Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 3
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fiction jiiie Lon,Beach.Ciin..WHi,; INDEPENDENT (AM) +* PRESS-IEIEGRAM [?M]-;Aj P.O. Box 230 Long Beach, Calif. Deduct tips? A friend of mine is a waitress at a local restaurant. I have discovered that 20 cents per hour is still being deducted from -her salary against lips received although a law forbidding this deduction went into effect Jan. I. She is reluctant to lake any formal action for fear of losing her job. Even though it is not my business. I am curious about the laws on this matter. M.W., Seal Beach. Deducting for tips from a worker's wages is in violation of state law but, because of a conflict between federal and state laws, nothing is being done-about II, according to Elizabeth Stewart, deputy labor commissioner for the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement of the California Department of Industrial Relations. The new law forbidding employers from deducting a worker's lips from wages was challenged in court by restaurant owners on the basis that federal law allows the deduction and that, if they Have to pay the federal minimum wage of $2.20 an hour, they can deduct (be difference between that and the state minimum wage of $2 an hour. The court ruled in their favor, allowing a 20-ccnt per hour deduction. (Before Jan. 1 restaurant owners were deducting 25 cents an hour.) "The federal juHge says we have no right to interfere with the federal law and our legal staff isn't doing anything about it now," Ms. Stewart said. The issue is in limbo, she added. "We are now in process of writing up new minimum wage taws" which will boost Ihe minimum to $2.20 or 12.25. When the new law goes into effect -- perhaps by June -employers will no longer be able to deduct for tips, Ms. Stewart said. Non-parents club I've heard about a club for couples who don't have children and don't plan to have any, but I haven't been able to find out anything more about this group. Can Action Line help? B.E., BelUlower. The National Organization for Non- Parents (NON) is a four-year-old nationwide association designed "to campaign for a change in society's altitudes, so that the child-free option for couples is considered completely acceptable," said a spokesman for the group. The organization also sponsors monthly social events and discussion groups in various Southland communities. Membership is open to single individuals and couples with or without children. The annual membership fee is $15. You can write to NON at 2.115 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90064. The Orange County chapter address is P.O. Box -1103, Anaheim, Calif. 92803. Vnapproved We bought a home last J.unc through a reputable real estate agency. Back in 1971 the former owner took out a permit for an addition to the back of the house to extend the kitchen and bath. He did the plumbing work himself, but received only approval from the Department of Building and Safety for the rough plumbing. Now we have been told by the department that"we must bring this plumbing up to code to get a final approval. Are we, the new owners, obligated to pay this outlandish bill for having the work done? Can Action Line find out just where the responsibility lies? F.A., Long Beach. As far as the Long Beach Department of Building and Safety/te concerned, the responsibility lies with you as the present owners of the property. A department spokesman admitted that they are a little behind in "cleaning up the files," buf said your plumbing must be brought up to code, nonetheless. A spokesman for the Long Beach Board of Realtors said your only possible recourse would be (o file-a civil suit against (he farmer owner for the plumbing costs, claiming he ·mis- represented tb« condition of the property at the time be sold it to you. If the amount involved is uder $500, you could take the.matter to Small Claims Court. Hammer gets probation., fine DR. ARMANI) HAMMER "RoKrcls Actions" --AP Wireplwlo AssmiaU'il l»ri'^ Or. A r m a n d Hammer, a vyrallhy nil mamiaic. physician and art collcclar. was given a mio-ycar probation sentence and lined s:i.rtin) Tuesday in I.ns Anitclos for his pan in making s.M.lxW in illegal