The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 23, 1976 · Page 2
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 2

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1976
Page 2
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December 23, 1976 PAGE 2 HAYS DAILY NEWS Judgment Awarded Firm Dennis Jhe Menace OBERL1N (HNS) - The Decatur Co-op Assn. has been awarded a judgment of more than $14,000 In what could become a landmark case pertaining to grain deals between farmers and elevators. A Decatur county district court jury last week ruled that Oberlin farmer Franklin Urban must pay the co-op $14,282.10, plus interest, in damages resulting from an alleged unfulfilled agreement to sell the elevator 10,000 bushels of wheat on July 26, 1973. The co-op filed suit in August, 1973, alleging Urban had made a verbal agreement via telephone July 26 to sell 10,000 bushels of wheat to the elevator at $2.86 a bushel. The agreement, co-op officials said, called for the wheat to be delivered no later than Sept. 30. On Aug. 13, Urban, who iiad been custom-cutting in Colorado, allegedly called the elevator and informed officials he would not sign an earlier-sought confirmation of the verbal contract and that he would not deliver the wheat. In the meantime, the wheat price had risen to $4.30 a bushel at the elevator. On July 27, the elevator said it had included the 10,000-bushel purchase in a sale to the office of FAR- marketing en- G(MIN) Nf 10 3- 5- 8-23 7-62-68 CANCER „„«. JUNl 11 fa&JULY 11 W-78-81-84 ICO i: JULY » 53-38-74 VIRGO Xi'' us - 20-25.33-36 -By CLAY R POLLAN- M Your Doily Acfivily Guide JK v According lo (he Start. » To develop messoge for Friday, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. 1 Exercise 31 Don't 6\ "Today . 2 Definite 32 Sacrifices 62 Subordinate 3.Dlsacjreement 33 Settle 63 Made 4 Variety 34 Personal 64 Lead 35 In 65 Buying 36 A 66 Wont 37 Happiness 67 On 38 That 68 Likely 39 On 69 Of 40 Express 70 You 41 Money 71 Foods 42 Your 72 To 43 Choice 73 Don't 44 In 74 Harmony 45 Places 75 Social 46 The 76 To 47 Order 77 Creep 48 Permit 78 Today 49 Best 79 Side 50 Could 80 Be 51 Grows 81 Shun 52 Your 82 Loiy 53 To 83 Or , 54 Things 84 Too 55 You 85 Physical 56 Obligation 86 Indiscretion 57 Picture 87 Now 58 Gain 88 Stress 59 Credit 89 High 60 Behavior 90 Beverages x— ^x 12/24 LIMA T. 21 OCT. 11 4-18-24-29, 54.55-66 5 With 6 And 7 Wisdom 8A 9 Progress 10 In 11 Can 12 You've 13 Be 14 Good 15 Time 16 Interest 17 To 18 Period 19 Avoid 20 You 21 Activities 22 In 23 Hlgher-up 24 For 25 Con 26 Make 27 Or 28 Faraway 29 Acquiring 30 Be SCORPIO OCT. HO*. 31 -48-59-65 SAGITTARIUS NOY. 11 VlS ate. 21 f23l 16-22-28.45 f 51-67-70 ^ CAPRICORN 0£C ,' " /& JAN. 19 H^ 4- 6-34-37/ 44-46-57 \ AQUARIUS JAN. 10 ^ Hi. II & 64-72-85-88 PISCES FfS. 19 \y. MAR. 20 1- 7-10.43 69-7l-83-90 New Year's Eve DANCE Friday, December 31st Township Hall Grinnell, Kansas 9 • 12:30 Music By: MADGIC Kansas City MAR-COi a terprise. The cooperative filed suit for delivery at the original- price. The late District Judge William Ryan dismissed the case, ruling that Urban was protected under the state's fraud statutes. Judge Ryan ruled that Urban was not a merchant. In certain cases, agreements between merchants for exchanges involving $500 or more need not be in writing. The cooperative contended Urban was, in fact, a merchant, operating with a knowledge of . certain established buying and selling procedures and with a knowledge that the cooperative would be damaged by a change in his porition (terms). The co-op appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the fraud statutes were intended to prevent fraud, not encourage it. The court issued a "promissory estoppel", or "barred" Urban's testimony that he had not made a contract to sell his wheat. When the case came back to Decatur county, Stan Morgan, the co-op's attorney had to prove to the jury that there was a contract between Urban and the co-op and that Urban knew or should have known the established procedure whereby wheat is sold by verbal agreement to elevators. Under a court rule, none of the jurors was a member or spouse of a member of the local cooperative. Commodities are often bought and sold at the nod of the head or a wave of the hand. The Decatur county district court ruling, while only binding in that judicial district, apparently could serve as a showcase or "landmark" in state law. Soap Actor Pleads Innocent To DWI BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (UPI) — Actor McDonald Carey pleaded innocent in Municipal Court Wednesday to a misdemeanor drunken- driving charge. Carey, 63, who currently plays a doctor in the television soap opera "Days of Our Lives," was arrested in the Sunset Strip area before dawn Dec. 10 by a highway patrol officer who said the actor's car was weaving. A pretrial hearing was scheduled for Feb. 15. Sot. • Sun. Mot. 1:30, FREDASTAIRE JANES FRAIGISCUS BARBARA EDH 7;30 1 7-.00 » ^.00 'Sot. i Sun. Mot. 1:30 SOARING tx"i*>-.i?'XW'i.W> Friday MatlnM At 3:00 Only Clot*d Chrlitmai Ev« Riivwisiorr JPGJ Adulti S2.50 ••3£» Child $1.15 Stnlor Cltliwi $1.50 Evvnlngt At 7iOO 1 »:JO rhuriday Al 2:00-7:00-1:10 " ' ~ . MANN THEATRES Have a IIo-Ho whole lot of fun this Christmas, as you share the precious gifts of the holiday! „ Tempov Centennial Shopping Center Hays * Yep, JOEY. . ,\ME'RE READY WHENEVER Ht is! Concordia Weather Service Joins The Computer Age CONCORDIA (HNS) — The National Weather Service at Concordia has