The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 26, 1978 · Page 18
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 18

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1978
Page 18
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u~vi!vu-*t.M'. n.M Tuesday Morning. September 26.2678 Homes-Mainland Homes-Galvesion 55 XII M. Mirj.ic.i : ivtiitVTt r. ,,,,,. RMlxeJ '0 SU.9W Ion-is M.m.M Levirt 7s.' >J?' fMRATES COVE -O.iiv, •<,, .-.,, Country Ot'U 3 OK j o.iln,- V M Ov<'HK0 lOTi'fr lol On C-,li .,",lo-l 8,<r Bui no/, f. clwu- >our <,-. : ,v, 4MOI« MO G.llv 744 t;m BV OWNER Hr v t, .'i i t ., <K ,, r««nn r ro.iVMi'KH! n,',. t.,, p ,.. ,^ |,lr Foim.H t_K (1« ui,: ,,.. H , l&CfC' 'O MTChfM Hurn.-l V\VI D'STncI O.'.Mi'r v. ,!| i,,. lV . ,. u , rettNi'VO'-l'J'l, )e.'4S . ?^',, H,,, f« IISJ BV OWNER .1 IV.JIOOPI I n.nii O<^''« luilf v .IrpcttM. l«,^ t k ya'J GOCKI icKvK M>:.". r.>.[...!, JSJ SCO [>.ii«'«jesM .0 .:> ,, i,. s in in. Homes-Mainland NEW BAYOU VtSTA we.-ke":1 ii' ] IJ H i Citptlra Uvicril. r.n.'V M'>-.l rut,.., C.ill MUST SELL Very «,, v n home SOW equity Aviu'ne JMip^rnio ?6Qs Hut AVI< N drW **l!cr 6 pin, 945 jSjIfr 74 MM AVE. NORTH 2 li! tei'CO<l yflril. priced r.ijiil Call lor onpt rttlor SPM. VJS i Ml. schcxjH rrn-. Trees l.irrji* rw)»m. NLY; r OlHingcost 74$ 9S81 • LOVELY BRICK HOME. v COntJ , 3 I 1 .- 7. Mi IK cliMi, pal'O Over 1.900 s<t II !< neighborhood *IS 77MC1 .'.yi HICE 3 66DROOMS .' t..itl (1,11 .home •'» .ir,.-. lr stiA'Jed it-need yard sja.soo E.I.TARIN&CO PICKUPETHEnEDGECEUTURY 3INEWSIO RELAX ON THE 5UNDECKS ol tins new home HI Tiki I'J.iml Hiqh r r -«.',<-'l wiln 3 BRv 1 fc.ilhs ?. ,\ K'.tt slip JS5.500 BEAUTIFUL COM HER PIREPLACE in large <!r" Th,-. horr.r has 4 BPs. 2 balhv I.V.M'J room t Ciriiny <wtn. (jr D,V; * /.iMI JUST HEDUCEDI i flKv 7 IMIIIV laroe stuide trers >o /.-..unl.m'i p.nv OnlyJ^I.JOO HOME ON THG BAYOU in Hit ' chcock. Sits en 2 .icrev h,.-, J Ml''-. .' baths, 2 Ctlr iiiiraqi?. pchlflrcl p.ifio tin beauiifuiiy i.vidscnped /.trci in.,] Mopes To me li.iyou LAMARQUG IM3 Pirtl. C.»ri;vl. JBR. (b.lthv LF.O R«Ji" . I. 0"<i 1 CAr oU^;.,>,u;r or Kirnr 'Uif.vj- UldV- Nice Arfii t or ilppl c.ill GAU.I REAL ESTATE 1S152HI J630II) ABLES* IRealty 913 !lh Ait. M.. . NEW L. I S T 1 N G • n •• .1 u I i I -J 1 1 y > 'Decorated 30!). I 1 ; H.ithv 7 .. Garrtge.Wood tcncc CtTTifr LO! Try :**• To Pass Thii OIH- up. You Jtj-.i _ Can'l!Oniy»J5.v» ,„' ANOTHER H6W LISTING IF YOU u DON'T JUMP FIRST For Tin-. Hofiu. Someone EK-: will' '• MEAL .<' -V47.500. 3BR, willi .ill in-, '^-NORTHSIDE HOWE -II Y'IU Mr. '1 ' The Space. Ttiis Hofrie H,>% n< ^ i — WiThGan>e room. CHi/., IMM!! in' ; 1U.150 T« MI3, 1M-TA41, 1U 1 425 . 9 13 iS89 BAYOU VIST A _, PICKADREAM •\VORKING COUPLE'S O«6A^ *t Tired AT niqril? E lev. nor To c,>f t f ynu .^ up t, down. PLUS 3 BH, 2 . ij.nn I kitchens, f- t'uge goin- rpon; U- PERFECTIONIST'S DREAM % Oriental design IMS reni i " 'if. HONEYMOONEHS DREAM 7 UK In top cond. V<iU\ bool r.vnv r. p.irl, ~* rooiTi& b.Titi dowTisiairs "" EXECUTIVE'S DREAM -over 1 .000 " fcl sq. M. ot enlerlflinmcnl ccnd r ^ _ livlnj, wjlli J COUPLE kilcli'.-ns t. formal dining roc^'i. fnsiri" stairs "• BEGINNERS DREAM 3 BR, with *t so many extras. Ovcr!iH(l pier. IxiaT ramp, i GUEST OU',RTi;i'i .. downstairs _J NATUBE LOVER'S DREAM -iOW. 2 bath. Wilh FAMILY kitcl"'ii Overlooks bird sanctuary Irorn I porcn & canal lron\ the, BETTY M. SHARP REALESTATECO.rjS 11JJ Frances Mlllard. 9Ji«Jj; Beverly Pophnm. ?J9 locje — Chris Dtlasaodrl. 984 535S NEW LISTING. Ti-« as C.t< jr.-i Lovely nciyhtjoflioott Prfird lor ff.v , starter lamily SPACIOUS^-JJ v,-,iiip,iix'r ~ nt accents, all ci if utihtK.'^ Sani.i I-'.^.School District ...FOR THE COUNTRY Gentleman Lov elv 3 ? 2 on / .v.rr.-. north i.l •• AltaLoma. Santa Fe SchtK.-i Ur.tricl HEY, LOOK ME OVER 3 1 ' : 1 en ,, ti'rtacri; tract. Lottgt trees —MOVE^TO THE NEW CITY ot Sanl.i *" Fe. Lovely 3 7 1 hrick on e^lr.i lorqt' *'lOt. Lots of ciftmv iMrcpUic* 1 . 1 rf _old. Call tor appt CHESSMlR REAL ESTATE 986-9832 ^-?4_.2dft Nlghti, 925-4782 ,DICKINSON TTfcYOU tf.'i'H hu.l! < ibedroom older horn^ on tj'-,ujiiiui wooded acre- Pro'.tn}'Gu', ri<-ujn borhood, dec-p'r ,irc< v, lo D,i r Only 579,900. TWO STORY BRICK TO IHE **hOOF — 5 toeoroonn. "j hdi'.'j, v —.detached bnck Owm>r **JranS(err»d 6. ,>r./io r. V.,i>--- ollcrr. •*• 185,500. .•2-Cl.UIET, LOVELY SUBDIVISION 5i, Very clean 327 Trr-v f-ncrj lot t t read/ to oo Pric<:'J !0 itll SAVE THOSE STABLE BILLS' ihli irr.mai-j!?'" '! p''.'