I'J72 cnmpiimi cnnlriliutinnstn former President Nixnn in li)72. The 77-ycar-nld Founder ami board chairman iif Occidental Petroleum Corn, appeared in n wheolchair anil (old ihe cmirt: "1 greatly regret my actions. For nil n( my life. I have Ivied In load a useful life. 1 trust in the lime that may bo led me. ymir honor will allow me to continue be-in;.; a useful member "f .society." U.S. District Court .Iwke UIWWHT l.ydu'k could have additionally sentenced the niullimillioiuiiiv industrialist to three years in prison, but Lydick s:iiil he was wit imposing a prison term because of Mummer's age and health. Hammer has been liospilali/ed since .Ian. 2H for what his allnniey called very serious heart disease. The "il company executive was brought to court from Cedars of Lebanon Hospital and his heartbeat was monitored by emergency life-support machinery in a nearby witness room. Hammer was indicted by a federal grand jury last year on charges "of making the secret contributions under fictitious names to the Nixon campaign hi 1072. ; the.matter to Small Claims court. . ,_ _· · ~l · 1 · Reversed charges Man arraigned in hit-run Someone told me recently that the charge for a local or long distance collect call is double that for a direct dialed call. Is this true? If it is, I shall give my children extra money for phone calls when they go on vacation rather than have them call home collect. I.S., Long Reach. The charge tor each collect call, credit card call or third number call -having a call placed from another telephone billed to your home or office number -- is 65 cents pins any lung distance charge, according to Hal Compton, spokesman for Genera! Telephone Co. The 65 cent charge has been In effect since Jan 5. Before then It had been SO cents. / Royalties I have heard Lhat'the members of the Manson family are receiving royalties from the sale of the book "Helter Skel- ter," written by Vincent Bugliosi. Is this true? L.B., Long Beach. "There is absolutely no truth to this whatsoever. They are not receiving one red penny," said Eric Swanson, vice president of W.W. Norton Publishing Co. in New York and editor of the hook. "In fact, they hate the book." He said his company has received many questions similar to yours, bat (foes not know Jfw the rumor got started. "Helter SkelW" is Manson prosecutor Vincent Bngllosl's account of the Charles Manson murders and the 10-month trial that followed, ending with Manson's sentencing on April 19, 1971. · A 50-year-old Long Reach man was arraigned in Municipal'Court Tuesday on t h r e e f e l o n y charges stemming from a March 14 hit-and-run accident in which a blind man was fatally injured and his blind wife seriously hurt. C o u r t o f f i c i a l s s a i d Harry Lee Lyles, of 2103 Orange Avc., was arraigned on one count of felony manslaughter and two counts of felony hit-and- ruu driving. Lylcs, f r e e on $1,500 bail, was ordered to return to Long Beach Municipal Court f o r preliminary hearing April ft. The c h a r g e s against him stem from the death of Raymond La Belle, 25, who died March 16 of in- j u r i e s sustained in the accident at San Antonio D r i v e and Atlantic Aven u e , and injury of La Belle's wife, Marsha, 26. Mrs. La Belle is undergoing treatment at Harbor General Hospital for a INDEPENDENT fractured pelvis sustained in the accident. She may be permanently disabled as a result of the injuries, according to doctors. The couple were struck about 8 p.m. while crossing San Antonio D r i v e Fire damages are estimated at $200,000 A greater-alarm f i r e gutted a Santa Fe Springs commercial building Tuesday night, causing an estimated $200,000 damage. The blaze at 9848 Jersey Avc. gutted the lOfrby-200- foot concrete building before 35 firemen brought it under control. Businesses located in the building were the Cali- fornia Trade Press, Weaver and' Associates and the Rio Hondo Action Council. Cause of pie blaze was under investigation. Phone HE S-IUI Clalliliwl HE MW Setind CUll Politic PaW «[ Lon? fteicfl.C*. IBM. SUGGESTED R E T A I L PRICE Plf Plr Mown Yew HOME DELIVERY DAILY AND SUNDAY UK IU.