The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 3, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1920
Page 3
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TBE I>AILY F8EE: PRESS, ooooo* S oooo* OOOOO 000060 OOOOOO oooooo oopooe. oooooo oooooo 00 OoOO DO OO 00.00009 000000600 OOO'OOODOO oooooooao oooooooo'o ' BEN FRANKLIN GREATEST MAN OF AMERICA, SAYS DR. PHELPS Compared Two Great Americans In Address Last Night—Declared Franklin Could Solve Present World His and Greatest. Man of All Time. Boud&ir talks with -Sybel on how cocaa. butter keqps the skin young Tiny age. wrinlfles sjart the minute , the sMn becomes sluggish, They, Boon grow lo. be t«ally.-conspicupus. Today. Syiel explained to me. how easily this condition could be avoided. .'It's aimpiy> foolish, dea^girl, to allow the skin to grov sluggish or lifeless..^ easy to defy WJuTkles and retain a fresh youthful complexion. "We can do this, by stimulating and nourishing the skin. Scientists recommend cocoa butter as a akin, food and Coco-Bloom— my cocoa butter cream —is i^t iwj: rich in cocoa butter, but contains other ingredients equally beneficial. "Rub Coco-Bloom into the pores until the cream- is entirely absorbed using an upward and outward motion. Afterward use first hot then co!4 water applications, and.lastly witch hazel to close the pores. A fe\y or thete treatments wxll Tfprk a marvelous change in the appearance of your skin. Remember, Coco-Bloom ia a cocoa butter cream, and it supplies eiictly V(hat » needed to make, your skin healthy." ) Send 10 cents to Coco-Bloom Laboratories, Cleveland, Ohio, for a sample and instructive booklet "The Bloom of a Perfect Skin," or purchase a 75cjar today at ajiyoneoft Seibert's Drug Store, Opiera House Drug Store, Hewitt's Drug Store, Goss Drug Store, Johnson, Vancil, Taylor Co. "Benjamin Franklin is. the greatest man the. Western Hemisphere ever produced," declared Dr. W. L. Phelps, professor of English liter.- ature, Yale University, at the even-, ing session of the So.ut-hern Illinois Teachers' Association. He took two great Americans, Johuathan. Edwards, one of America's most imminent theologians and 'Benjamin Franklin, the great statesman, scientist and patriot. Dr. Phelps computed these two Americans. He declared the combination of thes.e two men made the ideal American; each was a man or g-enius, and. each of whom had the quality which the other lucked. Edwards was a man wli'o,se life showed little excitement, but whose inner .being was a turmoil, oi emotions. He was either in the skies oi hihirty or in the mire of 'depression, iCpprehensive and imaginative. He was a lover of music, art, books and the esthetic world. Pos,-' sessed with a deep religious passion. He looked at life as a nc- dlc, but a riddle only to be solved. .He saw the people of the world doomed in the future life, the great part, of them goiug. to the everlasting tropics. In tin's regartri ^> Mrs. Easterly Entertains At Dinner . . . s, Mrs. H. G. Easterly entertained Illic following guests : at a 12 o'clock WATCH THE BIG 4 •Stoznttch-Kidneys-Heart-L.ivee Kegp the vital organs, healthy by regularly taking the world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles— .. dinner today:. Mrs. H. A. McKeent, Culture Club; Mrs. Fred Brown,' ; of Springfield, secretary of the Household Arts Department of the Illinois Farmers' Institute; Mrs. J. E. Mite-hell, president of the Do- The National Remedy-of Holland for centuries and endorsed by Queen Wllhel- tniria. At all druggists, three, sizes. Look for the name Gold M«da] on. OTcnr box and accept DO imitation Dr. Phelps. aptly- lemarked . that: people . now' were", not 's,u.r^ • they were going to Heayien, .but ^yer•c, certain:., they, .