Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 1
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FEATURES INDEX Am=r=ls .A-24 Classified .... D-l Comics .......E-* Death Notices A-21 Editorial A-20 Market! C-7 *, Radio-TV....D-10 ', Shipping ...,A-I« Sports C l- Women B2-J Phcn. HE 5-1161 -- d«siT«J No. HE 2-595? independent «' The Southland's JL Finest Morning Ncivspapcr 42 PAGES LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 27. IW VOL 24 -- NO. 157 WEATHER Mostly tosny. A little warmer, with high Dear tS. Complete weather on Paje A-3. HOME EDITION-IOe Tax Cut Measure Is Signed I5ip«*er Paychecks Slated to SUrt i\cxl Wednesday By ROBERT M. ANDREWS WASHINGTON (UPI) -- 'PERFECT CRIME' Letter Details Sinatra Jr. Kidnap Plot By JAMES BACON LOS ANGELES CT»--A shock-packed letter from .defendant Barry Keenan--describing plans for a "per President Johnson Wednes- fe£t ^^ a ki( j Mp ; ng ^ wou , d enab , e j^ {o . day mght signed mto law » c^g a millionaire--was read Wednesday at the Sinatra massive tax cut that will put an extra $SOO million a month into the taxpayers* pockets early in March. He urged Americans to spend as much of it as they can. For his part, the chief executive promised to make new inroads against federal spending, including a new goal to eliminate an additional 7,500 government jobs "in the very next few months." Kiiowland in Blast at Martin By DICK BIESER LOS ANGELES «V--GOP Jr. kidnaping triaL Then, in another sensation. the government read into evi dence a statement to the FB by defendant John Irwia. 1 quoted him as saying tha Keenan asked him to partici pate in the kidnap, and he a first said no -- "I told him there was no such thing a the perfect crime." Irwin's s t a t e m e n t Johnson acted a few hours N a t i o n a l ^ Committeeman |tinued . Kten2n con him reduction in individual and 1 corporate income taxes, a de- Ken- man cf water's Sen. Barry Gold- '« ** f rf 'I «. nedy proposed to spur the,P' JDhcan presidential nomina- wou!d economy to record heights, WHILE JOHNSON forecast tion. | Jr Knowland said Martin, who endorsed Nelson A. Rocke-1 Sinatra in custody, and o: $30,000 to join in. afraid some harm to Frank Sinatr I said if Tm going to] get in, 1 want $50.000. Barry 'Truce' Teams Named in Tidelands Dispute Lands Commission Approves of Talks agreed." KEENAN and Amsler. both good days ahead before a feller's candidacy Tuesday. nationwide radio -television] -has become the political audience, the Internal Reve^hatchet man for the eastern] nue Sen-ice announced that'liberal establishment in try-: 23 . and Irwin. 42, are charged workers should notice the 'fag to make California a poli-with kidnaping young Sinatra first effects of the tax cut tical and economic province." at Lake Tahoe Dec. 8 and AN EYEFUL, HUT i\O EARFUL Nancy Carole Tyler, secretary to ex-Senate aide Bobby Baker, was quizzical and smiling Wednesday in Washington where she was being questioned by committee probing Baker's affairs. She repeatedly i n v o k e d the Fifth Amendment to questions asked by Senate Rules Committee. (Story on A-17) By JIM McCAULEY I n (icrlmtM* lur.«a SACRAMENTO--Four "truce" delegates were appointed Wednesday to arrange an agenda for negotiations to compromise the multibillion-dollar tidelands oil controversy. First agenda discussion session was arranged for 9 am. today in the office of State F i n a n c e D i r e c t o r Hale' Champion- City Manager John R. Man-] seU of Long Beach appointed, -j rr\~l as the city envoys Leonard! /J'Vf / /I Brock, petroleum coordinator,' J and Harold Lingle, deputy L.A. Port's 'j Doom Seen city attorney. Representing the state win Stf By ED KENYON Assemblyman V i n c e n t - ^Horecalt of Los Angeles Harbor if his next Thursday. March 5. That is when a lower payroll with holdin ransoming him for 1240,000. KNOWLAND, a f o r m e rj Keenan's letter provided . : TM\ e £°« fcto effect. Urs i ted states senator, took'perhaps the major surprise of meaning higher paychecks, 'pan^a,. exception to Mar-ithe trial. Asst. US. Atty. The nation's tax collectors tin's statement that he was Thomas R. Sheridan read it said they would follow assigning his committee job'to a stilled courtroom after "rule of reason' in enforcing'and joining the Rockefeller saying he found it in a safety' the March 5 changeover. "We'drive because of a "sincere deposit box shared by Keen-! will not find fault with era- desire to prevent the RepuV an. and a friend, rock 'n' roll plovers whr are'delayed a lican Party in California from singer Dean Torrence." day or two in putting the becoming a mere branch cfj ton" and ramblin" it was lower rate into effect by the John Birch Society" 'dated Oct. 24.1963. and spoke, problems encountered in con- Knowland told a news con-'of plans for a major crime verting their payroll sys-ference the statement was'that would net about J100.