Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 1
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements . .B-8 Markets' ......D-2 Classified .....D-S 'Pearson .......A-8 Comics C-8, 9 Radio-TV D-l Death Notices..D-S Shipping Gulde.D-S Editorial A-8 Sports ......C-l, 5 Inside Oiit ' B-l Women ;....B-3, 3 Phone HE 5 - 1 1 6 1 -- Classified No. HE 2-5959 / WEATHER The Southland's M finest Morning Newspaper LONG BtAtH 12,. CALIF., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, KS8 . VOL. 20 --NO. 169 Mostly »unny today. .Cloudy with rain on Saturday. High today near .69. High Thursday, 66j low, 48. . . . : HOME EDITION--I Of Daring Resc uer Down Cliff--Boy Dead Life Ebbs in Long Ordeal SAN BERNARDINO W--A daring rescuer inched 300 feet down a jagged, crumbling cliff where others had failed 'Thursday and found fe 13-year-old boy dead on'an icy ledge. Donald Burns^ plunged over a waterfall during a Lincoln's birthday hike with . schoolmates. He-, tumbled 100 feet down in the waterfall, then! hurtled another 200 feet down: the rough face of 11,485-foot San Gorgonio - Mountain. John Matthews of Alhambra, a member of the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Unit, reached him 25 hours later by rope and spikes driven into the crumbly cliff. He signaled that the boy was dead. , Matthews stayed on the chill perch. A helicopter from the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station lowered a litter to the top of the cliff to be let over the cliffside to bring up the body. Matthews' descent climaxed night and day-long efforts by 24 rescuers -- sheriff's deputies and Air Force m'en--to reach the injured lad. Donald had landed in a waterfall pool and ' rolled himself' out to lie sprawled grotesquely while the snow feU on him. « * * * HIS MOTHER, Mrs. Eula Burns, who had stood quietly at the base of the cliff, 400 · feet below her son, got the tragic news from San Bernardino County Sheriff Frank" Bland. "Oh; no! No, God! Don't let it be true,"-she sobbed. Her husband, ' O. T. Burns, tried to comfort 'her. Donald's brother, Wayne, 23, broke down and cried. Tears were also shed by Carson Finch, an 8th-grade teacher at Colton Junior High School, ·who led 10 schoolboys on the hike Wednesday. Crumbling shale and tricky mountain winds had 'frustrated previous efforts to bring Donald from the 6,500-foot ledge into Big Falls Canyon, 35 miles east of San Bernardino. * » * * AT 2 A.M. a five-man team of mountain-climbing experts from Norton AFB dropped a rope, over the cliff. It was too short, but a man went down 100 feet. He said the cliff was rougher to climb than the Alps, which he knows. At daybreak, sheriff's offi SAD -VIGIL loosened shale The S o u t h e r n California Club h About noon the El Toro 'cop ter decided a 250-foot line wa needed to drop a stuetcher. From the 'copter Donald' eyes could be seen open VVLaK Ileuiu w a v e W4»v. M. -i v - early Thursday morning. Don- per said. Details aid waved and shouted for five nounced Deo. IB., was rain, which iced the pre Clp ,tous cliffs. India Buys in Japan - - ' , ^ - . : Tragic vigil of Mrs. Eula-Burris/ mother" of the' 'boy ''trapped on mountain ledge near San Bernardino, and Carson Finch, 8th grade\ teacher of Donald Burns, 13 found dead by rescuers late Thursday,, 'after this-, picture:-. was taken. Finch was' watching-'' rescue efforts through binoculars. Top "X" shows point where Donald, fell. Lower. "X" points where he stopped fall on-ledge, .300'-feet down.-- (AP Wirephoto.). · British Develop Secret Missile LONDON (UJE!--Britain disclosed Thursday it was developing a ballistic rticket "more, advanced" than 'mediate-range missiles and capable of being underground launching sites. . The disclosure came in a - - $7 Million Fire Loss inErie* Pa. government white paper which with the in the- missiles- race Soviet Union. The paper said the United States was · helping develop the in new British weapon arid work . was going ahead "on the high At 2-30 p.m. the eight-man est priority." ' Sierra Madre Search and Res cue unit arrived and Matthew went to work. · The United Britain have agreement to S t a t e s concluded station 'U. and an O-f-fi C V l l l d I I . LV « j f c v » " w » . -- - IRBMs--capable of spa'nning of life had been the 1,500 miles from London to ERIE, Pa. (HE)--A fire -raging out of, control for' more than six hours Thursday night destroyed .a . block-long ware L be -an- am than lgo f i r e m e n fought the .blaze at-'the .NT. V. aid waved and shouted tor live HUUUUEU *«*. ^.. --. ...