The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 3, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS IHf Weekly 1S77 Pre«( Publishing Co JOHN T. GALBRAITH Editor and'Manager - - 218 I CHURCH CIRCLES FIRST METHODIST CHURCH A. C. Geyer, Pastor. 'Sunday school, with special Easter program.-at 9:30 a. ' in.—liquid 'R'enfro, Superintendent. . Easter sermon and music, at 10:45 "a. m. Baptism of . infants' and reception of members. ' CATHOLZC. CHURCH Squill Poplar and West Elm Ets. Easter Sunday Mass at p a. in. f Rev. K. . Schaucrtc, Murphysboro, • pastor. • • . .. • Subscription 15 cent- a ivetk. Advertising bills due weekly. strictly cash. AJQttJAL. SUBSCRIPTION $7.80 Altered at tlic postoffice at Car bcndsle, Illinois, as second clas jftattor. -Office' in tht Free Press BteU4i*e, West Main. Street. - Republican Ticket For. Carbondal Townshi F»ll»winj[. ire -the ' Republican candidates in the township election t«. be held. Tuesday, .April 6th. Assistant Supervisor WILLIAM M. HALLI-DAY Highway- Commissioner .GEORGE FORE Assessor . SAM ANDERSON ToWshlp Clerk • W. J..6R0WN School' Trustee , ::' THOMAS L. CHERRY Pound Master . HERMAN EV'ERHART > "'i .. -..',.- ,• M29-7! CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Gornqi; of South'Normal ,'Ave. and Junior'League at 2:30. p. rn.—Mtss.iWest Elm" Street, Gail Yost, Superintendeht. Easter Cantata, rendered by the choir at 5:00. p. .m. This will be i beautiful program of special numbers for which the. talenteii^'Unfeiility." choir lias made long: and faih'tfuTi The free rcadin Sunday school 9:30 a. in. Sunday morning service 10:45. Wednesday evenmjy service • 7:43 Subject for the .Sunday service preparation. i Cordial invitation to the public. PRESBYTERIAN 0:30. room and circu (lating. library is open every Wed iiesday, and Saturday from 2 to 4 p. in. Authorized literature is for loan and for sale. All arc cordially welcome. A. K. •Sabbat-'h school at Wilson, Supt. . . iFreaching at 10:45 and 7:30. Christian Endeavor at 6':30.. Special, music, is being arranged for by Miss -Ida May Anderson. The pastor, .Dr., . Eagleson, wi!' presch on the Spirit of Easter Time. •ITie Congregation will meet on'd'ay evening of this week in annual meeting. (Supper -will be scrvi-d free -to each member of the. church ,at 6:30 and a report will be rjivcn each auxiliary of the church. A social hour will be enjoyed at the close of the meeting. Every m-fm'fjer of the church should be pros-- snt, on time, prepared to enjoy every part of this splendid occasion. MURPHYSBORO POPULAT10! 10,441 Ml " Tfce >»|m!ation of Murphysbon. is -10,441, according to the an- jeuncemtnt of the census dcpart- «t«lt. this is an increase of a little •ver 3,000 the last ten years. It- was 'expected the population would run higher than ' this. Th- .•puiation of Carbondale ?s testi- ir-pm 7,700. to. 8,000, accord- to unoSicia.1 sour-ccs.. Teachers Make Their AH Over The City idsa nf the activity of the '. her« attending the Southern-Illinois teachers' meeting may bt -seen in the fact that Earl Noel, a local taxi .calx operator, carried more ttvajri 600 jieiis.ons the first day of tht -"IThis is a record and dem .th« numbar o* teachei-s wbr *heir way over the citj-. Ali ' rt .«iem frail be impr-rsbsd with Car- bpncjale, the most beautiful town ir, Souiihtirn Illinois, erven though some ef file streets are to be shamed. Th-c city's streets are truly tunnels o.' under a mass of gorgeous shade trees. This is. not so true this early in thv sprtej. At the same time it can bi Csrbondale is well graced with tpe«s which few towns enjoy New Superivisory Agent For St. Louis Division . . J.. 9. Hamilton has been appointed s-upfariaing agent for -the St. Louis division of the Illinois .Central effective April 1. Mr. Hamilton at. Ford ham. has been FIRST BAPTIST 9:30—Sunday school. !lO:-lii—Morning worship. ~2:0(i —Juniors. '6:30—High school. B. Y. IP. Annis Williams, leader. 