-: ••"•'•••• Mro- barn, sturdy J 7 VANI) ,1 !,.:•)! OnlyS96.?oo ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE In tin'. sturdy •• bedroom, i b-nii tio'-i" Om large living .ire.^ iqi.,',-, ofi '/ <,«]< -,j. cainedr.ll CC.hrvj. tuiir K.nlli-, on ,1 wooded acre. S"'.IIJ<KU r ,urrc,undin»/', but close t" FM il/ f. iti -is Pi.m to sec it soon! V8V.VOO BAYOU CHANT1LLY f jUSt fo crcc*, jiC Wroo' just lor I t 1 lot I; i' »• Tig OH tronslcrrcd. in, wo CLEAR LAKE REALTY j. Dickinson 9480883 ASK ABOUT OUR ES PI - 'LOVE AT PURSE SITE! Wh,.t ,i 'Jboy! 4 sprtriflu-. D'tlrow,-.. run rtjrnporory with ;,tri'im. l,vg<- cniry. 'xU'cJicn comos r.omrjlfi' 1 wiin JCMM 'air range 8, tr<i-,n cornpflcior o/' r [2200 sq "• '" <'•<'!'"<•'••,.J.m| lie?,500 IjfcOOZE & LOSE your < r.,.,r , : on our **4 bedroom Colcinml n> //"uni.inii M J The price is r.glit! VA.'ffi [FOOTBALI. SPECIAL i^ >. i i ineeded! tjsc your w. cii'j.i.i.i/ Mi 'sq. ft., all electric homo. n-ri t cor.ii»-u Ner;[J tiou'jiri'i ., rw .,anywhcreinll."U 5 /. ' CM »2 LL FREE. NO CO^r i fee L i G A T i ON . i eoo -,} ', v< vr, r) ff>y> "• B0b6y,'9« "33 Ch«rl«i, 945 3593 Homes-Mainland SOMtTHINO f O* tVIRYONE * 12,300 — 1 BR& !g mobile homa, Ig. lol. $23,630 — 2 BR Scfen. new air & heal — equity. Y26.300 — 2-1-1 brick, like new throughout, 127.730 — 7-1-1 just redecorated, new roof. »3V4JO — 3-M. den. best location, shaded lot. J31.9OO —3 l-den. brick. AC. large tol. »31.950 — 3-1 "i-l brick. AC. extfo clean. 134,300 — 3-1-2 Alto Lomo dandy, large lol. *36,300 — 3 1-2-den. ideal brick, just listed. *34,730 — 3-1-den. pretty home with extras. $38,800 — 3 1' .-1 den, AC, best Wayiide value. (46,830 — 322 brick, loaded with charm. S3B.900 — 3-2-2 den, huge Mainland Park brick. 173,000 — 3-3-2 ppatioS pool, newly listed brick WY ATT REAL 1ST ATE 943-4424 NHo»-W/ond» - 943-3176 —943-6049 — 943-2111 GORDV& GORDY REALTORS 938-1318 PRICE XIDUCH) on rhii ihfM b»droom, rwo both, brick \M two blocki from Sonlo Ft School. On '/> ocre lot with pl«rtty ol room lor garden. Formal living, family room and built-inj. Ctntrol air andheal. 40't. AUTUMN LEAVES ARE FALLING from these tovtly p«m irets, but don't woit and you con be enjoying the warmth of the comfortable d*n with fireptoce, <i»e bedrooms, jomrtwr hoift*. lodey kitchen with built ins Close to schools and 1-45. CMH. 80'i. SUPER STARTER — This one has oil of the featixes you are looking for Fwo bedrooms, formal living and oVi Remodeled Vrtchen with dish^ washer. Goroge with shop oreo Deep lot with room for horses, garden. Why o»t thai closed in f e«ling? 20's. Iwttari P««t«T - «S-6»I9 ElnMrt UlM - flS-]U7 I RtSH AT f AIL. B* one D( the first lo ste rhii new fijling. ? story brut S BR . 3' : laths, stutr/. living room, dining room, breakfast room. uruq-o titchen with island worV counter, fornily room, fireplace, wet bor. many pjUos. large enclosed patio great for o gome room, double gar- ogp coinfr lot, c*ime IcKoticn. 189.000, DROP ANCHOR HERE. Cone home to this nice 2 bedroom home in Boyw Vislo. Spacious living room, combination kitchen ond breolcfosl oreo. range, oven, refrigerator, cement bool romp. *42,000. Owner finance only TH£ LAP OF LUXURY. It's close to everything but nothing comes close lo it A Irue elegant ? story home feoluring 5 bedrooms. 3'.: bolhs irurfy. formal oreos, fomily room wilh flogslone fireploc, well equippsd htclien.ccdur lined closet, smoke detectors, covered polio, concrete peo giovekoveiing oround lovely swimming pool, prime locolion SI 15 000 SUDOENTLY IT'S AUTUMN: And wr ore glad! Throw onother log in il !• fireplace of this older home surioundd by slalely trees. Living room lumily r«)(ii. 3 BR.. Kr baths, dining room, breolfost room. ror>ge and " cent . hexii. oversi/ed doubledetacl>ed garage. J3T.973. BAILEY, MEYER & BATY *35;2441 337-5591 *t,,t»..t, n « MMtwWrtM fji.sw UrcifUr «JS4Bi Ooretlir Cmti«« fit Oitt tar »i^.non 4U-60IO FALL SPECIALS UNIQUE FEATURES — Brick 3-1'/, -2 homo has built-in bookcases, desk, gun rock. etc. plus den. CASH, patio, corner La Marque lot with trees. DECORATED 2 M — Separate dining room, garage ond carport Fenced yord. witr> shade or>dTruil Ireos. Excellent La Morquo neighborhood. 20's. NEW HOME ^- 3-2-2 brick, separate dining room, paneling in house 8 garage. CASH, buill-lnt. better than average construction. LaMorque. OWNER MUST SELL — $4,500 equity. 3 BR detached garage, near Toxos City schools 8 shopping center. 