The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 3, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS £ *?'^ Local News £ ' 'Mr." and Mrs.' Jean Daele were here Mrs. David 'Dillow is reported ill hom -. Muflphysboixi FWday. at her home -.on North Illinois avenue. Mrs. JolmJjfcEwen is spending a | few days in St. Louis. . • • '——o—— • fil-iss ' Virginia Bracey • of Marion is visiting her cousin, Miss Alene Tygett. - '-.".••• .Mrs. ;Frank Myers has returned from a visiit with relatives in St. £••; ••Hrs..'yv*n. E; SchWing ol jtoyalton Airs. '!'• Darnell, was call-id to Cob-v .. g wis 1 a Business visitor here- Thursday, den toiUy because; of the death . of a :•( Delicious maple nut arid straw- relative. Sji 'berry at Fowler's. Adv i\Vra. Wiseman of l>aiiaspuUl, Ark., is Visiting his sister, Mrs. J«ff Brew^,-Miss Ruby-McGuire of Johnston er, wrf family. H-City. ,is._ the. guest over .Sunday «f ..' •-— -| Try out maple waTmit ice cream. kMiss Eva Moafce. .' ; "'.Mrs. Ralph Jackson arrived froin 'Vfyjltov .yesterday to join Mr. JacV- ;*SOB,-who is attending- the tea?n««' ' Fox Drue Co. . Al—If iWe are open for. business again. —Entsminger.—Ad.v. - ••'•• a2-2t 'Miss Jfinnfe B-orum of Marion is visiting her sister, Mrs. Harry Me- ' Kissic, and family. .Special prices on-Easter .millinery. —.Mrs. JB. E. Scott. ' al-3t '.* ; ''-iMffc Jet- cream in- all"flavo'ri at „., _ 7-..; -; '•• _• "-- ••• • - • • • .t-jy ' i 5Ir " la M »?phy,..tick«it seller at .__-_._. ' the intemrban station, was.calied to Mfsdames Geo. Roeers and W. C.' Harold Moake and Prentice Brj- Walt.-f.p..(»f PinckncyvilU ,were..Car- . allt 9 f Marion arc guests of the bondale visitors Friday : •' 'former's mother, Mrs. Bessie Moake. ;SWeet peas and nasturtium seed is" 'Friday 1 afternoon on «c- so ^ m ' bulk ' on 'y & Sponsler's feed count ot. -the ^liri.pvs -il!n*5.s - of -'her stpKc.—-A-^._ „ i-.,.. .... ..r* 1 ^""^ sister-in-law, MM-. Notta Murphy. Louis -was y to" visit tta J.'B, Dill family and Ws brotnw, Hei'tnan HiitfJley, .who recioitiy came hrre ^;Vi«m a to accept a. position ^ ' Apri , ,. i^^-^;-- -', few . days visit with relatives in | 'J(Ke" : 'inter-lj^uTers iGbmpaaiy ia JfefBce :of T. .L. Cjierry. i-\- .»'<«•»*.. *. ii'ij»^^<^^^a«^^»»»J^ .Mrs. J. D. Morgan and daughter.: no more credit afer ! Miss Helen, _have returned^from a ; I- M30— 6t: Centralia, r t^^^^^^^fi | &OROTHY GISH i "NUGGET NELL" ;" - A' Paramount Picture—"OR with them clothes 1". Tis the '..voice' of. Nugget Nell, with "nothing- to wear," a tenderfoot to : win, and the meanest trigger fmger" in Rattlesnake Gulch. See ".Nellie capture that • wardrobe. See her rout a band • of' bloody ;- .bandits," save her Romeo from his just deserts, and prove her;, ,se'lf the greatest she-lier!o that, ever graced the. plains!—A roar-" burlesque traesty on the . Wild and Movie West,'with the ; -screen's funniest comedienne.' Don't, miss them. = ', Also RUTH ROLAND in "The Adventure* of Ruth" 7:00 and 8:45 P. M. 11 and 22 Cents j Miss-es iByrd Taylor, Cleta -Dickens, i arrie jiogers and- Margaret Moody 'of j Du ,Quain are attending the teachers' meeting: . i..'- .Misses 'iChloe Joyner, Verna Pulley,Ellen 'JVlartn of Stonefort are guests i of ' Mrs. A. 'F. .Smith and attending- I the teachers' institute. , j .Misses- -Edna and Louise Pursell are "visiting relatives and friends in Golcdnrtdi •• ,. Mrs. JA L. Clifford and. -daughter, Miss 'Lucille, were St. Lojns visitors Wednesday. — —°~ — : . Mrs. Fannie 'Modglin .and -daughter" of. lirookport are'vt-sftirig'Mrs.'jR..T. Cooper and; JJamiiy. ., • M-rs. Robert Atkiri* and t!augii-ter have I'e-tui'.ied from .a few days' visit with i-31-atives. Mayor Frank Kryshcr returned yesterday from a few days' business trip-to Sprmgfiekt. • ; M-isses Ruth and Halene and R-oh-' ert .VV'alters are spending n few- days witFTTiolconda. relatives. ^/o'me in ancl sec our line of Easter hits.