\yeren,'t goi.b.g, to ".Hell. Ed.war.4s was a Calvin and intensively • religious. . '. '.. . • Franklin.qn the •'other hand v^as shrewd;, practical, .ecftnorri.i^al, ^i;th cqminqn sen,sc^ liuirwjx a^nd. wisdom. The autobiorjcap_hy oi .Franklin was not'printed iu its"'true edition u.ujti* 100 years a,fter he., .died. P.uring: thi|sf time hi.i life was'.n^o.t correctly set before the world...._/!'. •• Edvyards' life was one of'duty : to Go.d declared. O.f, 'Ph,elps, Franklin's was, a life, far, the. present, to do today •what there ^ to be done. At the samc*-tirne Franklin was no.k a disbclieyer - iif tli.e. S.up.rftrae. Power,, liflldiug t;he fait;h in, immoctaj-. ity. . Sp,e.a,kiijg in fbi.s 1 connectiq.n Dr. Phelps said ho civilized i^an. ever wan,tc^I to, live his >l>fe over. Each gen,eratioA- o.f jpung. people were going to the' : ..devil-,- according to. the older p,cople> is no* 'true. Age is jealous" of youth, sai.d' Dr." Phelps. ""••,: The temperament of Frankliipj was phlemgatic,. calm, -never nervous, and a man . who could do one thing and then throw, himselr auf of gea,r for £he uext \yo.r-k.. The speaker spoke " o£ Fr.ank.Hn ' as a scientist, as an inventor of elcctcic- ity, and scores of other thiiigt.. which have hnprbved humanity. His genius, as that of auy ' one, could not be explaiaed. Science lias •nothing to' say on the question pfj genius. . "If we. only.-had Franklin, today to settle, the League of Nations, the high cost of living, the world m Fact,, just let him take it over and. lie could handle it." declared Dr. Phelps' in his '.final "tribute... to. America's greaijcs-t man. -;' SEES COUNTRY CHILDREN IN POOR SCHOOLS mestic Science. Club; Mrs. Frank Easterly, president of the Home BEAUTIFUL Monday and Tuesday, March 5th and 6th With Bert Lytell From Sir Gilbert Parker's powerful story.—Truly a masterpiece. Few indeed, -are the productions that have attained the stirring climaxes, the varied dramatic-situations that are seen in this portrayal. of life," law and regeneration. • -'• The life of Charley Steel, the man who scorned'men and flouted God, moves swiftly from brilliant attorney to the jaws of death in a low-brawl in the Canadian lumber country. • .N,ever is- there a- dulLmoment from the gripping court scene to the final climax which' drives home .with smashing conviction the tmdeni;aMe law : of' : God and the-universe. . „ -- ' • 22 and 3o Cents Declares Soniething Must . Be Done Ta Better Condition of Rural Education— Says America Lags In Country Education Problem. Dr. Harold G. Foght, ; president of the Nottherii Normal- and in-, dustrial school, Aberdeen, .S. D., ecently a specialist in rural educa. tioii school practice at Washington, told yesterday morning of the possibilities in rural education. H;e pointed . what the right kind of facilities would result in, for country schools, equipment, a good teacher, the pupils -under the right sort of supervision and course of study. •- " : , The speaker deplored the condition of the American rural school declaring many European countries were better equipped to care for and educate its children than America. He suggested improvements and betterment of conditions, declaring the nation wai suffering from the lack