20 s. TEXAS CITY '•— 3 BR. aluminum siding, central heat. 3 window units. Low 30 s. ANGERSTIIN REALTY 935-3041 AvrdioGaru Annttti Mhneo 337-1086 IFNOANSWtR.CALL V45-U75 htk fccU*T 7444703 MMCT tTAttf 7*2 7»M *U«k«McrM* N5-AJ71 4U-45M 744-2144 744-U3S 12032U1 SI. N. v«r» OM««* Wtrrt, "BUY THfHOMITHAT'S GUARANT«D BY VHW" AHTICKK lOVtRJ Of LIGHT - This spacious home hos evefythinp.! Forma) living room, elegant old world dininfl room, boilt-ins in kitchen, den, breakfast areo, many other extras. Priced in $40's. A MUST SEH 3-J W-l brick, with CH&A, low equity i VA loan. MAINLAND PAH — Formal living & dining, den, overlooks a beautiful landscaped yd. A BR, custom buih double closets, 2 boths. court yards (or exterior living. THRIVING BAIT CAMP - Business on canal. 3-2-2, brick home. Bod stolli to rent. 5 bait wells, dJesel fuel to sell. On 2 acres. WATSIDf BRICK - lofs of space, 3-2-2. CHSA, carpel, boilt-ins. over- siie garoge opens onto alley. EXICUTIVf HtfCHBOSHOOO - Northsid* Schools — 4-2-2, colonial brick, CHSA, fireplace, den, utility room, extra large tondscaped lot. Very pleasing. HIW LISTING — Brick home on large tree shaded lot. New carpel 4 remodeled kitchen & den. ore just o few of the many things you would like about Ihis home. Priced in the J30's. TWELVE OAK VILLAS c Invest in your future - Looking for quality, high elevation. < easy access, individually designed homes? Are you the ex- o ecutive or a potenlial executive? If one or oil fits your Stan- ° dords. visit with us before you buy. It's the place fo live. ' 3-4-5 BR, fireplaces, atriums, wet bars, garage openers many features designed for elegant living. Open every day of Ilio week. Or call, wo will open for your convenience. ° Oh. yes. we will sell your present home, so you can move ~ into a new one. SEE THIS ONE1 Kitchen remodeled for today's living. Built- 01 ins. now dislnvasher S stove. New cabinets, shiny vinyl floor. c Mailer of foci, this home shines with | 0 ve. 3-2-1 fenced e yard, high elevation, cosy access. Mid 30's. c 3-2-2 YOim BE SITTING P8ETTY in this one. Neat « nice. I CASH, built-in kitchen, carpel, wallpaper. High 30's. ALTA LOMA at WANT GROWING ROOM? _ Acres north, east south 8 ° weM Ownor financing with 10 percent down. It's a'sure win. * ner for your future or investment MILLIE CRUMP & ASSOCIATES 938-4070 938-1925 ^BillJohnion 925-6988 o Roger Slohltnon 938-4765 945-4432 938-0639 Cheryl Hunt 925-594rf Lli Hocking 935-B93V Rachel Zamora 935-4838* ^> a o o o Q o o o o o o 0 a o 0 0 c fl B o o o o o o o q e ,q ,q fl o ^ B... 945-3365 RED CARPET BEFORE -BUYING OR SELLING CALl ABOUT IKED CARPETS "WALL-TO-WALL PROTECTION PLAN". TEXAS CITY OFFICE 945-4406 SPECIALS. Veterans move into these homes for Jl. Non-vets less than $1, 000. NICE 2 BR in Texas Gty, N«w cor pet & paint. Mid 20's. LARGE TWO BR in'iaMarque. On 2 lots. Carpet, den. low 30's. 3-1 Vj-2 BRICK in Texas City, lorge enclosed pofio. Mid 40's. LAMARQUE. 2 BR on deep lot. Good condition, low 20's. THREE DEDROOM ,jn Texas City. Vinyl siding, built-in ronge, carpeting, wallpaper. Md JOY NIGHT HUMBIBS AFTFR 5:30 j[AHtniituncin.V'ti-3S7t NANcrKurr, 943-6771 BirH DOSS. 948-O23 PAISV HINSHr. «1S.]]>5 JIM VOIIKFI. V4S-6610 ALTA LOMA OFFICE 925-3511 TRADITION At 4-2-2,brick, new carpet, cent. A&H, oil built-ins. Covered potio, 1 yV.' Worranly, mid 40's. MOBILE HOME 4 on 7 acres. Trees, born, pond. Mid 40's. NEW CQNSTRI.ICTION. Nice Alta loma Subdivision. 3-2-2 brick homes frxh on on ocre. 60's & 70's. ItHILBAlCAKD. AtlCI ItlVINiON. «}J.]1]3 "VVo Arrange VA Financing' foch Red Cur pel office is indopenc/enfly owned ond operated - BY OWNER Spacious t ^ 1 L.iMiliqur rionu- wiin many cvstorn Homes-Mainland ^ WHY RENT? Prww t, tux) out Ih^ 3 OOOroom Ixxnc IrncctJ yard. rt>r conOitionM Low JOs Call»3S S*0f } BH Ifncefl ft'A C'rpclfd AC unit & ncAT Crtn lx- pu'CHtll* li^c fc-nl Low 70's 93S i60' _ ____ GOVERNMENT HOMES CALL: CHARLIE BAL6Z (31 Q301 MA S36» & Assoc.) REALTOR 948-3433 ARCADIA 1 tacu- ITACU Vi.«00 ALTA LOMA J I 1 ' ~>. ""C k •" Triplf BAt E ititrci HITMCOCK LAPOE * 3 J Wick '••"i living loom. J [!<•"•. t jnirnmmg CrtOl .M 10V Wi <Jgr^n.-oci A 4 3 ->cie if A' i ct Mrnjixi stur onoao TEXASCITY TWO 1 APT C'j-npU-'cs Vcr/ good 5.54. a J Jaciei'acl o" PinoHo.x) ! 86DROOM will i.'ipo't m mi3 W s J I I m in.aKl MAINLANDPARK 33? BRICK wilrt tifccilace, CH^^, IcrxM <*rd lnmidl«0'l ALSO 3 BEDROOM, win lormal living i CKM 11 1 o*" n Low JO b BILL iVERLENE. 137 UJ* J GRICE MLS HKAI.KXTATK TOP NEW CONST RUCTION B**a u 111 us w 111 ng O" sm J11 1 flV,f Te»it* CiTf, Lcxn lomond 5O- M ConH'mpo* rtry, 377. f tinny fcalurcv airCirOnc 71 Old Engl'Vfi. 4 J 2. tWn with Ip , OR or LP. rn.d 60'S TOWNHOUSE ? EJH I'T baths, fireplace, occlient c<x>0>Tion ACRO iS FROM HIGH School and trnn.