Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 2
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P«g« A-2--INDEPENDENT e.iif., , r.k. u, «»3i City Finance Quiz ·* * ~ _ _ . . . t By BILL SHELTON 1 " When Messers Rogers and Hammerstein wrote the musical score for the play "Oklahoma," md^had Lau- rev and Curley "sittin 1 near Claremore and talkui ana City. Finance";-Directpr Sam-, uel Roberts'will, attend; ah; Associated' Property _ Owners -taxpayers nieeting~Tuesday-at,7.:45 p. pu Jh~Wilson ;'Highv.School Auditorium to explain *he-eity's needs jEprTniore. "money-."in 1'the fiscal- -year; starting- jiexf; July: Paul ,B. : ;'Wilcox;-executiye^di- her '.'SHE WAS RESCUED from'her predicament by a state SHTC WAS IVJCrfOV UK'*' J-J-vi** "'-··· .r - Lighvvay worker who knocked out the vicious bird with a pair ofplierL He then used the pliers to remove -the claws from th'e-palm and back of Mrs. Taylor's hand. ' PRESUMABLY after a cat the elderly widow was holding, the bawk attacked her in the yard of her farm where she lives ellne Mrs Taylor said it squalled and swooped down on her. £ seized['it by the neck and walked in and out of her house, trailing blood.-before heading for the highway. ·. .JACK KNIGHT, of Claremore, said he stopped his car when he"saw she was in trouble. After freeing her .from the. hawk, he local doctor who administered a tetanus costs $57,000 a year to operate. What revenue does it provide to the cityTvXVhat- percentage tf .the.'.pdpulatiph ever- enters it? · ' -Urge .California . . . m«iny,' : ;btlier. -.cities Taise-if50,0pp. i :a.; year:in :jpublic , which might produce more iiari ' ' a '.million, dollars,, Wilcox charged .new source would come from many operations ?:, of the same persons already carrying the tax -load; *'.' * .»' '* · AMONG QUESTIONS to be submitted to Roberts, Wilcox and schoolelections? said, are: 1 . 1. Why should- Long Beach pay 1 about $100,000- for' am- w paid-i money r/ ' " " * ~ ' j(--aUi .Di W JUVJAf CAc«^u"»*i «-"· *·**"», I ;T*'. V I*'TV\^ , · r . - .7? ·* rector otihe;A'PO;'said::R6berts i-unds...-for"-industrial : -a'-dvertis- has mentioned the'pDSsibffity of'ing?!:- : -''- v '-^ a new source of revenue-r-serv; .;-8 : .What. others-have- A,.? 6 " 7 ice charges lor Jefuse Mllectio^'homey: police.ihohor farm, .and ·1 ·_,- _-:^.T_A «. n /3nAA »UXT.n.Vi«W a ' " -limATiilp -riurpaii''" serjarate Fast Life THE ' A R M E D SERVICES YMCA project is endangered by opposition from interests which say it is competitive to them. » » . » ' · ' * . Locker. club operators oft- ·Ject ;to the. YMCA-' having locker* for- u»e- by aorvlce men using .the Y. : . ',. ' ' * . * · * . , * " . ' . ' . - · IF THAT OPPOSITION results :in taxpayers .· suits as is indicated,':: it -can mean ^-killing the project... ,.·" . · ' . a '.juvenile,. bureau; separate from',-the;.-police - ;department .are,';ours.more expensive 9. Why. a Ml»» s lJnivei«iB program which costs the city $50,r 000? - ' · ' · · · · ; . ·. 10. Why not co' By PETRONTOS JK. bulance service' when other program? 