6:30—Senior- B. Y. P. U. 7:30—Evening worship. &Mtc-r will be appropriately TOLEDO March 29. Church art .Limestone was well attended .Saturday night and Sunday. .Mrs. Lee Richer* anci eh ildrcc- of CamKria visited last week with her niohhor, -Mrs. Lissie Barlow. 'A diughter of Mrs. Matilda Bor- tion from West Frankfort is visiting herT.iis week. •Orvcl Barlow and family visited at Emory Holder's Sunday. TJIC Lamer school closes Wednesday with a basket dinner. Mr. Bishop has taug>liit a splendid scliool. We al! hope -he will Ae with us again -r.ext winter. JERUSALEM March 27. I 'Mary I'irtle called on Mrs. Mary j Guinr.. Tuesday evening, j Jtalph Wi'llmouth is sput on the TJ j-Democratic ticket for assessor for iPoniona township. 'I'',ern Gregory of near iCarTaondale visited her parents, air. and Mrs. E. observed. The Lord's Supper will be observed in connection with morning tt-orship and the 'hand of Fellowship will be extended to new members. At the evening worship the ordinance of baptism, will foe 'administered. "iOome .thou .with us and we. will do thee. good." CHURCH OF GQ0. Services, .held in I. 0. Q. F. Hall, East 'Main 'St. Elder.O. -W. Sid-enar. pastor. Bible school meets, 9:30. Lawrence Sam.:nons, Supt. Preaching seryicea 9:45. and 7:30. As Sunday is Easter the services both morning and, evening will be in keoping with the season. Everyone invited to attend the ser- iM. ti-uinn, this week. Miss Annie Long spent Wednesday .with Mrs. Liza Millikin. •Mesdames Bettie and Lelia Norton called on Mi-s. iRebekah Tvipp Tuesday evening,- ,0ran iFuller. moved on his place Tuesday. 'Mr.s. iMeta Berry went to Murphys- .boro Friday. ' • . !Mrs. Liza Walker was buried, at this place 'Sunday, March 2d. ..She. Iea, three daughters, Mrs. Mattie Aito Pass; Mrs. Na.-.nie (Brewer, Makanda; Mrs. Alice Cook, iMurpliysboro; grandchildren and 'great grandchildren. <JH.RJS.TIAN Nine-thirty is the Bible .school hour. A great class responded to the invitation of the president of the Men's class last Sunday, and •s. still -greater number is. promised for "tomorrow.. The Loyal Women's, class and tho King's Daughters will have to look into this matter or the Loyal "iSLen will carry off the first rank, Morning communion ^nd Easter service. Special music and sermon on "Tile Risen' Ix>rd." .Every member should be present. Christian Endeav.or at 6:80. All young- people of the church should be present. 'Evening sermon and song at 7:30. SPEK-J! music by the' male quartet. Everybody invited to these services. CVf nails are still shining-and 9 use Gla%) It isn't a bit of trouble any more tp. keep- your nails beautifully groomed — simply glowing with a healthy polish ! For there's a. "braad-ncw raeihod thr.i tioss sway with the troublesome old, Everyday buffing. And buffing v/.is harmful 'loo, because it mcde.the noils b.-ird r.nd brittle. 61a?o is She new way. A liquid polish- applied with- o- brush as quick as ;i t|os h . ' -Ksens th^ nuils firm, prevt- its ibeir crack- lug-and best of. all, keeps .i!-cm shiningly .lovely for a- week in spile t :' dirt tad soap ly. 50c, too. Get a -bottle from your drug$iit^or. a,', a dioartmeut s.tore. Co. ; Cincinnati, Ohio' TOLEDO March 29. •Mrs? Henry Harbaugh and little daughter, Nellie May, spent Saturday niig.-ht and .Sunday with her parents : at J-onesboro. •Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lamer and ba-b"y spent Saturday night with- his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H, 'H. Lamer. 