joined the m The first black person to die in America's fight for independence was a runaway slaye named Crispus Attucks. in 1770. computer age. A 250,000-watt radar device is being installed to enable weather watchers to observe area weather with more accuracy. The tower outside the station transmits signals to the inside operation console. The sophisticated instrument can track everything from light rain to airplanes, ,0ne monitor gives cloud altitude; another tells- how much moisture a cloud contains. The radar also tracks how much precipitation has fallen in a certain area, thus assisting weathermen to forecast flooding conditions. The former device used by the Service could only track thunderstorms and tornadoes. "There is no comparison," said Bill Matthes, the Concordia technician who is installing the system. He hopes to have it operational by the first of the year. The radar will-track lira 125- square : mile "radius. " Thg, device also is used at.Topeka. Another will soon be installed at Gothland. Harold Lowman, NWS official in charge, said more than 100 systems will be in operaion across the United States before too long. Sometime in January, Lowman said his office plans to commission officially the new radar system. Russell Office Burglarized RUSSELL (HNS) - An overnight burglary made the news in the office of the Russell Daily News Wednesday. Sometime during Tuesday night or early Wednesday mdrning, thieves entered the newspaper building and made off with a camera and case, a record player and a cake, complete with its pan. Loss was estimated at $700. Revenue Agent Charged ATCHISON, Kan. (UPI) -- A field representative of the Kansas Revenue Department, Raymond Helm of Effingham, Wednesday was charged with theft and forgery in connection with his handling of tax collections. . Helm is accused of accepting payments of taxes due the state and then depositing them in his own account, Attorney General Curt Schneider said. The official then allegedly submitted false receipts to the department. Assistant Attorney General Thomas Regan today said Helm Is to be arraigned Tuesday in Atchison County magistrate court. Regan said an audit, to be completed .in the next two weeks, should show how much money Is involved. Regan said an internal audit by the Department of Revenue uncovered the problem. The information was referred to the attorney general's office and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation for examination. Began said Heim was responsible for sales tax collections in northeast Kansas at one-time events, such as carnivals and f(ea markets. No Pregnancy Exclusion TOPEKA, Kan. (UPI) - Pregnant women in Kansas are entitled to. disability insurance and sick leave in - connection with their employment, despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, according to a state official. . Tom Moore, education specialist for the Kansas Commission on Civil Rights, Wednesday said Kansas law provides disabilities related to pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and childbirth, are for job-related purposes, temporary disabilities. He said the law states they should be treated as disabilities under any health or sick leave plan available in connection with employment. ' Assistant. Attorney General Donald Hoffman said as he understood th^ Supreme Court decision, it did not deal with a constitutional issue or with federal statutes, but with the right of a company to make a contract excluding pregnancy. Ann Landers Has An Answer Playing Safe AMERICAN LEGION will be closed • Friday, December 24 * Saturday, December 25 • Saturday, January 1 Dining room will be dosod till January 7th Now Yoars Evo Tickets Still Available At Club We wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our members and guests and thank you for your patronage. See you back in '77. Dear Ann: Last weekend we took our. family to King's Island. I was concerned about our three-year-old because she's a very active child and I feared she might get lost. I stuck a length of heavy macrame cord in my purse. When we arrived, I laced it through the belt loops on her jeans,and tied it with a knot. The otKer end I looped around ''my wrist. Needless to say' we were never separated arid I had a much better time not having to worry about her safety. What surprised me was the respone of the onlookers. All day long people kept making comments. One woman said, "Maybe she thinks the little girl is a dog." 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I'll bet the elevator Romeo's wife has watched him shower women with attention ever since they returned from their honeymoon. But she has no faar of losing him because she knows he would never do anything that might upset HIS life. Mr. "Me First" doesn't care what he does to the women who go gaga over him. How come I'm so smart? I just happen to be another gal whb is married to a beautiful man, but I couldn't care less what he does in elevators — or elsewhere. He's a lovely meal- ticket and I'm tired of working. — Mrs. X. Dear X.: Some marriage you've got there, lady. Mr. "Me First" must be an incurable Don Juan and you sould like you have the warmth of a barracuda. My guess is you two deserve each other. Dear Miss Landers: I'd appreciate it if you would tell me the names of the states where silicone shots to enlarge a woVridn's breasts-are'legal. Also will you please give me the name of a doctor who gives these shots? 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