Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1930 · Page 26
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 26

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1930
Page 26
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IPI^^Vp^n^^-^^, — •-. * 'LLIDAYSBURG HIGH SCHOOL GRADUAf STUDENTS ARE ifARDED DIPLOMAS 1*ht High school auditorium was "" " to Its capacity last night to wit- the graduation of the largest KM In the history of the local Ols. An even hundred young men women were nwnrded diplomas ter completing Ihe required course study. The stage was decorated with class Olors, cherry and white, potted plants d ferns and the class motto. "Not _ .Cllight, But Dawn." The exercises opened with the overture "Calypso" by "Be High School orchestra and this Jvr&a followed by the processional, ("March of Hope, 1 '' to which the members of the Vlass filed into the auditorium and took their places. * Rev. Frederick D. Eyster asked the' bivine blessing upon the exercises of .the evening and upon the members ,t>f the class and their instructors. • The speaker of the evening was Dr. 'Alexander Cairns of Newark, N. J.. : •"who had as his theme, "The Light) Bringer." Dr. Cairns delivered a mas- xerful address, replete with advice to Ahe young members of the class, and ^itghly interesting to the large number! ijftf friends, patrons, teachers and other | privileged to hear him. I 4 Miss Goldie Lassar. the salutatorian. I Acquitted herself nobly and extended ' !k cordial greeting to all and express- i Jbd the gratitude of the members of t !lfie class for the help given by all dur- 3ng the four years in High school. *. Miss Hilda Frederick gave the parting oration on the subject, "Not Twi-1 ••Sight, But Dawn," in which she ex-j .*preSsed the deep appreciation of the j %iembers of the class for the results I Obtained. 1 Interesting orations were given by Jthese members of the class as folJows: "The School Library," Dorothy lllshe; "Books." Betty Kemp; "Refer- £nce Materials," Edwin Clapper; if'Magazines in Education." Marie *5earhart; "The Librarian," Eleanor 4Cirkham; "Modern Verse." Sue ?Brown; "Pictorial Education Aids," *<Jla«Jys Gearhart. J- Featuring the musical program were 3k violin solo by Miss Dorothy Good Snd a soprano solo by Miss Ethel strain. .The awards, previously announced, were made and Superintend- flent C. V. Erdly, in a pleasing manner ^addressed the members of the class and *the president of the board of education, Walter H. Leedom, presented the Diplomas. Following the benediction, • -3the. orchestra played the recessional, U"Coronation March." 2 In her address to the vast assemblage gathered to witness the gradua- «£ion exercises, Miss Goldie Lasser, the .•class salutatorian. said: ii "It gives us great pleasure to wel- «ome you to our commencement, the • "fifty-second of the Hollidaysburg High "School. * "We are especially glad to have you ! «rith us on this—the happiest moment lof our lives, for it was through your .cooperation, encouragement, and inter^est In our welfare, that this com- vWehcement has been made possible. >i "To you, our parents, we owe spe- ticial tribute. It was through your foresight, your wise judgment, your Undying interest, and your continual jlencouragement that has made possible •for us, graduation from High school. , "It is because you, our parents, and .cur teachers, have kept before us the i-jvision of the ideal; and it is because <you, our board of education have giv- 'fen us the facilities and the materials JR-ith which to work, that we are now feble to realize that ideal. * "Elbert Hubbard has said—'It is a ; %onderful thing to have somebody be- Jlleve in you? This is the one great ^benefit of love. Love idealizes its Abject. It exaggerates little tenden- *£ies into great virtues, possibilities in- sto genius. Love is action and reac- ftion. Where much is expected from an ^Individual, he may rise to the level of TBvents and make the dream come true. $ "Parental love is the great, surging, Divine current that plays forever Ithrough humanity. We see it manifest in the dumb animals, in the moth- j,er bird who dies rather than desert ifcer young; In the tigress who is in- vineiSfe when she has her babies to «prbtect. How much men of genius *we to their parents will never be ntold in cold words, because love can- %ot be analyzed; nor placed under "And thus it was your love for us £hat has kept us rising higher toward .our ideal. f "At present we can express only <iiur gratitude in ^ ,rds; but