'Mr. and .Mrs. /Fred Bain spent Sunday with Mr. ^and Mrs. Fred Smith. Mrs. Ma-tilda Bpstion is very sick. .•Died, March U, at her home .near Lime^Tone, Mrs. Sarah Knight, age 42 years, 6 months. She leaves a husband, three sisters, two brothers to mourn -her loss. Interment in the Limestone cemetery. VWW*!:** • —»•»•»»»- —V-TV 1 ;, Johnson, Vahcii, Taylor Co. House Drug Stort. F. M. Hewitt. CABONDALE T O W N • SHIP ELECTION ' NOTICE Xotice is hereby given, to the legal voters of Caa-bondale township, Jackson courJty, 111., that tho annual township meeting and election of officers of said township will take place Tuesday, April 6,- 1920. The election'will .begin at*7 o'clock a. m. and close., at 5 o'clock p. m. in the following places: Precinct' No. 1, W. .\V. Hamilton's coal office. Precinct No. 2, town clerk's office. iPrecinct No. 3, Sullivan's garage. Precinct No. 4, A. F. Smith's paint store. The following officers are 'to be elected:.. Assistant Supervisor. Highway .Commissioner. Town-'Clerk. Assessor. . 'School Trustee. Poundrnaster. "The to*™ meeting will open at the town.-clerk's office, Carbondale, 111., at 2 o'clock p. inland after'choos- ing a moderator, will proceed to hear and cousider the. reports of- officers, to 'appropiate money to defray the necessary expenses of the tonwship and to rfcJiberate and decide upon such measures as may ;be in pursuance oi'';la\v. before the. meeting. i,\ The-judges that.conducted, the last election, will be expected'to conduct this ejection-. Given under my hand this 25th. day i of'March, A. D. 1920.. W. J. Brown, Town .Clerk. Trinity bells wlth ; their, hollow- lungs, '' '", An.J theu- vibrant lips an.d their brazen w . -' tongues, ' . ; ; Qve.r the roofs of the city -po'iir ' •' • i Their Easter music with joyous roar, : . ' Till 1 the sparing notes, to the Sun are rolled As he. swings, along in Vila path, of gold; "Dearest papa," says my boy to, me, As he merrily climbs on his mother's knee, ''Why are these eggs that you see me hold- Colored so finely-with blue'and gold? 'And what is the wonderful bird that lays •Such beautiful eggs upon Easter days?'-^ Tenderly shine the April skies, ( ' : fjiko^laughter and tears In. my child's blu^e eyes, : . • And every face In .tho -street is- gay,— . Why cloucl'thls youngster's by saying nay? I So I cudgel, my brains for the tale he bogs, ! Xnd tell him this story of Blaster- eggs: ! ."You. have heard, my boy; of the-Man who | .' -died,' i Crowned, with keen thorns and crucified; I -And how Joseph, the wealthy—whom God j reward!— • '' j Cared for the corse of-his martyred Lord, ] And piously "tombed it within the rock, And closed the gate, with a mighty block. Now, close by the tomb a fair tree grew, "With pendulous, leaves and blossoms p* blue; .... And deop.'In -the green tree's shadowy breast A beautiful singing bird sat on her nest, Which was bordered'-- with mosses like malachite, And held four eggs o_f- an Ivory white. .Now, when the. bird from'her dim roceas Beheld the Lord in Hls'burial. dross, And lo.oked on the heavenly face, so pale. And the dear hands pierced, with the cruel nail.' '. •-.•._:.;•.•••-. 