11., Can we afford. this luxury of $76,000. "for "the 'city-schdol sixth' grade' mountain -camp biought her to a iuuu uui-wi. ··TM -- -- TV- .,,.,,, shot. Mrs. Taylor was reported recovering satisfactorily. ,, ' " 7 / 1 TWO missing toys and three bungling bearCtl UVer b i 00 dhounds that led the- search for them landed in the doghouse at Las Vegas Thursday. TUE YOTJNGSTEKS-Michael Joy, 9, and Dewey Thomason, 10, were found playing in a wrecking .yard in downtown Las Vegas-several miles from Sunrise Mountain, where the bloodhounds had led searchers Wednesday night. ^ · - THE SEABCH SNOWBALLED until more than 100 men afoot," in jeeps, on horseback, in helicopters and in private planes were scouring the area. · , · «, THE BOYS told sheriff's officers that when they ran ·way from their homes Tuesday, one of them, forgot to leave a note reading: "Dear Mon. I've run away. Don't look for me. - THE NOTE WAS found in a suitcase the boys -were carry- Ing which was crammed with knives, BB guns, cap Patois a hammer and an axe. The youngsters said they bought the goods with a S100 bill they found floating m a gutter. THEY SAID THEY slept, Wednesday night m an abandoned shack two blocks from the .police station. When picked up they still had $40. ' - . n 7 t -I The ladies moved a step nearer DTOttCi ApprOVCll frg Lo]ra - s i n London Thursday ni-ht The House of Commons gave board approval to a bill allowing women to take seats in Britain's all-male upper house of Parliament for the first time in history. AN OPPOSITION Laborite motion condemning the govern- mc-nt-framed life peerage bill was defeated 305 to 251. Par- tomentary commUtees now will study the' ^U for possible amendment before returning it to the house for a third reading THE VOTE WAS a surprising victory for the Conserva^. tive administration. It had previously found scant support, even In Tory ranks, for the controversial measure. The bill seeks to create life peers, both men and women, whose .titles will not be passed on to their children in the traditional manner. LABORITES, backed by Liberals and some rebel Tones, attacked the biU as failing to alter'the existing setup m which most members of the House of Lords are. hereditary peers with allegiance to the ruling Conservative Party. GOVERNMENT spokesmen have claimed the bill would Introduce new blood into the Lords. · comparable cities pay $20,000? 2. With the county providing health'.service for' other/cities, is Long Beach paying a duplicate tax bill for health of upwards of $450,0007. ' ' 3. Is It costing us an unnecessary 5200,000 a year in assessing and collecting our own taxes when the county must cover the same ground? 4. Is It good practice to spend 5200,000 for a city band, the like of which no other city has? 5. Veterans Memorial Bldg. 12. Can the city place a dollar limit on its recreation'.program '·'whichi now aggregates' more' than a million -dollars a year, or nearly 19 cents on every $100 -of assessed valuation? .' -Wilcox emphasized that the APO has not advocated cutting all · the mentioned items but that each should receive serious consideration. · · · ' . Questions for Feb;-18 meet- ing'may be mailed to APO, 120 E. 3rd St. UAL Strike Scheduled forMareK2 CHICAGO OLE)--The .International-.. Association - o f - Machinists Thursday announced, a strike.. is scheduled against United Air. Liries'for March 2. Officials of the No.-141 in Chicago said strike would-idle about 9,000 ground crew workers in all 48 states and Hawaii., ' They 'reported rumors that the strike against United would: be simultaneous to a nationwide strike against Eastern Airlines and followed shortly by a walkout against Trans World The court'ha» approved, the contract lor operation and bunding of the YMCA with tideland oil .fund*. ' 'THE NEW BUILDING to be located at the foot of Magnolia Ave._ is .scheduled' forVo'nly .70 more'lockers operation in .the old building.' . . , · · » ' ' · · · * ' «·-·-. ·-. · .