% tovrtv Open liwmg orca, 327, fCfXftJ t(Xi*cr REDUCED! Ch^rmir^q Gxetulivr tKxn^ rormfll LR & DR. family room wi1hflu1l>cnlic f-r,vikl»n ^tovr & wet t>^r. MOW & balh <3CT*V" 3'-'j OR up 7 A Cuniti imm.'Kul Jtc condillon REDUCED on itto corner. Trceb, LR fi. DK ,3 BR, 7 oaths WocxJed lot in quiet SO UARGE EXECUTIVE Sp<vti_hhomc. r-orm^l ftttra* Trrnlic iJt'fl with FP Lg kitchen & brr^MatMruti ^ DR, 7 *') bJltiV Tf Ov% MINI RANCH 10 VALUABLE ACRES TrrmcrxSous riirxh 51 vI v home DiOmwxi B^vou LR or mirtic room, be-n wilfi cor net F P & j iludy . Ig OW, 3 tiugi' OcO'OWrJS, 7"; b^ins ,ilv3. lrtr^_ eocto-Ffxl ^unroo m (or g.vnr room) 0>g TH] b<vn (.sncJ npt.]. horvc slall t flrcnrt. 2 Iq pondi itocKr-0 wilh C.Tlliih & t>£^*, 38i" on R<iyou WANT TO BE OUT? Nice t^mily rvomo on ' 3 flcrp, LR & OR, Den, 3 DW, t'-j b<ithv ir cc^ OUTSTANDING CONTEMPORARY Den (p., Ig DM. Icrrlflc kilchen, S OR. 3 h.ilhi. Game rcx>m or 61fi OR TWO STORY custom L9 wooded lot Quiet .ire^ LR DR. MBR i both down, Den. up 3 BR t bath. <ilso, ,n lilw dpi . mdny te.ilures. mint con 945-9733 Dlcklnfton — 337-1AS5 TEXAS CITY 3^73 TC*A^ Avc Commercial property 3 1oli witn r>ou&e Rent M35 per mo S3). 000 W,000 cKwvn IX» mo Contact CharlCl GiflrntorTone Kpfll EsT.Ui-, 986 5115. EXCELLENT NEIGHBORHOOD- well mainlairxrd brick, * 7 7 den. screen eoclowKl palro. rcwni in garage, could be Siri DR Oversueo lot intncpirwv OWNER HAS REDUCED -cxKuiivc 437. Formal*, don with FP. ovcclooks co vired pea gravel patio & 15x30' pool. On 'T acre dlied wilh irc«i Oood elevation. EXCEPTIONAL NEW brie*, 43? with bflltoniev & All cxtrev including Qood Iwy ACCC^V. ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY! Priwacv all around ltii$ brir.k 3 3 2 on \ acre. EXACTLY WHAT you've been looking tor. 3 now bricks, with %upcr iloor planv Exuding tnat roomy tceling. Pnced Ininc SO i Haney / «4i-«lS] 337 IJ6» COMPUTimHOMtVICiS j PRICE REDUCED! Owner MUST %c!1 due lo illness. 5 bedroom Colonial in LaMarque, Makeolfer' CHELSEA- To»as City Renl Irom one apt will pay note CALL NOW WE HAVE many other lovcW Homes to choose Irom. IRIS FLOWERS REAL ESTATE. 763 I5SJ: »38 OSOJ or 741 1165 JOHN COX REALTY S«rvlntg The Santa Fe Area W5-3141 9«47» J BR. FRAME HOME near Santn Fc Schools. Reduced to sell S27.000 IVl ACRES on HWY M* 'or SI J.750 1 BLOCK in the cilr ot Arcaoia w.lh Pecan Irresfi. 12x60Mobile Home NEW 4 BR. home. PicV carpet 1 paint. With fireplace schools 3 BR. BRICK on v> acre witn 21 ^ acres available J ACRES in Algoa H.WOcach. DOUBLE WIDE HOUS E TRAILER on lot near schools. S18.9SO 30X40 METAL BLDG. on Hw» 4 171,500 3 BR. on I acre. Needs handyman touch 118,000 N Ightt & Week- Ends Betty. «S-2*M JoHn,9«-l«W George. 744-1516 EXECUTIVES-!^ story, t BR. 7 bath, den, rec room upstairs, hand crafted cabinets, built in bullet, auto. garay* Sccrl High SO's. VETERANS-NOTHING DOWN pay closing costs only: 3BR BRICK. New carpeting through out. low Ws. 3 BR FRAME, newly painted 8. out. Good starter home. S25.SOO 3 BR frame, single garage S79.900 RESTRICTED HOMESITE. Santa Fc, nine tenths acre, VS.SOO MoryK. RubyWulf 986-5733 986-5612 SOMETHING SPECIAL! 1 homes professionally decoroled win sod tones. Fireplace, plus" carpeting, waHpappcr. One on bulkhc.idcd canal. PRICE SLASHEDI On tnis prcrty 3 2 7 brick home. In Wcstbriar Subd MILLER REALTY 945-3396; 948-1510,945-5150 948-0637:948-1453 SALE BROKERS FOR GOVERNMENT OWNED HOMES LowMove-ln-AnyooeC»nBuy. NELSON REALTY CO. 9M17M Call 9M5410 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 3 1 1 brick. Fireplace, buill ini, carpel on 3 ,icr« near Rdunge Pork in Arc.idia NEW 3 I I brick Fireplace, hmll m^, carpel on 47 acres. 1 mile So ol Sanu Fc School on Montgomery Rd. 7 ACRE TRACTS in Arc.idi.v Owner finance. 4-1W2 BRICK on Vi acre in Arcadia. 1 ACRE tracts on 1764. Rcilrlclpd. O. L. MONTGOMERY REALTY 14310 Hwv 6 ARCADIA, TEXAS W5-323J 74S-59S7 337 Mil A BEAUTIFUL HOME >n Te ti\ Cil» 1 his 3 bedroom ha j been r*moo*iM. including new tenlral Htr con diiioning Clow 10 the dike A perfect home lo slari oui f""> 'or o" 1 ' 179.SOO DtLANNEYi ASSOCIATES REALTORS. / J* Homes-Mainland TEXAS CITY. 3 e«droc.m 3 bain. carpeted, cenl AdH, beautiful yard. nice neighborhood 316 ?*'h Ave Norm, fttoii Wi Joe Tramonie Al-TA LOMA-T~'o slorr Country oome on I acrri *.Hi lr«s. 3 irri old U7S sq, tl downslatrs ir»cl»xJes 3 laroe bedrooms, bath, laundry. country kitchen & large den Wallpaper Inrovghout upstairs has WOsq ft unhnisr>t-d living area Call 97S 7*S3 allt-r tor anytime weekends ALTA LOMA- Oy OMnvl. 