- tems. a spokesman said. un just to hundreds of thou-'oOO. saying at one point- Johnson called the tax cut sands of dedicated Republic-Kidnaping seemed to offer 1 "an expresiion cf faith in our cans. . . the least risk for the money. system of free enterprise"! « . . . ! so 1-set to work planning a that will strengthen the Unit-[ MARTLVS resignation, in-'perfect crime. Naturally if you ed States by bolstering accidentally, was not accepted 'art reading this, the crime economy. ^ Caspar W. Weinberger,^'" imperfect." "No one can bury us. o^Califomia GOP chairman-! The defense has contended, bluff us. or beat us so long^Veinberger, instead, grznted^joughout the trial that itt as our economy remains Martin a leave of absence un-!was a publicity hoax. The (Continued Page A-4, CcL 3) (Continued Page A-6, Col. 1) (Continued Page A-3, CoL 1) President, Aides Visit Mrs. JFK By JOHN F. KOENING JR. WASHINGTON UP) -President Johnson went to Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy's Dogs, Clubs! V.S. Picket Play Premiere NEW YORK UPI -- About 150 persons, including M uni-i 1 ^ 1 formed members of tw The commission pave its formal blessing to the tide lands truce parley. Amon, the issues which the negotiations hope to resolve are: ,what he termed "unfair corn- g Beach Harbor is not heeded. The warning came Wednesday in an address before the I. Whether the state or cilyl 5 * 0 Pedro Chamber of Corn has primary control over oil mcrce m uhich ^e veteran developments on the state-! Ie S lslator Proposed a greater owned shoreline off Long; stlte share in ^^S B "t:h Beach. Long Beach now is thej tiJelanli °? revenue and re- . state's trustee and demands »f firmed ' it retain control O ver, ,«*a«led cfubs - . Georgetown r e s i d e n c e Wednesday night along with members of the late ! Pres,dent-s c a b i n e t ud ! White House associates. !»*·« plus several of their wives. i,.f eh !^ r , reporters Marchers (Piclurt « rM »'! P R I N C E S S ANNE. Mil (UPI)--State police with dogs,i^ en ^ N " lParty ' demon '[ 2. How the contract is to be THOMAS was critical of _ _ . - --- · etr^itjT« f*f,tr\A^ *V» l\,^-* + mr f . j « J * ; *··* r I -- -- » _ ^ _ V ;_ · · ^ support cf the .Los Angeles Har- shorelme beautif ication. fousht! f" ' where its '" " l d « J » " se ySS^'SSS ysiSSf tnree pens used in his signing Wednesday night of the big tax cut bill because John F. Kennedy -worked so hard, so long and had such faith in this bilL" At the bill signing, the President had told the theater,»x)ried for developing a $35-iLong Beach in two major is- lt The Deputy- ,binioa oil field off the eastern sues with which he said the' American werniere' sho « Ime cf ^S B " ch - The legislature is expected to be ''state wants the field broken'confronted next week. They ,into several parcels and the'are the t.deUnds oil contro^ ) aty , avorj ^ e dev e!opcr so versy and the Metropolitan ' The P ' ay isserti that ^e'tnat control win be concen- Transit Authority issue. [Ute Pope Pius XII failed to trated in a single authority to On the latter. Thomas de- out in condemnation [Simplify smkage control. £ Ured that he would "never "? hL P ° l l C t qu.ckly stopped one scuffle. re an anticipated $2 billion takina this stand because the George :_ ^ TM oecause ine Across the Nation Say Oswald Plotted to Kill Nixon HOUSTON (UPI)--Lee Harvey Oswald plotted to kill former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the Houston Post Wednesday night said it had learned from an associate of Oswald's widow. Post reporter Jim Criswell quoted James Martin of Dallas, who was Mrs. Oswald's business representative until a few days ago. The story said the plot against Nixon was outlined to the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Nixon was in Dallas the day before the late President was killed. Martin would not tell the Post how lie learned of Oswald's intent to kin Nixon. 