Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 46
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 46

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 46
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PI Z 5 ***** INOEPENDENT-PKES5-TELEORAM LlM »l«h, C«MI.. Thurl, FA. «, lltO LAKEWOOD . . By EARL GR1SWOLD The City of Lakewood is ready to go on the air -- almost. A radio broadcasting frequency has been assigned to the city by (he Federal Com- munciations Commission, Administrator Henry Goerlick reports. There's one hitch left which may be cleared up next Tuesday by the City Council -That's the matter of paying $15,902.15. for installation of the equipment. The c i t y administrative staff is exploring this week the possibility of getting Civil Defense matching funds to share the cost. The city radio system would be used to improve Water Department operations and could he used for civil defense needs or coordination in event of natural disaster, Coerlick said. The city's radio transmitter is to be -installed at the Water Dept. headquarters. Two- way radios are to be installed jn 10 Water Dept. trucks and in three city-operated cars. * * * * A CLASS of youngsters was ^signed to writ_e on the! B a r h a r a nll f eh 2 S, under 'the baton of Dr. Stanley ?. from the University of Washington. The outstanding v i o l i n i s t , son of Mr. and Mrs W i l b u r C u r t i s of -1521 Warwood Rd., will play the third movement of the Wieniawski LYNN CURTIS . . . . Violin Soloist Lakewood Youth to Be Featured as Violin Soloist Lynn Curtis, 15-year-old Lakewood High School sophomore, will appear as violin soloist with the All- California High School Symphony Orchestra at Santa Lakewood Navy Chief Commands Own 'Ship liked a bespectacled male teacher, started out w i t h ( h i s arresting sentence: "He was' a kindly/ bespeckled gentleman." But even in college students can have their problems w i t h words and spellings. An I.BCC professor asked on a test a question about the Hagia S o p h i a, a famous c h u r c h i n Constantinople. Struggling w i t h the name Seven Vow for Seats on Council Seven candidates are in the Concerto in D Minor, accompanied by the orchestra. SIGNAL FLAGS GET AN ADJUSTMENT FROM SHIPBUILDING CHIEF ANDY BARATELLE Building PUBLIC INSPECTION INVITED TRYOUTS f o r Southland 1 students were held at Revorly £/-·» M* ·« f J. r Hills High School early last/ Gl /Til / 5 month. , _. , Lynn is concert master at _ race for t h r e e Lakewood City| L a k e w o o d Hif , h ,,, ]95S he j ^ _ _ various students rendered i n C n u n c i l seals this week, The won f j r s L pi ac " e j n the Junior as follows: High Sofa, Heigh'election is April 12. Snpha. Huggy Sopehia, Haile Selassie, and Hiya Sophie. * * * * TEEN JOBS -- Lakewood high school students will get seek re-election. an assist in job h u n t i n g again (his coming summer. Lakewood's Y o u I h F.m- I n c u m b e n l s George Nye Jr. and Robert Baker earlier announced their intentions to Division of the Women's Music Club contest. He was winner of the Elks .Club as Award in 1059. HE ALSO TOOK firs! place In a d d i t i o n , City Clerk .Io 1rn ,,^^, L ^, B f;^ 1 .^''^ R e n n i t t announced five citizens have prcked up candi- Increase Construction of seven new homes in the Lakewood Country Club Estates paced building activity here in January. Preston L. Renison, the County Engineering Depart- cnnlest last year, andlment's chief inspector for then won the District division!Lakewood, reported the new which took him to Santalhomes accounted for SlfM.OOO total ployment Program, conducted'dates' nomination p a p e r s . TM m c " T l o ° K n l m I0 TM m a , . , . on a t r i a l basis las, summerjThey are: Steven Rnscman,! R n S a - -Y"n was concer.mas-|worth of ihc m o n l h s proved so successful the City!r,337 Edge-field; Don M c - l ' o r «"l*olriisi w i t h the Long v a l u H l i . m s of $4.0,,200. Council has decided to repeat j^aughlm 4(iOS Coldbrook;i h c a d l J " mor "'S h Orchestra Scouts Plan Ccsmpoyfs Approximately 350 Lakewood Boy Scouts and Explorer? will start weekend campouls Friday afternoon at the four city parks and on several large, private parcels of properly. The camps will be open for public inspection during daylight hours through Sunday in recognition of Boy Scout Week. The