327 brick. den. living, dimrxj. dinette, laundry. fenced »2S6Jj; ______ LOVELY 1 BH BRICK, living room. dining room, kilc den area, carpeted a, drapeo. CA&H Disposal fc dish washer 2 l 'j tar garage Outside blinds, fenced corner lol witn trees. lots ol storage space, iricl cedar lined closets Appt only Aller 6, »35 71S6 THREE BEDROOM. 3 bath, Maircase. cent AtH on 74' lot Recreation room downstairs. Garage Olfwr features Phooe 93S 79ft*. 81S Marl.n Djy&u Visla ^REALTY 945-5469_ TODAY BEST BUY- Live .n a 3BR A pi downstairs & rent thi- JBR apt upitfliri lo help pay fey fwfe Very nice condition Only 133.700 THIS INVESTMENT W'LL pdy for itwlf 4 rt-nl houvrs- & 7 ".mail buMrtf^Mi Only S2<,«X). Owoer wll^ linflnce wilH f SOOO down, LARGE 7BR HOME ha* everything! Ncwcdrper. CHAA, newn -nsylai.on Sc« tt rvow? NORTH5IOE SCHOOL Very nice 7BR home Large lot. wparatc work ihop- Give tn a call _ WHAT A BREAK. New homes being built in SdrtM Ft area >n rhe low *)'$ Brick, 3 eWi, ? balm, txult ins, CiTy utitiiipi Call now belore I hey' re gooe. PROPERTIES UNLIMITED BOBBIE, 948 -0425 BARBARA!. RODNEY, 975 MJO BEVERLY, 7*4-3711 MARY, TO8 4527 ADELIA7U-1&42 MARGARET, V&-4X* HARVEST YOUR DHEAM5 Buy in^ 3 DR 3 ba'h I 1 .? story Colonial bficK on Kingiiie tree lill«J lot. Den tia^ wooObUfmng lircplacc ATTENTION EXECUTIVES Yoo *-/t(l appfec«afo The qualify work manihip o1 INis fjntasTic 3 BR ? bath brick noMlttj amooy beaulitul trees witri tasteiuily tfecoraied large foyer, living 4 d»niog room, storage galore. modern kitchen, sepcrate ulility room, A*t\ pawled don opens To a paradise backyard and patio. Greenhouse, double detached garage, high elevation, near COM. THE PRICE HAS TUMBLED Owner musi sell Thi* big 3 BR 2" bath ben brick on corner lol. Hi* new home is ready, he musl move! Now it's your move! IT'S HALF PAST SUMMER Fall is m tne air. Crackling logs in the Itreplace, Kids coming m rrom school, picture your lamily secure in thii * BR 7 bath den with CA&H in choice location Beautiful recreation room where you can charcoal steaks — yes. it's ail here tor only V*8.000 STEAL A HOMEI Veterans don't wail Grab a dollar bill and come to see this 7 BR for only 11B.500 in good local ton. Be firs! lo can on Ihis one. RUTH LOWDER, REALTOR 935- 3075 or 935-2272 Ann Blackwell • 331 6034 Kay Halberdier • 93*1794 LeonFllldei 735«;3» SANTA FE REAL ESTATE 923-2339 949-0262 LATA LOMA PROPERTI ES: CREATIVE? Try th.s 3BR in the JWs. NICE FAMILY HOME-NICE FAMILY PRICE. 4 3 7 KO's. SMALL HOMES tofit your needs MODERN)!? Beatifully designed. 3-3-3 Large home for the large family. WO'S REDUCED 3BR brick. 2V? baths. On over 2 acres. WOODED 5 acres tract Also non wooded 5 acre tract. TRACTS AVAILA6L6:na!l acre, 1 acre up to 49 acres. CALL FOR OTHER LISTINGS: NIGHTSBILLIE TAYLOR. 925-M77 from your siesta! Call for an ap poinlment while you slill have a choice ol these beautiful Spanish homes! FH A financing available. A SPIC & SPAN 37? featuring beamed cathedral ceiling, attractive carpet & wallpaper, built ins. Low WO'S AN OUTSTANDING J-2-2 wim formal Living, large family room, all built ins, CH& A, utility room. Low ISO's. A SUPER FAMILY HOME with all the trimmings, 4? 2 has formal dining room, fireplace, covered patio. MidUO'S. TEXAS LANDMARK REALTY REALTOR MLS-9A5- 1105 CHRIS LEE. 9«2020 BRENDA FERGUSON, »4»-47»2 oa V3» JllS SANTA FE-VA SPECIAL -3 BH, 2 car garage, nice den, large lot. pecan trews, immaculate cond.. mid 30's. NEW LISTING-Spacious 3 2 7' 3 bricK, den wilti fireplacc T large game room over garage. Ready lor the large family. CLEAR CREEK V!LLAclE- REDUCED! 3BR brick, 1\i bains, 7 car garage, lar ge den, lireplace. 78x13' enclosed patio, fantastic 16* j«' pool & whirl pool. Truly an executive tiome. Owner says sell! ALT A LOMA- 1 year old 3 7 7 brick. l>i acres, paneled, lireplace, large breakfast area separate game room. SANTA FE- 577 ready for new owner. Triple Bar Estates Paneled den, kitchen with bult'ins. Call tor oppl. SANTA FE-TRIPLE BAR ESTATES-reduced! 3 7 7brick. den. corner fireplace, oversized fenced lol, covered patio, low equity. 5 ACRES— corner Smith i. Fir, black top road. 9 ACRES- Friendswood Algcw Rd Ideal to subdivide. CALL US ABOUT OTHER ACREAGE. _ DRAMATICALLY SITUATED on a quiel cul dc sac. our 3 bedroom home awaits you inspection. Designed & built for modern living. Interior appointments speak ol comtori, ease (.dignity. HELPI MY OWNER HAS MOVED out ol stale & I'm longing for a family to enioy my great den, lormal living 6 dining rooms, 3 bedrooms & ol course my new rool 8. plumbing will give you long (rouble frcp home life, ' & COMPANY REAL ESTATE « INSURANCE 94*4554 NITIS »**4065 134-2I42 945-3444 933-3*43 9332011 LAORANEAREA SCO acre Ranch txjtwetn LaGrancjc t Srmtnvillt Loi^ of garrve. approx 66 percent wood Several La»« 117.4 ACRES Colorado River Iron iao«. Lots ol Petam. mcniiy in cultivation with hvaoLe ola Farm Houie MOORES REAL ESTATE 7132*^3375 O«ypf Nlo/il ALTA LOMA Executive Country Homes. 