~- iu u 6 i,i. u.«.-^u^ : «. «....... · hours after falling before dark- sites will be above ground andjrwin Coving · .Storage .Co, hours after lauin^Deror^aar^ ^^^ ^^ vulnerable to at-warehouse. The blaze broke-out w «riv Thurrfav. Later there tack , than the_ underground about' 6 p.m. and. still was out British misilc. NEW DELHI has ordered 10 electric loco motives from a Japanese com pany. P a p e r also announced Britain had a grovv- . ^ jng stockpile of H-bombs -- India which are making."an increasingly significant contribution to the Western nuclear deter- warehouse. The blaze broke .out about' 6 p.m. and. still was out of control at midnight. M. V. Invin estimated the rent." -L.A.C. SAYS:- Among the contents destroyed were .600,000 pounds of., cellulose, $250,000 worth of'/color television sets and'tonS'of furn- DOJTALD BURNS . Shouted, for Hours PRESSES FOR U.S. SUIT Funds Cut Decision Near on i Action Oil Injunction, Damages Goals in Court Plans B.y WILLIAM BROOM Ind«p«ndeot Washington Bureau) WASHINGTON-- House Armed 'Services -Committee staff 'members have been informed the Navy plans to ask less than $1 m i l l i o n f o r subsidence remedial work at Long Beach Naval S h i p y a r d during the coming fiscal year, The Independent was informed Thursday by authoritative sources. · The committee.also has been handed a memorandum from Capt. C. R. Harrison, director of the Naval Legislation .Department, · indicating the Navy plans to pin long-range plans for the shipyard on its proposed to collect damage: ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ADMIT IT lawsuit caused at the shipyard by withdrawal of oil. The Navy's 'budget request will ask for only enough' monfcy next'year.-to.'maintain-two feet of freeboard above high tide along -several piers, The Inde- pendentrdearned. '-.The.' Amount asked Yor"would' be'".'less 'than half the 51,500,000 -appropriated by Congress last year for that purpose. Rep. Craig Hosmer (R-Long Beach) said he could not comment because, budget informa tion handed to him thus .far was confidential. Capt.. Harrison's memoran dum stated that the _Navy is ment to go i damage suit- The department | has said it will- soon make a decision, he said. The Navy's suit,' as · Contemplated,.: would press, for-1. An Injunction against further oil withdrawal until E 'Crazy Greek 9 Year .«/ ,. Ahead of Eggheads WASHINGTON (LIP) -- This: is.the'story of Nick Christofilos, t h e "crazy ..Greek;'. inventor, and how Nick wasn't so crazy after all. It's about an important sci-i entific discovery t h a t N i c k ' made. And how no one would listen to him. · The'.story'started 'in 1951, when a 34-year-old; electrical engineer, employed by an elevator company,: wrote a letter to the atomic research, laboratory at Berkeley, Calif., where scientists were.'building a slx-billion- volt .Bevatron, an ' atomic furnace. Nick offered a few suggestions. -, r ' * * * * ..THE SCIENTISTS thought Nick's letter was "a.mess" and noted that he had made some incorrect assumptions. But they answered him anyway. Nick ''shot back some more suggestions-a shVrt time later. But "this t i m e the 'scientists didn't'read, it carefully.'-They just called'him'a "crazy Greek" and stuck it into'their files. or so passed. Then TSTICK CHRISTOFILOS Crazy Like Einstein tional Laboratory, published paper, announcing ' the discov- ' of the principle 'of strong It. was a- big thing. The complicated principle wDl enable scientists to build a giant 30- billiori-volt, atom-smasher at a saving of possibly 70 million dollars: The scientific world, heaped praise on the inventors. Then in walked Nick. "I discovered* it a year ago," he said. ._ And justice triumphed too. . · .The red-faced Berkeley scientists came up "with Nick's -letter telling 'all. about strong focusing. Nick_also had patented his discovery. * » * * HE WAS DTJXY credited with it. And the Atomic -Energy Commission gave him'$10,000 in return for a license on- his patent and a waiver ·"of any legal action for infringement. Dr. George K. Green, senior physicist -at Brookhaven, told. Nick's story Thursday^ before '-. the Joint-Congressional Atomic Energy Commission.." A n d w h a t ' happened ' ' Nick?" someone ' asked. to . "We hired him," Green said. From 1'iie Independent Bureau - ashington Bureau - . · WASHINGTON -- Air Force o f f i c i a l s have plans for a manned missile · which could ----"- " . - rnmiiicu .nu^si-it · inm-** ,,«-.