—wvterprise Millinery. ' al-3t •Mrs, .Roy Watts of Chicago is the gues't of -Mr.'and Mrs. T. 0.'Gan-ett and family. Mrs. Watts and Mrs. Garre'tt visited relatives in Anna yesterday. Mrs. A. F. Thornton',. Mrs. E. B. Cover and Miss Blanch De.Loach of Marion were here Friday en route to St. Louis. Mrs. over formerly resided here. Onion 'sets at Sponsler-'s feed store.—AdV. . a2-6t Sulk gai-den .seeds at feed store. — Adv. Sponsler', a2-Gi Miss Elsie Williams of ' T;r.Tiaro»_: • is visiting her 1 'uncle. Dr. T. C. M-c'-] 'Kinney and iittenrling the. teachers' institute here. x . Miss Helen Pickens of iChanip-ai^n, who has been the guest o£ Mr. and Mrs. 3. : D. 'Dill, went to Vienna yesterday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. -Chas. Pickens. She is attending the University of Illinois. .We know all our old customers will .come back and_. we .aiso .invite HCTV ones to join.—Br.tsminger. adv a2-2t iWe make all-our awn syrups and; ice cream .and stand b&hind them for j purity.—Entsoninger. - adv n2 : 2t Tlic Rifl-ht of Way, a tremendous story, a tensely dramatic photodrama of Canadian life. See it at Barth Then'tre April 5th and (ith. =. A3 Miss Lottie Elder of Cartervi'.le is the guest -of Miss Marie Ter-pinit?.. ! Mrs. :Cy Louden of iDu Quoin ir, al=o yisifthg Miss Terpinitz. 'Mrs. bouden . will spend Sunday with Air. J.ouden ' at "Qolconda. Win. Sneed, meinber of the Constitutional convention from the 50th Senatorial district, was hero yesterday en route to his home at Harrin from Springfield. ,Geo. Adams of Cam'bvidge; Oh-io, is visiting, his family' 1 here.-. iC. A. Sheppard .was .a business visitor jn Cambria today. Miss Ida Sjpence is the - g.uest . of Miss Grace Hopkins in Bittsbwg over 'Sun'd.ay. - Mr. 1 and Mrs. 'George /Robinson 'were business- visitors- fn..St. Loui's Thursday. . 'Mrs'.' Jia-s. Biggs and daughter Helen were Murp'bysboro visitors .Wednesday. A-ttorndys C. E. Feir-ich, W. A.' Schwartz .and 'John' Searing attended court" in Jonesboro Friday. . -Mrs. FiMrik Suimners _an;d Mrs. Elmer -b'reeiman were Murp'hysbbro .visitors yesterday afternoon. Mrs! Ward East, who has beea- seriously ill at her home .in Chicago, is reported as improving. " .'Misse,s Conniie G.lideiwell of Carter-. .ville is the guest over Sunday, of her aunt, UTS! Snd-ie Ogden, and , other, relatives. Misses Bentie Lence and Li-ta Hindman of Anna visited the" Jake Ker- .stine tamely this week and attended the teachers' institute. ' Misses Georgia McJCei-Mey of West Frankfort -and Collie and Ojxa-1 Rhine ,of Ses^ser were guests at the G. R. Huit'ittan home this week. j Mrs. Krank Farnham returned to : her home in Mmneaipplis, Minn.,, to- |4ay, after a few week's visit with .her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caldwali, Mrs. 1*. H.- McSherry and- son James Edward returnesd-yesterday to their home in Johnston City, after a visit with her parents, Mr. and { Mrs. -Sara Spence. 