4 ?•/? 7 on acreage. Chaparral Club area For detain Can J 8. M Hom«. me I 5W 3474. j. Michrai Realtors. 1 Ml 7764 THIS WEEK ONLVI New home, No 6 S Sandpiper. Omega Say 3 B». 2'. j baths. CA&H, an crick & ceoar U3.7SO Financing already arranged tl.OOO pd. on closing cost. 744 B04A alter 5 pm PARK YOUR BOAT at your back door & enioy casual & comfortable living in IhiS fine home in Bayou Vista 7 bedrooms. 7 batns. private boat ramp & entertaining area This one has it alii OeLANNEY & ASSOCIATES REALTORS. 763 iM9 WATERFRONT NEW BAYOU VISTA Perfect weekend rolreot 2-1. carpeted, maintenance free siding, fenced, nicely landscaped with sprinkler system, lots ol extras. Priced lor quick sale. $38.500. BAYOU VISTA 933-9190 Lots-Galveston 57 TWO LOTS in Terremar Beach Subdivision t?sx>eacn JIM BAKER, REALTOR 9*4627 or 337-iSSI Lots-Mainland 58 LOT FOR SALE at 3110 Lone Star (near Main STr.. LM}. Bargain at S2.7SO. 10 per cent down, owner financing. Myman Levin, 76? 5471 FRIEKD5WOOD—Must sacrifice two "a acre lots. 15.700 ea. In Towering Estales 8W05J3, Mo.. 7« 9607. Galv. V, ACRE RESTRICTED lots in E verestglen, Alta Loma, good elevation, new development by owner. 925 6171 Mobile Homes for Sale 59 2 BR. 13 wide. Late model, clean Mobile Home V4500 or best offer. 684 3351 MUST SELLI Artcrall mobile home, 2 bedrooms. 12x60'. W900. Phone 737 3601. LIKE NEW 14x72' Festival. lurmsheO & decorated, CHtA. 2 lull baths, walkin closets, wasrier & dryer, burgular alarms. 7*4 9330. 14X7T FESTIVAL, small equity, take up notes. 2 BR, 2 full baths, stove & refrig. 9*52951 MOVING MUST SELL UxM' Mobile Home. Central heat, new AC, & horwater heater, unfurnished 101 73rd St. North Lol 9. 945 5675 1.4 ACRES MOSilC Home. 2 l'/i 1. Excellent condition. 119,000. CHESSHIR REAL ESTATE. 984 9832. 948 2087. Farm and Rural Property 60 ONE ACRE tracts. Norm Alta Loma. Restricted. CITY OF SANTA FE. 3 ciry lots Trees good location. UNRESTRICTED. 4 acre tract Santa Fe School 200' HWY. FRONTAGE. Ideal business location Santa Fe area. TREES. TREES, TREES-On this beautiful 6 acre tract. Santa Fe School District. Ideal home spot. 1 ACRE TRACT —No restrictions. 1 ACRE—Witn septic & well. Ready lo move onto. Vi ACRE TRACT-Restrlcted Santa' Fe School District. CHESSHIR REAL ESTATE 986-3832 - 948-2087 Nlahl i. 929-6782 TROPHY DEER 100 acres. Good hunting. V498 down. 177.60 per month. Owner will finance. Call ! 800 292 7420. NEAR GARNER PARK- First time otfered! Riverfront, spring fed creek or scenic hills lull ol deer, turkey, tavelina, Russian hogs. Your choice at 5 per cent down payment. 20 year financing by owner. Cal 11-800292 YOUR CHOICE ol Hill Country. Select your own 20-plus acres in my ranch. Greaf hunting. I will finance witn low terms. Call 1800 292 7420. Commercial Property- Galveston 6] 6515 BROADWAY-Prime com mercial area. Price To Sell! Call Bruce 744 52\9. 12-UNIT APT. complex, reduced to 180,000. Near Seawall. Good cash flow. 25 per cent down, owner 7il-9M7. HO 0543. A MIXED BAG DOWNTOWN: lor vale, IVj story, AC bldg. Ideally situated in central business district for a retail store. PRICEDTOSELL. FERRY ROAD: for sale, several Iracls ol vacant land near medical center, ideal lor apts. or condominiums. Owner financing avail. SEAWALL BLVD.: tor sale, approx. 10 acres land—water just west of Sea-Arama. Over 200 ft. Blvd. frontage, owner financing on in vestors terms. FAST FOOD RESTAURANT: For sale on Broadway including real estate, fixtures, equipment & inventory. This is a profitable business. MCK EVANS REALTY AGENCY 7623144 1828 Mechanic Commercial Property Prime Location. 3 buiidirtgs. Over 10,000 w II. Metallic & tile. OMice space. Very good condition. Terms. JoeTramonte Realty 15W3»tt1 765-M37 Corny AAipid ?i3-Si« II no answer, call 7" Commercial Property- Mainland « BYOWN_«-3.»ACRES 2.«KKq M of vho*room 960 sq It ol !.r,op 'j kk living quarters, swtmmincj pooi. nor se 3?<sb!es, all »n e/cellf-nl ^cno Located on Gull Fwy SjO.OOO down owner will carr^ bdiarvcc Can Via 1252 W HIGHWAY fronlage. IIK-.II business location Santa F? ^r,,,i Cnessn.r Real Estate. 