Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 39
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.i/Q9«" . Autos lor Sd« AstoiforSoU 174 CHEVROLET .;:; 40 YEARS LONG BEACH !7t Aatos for Sol* 17* CORVETTE CORVETTE --VI JUtomaflc-- **£· . «ti~A *«T» cttM c«r IB* tv^Anon, ICOAf raj CM.Y ». fent»'« « A-. Ncrdtoo-- -- V . »r«k« -- » t«»utitul ur com. P!tr*lv r»can^itiar'»d . too** n«i mt.Y *»r O«. Warn* 4 dr.-- Whift wim fell* vlftvt iuekrt H«n -- *v»o. · m*t1c-- · »*· A M«»»- -- rCT. CIV AIK CONDJTIONLN-A Lk» iw* «ijtomobii« -- TOOAY r« om.y a CWv. II Uorai v**» Soort- fe vim Rt4 vtrvl kuckit i*«Ti -- « evt-- stlrt-- R*u« *«·!**-- Thil M m Ve« Cknt ftnd · car TCOAY SM9S ONLY HALE YOUNS FORD TWO LOCATIONS X39 f. Ficlfe Ce*s* Hwv. I I A-l SUPER SPOST 1962 CHEVROLET 1MPALA CONVERTIBLE SJ brakes, radio, heater, wttitew. tinn, beipe body with rtd bucket Ml*s, priced to i*M mil weekend. $1999 MEL BURNS FORD 2055 Lorra BearS Blvd. C-A Htl! Lottton 1* Y«ATS J55? «f:(. w'tn JCEM w-w flrrv FREE 1 vr o»~1s t '*bcr w - , t *«n MANNING MOTORS _ 1DH Lor» Br-acft rvd I ^tt'CHEV. Sof.'Cp*., V4^V4? ch --144 n fnon?fl c»c--Near new--^ no m [l«--*i CORVETTES One 1962--Used Car 3-Speed; 250 Englni One 1963 --New Car 4-Spted; 300 EngTn* Several 1964 -- New Cars 4-SpetJ; 3t5'i «nrj Fueh Beach City Chevrolet 3001 E-Pieific Cc«s» Hwr. GE 3-7421 CO.VTINEJVTAL '61 CONTINENTALS trcra (300* -- 4 ta choose from -drastically reduced to tower In- irentorv--vitra ihari to ever* *ay --an Have had Immacula'e care-- FuH power inching tway seat-Factory *ir -- New «*· lirei -tinted glass -- FuN hanwr Interior --Yaur prevent car win make the lul flow* payment--UI.F2 nonm WO DOWN PAYMENT PROBLEM Ifrdav frial ix. OUFFlELO t**«- .-TTfl.MercurY. T«0 Laktwood BL. "" i 63~CONTlNa'aALS" 5: Your tar down ddlvert--cfficFaTi tow mileaoe car -- ts.COO actual *tiii« -- Hey. Mr. Tough Bisver. check this beauty that are not ev« broken Jn -- Full warranty-- FuB cowtr -- Factory ar ·' every Continental extra--only . lew ktrt--*mmacuia?e Inwde eut --Prictd tor BUIC* w'e NO COWM PATAHEMT fRCBLEtt Iftday trial ex. DUFfltLD Ln»- toi-vwercurv, IMJ LaVewooit Bl. _C£Jt_»ij Open e*e*. A Sun. '62 CONVERTIBLE Continental. JIM dtUven--13AM oac --Kear brand new--^ocal owner--New car fade--Lew n..._ aoe -- FuH power -- Factor* arr -- bnsDected * ready far the road-- Prkccd for a euick uie--Hurry NO DO'i-N PAVl/rNT PROBLCU 16da» trial tx DUFFIE.LD ttv co n Mercury, J9« Lakewond B!. _CC 4f91| Qp«n evCT^ fc jotv ·»J CON71N E KT AL. oesoerafe t i mo. tt"'* D. TOWKE 4, brike*--Teltu--P*3 *»T*nTv-- Stxjt lr». IWO DC'AH F A t V f N T fCOBLEM tQ-day tri4l tx OU^FiELO Lrn- .'