Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 6, 1960 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1960
Page 21
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MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 6, I960 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 2! ..Construction Gains -In Maricopa County PHOENIX--«y~Maricopa ' County and the City of Phoenix issued ·=building perriiits.totaling $16.5 rail-lion-in May, an increase of 51.3 -million over April. ___ Permits issued by Phoenix alone, however, dropped more than $1 million. The county made up the difference plus the increase. The county issued 929 permits valued at $8,450,324, compared.to 792 valued «t $5,935,466 in April. The. city issued 1,353 permits valued" at $8,229,051, compared to 1,537 valued at $9,383,777. Chinese Reds Launch Big Artificial Expense Filings A/T T A r^ A r* i Laid To House Groups Move Into · Castro Camp | WASH , NGTON ^ The ltose Public L Look for the RED STAMP MAH! Every day mer« and mor* Tucson m«rchanf* ort providing _ fhe No. 1 trading ttampt to tmart shoppers. If Takes Only 900 Stamps ; To fill Your Book! Ask for National Red Stamps at: : · North of Broadway I Eastef 6th Av« ARIZONA SEWING COMPANY 1066.JM. Campbell Pinecrest Shopping Center BABY'S VALET 850 E. §ih St. BAUM ft ADAMSON TIRE CO. E. Speedway ' " N. Campbell CACTUS TV SALES k SERVICE ;vJ514 E. 6th St. . CHILDREN'S WEAR ·{''Wee Moderns" . 14 N. Tucson Blvd. . CONSUMERS MARKETS ^Frantjer Village Shopping "'^"Center Pinecrest Shopping Center Speedway at Campbell Wilmot Plaza CONSUMERS PHARMACY- Speedway -at Campbell CONTINENTAL MOTORS LTD. (Fiat Sales fc .Service) 1129 N. Palo Verde i " . · " DECKER'S DIXIE SERVICE 3455 E. Grant Rd. EL CAMPO TIRE SHOP NO. I 325$ E.~.Speedway FRANK LANG JEWELER* 3915 E.~Pima . In Frontier Villagt FRONTIER VILLAGE DRU0 ' 1700 N. Alvernon at Piiria FT. LOWELL MACHINE TOOL ft HARDWARE ; 410 E. Ft. Lowell Rd. (West of 1st Ave.) HIDDEN VALLEY SERVICE STATIOI* , Rt 2 Box 779 7 KING'S CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 4764 E. Speedway LARRY'S RICHFIELD SERVICE 5302 E. Speedway LEE'S PHARMACY 37 N. Tucson Blvd. · · LINDSAY SOFT WATER CO. 2512 E. 6th St. LOU'S RICHFIELD 4 SERVICE STATION . 1686 N. Alvernon at Pima MEYERS SERVICE ft GARAGE 2550 E. Grant Rd. " ' MYERSON'S DEPT. STORE Wilmot Plaza PHOTOGRAPHIC IND. OF TUCSON 1921 E. Speedway ' - RAY'S DIXIE SERVICE 460 E. Prince Rd. " · · ; GORDON REEVES CHEVRON Wilmot Plaza ·.-..' · I f t W LUMBER 5001 E. Speedway SHARP'S MARKETS 444 E:- Third 5256 E, Speedway , SOUTHWESTERN OFFICE SUPPLY 2301 E. Broadway SPEEDWAY AUTO WASH 3233 E. Speedway . SPEEDWAY-SWAN SHELL Speedway »t Swan; : SPORT ft SHOE REPAIR ' 2313 N. Country Club SWAN DRUG STORE Pinecrest Shopping Center TIP TOP, CLEANERS 3030 E. Grant Rd. · North of Broadway W«t of 6th Av(». BAUM ft ADAMSON TIRE CO. 296 N. 