of proper education of co.untry school children. This lid said was causing an over urbanization, the exodus of the best children to the. cities, and those who stayed in- the- country were left' to take care -of themselves 1 the best way possible. The. .bulwark of the nation is in the country children I and something- must be done to j give them better .education, was ! his final word. . ' .. \. The record breaking So-uthem Illi- nflis; T-eachJera', Asaocia'tion meeting clos^i tftdai-' Ift.r'iWnibBr of teachers DEgistered" and atten^amce all previous marks we're passed. The- total th,e meeting- this year reaehed the 2jLO,O r mark, .torger. than any p.revioiis, meeting in 'Gar-bond'ale,. including the one For.mer President Taft was, o.?, the program. A more" satisfiJctory, interesting; and' p.rogram thun ever before w^s the verdict of those attending. The arrangement and in*nce .of those on the program excelled, former programs. i'iyb officers, of the assoeiatio.n are eljated o,ver- the.- success of .the meeting. Teachers' f rqm Southern Illinois 'eel- the asspciati-on has been more beneficial than they hoped for at the jest. Many pressing'problems in the school teaching profession absorbed the interest' of the .meetin'g this year. The question of better pay' and more scholarship, ' a .proposition wluch works conversely, each taking care of the'other, but .as the teachers think it more pay first will, better the qual-. ifications of those in their profession. •fF.he business session of the meet- 'ng~fhis moming- closed the coaclave. A complete, list, of officers for the ensuing, jjear was named and commit- Lees appointed. NAME ELKS HOME TO PROBE LEGAL RIGHTS TO OUST C, I, P. S, CO HERE The city council last'night, iristruet- ,ed City Attorney :.ti.oy4:-Bi3a'd;l>y : and ,Atty. T. B. .F.-Smitn'Vo-ascerfain.and .renor't.'- to the council;. aU"'legal;.- ques- •.tiqns.;1nyolyed;'in/'the situation"inX'ar- .groAvth v of".'iihe,. itefflcifent .light an<j ,wa'te""r Service 'by-thV G..'.-I.. K S. Co. T;he ac'ti-on, as• far. as• 'the'legal a.v .petft^is concerned, will be gone to the .bottom, by' .the. attorneys ..appQinte- 1 toy the city.' : 'They.. expect tc-liav-e, i .reiport next Friday as-to what action ,can be takon. ag'ainst the company. .The city-is deniflndmg'. act/ioni and-' &i^ ',ery Iega4 ;-r'ight .will be used, in- this- .conneetion. • • '... • T.Iie city council sent a telegram to the Utilities. Commission, last-'.night. TODAY CLOSED RECORD MEETING OF SOU. ILLINOIS TEACHERS'ftSS'N Will "Be Held In Carbondaje -Ne^ct. '•• Y'ear- Ne\v QIELcer^ To Start Plan IFoi^BannftK? Meetr ing Next Season---Nor- raa| Extends Invitation TTo, Return Every Year. STAMP APPROVAL ON HUGE WALK PROJECT HERE Plans and Specifications For More Than $70,0(»0 Worth of Walks Appro*? ed As Final By The City Council Last Night—To Build At Once. The city council of Carbondale last gM approved plans and specifications for'more than S70;00(X worth of new. sidewalks for this city. The city'official-s have been working on the plans for the last several weeks. The city engiir.,!