·HI L«kr«txif BL *U CHEV. VI BEL AIR 4 C * « , H. * Pwrg'Jet. Teit drive B- *5f AND CtCE^CHEVIlOLETJ LLOrD C.PATTERSON Tfft t. B. BLVa. HEJtj7S7 O '59 tmp»T a 4-Dr.HJlC«5 Factory ar, automatic, power l*vmng 4 brafcn. Extra j--\aro JAMESTOWN ~- ·SI CM rc+t ktsl t _ So"t. Cot. V I . . nrouo^ouT. A oy*hTv rrw car ract tM*T only 1?? eown dei.wtn KO DOWN PAYMENT PROBLEM li-dav tn»l tx- DUFFIELD U GE OFOT ev« I ·el CMEV. imc*:a Canve-tiLie Fi power. Beauu-i^ Imti " wiw. Sormg loecial H3W NO OOWTJ P4YWFNT POCBLEM 10-da v Iri al ex OU F F I E LO L^- cainVrrcurv, 1«O L»kr*ood BE CE jgl^ Qoen TVM t $UP, Very cTean. to ml. . _ JI495 Auto., radio. h*»'*r Cofter*» \Vtgort Towa _T33t.l. BI*rA _ _ _ C A _ T ·si 'CHEVROLET v i MSTD Atr mat.c. RLH. Vcr» via-e. Pa ·nlM IT* l^ra-je t« Ai'^ijme fca l"i pt lo p*r n-a. fir^t PA · Tnent due Arrl ts?. Ca'1 coll DODGE 17* lirtos for Sdle FORD I -·«- A-l CHI C'.KCI IOCAL CA« lfS FORD TVOO* FAIKLAHX Autonutic trtmmittwt. T Kirtf V* tnwrtt. poww »t««mii. In**-, firr«4 f^cn. vfiilvwtit fcrn. v*«- kw whin fc?tftf Wkfli contra*. Ino. Orvv Inrtrw. AA eunt«ndUif »lu« Lie I IC» to PRICH) TO SOL BURNS FORD 1 0 1 Sjmt Locctjm 14 Y*«ri CA «.»» _ CA tn- 2 BIoclj N°ort!i"eTH i A-l VACATION SPECIAL I762FORD CALAXIC TLTOOK ·60 DODGE DICK BROWNING OLDS 19 Lenff Readh_l!wl^HE ·il DOOCE'Dart I'ict tfufC M3a% R(H, W V , vcrv QOO4 cona. , E 2 1 Cl«s- Twrq'jciu body whit* ton. Thit tft kK«t fc r l« nf.. (.1C I XT Dtl. $1699 MEL BURNS FORD 2KS Lerj Beadi Blvd. 2 Elects North of Hwy. 101 S^rn« LKCtio* 14 Vlwl G*. 43315 CA 4-3314 FALCON 40 YEARS LONG BEACH '*t FalcjN t fir. eux«. I to c?v«e t'-vn, w^itebiu*, Auttx mat ic. Rau* ft Header, etc, BOTH are car vau «an Be proud to own TODAY S375 ONLY f! Falcan Futjra ) dr 4 1 ta cnoos* lra«*x, white blue, itick, *adi% A Heater, Buc*et MaH. Tn« liar a to find rvodcb at twt- tom dollar^ tor toe condition, RECOWWf «OEO 6E^T BUYi! TOOAT S1TV5 CNLY '43 Faicon t Or. J to ctioe*e t/om, whte ft blue, stick. Radi* ft eater, etc, soor e-;i condiTion $2?9 ·S7 For* V* Custom y» J dr Pwr. «rrr Aytor* SftH. Orra