youths will go to their churches Sunday morning. The Lakewood District is conducting its a n n u a l Sustaining Membership campaign, with 500 adults of the community contacting Scouting parents and friends. The campaign was launched Tuesday evening at a special meeting at Bancroft Junior High School. First report meeting is scheduled next Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. in the school cafeteria. Coal of the Lakewood drive is $11,000. Campaign chairman is Oliver Conner. The Lakewood District, largest in the Long Beach Council of Boy Scouts, serves 3,047 boys in Troops, Exploring units and Cub Packs. i t . S t a f f i n g the summer job! Robert Webber, 3(22 Michol- bureau in a City Hall office will be professional and vol- u n t e e r personnel from the I..B. office of the State Dep a r t m e n t of Employment. Tentative plans call for job signups to s t a r t about June 1 on a p a r t - t i m e basis, w i t h I h". office swinging i n t o f u l l - t i m e operation when school lets out. * * * * AROUND THE TOWN -- son; Paul Baker, R203 Dol Amo. and Hdward M a r t i n , 4332 Palo Vrrdo. The t h i r d incumbent facing re-eleclinn. W i l l i n m Burns, is expected In run again. Deadline for candidates to file is Feb. 1R. Health Report Thrno nicos of c car|nt for two years. His sister. Sandra, has been recognized as an o u t s t a n d i n g Frnnch horn soloist in Southland high school music circles. Forty-eight permits for cons l r u c t i n n projects were issued during t h e m o n t h . * :, * * BIGGEST SINGLE projects started last month were a 1 $99.000 store on Paramount The City of Lakewood is Blvd. south of Carson St. a n d ' a s k i n p nearby cities t o join a $52.000 Ml. Olivet Lutheran in urging Ihc Metropolitan Lakewd. Seeks Aid in Request for Monorail Transport Net and R o n f a i r Avc. Optimists to Hear Scouting Executive John Duprep. assistant to' These two buildings were monorail mass t r a n s p o r t a t i o n i i n g in Santa Monica, the Council Executive for thn: i n c l l l c l c d '» five commercial,system, l o n g Rn-ich Are;'. Council of'division permits, w i t h a Chu/ch s t r u c t u r e at South St.'Transit A u t h o r i t y to include,Norwalk and pass through j t h i s area in its plans for aidowntown Los Angeles, encl- who initiated the action,.communities in the southern noted t h a t one proposed mon-jand southeastern part of Los orail system would begin in;Angelcs County are in vilal Councilman W i l l i a m Burns. A resolution adopted by the need of a monorail or improved transportation s y s - lem.' The resolution urges the l.akewood city getting dozens officers arc and one case of gonococcal Boy Scouts of America, w i l l ; b i n e d v a l u a t i o n of $169,800. l m f c c l '°" wcro only re-ihe the speaker at the regular of requests' 1001 l a h l e disensrs listed in'Tuesday noon m e e t i n g ol the from citizens not to junk t | lc |Lakcwood by the County.Lakewoocl Optimist Club at ( H e a l t h D e p a r t m e n t (Continued on Page 8) week ended J a n . 23. :unty ; Lakewoocl Of for the'Hody's Lakewood, cnmniemo ' r a t i n g Boy Scout Week. FURTHER breakdown of the statistics showed: T w e n t y - e i g h t additions to homes. $113,100; seven swimming pools, $20,300. Comparative figures show 57 permits issued in Decem- 2 Lakewood Seniors Council states that "many MTA to meet the needs of the entire county "without special favor to any one city or community." The Council jordercd copies of the resolution to be sent to Bellflower, ; Paramount and other nearby cities. Two Lakewood High School|of crystallization. Rickard is her. with a total valuation seniors were among 42fi stu- of $-100.450. In J a n u a r y 1959,'dents who won "honors" in (iO'pcrmits were issued for a |h( , Wcstinghouse National v a l u a t i o n of $357,100. walls in the rocket field. Science Competition, officials Fo| . |y s l u d e n ( s from ENROLLMENT START exploring a hypothesis rele-:""* ·0116 rOrK den Plan Dance The Del Valle Park Men's the Club will sponsor a Valentine announced. honors list will he given all-'Dance at the Long Beach ;| They are Francis .lamcs'expense-paid trips to Wash-iMount.ed Police Club, 3355' Recruiters Use Vessel in Parades By HERSCHEL WILSON Sitting high and dry near (he center of Huntington Park is an aircraft