-· -··- Apparently the p r i v a t e 'locker club operators wlsfi all. YMCA lockers to- be eliminated. ' . · ' - . - . .-. · » « * - - * THE NAVY- JIS STRONGLY in favor, of,the- project' as ap.- proved by"the court and as already planned.. ' ' . * · · » · * · . H the. project is stopped the responsibility wllljrest on .the- Interests seeking to deprive It 61 the facilities now planned.' · - . » * * ' THAT IS A BIG RESPONSIBILITY for any group'that says '" Navy here. -- -- the Life at RH«y .«t Ik* HUNTINQTOH HOTEL I/, OP A BLOCK LONG . IJJOLOMAIIBLVD., LONQBUOH Airlines. Officials . . .'at Eastern and . TWA, .however, refused to confirm the rumor. Thli tiottl bou*«Y»rd to thi.octaa. Tw .; All loomi mvt priyiM batta, brind 5iw wnll-to-wall carp«Uji[, wrttlBJ rf*iki tcUDhODl and dill? maid KSo'.. TlTM dinlnr room £«.. th» ocein. Boom u d m M l l f 2 *J;. u we«k «»cti p«rion. Chole* itiaKf, pplmt rtbi of b«««. rout tttckey, ELlMd Virginia him and . «v«rythlnn 'ijia to «t No b«tt«r tood any- wlltrt Pbopi HB 9-6233. Our dta- TMm if»o cater, to tin .out. d. o ««r - Pbopi HB 9-6233. Our dta- »« TMm if»o cater, to tin .out. d. piibllc. Club bnaldait «5c: r«ul»r . dinniii 12.15. Judge Drops Charges of Ciolino Trespassing San Pedro Municipal Judge Bernard Lawlor Thursday dismissed trespassing charges brought against Sam Ciolino, a leader of one of two rival factions battling for control of the AFL-CIO Seine and Line Fish ermen's Union. Ciolino was booked Feb. 6 on a citizen's arrest by Mike Mattera, executive board member of the opposing group, after Ciolino attempted to take over the union hall at'261 W. 7th St * * * * JAMES MONKOE, Ciolino's attorney and spokesman for the group trying to wrest control of the union .from John Calise its secretary-business agent said his faction would probably bring false arrest charge" ugainst Mattera. · In dismissing the - Ciolino case after several witnesses had been heard, Judge Lawlor de- dared that no evidence had ritish Children Atom-Conscious READING, - England (HE)-- eading University students ook a metal cylinder, marked "U.S.A.F. -- Danger, highly ,, adioactive," and placed it in I 1 public garden Wednesday. They watched-for six hours see what would happen, hen a little girl discovered it, icked it up, trotted 50 yards own the road and threw it in he river. INDEPENDENT Published dally except Sunday * Sixth St. and Pin. Ave., Long Beach 12, Calif. Entered as second class matter Mar. 27, 1943, at Long Beach 2, Calif. Adjudicated by Superlo Court, Los Angeles County, Oct. 6 1941. Decre« No. C-10280. Per Per Month Year Carrier Delivery *?.00 *24.0 By Mall _. 2-00 -° Blngl* Copy 1° Valentine -Chocolates IN A LARS! SELECTION OF HIAKT-SHAPED IOXES IUY AT THI FACTORY 1345 W. 14fh St. I HII DILIVKY ·' U lb. ien produced to show that a iminal trespass had oc- irred. Those testifying were Mrs. Tieresa Hoinsky,. Calise's sectary, and Mattera.