Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 8, 1968 · Page 34
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 34

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1968
Page 34
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PASE 34 NEW G.I. BENEFITS T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z EN Aid Not Limited To Viet Veterans *; . '.."/Benefits of the new GI bill are ^jwt limited 1o Vietnam veter- l _ans, but apply equally to veter- ''ians who served in the armed forces after Jan. 31, 1955, the '^Veterans Administration said '·{oday. " 'Veterans who had at least 181 days active duty service, any '^'part of which occurred after the \"cvjtoff date are eligible for these ·:$I bill benefits: ^''Education assistance -- Full- Jime payments for college type ·'training range from $130 a J: inonth for a single veteran to '*'$'i75 for a veteran with two de:: £endents, with $10 extra for ·''each additional dependent. - %J -High School -- The same pay- ^·ments are available to a veteran while he completes high school without losing any GI Bill eligibility for advanced educational benefits. Apprenticeship or other on- Uie-job training -- Payments (based on six-month periods) begin at $80 per month in the first period for a single veteran with added payments for veterans with dependents. Farm cooperative training -T h i s i n e l u d e s institutional courses with payments ranging upwards from $105 a month. Vocational flight training -Payments cover 90 per cent of the established charge for flight training for veterans who have the equivalent of a valid private pilot license. GI loans -- VA guarantees a portion of loans made through commercial lenders. On home loans the UA will guarantee up to $7,500 of the loan; on farm real estate loans up to $4,000, and on non-real estate farm loans up to $2,000. VA will make direct loans for homes in certain cases. Medical care -- VA provides hospital care for all veterans who served in the armed forces after Jan 31, 1955, (whether their service is classed as wartime or peacetime) on the same basis as for veterans of earlier wars. Top priority goes to men needing treatment for service- connected or service-aggravated disabilities. If a bed is available, veterans may be admitted for any ailment requiring hospitalization if they are unable to pay for the treatment in a private hospital. An allowance of $1,600 toward purchase of specially equipped automobiles will be made for veterans with certain severe disabilities suffered while in service. In addition to VA benefits, veterans who served after Jan. 31, 1955, are also entitled to Civil Service preference in federal employment and to job counseling and placement by the Department of Labor and State Employment Service Offices. FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 196ft N. Vietnam Invasion Demanded WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep. Bob Sikes, D-FIa., says there is need for an invasion of North Vietnam. "The brilliant success of the Inchon landing during the Ko rean war points to the .desirability of a similar effort along the narrow waist of North Vietnam," he said in a statement. "An amphibious attack north of the DMZ or an invasion through Laos along the infiltration route could change the entire complexion of the war. No longer, would Jhe North Veitnamese be free to attack at will in South Vietnam," Sikes said. HOK7OH V. WHIR. '.' l~.i = r n . vd.TC ··:.'; i ·; -K '.·*. ' Horton Weber Certifies It! PUEBLO SAVES on your new'6« Ford / \ f \ r \ f \ f \ f \ f \ f i f t f \ f \ f i f ) n f \ r i / \ f i f \ f i s \ r i s \ f * * \ A H * -. -- ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ B^BB ^^··^^ ··· ^^^FVBV PLUS BONUS! 