'Stone Ave. CONSUMERS MARKETS Stone at Fourth Grant-Stone Shopping Center COLLINS TV AND APPLIANCE SERVICE 4030 N. Oracle Rd. CORQNADODRUG : ·vi'W-' Grant -' .' · · Gr-aht-Stprie Shopping. Center H ft B FRIENDLY SERVICE Grant Rd. ft 1st Ave. . GAGE MOBIL SERVICE 914 W. Congress ED LAYMAN AUTO ft TRUCK REPAIR 1901 N. Ninth Avel'.: ' : MIRACLE LAUNDER WELL 1825 N.Oracle MYERSON'S DEPT. STORE 42 W. Congress PAUL ft MARIE'S TEXACO 2900 N. Oracle Rd. it Casa Grande Turn-off SHARP'S MARKETS Casas Adobes TED'S UNION SERVICE " 3565 N. Oracle Cor. Oracle ft Princi BILL SNYDER WATCH ft CLOCK REPAIR '" 2520 N. Stone SUN VALLEY DRUG STORK 3801 N. Oracle Rd. WARD NURSERY 4841 N. Maryvale Av«. Norm of Ruthrauff · South of Broadway East of 6th Avt. AUTO BOY TEXACO .1501 S. Sixth BAUM ft ADAMSON TIRE CO. 3840 E. 22nd \M3 S. .Campbell BAD SERVICE STATION 3505 Aviation Highway EL CAMPO TIRE SHOP 3000 E, 22nd FTELDMAN'S TIRE ft SUPPLY 1937 S. Sixth ':· JAMESON SUPER TEXACO 22nd and Graycroft RONQUILLO'S BAKERIES 46 S. Court ; 4830 S. 6th Ave. SO. ARIZ. TIRE ft SUPPLY CO. $26 S. Sixth Ave. *- · South of Broadway West of 6th Avt. ANDY'S MOBIL SERVICE . 6485 S. 12 at Valencia In Mission Manor APODACA SIGNAL SERVICE .721 W. Ajo - .. CACTUS CLEANERS 1938 S. Sixth CONSUMERS MARKETS . 1900 S. Sixth 525 W. Valencia CHARLES DOOLIN SERVICE STATION 146 S. Stone EMPIRE DRUG STORE 2J44 S. Sixth Ave. GLOVER CLEANERS 555 W.;Valencia = In Mission Manor' HAP'S EL PASO SERVICE 440 S. Sixth Ave. LOWRVS FURNITURE CO. 2202 S. Sixth HOWARD SMITH SHELL SERVICE S. 6m and Vets' Blvd. SO. STONE PHARMACY 339 S. Stont By ROBERT BERRELLEZ HAVANA--UB--Communist China is getting bolder in its moves to woo--or force--Cuba's 30,000 Chiese into the Red camp. The be- inning of an "extortion racket" i help achieve this end was re- orted by. Chinese sources in avana over the weekend. Diplomatic sources said they ex- ect this to be augmented later y more direct means, as Cuba's inks with P\ing--BOW limited to commercial and cultural accords --are fortified by diplomatic rela- ions. ; Cuba and Red China have not stablished diplomatic ties, but ?iiba is expected to announce so the termination of recognition f the Chinese Nationalist regime n Formosa." The Red extortion racket resembles mat attempted to obtain ollars from Chinese residents in the United States and other Western countries by Peiping. A Chinese source here revealed copy of a letter he said was sent i thousands of Chinese, and Cubans of Chinese ancestry direct- y from the overseas Chinese Returnees Assn. of Peiping. . The letter, in Chinese, starts off with'a characteristic Oonwnunist rfast at the U. S. government fol- owed by an expression of, sympathy for me Cuban revolution. At one point, it »ys that "from one ealistic point of view, the strategy adopted by the Cuban rerolu- ionary movement appears to have the stamp of Mao Tze-tung himself." The letter then asks the recipient to fill out a brief questionnaire, including these two questions: property owned in the country of residence and names and addresses and relationships of relatives in China. "With this information," the informant said, "it's easy for the Communist to reach relatives of Cuban Chinese, most of whom come from the China mainland, and exert pressures on them." With funds obtained from them, lie added, the Chinese Reds have the means to'expand their operations in Latin America. "What's really fascinating about these letters," he continued, "is that they came directly from Pei- ping, addressed to local Chines* at their correct ttreet and apartment numbers, indicating thorough preliminary investifatinj work by *· Communiitf here." OUT OF TOWN SUverbell : -.,., DAVTDOFF MARKET . . . . Temteton* RUSSELL'S CHEVRON SERVICE SANDERS GROCERY Bkbee EL RANCHO VILLAGE MKT. EL RANCHO TEXACO SERV. City HUACHUCA