'It's part of the testimony," he said. M can't comment on it." Oswaid also has been implicated in an attempt upon the life of former Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker last April in Dallas. Martin was dismissed by Mrs. Cr- wald a few days agt. reportedly upon If* advice of Robert Oswald, brother cf the accused assassin. Reject Aid Request WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The House, in a major foreign aid defeat for President Johnson, Wednesday refused to approve his revest for $312 million in additional VS. contributions to the International Development Association (IDA). The roll-can vote was 203 to IS*. The lawmakers sent the biH back to the House Banking Committee and an uncertain fate after five hours cf complaints that other nations such as Britain. France, West Germany and Jjpan are not carrying their fiir share in financing the organization. IDA makes loans on easy, long- credit terms to the underdeveloped na- lions for projects designed to spur the growth of their economies. JOHN REES .. . \imed in \\TH Halite on Will Seen LACOV1A, NJi. UP--Author Grace Mctalious, who died at 39 after five years of movie-made prosperity has left her three children pitted against a bearded English journalist as claimants to her estimated minion-dollar estate. The first collision occurred in BeJ- knap County Probate Court Wednesday when counsel for the author's married daughter and a younger brother and lis- ter challenged a deathbed wiil leaving her estate to John Rees, now living in Boston. Mrs. Metalious died in Boston's Beth Israel Hospital Tuesday, a day and a KiU af;er she was admitted desperately ill from j chronic liver disease. John Crirnens. a Cambridge, Mas*.. lawyer, saxj thot Monday night she dictated a deathbed will leaving her estate In Rees. whom he described as "a writer and collaborator with her 'on boo'is." ing the first three pens used to Mrs. Kennedy and her children, John Jr. and Caroline. He noted that the measure was "inspired and proposed" by Kennedy. here were arrested, others were bitten by two snarling! The followers of ^cuitc in public revenues German Shepherds and a|lincoln Rockwell, the Arneri-jjjfyjj o ;j f ie [d s off t reportedly suffered,can Nazi leader, wore swas-\ 1}M of j^g ^ K ^ on brown uni- -p,,. negotiations were ar placards ranjej l{ ,e r Assembly Speak readmg: 'Deputy" is Hate-l er Jesse M. Unruh proposed, This is a Hate Play--This', rnmnrnTn ; e . f orTnu i a . Unruh burns on his face. Thejtika insignia students later were released forms and carried AN UNEASY calm prevailed Wednesday night but Maryland Gov. J. MiUard Play is Anti-Catholic." ! suggested not include proper service to the Los Angeles Harbor area. · . . . , HE SAID his criticism of proposed MTA rapid- that Long Beach^nrisjt service was based on ,yield on the contract-wording; tfle f , rt thal cne o f the lines ONE spectator, Paul Stern- issue in return for a new law wou id serve the Lon» Beach jTawes ordered N a t i o n a 1 berg, a local salesman, rushed that assures Guard troops to standby. the pickets. He was joined by'control and JOHNSON spent about 40 minutes inside the Kennedy home and indicated he also has given Mrs. Kennedy a fourth pen for the proposed Kennedy memorial library. He to!d newsmen that the cabinet group and White House aides had given Mrs. Kennedy a gift in memory of her husband. He described the gift as "a tribute" to the late President. The gift was a gold tray !