--- [pressing the Justice Depart- orbit thg earth all( j be capa ble |ment to go ahead with the Q£ ^j^ering- a tomb anywhere ,,,,,, ,,.....,, a bomb anywhere _. the world, .informed sources said Thursday night. - r S p e e d .and performance figures on the proposed space bomber are a highly classified secret, the sources 'said,' but they indicated it would probr . ' ably' be a refinement of the (Continued on Page A 7 3, Col. 2) Titan intercontinental ballistic report that Douglas Aircraft Co. has been given a research contract to .develop, such a craft. Air Fqrce press officers said, a statement might , be forthcoming today. * * * *' THE WEST COAST report said Douglas Aircraft; working under a $1,000,000 study contract, has .submitted plans .to the Air -Force's Rocket Orbital Bomber (ROBO) project. The rocket, ship, manned by missile which the Air Force New Gold . , : . ' . - · · , - . . - . . . · Wave Hits East Area By; United -Preai .U.L. v. i i w m caLiiiiuicu i-"i -A new 'cold -wave .followed building ' loss at $600,000. history-making'snows- in-.Florida Thursday- night .and more snow storms, s'wept-.the nation's West and.-Eastl,:'.-' : -. ; ,.'-.' , '·· The-.fourth and'possibly-the iture. . . . . . wor st , : freeze -.·,of- -. .the 1 winter . * · · · · · . ' rushed 'into Florida on ! the IEWIN BELEBVED the'fire n ' ee i s . o f biting northwest Where Will It Stop? was touched off by defective winds [wiring, ' Firemen removed. 20 ivans arid a-cabin cruiser valued at $20,000. Legal action by the state to lake title to lands now held by the Union .Pacific. and Edison company has been authorized. It is based on questions as to where the original tideland boundaries were located. It is evident the motivti is to take away the oil-producing lands on which taxes have been paid for 50 years or more by private interests. But it has come about ' only after the lands were proved to be great oil pro 7 ducers. Very lew people will be concerned over what happens to property of great corporations; But thousands of property owners in Long Beach caii be nub(Continued on Page A-8) I A series of explosions Tocked I the area. Steel lids from 55- gallon drums sailed .more than 100 feet in the air. Firemen'poured-water, at the rate of 5,000 gallons'per.min- ute in otiu of the worst fires-in Erie history. ' ' · ; . The forecasts:-'spelled.misery for the sunshine state's .billion- LIFE BEGINS at 73 for -a man who'spent 46 years-in a : mental hospital as the aftermath of a slaying. Page A-3. DEMOCRATS in Congress- are going ahead With, their own antirecession ..program. Page A-7. dollar vegetable,, citrus -.and tourist industries ---predicted 22 to 28 degrees. for cental and .southern-. Florida,". 14. degrees along the .fabled- Suwanee River, and freezing iii the Miami vacationland. '-· Already, one ' fourth -of -the state's 600,000 acres of orange and grapefruit' orchards was amaged or killed; the vegeta-: lie. crop was wiped out .and ivestock was.dying.;··'.-'··.' The southern chill was-port ,,' a mammoth ,- cold .wave which/has gripped "the, nation's eastern-two "thirds for-a .solid week. .The cold relaxed a' 1 in 'the Midwest and Chii newspapers ran "heat w headlines"· when the temt ture ' struggled above 20 grees for the first Jime since last Thursday. Douglas Raps Decision on Excess Gains ' LOS ANGELES WEV- Douglas Aircraft Co.. 'plans-, to contest a recommendation by the Los Angeles . Regional Renegotiating Board that the company made six million' dollars. in. excessive profits for 1954. A company spokesman said Thursday that it the. recommendation is accepted by. the National 'Renegotiation Board, Washington, then D.oug.las would be asked to refund approximately, $2,027,000,, after credits for applicable federal and state taxes. now has under .development. The Air Force itself '. refused to comment on. a Pacific Coast ·»~TV"¥ J~*l Tf~fc FCC Pi Checks WASHINGTON W · -- House ( investigators heard testimony TIT, A +ii '*· · Federal ' Communications Com m i s s i o n e r Richard A.. Mack admittedly accepted several -thousand dollars from a lawyer active' in getting .'a