Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 38
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C.-'jQ (AM) Una Beicti, Call!., Tint., March 13. mt umiiiniiiiiiimnmnraiinininnnniiiniraiiimnmnraniniimiimiiiiiimiinHiig TeleVues rV Lav erne and Shirley's boyfriends may be headed for their own series By BOB MARTIN TV-Radio Editor "Lavcrnc and Shirley," a comedy scries about two young women who work in a Milwaukee brewery and share an apartment, made its TV bow in late J a n u a r y as an ABC midsoason replacement show -- and was an immediate hit. Tlie series is a spinoff from "Happy Days," and -- get this -- already a spinoff from "Lavernc and Shirley" is in the works. Yes, Paramount Television ami ABC arc planning a new comedy scries called "Lenny and Stuiiggy in the Army." I kid you not. L e n n y and Squigyy, friends of Lavcrne and Shirley, a r c two of the stupidest characters ever seen in a TV series. While I do not consider "Lavcrne and Shirley" one of the belter TV situa- tion comedies, I'll grant that the two stars, Penny Marshall and Cindy W i l - liams, have a certain appeal, and it's not their f a u l t the scripts aren't more sophisticated. I h a v e (ailed to f i n d anything appealing, however, in the characters of Lenny and Squiggy. 1 In (he potential series, the same two actors who h a v e been p o r t r a y i n g L e n n y and Squiggy on "I.avcrnc and Shirley" w i l l h a v e t h e starring roles. They are Michael McKean as L e n n y and David L. Lander as Squig- gy. "Lavcrne and Shirley" a i r s at 8:30 tonight on Channel?. MISS WILLIAMS, who plays Shirley Feeney, has been Wasted by a St. Paul newspaper entertainment columnist, Bill Diehl, for appearing In the current theatrical m o v i e t i t l e d "First Nudie Musical." Wrote Dichl: "What her new-found television fans would do upon hearing her spit out words such as that four-letter expletive for human excrement need not be guessed at. "Millions who tune in at present and judge Cindy so 'cute,' so 'talented,' so 'delightful' surely would drop little Miss Garbage Mouth in a twinkling. "1 cannot, for the life ol me, understand why some of these performers let themselves a p p e a r a n d participate in s u c h tasteless, disgusting, revolting i t e m s as 'First N u d i e Musical.'" The film is rated U, but the St. P a u l columnist terms it "incredible" that it isn't X. Cindy had appeared in s u c h movies as "Ameri- can Graffiti" and "The C o n v e r s a t i o n " b e f o r e becoming a TV star in "Lavcrne and Shirley." And, according to Dave Kaufman in Daily Variety, she reluctantly agreed to do the scries after first turning down the offer. "I DJDN'T WANT to do a series," Kaufman quotes Cindy. "I was frightened at the thought of it. I t h o u g h t a b o u t overexpo- surc, and about losing out on a movie career." After asking the producers for some things she didn't think t h e y would give her, she agreed to do "Lavernc and Shirley." B u t , according to K a u f man, she figured it would have only a short run. To her surprise, it has been one of the most popular shows on TV. And she has been amazed at the impact of a hit series. It makes you wonder a f t e r hearing all those years that recognition is in the movies," she told Kaufman. "You