Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 88
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 88

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 88
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W-12--INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM IVNO UACH 12, CALir* SUNDAY, JAN. 4, 1959 Miss Marylyn Mann Neil Warren to Claim Pacific Palisades Bride Neil Warren, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Warren, 3710 Lemon Ave., will claim as his bride, Marylyn Mann of Pacific Palisades, in a March 22 ceremony in F i r s t Presbyterian Church of S a n t a Monica. The bride-elect is t h e daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hayward K. Mann of Pacific * Palisades. Both young persons a r e graduates of Pepperdine College where she was president of Zeta Kappa Sorority, president of Panhe'llenic Assn., and listed in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." She now is a stewardess for United Air Lines. Warren was student body president on the Pepperdine Campus and now is attending Princeton Theological Seminary where he will receive his BD degree in June. He was a member of Sphinx Club while a student at Polytechnic High School. Shorten Coats Women who are particular about skirt and suit lengths are sometimes careless about coat lengths. A long coat looks draggy and outdated this winter. So check up on yours and have it shortened if it needs it. SET DATE Plans to wed on her parents' a n niversary, Aug. 29, h a v e been announced by Patricia A n n B o r k o \v s k i, daughter of the Stanley J. Borkowskis of Paramount, and William S t a n l e y Miner Jr., son of the senior Milners of Manhattan Beach. The bride-elect attends LBSC.- Personalized Pattern A-206J ODm. Ul Copper FOR THE SHORT FIGURE-- This carefully styled and proportioned lined suit is by William Popper, the popular tailor-designer whose special interest is the woman who is 5'5" or less, and who is also short waisted. Select your correct size from this chart. Slxti Buit Waht lllpi I*nelh Irnm Nape of Nrtk to \VaKt 10 12 14 16 18 34 35 36',;, 38 " 40 25 26 27i 29 31 33 inches 36 inches 37% inches 3!) inches '11 inches 16 inches 16'/[ inches 16M: inches 16% inches 17 inches Size 12 requires 2 : ;-.'i yards of 54 inch material for two piece suit and '. * yard of 36 inch material for contrast. To order Pattern No. A-2061, state size, send 51.00. For WILLIAM POPPER label, send 25c. For 96 page Pattern Book No. 15, send $1.00. Address SPADEA, Box 1005, G.P.O., Dcpt. LZ-13, New York 1, N. Y. If paid by chock, bank requires 4c handling charge. Movers Need Stress GQ^WHY GROW OLD? Managing to Future Wives Keep Pleasant Expression-You'll Gain Attractiveness By JOSEPHINE I.OWMAN' A recent letter from a reader IT IS NEVER too late to be- By RUTH MILLETT "I want my daughter to know how to earn a living, because even though she marries, there is no guarantee that she won't have to help with the breadwinning." You hear that often today. But you never hear a mother say, "I am teaching my daughter to be a good manager so says, "When I was a college gj,,. Everything the teachei that she can live on her husband's income, whatever it is." sophomore one of our teachers said is so true" Many younj retty are 40 than ,vere con. s in early would be prettier at 40 than youth. The'beautiful girl may Just how false this idea is you can prove by looking at those who didn't do this--even become spoiled or may fail to · stay-at-home wives you know and whom you consider to j[ they were prettier in youth, adjust when her beauty begins "When I travel about, I see tfl dim. people tense, eyes squinted, s he raav not navc developed job. the be excellent managers. By careful shopping, by taking time to cook appetizini meals from the less expensive foods, by sewing for her chil- Miss Carol E. Ortner Ortner-Drew Vows Slated During an open house Monday evening in their home. 3923 Cerritos Ave., Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Blehm formally announced the engagement of her daughter, Carol Elizabeth Ortner, to John Keith