time will ^faring deeds whic.i will themselves %peak our sincere appreciation for all your efforts toward us. J| "Man is best educated who is most jjiseful, and the true test of education lies in its possessor's ability to serve. I "We hope that we will in a small may express the usefulness of our ed- Sucation by leaving the world a bit Better because of our living in it. § "Henry Ward Beecher believed that t-'All higher motives, ideals, concep- tyons, and sentiments in a man are of jpo account if they do not come for- jvard to strengthen him for the better Discharge of the duties which devolve upon him in the ordinary affairs of fife.' 5 "We hope that the motives and ideals Which you have instilled in us will ipause ua to go forward and strength- fcn us so that we are better able to' (discharge the duties which devolve Jipon us. j, "Since it has been you, parents, Jeachera, members of the board of education, and friends, who have made SPECIALS! Aluminum Cake Cover $1.00 Cedarized Garment Bags lOc, 25c and 45c Gold Band Cups and Saucers 89C Set LEEDOM'S VARIETY STORE 111 Allegheny St., Jiollidaybbur^ Hollidaysburg "One-Stop" Service Station AJemttlng, Washing and I'olish- lof. Brake Adjusting, Kxptrt Motor Itepfcirmg, Otuoral Inspection Bei'vice. HOLLIDAYSBIRG AUTO COMPANY 41( Muntiiuiuery (Mrvrl possible these twelve years of training, It is fitting that it should be you who share with us this joy of our commencement. So, again, we bid you a hearty welcome." The valedictory was delivered by Miss Hilda Frederick and in a brief nddress, touched on the splendid opportunity afforded the young people, expressed the appreciation of the class and bid farewell to the teachers and others responsible for the success of the class. She said: "Tonight, we, the members of the clnss of 1930, will participate in what I feel I am safe in calling both the saddest and yet the gladdest events of our life: gladdest, because it denotes the achievement of success of High school life and is the first step in the commencement of the new life which we are about to enter; saddest, because it signifies the severing of old ties, the breaking of old friendships, and the exit from this peaceful, happy life to a strange, new life. "Our feet are planted on the sands of life, and the waves of the stormy •wind-tossed sea are rolling round about us. Out into that seething mass of water our little ship must make a successful path until it reaches a safe haven. The beacon light of knowledge and wisdom ever shines before us to light our way but often its light will be dimmed because we have not the ability to perceive the outcome of our journey. "For four years our little bark has hren safely moored in the ca.lm harbor of oiir school. The tempests which sometimes penetrated it were subdued by our wills under the guiding influence of our teachers. It is then, to you, our beloved teachers, that we owe our thanks for your help in making our little ship strong and seaworthy for the long and dangerous journey it must take. We wish to express to you our appreciation for your efforts in molding our characters into strong noble men and women. "Since childhood a splendid sea of opportunity has lain before us, and it is to our parents and guardians that we express our thanks for their part in enabling us to take advantage of it. Their hands have ever been at the helm of our ship, piloting it along the small stream of life with its many twistings and turnings until now it is ready to make its entrance into that larger sea of life. But for them, perhaps many of our members would have been shipwrecked before they ever caught a glimpse of the glorious future which lay ahead of them. May we not fulfill their faith in us and make the cherry and white symbols of promise and grateful resolution from this class that must never be afraid to show its colors, as we push out to perform our mission in the splendid sea of a bigger opportunity. "And now, I want to take this opportunity on behalf of my classmates tn bid farewell to our teachers, our fiiends. and all the memories that are associated with our life here. You have our gratitude and our heartfelt thanks for all that you have done for us. The waves of the sea are rolling higher and a clarion ca.ll seems to come ringing over the waters for us to lift anchor and push forth into this raging sea. The light is growing brighter, the twilight recedes and in the glorious coming of the dawn we set out with hope and promise anew. Farewell teachers, classmates