'Her heart nigh broke-with a sudden pang. And out of the'depth-of- her sorrow she sang:. . . All night long till the moon, was up She sat and sang in her mossrwreathed cup; ' ... A song of sorrow as. wild and shrill As the homeless-wind when it roams the hill; So full of tears, so loud and long, That the grief ot the world seemed turned to song. But soon there came through the weeping 1 night A s'ltterlng..Angel clothed In white; And he rolled the stone from tho tomb away, •Where the Lord of- the. earth and th« heavens lay; Ajid Christ arose in the cavern's gloom. And in Uvliflg luster came from the tomb. Now. the bird that'sat in the heart of the tree'. •. . . Beheld this celestial mystery, * And its heart was filled with a sweet d< light, And it pc-ured a song on the throbbing night,— Notes climbing notes, till higher, higher, . They shot to Hoaven like- spears of flre. When the glittering, white-robed Angel heard. The sorrowing song of the grieving bird, And, after, the'jubllant paean of mirth That hailed Christ risen again on earth, He said; "Sweet bird, be forever blest, Thyself, thy eggs, and thy moss-wreathed nest!" And. over, .,my child, since that blessed night, . When Death bowed down to tho Lord of Light, . . ' ' The eggs of that sweet, bird change their hue, . And burn with red. and-gold Reminding mankind lii .their simple way Of the holy marvel.of-Easter Day. • —Pltz-James O'Brien." Joy Supreme. And, in the glory of the "' lilies, in the great joy of the glad morning,- there should be po heart that any fate can rob of its serenity,, no. soul that the powers of evil -.can autcesaf ully; assault. '- •- EASTER'S AWAKENING. ~ Never yet.was a springtime, I«ate though lingered:the snow,". . That the sap stirred not. at. thei whisper Ojf-.the south wind; sw/set-and low; Ever the -vvlngs of the summer?'' '' ^- • •Are. folded\undec-.thfi^mold;"'.• ,. ' . Lite, that ha$ kno.wiing.. dying, . ;. ; " Is Love'?,.tx5. haye"and'-'^p;h'<^d; '•'' • Till sudden,., the -bourgeoning' JSarterl The song! the.greeii-;anavtlK>.'goiaj -..'. ' *• -- . ... . -: '' • . -; : ' CQBDEN ;.' : - '• BOJ.-U Inarch- .18 to . Mr.' and. Mxs. Ernest Uav.^^a. tiaby •5>4" vis was Miss iC-ECJl •Caisper.-' Mrs.'J. A. Jones is visiting her son and daughter, who are attending school in- Carthage. •''•'.' i\V. t<i, JEirrmiel was in Detroit the pasi. w.o.ek" ojj- 'fcwsint-ss... . ^'iCiSS'"'iki-'y '.'DuBois' returned to pmujatph. Monday,'.' she. is attending'school.-.. •Mrs!. lioJy'.'-AiW ojE Vfask ^Frankfort is here, .for a, xisit ^yitij- her mother, Mrs. Aljce: Koss.. '' CVtisses Mar-jorie Hoiliday and Pearl MdUaBe -wei-e .vre-ek-'end guests .of Mrs John Master. • - • Mr. ,and-Mrs. ;0sboi-n«..-of; Murphysj boro -were the guests of B. L. "Rich and 'wife the- .past week. Miss Verletta Lawrence was at home a few days,. this.;k.. '.She is attending- school '-in St., Louis. Mrs. K. C. Moore was visiting relatives in 'Cairo the latter part of- tho week. iMr. and .Mrs. Geo. Bell of Cap«B Gir.ard,eau spent the past weelgy at tho;ir home 'here. illr. a.nd- Mrs. Mont, JDicfcison, of. Makanda. visited -Mr. and'Mrs. I. N. Davis Sunday. fisqm, Holly Craig last week's. • ...... •Tiff: and Mrs. Joe. McD^initl visited • their .daughter, "'Mrs. Minnie,': Gurley, i and family Tuesday. .,. r '. : Mrs. M-aittie' Fox ' is '.visiting rela- • tives in Carbondale for a few. days. ! JJo,ie JJatson.- .£«$-. Viyia-n.-. Sjjcingev. f visited Charlie Reid and' family Sat- • urd'ay night... •*'••-•"'-. ' . iM-ary •'• and, May Brandon, 0>p al ; Wright,. G,ussie..'!Bats.o.u, i B,6y.;iMcIhin- iel and Lie • Brushing ' sp,ent\a. .short; time .Sunday evening"at. Otis Pox's. Isaac Brandon Jr. of - i.Gartond'ale'- visited Ralph McDaniel (Saturday night ar..d iSund'ay. ' Hazel''Etherton visited Koy Etherton 'and family of Oai'bondale Saturday night. CHICHF.STER S FILLS W~-s. _ TISE:1U*MOI!1» BBA1W. A ^^\Kn boxes, sealed irith Blue Ribbon. ' ' .March 29. John Patrick and family of -Carbondale are visiting Mrs. Eliza Pat- r.icKTlor- a few days. ' . •Sir. .and 'Mrs. Rbbt. McDaniel spen.t Wednesday ,night with'.bheir- daughters, Edna, and Earl, of' Carhondale. . Miss DelFa Davis and 1 several of lior pupila attended. the spelling contest at 'Murphysboro Saturday. 