Or-een ft wftite. VkTiitt waflL FREE I vr. eertj ft labor writ" «-iai MANNING MOTORS T04a Long B«adi B!vd t 1 eaer, ec, an hare to LO AS T C D A Y G:faming clirb coupe with automatic shin. Radio. Heatrr. i** beih, ttc. Gwaran-eed. HOUDAY RAMBLER 158_Lonfl ttaca Bl«d- Cfr«? k: M3NZA C3S, 4 SD*«d. SadiO i heater. F'e5'a red timsti Con- trjit nj black inferior, w^w. S~99 «-:,ve-s OAC NO DC'AN PAYVENT PSC8LE« 10-daw f:aJ e^ D'JFFiELD Ln- ·U Falcon 1 dr. Be-ce. Automatic. Kadi* ft Heeler. A mint *e« tf you want eccoomir at rock-bottom price-- TOOAY n»K CNLY . HALE YOUNG FORD TWO LOCATIONS 1SSO E Pacific Cer.t Hwy. '53 FwJ Convert. . $59? This local. 1 owner car Das l-etfjta, brakes. tV.ndowi . _ . JAMESTOWN 1?5fl tent Bfacfi Blvd. _*E a '56 FORD $159 CUSTOMLINE V I J DR SON Automatic *1H_ Xlnt cond. PHIL HALL _?n E- PAC. CST. CE * ·SI _ _ '61 " C O R V A i R 73' . PC. RlH. HEW 'M JtAONZA, Auto., n L htr. t:w aru cash er »aae Bas. US inonm. Cart BU-L RCTK. OE *3«a. «!r. tafcewood Biyd_WE_J KIT MONZA coupe.'4 ipecd. Radio and healer _ _ 11599 PARXU.X1OO C H E V V O t C T SCSt tafcewooj^ya. ME_3 '|l MONZA COLTO*. Rad.a ft !·_ . a'CHEVaOLET " tva ME i ·60 CORVA1H dr. Autarn. RlK. Gjiad cond. Sa50. Pji. CA-7741 ^ CORVAT« Mania. 4 soi R H. Cat! »3*K94. CORVETTE *»I FA'A'M brio* C.L,-vet*e. B 9 CTV g-_M. 4 tod. C*gL in* * W ~i« CORVETTE. 2 Icci. UCO. DODGE CGJKT ere. Soerkiing e'tan tntiCe A o^t. Factory air. a^tomat.c, ftitiio titffter. Ontom ihrouprroxjt. Your present car should tna*t the HO OOVtN PAYMENT FRQBLEU TOd** trial e«. DuFFiELO Lm- coin-Wfixory, IW3 Laktwood t\. ·S7 OOOCE, Bad htr Autu., pwr steer. 1250 tut pr. S25 Je i vvn VK. AsK tor RAY VAC ICE f only WE 3C7TT d'r. 60 DODGE Cart, 4 cyt., auTcma -- , __________ ._ V CHEVROLET SflCT tafcewoed DODCE I-door fcartfTOD. VI. f ORr VJ. R, H- ft automat we. Pa» only l»2 starwe assume 149 at iiS Anfoi for SoU FORD 40 YEARS LONG BEACH '« t*J.W'* 1 dr.. wtut«, V* Automatic. Radi« 1 .Heater. Powtr l*wnnf 4 trakn. want to ** ·ur I£ST BUY? Chtr* eut th.i A fceautiTU car A we **e von lr« air conditioning at this aricc TOOAY J'*?5 ONLY '43 Ca!ax;e 500 1 «r. Ufdtop. 