9«« KSI. <iit Help Wanted 85 Help Wanted SS Real Estate WanteO- Galveston 67 WILL PAY CASH for /our old houu- or aparlmenls m need ol repairs Call 765 7SW MOTEL OWNERS! investment company interested in Duying 30 lr/j unii motel Beach front Principal only Prepare lo go to entrant im mediately I 93! 8JM SOS Nortnoolt East. Suile 370. Houston texai 7/040 Business Opportunities NO-SELLING NO EXPERIENCE NO INVESTMENT GUARANTEED iNCCAAE $30,600 YR. FULLTIME $7,650. YR. PART TIME COMPANY: Furnishes entirely new type of ultra modern vending machines end top quality locations plus all supplies, insurance, licensing, training and capital for expansioo after 90 days. You will be shown documented proof tfrat the average location has 8112 customers per year and we start you with 10 locations. THE EQUIPMENT DISPENSES: SNICKERS STARBURST 3 MUSKETEERS M -'» MILKY WAY BUBBLE YUM APPLICANT: Must be able to devote 30 hours a month to this business, hove o sincere desire to operate own busiiwss, b« of sound character and hove adequate working capital. Preference will be shown to those individuals willing to start on a port time boiis, at least until they demonstrate the dependability we require . Not affiliated with M&M Mars Corp. or Ufesovers Inc. IN OALVCSTON CALl M*. J. HACAN Monday, TiHMrfoy, W«M)n«4ay Only 713-765 3544 NAVCOR, INC. WANTEO-FLORAL DESIGNER GUARDS WANTED --, of Of- NEEDED: PRIVATE NURSERY ni-cd 1 , an '.ar*- nelo Orff 'c, i:'V prele'rf--l Von Fn . 7 MS 30 Vji J'«0 _ TEACHE^ STE OS •- c, ^ ( o r « deponaaoit' rr> >tep 'J ere v.f'OGit-r'. in m/ ncmfr ; tt t ?i v.orvaa; rr-Oo, Rck-rtnce^ AMI lerd car it rrjt'JM 9M«/0. taWa'que C,iil 1PV1PV. lor interview EXPERIENCED INTERIOR DECORATOR Full I. mi- pos.l on Salar/ open Co-ilac! A'd r oa cr P I*; d *.*: a fj f; l f in p ._• r * o n. ,'.' o r IC3 DAY OR NIGHT shift No e/p'r^ ence n-r-c'-'SSiir ^ $100 A'fc<e* nind up /- ppi j 1 <n pt-fson if rnc FiLOA 1 ^oorn. s;o/ /-ve S or Bon Ton, ilO/ drcjarj-'ja^ Gooa OFFICE MACH I N E REPAIRMAN<f:0 lor c-Maui'^ntd afa!f-r ana Dene-Ms Pr>one 945 TELEPHONE SOLICITERS nf-ociu No ejtp needed Call ^*8 ivsv aMer 10 am 75 *™ WANTED: CONCESSION CLERK For Weekends Apply In Person GALVEZ CINEMA __ 6302 BROADWAY MUFFLER INSTALLERS' r^ H'P pr,,|frrred Can In lufi 0' 'Z LOUNGfc'FOR RENT APPLY _ J420MECHANIC _ OUT-OF-TOWN owners must toll Ocean Front Restaurant Buy business t assume oood lease Ltke new & ready to operate I SI? 349 6357 anytime. MAKE r 7l YOUR YEAR OF FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT Existing location & equipment & own expertise & association assures you ot success in Ihis rapidly expanding industry Investment required For further inlo. call collect 713 866 59)1 APARTMENT COMPLEX -a super buy ol 12 units. Owner will finance to qualified buyer. Excellent mcomK & yields. Located in high area & close to everything. OeLANNEY i ASSOCIATES REALTORS. ;63 5349 FOR SALE. Healtri reasons Well established nignt club Phone 7« 3 woo alter 7PM _ FOR SALE- Trucking Business under lease. Texas City area. Call after 5, 935 8650 _ ____^ BYOWNER Beautiful proven camper top business. 3.6 acres. J,«X> sq. It. of showroom, 940 tq It. of shop. ? BR living auarters, swimming pool. horse stables, all rn excellent cond. Located on GuU Fwy. Total price $165.000 • inventory 530.000 down. owner will carry balance. Call 938 1_8H. _ START NOW ' Local Amway distributor offers opportunity for good earnings. You pick thenours, we assist 9B6 S0»9. _ THRIVING BAIT CAMP Business on canal. Cafe (drinks & sandwishes) diesel luel to sale, boat stalls to rent, boat launching & parking. Large brick Home on 2 acres. Call D & L Realtors 945 3373. _ TIRED OF WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE' Make "Some Day" now and call about this fully equipped automotive center in ex cellent location witri nourishing established business. Call Ruth Lowder, 935 3075 or 935 727; _ TREMONT LIQUOR STORE NO. 1 Apply •! 100-4 Brotdwiy Tr«mont Store Ho. 1 MUST SELL! Insulation business for sale. Make money part- time (mulcting attics mornings and weekends. Normal job only takes a few hours. Good profits ,short hows. Be your own Boss! Work at your convienience. CALL 744-3611 Ixt.14 Ask f»r HH tr Me. Help Wanted ~85 WAITRESS CASHIER Bartenders Dancers Night help. Good pay. Apply 815 21 St. or call 763 »57J or 762 9317. BUS HELP. APPLY IN PERSON only. John's Oyster Resort. 7711 Broadway. DEPENDABLE MATURE person lo work in Sandwich Shop. All around work. Parttime — Fulltime. Monday Friday. Apply in person, 810 University Blvd. after 2PM. HILLTOP MOTEL needs maids, no phone calls. 