and friends. Farewell memories of dear eld H. H. S. "The class of '30' has commenced its journey of life and has found 'not twilight but dawn.' " Academic Course. Julia Magdeline Adams Myra L. Albright Sarah Leanore Baker Mildred Elizabeth Bancroft Margaret Ellen Brantlinger Sue I. Brown Amy Estella Burns Edwin Morrison Clapper Marian Annetta Clapper Mildred Dorothy Dunkle Hilda Mario Frederick Hyacinth Margrett'a Freeman Glayds Ruth Gearhart Alta Marie Gearhart Robert Lewis Geesey Dorothy W. Good Ada L. Greenawalt Katherine Gertrude Haller Ruth Eleanor Harpster Frank Ernest Helsel Ruth Anita Hito Harvey Wilbur Hoover Melvin Richard Hoover Dorothy Jane Hunter Thomas Jonathan Jackson Anna Elizabeth C. Kemp Eleanor Elizabeth Kirkham George Thomas Knouse Ralph Edward Krider Goldie Lasser Walter Lindsay Lloyd Mary Catherine McClain Regina Mayhue Meadows Kathryn J. Moore Margaret Louise Moore Richard Lee Moore Helen Leanore Mountain MORE POWER And How To Get It! 1st—By h a v i n g us keep your car oiled and greased properly. 2nd—By using better gas anil oils. 3rd — Kv making regular stops at this tirsl- cla^s service station. Williams Service Station AUTO ACCESSORIES HAT'J'KHIKS Ki:»! ll.T AM) UKCHAUGKU Hell Phone W4-M. HI5 Allc. St. Jlijlli<Ja\ »I)UIK, Pa. Edith Marie Mountain John Robert Ovelman Margaret Esther Potter Janet Matthews Rhodes Dorothy E. Rishe Alma Louise Soyster Harry Joseph Stanley Frances Evelyn Stewart Franklin Paul Stultz Kathryn Norma Taylor Thomas Matthew Treese Paul Keller Vlpond Wallace Emerson Williams (Jcncral Course. John B. Akera Richard Bernard Banholzer Regina May Black Lucy Lucinda Buck D. Robert Collary Myrtle Cruse Kenneth Butler Cross Alfred Charles Dangel David Edwin Dodson Edna Exline Emily Virginia Focht Joseph L. Gifford Enid Keller Haller Mildred Etbel Irvine Virginia Pearl Jones Mildred Elizabeth Linsday Margaret Lloyd Paul Leroy Mclntyre Dorothy Marie Meyers George A. Oler Hilda Louise Reffner Grace C. Rhodes Norman Edward Rodkey Joseph Henry Rodkey Thomas Ross Shaffer Thelma Olive Stiffler Thomas Augustus Van Allman Mnbel Margaret Whlttaker Frank Benjamin Kunsman Commcrelal Course. David Aloysius Barroner Winafred Helene Bowser Camillus Brua Dorothy Virginia Buoymaster Edna T. Carl r Ethel M. Grain Martha Ellen Delozier Gladys Geraldine Downing Beulah M. Eckard Dorothy Mae Jackson Alma L. Kephart Margaret E. MacDonald Kathryn Isabelle Retthurg Edwin Cletus Shoemaker Margaret Seymour Smith Lois Virginia Treese Ruth Virginia Treese Gladys M. Walters Pauline Wertman Harold W. Wineland Violet Kathryn Keller LAKEMONT Mrs. Clyde Fraker and son Wayne of Pittsburgh have returned to their home after visiting for some time the former's sister and brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Paul Locke of Second avenue. The Lakemont Volunteer Fire company will hold their regular meeting in the lire house this evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Sherry of Lake avenue announce the arrival of a baby boy, born May 30. Both mother and son are getting along very nicely. The little fellow has been named Ralph Donovan Sherry. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Harpster and granddaughter Lucille Smallwood, of Loop, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Harpster and daughter Josephine Shirley of Hollidaysburg, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Burtnett, Mrs. Isobell Burtnett and Mrs. Mary Logan, all of Altoona, spent Memorial day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Harpster of First avenue. Some one In Lakemont sure has a hobby for stealing coaster wagons. It was reported today that two weeks ago Saturday night John Cashman of North Pine street hauled his son Danny down to tho store in Danny's wagon about 8.30 and when they returned home, put the wagon under the porch as usual. Sunday morning when they looked for the wagon it was gone. The wagon was only bought at Christmas and is practcially new. Any one having either this wagon or the Plowman wagon should return them to the owners and it will be greatly appreciated as well as saving themselves further trouble. FIRST METHODIST CHILDREN'S DAY Children's day will be observed in the First Methodist church on Sunday, June 8. The first service will be at 10.30 and the other in the evening at 7.30. Morning Program. Hymn—"Onward, Christian Soldiers, No. 383, hymnal. "Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us," young people's choir. Twenty-third Psalm. Prayer—Rev. Barnett