1 to cAooi4 from. Hack Btioe wtnte VI Automate. Radia L neater, Power reerjrft, etc. you cant BO wrortf narhin* anyone B* thn« hi vour tfrivewav. Recommeti' * BEIT BJYSF LO A3 S147S TOOAY 300 , br**tv R*3i« *«ncf share e *efjor you w i U ttrivt »-- TOOAY fteerirf and » Header. A *ne ··tti blue vinvf i*- tuy « yow »* ~ . ONLY ,, -- » dr. Hartftoo Blue wlT% Blue vinirt interior, vi Ajiomttic Had I A ffia^rr. powei »ering. voo cant drive a bette car than tnn tmtnaculatt tiarOTofl TOOAY tZBS ONLY HALE YOUNG FORD TWO LOCATIONS r«l E. Pacific CcfJ Hwy 2*4 t. Anarrtin* CE t-CC* -- 174 FORD I -- ·- A - l OVEIDXVr 195? FORD Ct'5-OM 300 SEDAX (tick VLfl » 'J* tOTOrivt. 4 cvl- - Auroi for Sole 174 Ma BURNS FORD . *3V Calu^«. Leaded. Good cend, tS5». HA S^CSt. cvirauAL LLNCOLN tlNCOUl 1 8T. WTB. tutt D O N Iff*, KM! price, wrtTTei» pjaran*«*, tfr. CA i*56i MERCURY i» MERCURY Monfrrtv TOr, ex- cepfLonal cart, Immaci/'a-e. **« bo*m M. Priv. ptv. *\i«l tcH. "57 WE RCUKY -- Y dr. Automatic, fyll* eajlDoed. «· cadt reeded. Irutead pav i:»W per ma. WA EC74. '62 MEACURY CU^TOU HARDTOP F A C T O R Y A I X CON CATION I **3i«. htlVr, Mom if, t, power power fcrakn, fectnc , »r, bucket teat«. »o:e radio. ^eeV- power Vwmj br«fcn. tViercomaTic. e'ec w»»- *owt ft tcan. Cxn-«i taior* A real farm ID car that pniv K99 can drfl^er · OAC HO DOWT4 F A T A T t X T PROBLEM aJ K OUFFIELO L*- ury. t«a Lakr*ood Bl, . . . ao*. L*t n* im^e ft evt. $724? DICK BROWNING OLDS toro tttnt MK* BV HE »w 41 MERCURY s ss Co**vernaie. Arctic white finrcA, whi% too. ' __ _ IrXEKCVSY -- tSS~C3« Futt power -- tiff tr» -- Buctet wan, «n* -- trnnacuta 1 * -- Be«i titul wtitt* fitiif*-- Blue kntertar. WM PAYVtVT PROftLrU trial t« OUTFIELD t«- 1«40 Lakewood ·!. HT?. Turrolit Cn»l«r. Imnae, power iteering kV vower braket. OSBOlrTS 20TH t CHEUY Aofai for Salt 174 LOOK '59 OLDS tT ft.Ktf*e* C«UM. r«tfc hMt»f. r«w«f power* .ywm. · unit rr«t »H«ctiv* Ft*. X ·nfy. Slock SUSUR8AN PONTIAC '61 OIDSMOBILE H 2 DOOR l. heater, rydramaHc, VOwtr *^idVl L Om $1699 DICK BROWNING OLDS ^tOM^tygJtejc* lyd-_HE 4HS4 'eO OLDS Soort Coe. K» c»sfl .. Initeaj vav 4.M mo. DLr. ·nry. ·S9 FORD 8-- $875 FAIKLAKE SOO 4C_ Autom. CAoicc ·DO*4rmi;t eer- formvKI to th?« one. ·S» F O B ' o * . A M D X O T M E r eETTE* VALUES LLOYD C-PAnERSON 2101 l_ t. Blvd. _ HE '(3 Ford Galaiie £00 Cpe. "· SMO*ROO« '«¥*"" Cotter's W*gon Town 7Z3 L B. Blvd. CA tr... -39 FORD C*li»e 2dr. MdTD. V AjTomatiC. «tK. la'anc^ BVLL C FL01AEJ?J "SS FORO VI H cleat, far Only ·uoe Balance tin I A-l BEiT BUY IN TOWH* 1963 FALCON TUDOR SEDAW Colo^i'tl wtii^e