find it in TV." K 1 K K DOUGLAS will star in "The Moneychangers," four-hour TV movie to be produced by Ross Hunter in association with Paramount Television and NBC-TV. It is based on Arthur Hailcy's best-selling novel about a brilliant executive engaged in a bitter fight for control of a banking empire. The script for the DR. SEUSS 1 HOOBER-BLOOB HIGHWAY, 8 p.m., Ch. 2. Repeat of cartoon special. LOLA!, 9 p.m., Ch. 7. Art Carney and Dennis Weaver are guests on Lola Falana's fourth variety special of the season. CITY OF ANGELS, 10 p.m., Ch. 4. Jake Wayne Rogers) runs into trouble while hunting for a missing nightclub dancer. NORTH CAROLINA PRIMARY, 11:30 p.m., Chs. 2, ·1,7. Networks provide reports and analyses on today's election. MOVIE: "Far From the Madding Crowd," 11:40 p.m., Ch. 2. Julie Christie, Terence Stamp, Peter Finch and Alan Bates star in 1967 drama based on Thomas Hardy's novel. iimiimiMminiiiiimiiiiiiiimmiiiiiHiiiiiuimiiiiimiiiiiiiimiiiiiiimmiiiii DOOLEY'S OVER 5,000 Pfl. li..« g FOR BftLS IlLxX^ $7 f o $9 VALUI WHTE cotots Comes in Most Sizes IN OUR COUNTRY STORE TV movie has been written by Dean Ricsner, who w r o t e Ihe leleplay for "Rich Man, Poor Man." V A L E R I E H A R P E R will star in "Night Drive," a 90-minute TV movie to be made for NBC. It's about a woman in jeopardy while driving on a highway. HARDWARE MART 507 J ION6 ««H BIVD. * NOITH LONG BUCK ,'· OPEN 7 DAYS SUNDAYS 10-5 Knotts, Berle and Slezak added D o n K n o t t s , M i l t o n Berle and Walter Slezak have been added to the celebrity guests set to app e a r on KlIJ-TV's llth annual "Your Choice for the Oscars" special to be telecast M a r c h 28 at 7 p.m. on Channel 9. The t r i o j o i n s previously an- n o u n c e d Red Buttons, Budd Schulbcrg, Gerald i n e Brooks and Leslie Uggams. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Alexis Smith will co- host the two-hour special, a KHJ-TV creation which is being syndicated for the first lime this year. Why is Tareyton better? remove. Tareyton improves* : i] S'ic: Jl nfj -ii-". 11 raj nicowic. WOrm 2 0 m ] »·.!·', n] real rs.av per ciqj'ell'. Fit Pcpwi Km.'K. HCharcoal is why. While plain white filters reduce tar and nicotine, they also remove taste. But Tareyton has a two-part filter--a white tip on the outside, activated charcoal inside. Tar and nicotine are reduced. ..but the taste is actually improved by charcoal filtration--which is used to freshen air, to make water and other beverages taste better, too. Tareyton i charcoal filter c i g a r e t t e . Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined Thai Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. DOOLEY'S BUHK TAPES AUDIO SONIC CASSETTE TAPES 3 o1 9Q B I · ** CERTON 8-TRACK TAPES 98 TEJLEJVISIO3ST LOG- .KNXT Channel 2 KTTV Chonne KNBC Channel 4 KCOP Chonno KTIA Channot 5 KABC Channel 7 KHJ Channel 9 KWHY Chonne KCET Chonno KHOF Channn KMEX Chonne KLXA Channe KBSA Chonne KOCE Channe KB5C Charuie KVST Chonne 40 46 50 52 68 TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1976 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT A n ' indicates I)AV. Other shows in color. This tww.spnpor assumes IK) rcsijtonsilwily for last- mlnulp program ch;tnni:s by iK'hvurks or Mcilinns. 