'D.3>vid Warford, senior in the law department in University, of Illinois ; at Urbana, passed through here Fri- j day on his way to his home in Eliz- j abethtown for the between terms va- ' cation. • CB DAILY BETWEEN CLMlAND & BUFFALO 3 MAGNIFICENT STEAMERS 3 The Gnat Ship "SEfeANDBEE" — "CITY, OF ERIE" — "CITY OF BUFFAl-O" CUEVEtAND — Dully, M«y Imt to Nov. 15th —BUFFALO Leave CLEVELAND Arrive BUFPALO >. ML)* STANDARDTIMI jLnreBOTPALO • 9:00 P.M. Arrire CUEVELAHD • 7:80 A. M. beautifully coloKd soetion«l <puzzl> ch«rt «t TW Grot Ship "SEEANDBEE" ftvoccnta. AlBQBgk for our M-p»OTPictBri«l.»ndde«cglptiy» booklet frt*. The Cleveland £ Buffalo Transit Company - ClevetoTid. Ohio- ""• The Great Ship « S E B A N D B% E " •—the largeBtundmofltcoBtl pnMengerSteunaeroninlBii w*ler«of the world. Sleepi* capacity,, 1SOO p«M«Bger FARE* 4^ Miss Inez Hollen-berg-er of the Normal faculty, returned''Eriday frain. a few diays* visit in FAMOUS SCULPTOR TELLS OF ART AND BEAUTY Lorado Taft, Creator of Many Immortal Piece*! of .Sculptor, Tells of Sbiilp- tor In America—Arouses Desire For Home Town Beauty. One of America's foremost sculp- ,tors addressed the last evening se.v sion of the Southern. Illinois T*a«h- ,ers' Association at the Normal auditorium. This was .Lorado Taft, t'- re ~ ,ator of many m-astenp'ieceis of sculp- ,tor. His address was one of ttie big .features of the meeting. ]He discussed Very interesting; si,nd .intelligently .the sculptor and ire of 1 .America, 'has address being on the '.sculptor of America. With st«r»op- ,ticon views, he .grave lecturas op. «aoh j pfcture of sculptor shown. I "Life is a ghastly joke unless we make some progress in seuliptor, art, .books and other things," the famous sculptor. • " iMr. Taft's. address was instructive and presented the audience Ameri- <ra's an excellent m'aaner, educating and inspiring:. The fact '.that Mr. ,Taft is a leader and hailed as nation .wide known sculptor dded a rarity .to his ddscussion of the art in which .he l»ads -in. . ITlie teachers of Southern Illinois were 1'ortunaite in having an artist tfind .man of the hi'jih tj'.pe of Mr; Taft. This morning Mr. Taft gave tot Interesting, and instructive lecture on the" "Beauty in the Home Town;" This address was app«a.ling and interesting to everyone.' It carried with <it inspiring and progressive sugges- ,tipn, which lend: beauty and pride to one's.hocie town. NOTICE FOR EX-SERVICE MEN Regular meeting of the American Legion Post at Armory Monday .nigiRt. April 5th. All ex-service men sh'ouid attend. Very important business • to transact. Meeting will close with. lunch and. smoker. T. B. F. SMTEH, Com. MASONRY THURSDAY NIGHT LTouis Pappmeyer .of the Highway Department office and Win. Kayser Vrere given the $hird d'egree of Masonry Thursday night. Dr, . Finley, i. bjf the University of the State of New York ' "The iuJlueHce : 0f music up on., the, individual has been known since .very early times. When'an evil spirit came upon Saul, David ..was-fe'rought to play before'him.'.^intil he-was well. I often think of Mr. Edison as a modern David,, not out slay- i«g' dfbliaths, but!-"playing--with varied instruments before the world, which seems, like Saul, to'be possessed at'times by an evil spirit." : •••'.'•.'.. • -WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO HEAR the Official Laboratory Model which brought this beautiful tribute to Mr. Edison •** &t's most 'distinguished educators? . ' . ' • - •Dr. FiHley wrote his letter after" Mr. Edison'had-proved the perfect realism of the New -Edison to 6,000 teacher? •fti«ers.*f isfew York..State's public schools by meahs'-of the now. famous tone-test, given in Albany' on ••November.'-25, 1919. . '•'"!•••.-•',-..' - •' : - • " '• . .'..'•.• , We have an exact duplicate of the history-making Official Laboratory Model. which called' forth Dr. Finley's ad- iwi.-—Ces** i» and hear it. . . . ' J. W. MIliLIGAN 9 • ' ' j- EXCLUSIVE DEALER .<•"•' • ' ' '•• ' Carbondale, Murphysboro and Anna.

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