body with tvjtone be'9e tntertor, stick in.ft, radio. Ns'e', wtij*ew»H tim, cne owner, near new. New car werrarrty it ill tn e+fect Lie s KIV TA $1699 Ma BURNS FORD 2 Blo^h K?rfS of H!. 101 Same Location 14 rear* .A tv r s CA «rn FALCON RANCHERO Flawrm *tt wlft auto. iMft. ttca^er, radio. b « e'ut *afue at u'e prtce of VOU. HOUDAY RAMBLER ttlt tar,.i_Beacli ItjrA. 4341007 »J PALCOW Sorint V4. standard shift, Rftrt, ww^ chrofrte rirr*. X'nT. cord. S2CO trac. down. ME Hto. a dr. Very ly t: e-nft ft, rs- tin at *:f per mo. at *.£ S405*. dlr. _ "59 Fa-J Sdn, p ov er $69S DO8SA USED CARS L B BLVD. _ HE tVTTOI V FORD--etK. pav _ si/me paymt*. of Wit mo. on tlTS tai Can Mr. Freden 'S7 FORO Sperr '*J FORD Gaiii i -- ie'V 1S9 MI w K D TOAN; _TO71 Car_een_Grevf BlvC., G G. " _ -. teaa OOJ ^EVROttT 'i? FORDX" Motor " tca~itiao« ~R r _tran jnisiJon. 1SS Ca 1 C44C74 ·5*ORO Jdr. V-l. Fo'rd 0, V i Rj K._yH. UH i tic, FORD . . Art. Acrt. I. LB. 435-1170 ·37 FORD Convertible. V4. y FORD SeOan AutomaTic, radlE a. heater _ _ WW PABKA-OCO CHEVROLET 50^ Lakewood Blvd. _*".£ " *S7 FORD Jdoor - . iveri 0*C. cnly. ME '43 FAICON A^dr. Oil. Autom. fttH. real. B»l*nce JA84. Ha ca*n !edpd. WE 3-7S3I. ·ARKWOCD SCSf Lakewood Bl kl FA1.CO* idr. ME . Stick, real « ma. Call ' ·J FALCON V*. 2 dr. Stick. new. 1H7» fytt prtct, HV ouar Dir. _^___ '·3 FORD Calaxe, Radia heater ' P A R K W O O O CHEVROLET O5f Laewood_Blvd. V.f ICrT 1947 FGSO Fairiane S», B« owner Xlnt. cond. See at «£V E. Ana_*!?.'. T T 1 . o*- can CT-OCn. ·35 FOR3~ VI. Autom. R e'. clean. CE irw evi A. M. ·S GAtA'xlE J dr. Htp. Crusia. Pwr. iTr^ brake* a\ window*. »34i NE_5-M23 7 50 FORD V-l 4 CR. Stick ShjfT R lH._IM_C«sh._ ME _£27Ca IRS FORD--HOa Model -A" ISa pn. pty. TE I 5560. lliilMIEililllBHa Big Hearted ED Wanis Your Business NEW '64 PLYMOUTHS $ NEW '64 CHRYSLERS l. J3TI 6£ |.70lt Aifat for Set* 174 O IDS-MOBILE m S _ W1TM '63 STARHRE COUPE 1 ta choos* bwn tvtIV Cf- .T f QUIPMCtaf. O All CONOITI t v t I V Cf- .T tOADca . O«iff WITH NOITICKIKO. · OTH. rillCCO FOOM $3499 DICK 8ROWN1NS OLDS '60 OLDSMOUU n Heoan »«M" X ton* feluc with wtini too. Kadia. ht«!