H. Hart. Exercise—"Heralds of Children's Day," Margery Treese, Walter Sellers, Robert Deem, James Martz, Gene Martz and Walter Wright. "Children's Day Welcome"—Beckie Kerns and Richard Skinner. Song—"Children's Day Welcome," primary department. Exercise—"Children's Day In the Morning," Ellen McKnight, Mildred Blake, Lucy Dewller, Virginia Sellers, Anna Bice, Mabel Frazler, Lilliah Snyder, Janet Corter, Virginia Wagner and Dorothy Rodkey. Exercise—"Willing Workers," Nancy Hoover and class. Musical trio—Mary Frances Wright, Jesse H. Wright, Jr., and Walter Wright. Exercise—"Little Jewels," Mary Ellen McGee, Hazel Croft, June Copenhaver, Wanda Corter, James Kelley, Audrey Helnbach, Audrey Deem and Peggy Lou Karns. Exercise—"Sunbeams"; song, "Sunbeams." "Golden Sunbeams," Mary Ellen McGee, Jean Croft, Dorothy Bice, Margaret Lewis, Grace Stevens and Sarah Webb. A Fairy Sunbeam... .Kathryn Rooney A Sunbeam Suzanne Bice Merry Sunbeams Grace Hudson The Sunbeams Mary Myrtle Sellers A Sunbeam Leona McGee Sunbeam Sally Wilson Song—"Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam," young people's choir. Remarks Rev. Barnett H. Hart Offering. Benediction. Evening Frogrnai. Selection Church school orchestra Hymn Congregation Prayer Rev. Barnett H. Hart Selection Junior choir Violin solo MJss Vera Treese Selection Junior choir Duet—Misses Dorothy Sellers and Vivian Bice. Cornet solo John W. Akers, Jr. Brief sermon to young people, Rev. Barnett H. Hart. Offering. Selection Junior choir Benediction. Apartment for rent. All conveniences. Lasser Shoe Shop. Phone 84-J Adv. J'rlvnte Instruction on piano and trumpet. Halfrccl Wcrtz. 303 Ilrond street. Phone 535-.T. Adv. FOR RENT—Modern brick house, six rooms. Good location. Inquire 700 Garbcr St., Phone TOO W. Adv. SWIM, IVYSIDE PARK PURE, CLEAN WATER FOR IUCNT—Bndroom, 213 Walnut St.,. HolliduysbiirB. Adv. Lloyd A. Smith General Insurance & Kent Kstutc Phone Office 128-J Walsh nuihUng Pa. Old Line Companies Metropolitan Casualty Co. Commercial Casualty Co. Central Fire National liberty *'lre General Agent for Stale Life Insurance Co. Mortgage .Loans Elgin Watches Diamonds Jewelry PRUYN "On the Hill—But—On the I,evel" Phone 297J Lawn Mowers up DIAMOND HARDWARE \v. n AM;-. - ; i' . .. .'.- // you like to eat. . . Where foods are tasty and ap-; peasiiiK . . . Where the environment in i-ozy und i-uol . . . Where tilt: wervicL 1 i.s courteous and etii- cien.t . . . Try the Court Cafe I in .\cillnl i iiuntaiii Ser\iri> "Opposite Court House" Fly-Wire Black, White, Copper Fine Mesh Screen Doors nnil Windows Jtcffulnr Sizes JACOBS HARDWARE HOL.UDAYSBURG DUNCANSVILLE The Ladies' Aid society of Hicks Memorial Methodist church Is giving a "silver tea'" at the parsonage, 1211 Third avenue, this evening at 7.30 o'clock. Splendid eats will be served and everybody Is Invited to come for a good social time. Many have never been in the parsonage and this is a splendid opportunity to see through It, help a good cause and get acquainted with the parsonage folks. With appropriate services, Duncans- vllle's churches will commemorate the 1900th anniversary of the founding of the Christian church on the coming Pentecostal Sunday. Services of a special nature will be held In each church, with the respective pastors bringing sermons befitting the occasion. At the Presbyterian church, the Holy Communion will be administered by the pastor, Rev. Julian Park, following the sermon. Employes of the American Telephone and Telegraph company have been at work during the past several days trimming trees and clearing away considerable underbrush along the William Penn highway just above Mountain Lake park. Besides eliminating possible interference with the main trunk lines of the company which pass along the highway at that point, the work adds much to the attractive appearance of the much used route. The Hicks Memorial Methodist Sunday school will hold its annual Children's day service on the coming Sunday evening, June 8, at the hour of evening worship, 7.30 o'clock. A pleasing program has been arranged for this service and all have been invited to attend. Paul Myers of 1425 Fourth avenue, an employe of the RCA-Victor company of Camden, N. J., arrived home on Wednesday evening for a month's vacation, after being located for the past eight months at Boston, Mass., and immediate vicinity. En route home he witnessed the departure of the Graf Zeppelin from Lakehurst, N. J., and attended the radio show at Atlantic City. The trip was made