PHARMACY NORTHGATE RTCHFTELD SERVICE VISTA FOOD MART Sierra Vista BELDING VAJUETY FRY FOOD MAST · HILLBURN FURNITURE HUACHUCA HARDWARE COPSON'S DEPT. STORE LUMBER DISTRIBUTORS PIONEER TRAILER SALES WESSEtS JEWELRY ACE CLEANERS Douglas MONIES UPHOLSTERY ft TRIM SHOP THE SUPERETTE The Nationalist Chinese em- assy here declined comment, [owever, a source there 'said .here are 10,000 Chinese in Hai ana and 20,000 in other parts of }ub», with thousands considered rcll-to-do. The embassy source added that le Red' Chinese infiltration of Cuba; both' civilian and military, as been heavy in recent months nd that all of it has been be- lihd diplomatic passports. WATCI THIS LIST GROW! REDEMPTION t. 12MO CENTERS 2004 R. S«IDWAY Matheson Urges 6 GoocT Candidates Mac C. Matheton Saturday tol a Safford audience that political party leaden ahouW "itimulab good, capable people to run for public office." Speaking at a bipartis*n meet ing, the Tucson Republican can didate for U. S. Representative said: "If men of high principle don' seek public office and sacrific personal «/fair§ for the good of the people, then by default, con trol of government goe« to tho» who are only aelf-feeking." Matheson is campaigning fo the Arizona congressional Dis trict No. 1 seat held by Rep Stewart L. Udall, « Democrat. "I do not pretend to have ready solution to an *« problem facing the nation today, nor do I believe any individual could be in such a position," Matheso said. "However, I do know the basi principles on which our govern ment was established. These ar the principles which must be ad hered to in seeking the right so lutions in a troubled world." There are three anti-Communist Chinese Newspapers in Havana. The Chinese R«ds hnve one weekly called Kwanghan. They also have -the New China NPWS Agency represented in Havana. The existence of the Chinese Communist letter was revealed as diplomatic circles buzzed with unverified reports of a Red China- Cuba trade pact and of an invitation to Premier Chou En-lal to visit Cu"ba. agriculture and education and li-' bor, did not even Itemize counterpart spending by categories, the article said It nrirtcrl' "Congressmen can draw these funds freely «t just about any Uni-. WASHINGTON-W-The House Public Works and "^ l^ r * Em ^ in th ' v worlc |; i on the nay-BO of a conRrensional J u d i c i a r y committees have s u b m i t t e d a r t i f i c i a l reports; committee chairman . . , The i n - ; of their 1959 spending of public f u n d s overseas, t h e .dividual congressman is required 1 Knight newspapers smd lodav. Io , rcpor ! his TM w ^ nn ^"^"s 1 " r ' · only to his committee chairman. Reporters Don Obcrdorfer and W a l t e r Pincus w r o t e , .;,,,,, rrpor| mils , say w h a t nc in x copyrighted article: spent for transportation. lodging. "These reports h a v e s a i l e d spending of counterpart funds'. mcnK and other expenses. The through the House committee ac- j overseas. These are currencies of lnw requires thnt committee chair. counting system into the public j foreign governments which Ihe men, at the end of each year. ;domain without a ripple even j n s government owns »s * re- · consolidate these individual re- j though the itemb.ations «re ohvi-, Sl ,|j O f a j f | an( j sn i P ,; transactions, j po rlx l^fore makinR them public, I ous concoctions." ; ) M ii holds within the