>2r and his assistant have submitted, with alter,- ations by the council, where the. walks will', be built. The- walk project calls for concrete walks in aty sec'tnions oii the city. New walks will link walks which pi&vd inspection of the city. The proposition passed its first reading and will lay over next/meeting of the-council Friday night. Af-ter this the ei,ty will stamp, ts-final approval-and walks will be started- in their construction as soon as. possible. Fh&. sewea'age. project was also approved, by the city and will 'be read for 'the first time next Friday night. Annual meeting of stockholders • of Caiibond'al&iElfcs' Home Assn. at Elks Club, was held Thursday evening at 8 o'clock;..'In addition to Eoutine" b.usi-. ness,, the following officers a,n'd direo tors we're elected for ensuing year. Directors: A. S. Johnson, J. J. Winters, G. R. Huffman, H. Brohim, F. J?. Schuette, O. B. Plijllips and L, T. Barnes. QfliceKS; of; the. Boajjd of Directors: President, A. S'. Xohnson; vice president, H. Br.ohm; secretary, ,T. B. F...- Smith; trereurer, William Hays. West Frankfort Attorney, Known Here, Dies The funeral services for Attorney John L. Harmon, who- died Sunday at. : ..liis home -in West Frankfort were "conducted at the'First Baptist chuKh iir that city Tuesday after- ^ .?..'Attorney •-. Harmon, who attendee tlfif?'Normal-, here, sev.c-cal years ago had.! practiced his 'profession West Frankfort since 1913, having gained an enviable reputation, as a lawyer. He .was graduated from'- the Washing-ton University Law Schoo in St. Louis in 1912'. Interesting Easter- Cantata At M. E. Church Sunday Afternoon The Methodist choir composed.'of 20 members will give an Easter cantata at the Methodist church here Sunday afternoon at 5' o'clock. It will be. the "Easter King." Indications are that the c'amta-ta- will be the most interesting Easter feature to be given in Carbondale": Mrs.'Louis Hill is director and«Mrs. Ralph Thompson accompanist. . ' . . BIRTHS . A ten po/ind boy was. bpi;n yesterday to ^'r. . and Mrs.- Waiter Allen at -the home, of Mrsi Allen's parents, Mr. and- Mrs. J. C. Dunn of- South Wall Street. , LifeV Toll, -'. upon_ a man wh tlp.q.ugh,t hff. cq.u-ld scorn men, flout God- and dally' with life and ail ri means. See- The : Right • of Way Earth. Tlieatr-e,.-Appii.'? ..and G; ., •"••-'. -;.-;••-.-.• ^ ;•••'••' • AS! PLUMBERS' STRIKE SETTLED THURSDAY Tlie strike of the Journeymen Plumpers, which has beeni on for several weeks^ended Thursday morning when plumpers signed an agreement to pay the Wage scale, demanded, .$1.25. per hour,, or ten> dollars p-er day. T,iie- >:ale commit^ tee came over from Herrin and after, k'iriT, the matter over the agreement was soon arrived- at. It is said that an extremely large amount of work has accumulated. F. L. LINGLE, M. D. S«fl»r«l Practice Bpaelal attention ti Eye, Ear, N**, and Threat . QlattM nttad Phon* B ; Residence 330-2, Oflfe* 3S» HAMHjTON & BRADLEY Attorneys at Law Phone 282 K 8ult» 112-118 New Hamilton DELIA CALDWELL,, M. E McANALLY BLNLCiNQ 211 West Main Street Office Hours—8 to lu A.M.; 2 to 4 f.t CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Made Candles and loe Crya- Telephons M4 Y ^Telephone No. 159 JESSE HAYES A! Kinds of Moving and Transfe: Work. H. O. HALL & CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A., BKANDON, M. D GEN'ERAL PRACTICE AND THI . ' EYE: Ey»« Totted QIaM*i ntt* Vlrtfnla Blda. C.rbond.u, || DR. H. H.ROTH Practice limited to Diseases of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT Wo_ol.wortri Store, Murphysboro, III. LAUKA E. SWARTZ OSTEOPATHHC PHYSICIAN Chronic Diiwaie* a Specialty Office In Laude'r-Nlcheii Bldg, W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phone 204 DR. J.W. BARROW- NEW HAMILTON BUILDINU H»ura • to 11 A, M. and 2 to • r. .;<-' PHONE tt . ' Virgini ECONOMY COAL 1ARI J. B. WOODS, PROP. Washed Nut, Ego and LUKM Phone 149 K. ' " HENRY BAIN TRANSFER Phone .342 K TUC PEOPLES COLUMN Cash: In Advene*. •• One mo,uth A -ner ^rprd' One week,/per word .....'