carrier-owned by a Lakewood man. T h e c a r r i e r i s fully equipped with gun mounts, landing lights, flags and airplanes--yet the nearest water is a kitchen spigot. Commanding officer of the vessel is Navy Chief Signalman Andy Baratelle who, along with another chief, used old salvage wood to construct the 16-foot-by-54-inch "USS Navy Recruiter." Baratelle is in charge of the Huntington Park Navy recruiting office. * t * * SELDOM (if ever, in facl) is an enlisted man skipper of a vessel--sn Baratelle mastered that obstacle by building his own. Stranger even is the fact that Baratelle, who mostly has been a destroyer sailor and has never sailed aboard a carrier -- built a model carrier. The primary reason that he, and Chief John Becker of the Huntington Park Naval Reserve Training Center, built the model, was for use in parades by recruiting offices of the Greater Los Angeles Art Classes Dl--. Tusgle of 7021 St..;ington f o a t t e n d the Science^!" Verde Ave., Saturday I IdnS :lntl 'I'homas Kickarri of 4742jTalenf I n s t i t u t e next springi^vcMimg, beginning at 9 p.m., i R r l l f l o w n r Blvd. j a n d to be judged for scholar-Announced President Bill Pul- An Beach ! As part nf the p r e l i m i n a r y ships and awards, e x a m i n a t i o n s , each w i n n e r 'submitted a 1.000-word w r i t classes of t h e L o n R , e n r e p o r | n n l h e s u b j c c t i . . M y C i t y College Liberal S c i c n ! i nc Project." for. FINISHING TOUCHES Mrs. A t h l r n e M a r t i n of 5121 A r t s Division are open foi- Tu) , gle h ., s hecn wmVinf , dems spring semester e n r o l l m e n t j f o r lhrcc ycars in t h e arealawards. through Thursday. Feb. 11,| Lakewood c a m p u s officials announced' t h i s week. Both day and evening arl courses are open to interested a d u l t s of the c o m m u n i t y . The modern City College art b u i l d i n g , located at Facu l t y Ave. and Harvey Way, is equipped w i t h two large p a i n t i n g studios, extrusive fa- c i l i t i e s fnr jewelry and pottery, a graphic arts laboratory and a gallery in which both professional shows and s t u dent work are e x h i b i t e d . Evening classes available include Jewelry and E n a m e l - ing, Pottery. Drawing and P a i n t i n g (beginning and advanced) and Art Structure. Each class meets once or twice weekly from 7-10 p.m. Day classes include Apparel Analysis (I p.m. Tuesday- Thursday) and House Furnishings (10 a.m. Tuesday- Thursday), and a wide range of other courses d e s i g n e d both for the arl major and Carson St. polishes piece of stiver jewelry ^^^^^OmR'S WHEEL replica has been used in Huntington Park's Christmas Lane Parade, in a Hollywood parade and also will t9 _. . . . ,, . .used in Lakewood's Pan- Five winners will receive] Tickets for the a f f a i r , open American Festival Parade on Westinghousn Science Scliol-jl n Hie public, will be avail- arships ranging from $3.000|able at the door. ' to $7,500. The other 35 stu-| (Continued on Page S) be given $250 Ernie Vreeland Appointed Superintendent of Tree Unit Arvine (Ernie) Vreeland has been appointed superintendent of the Lakewood City Roadside Tree Department. Vreeland, 31, of 5909 Loomis St., has been with the department for 3 1 /, years. He succeeds Roy Krciuberg, who resigned last Oct. 31, as head of the city's $SO,000-a-year tree development and maintenance program. The department takes care of 500 trees planted in city parks, and another 28,000 trees in parkways and parkway panels lining the city streets. she is m a k i n g in arl classes offered interested citizens of t h e community m a v hp on the Lakewood campus of Long Beach City College. Registralion continues through Feb. 1 1 -- ( S t a f f Photo.) , n p : ne college at HArrison LBCC student Larry Turner learns art of pottery- , Mayor to Speak to C of C Board Lakewood Mayor Angelo M. lacoboni will be guest speaker at the Monday noon luncheon meeting of the Greater Lakewood C h a m b e r ! of Commerce board of direc- i ERNIE VREELAND Tree Chief making m the extensive f a c i l i t i e s of the Art Build- |, ors- p r f s j n o n t Fred SanChez ing on the Lakewood Campus.--(Staff Photo.) |will preside. Independent, Press-Telegiam Lakewood News and CLASSIFIED ADS 5056 FACULTY AVE. Phon««: ME 3-0761 GA 3-2181

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