- H. L. 35 12 24 2 .6851 18 4 5244 31 10 22 3 40 3Z Weather High and low temperatures as eported by the United S t a t « i Veathcr Bureau: H. L. ong Beach 66 48 Okla. City os Angeles 69 54 Omaha as Vegas 6343|Phoenix ' oston 2720,Pittsburgh hicaao 26 14|Portland levBliind 19 5!St. Loula lenver 44 14l$t. Paul es Moine» 25 OlSalt Lake ictrolt 20 5 BanFrancsco 5745 airbanks,A 9 -17 Seattle 5044 /liaml 57 49 Thermal 7654 ewOrleans 44 25 Washington 28 20 lew York 25 15: TIDES , High tides today will be 5.5 feet t 6:12 a. m. and 3.9 feet at 7:49 , m. and low tide'will b« -0.6 oot at 1:25 p. m. High tides Saturday will be 5.6 eet at 6:57 «. m. and 4.1 feet at :19 p. m. and low tides will be .8 feet at 12:53 a. m. and -0.7 foot t 2 p. m. Sunrise: 6:39! mnset: 5:36: FREE KAHC * TRAIN * 1US Tronlportatton avallabl* to Gu«iti of Thu LAS VEGAS HACIENDA HOTIL'S CHAMPAGNE TOUR For Only Th« ·vvnlng tout* Includal . . · ·fa February ip«ell . . . 110 to ·pend as you wi»n on food, bir, aod casino Frl. t Sat. J5) r Gourmet Buflot. Dlnntr * Mottle oI.CInunpMne * Danclnc Dusk 'Ul DaWB ·ft 4 Chances at SS.OOO Holc-ln-0n« Contest ·ft Entertainment ft NKcht LlKhted Oolf « Swimming ^ jjmouslno Service to and from Airport In Las Ve«a« (I Ml. Dll. Rim nil. On.) DAILY FLIOMTS D.porr S:JO o.m. -- *«iun 1 i.m. A*Htl«nol D«p«rtw« M., »«., Sun. Itll GArlleld 4-8531 Maytag Maytag Maytag 2-SpMd Waihwr wirh.tnd return. RIO. «».95 HIGHLANDER with iudf nturn. CLOSE-OUT SPECIAL AT Pink, Dt Luxt Automatic. SAVE Pink D* Lint : Dry«r. SAVE - Hills, May fag's Largest and Oldest Long Beach dealer, purchased a carload of May- tags at special prices. Hill's passes these savings on to you. REASONS WHY HILL'S GIVES YOU A BETTER DEAL 1. 4 months same as cash, 2. Low prices. 3. Delivered and demonstrated by our service dept. 4. Low interest rates. 5. Low service rates. 6. Bank or GMAC terms. 7. Expert service. 8. 1-year free service. · NEW mm mm STOPS SPUI SEAMS! * ^--vy"-v./-/ */S/\A\ Em hippM ti y»?_ Mttn ciustd by wMppH ind biitilt w«lh. Won't ftippin with a MAYTAG ll-Ftrlc Automttlcl 2 speeds mi ill 3 wifor ImiMrafiirts lake Ihi wtar and Mar out ef washday! The new MAYTAG All-Fabric Automatic washes all these problems right out of your, life--and with pushbutton ease: split seams, creased nylons, shrinking woolens, tangled wash. Only this amazing new Maytag offers: HOT, WARM and COLD water wash arid ' rinse--REGULAR arid. SLOW speed agitation and spin---' Automatic Water Level Control to save water IH( L O N f . I IH A U I O M A T I C W A S H i R LOOK H E RE WASHER ,., '389 95 DRYER , M J239' 5 Both 1... SPECIAL BOTH ONLY ffiMOVHS ^ new MAYTAG] automatic washer rldt cljttiu it lint dirt ind tind! Now have lint : fre* clothes outb- matitaUy. New MAYTAG 'twirls lint out 926'holes in the tub it- ielf. No pun ... no trap*... no gadgets. Laktiwood Center t-- fine pure wools! {wool and cashmere! · - ·« · f wool and fur! luxury wool plushes! Originally 4 MONTHS AS CASH WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD EASY BANK OPEN EVENINGS TIL 9 or TERMS 5650 ATLANTIC AYE. GA 3-2490 12 Y«ars in th« Same Location GA 2-7078 . Now's your chance to pick up a real'stunner' of a coat --and save $15.07! Try on smart tweeds, pert checks, herringbone weaves, lush solid shades. Beige, grey, natural, black, red, pink, blue la group. 6 to 18; · Charge it and take 6 months to pay with no down payment BOND'S LAKEWOOD CENTER 5224 Lake-wood Blvd. OHH MONDAY, THUMB AY, RID AY, 1HM TO »:» M. p,w.t... t.. ».n» · i«» i . p...r». tllr · ".IIT" ' . lrf "" B . Usttss* (.. OIOKOI HITHAM » H*mr III* Ntw M.n. Ihru M., t:H f.M.tlO r.M., KTTY, Cfuwi.l II

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