Drew, son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith F. Drew, 3915 Cerritos Ave. The bride-elect also is the daughter of R. E. Ortner of Oklahoma City, Okla. She will be graduated in June from Pepperdine College with 'an elementary teacher's credential. Her fiance, after attending Pomona College for two years where he was a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma, will receive his BA degree as a zoology education major from Long Beach State College. The wedding place in August. take dren. making slip covers and curtains, wielding a paintbrush. lower I'P » ld TM:TM )' ncs f»«her personality as the plain etc., a stay-at-home wife can often give her family more down from each side of the young woman ha(1 to do. It advantages than can a wife who goes out and takes a job nose. Once I heard a TM».ona ry oflcn cvcns l|p by lhc age of 40 . . - ,.,., , who nns been all over tne world ni , cnmi at'ior- to bring in a little extra cash. ^ ca|) (eU what a ·' soon altei. * * * Dei-son i- rcallv like if vou look Glum, pessimistic emotions or THE WIFE who decides to work usually doesn't realize ' · b l t t c , h ou g his do affect the how little the family actually gets out of her pay check. a ' his face when it is n repose. ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ She may count the cost of lunches and transportation to 'I try to remember to lift the mgke u unalu . activc such and from work when figuring out what her actual contribu- corners of my mouth, release ^^ tension leads to urema- tion to the family is, but she probably doesn't pay much at- ray drawn lower lip, get a smile ^ . . ten to all the extras. in my eyes and relax my facial u TM ' " ng ag K ' For example- increased income taxes, more money spent muscles. I am 59 years old and Check on yourself penoa- on clothes for herself, office donations, meals eaten out when wish that I had taken the ad- ically during each day to see it she is too tired to get dinner, paying to have work done that vice my teacher gave us so long your muscles and your tongue she could do herself if she had the time. ago." _ are relaxed. No. 1 Grod« FfeW Growi Rose Bushes 6.00 Max Factor Day and Night Beauty Offer TEACH THEM COMPASSION By ANGRLO PATRI Bobby was given a BB gun for his birthday and now he and his chum make a business of going hunting. They live in the suburbs so their range is limited to the drives, the lawns and tlie one small park that the town boasts. This does not hamper their style at all. They shoot at any bird, chipmunk, squirrel that shows itself regardless of where it may be. This has made the neighbors angry. When Bobby's father was interviewed by an irate 7ieighbor who protested the child's habit of shooting at birds he said, "It is good practice for him. lie needs to learn to shoot at a moving target. You can't tell these days when a sure shot is going to be needed." * * * * BOBBV JS just past 10 years old. He is not likely to need to. shoot in self defense, or at a flying target and his habit of shooting at helpless little creatures like birds is not -likely to teach him the qualities of character -manly men admire. Soldiers do not shoot helpless c r e a t u r e s ; rather they go to their assistance. In the first place it is against the law in most civilized places to shoot birds. These lovely little creatures, such fine example of courage and helpfulness in themselves, are protected by law against the cruelty and stupidity of those who would shoot at them, wound them and leave them to a slow and agonizing death. "Oh, no, I tell Bobby to make sure he kills any he happens to hit but doesn't kill first shot." * * * + ENCOURAGING a child to shoot to kill any living creature seems to me very bad instruction. Children should have nothing to do with killing but everything to do with preserving life, protecting the helpless creatures they see about them, cherishing the beauty of nature wherever they see it. This does take teaching for it seems as if mankind was hent on destroying the very things he cherished most. Birds arc shot, plants and flowers uprooted, beautiful roadsides littered by