by automobile. Recent visitors at the home of Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Ott at the Methodist parsonage were Mrs. J. B. McCreight of Indiana, Pa., and Mrs, Alma B. Ott and Mrs. Albert Bowers of Pittsburgh. Miss Minnie Snyder, a niece and a student nurse in Williamsport City hospital, is spending her vacation with Rev. and Mrs. Ott. The members of the Lutheran Sunday school class of which Miss Helen Lotz and Mrs. G. B. Harman are the teachers, held a very delightful picnic SPECIAL SALE CHILDREN'S SHOES AND SLIPPERS $1 .25 1 Patent Strap—Patent Sandals —Patent Leather Oxfords- Patent High Shoes—Smoked Elk High Shoes. Sizes 2 to 6. See Our Window Lasser's Hollidaysburg AWNINGS Many New Styles to Choose From We'll Gladly Show You Samples Bright stripes, or solid tan, green, blue and orange. 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Games, contests, etc., took up the early part of the afternoon while the latter half was delightfully climaxed with the serving of A picnic luncheon, the tempting menu holding the undivided interest of the picnickers. The outing was the happiest event of the current vacation period for many of the yoftngsters. The picnic party was conveyed to the picnic, place In the Liebegott furniture store truck, with the teachers In full charge of the group. , Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ebersole of Roaring Spring were recent visitors here at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Benson and family of Willowbrook. Mrs. George Weigh , of Kew York city is visiting here at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Smith of Eighth street. The funeral of Emory Walters, who died Tuesday night In the Mercy hospital at Altoona, was held on Thursday afternoon from his parental home at 402 Sixteenth street, with services in Hicks Memorial Methodist church. Anthony Filler of Lakemont was a caller among friends at this place yesterday morning. Mrs. Gelia Cochran of Altoona was circulating among relatives and friends at this place on Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Helsel, until recently residents of Pittsburgh, have become residents of this place, occupying rooms at the residence of Mr. and GRAND Today Tomorrow WARNER BROS, hretmf- f* CHARLOTTE . Greenwood Mrs. WlIHftm Gunflitt At li» Third avenue, where they «rfe entertaJnlrtg their friends. Mr. Helsel, A. native of this place, Is now employed at Altoona. The services were conducted by the pastor, Rev. L. D. Ott, who was assisted by Rev. G. B. ttarman, pkstor of the Lutheran church. A sympathetic group of relatives and friends of the young man attended to pay their last tribute of respect. Interment was made In Carson Valley cemetery following the church services. Rev. L. D. Ott, pastor of Hicks Memorial Methodist church has announced that he wNl preach on the baptism of children at the services on the coming Sunday morning and conduct a baptismal service for children. All mothers who want their children baptized have been requested to bring them for the 10.48 servile*. tta,««» of parents and name and date of birth of child are to be given. Chester Wise of 3i2 fourteenth street had been confined to his bed for the past several days by reason of. being stricken with a severe attack of pleurisy. SWIM, IVYSIDE PARK PURE, CLEAN WATER Genuine Frigidaire Service at WOLF FURNITURE CO. •Authorized Prlgldnlre Dealers" 1601-08 Uth Ave. •»'•>• M ' B GRANT WITHERS PATSY BUTHMHLLER BERT ROACH CLAUDE CtUINGHXIE* •*• »r* BACOM rathe All Talking Comedy SOUND NEWS Comfort t.y /^LT Dress to Look Your Best . W. Williams "The Big Store" 100 New Dresses i of SHANTUNG, FLAT CREPE, GEORGETTE and CHIFFON. "Received each week, latest styles right from our New York buyer. Two Popular Prices $Q.95 9 nd $1/1.95 14 Saturday Specials Boys' Genuine Keds, first quality, 70/» a pair Continental Window Screens, 24x33 in., each Look at this ISO LOTS 50x120 Ft. Will Be Sold At Public Sale Saturday Afternoon June 7th, 193O 2:OO O'clock Willowbrook Addition ' to Duncansville Borough Along 6th Ave. road approaching Duncansville from Altoona. 3 blocks from new Airport. 10 minutes drive from Altoona. Terms: $25.00 down. $2.50 week or $10.00 per month. No one can afford to be without a home. We finance new homes, if you buy a lot. Restricted district with all conveniences except gas. Sale will be conducted on plot. FREE ONE LOT ? For more information—Phone 128-J Hollidaysburg I 3

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