Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 28
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i ;· A-78-1NDE? £ND£MT rt L IM lAfcsaving y * Recognized /'Fred I- Pries, young fire- ri«". never had done mouth- to-mouth resuscitation ""for keaT before. 1 ~ But carry hi the morning of March 25, hs wu on a fire trad: that roared up to · borcing housa t 1S72 Lima Aie. I j*l was oa tha sida next to Vat Loose, so I got there first. Insld* vrai *** woman, over* tone by smoke, lying on tha flpoc between the living room rad bedroom. ( * * · · I CARRIED her outside. l j I "I WASHINGTON CB--House; 12 families v.ou'd equal onei HE HAS not presented any investigators presented t h e rating point -.. evidence indicating such at' V. C Nielsen Co. Thursday with 53 name* from its supposedly secret list of families' ----------- . . _ . . which national broadcast! typewritten list of names ofi** n "fitnesses have said they ratings are based. tie rating services, claims to :e*p secret the names of the ,200 families making up its national sample in order to 'itarted breathing. Thea we . trJtd the inhalator. She slip- ", ped away again. I dM mouth- ;. fcHnouth for another five min- --SMt PMta RECEIVING AWARD for saving life of woman in fire is fireman Fred L. Pries (left). Making presentation are Jerry Carver (center) and Max Bryan of American Red Cross Chapter. 'trfes, and then tha ambulance 'So Pries was credited ^lh javing the lifa of Mrs. Royal C.-Oesterhoot. r Tha week at Fire Station of tha first aid program'* by! Ths certificate was signet Battalion Chief Max A. Bryan, by Bryan. Phil A. Hattery BRYAN, year with the Fire ment, is director of training Seven, 23rd Street and Elm.far the department and chair- Ave- tha fireman was pre-[man of the first aid cctnmit- *erSd · Red Cross certificate] tee of the Long Beach Chap- ··nifecognitioa of meritorious ter of the American National tenfica performed m behalfjRed Cross. s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s EUPHOLSTERY SALES " FZT^I 2-pc. SUITE Probers Demonstrate That Radio, TV Ratings Alight Be Immunity Granted RANGOON W --Gea. Ne Wia's revolutionary regime has {ranted Burmese farmers immunity from seizure or at- civil suits ia tachment of their property foe debts. User's new hw farmers are· exempt ; frees collectioa cases. STAIF attorney Robert E. L. Richardson presented a tempts have been made, however, and did not make any such charge Thursday. Nid- The company, largest of them as part of their national sample. These names : » ere . cot obtained by the use of .any powers cf this committee.' irevent them from being in- Richardson said. They were certain discovered by means avail luecced to tune in irograms or stations. Industry w i t n e s s e s in weeks of hearings before a louse commerce subcomxnit-! ee have testified that an increase of one Nielsen rating point could mean millions of Tviiiolit nt wut house.make il Canada,Housei_ not approached for any such purpose. E a r l i e r . Richardson reported that he and committee investigator Rex Sparger had! obtained also a secret Nielsen' map spotting the key coun- able to any broadcaster." ties in which its sample fam- Throughout the nine days flies are located. Nielsen ex- Nielsen officials have been ecutive vice president Henry *4S? Imported Canadian Whisky dollars ing to in rational advert is- testifying. Richardson has hinted that the company's use of a permanent sample--' some families have been in it since 1547--makes it sus- a network. As t h e ceptible to manipulation by Nielsen sample is composed,ipersons interested in in- Rahmel said unde_r questioning it would provide "invaluable" information to a radio or television network seeking to locate an affiliate station! in an area that would boost) its rating. CANADAHOOSE; RE C O V E R E D AS LOW AS ALSO CARPETS D R A P E S ntrt trnMATTi -nj.»i^«. ^^ Thaw Seen in French, British Crisis LONDON (UPI) -- British officials said Thursday they expect a slight surface thaw in almost frozen Anglo-French diplomatic relations when] Foreign Secretary lord Homej ·visits Paris next week. Tha occasion will be a three-day conference of minis-] ters of SEATO. tha Southeast Asia T r e a t y Organization,' which convenes ia Paris Monday for a review of the political and strategic problems in the Asian area. Turs ^j Expcritnct H} LOOKING FOR a business? [Turn to "Business Opportunities" in Classified today to find the right one for you. HOME ·i BILLION STRONG n*ST M SIZfi America's only WEoo-doBar savins* «socut«n. with wsetj cn« hmdred tan« peater than tft« tmn* savins* association. rnncT* SAftrr ercoco.-Sirc* 1839. noorw ever lost a penny at savings entrusted to Home. ACKMOWieonco UAoesSHirt Nearly half a million peop'« «vt nor* thaa a tOSoa dollars «it! Home, America's largest. HAxaniM cotrranatcft To serve yon better. Home main- tuns more branch offices than any other savings association in thoutcn. jccotnrr* to at UOJJOM: There a nobnit tothe amount cl ovnej yoo DUY have in a Home Savings account. nrswMVCX rcorrcrO«r:Accotmtsareinsire)tathefaaKmit ci ttw Federal Savings and loan bauranc* Corporatio*. rvu-Tiue lAtMiHUii Ftnuh ia by the JOtft of any cor** earn from the 1st of that troOt. After the lOt*. funds earn from the day they art received, vtiea they reouia in year account througii tf« toi ct the calendar qoarter. Cjntin« paid HUH OKIT BIIUOK-DOIUR SAYINGS ASSOCIATE COWPTON 1801 North long Beach EVdL at Gotten KE8S735 NE3031 IONG BEACH 201 E*st First SL ctLocast HE fr8231 IAICEWOOO 9Uk«»oodB ·tDdAiaa UE 44309 NE 6-2446 ' TOfUtAJWC 1511 CmeRS Art, - ftDPnOa . . FA 8-9244 · ·'· / SPS3IJ8 . 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