overseas · so nolxxly can sec what any one | The committee expense reports j country. j consressmnn spent" in question cover congressional Two other House com'miliees, 'Hie article said that "in each of the 23 countries from Argentina to Sudan where members of the judiciary committM traveled, their report asserts that they spent exactly M per cent of their counterpart money for transporta- lion, exactly 20 per cent for lodging, exictly 30 percent for food, exactly 10 per cent for gratuities and exactly 10 per cent for 'miscellaneous.' " According to the article, Bess : E. Dick, the committee clerk who : compiled the report, said she esti- ; mated the pattern nf spending by simply applying percentages. "You can't do it any other way," she said, adding that members could not keep accurate accounts of their spending. Left-Wing Party Leads In Morocco · RABAT, Morocco--UPI--Ousted Prime Minister Abdullah Ibrahim's left-wing National Union of Popular Forces piled up a majority in local elections held throughout Morocco Sunday, voting returns showed today. Figures were not complete, but election officials said the UNFP had won clear majorities in the main cities--Casablanca, Rabat {and Tangier. j A Cabinet formed mostly of ! UNFP member* was dismissed by I King Mohamed V a week ago after 117 months in power. Mohamed took over the premierthip himoslf, named his son as vice premier and formed a new Cabinet. Sunday's elections were the first held in Morocco since the country won independence from France four ye|rs ago. Only county and municipal offices were at stake, and--except to indicate a trend-the outcome had no direct bearing i on affairs of state. , Trice Twice DOUBLE NATIONAL RED STAMPS ON TUESDAY FILL YOUR BASKCI WITH SAVINGS! Market Brand STRAWBERRY PRESERVES THOMASTON, I Salter h*d Trice twice whw he swore fn ft« New Upsesn Cmnty ordinary. j Edward Trice spolct «| «s, I Sttt JfEATTftid TO SWWlT j9l nra oTOft i Trxx «M E4-, «s«W*«ffeM,' BiglS-Oz.Jar Only The Finest, Juiciest, Ripest Berries Go To Market! Stock Up! Crwthwifor In H«avy Syrup, No. 2 Cans PINEAPPLE PILLSBURY FLOUR DOG FOOD CHOCOLATE SYRUP ,?£z DESSERT SUGAR ^ 2. GELATIN DESSERTS S.O S. PADS AMMONIA 4-Count Paraon'i Ot. iortU W 25 e Royal, 10 Flavor* Mix 'Em Up! Your Choice 4 KMt T/atiefylkdm While They Ust! Smart Broadcloth BLOUSES CHC Sizes 14-11. M.IIValuti Vacarro oni PIZZA PIE CHICKEN PARTS FRUIT BETTY Sw*n*on Drwmttkk* Or Thigh*, Ui.rlcg. Marie Callonaer, M-Oi. Size, Feexh, ApaJe, Sorry YOUR CHOICE EACH ··autifu! Cl«ar I Patt*m«d HasHc SWIM RINGS Ptattk Sand-lax With Shovel, ·ak« A H*. M.49 While They Last! Fresh Eastern Pork ^Ik ^Rk PICNIC HAMS 29 BAT-i-BALL ^'^., 69' For KfcyiM Around Th« Pool SQUEAK TOYS ^ 49* $1.91 Vaiwo, Fringod AH-Areund PATIO PILLOWS M.49 ·oar Tfo Hoof Ana Novo A loourtfirf Tan, With COttttrONt LOTIONS, OILS AND ClfAMSI O4ant 24-lnI ioach or POOL BALLS EACH PRICES E ^ f C T W f MONDAY THRU WtDNtSDAY Lmi* Riq^ts ftpirrv-d . , No S-ilp to Dr-rilrrs SAUSAGE Virginia ·*·!, 1-Lfc. fed ,, 6? LUNCH MEATS Otfor Mcrf*r Sumnwr Souwig*, /-Ci. twin Ham, fa. CHUCK STEAKS RihUn W, H«fi«it Trim With No fxc«M W«t.l South American Mn OTH^O li^ff^v ^^^O |^B ^_ rm^^^Hf f^v^r w^v^ r I ^T^^^T CUCUMBERS,5° CABBAGE S^rt*av at S?5 W Valencia Wi!not Gwt at Stonp 4805 E Sprrdwav 190(1 S 6th

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