50 GALS. FREE GAS w.fh any cor or frucfe purchased Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Man Jay! (Limit Tcoupon per deal) BRING THIS COUPON WITH YOU! UNOEf? $60 MONTH NEW 1968 MUSTANG HARDTOP The hottest seller ever introduced on any markel! No matter what you're driving row, you owe yourself a Jest drive in a Mustang from Pueblo! White sidewall tires and hearer included. $88 Down 52.99 Month 60 monffi contract Credit Men on Dufy.' No Wailing! PAYMENT PLANS 12,24,36,48 or 60 months to pay! -Se Habla Espanol- Ouf-of-Towners Call Collect 296-6227 "88 DOWN Make Your Own Easiest Credit Terms. ,,. UNDER $ 70 MONTH UNDER *5O MONTH NEW 1968 FAIRLANE HARDTOP Brand new Tudor with V-8 engine, automatic transmission, white sidWali tires, power steering, factor/ air, radio, heater, fi'nfed glass, wheel covers .. end much more! (HIus. Approx.) $88 down 68.66 Month 60 month contract NEW 1968 rALCON 2-DOOR SEDAN Get Pueblo's deal on this! We're out to smash all records on Falcon sales and we're willing to deal to get it! Here's good looks, economy and all the rest at a price you won't beat! $88 Down 45.43 Month 60 month contract WE DO OUR OWN FINANCING No Loan Companies! One Stop Only! I FULL ACHE* OF FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALES ft SERVICE I i i i 4710 E. 22nd Street SALE DAYS FRI. Thru TUESDAY 9-6 DAILY 22nd St. and Swan "We Sell Quality Plants Only 1 , YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT OUR QUALITY and PRICE! OPEN SUN. 10-6 I FREE - FREE Landscape con-1 Isultation. We're happy to work! I with you on "do it yourself proj-| |ects. TUCSON'S most complete garden supply center. L'TOOLS, FERT. SPRAYS,! ] POTTERY, REDWOOD! HOUSE PLANTS GARDENIA Lovely, fragrant while flower. Reg. 99 C EUCALYPTUS $Q99 7-8 foot tall planted 5 gal. Reg. 4.9? GERANIUMS Nice potted plants in lovely bloom. Pink, [white, salmon, red. Reg. 59 C SPECIAL " mj^mmmmmmmmam I · 1C · liE Slow growing, dark [green small leafed hedge plants, now you can I afford a lovely hedge at low cost. ROSES GERMAINE # 1 QUALITY I Individually packaged, wide selection. ALL PATENTED bush and.) Iclirribers. Regular sale price 2.99. I Now reduced for this special' Isale. ARBORVITAE M -i Lovely green pyramid shape. Large size sgjves it extra value as a good landscapetree or shrub. MANURE ·VBJNkM^ivPIVkli NUTRI GRO-Ths quality mark in fertilizer. Use generously in flower beds and on trees and shrubs. FULL 1.5 tu. ft. bog FRUIT TREES # 1 HEALTHY I Grown by California's leading {[producers of quality bareroot Stocks, APRICOT, PEACH, PLUM, G, NECTARINE and others SPECIAL AT OLEANDER J block of mixed colors. 2'- |hedge.REG.99'...GAl. , SPECIAL U O d Ik'j-A^TM'"!" 1 " 5 :, 2 '" 3 ' 1olL An inex P"»iv« fasl growing ll A TOMATOES HeaHhy 5 " plants- Early Pock Pearson Beefsteak. Grow your own, garden fresh. Pony Pok. ALL-IN-ONE SPRAY ConeenrralR'Insectieidj Miticide, Fungicide, The finest Wend of I chemicals available for use an ornamentals, BOTTLE BRUSH b"d, bright green foliage with red boHle brusMike blooms. . | m PEPPERS * ortkiv*B^ avc * hem * Anohe " Tm , PONY PACK ' o, Hungarian Wax. REDWOOD SOIL CONDITIONER Nitrogen odded Jo increase value to plants. Rich compost. Wonderful Jo loosen tighJ soils, acidify sail/ soils. Should be used in every planting. 3.40 VALUE 5 CU. FT. * !· RntitquoKty Catf. redwood reg. 3.49 oOUGAlNVILLEA Strong healthy plants fn bloom. Barbara Karst and San Diego Red. Reg. 1.29 W ^···^·················^^^·^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^l^i^i^l^i^i^l^^i^i^l^i^i^i^^^i^^^^^^^ MULBERRY »»TM.