5:55 ·I Knowledge. Legacy of tlic American Revolution 6:00 A.M. 2 Sunrise Semester 7 Connie's Clolhiiifi ' Corner D Community Feedback 11 Viewpoints on Nutritioi G:25 ·1 Not for Women Only. "Bisexualily" 6:.tO 2 Steps to I/earning 5 Earth Lai) 7 Michael Jackson Show 9 Operation Emergency II 'My Favorite M a r t i a n 13-Gnmby 6:55 1 NewsCentcr 4 7:00 A.M. 2 News. Hughes Uutld 1 Today. Fashion show, ."The American Look" (8:301 5 700 Club 7 (lood Morning, America 9 Women's Tench. Dr. Martinez, M.D., ; discusses lircasl cancer detection. II I'orky Pig 13 Quick Draw M r C i r a w '12 Market Opening 28 Mislcr Rogers 7:30 S Koinpcr Roum 11 R u g s i His Buddies 13 Popeye 22 The Real Markcl 28 Sesame Street 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 9 Davey k Goliath II Flinlstoncs 13 Hercules 22 New York Exchange 8:30 5 Christian Living 9 Jack Lal-annc I I Yogi ami Friends 13 Corner Pyle 22 Commodity Line 28 Carrascolcndas 9:00 A.M. 2 Price Is Right ·I Celebrity Sweepstakes 5 Gallery 7 A.M. Los Angeles D Tommy Haw-kins Show 11 '! Ixve Lucy 13 ! Dream of Jeannie 22 New York Exchange 28 Sesame Street 50 Robert MaeNeil Report 9:30 4 High Rollers 5 'Movie: "Noose f o r a Lady," Dennis Price, Ronald Howard ('53) 11 Green Acres 13 Collage 22 Executive Report ·10 The Word 50 Clothing Corner 10:00 A.M. 2 Gambit ·1 Wheel of Fortune 11 Hogan's Heroes 22 New York Exchange 40 One Way Game 10:30 2 Love of Life 4 Hollywood Squares 7 Happy Days U Thai Girl 13 Corner Pylc 22 Market Coverage ·10 Praise the Lord Club 10:55 2 News, Doug Edwards 11:00 A.M. 2 Young Restless 4 Marble Machine 5 'Movie: "Roseanna McCoy," Fnrley Granger, Joan Evans, Charles liickfonl 7 Rhyme 4 Reason D Movie: "Story of Three Loves," Kirk Douglas, Leslie Caron 11 News, Terry Mayo 13 N a n n y the Professor 22 Market Update 28 Electric Company 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow ·I Take My Advice 7 The Neighbors I I Let's Rap 13 Bill Cosby 22 Markcl Coverage 28 Infinity Factory 50 Electric Company 11:55 4 News, Edwin Newman NOON 2 Noontime, Machado ·I To Tell the Truth 7 Edge of Night 11 'Movie: "Tennessee Johnson," Van Heflin, Rulh Hussey. Lionel Harrymorc (Drama '43) 13 I Dream of J ramie 22 Commodities 28 Sing America Sing (R) 50 Sesame Street 12:30 2 As the World Turns 4 Days of Our Lives 7 All My Children 13 Courtship of Eddie's Father 22 Options 40 Vicki 1:00 P.M. 5 'Movie: "Magnificent Fraud " IJnyi! Nolan, Akim Tamiroff ( D r a m a ) 7 Uyan's Hope 9 News, Steve Fox 13 'Major Adams 22 Markcl Closing 40 Tree of Life 1:30 2 Guiding Light 4 The Doctors 7 Lei's Make a Deal 9 The Lucy Show 22 Charting the Market 40 The Acts 2:00 P.M. 2 All in the Family 4 Another World 7 The $20,000 Pyramid 9 Beverly HillbiMies 13 News, Hugh Williams 40 Wonder ot the Word 50 Western Civilisation 2:30 2 Match Game '70 5 N'ews, Slan Chambers 7 One Life to Live ! Movie: "Backlash," Richard Widmark, Donna Reed C56) 13 Gel Smart 28 Carrascolendas 34 La Senorita Elena 40 Trans World Missions 50 Ourslory 2:50 11 Ben Hunter Interviews 3:00 P.M. 2 Tattlclales 4 Somerset 5 Please Don't Eat the Daisies 7 General Hospital 11 *Mickcy Mouse Cluh 13 I Dream of Jeannie 28 Ourslory 40 Praise Ihe Lord Club GO Voters Pipeline 3:30 2 Dinah! Guests: The Spinners, Sandy Duncan, Tanya Tucker, Allen