..... One • insertion, pep word ....'.'. Three insertions^ per word .... WANTBO!, RANTED—Cfiok,'3.13, Squib, Illino T. Daruei;.". ' A2- V/'AN,TED—Position as stenographe or Bookkeeper; well qualified. ML "Helen Charles, Route 1, -Carbondal one 844-5. •. m£l-et WANTED—To hear from- son party having money .to loan at per cent. Can give good' .securit Address "M" care Free Press. WANTED—Young men 33$ ." girl for factory work- Experience not re quired. Good -wages.. Nine-iwur daj with ten hours pay.—rThe Olivei Typewriter Gqmpany, Woodstock, III sn24tf or gentetaan ii larboudale for Watkins Famous, Pro ducts. Watkins. goods !inp;«rB, every where Big .profits. WritQ. today., Wat kins Company 51, Winona,. Mina. FOR neifr. FOR RENT—Furnished room: Mod era. Gentleman preferred. 21 hospital Drive. Telephone 69. M26—6 FOB RENT— Two furnisfced -rooms Modern. 400. West 6s£:St. . ' FOR RBNT-^Two mrat «K«si : OT« ityle 5app, for office or sleeping room* Apply Miss Rleth, Normal and Monro St. FOR RENT—2 unfurnished room for light housekeeping. 401 Wes Oak,. Phone -3991.. • A3- FO'K RENT—Modern- .rooms $1.7 per- week. Board $5.50. 109 Eas rand, 1 block east o£ Normal. A3—o FOR RENT—Farm, 48 acres, east o Carb.ondale,. good orchard and. fin place for cantaloupes. Alsp grais crops. Reasonable terms to rsliab' party. Apply Miss Maggie Rieth. FOR RENT—Storage lor hOQMbol gpqijB. In. the: one, story tya/df, fcnlldte cement floors, on alley back aft ae Bartn. Theatrs. Apply MiW Btott. FOR. SALE. FO.K SALE—Baby buggy. Mrs. E! lis," over Imperial Cafe. _ . .a2-3t FOR SALE—New brick bungalov .'basement under entire house, a modern, hardwood floor. 804, -We: Walnut street, Car,bondale, 111. . Pric S7500. Also new bungalow, 4 larg rooms, large .lot close to school. 5( South ^Marion street, Carbondale, I Price "$2250. Will carry onerio'yirt value on either place. For pai' lars write Curtis Brickey, N; Cai St., W-hitehall, 111. ' al-6t FOR SALE—Thoroughbred R. Red Eggs for setting. Chea Piione 270—K. - M31- FOit SALE—Carbondale garage, 6 100. ft. double floor, new brick South side opposite hospital., Know as Egyptian- or Myers' garage. Pri $12,000.-^Curtis Brickey. WJuteha 111. m31-5t FOR SALE—8 room modern hous All conveniences. Two improv lots. 410 North Springer. Pho 259K. ra31-9t FOR SALE Fence -posts. Call 8395 m31- FOll SALE—Ba'i-red -Rock eggs . i ihatching. Phone 354K. Mrs. Ge Baton. , anSi-aS FOR SALE—Surrey. Good " cone tion, with top. See S. N. Fow at 'Fowler's candy store. mSOtf FOR SALEiSeven room hou modern, .except heat. 505 Rawlin; ' M3G- FOE SALE—WiHard storage" i tery—6 to 8 volts. May be seen Settlemoirs shoe hospital. . Good new. (FOR SALE—Ford touring^, car good condition. -E. H. Purdy, Rou 1. -'rri29-6i; •FOR SALE—Gray reed'bsifay :bu gy. Call at 820 South liliiiois »v nue. nj29-6t FOR SALE—We ljuy, raise aiid. fur-bearing rabbits, ^and otl fur-bearing animals. List what y have with us .stating your Iow< prices oi! large lot shipments; Fur & Specialty Farming Co., 5 517 N. P. Ave., Fargo, N. Dak. M19—In LOST iGray overcoat betwe* Springer street and Bayliss .Field. I McGuire. LOST—Somewhere down town, • brown leather, bag contain! about $13; also sales check. fr< Famous ' and. B.arr. Rcwa.rd. if : turned: Mary Hammond, Anna. A3-

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