883B West Boulevard. START TODAY We still have not filled our requirement for Retail Store Clerks for the winter seasons. Openings on both the day & night shifts. Weekend work required but these jobs pay above average, with time & a half overtime. Apply in person. Gulf Coast Fishing Pier. 90m & Seawall Blvd. FULL-TIME NURSERY WORKER for Baptist Church. Good salary For 3 services per wk 925 3J1I or 925 6819 MAKE tl.OOfl before Christmas selling toys. No investment, no delivery, no collecting Last week to hire 95 367<. _ SHEETROCK FINISHERS. Sub labor only. Call after 6, 925 5619, Alia Loma. BUS DRIVERS NEEDEO-full time position or substitute avail. To be qualified lo drive a school bus you must have a chauffer's license; be able to pass a state required physical s. have a driver's license license check. To apply please contact Grover Powers, P O Box 370. Alta Loma, T», or call 1713) 925 >M|. PERSON NEEDED To work with Store Detorotor in Display & Fumiture Store. Experienced desired but will train right person. Excellent opportunity in future in Galveston County's largest home furnishings co. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Full fringe benefits, paid vocations, life insurance, hospiiutizution. Apply in person: PLANTOWSKY'S DRAFTSMEN 3 plus /car', c» pe fierce Mec<na FrigeTiL.'pr-*, i ConstrucTor^ <ric • J JJ 3 3 «vc- So, Tead^CiT^ 9<3 /9A9 1st CLASS MACHINIST for n,qr,T sfi 11 T Gooa par- €»ceiitjnt ocr\e t > f'. ^oe Boob/ Poa^c". Flame Spracea Alloys. TC.94S 86*5 WAITRESS OR WAITER netotd, 6&m llam Wornings onU, ripply in person, B 11 am, Ancriorage Restaurant THECAPTAIN 'S T A B L i~RETf~ri m m o rj -. ,1 le opf-ninqs lor I dj .•;:i. tft-si, ger-c-ral *,r..hon nt-1p ja/ c-.t-n,n9 ^Hilf, ,ii'o part t.rne tj^r Trn'JC-r for f.-e- n;r>q^ r.*u',t ni? ly o Gfrtfr nt-ar /n o&pcr- jnct- ?440<*5) 1126 San LUIS Passed DOMESTIC HOUSECLEANER v.t- Oii/ Per 'H'rl; 1 ' StuJtnT t-lr!f..fhy ,v o m a n , r r: <. p o n '. , o I e , a i ', c ' t- '.• T . m a I u r o C ri a r i\ c 1 r r r t' t c r e n c C". AVON School's in ana i-ou can get out! Earn money on your own Time seMJng beauijful. guaranteed AVON products Over 18 Call <JJ5 5711 or Mi 8653 CAPTAIN'S GALLEY now raking applications for da/t^me Duspersons and a ish washers Must apply m person. 53rd t Seawall between 7 30 5PM CAREER FtNOER. Employment S*rvlc», trte. Carter flnderi Temporaries 2709 Palmer Tera* City ESCORTDRIVERS NEEDED! Also relif.;ci ocrson lo TO gjara/.ork Call 76? t63Mor appl DESK CLERK '.ppl/ in person DoTwppn Sam S, 2pm, a^K lor Wr Loomisor Jc-flonc- 2dJQ Sf?3vVtill Blvd ?63 230) NORS Urgently needed! Help others and earn extra cash for yourself _GALVESTON PLASMA IAB 624-25th Street 763-8801 MONOAT THMI ritOAT COX PERSONNEL SERVICE Pro'eu/onol Counse/Mg 763-0323 19SMly Oolveiton IMntoi Sc>l*t* IW,. 2S01 rtimt, Hwy. 945-0111 no SHIPPING CLERK To work in main wnrehouse. Experienced person desired. Excellent opportunity & future in Galveston County's largest home furnishings ca. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Full fringe benefits, paid vacations, life insuronce, hospifolizotion. Apply in person: CREDIT CLERK Desire person with credit experience, but will consider training right person. Excellent opportunity in future with one of Galveston County's largest home furnishings co. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Full fringe benefits, paid vacations, life insuronce, hospitalizotion. Apply In Person PLANTOWSKY'S PLANTOWSKY'S 2117 Church St. 2117 Church St. NEEDED IMMEDIATELY ; - BODY MAN PAINTER'S HELPER CONTACT: LARRY SCHULTZ DICKINSON — 337-2521 GAY PONTIAC CO. WAITRESSES -WAITERS FULL TIME ADULT POSITION Experienced Cooks (Top Pay) Exp. Managers — Willing to relocate KETTLE RESTAURANT 763-9629 500 STRAND (Port Holiday Mall) Open 24 Hours >ooocoooooc< CARRIER WANTED x H ij for Galveston Daily Newsjj Route in Dickinson. ^ CALL B/LLY FALKS, | 337-2397 --*=***! PORTER NEEDED Apply In Person To JUANTREVINO KYLE GiLLESPiE 1925 23rd ST. MOTORS, INC. GALVESTON AREA ENERGY CONSERVATION DEALERSHIP AVAILABLE - $4500 Profit from the growing demand for insulation created by increasing energy shortage & high utilities costs. U.F. Foam insulation oiiows insulating of walls & ceiling reducing utilities cost. Existing in new construction. Residential & Commercial. We provide equipment, training and marketing assistance. UNIVERSAL ENERGY INSULATORS Call Collect 713-780-1074 Mr. Daily WANTED 1 GM WARRANTY CLERK I With computer experience. \ CONTACT: | RAE KESTER i AT g GAY PONTIAC CO. 1 337-2521 | llllll!l!lll!!lllllllli:ill!llllllJ!lllltllllll!!!ll,WJIin

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