Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 4
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Destrover Picks Up Astronauts · (Continued from Page A-l) |The aircraft crew, relaying ·word through Japan, gaid the Spacecraft was stable in Jiree-foot waves. The trouble came when the ·wo craft were hooked together. The Gemini 8 sent a command to the Agena to turn on a tape recorder, but suddenly the combined spacecraft went into a wild sideways motion, nearly spinning. Correcting for this, the Gemini 8 pilots then went Into a roll. Armstrong quickly separated from the Agena but still experienced a roll of one revolution e v e r y 10 seconds. Armstrong was unable to control the roll with his mam p r o p u l s i o n system and switched to a system which normally is used for re-entry. This stabilized the craft after about 30 minutes. * * * + FLIGHT officials empha sized at a briefing that they just don't know what the real trouble was -- what part of the system failed. Anything else, they said, w a s sheer speculation, until they had a chance to talk to the astronauts themselves. The flight was terminated parly because of a fuel shortage for the maneuvering jets and because the pilots had depleted some of the supply needed for controlling position during re-entry. Col. Kenneth J. Mask, commander of the 36th Air Rescue Squadron in Japan, said the Gemini landed about two miles north of the planned target area. "Pretty damn pood. Right smack on," he s?id. * * * · WITH Armstrong at the controls, the retrororkels on Wives A!! Smiles, hut Not Chattv 7 ·/ MM*. c«'». in.TM. Mar » iN4 INDEPENDENT--««g, A T (Continued from Paje A - l ) I strong walked quickly to an j automobile. "I'm very disappointed, but| happy it turned out safely for] b»th," she said. Mrs. Armstrong went to the I Scott home 30 minutes after Mission Control announced the scheduled 44-orbit mission would be terminated in the seventh orbit. * * * * A SPACE agency spokesman said the wives spent most of the waiting hours in a hpdrnom hut chatted now and then with visitors that included astronauts Edward H. White I! and Kugene A. Ccr- nan. Other visitors included (he iwives of astronauts Michael Collins and Alan I.. Bean. Ac- :ompanying them was Mrs. Charles Bassett,. whose astronaut husband was killed in a St. Louis plane crash Feb. 28. Relatives and neighbors meanwhile cared for the Scott and Armstrong children. Mrs. Scott's parents, retired Air Force Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Isaac C. Ott, San Antonio. and another daughter, Mrs. Stewart F e 1 v e y, Houston. looked after the Gemini 8 -- ~ . -- - -------- , -- , ------ -- , pilot's youngsters, Tracy, 4, j Armstrong, at Cape Kennedy, ij and Douglas, 2. |"And don't you know t h a t j j Remaining at the Armstrong:Dave (Scott) is disappointed'! .! --AP WirMhota AT SCOTT HOMK ;who stayed with them during the critical period leading upi to splashdown. The spokes-1 man described them as "very! relaxed -- just real ^ o troops." MRS. ANN SCOTT 'Disappointed, b u t . . . ' Ott did not talk with newsmen Wednesday night, hut nad indicated earlier day that the entire family is J familiar with the d a n g e r s ! ) posed by space missions. | "We've all flown," he said, j "We were borught up on it.",! Scott's father also is a re: | tired Air Force general. "I'll bet there are two dis-1 NOW! ENJOY MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL IN LONG BEACH . . . at the New Hair Field Stadium EXHIBITION GAMES CHICAGO CUBS VS: Cleveland Indians Sal.. Mar. I? Sun.. Mai. 20 Son Franelice Giants Mon., Mar. 21 Tuai.. Mar. 22 California Angels Wad., Mar. 23 Thur.. Mar. 24 Sat., Apr. 2 Sun., Apr. 3 torn. Tim*: 1:30 P.M. ADMISSION Rastrv*d Grandstand, $2.00 lleachers, 51.50 appointed astronauts there.";! G « YBI " Tlell « tt N o w l said Neil's father, Stephen K.|l home with the command pilot's sons, Ricky, 8, and Mark. 2, were Mrs. White and Mrs. T. S. Trade, Mrs. Arm- he couldn't go through his space-walk." THE Armstrongs' reaction '·" TicUts for all garnet now on lala at BLAIR FIELD T»nm and ftrtt, Lang vaach l» OHIO OBin 10:01 .m. to 5:M c m Information: Pinna Hi tM/a SAVE THIS SCHEDULE strong's sister from Barring- 1 was relayed to newsmen hy Mrs. .Tanet Armstrong, wife of Neil A. A i m strong, command pilot of Gemini 8 spacecraft, arrives at Houston home of David R. Scott, copilot, shortly after trouble was reported aboard the craft. With her is NASA security officer Frank Hickey. Gemini 8 failed to fire. Arm- and it came barely six hours, Ion, 111. ' a space agency representative strong quickly brought auxiliary thrusters into play -- but they were a set normally used to control spacecraft position during re-entry. The Agena rocket used as a 34 minutes after they had blasted off from Cape Kennedy Armstrong, the 35-year old civilian pilot, had handled the chores from the mo,,.,, _. were fired with'target ship is really a a jolt at 3:45 p.m., EST as thejrocket with an engine that spacecraft crossed the equator! can be turned on and off in · 'space. The idea had been to over the African continent. Then the suddenly slowed ship began its fiery descent lo Earth and was out of con- than half an hour. The flight ended 10 hours 42 minutes after it belt was supposed to last use the Agena's power to propel the Gemini spacecraft. So clear had been the sue. tact with the ground for more cess that President Johnson in Washington predicted publicly for the first time that the United States would beat the Soviet Union in the race nnd pan. threp days, and feature a j t o the moon. worUl-rprnrrt spacewalk byi " " Srnlt. | THE DOCKING technique Thp trouble ramp at about'is an essential part of the 6:41 p.m. when Armstrong plan to land Americans on thp noted somp aberrational ac-;moon. They will descend to (inn between his spacecraft j t h e lunar surface from thp and t h e Agena target ship itimoon - orbiting mothership, had joined. He decided q u i c k - j t h e n must rejoin the motherly lo bark away from the ship for the return flight to fuel-loaded Agena. which has Earth. been railed a flying bomb i n ; There was no question ahoui space. j t h e flying skill and the math* * * * ^ematical computing of Arm- SOME OF thp thrusters in strong and Scott. They had the main manuevering and| performed the first link-up in control cystpm aboard t h e sparp hptxvppn two sparerraft. the blue fire of its 109-foot I Titan 2 rocket. AT THAT time, the Agena target ship was 1,207 miles ahead and above. A series of six precise maneuvers closed the gap, and by 6:15 p.m., the Gemini 8 slipped its nose into the green-lit flexible docking collar of the Agena which Ihen closed down and crealed a 44-foot joined vehicle weighing ovpr 24,000 pounds. Before t h n t historic moment, thp a s t r o n a n l s played cat and mnusp w i l h Ihp Urge! ship at thp climax nf l.hej 105,000-mile chase, f l y i n g formation with i t . The astronauts caught their first glimpse of thp W i n k i n g lights of (lie high over the Western Pacific in darkness and chased it into the ·=unrise They caught up w i t h ! it and f i n a l l y docked over t h e j South Atlantic. I A I 7 BEAUTY SAIONS WE ARE NOT A SCHOOL * NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED OPEN 9 A.M. TO 9 P.M.; SUN. 10 A.M. 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