Luddcn, Thorn Bell, Dominic Savage 4 Mike Douglas Show. Guests: comedian Pal Cooper, The Slaple - ' id Ix Singers. Michael Ixrd (8-yr-old evangelist) 5 'Ozzic it Harriet 7 Movie: "Our Man Flint," James Coburn, Gita Golan, Lee J. Cobb I I Ixist in Space 13 'The Munslers 28 The Last Wagon (10 30 Praise Ihe Lord Club 34 La Gala 50 Mister Rogers ·1:00 P.M. 5 'Father Knows Best 9 ' R i n T i n T i n 11 Yogi Bear 13 Gilligan's Island 22 N'ino 28 Mislcr Rogers 34 Una Muchacha Llamada Milagros 50 Sesame Street 52 'My Little Margie 4:30 5 'Dick Van Dyke Show 9 'The Lone Ranger I I Bugs His Buddies 13 ' M c I l a l c ' s N a v y 28 Sesame Street 52 Rocky and ills Friends 5:OOP.M. 2 News, Pat Emory 4 News, Jess Marlow 5 Big Valley 7 News, Lund/Henry 9 'Maverick 11 Flintstoncs 13 Gel Smart 22 Huggie Boy 34 Lo Imjierdonable 10 Captain Andy 50 Electric Company 52 'Three Stooues 5:30 11 Bewitched 13 'Three Stooges 28 Electric Co. 30 1 Can Read 34 Munrlo de Juguele 40 Behind the Scenes 50 Carrascolendas 52 Underdog 8:00 P.M. 2 News, Benti/llill ·I News, Paul Moyer 5 Bonanza 7 News. Dunphy/ H a m b r i c k 9 Ironside U Partridge Family 13 Adam 12 22 Rosario 28 Zoom 30 Davey Goliath 34 Nolicicro 34 ·10 News 50 Big Blue Marble 52 'Little Rascals 6:30 11 Andy G r i f f i t h Show 28 Electric Company 30 Film 40 The Acts 50 Dimensions in Cultures 7:00 P.M. 2 News, Waller Cronkite 4 News, John Chancellor 5 Bowling for Dollars 7 News, Harry Rcasoner 9 Concentration 11 'I Love Lucy 13 The. FBI 22 Manucla 28 Woman 30 Christ Living Word 34 El Milaurodc V i v i r 40 Tree of Life 50 Clothing Corner 52 'The Aodams Family 7:30 2 New Treasure Hunt 4 Hollywood Squares 5 Love American Style 7 World of Survival 9 Celebrity Bowling 11 Brady Bunch 28 Dr. Who 30 Shekinnh Fellowship 10 Wonder of the Word 50 Phone Forum 8:00 P.M. 2 Dr. Scuss' The Hoobcr- Bloob Highway. Focuses on an imaginative Ihoroughfare "From Nowhere to the Here" 4 Movin'On. The truck is stolen, along with its cargo, an elephant, but the pachyderm escapes and KOCS on a rampage. 5 'Movie: "Little Foxes," Bcttc Davis, Herbert Marshall C41) 7 Happy Days. Richie and Potsie exchange identities when Howard asks Richie lo take out the daughter of a business associate. 9 Movie: "Country Girl," Bine Crosby, Grace Kelly C54) 11 My Three Sons 13 Mod Squad 22 Noticenlro 22 28 Masterpiece Theatre: "Facing F e a r f u l Odds" 30 It's Your World 3-1 Chesmrito ·10 Man in the Arena 52 'My Little Margie 8:30 2 Good Times. For Iheif . 20th wedding anniversary, Florida and James go off to a mountain cabin which turns out lo be full of surprises. (R) 7 Laverne Shirley. A parting of Ihe ways almost becomes a reality when Shirley blames I-averne for the disappearance of her siek canary. 11 Cross-Wits 30 Revival Fires 34 El C h a v o d c l S 10 Good News 50 Consumer Survival Kit 52 'The Addams Family 9:00 P.M. 2 M ' A ' S ' H . Col. Potter marks his 27th wedding anniversary with a long lelter to his wife, unaware that two special surprises are in the works. 4 Police Woman. The tracking of a psychopathic slayer takes on special significance for Pepper and Bill when one of Ihe victims turns out to be a colleague's wife. 7"LOU!"