Miami television license. ' Atty. Gen. Rogers promptly 21 Escape Airliner Crash in Desert ·PALM SPRINGS OIE -- A Western Air Lines twin-engine Convair crash landed in the /desert five miles -north of -here Thursday. And exploded, shortly after the 21 persons aboard escaped safely. At least. five -of the 18 passengers .and crew of three aboard were injured. "The most seriously .injured was a man who suffered a fractured leg. . · · « * * ; * THE PLANE, which - had taken off from the'nearbyPalm Springs Airport seconds before the crash, slashed ;into a boulder-pitted dry wash, caught fire. and exploded. It was en route to San Diego at the time. "This pilot did .a fine job of putting the .ship down in the rugged area," according -'to Palm Springs police .chief Au- gusit'Kettman; one of the firs't to reach the scene., . '. · . . . ··'· Kettman said a strong "40 to 50-mile-an-hour" '· wind cross- whipped the area at the time Capt R. E, Schumacher put the large silver painted ship down. * « * # WITHIN A MINUTE -after the plane sluiced *to a stop at the bottom of. the shallow sand bottoms-wash, -stewardess Barbara Grimes, 24, of Conkers, N.-'Y., had. shepherded the 18 passengers to safety. They were followed by co-pilot J.a.mes Level, of Los Angeles, , and Schumacher. · · - ' : · · · v Witnesses' said that the plane took off from the airport of : the desert resort; rose' only' "a few hundred -.feet" into the air, shuddered and slashed Into the desert "at a steep angle.' ; ' take over. Rocket c o n t r o l s would enable him to change the course or orbit. To re-enter t h e ' earth's atmosphere without burning up, the pilot would slow the mis-, sile's speed by gliding down toward the.' denser air, and skipping off . the thick layers like a flat r o c k skimming water. '. ' * * * ·* · . DOTJ,CrLA,S spokesmen in I R C ruL'KeL. smp, maun^u vj ~ - ~ , - . - -* , a'pilot would-''be boos.ted|Long Beach declined, corn- hundreds of miles into space iment .on the report, other than a t ' a speed of 18,500 miles -an to say, "We are vitally inter- hour by the initial' blast-off, i . ·_ .---- .Once, in orbit, the pilot, would (Continued on Page A-3, Col. 1) ordered the FBI to make "complete investigation"'of if.'-fed- a mented: "Schwartz is a g~ d--· liar. H,e is lying in. his teeth. Bernard Schwartz, ..'ousted counsel,to the House Subcom- ee on Legislative Oversight, the' group Mack has de- .o^.oed the money as loans-- ibut has said'some were "forgiven" .by and- has "no. specific. recollection" of repaying any of them. .' - * ' * ' . » * ! SCHWARTZ-'appeared, as a subpoenaed witness before the committee which' fired him. last Mpnday . night. He : produced from the committee files · canceled ' checks, totaling $2,650 which he said were' given .to Mack by Thurman A. Whiteside after Mack became' a member of the license-granting commission. ' Schwartz said Whiteside. has a reputation. in Florida .'as. a "fixer" and that.he represented Public Service Television, '.Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of rational Airlines. : . · - · · . . . . . . At Miami, Whiteside com- ae is testifying'contrary to ..the information in his possession." ' Wbi'teside said-he had never been'a fixer and-that he was- never, employed as an attorney :n .the' television case. ' ' . · « * * » . IN-.THE CASE, Public S.erv-·· ice Television, Inc.,-was granted Miami's channel 10 franchise by a 4-2 vote of the FCC. Mack was one of the four commis- sidners who gave. Public Service (Continued on Page A-4; Col. 1) jobless Situation Steady in England .'.'LONDON. (Friday)., #· '-Unemployment in.'Britain last month ran at the.,-same-level as in. January,' 1957, "the -Labor Ministry 'said today: A'"total of 395,52.7 persons were registered as jobless · "on ·· Jan. ,131'; This amounted'to J..8 per. cent;of the country's labor force. ; WEATHERMAN KEEP SHE AD ABOVE WATER Dum, deedy .c!um --' hummed Weatherman's a'ssistant.; A ,happy, confident type gent who!'likes .his: .work, he hung, up the sign: stating-clearly: ' ' S i i n n y today, becoming . cloudy tomor- ! row. Chance of rain. ··'. That really got', the. boss mad. He say* ·the nejft step from clarity U automation. ^ The weather Leaper. can be. clear, : he told.assistant, V: '; but .not our forecasts.' · -' .- · ...': -It's our job'to. jump-to \

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