^"^' with a coffee and sug-- ··· '^* Engraved on the the names of t. members and White House t £dl clnDU , staff aides to the .ate Presi- 1^,^ I The rioting occurred when some others, but police quick-[safeguards remain in [about 300 marching integrally restored order. hands of Long Beach. tion " that sinkage arca _ beautification although no rapid-transit the (Continued Pape A-5. Col. 4) demonstrators m o v e d ! Steinberg said he was "notI into the downtown business anti or pro-anything." and! UNRL1I a l s o district and blocked the main|added: that possibly the state and tersection. j 1The slvastlka shouM not |city could negotiate a settle-] Private citizens in cars and be allowed on the streets of ment "^marking » lump sum | pickup trucks bulled theirNew York. I went over there for f« tur e Long Beach shore- way through the ranks and and punched one cf those Iine development. P r e s e n t club-wielding state troopers 1 guys and a cop hit me on thei law " 1Is for · yyy) a TM sion , charged the students, who;hand with his billy. What are, 0 ' "ate-owned-tidetands oil were demanding integrated'they protcctin- those crumbs revenues between the state j restaurants here. IforT ,trcasury and » shoreline trust « . . . .fund. | Sen. Barry Goldwater an- TWO OTHER dcmonstrat- State Finance Director Hale nounced intentions to enter sticks. They were dispersed ; rg group, objected to the'(Continued Page A-3. Col. 4) in °; h « presidential primary Gold water Will Run in Indiana The students retaliated byj hurling rocks, bottles and hos1 lnd th * 1 P»«y. ^ »"°ther favored its about ^ «*· **o»in fr saying freedom of i dent. i: · · * · SECRETARY of S t a t e Dean Rusk, on leaving the house, said that he had delivered a brief speech at the presentation but declined to say just what he had said. These things are hard to express." Rusk told reporters. "There are some things that you just can't talk about." the melee. !) The noise of the demon'(Continued Page A-7. Col. 1) ARROWHEAD AREA Four Arrested in Land Swindle in his quest for the Repub- ,_ jlican presidential nomination H f j - j |C a ' so ""^ *·' "'ready ha* 1 K i l o more than two-thirds of the votes needed for the prize. And the man Goldwater thinks is his most serious foe, former Vice President Rich- to Divert I? 7 rflt f o R i 77 ard M. Nixon, reiterated that 1 *.!·£' It Id U I It he's still active in politks. if presidential not an active WASHINGTON ( U P I ) -- candidate. Southern forces lost the cpcn-| Goldwatcr's campaign di- jing skirmish in the Senate, rector - Denison Kitchen, an' civil-ri"h[» hattV WMn»» i nounee1 *TM Washington that w » n " ri^rns Ddiiic vv CQnC» a* · · i . . .the Arizona senator will ,day as t h e controversial enter the May 5 Indiana pref- House passed legislation wxt'erence primary. At stake ar« ANGELES WWFour pajing back-taxes without kept out of the hands of a 32 votes at the Republican men accused of operating a^owneri 1 knowledge. ^ 'hostile-led jud«iary cotnmit-! N '»tionaI Conver.tion in San 1 [Francisco next July. Indiana . _. . ,. -law binds the delegates ta forged deeds and the property The opening parliamentary ^jt t}ieiT fu-jt-banot votu Angelej. " !^?l v ? hen . t^^ mtd to _*i sh ^ t i w ^ re fired " Stn - R**-' 1 for the May primary winner. LOS massive land swindle in the TlUe clalm$ were ""^ onl . M . the basis of tax receipts and' c V SONNY USTOVS purse is released, tnd neavy- weight title fight ii declared "honest." Page C-!. _ . . . . i number o/ fictitkxis persons ard B Charged with conspiracy to to ^^ Ut , e leltctxn , | ' commn grand theft and to officials said the property,' 0 ' , , . . file forged documents vtTt ]iVt j Mi , t $75.000, w« ob-i celsfBl ' tned to Frank Matranga, 53, North tained for about $5.000 measure from being placed Hollywood; Samuel Grabtr, 1 through the conspiracy and! 0 " t^ e Senate's calendar of 57, Los Angeles; Herbert',^ ^^ j^y through real,W* ready for fkxar action. leader! ) GOLDWATER was attend- i ne ing a private fund-raising dm Tnth Palrn STOCK-nurket iverajes elimb to new highs agauTin reles. actr, tra,, Pafe ^ Utrt Roberts. 31. Beverry HiHs and estite dealers jjames La^. West Los An-] officers sa'id friends V.'e apparently wis taking hand in a battle which has four «,^,», , RUBY J u r y "° a Ux cvtr who wa '"' I f . -_ f : 4U1U1U »t» « L*IIU Russea-j formal objection developed among Florida Re- other first w a t overruled by the ' Wetcalfe. D-Mont. A f t e r a n l . . . , Uk e Arrowt^ad Co., round of tharp debate. Met-j -' ,,,,, .- - *e!«tioo jquent properties in the Lake which owns the lake ind nl-!calfe f i decision then was up-' Rfp * . picks op in speed, with Arrowhead area by filing lage. said none of its land held by a 54-to-37 vote of the *"" " ld m eight now named. Page A-6. |forged quit-chin *edi and was involved. Senate itself. (C'nt'nued P.-e A 6 Col 4) Cramer. Ri inteniew

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