« SUHDA.Y OXLY II CO IH.Ot SINGLE COPY SUNDAY I .» DAILY 1 IS BY M A I L DAILY AND SUHDAY 1! IS Ul 10 SUNDAY ONLY U.» I'l » VISIT THE OPTICAL DEPARTMENT To fit, or not to fit: that isihe question ^ r ^* v ^*^ ·· ri'« n minor Iraeedv to It's n minor tragedy to got new glasses and not have I hem fit well. Slipping, pinching glasses fire .1 d i s c o m f o r t yon ran do w i t h o u t . '['hat's why I n n Department at Wards s|eciali/es in f i t t i n g nln*scs. We t n k c :i long, c a r e f u l l o o k a t y o u r nose, cnrs, temples a n d cyi-.s to make sun- yon grl a fit trial's just right. When you keep in mind our l a r g e srtert ion of good - l o o k i n g f r n m o s a n d r p f l s o n a n l c o t . it's easy to sec why t hi: Optical Department al Wards hns fit glasses on over half n million fares. So when you need glasses, come see us. We'll mnke sure you gel fl fit just as you like il. with the green li^ht and led by Mrs. U Belle's guide dog, Tad. Iij'les was arrested last Wednesday after a car matching the description of the hit-and-run vehicle was found near his home. They were made through lormer Mmilana Gnv. Tun liahcnck. Ihen :in official of an Occidental subsidiary. The imlnslrialisl ple-iuleil snilly lo the charts in U'asliinulun last October, lint the case was reo|H'neil after Hammer wrnle a lio.pane letter to his probation oflicor hlimiint! Ihe episode on llahnu-k. When he pleaded Mnilly niin on March I -- Ihe case bavin;; Ix'pn transferred lo Los Angeles because of the. defendant's poor health -- Hammer sail! lie was wilhdrawini; i)ie statements made in Ihe Idler, lie (old HIP jiiitmv "I'm pleading he-cause- I'm guilty." liahrock. a li'epnbiican. was governor of Mnnlana from l%2 tii llliiil. He pleaded guillv in December I!'7I lo concealing Ihe source of Ihe SSI.iHXi campaign contribution. In January I!i7"i lie was sentenced lo serve f m i r , months in prismi. hut lie is appealin'-' sentence and lias not yel served any time. Hammer is :\ world-renowned art collector His cullcclinn is valued al alimil $ii million and contains paiuliiujs by such masters as Cezanne. Henoir. Kiibens. (HIV.i. Monel. Degas and Ciauguin. Important notice regarding Montgomery Ward advertisement in today's paper. The #81(ifi Mici'ownvc Ovon offi'i ed in Wnni's nd section incorrectly shovys n picture nncl no- tnlion of Wind's //H1KK Oven. We rcgrul imy iiicoiivoiiiMice t h i s rror i n n v cause you. Put your face in our hands. THE OPTICAL DEPARTMENT AT MONTGOMERY WARD Lakewood lakewood blvd. at candlewood...633-7600 SPORTING GOODS SALE SAI.K, K N D S SATL'HDAY. M A K 0 1 I a 7 T I I . . . 1 I U H K Y . SOMIC Q U A N T I T I K S A K M I . I M I T K D l Pre-season buy! -^ Soft c n l t n n f l n n n e l l i n t ' s sleeping b;i^ I'nr w i i r m l l i , cuml'ui'l. ....,,,,,,. nylon shell ix-sists soiling mid prolongs biiL! lilt:. llc'nvy-diity / i p p r r Ids yon combim: lw« buns i n t o double I;IK. Vacation value. 4-lb. Dacroni 88 sleeping bag. Diicron HH' polyi-slur by Dul'onl is lop q u n t i t y i n s u l a l i o n for slec|)iiij; bniis and Wards l)!if( is 4 Ibs. f u l l ! D a r r r i n ' HH polvi'slcT h e l p s ki:up you comfy and co/y. And il s cnsy to cure lor. Il slays soft t h r o u g h l i r p c a l e d m a c h i n e w n s h - ings. 15uy it I n d a y ill our h c i i r t - w n r m i n H price.'! 14 99 RKGUI,AR1.Y 29.0!) 1/2 off. VOIT" "TOURNAMENT" BASKETBALL Official si/c, weight a n i l color. Nylon-v.fiundl.askcl- \»\\ lias raiM.-d -ifiitn-. for .-lire grip. Miper h ^ n r l l m g RfX.ULARLY 14.99 -.». 1/2 off. TENSOR* MACH I A L U M I N U M FRAME TENNIS RACKET 10 99 KKGU1.AKLY 21.90 M M » l fr.imc h.-l|M cut dov/n wind rosisumcrr. Otlii.T fr;ilur(M. nylon tlir'/;it nr;ic; ;mri hciid t n p , n y l o n s t r i n g , rliir.'itilf; v i n y l f;np WHY PASS UP A COOL) BUY? USK CHARG-ALL CREDIT Looking for action? Try us. spirit o value · ( A.SOf.A I ' A f f K } . C f l h l A M K S A ] . { O V 1 S A · F:AI:I.K HOCK ·.IKH- WiMiAV III · HJU.MnON · Hr.S'llN'/fON · l . A K K W f X l D · I . V N W f X J l ) liiri.ll ^ A l 1 HDA-i ' Hi A IIKAf :H M HIV Ji CM · MO.VIf I.AIIt · N d K W A I . K · I'ANOHAMA ( 11 V · UOSKMKAI) ·-I SflAV V" AM Illi. im I'M · SAN IlKKNAIIDINO · SAM A ANA · ' l O K K A N C K · W K S T I/)S ANTiKI.KS II s i SAY " MAItr.K II : ·

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