-«ew$p«ijl! * Ula Fa la u, Decnis Weaver I Art Carney Comedy, dance, song II Daughters of Famous * Stars Model Fastens Tony Kewtey Sinss! Merv Griffin Show. Guests: health i beauty experts, Vidal I Beverly Sasson; designer/actress Elsa Marlinelli 13 The Bold Ones 22 Club Bahia 28 i 50 The Adams Chronicles. "John Quincy Adams: Congressman (18301848)" 30 Come to Life 34 For II 40 Praise the Lord Club 9:30 2 One Day at a Time. Ed, Ann's ex-husband, drops in with a bombshell that Barbara desperately hones will spark a reconciliation. 30 Kroeze Brothers 3-1 El Chofer 10:00 P.M. 2 Switch! Pete and Mac arc in Casablanca, trying to out-eon the local syndicate head who is responsible for an innocent American being held indefinitely in the local jail. 4 City of Angels. Jake runs into big-lime trouble while investigating the disappearance of a small-lime nightclub dancer. 5 News, Fishman/ McCormiek 7 FAMILY WILLY LOVES * PREGNANT GIRL Willie falls for a pretty high school dropout from another town, who, he is unaware, is an expectant mother. Sada Thompson, James Broderick star. 9 News. Putnam/Kahle 13 Wildlife Adventure 22 N'idia Caro 28 Python's Circus 30 Back to Faith 50 Nova 10:30 11 News, Chuck Rcnye 13 News. Hugh Williams 28 Animation Festival 3-1 Noticiero 11:00 P.M. 2 News, Pat Emory 4 News, John Schubcck 5 'Bcst-of Groiicho 7 News, Dunphy/ Hambrick 9 Movie: "The Sleeping City," Richard Conic. CofeenGrnyCSO) 11 M a r y Harlnian 13 'Burns tt Allen 28 Robert MaeNeil Report 34 Cinema 34 1:30 4 Tomorrow. Truckers will be discussed 5 News Headlines 1:40 2 News 1:55 (Approximately) 2 Movies: "The Girl Can't Help It," '"Almost a Bride" 2:30 4 NewsCentcr 4 90-Minule Stotch 8-Troek Tapes LOW NOISE DYNARANGE 90-Min. 2-PACK . IN RECORD S RADIO 3.99 AVE AT RELIABLE TV Over 52 Yeors In long Beoch XLrlOO 1OO% Sold State Color TV V ^ NOW ONLY SkfMr AowxAy Uoci rrodii tub* Plug in Ar.ox.»iuii i UMI D»Y 1UVKE IF YOU CAU BHOM HOOH OTHER XL-100 SOUD STATE ICA COLO* TV PftlCED TKOM HARDWARE MART 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH .-, 3 RELIABLE TV 1 401 LONG BEACH BLVD. (CORNER OF 4TH ST. 6?TM WEEKDAYS 9:10 lo 6:36 SAT. 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Phone 436-9897 IN LONG BEACH SAVINGS ARE NOW FEDERALLY INSURED UP TO $40,000 NEW CERTIFICATE RATES 6 V2% 7-3/4% ONE YEAR SIX Y E A R 1,000 minimum 1,000 minimum And Other Savings Plans call our office for details MIMH EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR Funds received by the 10th of any month earn from the first of the -month. 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Guests: Suzanne Plqshette, JoanEtnbefy iSan Diego Zoo) 5 "Twilight Zone 11 Movies: "The Violent Men." "Retreat. Hell!" (lOCrt, "Never lxve a Stranger" (4:00) 13 'Movie: "Crooked Circle" 23 I.ilias, Yoga ami You 12:30 5 Maybcrry R.F.D. 1:00 A.M. 5 'Gene A u t r y 7 Kyewilness News GRAN iPRIX ~ 1/8 FORMULA , R/C RACING ; LONG BEACH S« it* World (Wo Csnrd crompcrs: MVi t/am- xy (1?75) Rodgw Cow, Jim Code ore) oftwi nxt (her r/£ Icrrulo coo orowid a Kdod rtfrcdurtcn of rt» J.S. Grard Pro Wesi nxcwy in ide «*r of . ire I !. Artro. IVse cars reach ipwdi bettw 0 to tQ n.p.K. -- Aho s« *wrd Crend Pru knaja I roce at drrvtn conplrt ogorsl ere n*tw w-tS ' rtwe rocfo-cordrofaj cnri *or rfe mxift "woni I oViver IroFry." 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