«f. itvff-mBTic, r»**«r rwr. Ina. wwir br*ev Tftn «f« « rem ftuiric«r rtm )· OICKBROWN1NSOIDS H»d ilv f-tad. NOTICE Y/E INTEND TO SELL REPOSSESSIONS AND QUALITY CARS OAC ' WITH 103% FINANCING AVAILABLE I JM.o. htltr, t« to dewn tctt t««ic« 41 CODCI 4*« i»sjon. Arc mcnmnr to US CHCVKOVKT lm»41* Sua itwrino- tuclrr t»tX HXLJ1I moanilf 10 ipDIr to down and t«I«nc« ef ·9 CHEV«OLIT lt«IU llooo. Autarr.itlc *-«nml» on. TOffAGF Pwr. Str», H DOOCC 1 tfoer Martflop. Automatic. Dower steermx CPWllt, U2.M iroattihf to apc!« ta down and, talance ·» ^_ H BONNiVtU.E taupe. Power iteerlnc and ke*. aultrnanc tranvniuion. radla and heater. u monvr to aevty ta dnwti and fcaiaoce of "U CADOJJIC Llrrwvtine. Power itevrtrf en* , automate, ratfe and heater. monttit* ta acolv to- ODWTI and balance of _- '« CMCVROLIT Hoar. V* *jtorr.»tic, flrertna. SK« 061. .n KMRtltiv ta acolv to down and bafarce af CHEVROLIT. Stlclu V L ia and tt^^rer. 123.N montTUv to aocfy t9 down *itf baiame of r U MONZA Cawpe. Coraeout Mver blur 4tpe*4 tianvninion. r*d.o, tieater and bucket ne-aH mortnn/ to anc«y to dcwn and baianci ef IS FORD Ti-ttm Pickui. Stic*, raT» and fiea*er. S23.Z2 mnatTUr t» acolv to down *rd balanc* trf CMIV. Imsaia CMvtrt. Power «ertnfl and braKev automatic, radio, tieefer. Aj*«; oold wTh wftitf ylnvL nmhr iw aopfv to dcwn and balance of 13 VOLKSWAGEN 14oer Sedan. Low mrrsoe. tM.» tnanrtirr to aoofv ta town and taJancv f ,, M Q C ' '850 '1750 '368 '1275 '249 '1625 '379 _'975 '1295 _'599 '199 "S* OLTS S-doer Maretoa. Power s*«rtn» «UTom»tic. radle and tiea'er. $ltf* mentltry to aopf* to down antf tfanc* of CALL MR. LEI AT Phone TO 6-0724 Ci«S M«Y IE SEEN AT GUI LOT AT 17200 Lakewood Blvd., Bellflower Most AI C«r» lenndinonet Dlr. LOS ALTOS FORD PRESENTS A REPEAT OF THEIR SUCCESSFUL RECORD BREAKING FU.CON. Ben economy, ^a ,1" Ut " FORD 5 y^*fr l *Z«t^' EVERYONE IGfiv GOING? Wft TO '/ EACH CITY C H E V R O L E T FCT ^ BEST DEAL » T.W. cNew 1964 Chevrolet w SI Buys ANY Car In Our Stock :BE SURE: TO SFf US fifFORf YOU BUY «*itialf Irrri »f ·*- yraaerlai. ur- 4-DOOR SEDAN *1979 FOIL FACT08T E?U1PMEKT 24 FRIENDLY SALESMEN TO SERVE YOU =2175 GALAXiE 2-DOOR FASTBACK $ 2399 FULL FACTORY EQUIPMENT We Allowed 3 Pacific C«ut Hitfcwiy GE 3-7421 IIC v*:* = 1807 FAIRLANE 4-DR. SEDAN $ 2159 $650... on '52 FORD $850... on '51 CHEV. $950... on '56 MERC. $1550... on'60 CHEV. F-100 FORD Pickup FULL FACTORY EQUIPMENT 2302 Bellflower Blvd. Jut Seiti tf Willow, lotj lead Open Daily--Evenings 'HI 9 OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY

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