« h)| 179' IRON KING! Soil Amendment ···^··^·······^·I^l^i^l^^i^i^^^^!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I BOUGAINVILLE A strong healthy plants h"f "7 I bloom. Barbara Karst and San Diego Red. Reg. 1.29 I M L · Ic ISTARJASMiNE I Fragrant Shiny Leafed Fast Growing Vine -PONDEROSA PRICE ··^^^^^^··^^^^^^^^·MHB PLANTER MIX 1 40 PtrfecUorbare root plants. Combines benefits of peatmoss and " ' rich organic compost. Large 1 Cu. Ft. Bags CITRUS ···* · I? *-'' , l 'We have fust received a new ship- *tf f t merit of Navels, Tangerines, Man- f\ ,, * darin, Tangelo, Grapefruit, lemon fcr and others. Only the healthiest root stocks. Prices begin at m^jj^fmmjjmmjj^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ '^MJITAI DIIIU CO( uTi . L , TM**"· «»· "' 1 «al. luJtrouj ·· A tealhery, rich green leaves. Fragrant flowers. Boors edible fruit. V ^J j^ REDWOOD TUB 14" I^HBIj Rn "l quality Colif. redwoodreg. 3.49. SPECIAL BiJffl \«^ r J AZALEAS If SPRAY J Outtl ' crvar ' etiesS P« e «vifarCoTor-ll*ii.T.29gol.Sale MORGRO DOUBLE VALUE SPECIAL I Contains Iron, Nitrogen, Sulfur, zinc land many other important frace min- lerals. Use now on citrus, shade and |fruit trees, lawns and shrubs. Prevent ] Jsumrrfer yellowing. Reg. 6.95 80# Save $2 WEED GRASS K/U6R POTTED FLOWERS I ·*" poll. Calendulas, Primrose, Pelunlos, Dahlio, Gerbera Daisy, ; I Coleus end Celosis 70' Value ' WEEDir for broadfeaf weeds. WEED GRASS KILLER - Kills all vegetation. Regular 4.47 Value-Quart Size. SPECIAL BOTH FOR B e a u t i f u l V e r y Post Crowing Evargreeo FOR CITRUS 13 dHferent beneic!al elements. HIBISCUS .complele fertilizer eonloining 50#1 Sire 1 Masses of pink blojsomi en deep green foliog* mok» (hit o eholcei plant far londxoptt. Reg. J.2?. Ponderosa Spatial. ^ GAl. luth tropical foliage with huge bright coloreti flowerl. Rtg. 99' I IGoLSalc BEDDING PLANTS NEW MORGRO DICHONDRA WEIDIEEP INSECTICICDE A fresh new load of spring color just arrived. Petunias, Snaps, Stocks, Calendulas, African Daisies, Marigolds 'and others. Many blooming now. Reg. 79 C Sale Price PYRACANTHA 3-4' itoktd. Magnificent red berried variety -- Wfi'te flowers tn ipring «vergr«n. Reg.4.49 5 Gal. SPECIAL MMHMIMIMI^^^I^t^^^lB^i^l^l^^^l^^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MOCK ORANGE i 12-18" -- Gol. Con--Hardy Fast Graving Ev [ «r fl r»tn--PONDEROS* DISCOUNT PRICE ^INiAPPLEGUAVA I froducH «dible fruit on a beaiilifu! olive green fofiage. Foil to grow, well adapted, Reg. 99 PONDtROSA SMCIAl C«tr O Lorg« ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bi^HBBHBtlHtpi^ii PETUNIA BEDDING PLANTS 11000$ of fresh new plants. Many in bloom. Wo made this large volume purchase | Is pass savings on *o you. j Wide variety of colors. Hurry before they run out. PONY 29 '.Gol I2-6-4 Plus 5% Iran Sulfate DymH--Pc» ·marge weed seed killer, Chlordone far lawn fnMctS'May be used any time of tho year. Containi slow release nitrogen. Does a com- pMe job on 2500 sq, ft. Uss 8 Ibs. per 1000 sq. ft. Rag. 9.95 Special Introductory Prk» ITALIAN CYPRESS y Tall stalelv trees. Add distinction to ony home. R. ···Mi PHOENIX CANAMIENSIS Btaufiful v*ry hardy ottractive ornamental dote poIm-FosI growina-lVJSH tropical opptarancs XYLOSMA ^ lovef/ everg reen for tacking on wall or as a buih 1 jal, Reg. 99'. L ANT AN A LAVENDER FLOWERS Trailing-covered with f *l g o r g e o u s color ^ J -wonderful for plan% ters or gound cover. No Limit Or Minimum Reg. 99' Special Gal.

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