'George Patrick .ard family, spent Saturday, and Sunday in iGarterville on account of the. death of airs. Patrick's brother-in-law. . CTiester Tomlinson and. Herbert Gi-bTJs. sold some hogs last .week. 'Tnose who attended, school at the S. T N. U., have all returned home. • M.r. ar.:d -Mrs. 'James MdDaniel of Carbondale .^sited Mr. and Mrs. Joe McBaniel .Tuesday ni.gtt. Isaac Brandon- bought some hogs . ' -. Hotel Roberts Will Serve a Special Easter Dinner From 12 to 2 P. M., at the Regular Price, 75c Finaily waa Re%t-ored to Health fey Lydia E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound. L,owell, Mass.—"I waaalliundownand: had an. awful pain in my'ri jht. side^ was 1 persistently constipated; and! had very dizzy .spells. I suf-. fared fotthreeyeara ,an,d was pjBrfeetrg miserable until a f r lend; was telling me tb : try Lydia E. Pmkharh's V e g e T table Compound an,d ,1 found it a wonder-! f ul medicine. I can now dp, tw,ice as, _„ much, work and I- reebmihehd the Vegetable Compoundjtp. other women. You can use thesa facts as .a 'teathnonial."—Mrs.' M. THEALI, BESSEY, 18!BAppleton Sfreet, Lowell>, Mas?. ... Why women will continue to suffer, so. long is more thari we can understand, when they can'find' health in LycUa. E., Pinkham's Vegetable Compound'!' For forty years it. has b.een the, stand-; ard remedy for female ills, and has re--, stored the health of thousands of women whp.have been troubled w,ith such ail- merits'as displacements, irifiammation, ulceratipn, irregularities, etc. If you want special advice write, to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (ebnfU dential) Lyjin, Mass.. Xour letter wilV be opened, read and answered by a woman, arid, &ejd,«, SJb^fit «ra&Ji«]»C^. THAT GIFT TO YOUR CHURCH! Hundreds of Presbyterians—and ethers too.—when they made out their income tax , return were surprised. • The amount they, had giv;en to church and 'benevolences during the past year was smaller, than, they had expected. Some ot them, had determined, that they ought to~ approach, as nearly as possible to giving one.-tenth to the Lord's work, and are making extra gifts now. The books of the mission faoands. of the Presbyterian Church close March 31. All m.oriejr. pledged' through ycur Presbyterian Church, to, due general work of fthe denomination, ought to. be paid at OQCO. Your church treasurer should be able tojsend before ihe last week of March all the c^sri promised froin your church. Take an extra offering to church Sunday—and: invite your neighbor togoalongithedoesn'tworshiE.anywhere. Be ready to. rnake a. generou* pledge fo' next year.- ivhvi.i. the. time, comes. . " Got proportionately I. Giac cpmccratcJ doilapjr Any.Presbyterian pastor, vrill fumisli detajia, New Era Movement PRESRYTEMAN CHURCH in the U. S. A. 156 Fifth Aw-. New-York Gily EEV. W. F, EAGLESON, Minister. f We Are Handling REID'S *YELLQW DENT" and, REID/S "SILVER MINE" WHITE SEED CORN TKis corn guaranteed 95,%' 'gei-niination and is a..very'earl# variety. Shelled and ready for your Planter. ' We haye; a linaited amouiit.. Price $4,50 per bushel at mill. CARBONDALE MILL & ELEVATOR CO. ¥ W* €> ^^^k LF & CO, •ring'Coats VALUES UP TO $3Q,OO • •••.... «'.,._ • ' • To Cleanup Before Easter, all shades and styles. Buy it now •...''.'."• ' ' ' •"".".. ' • -• "N • ••,.-• Also a Nice Line of Georgette Dresses ...:.''.:•••• : ' . .. - • . • • **• •"• •" '- • '-' • . • • : •

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