thoughtless people \vh«s.; parents did not teach them to seek beauty and to cherish il. We need birds in our gardens and parks. Nobody need be told how useful they are in keeping the plants and trees free of insects, in destroying the bugs and the beetles that would destroy the precious trees that help conserve our soil nnd water, shade us from the heat of summer, beautify the landscape. And-- equally import a n t , the birds lift the spirit of all who know then 1 listen to them, watch them come and go, as the seasons change. They are not moving targets for small boys to shoot at but Nature's messengers of beauty, usefulness and joy. Please. Twa.y«or-old bore f**t r«M*. H«l*i *r«m i« . . . ·ock b * i h ii year 'rommi blooming o»d km 3 * were COM* .' . . tfce»e p«?ilar vori*Kts COM* In red, yeltew, pink, wfcHe o»d m»IK.color*d. Uom. climbers} . . ttrt lopi art WOK' coated and rftcti we · · c k t d hi MMf-llHtd bagi, mid t b * y or * ** 7 69- siittmiiimiiMiiiiiHBiiiiiiiiiiiraDiiiHBiHiiiinHiiiiiiiiiinw \nmummmm\\mmmmimatj Vigoro j Rose Food | Swift Co.'s complete plant I food for *VM Hw most dtllcut* I row pints . . . wit* imtrvc- | Horn. ^ 10^98° I mmiinTM(innHrinn» » SAVE 2.50 Active Moiiturizw by d*y . . . * light-»i- lofiox cream ta weir under make-up, t* entice moiiturt from .fhe air. Hovri-leftg refreshment for ill ikin type*. Enriched Hormone Cream by nigfct . . uniqaely-toft smooth-in cream lift I pi rea«- fivited ilciit c*llt rtor* b«auty-givin§ mftlstsrT* while yo* sleep. 3 50 2.50 All-Purpose Cream 5.00 Hormone Cream Save half the price on Colonial Damei cleansing or night cream, encourage smooth petal-fresh complexion. 1 25 1.50 Hand Body Lotion Save 2.50 01 f*m«K Dorothy Gray Ceilog«R Hormone Cream to help moisturize away wrinlclei and give yottr tltiii a yovnger, smoother leek. 250 Noxzema Skin Cream Canadian Peat Moss brawl. cMtitia* toll b*lpi imprert Him« r»d loos« clar . . . «r pr!c« h « rwri mint for Hh * c*Mc Save 50c on each bottle of Harriet Hubbard Ayer't French · Formula Lotion for ifein protection during inclement weather. 100 Greaieless -- Small Size 57c LMM 69 mini NUB Winter Anti-Cold Vaccines 19.95 Tropic Aire Room Heater Save 4.00 M till hwhomtty s t y l e d thennoitaticatly con- trallxl roon heater wrtt hn h circulate keoted oir. 13' 5 Sav« discomfort and loss of work Orovax Entoral time this winter. Start taking anti- Merriiu i 17 p*rkt Dam cold raccine tablets now! Here's " " bl '*« ' · ' ' » »*Wtt. how to go about it ... take one capsule or tablet before breakfast ^ each day lor one week . . . then i v / take one or two each w.ek during Immunovac V a c a g e n the cold season. 1.17 Amber Mouthwash Heavyweight Argyle Socks Mild ·tiring**} q»rq\u of moufhwiih pi'frf 25 HMvyw«t9ht cortM, H = ar^yl* pcttenti in assorted pop- £ ·lor colors .. . iJ*n lO'/i to 13. | em special. g i = = s K 2-1°° ! Camphorated Oil Ettential in avery family medicine cfieif one o«ixe ^j C Eli Lilly « C» i -)r Shjrot t Dakaw I J 10 t.D.nUl I .JO 20 |jblll I .J 100 Sav-on Aspirin 5*ar*!H . . . why pay more ^^ than thii 5«r-on price? ^y Rubbing Alcohol liopropyl . . . 70 % by volume, *1 *1 on ip«ci.l _ _ __ phrf I | C Household . i Super Mat | ·t riWwd w i r a c l * | '·· really s**Mirio»a{ ' a carpet sorer rivriif wet 1 69 Food Chop-O-Matic :olly clraps fo«d jest g ai fine as yo« wont it ... r*- ~ rating blades act eoeh rim* yo* § prest tfemq loaded ba««1« . . . § j 3H7TfflnTfflilltlfillIlllillllt1]l] ^iWHKwiaRHBiK^nnmniiuiiHim General Electric Mercury Switch G.E.'j famoHS toft 0*d w'Wut single pole light switch in Ivory or tan . . . at fhis Sav-on pric*. 1.65 Vista Auto Wax I Kleenex I ~99 1 Tissues I S«M Me M MKk 10 cleans at It pofrdMf Zest Toilet Soap 2 - 19' IfrQ. SIM . . . «f rhh special Sov-oit price.... 16 or. Ovaltine NvtrirtMis cfcocolot* or plom 52 55 C Bosco 24-OTce |an W to«Ty »ilk ompflfler 2 - 89' Dish Towels 69 General Electric Light Bulbs Ckoict f 40 · M · 7S · MH b«lbs ro naht s«r« yoir ko«M il well liqhlwl (fcrfnq darii wi*. Ftr moHthl. 4-89 e Coniatioi non-fe* dry Milk makes t q»om

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