops for the police of the occupied district, the preservation of order and to repels any .attack 'which may be made upon him." Vote^ Monday on Peace. AVashingtpn, April 2.—A jbiut reso-. lutioii declaring peace with Germany wasflntroduced in the house late Wednesday. Chairman Porter of the .foreign relations committee,, presented the measure with tlie unanimous'ap- proval of the Republicnn : members of; the committee, who devoted all .the morning and the greater part of.tlie afternon" 'm putting, the finishing touches on it. The resolution was drafted after ten days, of conference between the; Senate-: andHiouse iraderr-iar.d-^ansu!-^ tatlons with Hoot and John Ba«Moore' aivl oliiur legal experts .in. the Republican party. . . j. ; Resolution Is Conetltutlorial. .^ These authorities ndvlsed : ithe cdn- ?re'ssi6rial ,-leaders that the form..and terms of. the measure come, fully. \ylth 7 in the Constitution aud international law, and cannot be. succ.essfUjllj 1 -at-. ta'cked on these groun,ds.. . '..',• • Under the rules of the. house the resolution was immediately referred back' to the. forejgD affa'.rs committee, where.'it'.will be considered by the full liienibership and favorably : reported,. Chairman; Porter announced.'. , -..The Republicans, originally planned to : pass : the resolution through .the h'pu'seiF : r.iday, but at a.cohference.witii:. tlie Democratic lenders' itr was agreed •defer consideration on the-, floor until' Monday. The.reguegt, for' this delay "was made by. Minority. .Leader Cha'mp Clark, Representative"Kitejjh. and Representative Flo.od. ."' . ILLINOIS ENDORS NEXT •Rousing Meeting As A Pn hide To Activity Eefoi Primaries April 13 H. Kchn of Anna Et dorse'd of State Centrs Committee. SEE DOOM OF: PEACE PLAN Democratic Leaders to Make Partisan Fight Acainst the Resolution— Champ' Clark Leads. Washington, April ;«.—The plan ot the Republican leaders in congress to establish peace witti Germany by a joint resolution received what may :pr,o"ye i a fntai blow -wV.-j'u the Democratic 'leaders iii the House determined to make.A partisan, fight against It. In response: to a fiuestion as to the grounds for his. opposition, : Ciiamp Clark said: ' .' '.": ;--_-• ."An Irisliiiiitn/once tqld;a judge that there were 13 reasons why liis fcotli- er.was riot in .court! - The first- reason was tiiat he ^yas dead, i "There are 13 and. moreVeasons 'why I-am opposed to this peace'resolution. The .first reason : Is that-congress has! nq more power to declare.peace than the" town council of-Podunk. As In the case of the Irishnian,; the .other reasons are of no. iniportance." SETTLE STOCKYARDS STRIKE Men Vote to Arbitrate Dispute and .'. .., Will Beturn 'to' Work at ' ' " ' Chicago, April, : •'— BJ.n -vote of. 266 to 166 members -L! the,! Cattle Handlers' union, .whose .strike, has tied up the/ union stockyards .sjriee. Saturday night and resulted iii the. laying oft o'f; nearly 20,000. employees, pf ..- the big packing companies, ,', decided .to accept arbitration.;- and return, to their work whenever: - the; jtjnlijn . . Stock T^rd'-'ahd Transit cpinpany- so desires. ...; Arrange- 'infents were 'niatip tor the mec to j-e- tiirn to work -at At an enthusastic meeting- of R publicans' of Jackson County'at tl Court House in Murphysboro. Sa urday afternoon with James White of'liurjjhys'joro as oiaim and H. J. Buscli of Mi:rpiiysbi/vo secretary the following, resoiuiioi were un;ini-oiou i -lv adopted: The following 1 resolutions wci pas-seel at the Saturday mc-etin;,-: The. Republicans of Jackson com ty, in convention assembled, endors the" candidacy of" Governor Frahd < Lowden- for the Republican romin: tion for president and pledge • ou selves to a full expression o'f th .-endorsement- at- the- 'primaries to 1; he'd in each precinct from G a. to 5 p. m. Tuesdiy, April 13, 1920. •Frank O. Lowden lias 'shov.T! by h management of the affairs pf IUmo that he understands .the tu; government. In these , ..l-imttj;, ,.c money waste, he -.his .shown e':onbm und has saved to-"the people of tl- state more' than five.]ion iri state taxes. By his r-eorgu;: of tlie "state's business-affairs, lie set at work a state government this efficient,. economical and b'usines: like. His "wisdom- in providing nieai by which a great. system 'of permJ nent ro'ids are building and" tha without increased taxes, marks h BONN ALDERMEN- IN- : R6HT Violent Scenes Occur at Session of Municipal Council" of-Big Uni- ' i vcrsity Town. ' • Berlin. April' " —Violent scenes occurred at u session., of the municipal rouiicil of Bonn, Hie big university wn on the Rhine, .last'week. Black ?ycs were inflii-ted and not a few teeth lost. :The fiilliiwli:?: day on'oh • of the :'ity nnlons i-eceivod an eloquent writ- IPII. nrgumcal in favor insurance from an enterprising agent, who averred the' (iirlmli'iil session shooid •lie a. warning 10 i-vci^- nldernian that his li-fe was hi c.nnstaiir dan;:er. - RUSS REDS FREE^ERICANS Liberate All Red Cross Workers in Siberia/Except A. C. Tweedie, Who. Is ,111 With Typhus. Washington, April •>.—Release'of nil American Red Cross' workers held prisoner in Siberia by the bolshevik!' with the exception of Alexander C Tweedie of New York, was reported tr national headquarters. The last re port from Tweedie snid he was ill from typhus at Kasnoyarak. SPLITS 700 PER CENT MELON Columbia'. Motors Company of Detroit. Mich., Declares Big Stock Dividend. Detroit,. Mich., April .,.—The Colum bia Motors company declared a stock dividend of 700 per cent and .the stock will be delivered to stockholders within the next 30 days. Par value of flje »tock is $iO. 14. new 3v-atemvay- 'from ±he»-Iiakes . j Gulf just aecomplishsd by- h foresight, attain' his visiofc-' practical knowledge' of great affair T:his, our couraty, findV confusion i all of its relations and amidst all the people. Misunderstandings" an counter movements make the - grei departments of the national goven ment; weialc in. power and'barren' results. The people find confusion o every hand and' have ceased to tai serious'ly any policy or annourrcemeri They 1 know not tod-ay the demand c tomorrow....'.. •In this time ,and to correct this co; fusion, Illinois'.offers her -great soi Frank O. Low-den, as a proved ma to lead this- nation in ways oT eco: omy and order to peace and-Amer can contentment. . . iAnd-. be'it Resolved, By the Reprf lican County Central committee an the -Regjblican County Advisory con mittee^'Jftackson county, Illinois, i rbguter' meeting assenibled, that :n hereby pledge .ourselves to '"wor with'"and to assist the regular.Lov deni campaign' committee of sa j-aclcson pounty,. to promo'te and hrdn abauTTTn-e nomination of Gov. Fran 0. Lowden for the presidency of tl •United States. The Republicans of -Jackson eoun-1 hereby endorse the candidacy of Ho-. Henry H. Kohn of Union, county fc mem'ber of the state centeaf contmr tee. He has served faithfully tire ,R< publicans of this district, and by h energies; good sense arid Honesty 1 has become one of the most .usefu foremost, active members of the con mittee. We commend him for : -.'h prominence, activity and his SITCCJM in. promoting the, candidaxsy' of":-G<?; Erank O..Lowden to be.the Eepttbi (Continu'ea . On. Page. Two)"

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